Victorious (JP 🇯🇵: ヴィクトリアス, CN 🇹🇼: 胜利)
Ship IDNo. 146Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Aircraft CarrierRaritySuper Rare
NavyRoyal NavyBuild Time
AcquisitionEvent: Winter's Crown
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressEriko Nakamura
Illustrious-class aircraft carrier – Victorious.
The Goddess' Day OffDescription
Hum~ dee dum♪~ I'm all dressed up, and my hair is perfect! Commander, I'm ready to go! Don't keep me waiting on a holiday!
HP1053 Reload38
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion13 Anti-air54
Aviation78 Cost0
ASW0 Luck82
HP4627 Reload73
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion52 Anti-air203
Aviation205 Cost0
ASW0 Luck86
Limit Break
Tier 1All Torpedo Bombers +1 | Aircraft efficiency +2%
Tier 2Hangar capacity +1 | All Dive Bombers +1 | Aircraft efficiency +3%
Tier 3All aircraft +1 | Aircraft efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
2Dive Bomber120%/122%/125%/130%1/1/2/30/0/0/0
3Torpedo Bomber120%/122%/125%/130%1/2/2/30/0/0/0
Default Equipments
2Blackburn Skua
Fleet Tech
T8 Aircraft Carrier: Illustrious-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock17 +2
Max LimitBreak35
Lv.12026 +1
Victorious Song Increases this ship's DMG to enemy BBs by 10.0% (20.0%) and decreases the DMG it takes from Salvos by 10.0% (20.0%) ; Increases the DMG dealt to enemy BBs by other CVs and CVLs in this fleet by 5.0% (10.0%) .
Assault CarrierWhen this ship launches an Airstrike: 15.0% (25.0%) chance for the Airstrike to deal double DMG.
Victorious Song+Increases this ship's DMG dealt to BBs by 10.0% (20.0%) and decreases her volley DMG received by 10.0% (20.0%) . Increases your CVs' and CVLs' DMG dealt to BBs by 5.0% (10.0%) and increases your Flagship's DMG dealt to BBs by 5.0%. When this ship's airstrike finishes loading: increases this ship's AVI by 4.0% (10.0%) (can be stacked up to 2 times).???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description光辉级航空母舰—胜利,舷号38イラストリアス航空母艦・ヴィクトリアス (HMS Victorious)Illustrious-class aircraft carrier – Victorious.
Biography光辉级航空母舰二号舰胜利号,从大西洋、印度洋到太平洋,我随着海风一路航行——イラストリアス型航空母艦二番艦、ヴィクトリアスよ!大西洋からインド洋、太平洋…このヴィクトリアス、海風と共にあるわ!I'm Victorious, Illustrious-class aircraft carrier number two! From the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean, and even the Pacific... where the ocean breeze goes, I follow!
Acquisition皇家海军、胜利号,为我的到来尽情高歌吧,只要有象征胜利的我加入,无论什么肯定都能顺风顺水,随心所愿!ロイヤルネイビー所属、航空母艦ヴィクトリアス――さあ、私の着任に賛歌を捧げなさい!勝利の象徴である私さえいれば、何もかもうまくいくはずだわ!I am the one called Victorious, Aircraft Carrier of the Royal Navy. Yes, sing my name as you herald the coming of the symbol of victory. As long as I am here, our endeavours shall be smooth!
Login碧海的波纹、风中的清香、还有…——世界真的每时每刻都有新的美丽诞生呢穏やかな波、爽やかな潮風…今この瞬間にも新しい美の生誕が祝福されているわThe quiet sea, the cool sea breeze... Even in this moment, the birth of new, beautiful things blesses us.
Details恋爱也好,战斗也好,更勇敢大胆一点啦~放心,关键的时候我会支援你的恋も戦いも、より大胆になっていいわ~ほら、いざとなったら私も応援してあげるから!In both love and war, one should be brave~ So, be brave, and if you need support, I shall be there!
Main丑陋是战争的代名词,与之相对,我头顶的橄榄花环正是和平与美丽的交织——戦争とは醜いものよ。そしてこのオリーブの冠こそ平和と美の象徴。War is ugly. And this olive wreath is the symbol of peace and beauty.
Main 2提尔比茨,如果你还不出来陪我玩,我只好再炸一遍你的家啰ティルピッツ、私と遊んでくれないと、また部屋を爆撃しちゃうわよ?Tirpitz, if you won't come out and have fun with me then I'll bomb your room again!
Main 3虽然我不喜欢暴力,但使用暴力往往是解决麻烦最简捷的手段…暴力は好きではないけど、困ったことを解決するには暴力が一番手っ取り早い時が多いわね……I don't like violence, but using it is often the quickest solution to many problems...
Touch如果你露出消沉的表情,我也会跟着消沉的,有如此美丽的我在你身边,开心一点啦~指揮官が落ち込むと私も落ち込んじゃうわ。こんなに美しい私がそばにいるんだから、ほら、楽しくやっていこ?When you feel down, I also do. Come on, you have someone as beautiful as me beside you, so why not be happy?
Touch (Special)你、你刚刚绝对做了吧!做了…那个…い、いまアレをやったのね!あ、あの…アレって…Y-you just did "that," didn't you?! B-by "that," I mean...
Mission恣意妄为是美丽的我的特权,可不要想着能把任务推给我——ワガママは美しい私の特権よ。任務を任せるなんて考えないことだわ。Only I have the privilege of being selfish. Don't even think about pushing missions onto me.
Mission Complete真是的,仅此一次下不为例,可不要妄想我会帮你第二次!もう、今回だけよ!二度と任務を手伝わないからねっ!Fine, but just this one time! I won't help you with your missions a second time!
Mail比起冷冰冰的印刷字体,我更喜欢亲笔手书。指挥官,你想知道如何从笔迹中窥探写者的内心吗?活字よりやっぱり手書きのほうが好きだわ。指揮官、どうやって筆跡から書き手の心境を知るか、気にならない?Handwritten letters are so much better than typed ones. Don't you think it's interesting how you can deduce the author's emotions based on their handwriting, Commander?
Return to Port庆贺作战胜利,戴上这顶月桂花环怎么样?说不定很适合你哦勝利のお祝いに、このオリーブの冠をかぶってみてはどう?きっと似合うわTo celebrate your victory, why not wear this olive wreath? I'm certain it'll suit you.
Commission Complete不要再磨磨蹭蹭的啦,我和执行委托的孩子们约好了,要用飞机上的相机拍下她们进港的瞬间ぐずぐずしないの!艦載機で入港した瞬間を写真にするって、委託に行った子たちと約束したんだから!Stop loafing around! I promised the commission team that I'd use my planes to photograph the moment they entered the port!
Enhancement赞美我不必苦思什么妙语,最能打动心灵的永远是真情挚意!私を褒めるには言葉はいらないわ!心を動かすのはいつも言葉じゃなくて行動だもの!Words are not needed to praise me! It's not people's words that touch the heart, it's their actions!
Flagship真是的,大炮与炸弹只会使丑陋的东西变得更加丑陋…もう、大砲と火薬はこの戦争をより醜くしかできないというのに……Sigh, all that cannons and gunpowder can do is make is war even uglier...
Victory真是的,看到了这么凄惨的败相,胜利的我也高兴不起来呀…ここまでボッコボコにしてしまったら…流石に勝利の象徴である私も思いっきり喜べないわWhen my foes have been this thoroughly defeated... not even I, the symbol of victory, can truly be glad.
Defeat失败时保持美丽的身姿,乃败者的礼仪負けても気品を失うことなくーーこれぞ敗者の流儀よ!Remaining dignified even in defeat: this is how one should lose a battle!
Skill为我高声歌唱吧,美丽的世界!美しき世界よ、この私のために歌を捧げなさい!O beautiful world, sing to me a song!
Low HP哎呀哎呀,有点大意了呢あらら、油断したわOh dear, I've let my guard down.
Affinity (Upset)揍你啰——!もう~ボッコボコにするわよ!I'm fed up~! I'll knock you out stone cold!
Affinity (Stranger)从特拉法尔加海战知道了我的名字——?不、名字不一样啦。对我来说,那位是别人家的孩子般的存在呢……トラファルガーの海戦で私を――?えっと、人違いではなくて?もう~私にとって、あの方はただのよその子なのよ?You know about me from the Battle of Trafalgar? Umm, aren't you thinking of somebody else? Please, Commander~ Who you're thinking of is totally unrelated to me.
Affinity (Friendly)围剿俾斯麦和钨作战?我只是一时兴起帮了点忙啦,可没有什么成为武勋舰的打算…ビスマルク追撃戦とタングステン作戦?あの時はノリで手伝ってあげただけで、別に武勲艦になるつもりなんてないわMy part in the pursuit of Bismarck and Operation Tungsten? I was just in the mood to help, I wasn't at all trying to earn any honours.
Affinity (Like)喂,我心情不太好,你现在很闲吧,我来帮你打扮得漂漂亮亮吧,看到漂亮的东西我的心情也会变好~あまり気分が良くないわ…指揮官は暇?よし!じゃあこの私がきっちりコーディネートしてあげるわ!美しいものを見ると気分もよくなるからね~!I'm not in such a great mood... Are you free, Commander? Great! Then let me dress you in something fabulous! Seeing beautiful things makes me feel better, you see!
Affinity (Love)不自觉地期待起未来你会变成什么模样了,明明现在就已经足够讨我喜欢了……哎呀,满脸通红的指挥官真可爱呢~指揮官が将来どうなるか気になるわね~もちろん今の指揮官も十分好きになれるけど。……あら、顔が真っ赤。指揮官、本当に可愛いわ~I wonder what the future you will be like, Commander~ Of course, I already quite like the way you are right now. ...Goodness, you're blushing ear to ear. How utterly adorable you are~
Pledge不必那么绞尽脑汁啦,按照自己的方式与我交往就好…好啦,难得这么具有纪念意义的日子,不要这么紧张嘛~未来就以我每时每刻都心情愉快为目标,好好努力吧!そんなに考え込まないの。あなた自身のペースで私と付き合っていいわ。…さあ、せっかくの記念日だから、緊張しない~これからは私をいつも楽しませるよう、努力しなさいな!Don't think too hard about it. Just follow my lead at your own pace. ...Come on, this is a day to celebrate, don't be so nervous~ From this day on, you'd better work hard to always please me!
In battle with Saratoga这次也多多指教了,比我还平的“航空母舰”~よろしくてよ。私より平たい『正規空母』さんPleasure to meet again, little Ms. Flat-As-A-Pancake.
In battle with Illustrious姐姐,你应该丰满的地方过于丰满了!姉さん、た、たゆんとしすぎてるってば!Illustrious, y-your bust is just too busty!
In battle with Tirpitz下次茶会也约下你的姐姐吧!今度そっちの姉さんもお茶会に誘うわ!Let's bring your sister along for a tea party next time.
In battle with York, Duke of York, Z24, Z36说点听得懂的!人にわかるように話しなさい!Can you talk like normal people?
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Ship Description哼~哼哼♪~着装完毕,发型完美!我准备好咯,马上出发吧,指挥官,假日的时间可不等人呢~♪~お着替えよし!髪型よし!指揮官、私のほうは準備できてるから、早く出発しましょうよ!休日は人を待ってくれないわよ~Hum~ dee dum♪~ I'm all dressed up, and my hair is perfect! Commander, I'm ready to go! Don't keep me waiting on a holiday!
Acquisition哼~哼哼♪~着装完毕,发型完美!我准备好咯,马上出发吧,指挥官,假日的时间可不等人呢~♪~お着替えよし!髪型よし!指揮官、私のほうは準備できてるから、早く出発しましょうよ!休日は人を待ってくれないわよ~Hum~ dee dum♪~ I'm all dressed up, and my hair is perfect! Commander, I'm ready to go! Don't keep me waiting on a holiday!
Login太、慢、了!指挥官,今天有哪些任务?快点完成掉,然后陪我去逛街吧お・そ・い・わ・よ!もう、指揮官、今日のやることは何?ちゃっちゃと片付けて、ショッピングに付き合いなさいなWay! Too! Slow! Commander, what does your schedule look like today? Hurry up and finish so you can take me shopping!
Details需要美丽的胜利给你建言吗?无论是时尚打扮还是恋爱烦恼哦,都可以跟我说,我会好好回答你的~美しい私からのアドバイスがほしい?おしゃれも恋も、全部私に相談しなさいな。このヴィクトリアスがきっちり答えてあげる!Do you need advice from the beautiful Victorious? Whether it's fashion tips or relationship trouble, you can ask me anything~!
Main休息是为了更好的工作!所以,指挥官,稍微放下手上的工作,跟我出去走走嘛~仕事の能率向上には休憩が必要よ!というわけで、指揮官、仕事は一旦置いといて私と遊びに行きましょうよ~Rest is for the sake of being able to work better! Therefore, set aside that work and come play with me~!
Main 2提尔比茨,出来一起玩嘛~我不会对你做什么的啦~ティルピッツ~私と遊びに行きましょう~なにも悪いことしないから~Tirpitz, come and play with me~ I won't do anything to you~!
Main 3无论作战还是休息,都要保持最佳状态全力以赴,这是我的信条哦~作戦も休憩も、最高のコンディションで全力で挑む。これこそ私の流儀よStay in tip-top condition so you can work hard and play hard! That's my motto~!
Touch这身衣服意外地非常保暖呢…就算是在严冬的户外也一点都不会冷この服は意外と暖かいわよね……厳しい冬でも全然寒く感じないわThis outfit is surprisingly warm... Even in this kind of weather, I don't feel cold at all!
Return to Port呼~终于作战结束了吗?按照说好的,我们出去玩吧ふぅ…作戦が終わった?じゃあ約束通り、遊びに行きましょう?Phew, is the battle finally over? As I said, let's go out and have some fun!
Flagship难得的休息日心情都被搞糟了…要给你们一点惩罚才行呢!せっかくの休日なのに人の気持ちを台無しにして……ちょっとお仕置きしないとね!Since you messed up the day off I was so looking forward to, I'm going to have to punish you!
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Ship Description要准备港区的节日活动?呵呵,让我也来帮忙吧。放心,有美丽的我给予帮助,不管是活动还是什么的都肯定能顺利的!母港行事の準備?ふふふ、手伝ってあげようじゃない。安心して、この美しい私がいればイベントでもなんでもうまくいくに決まってるわ!Are you preparing to hold an event for the port? Hehe, sounds like you could use my help. Don't worry, with someone as beautiful as me around, anything you do will surely be blessed with success!
Acquisition要准备港区的节日活动?呵呵,让我也来帮忙吧。放心,有美丽的我给予帮助,不管是活动还是什么的都肯定能顺利的!母港行事の準備?ふふふ、手伝ってあげようじゃない。安心して、この美しい私がいればイベントでもなんでもうまくいくに決まってるわ!Are you preparing to hold an event for the port? Hehe, sounds like you could use my help. Don't worry, with someone as beautiful as me around, anything you do will surely be blessed with success!
Login♪~今天要从什么地方开始呢?♪~今日はどこから始めるの?♪~ What should we start off with today?
Details给你几条建议吧。邀请要趁早,宴席要摆大,余兴节目要和大家商量好,服装要够吸引眼球——就像我这身这样♪私からのアドバイスよ。招待は早く、宴会は大きく、出し物は皆と相談して決めること、衣装は目立つようにーーこの私のように、ね♪A few words of advice from me: Invitations should be sent early, the venue should be grandiose, the programme should be discussed with everyone, and your attire should be flamboyant — just like mine~♪
Main还没想好这里怎么处理吗?要是我的话就先全部打上圈…之后再看情况修改不就好了?まだ悩んでいるの?私ならとりあえずここに全部○をつけて…あとでまた直せばいいんじゃない?Having trouble deciding? If I was in your position, I'd just circle everything, then figure out the specifics later.
Main 2独角兽,下次想要什么样的新衣服?我再给你做~ユニコーンちゃん、今度の新しい衣装は何がいい?また見繕ってあげるわ!Unicorn, what kind of outfit would you like for next time? I'll make it for you~
Main 3我会在这里看着你的,有什么事尽管喊我~ここでずっと見守ってあげるから、何かあったら声をかけて~I'll have an eye out for you, so if you need me for anything, just call~
Touch稍微在这套衣服上加了些和平时不同的元素,呼呼,感觉如何~?いつもの格好とは違う特別なテイストを入れてるわ。ふふ、どうかしら?I added a slight twist to my outfit this time. Can you spot what it is~?
Touch (Special)特、特意放下工作就是为了干这事吗?!わ、わざわざ仕事を放ってまでこんなことするの!?Y-you put your work down just to do something like this?!
Mission任务有什么不明白的尽管问我哦?我会给你建议的~任務にわからないことがあったら何でも聞いて?アドバイスしてあげるわIf you have any questions about your mission, you can always ask me. I'll be glad to give you my advice.
Mission Complete我会指引你直到拿到报酬——所以说,赶快去确认啦。私の導きは報酬を手にするまで――というわけで、早く確認しに行こ?I shall guide you until the rewards are secure in your hands— so, why don't you hurry up and do that?
Return to Port作为胜利的庆祝,要不要在指挥室挂个年画什么的?应该会有和平时不一样的感觉吧~♪勝利の祝い、執務室この赤い年画(ねんが)でも飾ってみない?いつもとは違う気分になれるわよ♪As a celebration of victory, why not decorate your office with this red New Year poster? Isn't it about time for a change in atmosphere?
Flagship把对面好好修理一顿吧!ボッコボコにするわよ!Let's teach them a harsh lesson!
Victory美丽的胜利——这就是优雅哦♪美しい勝利――優雅よ♪ふふふA beautiful victory — now this is elegance~ Hehe~♪
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Ship Description哈啊……沐浴着晚夏的微风赏月,真是别有一番风雅的滋味呢。呵呵,此刻不应该作为皇家淑女,而是以重樱名媛的状态,优雅地品上这一口茶——呀!? 好烫!?ふぅ…晩夏の風を浴びながら月見とはなかなか風流なものね。ふふ、ここはロイヤルレディならぬ重桜レディらしく、優雅にお茶を嗜んで……ひゃぅ!?熱っ?!*Yaaawn*... Basking in the autumnal night's wind while gazing at the moon is the very definition of elegance, is it not? Heehee. Right now, I am not acting as a Lady of the Royal Navy, but rather as an "ojou" of the Sakura Empire elegantly enjoying her tea... Hyeep! Hot?!
Acquisition哈啊……沐浴着晚夏的微风赏月,真是别有一番风雅的滋味呢。呵呵,此刻不应该作为皇家淑女,而是以重樱名媛的状态,优雅地品上这一口茶——呀!? 好烫!?ふぅ…晩夏の風を浴びながら月見とはなかなか風流なものね。ふふ、ここはロイヤルレディならぬ重桜レディらしく、優雅にお茶を嗜んで……ひゃぅ!?熱っ?!*Yaaawn*... Basking in the autumnal night's wind while gazing at the moon is the very definition of elegance, is it not? Heehee. Right now, I am not acting as a Lady of the Royal Navy, but rather as an "ojou" of the Sakura Empire elegantly enjoying her tea... Hyeep! Hot?!
Login呼——呼——天气逐渐转凉,这让我觉得茶似乎变得更烫了……不然干脆改喝冰红茶怎么样?ふーふー。天気がだんだん涼しくなってきたからか、お茶が余計に熱く感じるわ。…いっそのことアイスティーに変えちゃわない?*huff puff*... The tea feels warmer than it should be because it's getting chilly outside... Should I just switch to iced tea instead?
Details美丽的风景,正适合美丽的我——开玩笑的♪无论多么美丽的风景都少不了指挥官呢。美しい風景こそ、美しいヴィクトリアスにふさわしい――なんてね♪どんなに美しい風景でも指揮官は欠かせないわA beautiful lady deserves beautiful surroundings. Oh, I'm joking♪ However beautiful the surroundings, I need you to be complete, Commander.
Main不是由自己,而是由别人为我制作衣服的感觉真是太新鲜了……回去以后稍微学习一下重樱的服装制作吧。服を仕立てるんじゃなく、服を仕立ててもらうのって結構新鮮ね…重桜の衣装、帰ったら少し勉強しようかしらIt's nice to for once have someone else tailor my clothes for me... I think I'll read up a little on Sakuran clothing when I return home.
Main 2问我下次要不要邀请不挠?那孩子光是穿这身衣服都会觉得麻烦,要邀请她应该不容易呢。不过指挥官出面的话,她是会来的哦……?今度はインドミタブルでも誘ってみないかって?あの子はこの着物を着るだけでも億劫だろうから、なかなか難しいわよ?まあ指揮官が誘えば来てくれると思うけど…Invite Indomitable to come along next time? It'd be a hard idea to sell, because she feels just wearing a kimono is a chore. Though, maybe she will agree if YOU invite her?
Main 3哈啊啊……指挥官,请给我团子吧♪因为听说有团子才算是真正的赏月……ふあぁぁ…指揮官、団子をちょうだい♪団子があっての月見だと聞いたことがあるわ*Yaaawn*... Get me some dangos, Commander♪ I've heard they're a must-eat when you're gazing at the moon.
Touch回去以后要重新洗个澡呢♪这次指挥官要不要和我一起?戻ったらお風呂に入り直しね♪今度は指揮官も一緒にどう?I'll have another bath when I come back♪ Would you like to join me, Commander?
Touch (Special)好,好直接……(害羞)こ、これって直より……っ///H-how forthright... *blushes*
Mission指挥官要不要也试着任性一点呢?比如今天就不做任务了——之类的♪指揮官もワガママになってみない?今日は任務をやらないぞーってね♪Give being selfish a try, Commander. For example, you could decide, "I'm not doing any missions day!"
Mission Complete看来任务完成了呢?作为奖励,这一块西瓜就给你吧。任務が完了したみたいよ?ご褒美にこの一切れは譲ってあげるわSo, you completed a mission. I'll let you have this piece as your reward.
Return to Port为了庆祝胜利……啊,要趁现在快把西瓜美美地享用掉!呵呵♪勝利を祝いに…あ、今のうちにスイカを美味しくいただくわ!ふふーん♪To celebrate this victory... Oh, I'd better eat my watermelon now! Heehee♪
Commission Complete特产的话……啊!现在轮到我们从委托组那里收特产了呢。お土産は…あ!今は委託組からお土産をちょうだいする番ねFor the souvenirs... Oh! It's our turn to get souvenirs from the commission team.
Flagship穿着这身衣服感觉有点不好行动呢……虽然用不上大幅度的动作我也能赢就是咯?少し動きづらいわね…別に動かなくても勝てるけど!This is a bit hard to move in... Though I hardly need to lift a finger to achieve victory.
Victory优雅地、脱俗地、美丽地——被我胖揍一顿吧!優雅に、風流に、美しく――ボコボコにさせてもらったわ!Elegantly, gracefully, and beautifully – that's how I will beat you up!