Kongou (JP 🇯🇵: 金剛, CN 🇹🇼: 金刚)
Ship IDNo. 204Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull BattlecruiserRarityElite
NavySakura EmpireBuild TimeN/A
AcquisitionAvailable in Point Shop/Drop in event "Ink-Stained Steel Sakura"
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
CNJune 7, 2018
JPMay 31, 2018
Voice actressChiwa Saito
Kongou Description
Kongou-class fast battleship number one – Kongou.
The Beauties of Nature Description
We must fully live in the present, whether during work or during leisure - this is my mantra. Commander, shall we go for an outing together?
HP1087 Reload58
Firepower69 Torpedo0
Evasion8 Anti-air51
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck43
HP4917 Reload112
Firepower185 Torpedo0
Evasion37 Anti-air192
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck45
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
2Light Cruiser150%/150%/150%/150%1/1/3/30/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun90%/90%/90%/90%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
176mm AA Gun
Fleet Tech
T3 Battlecruiser: Kongou-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock10 +1
Max LimitBreak21
Lv.12016 +1
Roaring GloryWhile this ship is afloat: increases the FP and Accuracy by 5.0% (15.0%) and EVA by 5.0% (20.0%) of all Kongou-class ships in your fleet.Default Unlocked
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description金刚级高速战舰一番舰—金刚金剛型高速戰艦一番艦・金剛Kongou-class fast battleship number one – Kongou.
Biography金刚级高速战列舰首舰、第七代联合舰队旗舰、同时也是重樱最后一艘自海外订购的主力舰,享有如此多荣衔的——那就是我,金刚!高速戦艦のネームシップ、七代目連合艦隊旗艦、そしてかつて重桜が海外に発注した最後の主力艦――それがこの私、金剛ですわ!Nameship of the Fast Battleships, flagship of the 7th Combined Fleet, and the last Sakura capital ship to be laid down overseas - that is me, Kongou!
Acquisition我是金刚级巡洋战舰一号舰,金刚。通向胜利的路途,就由我为指挥官探明!金剛型巡洋戦艦一番艦、金剛です。勝利への道筋にこの私が導いて差し上げますわ!I am Kongou, lead ship of the Kongou-class battlecruisers. I shall illuminate the path that leads to victory!
Login已经充分休息过了吗?舰队现在交由您来指挥休憩はもう十分?艦隊の指揮をそちらに戻しますわHave you had enough rest? The fleet now awaits your orders.
Details请千万不要忘记,战争的唯一价值便是和平「戦争」に見いだせる唯一の価値はその先にある「平和」ですのよ。くれぐれも忘れないでほしいですわThe only value of war is the peace that follows it. I implore you to never forget this.
Main区区鱼雷怎么可能击沉像我这样的战列舰!戦艦であるこの私が魚雷ごときに沈められるもんですか!No way in hell a battleship like me is going to get taken out by some flimsy torpedo!
Main 2击溃眼前的敌人,越过那条狭隘的运河,重返我出生的地方吧——!さあ、敵を駆逐して、あの狭き運河をも乗り越え、私の生誕地に向かうのですわ!Come! Let's destroy our enemies, pass through that measly canal, and return to the land where I was born!
Main 3如果你认为我过于严肃,那是因为你太懈怠了!この私がマジメすぎるですって?あなたこそフマジメすぎなのではなくて!?I take myself too seriously? No, you take yourself too lightly!
Main 4角?啊啊,你说这个啊,其实是帽子上的装饰哦,这样才比较有“重樱的一员”的感觉,不是吗?角?あら、これのこと?制帽についているただのお飾りですわ。うふふ、こういうの、「重桜のメンバー」っぽくていい感じなのではなくて?Horns? Oh, these things? They're just decorations on the hat. I wouldn't look much like a member of the Sakura Empire without them, right?
Touch发生必须优先处理的紧急事态了!?な、なに!?緊急事態ですの!?Wh-what is it!? An emergency!?
Touch (Special)指挥官,你该不会对我的妹妹们,也做出过此等不雅之举吧——ちょっとあなた、まさか私の妹たちにもこんな不埒なことをしているんじゃなくて!?Hey you, don't tell me you've been subjecting my sisters to such depravity as well!?
Mission需要我亲自出马吗?この私自ら向かいましょうか?Do I need to go do it myself?
Mission Complete很好,距离最终的胜利又近了一步!エクセレント!最後の勝利に向かって一歩前進ですわ!Excellent! We're one step closer towards our ultimate victory.
Mail根据新情报,重新调整下作战计划吧新しい情報に基づいて作戦計画を調整しなさいなAdjust your strategies in accordance with the new information.
Return to Port辛苦了,有好好完成战术目标吗?ご苦労さまですわ。戦術目標はちゃんと達成しました?Good work out there. Were you able to achieve your tactical goals?
Commission Complete呼——稍微休息一下吧。指挥官,要来杯红茶吗?ふぅ……少し休憩しますわ。指揮官、紅茶でもいかがかしら?Phew... time to take a break. Commander, does black tea suit you?
Enhancement呼……又多了一张底牌ふぅ~、切り札がもう一枚増えましたわ!Phew... another trump card to add to my hand.
Flagship全员展开战斗序列!全艦、戦闘配置!All units, battle formations!
Victory胜利即是优雅!勝利とはすなわち、優雅ですわ!To be victorious is to be elegant!
Defeat请放心,局势还没到不可挽回的地步ご安心を。まだ覆せないほど戦局が傾いている訳ではありませんわPlease rest at ease. This situation can still be salvaged.
Skill一鼓作气——!畳み掛けますわ!Press the attack!
Low HP逆转的机会来了!一発逆転のチャンスですわ!Now is the time to make our comeback!
Affinity (Upset)你不配拥有胜利!あなたは勝利にふさわしくありませんわ!You do not deserve victory!
Affinity (Stranger)指挥官,请安心等待胜利的到来吧指揮官、勝利が訪ねてくるのを、心して待つがよろしくてよ?Commander, please be at ease, for victory shall soon come.
Affinity (Friendly)瑞鹤一个人出击没问题吧……嗯,这个距离应该不会被她发现瑞鶴は一人で大丈夫かしら……うん、少し遠くから見守ってみますわ。この距離なら見つかる心配はないはず…Will Zuikaku be fine on her own...? Mm... I'll watch her from here. From this distance, she probably won't notice me...
Affinity (Like)听说在黄昏时分,人最容易吐露心声……你也是这样吗?人は黄昏時に一番心を打ち明けやすいと聞いた事があるけど……あなたも…そ、そうなのかしら?I've heard that people are most likely to reveal their sentiments at twilight... I wonder if you're also like this?
Affinity (Love)比叡今晚又要举办宴会吗……指挥官,你有时间陪我一起去吗?比叡のやつまた宴会を開いて……指揮官、今夜は付き合っていただけるのかしら?That Hiei, trying to throw a party again tonight... Commander, do you have time to keep me company there?
Pledge既然你已为追逐我的身影付出这么多努力,那么我确然也应对你有所回应。来,牵住我的手吧私を追いかける努力にちゃんと報いて差し上げなくてはなりませんわね。さあ、私の手をしっかり取ってちょうだいSince you've put so much effort into pursuing me so passionately, it is only fitting that I give you the proper respect. Come, you've earned my hand.
In battle with Hiei, Haruna, Kirishima高速战舰战队,出击!高速戦艦、出撃しますわ!Fast battleship squadron, sortieing!
In battle with Hiei一同迈向胜利吧!勝利へと進みますわ!Let's pursue victory together!
In battle with Haruna千、千万小心敌方的炮弹!て、敵の砲弾には気をつけて頂戴!W-watch out for enemy fire!
In battle with Kirishima在战场上受欢迎可不是好事人気者なんて…戦場では決して良いものではありませんわよ?Being popular... is best saved for when you're off the battlefield.
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description无论工作还是休息都要全力以赴,这是我的准则哟。准备好了吗,指挥官?和我一起出门逛逛吧職務も休暇も全力で挑む――これこそこの私の流儀ですわ。指揮官、金剛と一緒におでかけする準備はよろしくて?We must fully live in the present, whether during work or during leisure - this is my mantra. Commander, shall we go for an outing together?
Acquisition无论工作还是休息都要全力以赴,这是我的准则哟。准备好了吗,指挥官?和我一起出门逛逛吧職務も休暇も全力で挑む――これこそこの私の流儀ですわ。指揮官、金剛と一緒におでかけする準備はよろしくて?We must fully live in the present, whether during work or during leisure - this is my mantra. Commander, shall we go for an outing together?
Login指挥官,休息好了吗?今天还很长呢指揮官、よく休めました?今日はまだまだ長いですわCommander, are you well rested? There are still many hours to go.
Main指挥官,休息时总想着公务就没有休息的意义了——而且,和我在一起却想着别的事,不觉得很失礼吗?指揮官、休暇中も公務のことを考えていたら休暇を取った意味がありませんわ――それに、この私がそばにいるというのに、他の考え事をするなんて失礼なのではなくて?Commander, a break is not a break if you're constantly thinking about work. Besides, don't you think it's rude to be so preoccupied when you're supposed to be spending time with me?
Main 2过去都是和妹妹们一起出行,和指挥官一起出行的机会倒也新鲜呢妹たちとよく一緒におでかけしていましたけど、指揮官とお出かけするのは新鮮ですわI'm used to always going out with my sisters, so to be able to spend time with you outside is rather novel for me.
Main 3指挥官,等天气再暖一些,叫上我的妹妹们一起去赏樱花如何?指揮官、もう少し暖かくなりましたら、妹たちを呼んで一緒にサクラのお花見でもいかがかしらCommander, when the weather gets a bit warmer, why don't we go enjoy the cherry blossoms with my sisters?
Touch美丽?呵呵,这种理所当然事情就不用特意说出来了~この私が綺麗?ふふ、当たり前のことをわざわざ言わなくてもいいですわYou're awestruck by my beauty? Hehe, something as obvious as that needs not even be said~
Touch (Special)指挥官…看来需要一点更正经的礼仪课辅导了呢あなた…もう少し真っ当なマナーを教える必要がありますわねYou... perhaps you're going to need a remedial course in basic etiquette.
Return to Port出击辛苦了,要吃丸子吗,可以分你一半哟出撃、ご苦労さまですわ。お団子を召し上がるなら半分差し上げますGood work in your sorties today. If you're hungry, I don't mind splitting my dango with you.
Flagship真是不识趣的家伙们呢!風情の分からない方々ですわ!Such a tasteless rabble!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description把“港区医院宣传”的任务交给我,是很明智的选择哦。嗯,宣传照的拍摄工作就交给你了,没问题吧,指挥官?「母港医療施設のタレントプロモーション」…ふふふ、いい選択ですわ。指揮官、宣材写真の撮影は任せてもよろしいのかしら?"Celebrity Endorsement of the Port Medical Facilities"... Hehehe, you've made a wise decision picking me. Commander, I can leave the ad shoot to you, right?
Acquisition把“港区医院宣传”的任务交给我,是很明智的选择哦。嗯,宣传照的拍摄工作就交给你了,没问题吧,指挥官?「母港医療施設のタレントプロモーション」…ふふふ、いい選択ですわ。指揮官、宣材写真の撮影は任せてもよろしいのかしら?"Celebrity Endorsement of the Port Medical Facilities"... Hehehe, you've made a wise decision picking me. Commander, I can leave the ad shoot to you, right?
Login已经充分休息过了吧?今天也像往常一样,优雅地开始工作吧!休憩はもう十分?いつものように優雅に仕事を始めますわHave you rested enough? Let's get back to work, as gracefully as always.
Details这个操作台可是明石她们心血的结晶呢。指挥官有机会可以试试?当然,没机会使用自然是最好的,呵呵~このオペレーティングシステムは明石たちの研究の結晶ですわ。指揮官も一度お試しに……ならないほうが一番ですわ。ふふふThis operating system is the fruit of Akashi and the others' hard work. Would you like to try it out... Actually, I guess it's best if you don't. Hehehe.
Main这个装满了啾啾玩偶的大针筒其实也是宣传道具之一呢。嗯哼,其实还挺可爱的不是吗?饅頭ぬいぐるみをたくさん入れてある注射器――宣伝の小道具ですけど、中々可愛いとは思わなくて?ふふん♪This syringe filled with Manjuu plushies is an advertising prop, but isn't it quite adorable? Hehe~♪
Main 2某种意义上来说,比起在战场上消灭敌人,还是这种救死扶伤的工作更令人有成就感呢。ある意味、戦場で敵と戦うことより、こんな風に直接命を救うことに繋がる仕事のほうがやりがいを感じますわIn a way, saving lives directly like this feels more fulfilling than fighting enemies on the battlefield.
Main 3工作辛苦了,要不要顺便给你检查一下身体?现在的我好歹也是个护士呢。呵呵~お仕事ご苦労さまですわ。体のほう、軽く診てもよろしくて?今は「ナース役」ですもの。ふふふ♪Good work completing your duties, Commander. Would you like to get checked up? After all, I am a nurse right now. Hehe~♪
Touch嗯?需要我换个姿势吗?あら?ほかのポーズのほうがよろしくて?Oh? Would a different pose be better?
Touch (Special)看来,指挥官需要一点激烈些的“治疗”呢。指揮官には少し「ハデ」なトリートメントが必要のようですわねIt seems like you need some more intense treatment, Commander...
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description指挥官,这么阳光和煦的好天气,出门就应该不坐车,而是像这样骑着自行车享受微风,才更有“风雅”的感觉,不是吗?呵呵呵~♪指揮官、このうららかな陽気ですもの。お出かけは車ではなく、こうして自転車でゆっくりと楽しむのが風流ではなくて?ふふふ♪It would be a shame to pass on this lovely weather, Commander. Why have a dull commute by train when you can enjoy a leisurely bicycle ride in the sunlight, hm? Heehee♪
Acquisition指挥官,这么阳光和煦的好天气,出门就应该不坐车,而是像这样骑着自行车享受微风,才更有“风雅”的感觉,不是吗?呵呵呵~♪指揮官、このうららかな陽気ですもの。お出かけは車ではなく、こうして自転車でゆっくりと楽しむのが風流ではなくて?ふふふ♪It would be a shame to pass on this lovely weather, Commander. Why have a dull commute by train when you can enjoy a leisurely bicycle ride in the sunlight, hm? Heehee♪
Login指挥官,好好休息过了吗?今天的校园生活和工作都才刚刚开始哦?指揮官、しっかり休みましたか?学園も仕事も、今日はまだまだこれからですのよ?Have you had a good rest, Commander? You've got a long day of school and office work ahead of you.
Details和指挥官并肩一同悠闲地欣赏风景…感觉也不错呢。对了,能跟我说说比叡提过的那个能看到好风景的地方么?指揮官と肩を並べながら、のんびりと風景を眺めるのも悪くないですわ。さて、比叡の言っていたという絶景が見える場所、私にも教えてくださいませ?Walking with you and taking in the scenery is quite pleasant, actually. Say, how about showing me that vantage point with an apparently exquisite view Hiei spoke of earlier?
Main战斗是为了让大家能有这样安稳的日常,现在,我又一次确认了这点。戦うのはこの穏やかな日常をみんなにもたらすためだと、再確認できましたわThis outing has reaffirmed to me the reason why we fight – to restore peace to all the world.
Main 2这是雾岛在手工课上做的挂坠。还挺不错的吧?霧島が家庭科で作ったストラップですわ。なかなかよくできているでしょう?Kirishima made this charm in her home economics class. It's quite well-made, don't you think?
Main 3这些孩子们睡着了,呵呵,看着这天真可爱的睡脸,总会不自觉想起妹妹们呢。饅頭たち、寝ちゃってますわ。ふふ、気持ち良さそうな寝顔を見てるとなんだか妹たちを思い出しますわIt seems the manjuus fell asleep. Heehee, seeing their adorable at-rest faces somehow makes me think of my sisters.
Touch头发上沾了花瓣吗?哎呀…髪に花びらがついてました?あら…Oh, do I have a petal caught in my hair?
Touch (Special)你这不是没想过被风纪委员看到时的借口吗!?あなた、風紀委員に見られたときの言い訳を考えていないのではなくて?!Excuse me, have you even considered how you're going to explain yourself to the Morals Committee?
Mission Complete有句话说得好,任务的报酬是胜利的基础哦。任務の報酬は勝利の礎、といったところですわねThe fruits of missions form the foundation of victory, as someone wise once said.
Return to Port辛苦了。榛名应该是去社团活动了…我吗?既然总跟指挥官一起回去,不觉得是“回家社”吗?ご苦労さまですわ。榛名は部活にでも行っているのかしら…私?指揮官と一緒に帰っているから、「帰宅部」かしらね?Splendid work. I'd imagine Haruna went off to see her clubmates... As for me? I suppose I'm doing the same this very moment, my fellow going-straight-home clubmate.
Commission Complete指挥官,委托组的大家回来了呢。顺便去小卖部买些红茶犒劳她们吧?指揮官、委託組のみんなが戻ってきたようですわ。労いに購買で差し入れの紅茶を用意して差し上げましょうIt appears the commission team has returned. Shall we treat them to the tea I bought from the school canteen?
Flagship无论理论和实战,我都会完美搞定的!座学と実践、どちらもこなしてみせますわ!I excel in both theory and practice!
Victory胜利后吹来的风…这就是所谓“沁人心脾”的感觉吧?勝利の後に吹く風……これが「心にしみる」というフィーリングなのではなくて?Ah, the tailwind of victory. The very definition of envigorating, is it not?
Affinity (Love)校园的浪漫,就算一次也好,真想体验下呢!与喜欢的人一起回家,为喜欢的人做便当……哎呀,我犯傻了,明明已经体验到了呢。呵呵呵♪学園のロマンス、一度でいいから体験してみたいですわ!好きな方と一緒に下校したり、お弁当を作ってあげたり……あら、私、もう体験していますのにとぼけてしまって。ふふふ♪There is a number of school-related romantic things I hope to try at least once. For instance, walking home with my beloved, or making a lunch box and savouring it together... Oh, silly me, I've already done those! Heehee♪