Admiral Hipper (JP 🇯🇵: アドミラル・ヒッパー, CN 🇹🇼: 希佩尔海军上将)
Ship IDNo. 242Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Heavy CruiserRarityElite
NavyIronbloodBuild Time02:00:00
AcquisitionLimited Build in Divergent Chessboard
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
ENDecember 13, 2018
CNAugust 2, 2017
JPDecember 26, 2017
Voice actressYuri Yamaoka
Admiral HipperDescription
Admiral Hipper-class Heavy Cruiser, Admiral Hipper
HP874 Reload65
Firepower46 Torpedo35
Evasion9 Anti-air35
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck66
HP3613 Reload125
Firepower129 Torpedo97
Evasion61 Anti-air133
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck69
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Torpedo efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Heavy Cruiser115%/120%/130%/130%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun100%/100%/100%/100%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Twin 203mm Main Gun (SK C)
Fleet Tech
T7 Heavy Cruiser: Admiral Hipper-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock24 +1
Max LimitBreak48
Lv.12036 +1
Guarding ShieldEvery 30s: deploys 2 rotating shields that can block up to 10 shells each. Shields last for 5 (15) s.Default Unlocked
Vice DefenseWhen this ship is attacked: 3.5% (8.0%) chance to decrease the DMG of the incoming attack by 50.0%.Default Unlocked
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Admiral Hipper Class once every 6 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description希佩尔海军上将级重巡洋舰—希佩尔海军上将アドミラル・ヒッパー級重巡洋艦・アドミラルヒッパーAdmiral Hipper-class Heavy Cruiser, Admiral Hipper
Biography我是铁血第三帝国希佩尔海军上将号重巡洋舰,名字源于“不败的名将”弗兰茨·冯·希佩尔。参与过各种各样的战斗并在每场战斗中都尽了最大的努力!哈?巴伦支海?那是因为库默兹比你还愚蠢!科学の国の重巡洋艦、アドミラル・ヒッパーよ。名前は不敗の提督「フランツ・フォン・ヒッパー」から来てんの。色んな戦闘に参加して全力を尽くしたけど!は?バレンツ海?あれはクメッツ提督があんたより少しバカだっただけ!I am Admiral Hipper, the Iron Blood heavy cruiser named after the undefeated Admiral Franz von Hipper. I have participated in countless battles and given them my all. The Barents Sea? That only happened because Admiral Kummetz was even dumber than you.
Acquisition哈?你就是指挥官?战事已经紧张到随便什么人都能当指挥官了吗?はぁ?あんたが指揮官?こんなどこの馬の骨ともわからないやつにまで指揮官をやらせるなんて、戦況はもうそんなに切迫してるわけ!?Huh? You are the commander? Is the war effort going so poorly these days that they’re letting anyone become a commander?
Login笨蛋,起床了吗?哈?你在妄想什么,我只是绕着港区散步刚好看到你而已!マヌケ、もう起きた?はぁ?何ニヤニヤしてんのよ!港を散歩してちょうど見かけただけよ!Idiot, so you rolled out of bed? Haah? What are you fantasizing about? I only happened to bump into you while patrolling the port.
Details笨蛋,你在看什么!快从我的房间出去!このバカ、何見てんのよ!さっさと私の部屋から出ていきなさいよ!What are you looking at, idiot? Get out of my room!
Main布吕歇尔,这一次我一定会保护好你ブリュッヒャー、今度こそ守り切ってやるわ!Blücher, I will definitely protect you this time.
Main 2哈?你这种菜鸟想和我比试巡洋舰的指挥技术?まさか、あんたのようなヘタクソが、この私と巡洋艦の指揮技術を競いたいわけHah? A novice like you wants to challenge my cruiser-commanding skills?
Main 3哈?猪肘和啤酒还没准备好吗?几人份?笨蛋!你的脑子是摆设吗!はぁ?シュバイネハクセとビールの準備はまだ?…何人前って?このバカ!あんたの脳は飾りものなの?Hah? Are the Schweinshaxe and beer ready yet? How many servings do we need? Idiot! Is your brain just an ornament?
Touch哈?我有允许你碰我吗?はぁ?触ることを許した覚えは無いけど!Huh? Did I give you permission to touch me?
Touch (Special)哈?笨笨笨笨——笨蛋!去死吧!沉到基尔港里去吧!はぁ!!??このヘタクソバカドジアホマヌケ!!死んじゃえ!キールの海に沈んじゃえ!Huh?! You stupid, moronic, block-headed idiot! Go die! Sink yourself in the Kiel Bay right now!
Mission笨蛋,做任务的时候不要分心!バカ!任務の最中は気をそらすんじゃないっての!Don’t get distracted in the middle of a mission, you idiot!
Mission Complete笨蛋!完成任务就快去领奖,在我面前炫耀什么!バカ!任務完了したら報酬を受け取ってきなさいよ!何私の前で見せびらかしてんの!Idiot! Hurry up and collect your rewards! Why are you showing it off to me?
Mail笨蛋,没注意到新的邮件已经到了吗?マヌケ!新しいメールがあるのを気づいてないわけ?Are you too stupid to realize that you have new mail?
Return to Port笨蛋!既然回来了怎么不来见我?哈?谁在担心你!バカ!戻ったらなんで会いに来ないのよ!はぁ?誰があんたのことなんか心配すんのよ!Idiot! If you had already returned, why didn’t you come to see me? Hah? Who would be worried about you?
Commission Complete笨蛋!还没有想起来你忘记了什么吗?このマヌケ!何を忘れてるかまだ思い出せないわけ?You idiot! You still haven’t remembered what you forgot about yet?
Enhancement哈?你以为这样我就会心怀感激吗!はぁ!?この私が感動するとでも思ってんの!Hah? Did you think something like this would impress me?
Flagship这种规模的海战,相较于日德兰不过是过家家!こんなもの、ユトランド沖と比べたら子供騙し程度っての!Compared to Jutland, a battle like this is mere child’s play.
Victory哼,今天就特别容许你夸赞几句好了ふん!まあ今日だけ褒めることを許してやるわ!Hmph. Just today, I shall allow you to praise me a little.
Defeat可可可——可恶!好不甘心啊啊啊!なんて屈辱ーー!くっやしいー!!C-c-c-curses! I can’t stand this, ahh!
Skill哈?谁允许你们反抗了!はぁ?誰が抵抗していいって言ってんの!Huh? Who gave you permission to resist?
Affinity (Upset)垃圾!别出现在我的视线中!このカス!私の視線に映るなっての!You piece of trash! I told you to stay out of my sight!
Affinity (Stranger)哈?这种事情都做不好,你是笨蛋吗?はぁ?こんなことも上手くできないなんて、あんたバカァ?ちょっと私によこしなさいっての!Huh? You can’t even do something like that? Are you an idiot?
Affinity (Friendly)哈?担心我?被你这种人担心可高兴不起来はぁ!?私のことが心配?あんたのようなバカに心配されたって全然嬉しくならないっての!Huh? Worried about me? Having an idiot like you worry about me doesn’t make me happy at all.
Affinity (Like)哈?谁会喜欢你!只是欧根想和你一起吃饭,我陪她而已!笨蛋,不要会错意了!は!?誰があんたのことが好きになるっての!オイゲンのやつがあんたとご飯食べたいからついて行くだけなの!このバカ!勘違いするんじゃないわよ!!Huh? Who would ever have a crush on you? I’m only tagging along because Eugen wanted to have dinner with you. Don’t get the wrong idea, idiot!
Affinity (Love)哈?谁会爱上你!我只是按照规定上交出击时捡到的东西罢了!哈?戒指,那种东西谁会戴啊!は!?誰があんたに恋してるっての!わ、私は出撃でたまたま拾ったものを規定通り上官に渡すだけよ!は!?指輪!?そんなの誰がつけるのよ!Huh? Who would ever fall in love with you? I’m only here to drop off something I found during sortie, per regulations. Huh?! A ring? Who would wear something like that?!
Pledge哈?我为什么非要带上这个不可啊!算了,难得今天心情不错……照顾我一生一世?哼,那不是理所当然的吗!は!?なんでこんなもの付けなきゃならないの!…ま、まあいいわ、せっかく今日は機嫌がいいしつけてあげたって…死ぬまで私のこと面倒を見てくれる?ふん!そんなの当たり前よ!Huh? Why must I wear something like this? Whatever... I’m in a good mood for a change. You’re going to take care of me forever? Hmph! Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?
Main Titleアズールレーン.Azur Lane.
In battle with Prinz Eugen欧根!你在说谁是贫乳傲娇!オイゲン!誰がまな板ツンデレだってんの!Who are you calling flat?!
In battle with Glowworm萤火虫,请开始你的表演グローウォーム、やっちゃいなさい!Please begin your performance, Glowworm!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description怎,怎样?这身和服合适吗?……这,这样吗?我知道很合适!也,也不用这样夸我…没什么啦!ど、どう?この着物似合ってる?……そ、そう?似合ってるなんてわかってるっての!あんたに褒められても別に…べ、別に…なんでもないっての!W-well? Does this kimono look good on me? ...R-really? Duh, I know it looks GREAT on me! Who really cares what you think... C-can't be me... No, I didn't say anything!
Acquisition怎,怎样?这身和服合适吗?……这,这样吗?我知道很合适!也,也不用这样夸我…没什么啦!ど、どう?この着物似合ってる?……そ、そう?似合ってるなんてわかってるっての!あんたに褒められても別に…べ、別に…なんでもないっての!W-well? Does this kimono look good on me? ...R-really? Duh, I know it looks GREAT on me! Who really cares what you think... C-can't be me... No, I didn't say anything!
Login今天去哪里的温泉呢?我想多逛些地方,这样回去时就有更多的见闻能和欧根她们分享了。今日はどこの温泉に行く?たくさん巡って、オイゲンたちのためにたくさんお土産話を作りたいわねWhich onsen do you want to go to today? I'd like to visit as many as possible so I can tell Eugen and the others all about the fancy places we've been to.
Details从刚刚开始就一直能感觉到视线…差,差不多该别盯着我看了。…哈?!?!什么叫看入迷了……你这笨蛋突然说什么呢!さっきから妙に視線を感じる…い、いい加減ジロジロ見るのはやめなさいっての。…はあ!?!?見とれてるって……急に何言い出してんの、このバカ!!I can feel your gaze, you know... Would you stop ogling me like a painting? ...Huh?! "You can't take your eyes off me"? You say the stupidest damn things!
Main听说这件和服很有名。这自由操纵印染深浅的职人技术…真厉害啊。この着物は有名なものだって聞いたけど、染色の濃淡を自在に操る職人の技術…すごいわねI've heard this type of kimono is famous. Makes sense, considering how much skill an artisan needs to create patterns and colors this complex.
Main 2泡完温泉后再享受外面吹来的风,感觉真舒服呢,刚好能让热热的身体凉下来。你也这么觉得吧?温泉に入った後は外の風が気持ちいいわね。火照った体をちょうどよく冷ましてくれていい感じ。あんたもそう?It's wonderful feeling the breeze on your skin after getting out of the hot spring. It's so soothing, so cooling. You know what I mean, right?
Main 3哼!虽然被欧根调戏说“温泉约会不错嘛”,不过没什么!作为回敬,之后我会让她好好听我炫耀这次的温泉之旅,比如“泡温泉可舒服了呢~”之类的!ふん!オイゲンには「温泉デートでよかったわね」とかいじられたけど別にいいっての!その代わり、後でたっぷりと温泉自慢を聞かせて仕返しね。温泉すっごく気持ちよかったのにな~ってね!Hmph! Eugen can poke fun at me all she wants – this is NOT a date! She's not gonna be so smug when I gloat about how great the hot springs were. "It was sooo good! I left feeling like a new person," and so on!
Touch哈?!突然牵我的手会吓到我的!先跟我说一声再牵!はぁ!?急に手を握ってくるとかびっくりするっての!一声かけてからにしなさいよね!Huh?! Grabbing a girl's hand without warning is a great way to startle her! At least tell me first!
Touch (Special)对吧?你也觉得这花纹……欸?!でしょ?あんたもこの柄が……っ!?Yeah, I figured you'd like the pattern of– What the–?!
Mission就算有想去的地方,现在也要集中精神在任务上才行!不懂我也在忍耐吗?!行きたい場所があっても今は任務に集中しろっての!私も我慢してるってわからないの!?I don't care what spots you want to check out, focus on your damn missions! You're keeping ME waiting too, remember?!
Mission Complete好了好了,任务完成了,真不错呢……快点领取我们的报酬啦!はいはい、任務が完了したわねーよかったわねー……さっさと私たちの報酬を受け取りなさいっての!Whoop-de-doo, you finished a mission. Good for you. Stop dawdling and go collect the rewards!
Mail收到来信了。啊,这个明信片挺好看的…你倒是快点确认下内容啊。手紙が来てるわよ。あ、このポストカードきれいね…って、早く内容を確認しなさいってのThere's a letter for you. Wow, that's a nice postcard... Never mind that, just read what it says already!
Return to Port呼,回来啦。吃完饭再去泡温泉吧。你也应该累了,看着你的我也不轻松就是了!ふぅ、戻ってきたわね。食事を済ませてから温泉に入り直しね。あんたも疲れたでしょうし、見ているこっちも疲れたっての!Whew, we're back. Time to dig in to some food before heading back to the onsen. You're worn out, and I'm just as worn out as you are!
Commission Complete还想不出来忘了什么吗?…错了!不是我想去逛的店,是委托啦,委托!何を忘れているかまだ思い出せないわけ?…違う!私が回りたいお店じゃなくて委託よ委託!Let me guess, you still haven't realized what's escaped your memory? ...Wrong! It's the commission, not which stores I want to visit!
Enhancement这点程度理所当然吧?これぐらい当然なんだけど?Isn't this much to be expected?
Flagship让我好好活动下筋骨吧!いい汗かかせてくれるわね!Thanks for making me work up a sweat!
Victory赢了。哼,就今天而言,归功于你也不是不行吧。勝ったわよ。ふん、今日ぐらいはあんたのおかげだって言ってあげようじゃないWe won. Heh, I'm willing to give you the credit for the victory today.
Defeat这可算不上什么旅行见闻…呃…!土産話にはならないっての…くっ…!This isn't much of a story to tell the others... Ugh...!
Affinity (Love)话说在前面,这不是因为我想去,而是为了给平时劳累的你一个嘉奖才去的…哈?你说我也乐在其中…跟,跟你没关系吧?我也有跟你一起享受温泉街的权利吧!言っておくけど、これは私が行きたいんじゃなくて、普段頑張って疲れてるあんたへのご褒美だっての。…はあ?ヒッパーも楽しんでるじゃないかって…べ、別にそんなのあんたと関係ないでしょ?私は私であんたと一緒に温泉街を楽しめる権利があるっての!For the record, I never wanted to go here. This trip is for you – to reward all your hard work and give you a break... Huh? Me, enjoying my time with you? Wh-who decided it's got anything to do with you? I have the right to enjoy my visit irrespective of you!