Hornet II (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 572Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Aircraft CarrierRaritySuper Rare
NavyEagle UnionBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP1106 Reload48
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion13 Anti-air63
Aviation83 Cost0
ASW0 Luck76
HP4918 Reload92
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion54 Anti-air235
Aviation216 Cost0
ASW0 Luck80
Limit Break
Tier 1All fighters +1 | Aircraft efficiency +3%
Tier 2Hangar capacity +1 | All Dive Bombers +1 | Aircraft efficiency +5%
Tier 3All aircraft +1 | Aircraft efficiency +7%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Aircraft Carrier: Essex-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Hornet's StingWhen this ship launches an airstrike: launches a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special airstrike with aircraft torpedoes and rockets (DMG is based on the skill's level); inflicts a special Burn ailment to enemies hit by these rockets (Burn DMG is based on this ship's AVI stat). Increases this ship's DMG dealt to enemy CLs and CVLs by 4.0% (10.0%) .???
Flying AceIncreases this ship's AVI and ACC by 5.0% (15.0%) and increases her Fighter aircraft gear slot efficiency by 5.0% (15.0%) . Every time this ship's aircraft shoot down an enemy aircraft: increases this ship's AVI by 1.0% (4.0%) (can be stacked up to 3 times).???
The Dancing Grey GhostWhen the battle starts, increases this ship's EVA by 5.0% (15.0%) and decreases her DMG taken by 1.0% (10.0%) . Once per battle, when this ship's max HP falls below 30.0% as a result of DMG taken: this ship's Detection Gauge value is set to 0 and your Main Fleet takes no Ramming DMG for 8s.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description埃塞克斯级航空母舰—大黄蜂II,舷号CV-12エセックス級空母――ホーネットⅡ(CV-12)Essex-class aircraft carrier – Hornet II, Hull Number CV-12.
Biography埃塞克斯级空母,获得全新力量的大黄蜂大人就是我啦!不过老实说,除了舰装和战斗力之外,相比之前差别不大…指挥官,别看我这样我还是很感激的哦?エセックス級空母、新しい力を手にしたホーネット様とは私のこと!まあ、正直に言えばカンレキと艤装と戦闘力以外は前と大して変わらないけど…指揮官、こう見えてもとても感謝しているよ?It's me, the mighty, new-and-improved Hornet, now an Essex-class aircraft carrier! Well, to be honest, besides the history, the outfit, and the combat power, I'm still pretty much the same girl inside! ...Hey, just because I look a little different doesn't mean I'm not real grateful to you~
Acquisition我是别名“灰色幽灵”的大黄蜂!哈哈,差不多真的想让人称呼我为大黄蜂大人了呢♪总之,指挥官,今后也多多关照啦!「グレイゴースト」の通り名をもつホーネットとは私のこと!はは、そろそろ本気でホーネット様って呼ばれたいかな♪とにかく指揮官、これからもよろしく!"The Grey Ghost" Hornet that everyone's talking about is me! Haha, maybe it's time for everyone to start calling me Ma'am! Anyway, let's keep getting things done, Commander!
Login全新的大黄蜂前来你的办公室报到啦!哈哈,指挥官,早上好!新しいホーネット様が、あなたの執務室にただいま参上!ははは、指揮官、おはよう!The new and improved Hornet has arrived at the office! Hahaha, that's a good mornin' to ya, Commander!
Details啊哈哈,果然是对全新的大黄蜂动心了吗?别害羞别害羞,这点事我早就发现啦♪あはは、新しいホーネットに惚れ直したかにゃ?照れない照れない、それぐらいは気づいているんだから♪Ahaha, have you fallen in love with the new and improved me all over again? No need to be ashamed about it; it was written all over your face~
Main现在的大黄蜂会思考怎样才能比企业姐更快变强,而不是怎样才能赢过企业姐!当然,我也没打算一直输给企业姐哦?どうすればエンプラ姉に勝つかじゃなくて、どうすればエンプラ姉より早く強くなれるかを考えるのが、今のホーネットよ!まあ、エンプラ姉にずっと負けっぱなしでいるつもりはないけど?I'm not worried about catchin' up to Enty's shadow anymore – I'm now thinkin' about how to become stronger and faster than her! After all, I can't be playing second fiddle to her forever~
Main 2那是…北安普敦?嗨~北安普顿!……啊哈哈,还是老样子一样木头呢~还是说面对指挥官害羞了呢?あれは…ノーザンプトン?おーいノーザンプトン!……あはは、相変わらずお固いのね~。それとも指揮官相手に恥ずかしがってる?Is that... Northampton? Hey, Northampton! ...Ahaha, stubborn as always~ Or is she just shy around you?
Main 3即使有自信,不好好认清状况也会吃亏的。所谓“在开战之前就已经决出胜负了”说的就是这样的道理啦。自信があっても、状況をよく見極めないと損しちゃうね。戦いが始まる前に勝敗が決しているのはそういうことEven if you're confident, you're still going to lose if you don't assess the situation carefully. The victor is decided before the battle even begins.
Touch想让我来帮你工作吗?仕事を応援して欲しいのかにゃ?Need me to lend a hand?
Touch (Special)这,这样摸的话我会害羞的……そ、そんなに触られたら恥ずかしくなるわよぉ……E-even I'll get embarrassed if you touch me like that...
Mission天气好干劲也足,这就是适合做任务的日子啦!いい天気でやる気もバッチリ、ミッション日和とはこういうことよ!The weather's great and I'm raring to go. It's a perfect day for tackling some missions!
Mission Complete任务奖励送来了!先检查下有没有缺漏吧。ミッションボーナスが届いたよ!まずは漏れがないかチェックしないとねYour mission rewards are in! Make sure none of 'em leaked out first though.
Mail妙技!魔毯作战!……呃,这个名字似乎有点…妙技!マジックカーペットデリバリー!……うーん、ちょっとこのネーミングはどうだろう…Perfect! It's the Magic Carpet Delivery System! ...Hmm, I don't know how to feel about that name...
Return to Port咻~♪指挥官,今天也很帅气呢!慰问品的饮料接好啦……哇?!没,没事吧?ヒュー♪指揮官、今日もかっこよかったわよ!差し入れのドリンクを受け取って…はわわ!?だ、大丈夫?Whew~♪ Commander, you looked spiffy out there as always! Here's an ice-cold one for ya... Woah! Are you okay there?
Commission Complete呵欠…不行,又困了…诶,委托组的同伴们已经回来了?ふはぁああ…いけない、また眠くなっちゃった…えっ、委託組の子たちはもう帰ってきてるの?*yaaawn*... Shoot, can't be dozing off now... Uhh, our commission buddies are already back?
Enhancement能力提升了哦!パワーアップ!したわよ♪I've powered up~!
Flagship战斗指挥所管制上线,攻击形态变换完成——一起大干一场吧!戦闘指揮所管制接続、攻撃態勢移行完了――全艦、派手に行くわよ!Battle station connection established, attack formation ready to go – All ships, let's slug this one out!
Victory舒爽地大获全胜!指挥官呢?好好地出了一身汗吧?すっきりとした大勝利!指揮官は?いい感じで汗かいたでしょ?That win was a pretty good workout! How 'bout you, Commander? Work up a good sweat?
Defeat全新的大黄蜂……是不会在此结束的!新しいホーネットは…こんなところで終わらないわよ!The new and improved Hornet... ain't gonna fall here!
Skill就此结束吧!これで終わりってね!Now, you're done for!
Low HP还没完!接下来才是逆转局势之时!まだよ!これから逆転なんだからっ!This ain't over! I'm just getting ready to make my comeback!
Affinity (Upset)指挥官到底是迟钝还是糊涂,真是搞不清楚呢……指揮官って鈍感なのか、それともボケているのか、よく分からないよ……Say, Commander, are you really that dumb, or just playing? I really can't tell sometimes...
Affinity (Stranger)为了最喜欢的指挥官,大黄蜂带来了亲手做的慰问品!请尽情享用♪…看,和企业姐和约克城姐的都不一样吧?大好きな指揮官のために、ホーネットから手料理の差し入れよ!たーんと召し上がれ♪…ほら、エンプラ姉やヨークタウン姉のとも違うでしょ?I've prepared some home cooking for my beloved Commander! Dig right in~♪ Look, it's totally different from what Enty and Yorktown make, right?
Affinity (Friendly)嗯?难道比起粘人的大黄蜂,指挥官更喜欢有点闹别扭的大黄蜂吗?那还真是抱歉了,因为大黄蜂可不会…还是要看对方的啦。ん?もしかしてデレデレのホーネットより、ちょっとスネたホーネットのほうが好みだったりして?それはごめんね、だってホーネットは……相手によるね。うんHmm? You prefer it better when I'm pouty versus when I'm lovey-dovey? Well, that's too bad. Because... it all depends on who I'm dealing with. Yup~
Affinity (Like)先不说企业姐,就算约克城姐和指挥官交往了我也不会嫉妒的。如果是瑞鹤,提康德罗加或者北安普顿的话…也没什么呢。咦?大黄蜂真的有闹别扭的要素吗?エンプラ姉はいいとして、ヨークタウン姉が指揮官と付き合っても別に妬いたりしないわね。瑞鶴やタイコ、ノーザンプトンは…まあ別に?あれ?スネる要素って本当はない?Leaving Enty aside, I wouldn't mind if you went out with Yorktown. I'd be totally fine with Zuikaku, Ty, or Northampton too... Nope, don't mind at all. Me? Being surly? Why, I'd never.
Affinity (Love)勉强自己违心也不好,太过在意其他伙伴也没意义。大黄蜂是属于指挥官的大黄蜂,只要有这点就足够啦。——嗯!无论发生什么时候我都会对你说,最喜欢你了!まあ、無理して自分を曲げるのもよくないし、変にほかの子を意識してもしょうがない。私は指揮官のホーネット、それだけで十分だよ。――うん!どんなことがあっても大好きって言ってあげる!Well, there's no point being hung up on it, and it's not like I can control who you see. All that matters is that I'm your Hornet, and that's enough for me. Eeeyup! And I'll always love you, no matter what!
Pledge呼…呼……好,准备完毕…来,指挥官,可以开始戒指的仪式了吗?即使不会让既定的事实改变,仪式也还是很重要的!はぁ…はぁ……よし、準備完了…さあ、指揮官、指輪の儀式をもう始めちゃってもいい?例え何も変わらなくても大事なのは大事だからねっ!Hoo... Haah... Alright, I'm ready! C'mon, Commander, are you ready to put a ring on it? Even if nothing is really gonna change, the ceremony is sometimes what matters!
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In battle with Ticonderoga提康德罗加,下次放假去哪里?タイコ、今度の非番日はどこいく?Ty, where are you headed on your next day off?
In battle with Enterprise, Yorktown, Yorktown II一起配合着上吧!コンビネーションでいくわよ! Let's show 'em our teamwork!
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Ship Description这下“港区最快”就是我的啦!…哈哈哈,指挥官!看到刚才大黄蜂的英姿了吗?虽然非常想给你看看,但没办法再来一次比赛……之后会来载你的,等着我哦♪母港最速、いただきぃ!…ははは、指揮官!今のホーネットの勇姿、ちゃんと見てた?もう1回見せてあげたいのは山々だけど、流石に試合はやり直しが効かないから…というわけで、あとで乗せてあげるからよろしく♪The title of fastest in the port is miiiine, hahaha! Commandeer, did you see how badass I was just now? There's a whole lot more I'd like to show you, but it'll hafta wait 'til the next race... Well, I'll let you ride with me later, so look forward to it~♪
Acquisition这下“港区最快”就是我的啦!…哈哈哈,指挥官!看到刚才大黄蜂的英姿了吗?虽然非常想给你看看,但没办法再来一次比赛……之后会来载你的,等着我哦♪母港最速、いただきぃ!…ははは、指揮官!今のホーネットの勇姿、ちゃんと見てた?もう1回見せてあげたいのは山々だけど、流石に試合はやり直しが効かないから…というわけで、あとで乗せてあげるからよろしく♪The title of fastest in the port is miiiine, hahaha! Commandeer, did you see how badass I was just now? There's a whole lot more I'd like to show you, but it'll hafta wait 'til the next race... Well, I'll let you ride with me later, so look forward to it~♪
Login啊,指挥官!啊哈哈,抱歉哦?刚才溅了一身水吧?就当做突然来了波大浪吧♪あ、しきかーん!あははは!ごめんね?今のでしぶきがかかっちゃった?まあ、高浪が急にやってきたと思って観念なさいな♪Oh, Commander~! Ahahaha, sorry! Did I get you all wet? Well, just think of it as having had a big wave crash down on you~!
Details啊呀,看来是迷上大黄蜂的泳衣打扮了吧?不用害羞也可以的哦?大黄蜂本来就打算夺走指挥官的心——开玩笑的♪ははーん、さてはホーネットの水着姿に心奪われたかにゃ?別に恥ずかしがらなくていいよ?最初から指揮官の心を奪うのがホーネットの狙いだもん――なんてね♪Heheh~ Has my bewitching, swimsuit-clad figure stolen your heart? No need to be shy about it. That was my aim from the start, after all... Just kidding~♪
Main约克城姐的泳装,很厉害吧?其实是我选的呢。也就是说如果指挥官看呆了的话,其中就有大黄蜂的功劳在哦,呵呵。ヨークタウン姉の水着、すごいでしょ?実は私が選んだんだ。指揮官がもし見とれてたなら、それはホーネットのおかげでもあるわけ。ふふふIsn't Yorktown's swimsuit simply breathtaking? You know, I was the one who picked it out. If it knocked the wind right out of your lungs, it's all thanks to me, hehe!
Main 2好久没有以玩耍为目的出海了,这种时候就要尽情享受才是!久しぶりに遊び目的で海に出たからね、こういうときは思いっきり楽しまないと!I've finally come to the beach to have some fun, so it's time to enjoy the day to the fullest!
Main 3比起泳池,果然还是大海舒服呢。这风,这无拘无束的感觉!哈啊~真舒服~プールよりやっぱり海のほうがいいわね。この風、そして開放感!はぁ~いい気持ち~The beach is loads better than the pool. This wind, this feeling of freedom~! Whew~ It just feels so darn good~!
Touch指挥官也骑骑看吗?我会为你加油的哦?指揮官も乗ってみない?応援してあげるわよ?Want a ride, Commander? I'll cheer you on~
Touch (Special)来,从后面好好抓紧我……哇哇?!指挥官?!はーい、後ろでしっかり私につかまって……わわ!?指揮官!?C'mere, grab on tight from behind... Wha, wha?! Commander?!!
Return to Port呼…出了好一身汗呢……指挥官也来一瓶吗?运动后的酸素……碳酸饮料很棒哦?ふぅ…いい感じに汗をかいたわね…指揮官も一本どぉ?運動したあとの酸素…炭酸ドリンクは最高よ?Whew... Worked up a good sweat... You want one as well, Commander? A nice can of Oxy-Cola after exercise... Nothing beats ice-cold pop after a workout~
Commission Complete委托组的伙伴们已经回来了~我先去迎接啦!委託組の子たちが戻ってきたわよ~。先に出迎えに行ってくるねー!The girls are back from their commission~ I'll go on ahead to greet them~!
Flagship舰装能量全线链接……准备飞驰了哦!艤装エネルギー全段直結…飛ばすわよ!Rigging energy supply connected, all systems go! Time to send 'em flying!
Victory连大浪都征服了的大黄蜂,这些敌人当然不是对手啦!波をも制覇した、ホーネット様の相手じゃなかったってことで!Just means you were no match for Hornet, conquerer of waves!
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Login文件ok,疲劳时的啤酒也ok……啊,指挥官!不好意思啦,我来得有点早……那么,开始今天的工作吧♪書類よし、お疲れのときのエールもよしっと……あ、指揮官!ごめんね、ちょっとだけ早く来ちゃって…さて、今日の仕事を始めよっか♪Paperwork, check. Alcoholic drinks for unwinding, check... Oh, Commander! Sorry, I didn't expect you this early. Now let's get to work~♪
Details直,直接当着面跟我说再次对我动心,还是很害羞的…啊哈哈哈…大黄蜂对指挥官也一样哦♪め、面と向かって惚れ直したって言われたらやっぱり恥ずかしいわね…あははは…うん。ホーネットも指揮官に惚れ直したわよ♪I-it's pretty embarrassing when someone says they've fallen for you all over again right to your face... Ahahaha... Y'know what? I've fallen for you all over, too, Commander~♪
Main约克城姐,虽然看上去不怎么在意,不过其实很想得到指挥官关注的。我也一样就是了……啊哈哈,指挥官真不容易呢~ヨークタウン姉、ああ見えても本当は指揮官に振り向いてほしいの。そりゃ私も同じだけど……あはは、指揮官は大変だね~You might not realize it, but Yorktown really wants you to pay attention to her. Same here, too, but... Ahaha! Popularity can be rough, huh, Commander?
Main 2指挥官是不是想着难题,用脑过度了?看,头上都冒烟了…开玩笑的!稍微休息下吧♪指揮官はちょっと難しいこと考えすぎてた?ほら、頭の上から湯気が立ってるし…うそうそ!ちょっと休みなよ、ね♪Is your brain overheating, Commander? Look, there's steam rising from your head... Kidding, kidding! Take a break, 'kay?
Touch (Special)啊呜……是,是不是再害羞点…比较好…?あぅ……も、もうちょっと恥ずかしがったほうがよかったり……する…?Ohh... D-do you want me to feel a bit more... flustered...?
Mission Complete任务报酬回收完毕!配合得不错!提康德罗加,普林斯顿!ミッションボーナスの回収終了!ナイスコンビネーション!タイコ!プリンストン!Mission bonus received! Great teamwork, Ty and Princeton!
Return to Port今天也给帅气的指挥官送上补充体力的饮料——nice catch!虽然只是递给你而已啦~今日もイケてる指揮官に体力補充のドリンクを――ナイスキャッチ!って、普通に手渡しただけだけどLookin' good, Commander! How's about a drink to put some pep in your—Ooh, nice catch! Even if... Well, I just handed it to you.
Commission Complete委托组的伙伴们已经回来了。这时候指挥官应该做的就是——哈哈哈,很懂嘛♪委託組の子たちが戻ってきたわよ。ここで指揮官がすべきことといえば――ははは、分かってるじゃない♪Looks like the girls are back from their commission. You know what you gotta do, right? Hahaha, of course you do!
Skill就像“嗙”地一声这样!バァーン!って感じで!Kaboom! Just like that!