Tallinn (JP 🇯🇵: タリン, CN 🇹🇼: 塔林)
Ship IDNo. 496Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Heavy CruiserRaritySuper Rare
NavyNorthern ParliamentBuild Time02:00:00
AcquisitionEvent: Khorovod of Dawn's Rime
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressShitaya Noriko
Heavy cruiser - Tallinn.
Nostalgic PilsnerDescription
What, you've never seen the inside of a shipgirl's room? It's not like you're here on official business, so stop standing around already. Find a place to sit and relax.
HP987 Reload67
Firepower48 Torpedo36
Evasion9 Anti-air41
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck80
HP4082 Reload129
Firepower133 Torpedo100
Evasion61 Anti-air156
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck84
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Heavy Cruiser135%/140%/150%/155%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun110%/110%/110%/115%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Twin 203mm Main Gun (SK C)
Fleet Tech
T7 Heavy Cruiser: Admiral HipperTech Points and Bonus
Unlock28 +1
Max LimitBreak56
Lv.12042 +1
Bulwark of RimeEvery 18s: deploys a shield directly in front of this ship that can block up to 8 shells, lasting for up to 8s. If this shield is broken during its duration: immediately triggers a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (Barrage DMG is based on this skill's level), and deploys another shield that can absorb up to 5.0% of this ship's max HP, lasting for up to 4s.Default Unlocked
Memorial of Ice and IronWhen this ship is equipped with a Northern Parliament or Iron Blood main gun: increases the DMG this ship deals by 4.5% (12.0%) ; When equipped with an AP main gun: increases the travel speed of this ship's main gun shells by 10.0%. After this ship sinks 2 enemies in battle: additionally increases this ship's FP and AA by 3.5% (8.0%) (this effect can activate only once per battle and lasts until the end of that battle).Default Unlocked
All Out Assault - Tallinn IIActivates All Out Assault: Tallinn II every 6 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description重巡洋舰—塔林重巡洋艦タリンHeavy cruiser - Tallinn.
Biography我是由铁血重巡吕佐夫改造而成的,北方联合重巡洋舰塔林。曾以“彼得罗巴甫洛夫斯克”之名参加了那场著名的战役,虽然直到最后也没能得到完整的力量…对你的指挥,我还是有所期待的。鉄血重巡リュッツォウ改め、北方連合重巡タリンよ。かの大戦では「ペトロパブロフスク」という名前で参加したこともあるわ。…あのときは最後まで本当の力を取り戻せなかったけど、あなたの采配には期待しているわよI'm Tallinn, Northern Parliament heavy cruiser, formerly known as Lützow under the Iron Blood. I fought in the war under the name of Petropavlovsk as well. In the end, I never did get to unleash my full potential, but I trust your commanding to make good use of me.
Acquisition我是北方联合的重巡洋舰,塔林。在对我下达指示之前,最好先用你的脑袋好好思考一下,我可不会因为你是指挥官就盲目地服从命令哦。北方連合所属、重巡洋艦タリンよ。私に指示を出すなら、まずはその頭で考えてからにしなさい。あなたが指揮官だからといって命令に愚直に従うつもりはないわThe name's Tallinn, heavy cruiser from the Northern Parliament. Don't expect me to blindly take orders from you just because you're the commander. Use that head of yours to think things through first, then we'll talk.
Login差点就迟到了啊,你就这么想被我教训吗?ギリギリ遅刻ね。そんなに私にこんなことを言われたいわけ?You're astonishingly late. Did you want me to discipline you that badly?
Details即使变成浮动的炮台,无论剩下几座火炮,只要还能战斗,就要全力奋战到最后。这是我们的责任与使命。浮き砲台になろうと、火砲が何門残っていようと、戦えるなら力が尽きるまで戦うべきよ。次に繋ぐのは私たち艦船の責務と使命よNo matter how many of my cannons are disabled, even should I get turned into a floating turret, as long as I am still able to fight, I shall fight until my last breath. That is my duty and my obligation.
Main把注意力放到工作上。…休息?还有回答的力气就赶紧干活!仕事に集中して。…休憩?口答えする気力があるなら働くがいいわFocus on your work. ...What, you need a break? If you've got the energy to complain, you've got the energy to work.
Main 2塔什干和摩尔曼斯克…和大家相处得挺不错的嘛……没什么,集中精神干活吧。タシュケントにムルマンスク、皆と仲良くやってるわね。……なんでもないわ。仕事に集中してHow do Tashkent and Murmansk manage to fit in with the others so well... What? Nothing important. Focus on your work.
Main 3工作结束后想来杯啤酒…伏特加?唔,还是算了…仕事から上がったらビールを一杯やりたいわね…ヴォッカ?え。遠慮するわI think I'll have a beer after work. Vodka? No thanks. I'll pass.
Touch有什么事?不要以为我是秘书舰就可以把杂活都推给我哦。何か用?秘書艦だからって雑用ばかり任せるのはナシよWhat do you need? Don't even think about making me do grunt work just because I'm your secretary.
Touch (Special)……呀!?挺敢的啊你………っ!?やってくれたわね…Ngh...?! Now you've done it...
Touch (Headpat)什…?!别随便碰我的头!な…!?頭を触るんじゃないわ!Wha...?! Keep your hands off my head!
Mission完成任务是应尽的责任——无论是在铁血还是北方联合都一样。任務をこなすのは守るべき天職――鉄血でも北方連合でも同じよIt is imperative that missions be completed. This was true during my time in the Iron Blood, and is still true now.
Mission Complete喂,该查看任务奖励了,别让同伴们干等着。ほら、任務報酬のチェックよ。いつまでも仲間たちを待たせるんじゃないわHello? Confirm the mission rewards. Don't keep us waiting forever.
Mail有你的信,会是谁寄来的呢…手紙が来たわよ。誰宛なのかしら…A letter has come in. I wonder who sent it...
Return to Port似乎干得不错嘛,下次也加油吧。よくやったみたいね。次も頑張りなさいGood work out there. Keep it up.
Commission Complete你现在的职责是慰劳委托组的各位,好好干吧。今のあんたの役割は委託から戻ってきた皆を労うこと。きっちり果たすがいいわYour job now is to go and show your gratitude to the returning commission team. Do it well and in a timely fashion.
Enhancement竭尽所能罢了。なるべくしてなっただけよJust as it should be.
Flagship蠢货!放弃无谓的抵抗吧!馬鹿め!無駄な抵抗をするんじゃないわ!Imbeciles! Stop the pointless struggling and surrender!
Victory赢了。哼,按训练时的战术来,这不是理所应当的吗?勝ったわ。ふん、訓練通りにやっていればこうなるんじゃない?Look at that, we won. Victory comes naturally if you just follow what you trained for.
Defeat……嘁,就因为些小失误…!!…ちっ、これしきのことで……!!...Tsk, all because of some small mistakes...
Skill所有主炮,继续射击!全主砲、撃ち続けなさい!Fire all cannons! Don't stop shooting!
Low HP咕…对手是怪物么…?!くっ…相手は化け物か…!?Urgh... What kind of monsters are they?!
Affinity (Upset)在发出指示之前先用脑子好好想想,我不想跟着连这种事都做不到的指挥官。指示を出す前に頭を使いなさい。そんなこともできない指揮官に従いたくないのUse your head before ordering me around. If you can't even do that much, then I won't lift a finger for you.
Affinity (Stranger)想要让我听你的,就先做出表率把自己该做的事情做好,否则,我也是有自己想法的。私を従えるつもりなら、ちゃんと自分でも率先して上手く役割を果たすことね。こっちだって色々考えがあるわIf you want me to follow your orders, then prove yourself a capable commander first. I can handle myself if you can't.
Affinity (Friendly)不想整天被我训,就自己把工作都做好来!你啊…不会是觉得被我念叨很开心吧?私に言われたくないなら、自分できちんとやりなさい?あんた、まさか私に言われるのを楽しんでいるんじゃないでしょうね?Don't like my scoldings? Then do better! You're not about to tell me you actually ENJOY being scolded, I hope.
Affinity (Like)你啊,该不会我说什么你都会听吧。呵呵,呵呵呵…既然你喜欢这样,那我就做得再彻底一点吧。あんた、本当に私の言うことを何でも聞いてくれるのね。ふふ、ふふふ…ええ、あんたがそんなに私に言われるのがいいというのなら…とことんやってやろうじゃないI'm surprised you've actually taken my scoldings to heart. Hehe, hahaha... Since you like it when I tell you what to do, I'll be more exact from now on.
Affinity (Love)秘书舰的什么话都听,作为指挥官你真的没问题吗?…为了让你能就这样作为指挥官干下去,我会给你各种命令的。最近感觉这样也越来越开心了呢,呵呵呵秘書艦の言うことを何でも聞くって、指揮官としてはどうなのかしら?…あんたが指揮官でいられるようこの私が色々と指示を出してあげる。私もこういうのが楽しくなってきたわ。ふふふAre you sure you're fit to be a commander, considering how you take orders from your secretary? Don't worry, I'll keep telling you what to do so you can keep your job. I've started enjoying it, actually. Hehehe~
Pledge乖乖在这里签个名,之后的事都交给我就好。戴上戒指,然后是誓约的吻…(小声)被我夺走嘴唇的感觉如何?呵呵呵♪あんたは大人しくこの書類にサインすればいいわ。あとのことは私がやってあげる。指輪をはめて、そして誓いの口づけを………(小声)私に唇を奪われた感想は?ふふふ♪All you need to do is sign this document, and I'll take care of everything else. Now to put on the ring and make it official with a kiss... So, how did my lips feel? Hehe~♪
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In battle with Kirov基洛夫,交给你了!キーロフ、任せた!Kirov, I'm counting on you!
In battle with Admiral Hipper, Prinz Eugen, Weser哼哼,看样子状态不错嘛。ふふ、様になってるじゃないHehe, things are looking pretty good~
In battle with Deutschland总觉得你的名字有些微妙啊。名前が微妙にややこしいわねI've always thought your name was a little funny.
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description你也不是第一次进舰船的房间了吧?又不是有什么公务,一直呆站在那我对我来说也挺困扰的,自己找个地方坐着放松下吧。艦船の部屋に入るの別に初めてじゃないでしょ?別に公務でもないし、そこに突っ立ってられては困るから座ってゆっくりしてなさいWhat, you've never seen the inside of a shipgirl's room? It's not like you're here on official business, so stop standing around already. Find a place to sit and relax.
Acquisition你也不是第一次进舰船的房间了吧?又不是有什么公务,一直呆站在那我对我来说也挺困扰的,自己找个地方坐着放松下吧。艦船の部屋に入るのは初めてじゃないでしょ?別に公務でもないし、そこに突っ立ってられては困るから座ってゆっくりしてなさいWhat, you've never seen the inside of a shipgirl's room? It's not like you're here on official business, so stop standing around already. Find a place to sit and relax.
Login在那随便休息会吧。我也不总是像平时那么严厉的。そこで適当にくつろいでなさい。いつもの調子に引きずられたくないわMake yourself at home. I don't like being uptight all the time.
Details你的责任可不仅仅是率领舰队,无论路上有多少艰难险阻,都得背负着大家的信念不断前进——当然,我会在一旁守护着你的。あんたの責務は艦隊を率いるだけじゃないわ。どんなに厳しい旅路だろうと、あんたは皆の想いを背負って前に進むべきよ。――私に見守られながらねCommanding the fleet isn't your only job. You've also got to live up to everyone's expectations, and keep going no matter how tough things get. I'll be there to make sure you do.
Main我和希佩尔其实还挺聊得来的,无论是吉他的话题,还是饮食的话题——ヒッパーとは色々気が合うわ。ギターの話も、食べ物の話とかねHipper and I surprisingly have much in common. I like talking about food and guitars with her.
Main 2基洛夫那家伙,偶尔会突然闯进来找我喝呢…不过跟甘古特她们比起来还算好的了。キーロフのやつ、たまに突然押しかけてくるわね…ガングートたちよりはマシだわKirov has a thing for barging into my room and ask me to go drinking with her... Still, I'll take that over the antics of Gangut and the rest.
Main 3来杯热啤酒如何?想加点想香料的话先和我说一声。ホットビールでもどう?スパイスを入れるなら予め教えてCare for a hot beer? If you want a little spice added to it, let me know.
Touch似乎稍微午睡一会比较好呢…呼……少し昼寝したほうが良さそうね……ふぅ……I suppose now's a good time for a nap... *yawn*...
Touch (Special)?!得意忘形过头了啊…!!?調子に乗りすぎよ…!Hnngh?! You're pushing your luck...!
Return to Port似乎干得不错嘛,稍微休息一下吧。よくやったみたいね。ちょっと休んでていいわGood work out there. Get some rest, you've earned it.
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description“嗯,这里是搜查一科…”—又有案子了。指挥官,快把手上文件整理完。我们要去现场调查了!「はい、こちら捜査一課です…」また事件だわ。指揮官、早く手元の書類仕事を片づけなさい。事情聴取に行くわよYou've reached the Bureau of Investigation... Oh boy, another case. Commander, finish up your paperwork ASAP. We've got witnesses to interview.
Acquisition“嗯,这里是搜查一科…”—又有案子了。指挥官,快把手上文件整理完。我们要去现场调查了!「はい、こちら捜査一課です…」また事件だわ。指揮官、早く手元の書類仕事を片づけなさい。事情聴取に行くわよYou've reached the Bureau of Investigation... Oh boy, another case. Commander, finish up your paperwork ASAP. We've got witnesses to interview.
Login刚好准点…看来还没养成提前5分钟行动的习惯啊。約束の時間ギリギリよ。五分前行動の心がけが足りないわYou're cutting it very close here. Five minutes early to everything – that's something you should practice.
Details无论什么工作,只有尽全力做好了才能衔接好后续的事务……如果你忘了这一点,忘一次,我就提醒你一次。どんな仕事でも全力を尽くしてこそ次に繋げられる…忘れそうになったら、何度でも教えてあげるわAlways work at flank speed – the momentum you build up will keep you going. If you ever forget that, I'll remind you as many times as it takes.
Main这个案子,有点棘手啊…要不要请恰巴耶夫帮帮忙呢…この事件、厄介ね…チャパエフに協力要請しようかしらThis case is going to be a pain... It may be time to ask Chapayev for assistance.
Main 2这孩子…哭成这样我可听不清你说什么。听好了,先深呼吸一下,再试着慢慢讲清楚吧。饅頭くん、そんな泣きべそかいていたら聞き取れなくなるわ。いい?深呼吸して、ゆっくり話してみなさいLook, little Manjuu, I can't understand you through your sobbing. Take a deep breath, calm yourself, and then speak.
Main 3指挥官辛苦了。一起去喝啤酒吗?我知道有家专门提供热啤酒的店。指揮官お疲れ。一緒にビールでもどう?ホットビールの専門店なら知っているわWell done, Commander. Care to go for a drink? I know a place that specializes in mulled beer.
Touch怎么?我不是告诉过你还不用接电话吗?何?電話対応をするにはまだ早いって言ったでしょう?What is it? I already told you – you're not ready to be a phone operator.
Touch (Special)……?!看来你已经做好心理准备了啊。……っ!?覚悟を決めたようだねHuh...?! Now you're really asking for it...
Mission案子也好任务也好,都要毫不松懈地做好——无论在哪都一样。案件も任務も、怠らずにこなすのみ――どこにいても変わらないことだわMissions and inquiries alike deserve our undivided attention. Wherever you are, this still rings true.
Mission Complete任务完成后,记得领取报酬。快去检查一下吧。任務が完了したら報酬を受け取るように。ほら、早速チェックしてみてYou've completed a mission, now go claim your rewards. Chop-chop, we're on the clock here.
Return to Port这次解决得挺快的嘛。继续保持这股劲头吧。早速解決したようね。次もその調子で頑張りなさいWow, you solved that one quick. Keep it up.
Commission Complete犒劳委托组的大家也是指挥官的职责。去好好完成它吧。委託から戻ってきた皆を労うのも指揮官としての責務だわ。きちんと果たして来なさいIt's your duty as the Commander to show your gratitude to a returning commission team. Go on, don't keep them waiting.
Flagship哼,让你们好好体会下什么叫无谓的挣扎。ふん。無駄なあがきだということ、思い知らせてあげるわHmph. I'll just have to teach you how pointless it is to struggle.
Victory赢了。既然训练过,这便是是理所应当的结果。勝ったわ。訓練していれば当然の結果ねWe won. Given enough training, victory is par for the course.
Defeat…啧,区区蝼蚁之辈……!!…ちっ、虫けらが……!!...Tsk. You little rats!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Login准时到了啊,看来努力的话还是能做好的嘛,呵呵呵~時間通りに来たことを褒めてあげる。やればできるじゃない。ふふふHats off to you for clocking in on time. See? You can do it if you just try. Hehehe.
Main报告都确认好了吗?…还有辩解的余力就赶紧动起来!レポートの確認はどうなってるの?…言い訳する余裕があったらまず手を動かしてHave you checked out that report yet? ...If you've got time to make excuses, you've got time to do your job.
Main 4是不是按恰巴耶夫说的,准备个“项圈”什么的比较好呢…没什么,集中精神干活吧。チャパエフが言ってた「首輪」でも用意したほうがいいのかしら…なんでもないわ。仕事に集中してMaybe I should put a collar on you, like Chapayev suggested... What? Nothing important. Focus on your work.
Main 5好好干的话,我会给你奖励的。至于是什么奖励…就先任你想象了,呵呵呵~いい指揮官でいたらご褒美をあげるわ。どんなのがいいか頭の中でまず想像でもしてなさい。ふふふDo your job well, and you'll be rewarded. Use your head and think up something good, then I'll see what I can do. Hehehe~
Touch想要我给点建议吗?私からのアドバイスがほしいの?You're in need of some guidance, aren't you?
Touch (Special)呵呵呵,现在就让你得意忘形一会好了。ふふふ、ここはあえて調子に乗らせてやろうじゃないHehehe. You know what? I'll let you have your fun for once.
Return to Port不会觉得这点战果就能让大家都满意了吧?没错,不甘心的话就下次更努力点吧!この程度の戦果で皆が満足するとでも思ってるのかしら?そうそう、悔しかったら次はもっと頑張ることねDo you really think this is all it takes to satisfy everyone? Exactly. Let that annoyance motivate you to do better.