Columbia (JP 🇯🇵: コロンビア, CN 🇹🇼: 哥伦比亚)
Ship IDNo. 38Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Light CruiserRarityElite
NavyEagle UnionBuild TimeN/A
AcquisitionBoss Only Drop
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
ENMarch 14, 2019
CNMarch 21, 2018
JPApril 19, 2018
Voice actressSaya Horigome
Columbia Description
Cleveland-class light cruiser – Columbia, hull number CL-56.
After-School OdetteDescription
Commander, here, I made some chocolate for you~ Come on, hurry up and take it already! Holding this pose makes me look like I'm waiting for some Prince Charming, and it's super embarrassing.
HP751 Reload69
Firepower31 Torpedo0
Evasion30 Anti-air61
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW24 Luck70
HP3142 Reload132
Firepower86 Torpedo0
Evasion105 Anti-air227
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW62 Luck74
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Light Cruiser100%/105%/115%/130%1/1/2/20/0/0/0
2Destroyer Gun70%/70%/70%/70%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun120%/120%/120%/120%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Quadruple 40mm Bofors Gun
Fleet Tech
T7 Light Cruiser: Cleveland-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock10 +1
Max LimitBreak20
Lv.12015 +1
Flagship CoverWhile this ship is afloat: decreases the DMG your Flagship takes by 15.0% (25.0%) .Default Unlocked
Anti-Air ModeWhen this ship fires its Anti-Air Guns: 25.0% chance to increase this ship's AA by 20.0% (40.0%) but decrease its FP by 40.0% (20.0%) for 3s.Default Unlocked
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Cleveland Class once every 10 times the Main Guns are fired.???
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Ship Description克利夫兰级轻巡洋舰—哥伦比亚,舷号CL-56クリーブランド級軽巡洋艦・コロンビア(CL-56)Cleveland-class light cruiser – Columbia, hull number CL-56.
Biography嗨,我是跑遍了大半个太平洋,获得10颗战役之星的哥伦比亚。我知道自己很厉害啦,要夸就多夸夸我姐姐克利夫兰吧。没事的话,我继续去巡航了?ハーイ!私こそがかつて太平洋を駆け巡って、バトルスターを10個手に入れたコロンビアだ!まあまあそう褒めてくれなくていいの、褒めるなら姉のクリーブランドを褒めてね☆もう用はない?じゃあ巡回に戻るわよーHiii! It's me, the girl who scooted through the Pacific and earned 10 battle stars: Columbia! Hey, now, no need to sing my praises, go see Cleveland and sing hers instead! Need anything else? Alright, then I'll get back to patrolling.
Acquisition指挥官好,克利夫兰级轻巡二号舰哥伦比亚就是我~是南卡罗莱纳的哥伦比亚不是首都那个哦~什么,南美洲的?你是故意装傻吧?クリーブランド級軽巡、二番艦のコロンビアとはこの私のことよ~首都のじゃなくて、あのサウスカロライナのコロンビアよ!もう~だからボゴタのコロンビアじゃないって!Cleveland-class light cruiser number 2, Columbia! That's me~! Not the Columbia in D.C., the one in South Carolina! Geez, listen to me! Not the Columbia with Bogotá as its capital!
Login今天也是风平浪静的好天气,很好很好~今日も天気が穏やか!よしよし!Another day of calm weather! Nice!
Details想了解我?那就让你看个够吧私のことを知りたい?どーぞー心ゆくまでご覧あれーYou wanna get to know me? Sure thing. Inspect me to your heart's content.
Main指挥官问我在听什么?你猜?摇滚?错啦~なにを聞いてるのかって?さあ?当ててみてよー…ロックンロール?ブッブー!What tunes do I listen to? Good question. See if you can guess! ... Rock 'n' roll? Bzzzt, wrong!
Main 2切,墨镜又被姐姐抢走了……げぇ、サングラスまた姉貴に持っていかれちゃった……Bleh, my sis snatched my sunglasses again...
Main 3战争结束后,去玩橄榄球也不错……戦争が終わったら、ユニオンフットボールでもやってみよっかな……Once this war is over, maybe I should give Eagle Union football a try...
Touch干嘛啦!害我泡泡都吹破了~もう!風船はじけちゃったじゃない!Gee, thanks! You made my bubble pop!
Touch (Special)指挥官喜欢的是星星,还是别的什么~?指揮官、このスターが好きなのかなー?そ~れ~と~も~?Commander, is it this star on my shirt you like? Or is it... what's underneath it~?
Mission刚把口香糖放进嘴里,又有新的任务下达了……新しいガム噛んだばかりなのにもう新しい任務なの……?I only just started chewing this gum, and we've already got a new mission...?
Mission Complete今天的任务也是小菜一碟,轻松轻松~今日の任務もお茶の子さいさーい、ちょろいちょろい!Today's missions were a breeze! Total walk in the park!
Mail快去翻翻信箱吧,说不定有好东西呢メールボックス確認してみない?いいものがあるかもよ?Aren't you gonna check your mail? There might be something nice in there.
Return to Port回去喽,口香糖都嚼得没味道啦~帰ったね~、もーガム噛みすぎて味もなくなったよーYou're back~! I've been chewing on this gum so long it's lost all its taste.
Commission Complete姐妹们下班回家了,不去慰劳一下么?みんな委託から上がったよー労いに行かないの?The commission team's back! Aren't you gonna go thank them?
Enhancement哼嗯……感觉还不错えっへん、いい感じじゃない?Uh-huh, feelin' pretty good!
Flagship切~没办法,就让你们见识下南方人的厉害吧ちっ、しょうがない!我々南部人の力を見せてやる!Dang, guess I've got no choice! I'll show you the might of us Southerners!
Victory没什么没什么,只是日常操作而已啦~大したことないよ~普通、普通さ~That was nothing special~ I do it all the time~
Defeat啧……这帮不要命的家伙……ちぃ…命知らずめ……Darn it... Reckless bunch of...
Skill枪炮无眼,自求多福吧~あたっても知らないぞーDon't blame me if you get hit!
Low HP别以为这样就算完了……このままでは終わらないわよ!It won't end like this!
Affinity (Upset)哈啊……看来你也不过如此,有所期待是我的错はぁ……この程度ね。期待した私が間違ってた*Sigh*... So that's all, huh. I was wrong to get my hopes up.
Affinity (Stranger)指挥官,天气不错,不出门透透风么?老呆在家里小心发霉哦~指揮官、天気いいよ、でかけないの?お家に引きこもってばかりじゃくさっちゃうぞーCommander, it's sunny outside, so why don't we go for a walk? It's unhealthy to stay indoors all the time!
Affinity (Friendly)什么?没想到我居然会喜欢芭蕾舞?你什么意思?再笑我可锤你了哦?うん?私の趣味がバレエって思いもよらなかったって?…どういう意味よ!もうこれ以上笑ったら叩くわよ!Hm? You'd never have guessed that I'd be into ballet? ... What's that supposed to mean?! Laugh one more time and I'll punch you!
Affinity (Like)为什么只有左脚穿了袜子?这可是秘密,有本事就来脱掉试试呀,嘻嘻なぜ靴下が片足だけかって?ヒミツ!気になるなら脱がしてみてよ、えへへ♪Why do I wear only one sock? That's a secret! If you're so curious, try taking it off~ Hehehe♪
Affinity (Love)休假的时候见不到你,总觉得心里空落落的……让女孩子主动说这种话,你好意思吗,笨蛋!休暇中あなたに会えなくて、心のどこかが寂しかったの……って女のコにこういうことを言わせるなんて、は、恥ずかしいじゃない!ばかぁ!When I can't see you on my days off, I feel kinda lonely... Geez, look at you, making a girl say stuff like this! A-aren't you ashamed of yourself?! Jerk!
Pledge嗯……谢谢。希望今后就算远离了战场,我也能一直和指挥官在一起……哎呀,这样的台词真是不适合我,总之,我真的很高兴!うん……ありがと。戦場から離れても、指揮官とずっと一緒に……ってこのセリフ、私に全然似合ってなーい!とにかく、今はすっごく嬉しいよ!Yeah... thanks. Even when we're not on the battlefield, we'll always be together... No, wait, cheesy lines like this are totally out of character for me! Anyhow, right now, I feel so happy!
In battle with Cleveland老姐,没我支援还是不行吧?姉貴~やっぱり私の支援がないとダメっしょ?Hey, sis~ You really do need my support, don't you?
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Ship Description指挥官,给,我自己做的巧克力~好啦,快点收下!一直保持这个姿势,像等待王子一样的感觉还是挺让人害羞的啊指揮官、ほら、私の手作りチョコだよ~もう、焦らさないで早く受け取って?王子様待ちってのはそこそこ恥ずかしいんだよ?Commander, here, I made some chocolate for you~ Come on, hurry up and take it already! Holding this pose makes me look like I'm waiting for some knight in shining armor, and it's super embarrassing.
Acquisition指挥官,给,我自己做的巧克力~好啦,快点收下!一直保持这个姿势,像等待王子一样的感觉还是挺让人害羞的啊指揮官、ほら、私の手作りチョコだよ~もう、焦らさないで早く受け取って?王子様待ちってのはそこそこ恥ずかしいんだよ?Commander, here, I made some chocolate for you~ Come on, hurry up and take it already! Holding this pose makes me look like I'm waiting for some knight in shining armor, and it's super embarrassing.
Login平时就大受欢迎的指挥官,今天想必会更忙吧,毕竟这节日一年也只有一次呢~总之加油咯~みんなの人気者の指揮官は今日は忙しくなるでしょ。年に一度しかないからね~バレンタインって。とにかく頑張って~The ever-popular commander must be busy today, right? After all, this day only comes around once a year~ Anyway, best of luck out there~
Details大姐头这次突然提出来要大家各自做巧克力,为什么呢……算了,随便啦,毕竟是大姐头,一定也是为了我们好吧姉貴、今年はみんなそれぞれでチョコを作ろうって急に言いだして…まあいっか。姉貴のことだし、きっと私たちを考えてのことだよI wonder why Cleve suddenly started to make chocolate for everyone this year... Well, knowing her, I'm sure it's just her way of looking out after us.
Main课桌上的大姐头?之前上课的时候随手画的,是不是很有神韵?この落書き?この間授業中に書いたものだよ。どう?結構似てるでしょ?What, this sketch? Just a little doodle I made during class. What do you think? Looks like her, doesn't it?
Main 2学校有规定,上课的时候不能嚼口香糖。哎,虽然能理解,但还是有点难受啊…うちの学園には授業中にガムを噛んじゃダメだってルールがあるの。わかるけどさ、やっぱりちょっとなんだかな~って思ったりしてThere's a rule at my school that you're not allowed to chew gum during class. I get it and all, but isn't that a total drag?
Main 3这次两只脚都穿上了袜子?你的关注点真是有点奇怪呢~靴下が片足じゃないって?…そこそんなに気になる?I'm actually wearing two socks today? ...You pay attention to the weirdest stuff~
Touch白色情人节的时候,记得给我回礼哦?ホワイトデーのお返しもよろしくね~I'm looking forward to what you'll give me on White Day~
Touch (Special)是我的校徽歪了?还是指挥官其实另有打算~?指揮官、この学園のバッジが気になるのかなー?そ~れ~と~も~?Commander, are you that interested in my school badge~? Or~ perhaps~ something~ else~?
Return to Port指挥官,你今天收到了多少个巧克力?…没什么,只是随口问问而已指揮官、艦隊のみんなからチョコを何個もらった?…なんて答えなくてもいいよ。適当に聞いただけだからCommander, how much chocolate did you get today? ...Oh, you don't have to answer that. I was just curious.
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Ship Description(打字中)…嗯,今天就写到这吧。有点期待老姐读了之后的感想呢~指挥官觉得呢?…指挥官?真是的,在我认真写作的时候跑哪里去了…(カタカタ)…今日の分はよしっと。これを読んだ姉貴の感想が今から楽しみだね~指揮官はどう思うって、指揮官?まったく、人が真面目に作業してる間どこ行ってたの…?...Mm, that's good enough for today's journal entry. Wonder what Cleve's gonna think after reading this~ What do you think, Commander? Wait... Commander? Jeez, don't wander off when I'm all focused on my writing...
Acquisition(打字中)…嗯,今天就写到这吧。有点期待老姐读了之后的感想呢~指挥官觉得呢?…指挥官?真是的,在我认真写作的时候跑哪里去了…(カタカタ)…今日の分はよしっと。これを読んだ姉貴の感想が今から楽しみだね~指揮官はどう思うって、指揮官?まったく、人が真面目に作業してる間どこ行ってたの…?...Mm, that's good enough for today's journal entry. Wonder what Cleve's gonna think after reading this~ What do you think, Commander? Wait... Commander? Jeez, don't wander off when I'm all focused on my writing...
Login指挥官怎么跑这来了,我找了你半天呢。是来搜集晚饭材料的吗?啊,谢谢…もう指揮官~こんなところにいるなんて、散々探したよ。晩御飯の材料を集めてた?あ、ありがと…There you are, Commander. I've been looking everywhere for you! ...You were out foraging for food? Oh, thanks...
Details老姐现在在做什么呢?虽然知道她肯定一如既往地精神…真想念老姐啊。姉貴、今頃何してるんだろう…きっと元気にやってるってわかってるけど…あぁ、会いたいなぁーWonder what Cleve's up to right now... No doubt she's doing just great, but still, wish I could see her for myself.
Main作为周游过大洋的人,这大草原上自由奔波的旅行对我而言可有趣了!而且还有指挥官一起,就更是开心啦~かつて太洋を駆け巡った身として、大草原を自由に駆ける旅はとっても楽しいよ!しかも指揮官も一緒だし、なおさらね~As someone who's been all over the Pacific, I'm having the time of my life exploring the open prairie! Especially with you along for the ride~
Main 2糟了,口香糖快没存货了!啊,这是指挥官为我准备的吗?好棒!やばっ、ガムの備蓄がそろそろ無くなっちゃう!ってこれ、指揮官が用意してくれたの?めっちゃ嬉しい!Crap, my gum reserves are almost empty! ...You brought extra just for me? Aww, thanks a ton, buddy!
Main 3说到草原就是看星星!我把天文望远镜拿来了,指挥官也一起躺下来看星星吧?草原といえば天体観測でしょ!天体望遠鏡持ってきたから、指揮官も一緒に寝転がって星を見ない?Y'know what a prairie at night is perfect for? Stargazing! Come nighttime, you wanna lie with me in the grass and look through the telescope?
Touch你问我写了什么?不告诉你,你猜♪文章の中身は何って?ふふん、教えないから当ててみて♪What am I writing about? It's a secret, so you'll just have to guess~
Touch (Special)指挥官,是因为这次我两边都穿了袜子,所以很在意吗?还是说~?指揮官、今回両足とも靴下履いてるから気になるのかなー?そ~れ~と~も~?Are you getting all touchy-feely 'cause I'm wearing socks on both feet today? Or is it... something else~?
Return to Port你回来啦。啊,我用刚才你搜集的材料做了汤哦~要尝尝看吗?お帰りーあ、さっき集めてくれた材料でスープ作っといたよ~味見してみない?Welcome back. I went and made some soup with the ingredients you foraged. Wanna taste it?
Flagship看好了,这就是克利夫兰级的力量!ご覧あれーこれが、クリーブランド級の力よ!Feast your eyes! This is the power of a Cleveland-class cruiser!
Victory这种程度的,轻轻松松啦~これぐらい、楽勝だよ~楽勝That was easy! Didn't even break a sweat.