Stephen Potter (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 509Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull DestroyerRarityElite
NavyEagle UnionBuild Time
AcquisitionEvent: Ashen Simulacrum Rerun
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
Stephen PotterDescription
HP347 Reload75
Firepower17 Torpedo54
Evasion59 Anti-air34
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW52 Luck70
HP1616 Reload144
Firepower46 Torpedo149
Evasion200 Anti-air128
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW129 Luck74
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All-Out Assault I | All weapons' efficiency +2%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | All weapons' efficiency +3%
Tier 3Improve All-Out Assault I | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Destroyer Gun
3Anti-Air Gun
Default Equipments
1Twin 127mm MK12 Dual Gun
Fleet Tech
T9 Destroyer: Fletcher-class Tech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Whimsical ProtectorAt the start of the battle: increases this ship's AA and EVA by 5.0% (15.0%) for 60s. While there are 3 ships in your Vanguard and this ship is in the middle position: decreases DMG taken by your Vanguard's frontmost ship by 4.0% (10.0%) for 50s, and increases DMG dealt by your Vanguard's backmost ship by 4.0% (10.0%) for 50s.???
Air Raid AssistanceWhile this ship is afloat: increases the DMG of all Carriers in your fleet by 5.0% (15.0%) . Does not stack with the same skill.???
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Fletcher Class once every 10 times the Main Guns are fired.???
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Ship Description弗莱彻级驱逐舰—史蒂芬·波特,舷号DD-538フレッチャー級駆逐艦・ステフェン・ポッター(DD-538)Fletcher-class destroyer – Stephen Potter, Hull Number DD-538.
Biography像我这样的驱逐舰嘛,护护航,防防空,偶尔猎个潜艇,参与个救援任务就OK了。大部分驱逐舰的任务我都可以胜任哦,当然要让我像英雄一样挺身而出的话还是算了……まあぼくのような駆逐艦はさー、対空護衛したり、潜水艦狩りやったり、あと救援任務に出かけたりするのが普通なんだよね~普通の駆逐艦ができることは何でもするけど、ヒーローみたいに大活躍!を期待されちゃうと困るんだよね~My record's got the usual destroyer stuff. You know, did anti-air duty, hunted a submarine, and went on the odd rescue mission. So basically, I can do anything a destroyer should be able to, just don't expect me to singlehandedly save the day like some superhero.
Acquisition我是弗莱彻级的史蒂芬·波特。弗莱彻级的姐妹们你应该已经见过很多,我就不再赘述了,就这样。フレッチャー級、ステフェン・ポッター、まあ指揮官はフレッチャー級の姉妹艦を色々見たことあるでしょうし、自己紹介はパス。んじゃあFletcher-class Stephen Potter here. You've probably met a million of my sisters already, so I'll spare you my life story. See you around.
Login欢迎回到名为“工作”的地狱。啊,放心,实在太忙的话我会来帮忙的。仕事という名の地獄へようこそ~。まああまりにも忙しくなったら助けてあげるねぇWelcome to the circle of hell known as "the office." Relax, I'll lend a hand if the cauldron gets too hot for you.
Details看来指挥官也想在这里偷个懒啊~指揮官もここでのんびりしたいってわけ~?Here to chillax and hang out, eh, Commander?
Main啊,摸鱼被指挥官看到了……不对,好像没注意到?算了,继续发呆好了~おっ、サボってるところを指揮官に見られた。…ん?もしかして見られてなかった?んじゃあもうちょっとぼーっとさせてもらおうーDang, you caught me spacing out at work. ...Oh? Maybe you didn't after all? Cool. I'll just get back to doing it then.
Main 2要听爵士乐吗?哎呀,只是听会音乐,算不上偷懒的啦。ジャズを聞いてみない?音楽をかけるだけで別に仕事を放ったらかすつもりはないよHey, how about a bit of jazz? Chill, I'm just getting up to put a song on. I'm not gonna bail on you or anything.
Main 3指挥官,你的外套暂时不用吗?借我下——嗯,是个不错的被子呢~指揮官、上着を借りていい?サンキュー――ふぅ…毛布代わりにちょうどいい感じねMind if I borrow your coat, Commander? Thanks. This will work great as a blanket.
Touch要泡泡糖?薄荷味还是柠檬味?このガムがほしいって?ミントとオレンジの、どっちがいい?You want some gum? 'Kay. Mint or orange flavor?
Touch (Special)哇!你,你还挺直接的嘛……うわっ!結構アグレッシブに来たね…Whoa! Talk about a blunt-ass approach...
Touch (Headpat)唔……大概理解为什么有人喜欢被摸头了……うん…頭なでなでするのが好きな子の気持ちが分かったかもOkay, now I think I get why some girls have headpat addictions.
Mission有新任务哦!啊,糟了,我要是说出来的话,指挥官岂不是没有理由偷懒了……新しい任務!…あっ…あっちゃー、ぼくがこれ言い出したら指揮官もサボれなくなるよね…Hey, a new mission! Oh, whoops... I guess we've both gotta actually do work now that I've said that.
Mission Complete任务完成了?那我就去休息了……任務が完了した?じゃあちょっと休憩しよっかな―Finished a mission, huh? Cool, then let's take ten to veg out.
Mail是谁的邮件放在桌上无人问津呢——机に置いてある未読メールは誰宛なのかな~Kind of curious who sent that unread letter on your desk.
Return to Port哼哼哼♪~哦?你回来啦?♪~お、お疲れさーん。♪~Hum-hmmhm~♪ Oh, welcome back.
Commission Complete委托完成了。怕你忘了,姑且还是提醒下你吧。委託完了したよ。ま、忘れてしまう前に言っとこうっとA commission's been completed. Just throwing that out there before I forget.
Enhancement摸鱼的机会要变少了啊……適当にやるのはもうおしまいかWelp, guess the Slacker Council has to disband for the day.
Flagship哎,当旗舰不就不能摸鱼了么…算了算了,大家一起上吧。旗艦は楽しちゃダメっぽいね…よし、みんなでかかれーAll right, since I've gotta take this flagship thing seriously... Let 'em have it, girls!
Victory马马虎虎吧,其实我本来不想这么活跃的。まあね。本当はここまで活躍したくなかったけどCool beans. I wasn't trying to style on 'em, but I'll take any commendations I'll get.
Defeat哎呀,放松过头了……あっちゃー、楽しすぎた…Crap. I went too easy on 'em...
Skill赶紧解决吧。ちゃっちゃと片付けるよLet's get this over with.
Low HP不得不用全力了啊。マジにならないとね…All right, no more messing around...
Affinity (Upset)没意思……我去别的地方了,有事叫我。ちょっと退屈…とりあえずどっか行くね~用があったら呼んでYeah, no, I'll find someplace less boring to hang out. Hit me up only if you've got business with me.
Affinity (Stranger)有事要拜托我?哎,弗莱彻级的姐妹那么多,找其她人也是可以的嘛。ぼくに頼み事?フレッチャー級の子はいっぱいいるし、別にぼくじゃなくてもよくない?You need help with something? I've got a bazillion sisters, why not try asking them first?
Affinity (Friendly)你说“为什么我只是在旁边看着”……因为你也没说让我帮忙呀?有事要拜托的话,说就好了嘛。眼神暗示这种我可不懂。ん?どうして秘書艦のときはいつも見ているだけなのかって?別に手伝ってほしいって、言われてないからだよ?任せる仕事があるなら普通に言えばよくない?ぼく、気配りとか苦手だしさーHm? Why do I always just sit and stare when you take me in as the secretary? Becaaaause... you never explicitly ask for help? If you need something done, just like, tell me? I'm not the most attentive person in the universe, so sorry for that.
Affinity (Like)有点放心不下你啊……不,倒不是怕你过劳或者摸鱼,就是单纯的那种担心……算了,还是盯着你好了。なんだかんだで指揮官のことを放っておけないよね…いや、別に過労とか暇とか仕事の話じゃなくて、指揮官のこと……やっぱり見るだけにするねIt's getting harder and harder to tune you out of my mind... No, I don't mean that in reference to like, work, my free time, or whatever... I mean you, Commander. I'll just keep my eyes on you for now.
Affinity (Love)我也稍微思考过,爱啊、喜欢啊,这些究竟代表着什么……结果?结果是,因为太复杂就懒得去想了。反正,只要跟在你身边,自然会慢慢明白的~恋とか愛とか別に考えたことがないわけじゃないよ?…まあ、考えたって結局複雑すぎて眠くなるだけだし。自分で考えるより、指揮官のそばにいたら自然とわかると思うねWell yeah, I've thought about love before? It's not alien to me. Although thinking about it drains too much brainpower and just makes me sleepy in the end. I'd rather just be with you, Commander, and figure it out over time.
Pledge誓约之后,责任也跟着变多了,总感觉要更累了啊……哎呀,我只是随口一说而已。为了自己喜欢的人,稍微累点又能怎样呢~ケッコンしたら背負わなきゃならないことが多くなるし、疲れる……って、言ってみただけだよ。ふふっ、好きな人と一緒にいたら、別に疲れても平気よIt's gonna be so tiring, dealing with the responsibilities that come with getting hitched... Just saying, that's all. Hehe, I can handle a bit of fatigue as long as I've got you, sweetheart.
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In battle with Fletcher, !UNKNOWN! (10110), Charles Ausburne, Thatcher, Aulick, Foote, Spence, Radford, Jenkins, Nicholas, Bush, Hazelwood, Bache, Kimberly, Mullany, Stanly, Smalley, Halsey Powell稍微摸摸鱼……应该没关系吧。ちょっとサボっても罰は当たらないよねI'm gonna chill for just like, a little bit. Don't rat me out, 'kay?
In battle with Columbia新口味的泡泡糖,来一个?新しいガムはどぉ?Want some gum?
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Ship Description欢迎来到我的“安全屋”,在这里你可以尽情的偷懒…开玩笑的,既然今天是休息日,指挥官也好好地摸一会鱼吧。ぼくのおさぼりセーフハウスへようこそ~仕事から開放され、思いっきりサボれるよ。…なんて、今日は非番日だからだし。まあ指揮官ものんびりしなよWelcome to my private retreat, where you can skip work and veg out all you want. And by "skip work" I mean "enjoy your regularly scheduled day off." Anyway, make yourself at home, Commander.
Acquisition欢迎来到我的“安全屋”,在这里你可以尽情的偷懒…开玩笑的,既然今天是休息日,指挥官也好好地摸一会鱼吧。ぼくのおさぼりセーフハウスへようこそ~仕事から開放され、思いっきりサボれるよ。…なんて、今日は非番日だからだし。まあ指揮官ものんびりしなよWelcome to my private retreat, where you can skip work and veg out all you want. And by "skip work" I mean "enjoy your regularly scheduled day off." Anyway, make yourself at home, Commander.
Login你回来了么。要玩游戏吗?掌机还是家用机?或者桌游?おかえりー。ゲームする?携帯ゲー?家ゲー?ボドゲ?Heya. Wanna play a game? Mobile, console, or tabletop?
Details兔子外套的下面是兔女郎装哦。外面和里面都是兔子…这样的感觉?バニースーツにバニーパジャマを羽織って、とっちもバニーだよ~…って感じ?I've got bunny pajamas on top of a bunny girl costume. That's double the bunny right there.
Main兔女郎指挥喵玩偶,啾啾兔玩偶……不知不觉间,奇怪的收藏越来越多了啊。オフニャぬいぐるみに饅頭パペット…変なもの集めすぎたのかな…Meowfficer plushes, Manjuu hand puppets... I never realized how much weird stuff I've amassed over the years.
Main 2我原来以为拉菲也喜欢偷懒,结果邀请她来玩之后才知道她是单纯的喜欢睡觉…就和尼古拉斯一样。ラフィー、ぼくと同じ楽するのが好きだって思ったけど、あれは単に寝たがりなだけね…うちのニコラスもそうだけどI invited Laffey over, thinking she'd be fun to chill with. Turns out she's just a sleep junkie, like Nicholas.
Main 3桌面有些乱?我已经习惯这样了,而且收拾起来也怪麻烦的……保持这样就好啦。整理整頓とか言われても、もうこの配置に慣れてるししょうがないよ…片付けるの面倒だし…このままでいいからYeah, the place is a mess, but I'm used to it. It's way too much work to tidy up, so let's not.
Touch要吃泡泡糖吗?能选择的口味更多了哦。このガムを食べたいの?いいよ、結構フレーバーの種類増えたしYou want a bubblegum kiss? Sure. I've got plenty of flavors you can choose from.
Touch (Special)是我的着装太危险了?不妙啊……I'm starting to think this outfit is a bit too inviting...
Touch (Headpat)是不是大家看到带装饰的帽子时,都喜欢摸上一把?触りたくなるのはヒトノサガってやつ?It's only human to want to touch the bun, I guess.
Mail啊,有消息,我先回一下。嗯?不是我么……是发给你的消息哦,指挥官。メール来たっ、ちょっと確認して…ぼくじゃなくて指揮官宛だよOh, new mail. Let's see here... Figures. This one's for you, Commander.
Return to Port新的收藏到了。附送的特典贴纸……找个合适的地方贴上好了。おっ、通販来た。この特典のシールは…適当にどっか置いとこうOh, there's that collector's edition I ordered. What to do with these stickers... Guess I'll put 'em somewhere.
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Login欢迎回到名为“工作”的天国。嘿嘿,有我在当然是天国了,不是吗。仕事という名の天國へようこそー。へへ、ぼくがいるから天國って間違いないよWelcome back to the little bit o' heaven known as "the office." Of course, heaven is wherever I am, right?
Details有要我干的活儿吗?没问题,尽管说吧。反正也挺闲的,帮帮指挥官也无妨。ぼくにやってほしい仕事があるの?いいよ、なんでも言って。どうせ暇だし指揮官のためならちょっと頑張ろっかなGot something you need from me? Sure, just say the word and you got it. Not a whole lot going on anyway, so maybe I'll do you a little favor~
Main开点音乐效率会提高呢。啊,我说的是玩游戏的时候哦,工作的时候本来就困了再放上点音乐不是更催眠了吗?音楽を聞いていると効率上がるよねー。あ、これゲームの話。仕事はただでさえ眠くなるから音楽を聞いても効果なくない?Listening to music really puts you in that efficient state. Oh, I was talking about gaming. I'm fallin' asleep over here at work anyway, so what's the harm in enjoying some beats?
Main 2指挥官的外套…嗅嗅…不愧是我,洗得很干净指揮官の上着…クンカクンカ…さっすがぼく、キレイに洗ってる!Commander's jacket... *sniff, sniff*... Great, nice and clean. Go, me!
Mission有新任务哦!反正也不能不做,赶紧乖乖完成掉吧?新しい任務!どうせやらなきゃならないし、おとなしくがんばろ?We've got new missions! Gotta do this stuff sooner or later, so why not get it outta the way now?
Victory马马虎虎吧,不会辜负指挥官的期待的。まあね。指揮官に期待されてるからねMeh. Can't afford to let you down, and all that jazz.