Isokaze (JP 🇯🇵: 磯風, CN 🇹🇼: 矶风)
Ship IDNo. 317Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull DestroyerRarityRare
NavySakura EmpireBuild Time
AcquisitionMonthly Sign-in
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressInami Anju
Isokaze Description
Kagerou-class destroyer number twelve – Isokaze.
New Year's Campaign Description
General, General, look! It's my New Year's outfit! Urakaze made it for me! Let's play a bunch of Sengoku wargames this year as well!
HP336 Reload74
Firepower12 Torpedo97
Evasion71 Anti-air28
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW49 Luck18
HP1562 Reload143
Firepower32 Torpedo248
Evasion239 Anti-air105
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW121 Luck19
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault Ⅰ | Torpedo efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Torpedo efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Destroyer Gun70%/70%/70%/75%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun70%/70%/70%/75%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1127mm Mounted Gun
2Quadruple 610mm Torpedo
Fleet Tech
T7 Destroyer: Kagerou-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock5 +1
Max LimitBreak10
Lv.1208 +1
Accompanying WindWhen sortied with Hamakaze: increases this ship's FP, TRP, RLD, and AA by 4.0% (10.0%) .
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Kagerou Class once every 10 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description阳炎级驱逐舰十二番舰—矶风陽炎型駆逐艦十二番艦・磯風Kagerou-class destroyer number twelve – Isokaze.
Biography我是十七驱的矶风,一直和滨风还有浦风、谷风在一起,啊,后来还有雪风!要说战历不会输给任何人,所以任务交给我就对啦!十七駆の磯風だ!むかしはえっと、浜風、浦風さま、谷風…あっ、雪風とも一緒にいた!カンレキなら誰にも負けないよ!だから任務は磯風に任せればよいのだ!I am Isokaze of DD17! In the past, you see, I've worked with Hamakaze, Urakaze, Tanikaze... oh, and Yukikaze! My service record stands second to none! And that's why you should put me in charge of your missions!
Acquisition全军突击!……咦,这里是哪儿?!啊,我知道你,你就是浦风说的大……大将!我是矶风,将来会威震天下的大将军!全軍突撃ィ!……ととと、こ、ここはどこぉ!?あ!オマエのことは知ってる!えっと、浦風さまが言ってたた…大将!ふん!わたしは磯風、将来天下を震え上がらせる大将になるぞ!All units, attaaack! ...Wait a second, where am I?! Oh, I know you! Urakaze-sama said you're... the general! Hmph! I'm Isokaze, the one destined to become a general that will make the whole world tremble in fear!
Login大将,是出击的时间啦!大将!出陣の時間だぞ!General! It's time to charge into battle!
Details天!下!布!武!テンカフブ!One banner, one nation!
Main大将大将,来陪我玩战国游戏嘛,大将来扮演……扮演家康好了!我就是石田三成啦!大将!磯風とセンゴクごっこやってぇー!大将は……イエヤス!磯風はミツナリ!General! Come play warring states with me! You can be... Ieyasu! I'll be Mitsunari!
Main 2滨风,谷风,出发,我等的目标是——上洛!浜風!谷風!出発よ!目標は――ジョウラクだぁ!Hamakaze! Tanikaze! Let's depart! We're heading for the capital!
Main 3浦风浦风,我衣服又有点破了,能帮我修补一下嘛?浦風さま、磯風の羽織がまた破けちゃった…直して~Urakaze-sama, my coat has been torn again... Fix it for me!
Touch大将,背我起来,我要冲锋!大将、磯風をオンブして~今から敵陣に突っ込むぞー!General, give me a piggyback ride! We must charge into the enemy stronghold!
Touch (Special)呀哈哈,好痒啊~ははは、くすぐったいよぉ~Hahaha, that tickles~!
Mission大将,任务就交给我吧!我超能干的!大将!任務は磯風に任せていいのだ!任務などガイシュウイッショクだぞ!General! Put me in charge of the mission! I'll finish it you before you can say "set sail"!
Mission Complete大将,任务奖励发啦,有多少石呀?大将、任務報酬が来たね!何万石あるー?General, our mission rewards are here! How much koku did we receive?
Mail大将,我把信件拿过来啦~大将、お手紙を持ってきたぞ!General, I have a letter for you!
Return to Port大将,辛苦啦!听我说,听我说,刚才呢……大将、ご苦労様!えっと、えっとね!磯風から報告申し上げるぅ!あの…You make me proud, General! Hey, uh, listen! I have a report for you! You see...
Commission Complete目标港口,任务是接完成委托的姐妹们,大将号,出发!目標・母港のハトバ!委託から戻ってきたみんなを迎えるぞ!大将丸、走れ―!Our target: the base's docks! We must welcome back the commission team! Giddy-up, General!
Enhancement我正是十七驱的大将军,矶风!わたしこそ十七駆の一番槍、磯風であーる!I am Isokaze, the leader of Destroyer Division 17!
Flagship一番枪是我的……哇啊啊等等我!一番槍はこの磯風が……うわああ!待ってぇ~I will lead the charge into batt... Hey, stop! Wait for me!
Victory浦风,看到我的大胜了吗!浦風さま、磯風の活躍見てくれたかー!Urakaze-sama, can you see my glorious victory?!
Defeat滨风,滨风在哪儿,快来救我呜呜呜……浜風、浜風はどこぉ…磯風を助けて~Hamakaze, Hamakaze where are you... You have to save me!
Skill风林火山!ふ、フウリンカザン!N-nothing can stop me!
Low HP现在正是奋起的时刻!踏ん張る時よ!I will never back down!
Affinity (Upset)走开,我不要跟尼玩了,滨风,滨风尼在哪儿?ふん!もう大将とは遊ばないよ!浜風~浜風はどこぉー?Hmph! I'm done playing with you! Hamakaze, Tanikaze, where are you?
Affinity (Stranger)我的知识都是浦风教的,浦风懂很多东西呢!不过我最好的朋友还是滨风,嘿嘿~センゴクのこと?全部浦風さまが教えてくれた!浦風さまは物知りだぞ!でも磯風の一番の親友はやっぱり浜風なの!えへへ~How I know so much? Urakaze-sama taught me everything about the warring states! She's really smart! But Hamakaze is still my best friend in the end! Heheheh~
Affinity (Friendly)西军突击!拿下东军!让我看看,接下来是……哇呀呀,小早川秀秋被策反啦!大将尼好坏,我要,我要,呜呜呜呜……西軍突撃!東軍を討つぞー!えっと次は……あわわ!ヒデアキが引き抜かれた!大将ずるいよ!磯風は…うぅぅ……Western Army, attack! Fire on the Eastern Army! Our next move will be... Oh no! Hideaki was lured away! That's unfair, General! Darn, now I'm... *Sob*...
Affinity (Like)大将,有空陪我玩游戏嘛?没有嘛?真的没有嘛?我来帮尼工作也没有嘛?我给尼捶背也没有嘛?……耶!我最喜欢大将啦!大将、磯風とゲームしようよ~え!忙しいからできないの!本当に?お仕事を手伝うよ?お肩を叩いてあげるよ?……やったぁ!大将大好き!General, let's play a game! Huh?! You've got work to do?! You really do? Do you want me to help? Then how about a massage? ...Hooray! I love you, General!
Affinity (Love)大将大将,浦风说我现在都只跟大将玩滨风要生气啦!但我就是想和大将玩嘛……所以呢,所以呢,我们一起去找滨风玩吧! 大将、わたし最近浜風に冷たいって浦風さまに怒られそうになったの!でも磯風やっぱり大将と遊びたいの……だから大将、一緒に浜風と遊びに行こう!General, Urakaze-sama seemed angry at me and said I've started being cold to Hamakaze! But I still want to play with you... So come on! Let's go play together with Hamakaze!
Pledge大将,以后要是有人欺负尼,告诉我,我一定带着滨风来帮尼报仇,因为我和大将还有滨风是最好的朋友~大将、今度いじめられたら磯風に教えて?磯風は浜風を連れて仇を取ってやるぞ。大将と磯風と浜風はお友達してるんだから!General, if anyone starts being mean to you then tell me. Hamakaze and I will go and get revenge on them for you. We're here for you, because we're all friends!
In battle with Hamakaze滨风,随我冲锋!浜風、わたしに続けぃ!Hamakaze, follow my lead!
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Ship Description大将大将,看,新年的衣服!浦风做的!新的一年也要陪我玩战国游戏哦!大将大将!見て見て!お正月の服!浦風さまが作ってくれた!今年も一緒にセンゴクごっこをよろしく!General, General, look! It's my New Year's outfit! Urakaze made it for me! Let's play a bunch of Sengoku wargames this year as well!
Acquisition大将大将,看,新年的衣服!浦风做的!新的一年也要陪我玩战国游戏哦!大将大将!見て見て!お正月の服!浦風さまが作ってくれた!今年も一緒にセンゴクごっこをよろしく!General, General, look! It's my New Year's outfit! Urakaze made it for me! Let's play a bunch of Sengoku wargames this year as well!
Login大将,新年快乐!大将!あけましておめでとう!General, Happy New Year!
Details大将大将,我要压岁钱!大将!お年玉がほしい!General, I want my red envelope!
Main哇,下雪啦!大将,我们叫上大家,来雪合战吧!わあ!雪だ!大将、みんなを呼んできて雪合戦しようよ!Woah! It's snowing! General, let's call everyone out and have a snowball fight!
Main 2为什么大家到了冬天都无精打采的,我觉得雪超好玩的欸?なんでみんな冬になると元気がなくなるのかな……冬は雪が降るとすごく楽しいのに?Why is everyone so sluggish during the winter? I think playing in the snow is suuuuper fun!
Main 3大将,尼看尼看,老虎,嘎哦!呀哈哈~~大将大将!見て!トラさんだ!がお!あははは~General, General, look! It's a tiger! Rooooaarrr! Ahahaha~
Touch欸?大将,我不冷哦~呀哈哈,不要摸我肚子嘛,好痒ふえ?大将?磯風は別に寒くないよ?……あはははお腹さわるのやめて~ぐすぐったいよぉ~Huh? General, I'm not cold~ Ahaha, stop rubbing my belly, it tickles!
Mission Complete大将,这些是什么,难道是新年礼物嘛?大将、これはなぁに?新年の贈り物?General, what are these? New Year's presents?
Affinity (Love)大将大将,新年参拜的话,一定要叫我哦?就算我睡懒觉也要叫我哦?今年我一定要和大将一起去!大将大将!初詣はわたしを絶対に連れて行って!…わたしが寝坊しても絶対に起こしてね!今年こそ大将と一緒に行きたぁい!General, General! Make sure to wake me up for the New Year's shrine visit! Even if I sleep in, make sure to come get me! This year, we definitely need to go together!
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Ship Description大将!矶风努力地把器材都准备好了哦!只要浦风在的话,“战国组合”就完美了!当然大将也可以参加进来的!大将!磯風、頑張って機材を揃えたよ!あとは浦風様さえいれば「センゴク☆ユニット」は完璧だ!大将ももちろん参加していいぞ!General! I, Isokaze, have done my utmost to prepare the equipment! Now, with Lord Urakaze's presence, our Sengoku☆War-Band is complete! Of course, you are more than welcome to join our ranks, General!
Acquisition大将!矶风努力地把器材都准备好了哦!只要浦风在的话,“战国组合”就完美了!当然大将也可以参加进来的!大将!磯風、頑張って機材を揃えたよ!あとは浦風様さえいれば「センゴク☆ユニット」は完璧だ!大将ももちろん参加していいぞ!General! I, Isokaze, have done my utmost to prepare the equipment! Now, with Lord Urakaze's presence, our Sengoku☆War-Band is complete! Of course, you are more than welcome to join our ranks, General!
Login大将!今天的练习也要加油哦!大将!今日練習頑張っちゃおー!General! Let us dedicate our souls to the rehearsal today!
Main滨风,教我一下~顾着乐队的练习把作业给忘了呜呜…浜風、勉強教えて~練習してたら宿題のコト忘れちゃったよ…Hamakaze, tutor me~ I was practicing so hard that I forgot to do my homework...
Main 2大将!你觉得矶风的衣服要怎么样的才好呀?具足还是腹卷这样的?大将!磯風の衣装はどんな風にすればいい?具足とか腹巻とか…General! What kind of outfit should I wear? A suit of armor? Just a chestplate...?
Main 3“传到你的心里!恋爱的一番枪!”…怎么样,大将,是不是有点“偶像”的感觉了?「お主の心に届け!恋のICHIBANYARI!」…どう?大将!「あいどる」っぽい?"Straight to your heart! Love delivered on the spear's tip!" ...How's that, General? Just like an idol, right?
Touch制服轻飘飘的…可爱是挺可爱啦,不过也想试试帅气一点的啊…制服、ひらひらしてて…可愛いのはいいけど、かっこいいのもほしいな…This outfit is so fluttery... Being cute is nice and all, but I want to be badass...
Return to Port给大将来一首庆祝胜利的…唔,这首歌好像要和浦风练习一下才行的…大将に祝勝の一曲を…うぅ、この曲は浦風様と一緒に練習するつもりだった…For the General's return, an ode of celebration... Uhh, I was going to practice this song with Urakaze...
Flagship第一首曲子,要上了哦!一曲目、行くぞ―!The first smash hit is coming right up~!
Victory胜~利~啦ー!矶风,大活跃!えーえーおー!磯風、天晴れなり!Viiiiictorrrryyyyyy~! As the sun shines, so do I!