Ticonderoga (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 511Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Aircraft CarrierRaritySuper Rare
NavyEagle UnionBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP1104 Reload48
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion13 Anti-air63
Aviation83 Cost0
ASW0 Luck72
HP4908 Reload92
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion54 Anti-air234
Aviation215 Cost0
ASW0 Luck76
Limit Break
Tier 1All fighters +1 | Aircraft efficiency +3%
Tier 2Hangar capacity +1 | All Dive Bombers +1 | Aircraft efficiency +5%
Tier 3All aircraft +1 | Aircraft efficiency +7%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Aircraft Carrier: Essex-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Wings of Soaring FlamesWhen this ship launches an Airstrike: launches an additional Lv.1 (Lv.10) special airstrike that has a chance to Burn enemies hit by it (Airstrike DMG is based on the skill's level; Burn DMG is based on this ship's AVI stat).???
Shielded AdvanceDecreases this ship's first 2 (4) instances of DMG taken by 30.0% (60.0%) every battle. At the start of the battle and every 20s after that: targets the ship in the frontmost position of your Vanguard and gives that ship a shield that blocks up to 6 shots, lasting for up to 8 seconds.???
Advanced Support FormationIncreases this ship's AVI by 4.0% (10.0%) . When sortied in a fleet with at least 2 CVs/CVLs: decreases your Flagship's DMG taken by 5.0% (15.0%) .???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description埃塞克斯级航空母舰—提康德罗加,舷号CV-14エセックス級航空母艦・タイコンデロガ(CV-14)Essex-class aircraft carrier – Ticonderoga, Hull Number CV-14.
Biography我是埃塞克斯级六号舰,也是第一位“长舰体”的埃塞克斯级。我曾经被叫做“汉考克”,之后改成了“提康德罗加”,以纪念那场意义重大的战争。……嗯,差不多就这些吧。エセックス級の6番艦にして、ロングハル型で作られた1番目の艦よ。かつては「ハンコック」と命名されそうになったけど、最終的にあの戦争を記念するために「タイコンデロガ」と名前を改められたわ。私の紹介はそんなところねThe sixth ship in the Essex-class, and the first in the class to have a long hull. I was once called "Hancock," but in the end, I was renamed to "Ticonderoga" in commemoration of the great war. That's about it.
Acquisition你好,我是今天开始入驻港区的提康德罗加——您看起来和传闻一样,是位十分优秀的指挥官呢,作为搞好关系的第一步,要不要来一个问候的拥抱呢?呵呵~Hi~今日からこの母港に着任するタイコンデロガよ。噂通り素敵な指揮官でよかったわ~仲良くなるための第一歩として挨拶のハグでもしない?ふふふHi there~ I'm Ticonderoga, the newest arrival at your port. Hmm, you look just as friendly as they said you'd be~ Thank goodness. So, how about a hug to start us off on the right foot? Hehe~
Login哎呀?指挥官看起来没什么精神呢~需要我做点什么让你打起精神来吗?具体做些什么?那就任君想象了~あら、指揮官はあまりコンディションがよくなさそうね…私が「何か」してあげようか?何って、ふふ、想像してみて?Oh my, you don't look that great... How about I do something special for you? What, you ask? Hehe, why don't you try imagining what it might be?
Details嗯…最近的演习暴露出不少问题呢…欸?指挥官!?未经允许就进入淑女的房间可不好哦!ふぅ…最近の演習で色々と問題が見つかったわね…指揮官!?もう、女の子の部屋に入る前は予め断っておいたほうがいいわよ?Sigh... The last exercise revealed a lot of problems... Commander?! Please, could you please knock before entering a lady's room?
Main月亮上都有些什么呢?东方传说中的月兔?外星人的秘密基地?有一天能亲自上去看看就好了呢~月に何があるかって?月のウサギさん?それとも異星人の秘密基地かな?ふふ、いつか自分で見に行ってみたいわWhat's on the moon, you wonder? A rabbit? Aliens? Hehe. Whatever it is, I'd like to see it for myself one day.
Main 2累了的话,肩膀可以借你靠一下哦。还是说,指挥官更想要膝枕呢?不过,要是被谁看到了的话,我可不负责哦?呵呵~疲れたら私に寄りかかって休んでもいいわ。あっ、もしかして膝枕の方が良かった?誰かに見られても知らないわよ~ふふIf you're tired, you can snuggle up to me and rest for a bit. Oh, would you rather have a lap pillow instead? Well, if someone walks in on us, I'll leave the explanations to you~ Hehe.
Main 3整理好的文件…还有指挥官的待办事项…嗯…应该…没有什么疏漏吧?整理済みの書類に指揮官のスケジュール…ふぅ…チェックに漏れはないよね?The files are organized, and the Commander's schedule is ready... Phew... I should be fine.
Touch分心可不行哦,指挥官。还是说…我在这里让你无法专心工作了?呵呵~开玩笑的~サボってはダメよ、指揮官。あら、もしかして私がいるからお仕事に集中できなくなってる?なんて、冗談よ♪You shouldn't slack off, Commander. Oh my, am I the distracting you from your work? Heheh, just kidding~♪
Touch (Special) 哎呀?我好像看到长得像青叶的人拿着相机走过去了哦?あら、さっき重桜の青葉さんに似た誰かがカメラを持ってここを通って行ったけど?My, are you sure you want to be doing this? I think I saw Aoba or someone passing by with a camera earlier.
Mission新任务还没有完成吗?嗯…没关系,指挥官按照自己的步调慢慢就好~新しい任務はまだ完成していないの?ええと…大丈夫、今は自分のペースでこなしてYou still haven't completed the new missions? Hmm... Well, it's fine for now. Just take care of them at your own pace.
Mission Complete任务完成的很出色哦,指挥官果然很优秀呢~任務、見事に完了したわ!やっぱり指揮官って優秀ねGreat job completing those missions! You're quite something, Commander!
Mail有你的信件,快看看吧,错过什么重要的信息就不好了~指揮官へのメールよ。早く確認したほうがいいわ。何かを見逃したら大変だからねThere's some mail for you, Commander. You should check them as soon as possible. After all, it'd be a disaster if you overlooked something.
Return to Port作战辛苦了,指挥官。稍微把手借我用一下——嘿咻…指挥官能感觉到疲劳正在缓解么?作戦お疲れ様、指揮官。ちょっとお手を拝借――ぎゅっと…ふふ、気持ちよさで疲労が抜けていく感じかしら?Good work on the operation, Commander. Give me your arm... Good, there we go. Hehe, doesn't it feel nice? Let all the fatigue dissipate, just like that!
Commission Complete委托组回来了,暂时放下手里的工作,一起去迎接她们吧~委託組が戻ってきたわ。ここは出迎えるのが先ねThe commissions team is back. We should go and greet them right away.
Enhancement这样就能变得更强了吧…嗯!これでより強くなって…うん!I've gotten even stronger... Great!
Flagship按照计划行动吧!プラン通りに行こう!Stick to the plan!
Victory哎呀,胜利了?多亏指挥官一直在大家身边呢~あら、勝ったわ。指揮官が皆のそばにいてくれたおかげよOh, we won. It's because you were by our side, Commander.
Defeat究竟是在哪一步出了问题…どこで間違えたのかしら……Where did we go wrong...
Skill是时候展现练习的成果了!修行の成果を見せる時ね!Let's show off the fruits of our labor!
Low HP左满舵,控制火势!取舵いっぱい!火勢に気をつけて!Hard to port! Watch out for fire!
Affinity (Upset)果然仅凭我已经无法帮助到指挥官了吗…私だけでは指揮官を助けるのは無理なのかしら…It seems I won't be able to save the Commander with my efforts alone...
Affinity (Stranger)要去巡视港区吗?那就…嘿咻~像这样挽住指挥官手臂的话…哎呀?指挥官难道讨厌我吗?还是说…担心被其他姐妹们看到呢~?母港の見回りに行くって?じゃあ…こうやって腕を軽く絡ませて~あら、指揮官って私のことが嫌いなの?それとも…ほかの子に見られたら困るの?You're going to head out on patrol? Then... wrap your arm around mine, just like this~ Oh, do you dislike me, Commander? Or... are you worried about the other girls' reactions?
Affinity (Friendly)港区里有许多优秀的伙伴呢,我也…必须更加努力才行。母港には優秀な仲間がいっぱいいるわね。私も…私も頑張らなくちゃ♪There are many excellent allies here at the port. I... I'll have to work hard, won't I~♪
Affinity (Like)跟指挥官的事情,好像真的在港区传开了呢…啊哈哈~……那样反而正好?…指、指挥官!?なんか私と指揮官について本当に変な噂が流れちゃっているわね…ね、狙い通り?…指揮官!?For some reason, it seems there are some strange rumors about the two of us floating about... Just as planned? ...Commander!
Affinity (Love)作为舰船,我并不算非常优秀,要成为能站在指挥官身边的人,也许还有很长的路要走。即便是这样的我,指挥官…也可以吗?艦船としてはそこまで優秀じゃないし、本気で指揮官のそばに立つにはまだまだ時間がかかるかもしれないけど…それでも私でいいの?私、指揮官のそばに立っていられる…?I'm not particularly noteworthy as a warship, and it might be a while until I can truly stand by your side as your equal... Even so, are you really fine with me? Can I really stay at your side?
Pledge!?…收、收到戒指的时候该说些什么才好呢…那个…我、我真的可以吗…?…对不起,太过高兴,感觉心脏都要坏掉了…!!…え、ええと、指輪を渡されたときは何を話せば…あの…わ、私なんかが本当にもらっていいの?ああ、ごめんなさい、ちょっとうれしすぎて心臓がバクバクしちゃって…Huh?! Uh, umm... What am I supposed to say in response to your proposal...? Uhh... You're really giving this to me? Ahh, I'm sorry, I'm just so happy that my heart is about to explode and I don't know what to do and ahh...
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In battle with Essex, Intrepid, Bunker Hill, Shangri-La来一套“埃塞克斯组合拳”吧~呵呵~エセックス・コンボで行こうかしら!ふふShall we show them our Essex-class synergy? Hehe~
In battle with Intrepid务必谨慎行事!落ち着いて行くわ…!Let's calm down and take this slowly!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship DescriptionIt's show time!演出的舞台已经准备好了哦~一起来享受这个美妙的舞台之夜吧,指挥官~イッツ・ショータイム!パフォーマンスもステージもオールレディよ!一緒に最高の夜を楽しもう!指揮官♪It's showtime! The stage is all set for the performance! Let's enjoy this perfect evening together, Commander~!
AcquisitionIt's show time!演出的舞台已经准备好了哦~一起来享受这个美妙的舞台之夜吧,指挥官~イッツ・ショータイム!パフォーマンスもステージもオールレディよ!一緒に最高の夜を楽しもう!指揮官♪It's showtime! The stage is all set for the performance! Let's enjoy this perfect evening together, Commander~!
Login还是没什么精神?那就来点特别的表演让指挥官精神起来吧!嗯…魔术秀之类的怎么样呢?あまり気分が乗ってない?じゃあなにか出し物で元気づけてあげようか?…マジックとか?Are you down in the dumps? Well, how about I cheer you up with a little show? ...A magic trick, perhaps?
Details虽然已经排练过许多次,不过真的到上台的时候还是挺紧张的呢,我果然还是……何回も練習してきたけど、いざ本番となるとやっぱり緊張するわね…やっぱり私ってちょっとダメなのかしら…No matter how many times I practice, when it comes time for the performance, I can't help but get nervous... Maybe I'm not really cut out for this...
Main既然是快乐的舞台秀,那就暂时放下工作的烦恼,投入全身心享受就行了哦,指挥官?今は仕事なんて放っといて楽しいステージに集中して頂戴♪指揮官♪Forget about work for the time being and keep your eyes on the excitement, Commander~♪
Main 2这次的幸运观众是~~指挥官!请上台来一起进行特别的互动演出吧!来~不要害羞嘛~幸運にも選ばれた方は――指揮官よ!はい、恥ずかしがらずに、ステージに上って一緒に盛り上げようじゃない♪And the lucky volunteer is... the Commander! Here, no need to feel embarrassed! Come up onstage and join in on the fun~♪
Main 3接下来的演出项目是~~~埃塞克斯级的航空秀!敬请期待~次はエセックス級による飛行ショー!ぜひ、お楽しみに!Next up, the Essex's air show! Feast your eyes on the performance!
Touch哎呀?指挥官也想一起上台表演吗?指揮官もステージに上がってみたいの?Commander, did you want to come up on stage as well?
Touch (Special)哎呀?大家都在看着的哦,指挥官?あら?指揮官、みんなが見てるわよ?Oh? Commander, everyone's looking at us, you know?
Victory谢幕鞠躬~开玩笑的~ご覧いただき感謝です!…ふふ、冗談よ♪I hope you'll all come back for more! ...Hehe, just kidding~♪
Defeat看来排练得还是不够呢…リハーサルが足りないようね……I guess we didn't rehearse enough...
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Login指挥官,今天的状态看起来不错呢~欸?还是想让我“做点什么”吗?好、好吧…指揮官、今日のコンディションはいいみたいね~私に「何か」してほしいの?わ、分かったわっCommander, you seem to be in perfect condition today~ Want me to do "something nice" for you? O-okay, okay.
Details指挥官?这就给你开门……哎,房门本来就开着?这、这样…指揮官?今ドアを開けて…あら、部屋のドアが開いていた?そ、そうだったわね…Commander? I'll get the door for you... Oh, it's already unlocked? Uhh, I see...
Main和无畏一起观星确实很有意思呢。毕竟我们的爱好还是很接近的嘛,各方面来说~イントレピッドと一緒に星を眺めるのが好きよ。趣味が色々近いみたい。ふふI love going stargazing with Intrepid. Really, it's surprising how much our interests align.
Main 2嗯,好孩子好孩子~做得很棒哦♪はい、いい子いい子~頑張ったわね~私も♪There there, Commander~ You've done such a good job, haven''t you~ Of course, I have too~♪
Main 3指挥官,文件没什么问题吧?啊,我是说刚才我整理好的那些,没什么,只是有那么点在意……指揮官、書類は大丈夫だった?あっ、私がさっき提出した書類のことよ。ちょっとだけ気になっててCommander, are those documents good to go? Oh, I mean the ones I gave you earlier. I was worried I might have made a mistake or two.
Return to Port作战辛苦了—诶,把手借你一下吗?…嗯?!指挥官按得好舒服…!作戦お疲れ様。…あら、手を伸ばしてって?はぁ…んん!?き、気持ちいい…!Good job out there, Commander. Huhh, you want to see my arm? Sure–ahhn?! Th-that felt amazing...!
Affinity (Love)辛苦了,指挥官,有什么事?…约会?!好、好的,如果我可以的话…唔,不对,我得占据主动才行,嗯!那就跟我走吧—…诶,不是现在吗?お疲れ様、指揮官、何か用?デート?…!はい、こんな私でよければ…じゃなくて、私がリードしてあげるからついてきて…あ、あれ?今じゃないの?Good work, Commander. Did you need anything? A date...? Why yes, of course! As long as you're fine with me... Err, no, I'll be taking the lead today, so come with me... H-huh? You don't mean right now?