Formidable (JP 🇯🇵: フォーミダブル, CN 🇹🇼: 可畏)
Ship IDNo. 147Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Aircraft CarrierRaritySuper Rare
NavyRoyal NavyBuild Time04:30:00
AcquisitionEvent: Empyreal Tragicomedy
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
ENSeptember 11, 2019
KRSeptember 11, 2019
CNSeptember 11, 2019
JPSeptember 11, 2019
Voice actressRie Kugimiya
Illustrious-class aircraft carrier – Formidable.
The Lady of the BeachDescription
Good day, Commander. I am Formidable, third ship of the Illustrious class. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
HP1090 Reload43
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion12 Anti-air54
Aviation79 Cost0
ASW0 Luck75
HP4791 Reload82
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion50 Anti-air203
Aviation206 Cost0
ASW0 Luck79
Limit Break
Tier 1All Torpedo Bombers +1 | Aircraft efficiency +2%
Tier 2Hangar capacity +1 | All fighters +1 | Aircraft efficiency +3%
Tier 3All Torpedo Bombers +1 | Aircraft efficiency +5% | Can equip Dive Bombers in the Fighter slot
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
2Torpedo Bomber125%/127%/130%/135%1/2/2/30/0/0/0
3Torpedo Bomber115%/117%/120%/125%1/2/2/30/0/0/0
Default Equipments
2Fairey Albacore
3Fairey Albacore
Fleet Tech
T8 Aircraft Carrier: Illustrious-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock17 +2
Max LimitBreak35
Lv.12026 +1
Supporting WingsIncreases this ship's AVI by 5.0% (15.0%) . While this ship has a Albacore equipped: increases the gear efficiency of the slot it's equipped in by 5.0% (15.0%) and, when this ship launches an Airstrike: 70.0% (100%) chance to launch a Fairey Albacore airstrike with an 80.0% chance to cause Flooding DMG for 9s to enemies hit (DMG is based on the skill's level and this ship's AVI stat.)Default Unlocked
Don't Move An Inch!When this ship launches an Airstrike: 50.0% (80%) chance to set the Speed of all enemies to 0 for 0.5 (1.5) s. After that, this effect will fade for 2.5s before completely ending. This skill will always activate on the ship's first Airstrike launch of each battle.Default Unlocked
Armoured HangarDecreases this ship's DMG taken by 3.5% (8.0%) . When this ship launches an Airstrike: decreases your Main Fleet's DMG taken (excluding this ship) by 3.5% (8.0%) for 10s.Default Unlocked
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Ship Description光辉级航空母舰—可畏,舷号67イラストリアス航空母艦・フォーミダブル (HMS Formidable)Illustrious-class aircraft carrier – Formidable.
Biography我是光辉级的三号舰,可畏。曾经在地中海服役了一段时间,和那位维内托交过手。然后,我又去了印度洋,太平洋,最后,在重樱作战直至大战结束。虽然没有十分出色的战果,不过,也算是为大战的终结出过一份力了イラストリアス級空母の三番艦、フォーミダブルですわ。地中海での戦いであのヴェネトさんと一戦を交え、その後は数々の海でカンレキを積み、目立つ戦果こそないものの、微力を捧げましたわI am Formidable, third ship of the Illustrious class. I operated in the Mediterranean for a time, crossing swords with a certain Veneto. Thereafter, I found myself all across the Seven Seas. While my service record is not particularly impressive, I feel I made a small contribution to the war effort.
Acquisition初次见面,指挥官,我是光辉级的三号舰,可畏。从今往后,还请多多指教了。はじめまして指揮官、私はフォーミダブル、イラストリアス級の3番艦ですわ。お見知りおきくださいませGood day, Commander. I am Formidable, third ship of the Illustrious class. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Login指挥官今天来的意外得准时呢指揮官、今日は時間を守っていますわねCommander, you're uncharacteristically punctual today.
Details!?……咳咳,抱歉,刚才稍微整理了一下房间,请进!?……い、今のは部屋を掃除していただけでしてよ。どうぞお入りくださいませ?! ... Ah, I was just doing a bit of tidying up. Please, come right in.
Main指挥官,工作遇到什么困难的话,就先放在一边,稍微休息一下如何?我准备了一些茶点,来一起享用吧?指揮官、お仕事がはかどらないのでしたら少しお休みになってはいかが?お茶とお菓子を用意しておりますわよ?Commander, if you're not making any progress on your work, why not take a break? I've prepared tea and crumpets.
Main 2和指挥官独处的话,放松一下也——欸?胜利姐姐,你怎么来了?……没事,贵安,胜利姐姐,找指挥官有什么事吗?指揮官は見ていないですし、ちょっとだけサボ……わわ!ヴィクトリアス姉さん!?ご、御機嫌よう。指揮官になにか御用でしょうか?No harm in taking a rest while the Commander's dist– Heavens! Victorious! G-good day. Do you have some business with the Commander?
Main 3说起来,曾经我也有过在造船厂因为太,嗯……奔放,而把下水日搞砸了的经历呢,不过那也已经是过去了進水のときは、まあ……そうでしたわね…ちょっとだけやらかしてて…もう!過ぎたことですわよ?On the day of my launch, hmm... What a shame... though I didn't do it on purpose... Well! All water under the bridge now, isn't it?
Touch不得不说,提尔比茨真是一个顽强的对手呢ティルピッツ、手強い相手だと言わざるをえませんねI must admit, Tirpitz is quite the hard nut to crack.
Touch (Special)指挥官,这样的行动作为一个人来说是不是稍微有点…?指揮官、こういう行動は人としてはどうかと思いますわ?Commander, is this the appropriate way for one to behave?
Mission指挥官,整理好的任务书不要忘记检查哦指揮官、まとめた任務リストの確認を忘れないでくださいませ?Commander, please don't forget to review the mission list I prepared for you.
Mission Complete指挥官,任务奖励的清单还请不要忘记清点哦?指揮官、任務報酬のリストも確認を忘れないでくださいませ?Commander, please don't forget to review the list of mission rewards.
Mail指挥官,你的邮件,放在这里了,请不要忘了哦?指揮官、メールはこちらにおいてありますわ。確認を忘れないでくださいませ?Commander, I'm leaving the mail right here. Please don't forget to review it.
Return to Port哼哼哼~啊,咳咳,欢、欢迎回来,指挥官♪~し、指揮官!ご機嫌麗しゅうですわHmm~♪ Hmm~♪ C-Commander! I am p-pleased that you have returned!
Commission Complete指挥官,委托完成了,一起去港口迎接大家吧指揮官、委託完了しましたよ。港にみんなを出迎えに行きませんこと?Commander, the commission is complete. Shall we go to the harbour and greet the team?
Enhancement可畏不会辜负你的期望的フォーミダブル、ご期待を裏切りませんわFormidable shall not disappoint.
Flagship淑女的礼仪中,不包括对敌人的仁慈哦敵に情けをかけないのが、ロイヤルレディの作法ですわ!Ladies of the Royal Navy have many virtues, but mercy to enemies is not one of them!
Victory真是一场漂亮的胜利,大家再接再厉吧素晴らしい勝利ですわ。みんな、引き続き励みなさいWhat a magnificent victory! Let us press the advantage.
Defeat你们这些可……咳,可敬的敌人,下次我会赢回来的!こんちく……こ、コホン!尊敬すべき相手でしてよ?でも次は勝たせてもらいますわ!Why you miserab- Ahem! You are truly worthy adversaries, but next time victory will be mine!
Skill到谢幕的时候了…!幕引きよThe curtain falls.
Low HP各位,请再坚持一下各員、もうちょっと頑張りなさい!You are all to redouble your efforts!
Affinity (Upset)抱歉,我得了指挥官一靠近就会头疼的病,可以稍微离我远一点吗?恐縮ですが、指揮官が近くにいると頭痛になる病気にかかっております。どこか見えない場所に行ってくださいませ?I'm afraid I've contracted a disease that gives me a dreadful headache when you're nearby. Would you mind going someplace else?
Affinity (Stranger)指挥官,有什么事吗?没事的话一起喝杯茶如何?指揮官、なにか御用ですか?用がないのでしたら、一緒にお茶会でもいかがですか?Commander, is there something required of me? If you have a moment, why not join me for a cup of tea?
Affinity (Friendly)不光是光辉姐姐和胜利姐姐,竟然能把这么多舰船团结在一起,指挥官真是有包容力呢。作为友好的象征…呵呵…这块蛋糕,请享用吧?イラストリアス姉さんとヴィクトリアス姉さんだけでなく、こんなにも数多くの艦船たちを取りまとめているなんて、指揮官はものすごく包容力のある御方ですね。良ければぜひお近づきの印として…ふふふ、このケーキを少しお分けしますわ。召し上がってくださいませ?My big sisters Illustrious and Victorious, like so many other ships you've gathered here, vouch for what a great commander you are. Now come, let this cake be a symbol of our new friendship. Take a bite, won't you?
Affinity (Like)比起做一名皇家淑女,其实我还是更喜欢活得更轻松一点呢。虽然平时不能表现出来,但是在光辉姐姐那样比较亲近的人面前的话……指挥官,想要让我们之间的关系更进一步吗?私、本当はロイヤルレディのように振る舞うことより、もう少し楽に生きたいですことよ?普段はそれが出来なくても、イラストリアス姉さんたちのように親しい相手の前でしたら……私ともうちょっとお近づきになりませんこと?Truthfully, even though I'm a Lady of the Royal Navy, I sometimes want to have a bit of fun too. A side of me that I can't normally show except to people close to me like Illustrious... Doesn't that make you want to get closer with me?
Affinity (Love)指挥官,贵安♪ 今天要不要也一起吃蛋糕呢?我从女仆队那边弄到了很甜很甜的蛋糕哦!…嗯?我决定在指挥官面前不掩饰自己了。其实这样的我也挺可爱的吧~?指揮官、御機嫌よう♪今日も一緒にケーキを食べません?メイド隊の子からすごく甘いものを手に入れましたの!…ん?私、指揮官の前では楽にしようって決めましたわ。ふふふ、こんな感じのフォーミダブルもカワイイかしら?Commander, good day to you ♪ Shall we share another cake today? The maids have prepared a dreadfully sweet treat for us! Hmm...? I decided to let my hair down a bit more for you, Commander. Hehehe, I wonder if you'll find me just as captivating a Formidable as I was before?
Pledge从今往后,可畏会将毕生之爱奉献给我的指挥官,喜怒哀乐,酸甜苦辣……因为很长,所以以下省略!指挥官,到你了,虽然有点长,不过指挥官可不许像我一样省略哦~フォーミダブル、指揮官様に生涯の愛を捧げ、幸せな時も、困難な時も、富める時も、貧しき時も……長いから以下省略~はい、次は指揮官の番ですわ。ちょっと長いけど私のように略してはいけませんからね♪I, Formidable, hereby dedicate my life to the love of my Commander, through good times and bad, rich times and poor... This is quite long, so I'll omit the rest~ Now then, Commander, it's your turn. I know it's a long vow but you are not to skip a single word ♪
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Main Title
In battle with Illustrious光辉姐姐,稍后一起喝茶吧?イラストリアス姉さん、後でお茶でもいかがかしら?Illustrious, my dear sister, what would you say to a spot of tea after this?
In battle with Victorious胜利姐姐,我今天的仪态没有问题吧?ヴィクトリアス姉さん、今日の私は美しいのでしょうか?Victorious, my dear sister, have I comported myself well today?
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Ship Description海边的“皇家淑女”ロイヤルレディは水着姿でも優雅に振る舞いますわ。……あ、あまりそう見えないって?そ、そうでしょうか……おかしいですわね…A Lady of the Royal Navy exudes elegance even when wearing her swimsuit. Huh...? Y-you're not seeing it? Really... that's weird...
Acquisition皇家的淑女即使是泳装也是十分优雅的。……看、看不出来?是吗……这就奇怪了……ロイヤルレディは水着姿でも優雅に振る舞いますわ。……あ、あまりそう見えないって?そ、そうでしょうか……おかしいですわね…A Lady of the Royal Navy exudes elegance even when wearing her swimsuit. Huh...? Y-you're not seeing it? Really... that's weird...
Details指挥官,热身运动都做好了吧?…很好,下水游泳去吧♪指揮官、準備運動は十分ですこと?…よろしいですわ。では、泳ぎに参りましょう♪Are you done warming up, Commander? Right then, into the water with you♪
Main总觉得气氛有点一般呢……要不要来点摇……嗯,刺激的东西?なんだか風景が地味ですわね……もうちょっとロッ…んー、刺激的ななにかがほしいのではなくて?Don't you find the atmosphere rather dreary...? What if we put on some rock... Er, something a little more stimulating?
Main 2唔,不愧是胡德,泳装都穿得那么有气质呢,虽然我也做得到就是啦……さすがはフッド様、水着姿でも優雅で輝かしいですわ!私もできますけど……ね!Hmm, that would be Hood. Even in a swimsuit she's the picture of nobility. Of course, that's nothing I'm not incapable of...
Main 3厌战不用担心我啦。即使没有指挥官帮忙,我也是能自己下水游泳的!ウォースパイト様、私の心配をしなくても大丈夫ですわ。指揮官に助けてもらわなくてもこのフォーミダブル、自分で海に入って泳げますから!Don't fret, Warspite. I wouldn't be able to swim without the Commander's help either!
Touch欸,光辉姐姐来了?!……可恶,指挥官你居然骗我,嘿,吃我一招!イラストリアス姉さん?どこ?……もう、指揮官、私を騙すのは一体どういうつもり?!Huh? Illustrious?! Grr... You tricked me, Commander. Now you're in for it!
Touch (Special)嗯,我明白了,看来今天的指挥官很怀念大海的味道呢,呵呵呵……今日の指揮官は海が恋しいのかしら?ふふふ……Okay, I see how it is. The salty sea air has gotten you all frisky, Commander. Hehehe...
Return to Port人家只是特意在这里等你回来,可没有别的意思哦,指挥官指揮官、レディの行動に余計な詮索は不要ですわI was simply waiting here for you. Don't think too much on it, Commander.
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Ship Description梳妆的“大小姐”うん、こんな感じでいいですわ!ご苦労さま……ふぅ、ドレスに着替えるのはやはり手間がかかりますわね…コホン!みんなの前ではしっかりしませんとYes, this will do wonderfully! Thank you, ladies. Phew... Getting dressed is so dreadfully time-consuming... Ahem! How silly of me. I must not whine in the presence of others.
Acquisition嗯,这样就穿好了!辛苦你们了哦!……呼,没想到穿件礼服这么不容易,好麻烦呀……咳咳!总之,在大家面前先保持形象吧!うん、こんな感じでいいですわ!ご苦労さま……ふぅ、ドレスに着替えるのはやはり手間がかかりますわね…コホン!みんなの前ではしっかりしませんとYes, this will do wonderfully! Thank you, ladies. Phew... Getting dressed is so dreadfully time-consuming... Ahem! How silly of me. I must not whine in the presence of others.
Login指挥官,今天也一如既往的准时呢。晚会也请准时出席哦。コホン。相変わらず時間を守ってくださっていますこと。パーティーのご出席、よろしくお願いしますわAhem. I see you are as punctual as ever. Thank you for attending the party.
Details指挥官,你觉得可畏这一身如何?嗯,多亏了黛朵她们,我才能顺利穿上这件礼服呢。フォーミダブルのこの衣装はいかがですか?ダイドーたちのおかげでようやく着れましたわ…What do you think of my outfit? I was only able to wear it with the help of Dido and the others...
Main天狼星虽然刚开始有些小小失误,不过多亏了有黛朵在,总算是顺利把事情做完了呢…シリアス、最初はちょっとミスしていましたけど、ダイドーがいてくれたおかげで無事お仕事をこなせましたわね…Sirius made a few errors at the beginning, but thanks to Dido, they were finally able to get me changed safely...
Main 2指挥官,你的领口有些歪哦?对着镜子整理一下吧。指揮官襟が乱れていますわよ?ほら、鏡をお貸ししますから、こちらへCommander, your collar is all crooked. Here, come have a look in the mirror.
Main 3不知道今晚的光辉姐姐和胜利姐姐会是什么样的呢?一定也是光彩耀目吧~イラストリアス姉さんたちのドレスはどうなるのかしら…コホン。ええ、輝かしいことは間違いありませんわっI wonder what kind of dresses my sisters will wear... Ahem. I have no doubt that they will be splendrous indeed.
Touch交谊舞的邀请?嗯,今晚可畏会回应你的邀约的。ダンスのお誘いですか?ええ、フォーミダブル、お相手いたしますわYou'd like a dance? Very well, Formidable shall be your partner.
Touch (Special)指挥官?!女、女仆们可就在旁边哦?指揮官!?め、メイド隊の子がいますわよ!?Commander?! Th-the maids are still here!
Return to Port指挥官还在忙吗?晚会的准备辛苦你了呢。指揮官はまだお忙しいです?パーティーの準備、お疲れさまですわCommander, are you still busy? I appreciate the work you've put in to prepare tonight's party.
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Login指挥官,好慢,人家等得无聊死了指揮官おそーい…もう、待ちくたびれたのですわYou're late, Commander. I've been waiting for ages!
Details房间里贴的海报,都是我喜欢的摇滚明星,一般是不能被其他人看到的,不过指挥官是例外~部屋のポスターはまあ、好きなロックスターのものですわ。こういうの普通誰にも見せるもんじゃありませんけど、指揮官は別♪The posters on the walls are all my favourite rock stars. I don't usually let anyone see them. You're a special exception, Commander~
Main阿贾克斯,一眼就看破了我的伪装,不愧是智将呢……不过,我和她意外地还挺合得来呢,从她那里学到了不少东西エイジャックス、私の趣味を一発で見破って、頭が良いとは噂通りね…まあ、私ってこういう相手とは相性が良いですから、色々学ばせてもらってますわThat Ajax, she saw straight through me right away... And yet, I think we get along rather well. I've learned a lot from her.
Main 2嗯…哈…我回来啦。茶会上虽然有很好吃的蛋糕,但是要一直注意仪态麻烦死了。指挥官,帮我脱鞋子~ふぅ…ただいま…お茶会って美味しいケーキ食べられますけど、立ち振る舞いに気をつけなきゃいけませんよね…へへへ、指揮官、私のハイヒール、脱がせてもらってもよろしくて?Haah... I'm back. Those tea parties have some delicious snacks, sure, but they're so dreadfully uptight about bearing and deportment.... Hehehe, Commander, would you mind helping me with my shoes?
Main 3指挥官,你是喜欢光辉姐姐那样温柔的人,还是喜欢胜利姐姐那样热情的人,嗯?指揮官はどんな子がタイプ?イラストリアス姉さんのような優しい子?それともヴィクトリアス姉さんのような騒がしい子ですか?Commander, which of my sisters is more your type? The sweet and gentle Illustrious, or the passionate Victorious?
Touch指挥官,你不觉得,维内托虽然很有威严,但其实有些呆呆的?指揮官、ヴェネトさんのこと、カッコいい割には天然っぽく思いません?Commander, don't you think Veneto looks a bit dim, cool as she might be?
Touch (Special)指挥官,我要生气咯?哄不好的那种指揮官、怒りますわよ?いくらよしよししたって機嫌は治りませんからね?Commander, should I be angry? Positively inconsolable?
Mission可畏,为了哥哥把任务列表整理好了♪……嘻嘻,指挥官,喜欢这样的可畏吗?フォーミダブル、指揮官お兄ちゃんのために任務リストを準備したにゃん♪……こんなフォーミダブルはいかがですか?指揮官?Big Brother, I finished organizing your mission list ♪ ... Hehe, is that your type, Commander?
Mission Complete指挥官,任务奖励重要还是可畏重要,必须要选一个!……嘻嘻,开玩笑的~任務報酬とフォーミダブル、どちらかを選んでね!……なんて、冗談ですわ♪Commander, do you want your mission rewards or do you want me? You have to choose! ... Hehe, just kidding~
Mail指挥官,你的邮件到了,记得自己去拿一下~指揮官、メールですよ。自分で持ってきてちょうだい?Commander, the mail is here. Would you mind getting it yourself?
Return to Port指挥官,我在沙发上睡一会儿,要是有人来了记得把我叫起来哦指揮官、少しソファで寝ますわ。誰かが来たら起こしてちょうだぁいCommander, I'm going to catch a few winks on the sofa here. Wake me up if anyone comes calling.
Commission Complete叮咚珰咚,来自可畏的提醒,请指挥官注意,委托,已经完成,委托,已经完成ディンドンディンドン♪フォーミダブルからお知らせしますわ。委託が完了しました。…繰り返します、委託、完了しましたわよ?Ding dong ding dong ♪, incoming message from Formidable: Commission complete. Repeat. Commission complete.
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Login你就不能提前点来嘛~我还等着指挥官你来接我呢。ふふ、指揮官のことを待っていましたわ。もう少し早くきてほしかったですけど、ふふふ♪Hehe~ I've waited for you all this time, Commander. I would've preferred it if you'd come a little sooner, though. Hehehe~
Details指挥官,快评价一下可畏好不容易穿上的这件超好看的礼服!要说到我满意为止♪フォーミダブルのドレス姿、褒めてくださいませ♪ええ、私の気が済むまでお願いしますわ♪Would you please describe how gorgeous my dress is? Yes, and kindly don't stop until I feel I've heard enough ♪
Main头、头发上打了一个结?我平时护理得很好的呀?该不会是天狼星不小心——你已经解开了?好,好厉害……髪が絡まっていますって?!そんな、いつも気を使っているのに、もしかしてシリアスが――もう大丈夫ですか?か、感謝しますわHas my hair gotten entangled? How?! I'm always going to such lengths to prevent it! What if Sirius is trying to– Oh, it's all right now? Th-thank you.
Main 2快站过来这边!衣领……上衣……裤子……嗯!帮你稍微整理了一下,这样就完美了!指揮官、早くこちらへ!襟、上着、ズボンを整えて…よし!これで完璧ですわ!Come here for a moment, Commander! Let's straighten out your uniform... There! Perfect!
Main 3指挥官,就算到时候光辉姐姐和胜利姐姐的礼服超级漂亮,你也不许把可畏给忘了哦?指揮官、イラストリアス姉さんたちのドレス姿がいくら美しくても、フォーミダブルのことを忘れてはだめですわCommander, I'm sure my sisters all have splendrous dresses, but do not forget about your dear Formidable.
Touch交谊舞的邀请?唔……有个条件!可畏必须是今晚和你跳舞的第一个!以及时间最长的那个!ダンスのお誘いですか?ええ、お相手して…今日の最初の相手で、なおかつ一番長く付き合う相手にしてくださいませYou'd like a dance? Certainly. Allow me to be your first, and hopefully, your favourite partner.
Touch (Special)指挥官!!我不管,你必须现在把我哄好,不然晚会我就不理你了♪指揮官!いますぐよしよししてくだしまし!でないと……知りませんわ!Commander! I urge you to pat my head at once! Or else I will ignore you for the rest of the party!
Return to Port指挥官还在忙吗?可畏好像也帮不上你什么忙……那,给你个鼓励的眨眼好了!加油哦~指揮官はまだお忙しいです?あまり助けになれそうにないですけど…応援のウィンク、してさしあげますわ♪頑張ってくださいませ♪Commander, are you still busy? I'm afraid I can't be of much assistance, but I can give you a wink to keep your spirits up. Best of luck ♪