Memphis (JP 🇯🇵: メンフィス, CN 🇹🇼: 孟菲斯)
Ship IDNo. 360Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Light CruiserRarityRare
NavyEagle UnionBuild TimeN/A
AcquisitionMonthly Sign-in, Light Construction
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
ENNovember 21, 2019
Voice actressHekiru Shiina
Memphis Description
Omaha-class light cruiser – Memphis, Hull Number CL-12.
Casual VacationDescription
Oh my, do I really look so unusual in this outfit? I want to be able to enjoy my day off as well, you know? Hehe, don't you think it feels nice to just sit back and take in the ocean breeze?
Mystical NightDescription
We have to work hard if we want to play hard, isn't that right, Commander? Are you ready for our happy Halloween?
HP565 Reload68
Firepower27 Torpedo39
Evasion30 Anti-air55
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW20 Luck67
HP2424 Reload131
Firepower75 Torpedo109
Evasion115 Anti-air207
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW51 Luck71
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault Ⅰ | All weapons' efficiency +2%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | All weapons' efficiency +3%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Light Cruiser115%/117%/120%/125%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun115%/117%/120%/125%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Twin 152mm Main Gun
376mm AA Gun
Fleet Tech
T3 Light Cruiser: Omaha-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock4 +1
Max LimitBreak9
Lv.1207 +1
Quick ReloadEvery 20s: 30.0% (60.0%) chance to increase this ship's RLD by 20.0% (40.0%) for 10s.Default Unlocked
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Omaha Class once every 8 times the Main Guns are fired.???
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Ship Description奥马哈级轻巡洋舰—孟菲斯,舷号CL-13オマハ級軽巡洋艦・メンフィス(CL-12)Omaha-class light cruiser – Memphis, Hull Number CL-13.
Biography我是奥马哈级的轻巡洋舰孟菲斯。生涯里迎接过一些重要的宾客,也曾作为旗舰被征用。多说无用,想要更好地了解我,就好好跟在后头,看我的精彩表现吧~オマハ級軽巡のメンフィスよ。由緒正しい方々の乗艦、そしてロイヤル方面艦隊の旗艦を勤めたの。…後ろで私の活躍を目に焼き付けなさいなI am the Omaha-class light cruiser, Memphis. I've hosted some very famous people, as well as served as flagship of the fleet in the Royal front. Make sure you carefully observe my every move!
Acquisition哦?你就是这里的指挥官吗?放心吧,我会为你护航的。不过,你得要先达到我的标准才行呢~ふーん、あなたがここの指揮官?安心なさい。この私が護衛についてあげる。貴方はこの私に相応しくなれるのかしら? Hmm, so you're the commander here? Don't worry, I'll carry out my duties as an escort ship. But first, you'll have to meet my standards!
Login指挥官,总算来了。那就出发吧~快跟上我的脚步!指揮官、ようやく来たのね。さあ出発よ——私のペースについてこれるのかしら?Commander, you sure took your time getting here. Come on, let's set sail. Can you keep up with me?
Details如果想继续陪着我,那就好好审视我的全部吧~私と付き合ってくれるつもりなら、すべてを目に焼き付けてちょうだいIf you intend to keep me by your side, you'd better carefully observe my every move!
Main接受检阅,就应该把最好的一面展示给大家看。这是我的准则~観艦式で自らの最も素晴らしいパフォーマンスを魅せる。これこそ私の流儀よCapturing everyone's attention with my brilliant performance at Naval Reviews - that's the way I like to do things.
Main 2一直以来都频繁地巡洋四海,在港区多待上一段时间都是奢望…不过没关系,我喜欢让自己忙碌起来~昔は海を行き来して、母港でのんびりすることも中々できなかったの。…まあいいわ。忙しいほうが私らしくて良いのではなくて?Because of my hectic schedule, I never got much time to relax back in port... But that's fine, someone like me ought to be busy, wouldn't you agree~?
Main 3要我在回港的时候带点礼物给你?指挥官得先在港区好好表现才行~今度土産を持ってきてほしいって?貴方、母港で仕事をちゃんとこなしておくのが先じゃなくて?You want me to bring you back a souvenir next time? Should you really be asking that while you still have work to do?
Touch哦?迫不及待地就想看我训练?那就好好给你展示一下~あら?私が訓練している姿が見たいの?では…その目に焼き付けてあげようかしらHm? You'd like to see me while I'm training? Very well... you'd better burn this into your eyes!
Touch (Special)不放开的话,你会知道下场的~その手、離さないと痛い目に遭うわよIf you don't unhand me this instant, I'll make you regret it~
Mission有任务就赶快处理,不要放置不管。说你呢,指挥官~任務はほったらかすんじゃなくて、すぐに実行するのよ。――貴方のことを言ってるのよ?指揮官If there are any missions left, take care of them right away. Don't procrastinate... Hey, I'm talking to you, Commander!
Mission Complete抽空去看看吧,这是你应得的奖励。貴方が得るべき褒美よ。あとでチェックしなさいYou've earned these rewards. Take a look when you have time.
Mail快去收邮件吧~应该有好事发生。メールを受け取ってちょうだい。いいことがあるわよPlease go get the mail. I expect some good news.
Return to Port嘻嘻,还是干得不赖嘛~可别太得意,后面还会有很多考验。ふふん、よくできたじゃない。これからはもっと試される時があるの。あまり浮かれるんじゃないわHehe, not bad. But don't get too cocky. There are still many trials ahead of us.
Commission Complete委托组已经回来了。抽空审阅下她们的工作实绩吧。委託組、戻ってきたわよ。実績のほうをあとでチェックしなさいなThe commission fleet has returned. Don't forget to check the performance records later.
Enhancement这下就能更好地护航了~護衛任務、より確実にこなせるようになったのかしら?I wonder if I'll be even better at my escort duties now?
Flagship上吧!大家都要发挥出最好的水准!行くわよ!最高のパフォーマンスを出すわ!Let's go! I want to see everyone at their best!
Victory哼~看到了吧!这是只属于我的荣耀时刻~ふーん、目に焼き付けたのかしら?私だけの輝かしい瞬間をHmph! Did you witness that? That's the glory that only I can bring to bear~
Defeat居然会失败……真狼狈。負けるなんて……無様ねTo think that I would lose... how unsightly!
Skill护航还是要看我的!護衛は私に任せてちょうだい!Leave the escort duties to me!
Low HP不能再掉以轻心了!油断してはいけないわ!We can't afford to be careless!
Affinity (Upset)哼,被我无视,是你咎由自取!ふん、私に無視されるのも自業自得ではなくて?Hmph. If it's about me ignoring you, you brought this upon yourself!
Affinity (Stranger)接下来我会处理一些文书并审核一些训练计划,指挥官最好也帮忙看下其中的细节,可别拖了我后腿哟~次は書類作業と訓練プランの審査を行うの。指揮官もちゃんとチェックしなさい。私のペースを遅らせるんじゃないわNext, I'll handle the paperwork and review the training plans. Commander, make sure to check my work properly. Don't slow me down, got it?
Affinity (Friendly)被我迷住也是没办法的事。行吧,就允许你多发一下呆~この私に魅されるのも仕方のないことよ。いいわ。もう少しそこでボーっとすることを許してあげるWho can blame you for being so captivated by me? Very well, I'll allow you to gawk a bit longer.
Affinity (Like)挨得这么近,是想感受一下我发梢的气味吗?嘻嘻,怎么样,有没有海风的味道?こんなに近くまで寄って、もしかして私の髪の匂いが気になるのではなくて?うふふ、どう?海風の香りでもあるのかしら?Sidling up to me this closely... Are you trying to smell my hair? Hehe, how is it? Does it remind you of the sea breeze?
Affinity (Love)缺了我总觉得浑身不自在?放心吧,我会为你尽心护航的,所以,你也要尽心陪着我才好~私がいないと違和感を感じるって?安心して、私がいつも貴方の護衛についているから。むしろ貴方も、私のそばにずっといなさいなYou feel uneasy when I'm not around? Don't worry, I'll always be here to escort you. As a matter of fact, you should make sure to always be around me.
Pledge感到光荣吧,你已经得到我孟菲斯的认可了~我现在对你可是充满期待哟,可不要让我失望了~光栄に思いなさい。貴方は私、メンフィスに認められたのよ――これからも期待しているから、失望させないでちょうだいDo you feel honored? You've managed to earn my recognition. From here on out, I'll have high expectations for you, so don't let me down~
In battle with Omaha, Raleigh, Richmond好不容易能一起出战。跟我前进吧~せっかく一緒に出撃するんだから、私のペースに付いてきなさいなAt long last, we're finally able to fight together. Follow my lead!
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Ship Description嗯?这身打扮很稀奇吗?我也是有休息日的哦?不觉得像这样悠闲地吹着海风很舒服么~?哼哼~あら、この格好はそんなに珍しいかしら?私だって非番の日にはあるのよ?ふふん、こうしてのんびりと海風を浴びるのも気持ちいいと思わない?Oh my, do I really look so unusual in this outfit? I want to be able to enjoy my day off as well, you know? Hehe, don't you think it feels nice to just sit back and take in the ocean breeze?
Acquisition嗯?这身打扮很稀奇吗?我也是有休息日的哦?不觉得像这样悠闲地吹着海风很舒服么~?哼哼~あら、この格好はそんなに珍しいかしら?私だって非番の日はあるのよ?ふふん、こうしてのんびりと海風を浴びるのも気持ちいいと思わない?Oh my, do I really look so unusual in this outfit? I want to be able to enjoy my day off as well, you know? Hehe, don't you think it feels nice to just sit back and take in the ocean breeze?
Login早安,今天的风也很棒,是适合乘船旅行的日子呢,你不觉得吗?おはよう。今日もいい風。船旅にはもってこい、というべきかしら?Morning. There's a nice wind blowing today. Perfect for a cruise, wouldn't you say?
Main呼…今天就稍微放松一下吧…你也是,该休息的时候好好休息,才能在需要努力的时候更好的努力哦?ふぅ…今日は気楽に過ごそうかしら……貴方も、努力すべきときは努力して、休める時は休むべきではなくて?Phew... Let's hope this will be a relaxing day... Hey, Commander, you know what "work hard, play hard" means, right?
Main 2拍照技术?虽说比不上真正的专业人士,不过好歹也是有不少经验的,可不会让你随便小瞧的哦?カメラの腕?プロ顔負けとまで行かなくても経験者、侮らせはしないわよ?My pictures? I wouldn't say I put the pros to shame, but I am experienced. Don't go underestimating my ability.
Main 3和布鲁克林偶尔会一起出门,不过和我不一样,她就算休息的时候也不大会放松……不,应该说她放松的方式和我完全不一样…吧……ブルックリンとはたまに一緒に出かける仲よ。彼女は私と違って休みのときでもなかなかリラックスしないわ。…ううん、リラックスの仕方がぜんぜん違う、とでも言うべきかしら……Brooklyn and I sometimes go out on day trips. Unlike me though, she just refuses to relax even on vacation days... Or rather, we each relax in very different ways, I suppose.
Touch训练?你是不知休息日是什么意思吗?訓練?貴方、休日の意味をわかっていないのかしら?Training? Hello, do you not understand what it means to be on vacation?
Touch (Special)呀啊!?你、你干嘛啦!?きゃっ!?な、何をするの!?Eek! Wh-what was that for?!
Return to Port(咔嚓)这边风景真不错!啊,指挥官你回来了啊?照片?哼哼,一会再给你看吧(パシャッ!)これはいい眺めね!あら、指揮官、戻ってきたの?写真?ふふん、あとで見せてあげるわThe view here is gorgeous! Oh, you're back, Commander? The picture I just took? Heheh, I'll show you later.
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Ship Description就算是狂欢,也要拿出干劲,全力以赴才行呢~指挥官,准备好了吗?愉快的万圣之夜现在才要开始呢~お祭り騒ぎは全力でやってこそよ?指揮官、準備はいいかしら?全力でハロウィンを楽しんでいくわよ?We have to work hard if we want to play hard, isn't that right, Commander? Are you ready for our happy Halloween?
Acquisition就算是狂欢,也要拿出干劲,全力以赴才行呢~指挥官,准备好了吗?愉快的万圣之夜现在才要开始呢~お祭り騒ぎは全力でやってこそよ?指揮官、準備はいいかしら?全力でハロウィンを楽しんでいくわよ?We have to work hard if we want to play hard, isn't that right, Commander? Are you ready for our happy Halloween?
Login指挥官来得正好~一起来做个南瓜灯吧?可要按照我的最高标准来做~指揮官、ちょうどいいところに。カボチャランプを作るの、手伝ってくれない?ふふ、作るからには私のペースで行くわよ?Commander, you came at just the right time~! Shall we go carve the jack-o'-lanterns together? Just make sure you keep up with my high standards!
Details指挥官要来颗糖果吗?我从阿贝克隆比那里拿来的~(瞄)指揮官、お菓子でもいかがかしら?アバークロンビーちゃんからもらってきたのCommander, are you here to trick-or-treat? Here, I got this candy from Abercrombie.
Main给来访的孩子们发糖果的任务就交给你了,指挥官~…我?嘻嘻,当然是想办法再要点糖果回来~指揮官、お菓子配りを任せるわよ。私?ふふ、もちろんお菓子をもうちょっと調達してくるわI'll let you handle giving candy out to the trick-or-treaters, Commander~ Me? Hehe, of course I'm going to go bring back more candy~
Main 2现在的我可是魔女哦,不好好表现的话,就把你变成幽灵~嘻嘻,开玩笑的ええ、魔女として素行の悪い指揮官をお化けにしちゃおうかしら?ふふ、冗談よI'm a witch now, so if you're not on your best behavior, I'll turn you into a critter~ Hehe, just kidding!
Main 3扫帚和魔女可是标准搭配,不接受反驳哦魔法とホウキこそ定番――反論なんて許さないわよ?Look, a witch and her broomstick are always paired together. I won't hear your objections!
Touch指挥官也想和我一起坐扫帚吗?真拿你没办法…掉下去我可不管哦?指揮官もこのホウキに乗りたいのかしら?しょうがないわね…落ちても知らないわよ?Commander, you'd like to sit on the broom with me? I suppose you can... but it's not my problem if you fall off, okay?
Touch (Special)…还是把你从扫帚上踢下去算了!…蹴り落としてやるわよ!... I should just boot you off the broomstick and be done with it!
Return to Port大家都在用各自的方式享受着万圣节呢,嗯嗯~很好很好~みんなハロウィンを楽しんでるわね。ふふ、良かったわEveryone has a different way of enjoying Halloween. Hehe, that's how it should be~
Flagship让你们尝尝魔女的厉害~魔女の力を思い知りなさい!Have a taste of a witch's power!
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Ship Description呼~真舒服~果然还是应该趁着课间开窗透透气…指挥官,在那杵着作什么?给你准备了好位置,坐下来一起休息会吧。ふぅ…気持ちいい風~授業中も窓を開けるべきかしらね~。指揮官?なんでそこに突っ立っているの?席は空いているわよ?Oh, what a wonderful breeze. Maybe the windows ought always to be open during class... Commander? What are you standing around for? There's a vacant seat right here for you.
Acquisition呼~真舒服~果然还是应该趁着课间开窗透透气…指挥官,在那杵着作什么?给你准备了好位置,坐下来一起休息会吧。ふぅ…気持ちいい風~授業中も窓を開けるべきかしらね~指揮官?なんでそこに突っ立っているの?席は空いているわよ?Oh, what a wonderful breeze. Maybe the windows ought always to be open during class... Commander? What are you standing around for? There's a vacant seat right here for you.
Login总算来了啊,再晚点都可以一起放学回家了……ようやく来たわね。もう、どんなに遅くなっても一緒に下校してあげるけど……Fashionably late, I see. Had you turned up a moment later, I would've gone home for the day.
Details这、这个只是随便画画的…不准偷看少女的笔记本啦!これは適当に描いたもので…それはそれとして、覗き見はしないでくれるかしら?This? Just a doodle, nothing of note... Please, would you stop trying to peek?
Main奥马哈,你这一抽屉的零食是…呃,也太多了吧?!オマハ、机の中にしまっているおやつ…多すぎない!?Omaha! Don't you think the amount of snacks in your desk drawers is a little excessive?
Main 2趁着下课看看有没有什么有趣的消息…嗯?康克德发了新的甜品分享?这个好像有点意思~艦船通信、今のうちにチェックっと…コンコードの新しいおすすめスイーツ?面白そうだわLet's see what's new on Juustagram... Concord's posted a new sweets review. That's worth a read.
Main 3我喜欢这个窗边的位置哦,视野好,而且打开窗户就能吹到凉爽的风~窓際の席は好きよ。見晴らしがいいし、窓を開けると涼しい風を浴びれるからねI love sitting by the window. You get a great view of the schoolyard, and have ready access to a cool breeze.
Touch想看我的课堂笔记?倒是没什么问题…啊,等、等等…不可以乱翻啦!ノートを見たいって?いいけど……ちょ、ちょっと!勝手にめくるのをやめなさいっ!You'd like to see my notes? Sure thing, just– H-hey! I didn't say you could flip through it as you see fit!
Touch (Special)你该去教职员室听说教了!職員室に行って説教されてきなさいなGo to the faculty office to receive your due punishment. Now!
Return to Port马布尔黑德,快醒醒,要上课了!真是的,叫你别半夜做什么实验了…マーブルヘッド、早く起きなさい!もう、夜中に実験なんてしなくていいって言ったのにCome on, get up, Marblehead! Ugh... I told her not to pull an all-nighter to conduct experiments, and she does it anyway.