Southampton (JP 🇯🇵: サウサンプトン, CN 🇹🇼: 南安普顿)
Ship IDNo. 110Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Light CruiserRarityRare
NavyRoyal NavyBuild Time01:25:00
AcquisitionMonthly Sign-in
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressAyumi Mano
Southampton-class light cruiser – Southampton.
New Year's Little KnightDescription
Hello there~! Royal Knight Southampton is reporting for duty in a Sakura-style outfit! Hehe, don't you have something to tell me about my new look, like how cute it is? Come on, don't be shy. Speak up~
HP637 Reload63
Firepower28 Torpedo51
Evasion29 Anti-air58
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW25 Luck32
HP2699 Reload121
Firepower77 Torpedo139
Evasion114 Anti-air217
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW64 Luck33
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Torpedo efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Light Cruiser115%/120%/120%/135%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun110%/110%/110%/110%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Triple 152mm Main Gun
2Triple 533mm Torpedo
Fleet Tech
T7 Light Cruiser: Southampton-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock8 +1
Max LimitBreak16
Lv.12012 +1
SmokescreenAfter the battle begins and 15.0% (30.0%) chance every 15s after that: deploys a smokescreen that increases Evasion Rate by 20.0% (40.0%) for all your ships in it. Does not stack with other smokescreen skills. Smokescreen lasts 5s.
Reload OrderEvery 20s: 25.0% chance to increase the RLD of your entire fleet by 5.0% (25.0%) for 8s. Does not stack with the same skill.
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Southampton Class once every 8 times the Main Guns are fired.???
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Ship Description南安普顿级轻巡洋舰——南安普顿,舷号C83サウサンプトン級軽巡洋艦・サウサンプトン(HMS Southampton)Southampton-class light cruiser – Southampton.
Biography我是南安普顿级的命名舰。但是我也是姐妹中唯一一艘没有平安退役的。要是那个时候我的运气好一点的话……唔唔,伤心的往事我不想再回忆啦!サウサンプトン級のネームシップにして、あの大戦中、姉妹艦の中で唯一沈んだ船――それがこの僕、サウサンプトンです。あの時はもうちょっとだけ運がよかったらなあ……ううっ、辛い過去なんて思い出したくないですよね…I am the name ship of the Southampton-class. During the war, I was the only one of my sisters to be sunk. How lucky of me... Ugh. Let's not speak of such unpleasant memories...
Acquisition你好你好,主……不对不对!指挥官!我是南安普顿!有什么需要的地方尽管吩咐~另外…这里应该有可以在工作之余一边喝茶一边听音乐休息的地方吧~?どうもどうも!ごしゅじん……じゃなくて!僕の名はサウサンプトン、さあ、なんなりとご命令をくださいませ!あっ、恐縮ですけど、ここには音楽とお茶をたしなみながら休憩できるスペースはありますよね??Good day, Mast- ahem! My name is Southampton. Let me know if there's anything I might do for you. Oh and, not to be a bother, but is there a space here where I can make tea and enjoy some music?
Login噢!指挥官,为了早点完成今天的工作一起加油吧!おお!指揮官様、今日の仕事を一刻でも早く終わらせるよう、一緒に努力しようじゃありませんか!Oho! Commander, let us combine forces to finish the day's work as soon as possible!
Details没有什么事情比沉浸在舒缓的曲调当中休息更棒了。指挥官,你也试试吧!メイドよりやっぱり騎士隊の方が好きですね~色々楽になりましたし。指揮官様もなってみるといいですよ!Naturally, I rather enjoy being a knight more than a maid. Losing myself in this music is such a delight. Commander, you simply must try it as well!
Main指挥官,不如在办公室里面放个古典的留声机吧!指揮官様、執務室にレトロな蓄音機を置くのはいかがでしょう!Commander, why don't we put a nice old phonograph right there in your office?
Main 2女仆队她们每天都要忙这忙那的……我可做不到啦。メイドをやっていたら今頃毎日忙しくてたまらなくなってますね……いや~僕にはそういうの無理なんですよ~The maids would be running ragged right about now... I am terribly unsuited to that sort of work.
Main 3仪仗兵?别瞎说!我可是乔治五世大人手下正经的皇家骑士啊儀仗兵?失敬な!これでもジョージ様の下で務めるロイヤルガードナイトですよ!Honour guard? Bite your tongue! I am a Royal Knight under the command of King George V!
Touch没精神了吗?那么,小睡一会如何?お疲れですか?じゃあ少しの間横になってお休みになってはどうですか?Are you tired? Well then let's lie down for a nap, shall we?
Touch (Special)我、我不是女仆啊!……不对不对!对女仆也不能这样啊!ぼ、僕はメイドじゃありませんよ!…いやいやメイドでもこんなことしちゃダメだって!I-I'm not a maid! ... Err, rather, you can't do that to a maid either!
Mission任务…距离期限还有一点时间,稍微晚点再完成也没关系…的吧?嘿嘿…任務ですか…締切までまだ時間がありますし、少し後回しにしても…いいですよね?へへへA mission, is it...? There's still a bit of time until the deadline. I think we can worry about it later... don't you? Hehehe.
Mission Complete任务奖励来了呢,虽然不那么着急,还是不要忘了领比较好呢…任務報酬到着!別に急ぎじゃありませんけど、受け取りを忘れないようにしたほうがいいですよThe mission rewards came in! Now there's no rush, but you'd better not forget to collect them.
Mail这次又会是从哪里寄来的信呢?今度はどこからのお手紙でしょうかWho's the letter from this time?
Return to Port指挥官,你的办公室还蛮大的,在这里偷偷懒什么的似乎也挺不错的呢……指揮官様の執務室って意外とお広い…ここでサボるのはいいかも……Commander, your office is much bigger than I expected... You know, this would be the perfect place to play hooky for a bit...
Commission Complete你要去接委托队吗?那就…接完她们再回来休息吧~嘿嘿~委託チームの出迎えに行かれますか?じゃあ休むのは帰ってからにしますね。へへへ~Must we go meet the commission team? Very well. Let's head straight back for a rest afterwards. Hehe~
Enhancement我变强了!希望任务不会跟着变多呢,嘿嘿~強くなりました!けど、お仕事が増えなければいいですね。へへへI've grown stronger! But I do hope you won't increase my workload. Hehehe.
Flagship等等等等,大家别冲得那么急啦!ちょ、ちょっとタンマ!みんな先走り過ぎだってば!W-wait a tick! Don't go charging on ahead like that!
Victory胜利犹如水到渠成!耶~勝利の機運は押し寄せる波の如し!イェーイ!We have seized the day! Yaay!
Defeat疼疼疼疼!赶,赶紧撤退吧!あいたたた!は、早く撤退しましょう!Aieeee! L-let us beat a hasty retreat!
Skill该出手时我就会出手!やるときはやらせていただきますよー!I do what I must!
Low HP啊哇哇哇!这,这次要平安无事啊!あわわわ!ぶ、無事でいてくださぁい!Aieeee! Pl-please settle down!
Affinity (Upset)指挥官,弦绷得太紧的话,随时都可能断掉的哦?指揮官様、ずっと張り詰めすぎると倒れちゃいますよ?You know, Commander, if you keep pushing me like this I'm going to break.
Affinity (Stranger)指挥官,今天也在为舰队而奔波吗?指揮官様、今日も艦隊のために一生懸命頑張っているって感じですか?Commander, have you devoted yourself to the fleet once again today?
Affinity (Friendly)指挥官,其实没必要让自己这么累的吧?比如……让女仆队的姐妹们来帮点忙之类的?指揮官様、そんなに自分を追い詰めなくてもいいですよ?代わりはそうですね……姉妹艦のメイドたちに助けてもらったりする…とか?Commander, you need not work yourself so hard, you know? Why not let, say... One of my maid sisters take some of your workload... Hmm?
Affinity (Like)其实,也不是所有工作都要非得做得那么完美啦。简单一点,随性一点,让自己开心一点,不也挺好的吗?何事も全部100点を取ろうと頑張らなくてもいいですよ。もうちょっと適当にして、気楽にして、毎日楽しく過ごしたほうがいいですってIt's not like everything needs to be done one hundred percent perfectly all the time. Just take it easy. It's good enough for government work. You need to cut loose more often.
Affinity (Love)如果不知道该怎么让自己开心的话,就让我来引导指挥官吧!嗯?你问要做什么?等我先想一想吧,嘿嘿!指揮官様が楽しく過ごせる方法を知らなければ、この僕が直々に指導して差し上げますよ!うん?何をするって?ちょ、ちょっと考えさせてくださいね!えへへへCommander, if you don't know how to relax, just let me be your guide. Hm? What will I do? Erm, well, wait a tick and let me think! Ehehehe~
Pledge虽然誓约是个很庄重的仪式,但是放心吧,我不会对指挥官有太多约束的!唯一的要求嘛……想见到指挥官的时候,指挥官能第一时间出现就行了!ケッコンって結構堅苦しい印象がありますけど、安心して、指揮官様には義務とかエチケットとか縛り付けることはしませんって!まあ一つだけ、もし僕が指揮官様に会いたくなったときに、僕の願いを聞いてくれたら大丈夫ですよ♪Now, I know marriage is a solemn and serious ritual, but don't worry, I'm not going to stand on ceremony with you, Commander! Indeed, I have only one request: that whenever I wish to see you, Commander, you be there for me ♪
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Main Title
In battle with Newcastle纽卡斯尔姐,我想喝你泡的红茶了呢!ニューカッスル、今度また紅茶淹れてくれない?Newcastle! Might I trouble you for a spot of tea?
In battle with Northampton你是北(north),我是南(south),我们交个朋友怎样?北と…南!よし、仲良くなりましょう!North and... South! Hah! I think we'll get along famously!
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Ship Description你好你好~这里是挑战全新重樱风格的南安普顿!嘿嘿,有没有对我的新装扮感到心动了呀?尽管多来一些“变得更可爱了”之类的夸奖吧~我可是很愿意听的,嘿嘿~どうもどうも!重桜風衣装のロイヤルナイト・サウサンプトンです!へへ、着替えた僕への評価は?「可愛い」とか、そんな評価なら喜んでお受けしますから、どんどん言ってくださっていいですよ~Hello there~! Royal Knight Southampton is reporting for duty in a Sakura-style outfit! Hehe, don't you have something to tell me about my new look, like how cute it is? Come on, don't be shy. Speak up~
Acquisition你好你好~这里是挑战全新重樱风格的南安普顿!嘿嘿,有没有对我的新装扮感到心动了呀?尽管多来一些“变得更可爱了”之类的夸奖吧~我可是很愿意听的,嘿嘿~どうもどうも!重桜風衣装のロイヤルナイト・サウサンプトンです!へへ、着替えた僕への評価は?「可愛い」とか、そんな評価なら喜んでお受けしますから、どんどん言ってくださっていいですよ~Hello there~! Royal Knight Southampton is reporting for duty in a Sakura-style outfit! Hehe, don't you have something to tell me about my new look, like how cute it is? Come on, don't be shy. Speak up~
Login指挥官,新年快乐!是时候一起去新年参拜了吧?嘿嘿,今天就好好放松一下吧指揮官様、あけましておめでとうございまぁす!そろそろ初詣に行きましょう?へへ、今日は思いっきり羽を伸ばしますよ~Commander, Happy New Year! Now it's off to the shrine for a special blessing, isn't it? Heheh, easy does it then.
Details换上重樱的风格以后,就有点想听听重樱的曲子了呢,嘿嘿~重桜風の衣装に着替えると、重桜風の音楽も聞きたくなりますね。えへへDressing up all Sakura style has me feeling like I want to listen to some Sakura music. Ehehe.
Main这个是叫“破魔矢”来着?据说是避邪祈福用的呢~真不简单!これって「デモンブレイクアロー」でしたっけ?魔除けの効果もあるらしい…凄いかも!I think this here is the "Demon Breaker Arrow," isn't it? Seems to be some kind of warding charm... brilliant!
Main 2我去神社帮指挥官抽了一回签哦~嘿嘿,猜猜看是什么结果?神社で指揮官様のためにおみくじを引いてきましたよ。ええと、結果は……?I got one of those omikuji fortunes for you at the shrine, Commander. Let's see, what does it say...?
Main 3各种各样的节日我都想好好体验一番~不知道还有什么有意思的节日呢~期待期待~他の皆の祝日をどんどん体験したくなりますね~次はどんな面白い祝日ですか?楽しみ!I find myself wanting to dive into all the girls' festivals now~ What delightful holiday do we have next? I'm so excited!
Touch指挥官,来一起许愿吧!听重樱的小伙伴说,要像这样双手合十才会灵验!指揮官様、お参りしましょう!ええと、重桜の子たちによると、こう…合掌したほうがいいって聞きました!Commander, come do the shrine business with me! Let's see, I think the Sakura girls did it something like this... you put your hands together, don't you?
Return to Port趁着新年要不要把指挥室重新整理一下呢~让它变得更适合偷懒…啊不对,更能舒适地工作!嘻嘻お正月で執務室の模様替えをして、サボりやすく…じゃなくて、もっと気楽に執務できるようにしたほうがいいですね!えへへWhat do you say we do a bit of New Year's rearranging in the office here, make it a little easier to faff abo... Ahem, easier to polish off those official duties. Hehe.
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Ship Description你好你好,指…不对,现在应该叫主人?唔,还是算啦~嘿嘿,南安普顿最近在练习小提琴呢,想说可以给店里增加点气氛什么的…你是被我的琴声吸引过来的吗?どうもどうも、し…じゃなくて、いまは「ご主人様」呼びでしたっけ?ん~やっぱり「指揮官様」でいいですよね~これはぼくの…うん、雰囲気を醸し出すためのヴァイオリン練習ー。あっ、もしかして指揮官様はこの練習の音に惹かれてここに来たんですか?Good day, Comm—Err, I guess it's "Master?" Ugh, I do prefer calling you Commander though... Anyway, I've been practicing the violin to help create better atmosphere around the shop. Did you come here because you were captivated by the sound of my music?
Acquisition你好你好,指…不对,现在应该叫主人?唔,还是算啦~嘿嘿,南安普顿最近在练习小提琴呢,想说可以给店里增加点气氛什么的…你是被我的琴声吸引过来的吗?どうもどうも、し…じゃなくて、いまは「ご主人様」呼びでしたっけ?ん~やっぱり「指揮官様」でいいですよね~これはぼくの…うん、雰囲気を醸し出すためのヴァイオリン練習ー。あっ、もしかして指揮官様はこの練習の音に惹かれてここに来たんですか?Good day, Comm—Err, I guess it's "Master?" Ugh, I do prefer calling you Commander though... Anyway, I've been practicing the violin to help create better atmosphere around the shop. Did you come here because you were captivated by the sound of my music?
Login指挥官,既然都来到这里了,放松点,一边喝茶边听听音乐吧~指揮官様、ここに来たからにはリラックスして、お茶でも飲みながら音楽を楽しみましょう~!Commander, since you're here, take a seat and relax! Sip on some tea and enjoy some good music~!
Details现在知道,沉浸在舒缓的音乐里休息是多么享受了吧?嘿嘿~音楽を聞きながらゆったりと羽を伸ばす極楽、おわかりいただけたことでしょー!えへへDo you get how it feels to kick back and let loose to some heavenly music now? Ehehe.
Main姑且也和女仆队的伙伴们一起耳濡目染了这么久,女仆的技能我也是会那么一点的~まあメイド隊の皆もできることですし?ぼくだってメイドのスキルは多少知っていますよI mean, this is something all the Royal Maids can do. Even I've learned most of the skills necessary for being a maid.
Main 2虽然也考虑过用留声机的方式,不过身为店长的陛下认为现场演奏是必不可少的呢。生演奏じゃないなら楽だなって思ってましたけど、陛下が生演奏は欠かせないと仰るので生演奏ですI thought it'd be nice if we didn't have to play music live, but Her Majesty demanded that we provide live music for her at the venue...
Main 3指挥官想听什么曲子?就当是特别服务好了~啊,太难的可不行!指揮官様、曲のリクエストとかありますか?特別サービスとして…あ、あまり難しすぎるのはダメだってばー!Commander, have any song requests? It's a special treat from me. O-oh, but... nothing too difficult, please!
Touch想要安可曲吗?那就为了指挥官再来一首~アンコール?じゃあ指揮官様のためにもう一曲~An encore? Alright. Here's a special song, just for you~
Touch (Special)呜哇!都怪你,我拉跑调了啦!うわぁ!?指揮官様のせいで音程がずれちゃいましたよ!Eek?! I played off pitch because of you, Commander!
Return to Port指挥官辛苦了哦。欸,你问我在做什么…稍…稍微偷会懒而已…要帮我保密哦?お疲れ様です指揮官様。ぼ、ぼくは今何してるのかって…ちょっとだけサボり中というか…えへへ、秘密にしておいてくださいねGood work, Commander. Y-you want to know what I've been up to...? Well... I've been slacking off for a bit, ehehe. Please keep it a secret from the others!
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Ship Description皇家骑士・南安普顿,身着白纱华丽登场—!啊,指挥官,你是在紧张吗?那么这就~诶嘿嘿(揉肩),怎么样?放松下来了吗?ロイヤルナイト・サウサンプトン、ウエディング姿になって華々しく登場ー!あっ、指揮官様、もしかして緊張なさってますか?じゃあ早速~えへへ(もみもみ)、どうですか?肩の力、抜けました?The Royal Knight, Southampton, makes her grand entrance in glorious wedding garb~! Oh, Commander, you look a bit on edge. Here, c'mere for a second~ Ehehe. *rub rub* Well? Feeling a bit less stiff?
Acquisition皇家骑士・南安普顿,身着白纱华丽登场—!啊,指挥官,你是在紧张吗?那么这就~诶嘿嘿(揉肩),怎么样?放松下来了吗?ロイヤルナイト・サウサンプトン、ウエディング姿になって華々しく登場ー!あっ、指揮官様、もしかして緊張なさってますか?じゃあ早速~えへへ(もみもみ)、どうですか?肩の力、抜けました?The Royal Knight, Southampton, makes her grand entrance in glorious wedding garb~! Oh, Commander, you look a bit on edge. Here, c'mere for a second~ Ehehe. *rub rub* Well? Feeling a bit less stiff?
Login欢迎回来!主…啊不对!嗯,指挥官?这样又跟平常一样了…亲,亲爱的!嗯——我这么叫你不会很奇怪吧…おかえりなさいませ!ごしゅ…ああ違う!ええと、指揮官様?だと前と一緒だし…あ、あなた!んー僕がこういう呼び方をするのに違和感とかないかな…Welcome back! Mast... Err, pardon me! Umm, Commander? That's just the same as before... Oh, how about, "Dear?" Hmm... I hope that's not too over-the-top for you.
Details这样转一圈的话,衣服上的丝带看起来是不是像蝴蝶…指挥官?我说指挥官?这是怎么了…kandaile,是那个“看呆了”的意思吗…??こうやってくるっと回ると、リボンとかがもしかしたら蝶々に見えたりして……指揮官様?おーい指揮官様?どうかした?…ミトレタって、その見惚れたって意味ですか…??When I spin around in this dress, don't you think the fluttering ribbons make me look kind of like a butterfly? Commander? Um, Commander, are you there? What's wrong, are you so entranced that you're totally speechless?
Main放着不管的话,指挥官就会埋头工作呢。让我来认真教你放松的方法吧!诶嘿嘿~放っておけば仕事に埋もれそうな指揮官様に、この僕が一肌脱いで楽する方法を教えてさしあげましょう!えへへCommander, you look like you're drowning in work. I'll teach you this one weird trick that'll make all of your problems go away~! Ehehe.
Main 2我做的菜很好吃吗?太好了!这是我向谢菲尔德请教后很努力做的哦。诶嘿嘿~僕が作った料理がおいしかった、ですか?やったぁ!シェフィールドに教えてもらって腕によりをかけて作ったのですよ。えへへYou enjoyed my cooking? Hooray! I asked Sheffield to give me some pointers, and put my heart and soul into it. Ehehe.
Main 3嘘,指挥官,这边这边!诶嘿嘿,在这边就可以瞒着谢菲尔德她们偷lan……咳咳,休息了哦~しーっ、指揮官様、こっちこっち!えへへ、ここならシェフィールドたちにバレずにさぼ…コホン、息抜きできますよ~Shh! Commander, come over here! Ehehe. Over here, we'll be able to slack– I mean, take a break, without Sheffield catching us.
Touch怎么了?我会不偷懒地好好为你工作的哦♪なんですか?サボらずにキビキビ働いてさしあげますよ♪What's wrong? I'm perfectly capable of working without slacking off if it's for your sake~♪
Touch (Special)也,也是呢……都收了戒指了……で、ですよねー…指輪いただきましたし…I-I guess it's fine... You did give me a ring...
Mission任务……已经快截止了吗?!没办法往后推了对吧…呜呜…任務…もう締切直前ですか!?後回しは無理ですよね…うぅ…Wait, the mission's... deadline is right in front of us?! There's no time left to procrastinate, is there... Oh no...
Return to Port今天出击也辛苦了!指挥官,就让热乎乎的红茶,以及我挑选的音乐好好治愈你吧♪今日も出撃お疲れ様です、指揮官様。アツアツの紅茶に僕が選んだ音楽で癒やされていってくださーい♪Excellent work as always, Commander. Please enjoy some hot and fresh tea while relaxing to the music I picked out myself~♪
Commission Complete要去迎接委托组是吧。我们也像纽卡斯尔那样悠悠地晃过去吧~委託チームの出迎えですね。ニューカッスルみたいにふらっと参りましょうかIt's time to greet the commission team, right? Let's stroll over leisurely, just as Newcastle does.
Flagship别看我这样,我也是骑士队的一员哦!こう見えて騎士隊の一員ですからね!I'm still a member of the Royal Knights, you know!
Victory看到骑士队华丽的胜利了吗!开玩笑的♪騎士隊の華麗なる勝利を見たか!なんてね♪A glorious victory, befitting a member of the Royal Knights! Ehehe~♪
Affinity (Love)让指挥官轻松度过今天的方法就是——和我约会!诶嘿嘿,这下就很清楚了吧?…要等手头的工作做完?没办法呢!我也来稍微帮下忙吧!指揮官様が今日楽に過ごす方法はずばり、僕とデートすること!えへへ、これではっきりと分かるでしょ?…今の仕事が終わってからって?しょうがない!僕もちょっと手伝いましょう!That one weird trick that I told you about earlier? It's going on a date with me! Ehehe, I guess you get what I meant now? ...After you finish working? Fine, I guess I have no other choice. I'll help you out a little bit!