Natori (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 184Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Light CruiserRarityElite
NavySakura EmpireBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP494 Reload67
Firepower27 Torpedo54
Evasion31 Anti-air58
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW34 Luck43
HP2120 Reload129
Firepower75 Torpedo149
Evasion119 Anti-air218
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW86 Luck45
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault Ⅰ | AA gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Torpedo efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Torpedo efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Light Cruiser: Nagara-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Hiranuma's ProtectionWhen the battle starts: deploys a barrier (lasts 20s) that can negate up to 5.0% (10.0%) of this ship's max HP in DMG. For the first 30s of battle, when this ship fires her Main Guns: fires an additional Lv.1 (Lv.10) supporting barrage from battleship Hiranuma (DMG is based on the skill's level). While this ship is afloat: decreases your CLs' DMG taken by 4.5% (12.0%) .???
Secret Cheat Code Powers!Increases this ship's FP and TRP by 1.0% (10.0%) . When this ship's All Out Assault skill activates: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level).???
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Nagara Class once every 8 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description长良级轻巡洋舰—名取長良型軽巡洋艦-名取Nagara-class light cruiser – Natori.
Biography我是长良型三号舰名取!是重樱的轻巡洋舰,平时驱使单装炮和水上侦察机战斗…不过这都是伪装形态,其实我是龙的化身!我能(用炮弹)击碎岩石,(用舰装)在海上驰骋!怎么样?厉害吧!長良型3番艦の名取だ!重桜の軽巡洋艦で、単装砲や水偵を使って戦うぞ…というのは実は仮の姿で、あてはドラゴンの化身なのだ!その力は岩を(砲弾で)砕き、海を(艤装で)駆ける!どう?すごいでしょ!I'm Natori, the third Nagara-class ship! As a light cruiser of the Sakura Empire, I often tell people that I fight with single-mounted guns and water scouting craft... But that is a ruse! For I am the incarnation of a dragon! My strength shatters boulders (with cannonballs) and soars over the sea (with my rigging)! So? Impressed?
Acquisition“嚯嚯嚯,这小鬼就是指挥官么?真是一副不可靠的样子~”姆,不要打断我!哼,我是最强的轻巡洋舰名取,这个是跟我一起的老爷子平沼!以后请多关照!「フォッフォッフォッ、小僧が指揮官か~。全く頼りない面構えじゃの~」 むぅ、あてのセリフを遮るな!ふん、あては最強の軽巡名取、そしてこっちはお供の爺のヒラヌマだ!これからよろしくな!"Nuo ho ho! So this young whippersnapper here's the Commander! You don't look all that reliable to me~!" ...Argh, do not interrupt me when I am speaking! Ahem– I am the strongest light cruiser Natori, and this is my partner, Old Man Hiranuma! Nice to meet you!
Login♪~今天也因为太强而痛苦着~指挥官,来陪我吧!…不是指工作,是想一起玩啦!♪~今日もあてが最強すぎてつらいな~。指揮官、あての相手をしろ!…仕事ではなく遊びだぞ!♪~ I'm just so strong that I suffer from success~ Commander, join me! ...Not for work! For fun!
Details哼,告诉指挥官你一件特别的事……..其实这不是鬼的角,是龙的角哦!很厉害吧?“没错,就是龙。老爷子我说是就是,绝对没错的。”指揮官にとっておきのことを教えてやる。…実はこの角は鬼のじゃなくてドラゴンの角なんだぞ!すごいでしょ?「そうそう、ドラゴンなのじゃぞ。わしがそう言うんじゃ。間違いない」Hmph. Let me share some little-known information with you, Commander. These aren't oni horns; they're dragon horns! Isn't that incredible? "Yes, yes, a dragon. I say so, and that means it is fact!"
Main要解放我的力量的话,需要先通过试炼才行哦?那到时候你会跟我一起来的对吧,指挥官!あての力を開放するには試練が必要なんでしょ?なら、その時はついてきてくれるよね、指揮官!I must pass a trial to unlock my true power, no? Come with me when the time is right, Commander!
Main 2肚子饿了~啊,指挥官!快请我吃饭吧~“老爷子我就点个布丁做甜点了。”おなかすいたな~。あ、指揮官!ねぇねぇご飯おごってよぉー「わしはデザートにプリンを所望するぞ」Ah, I'm hungry... Oh, Commander! Hey, treat me to a meal! "I desire pudding for dessert!"
Main 3“顺带一提,还有很多提高你能力值的方法~比如把数值……”所以说老爷子,就是让你教我这个方法啦!「ちなみにお主の能力値をあげる方法はまだまだあるぞい。例えばぱらめーたーとやらを…」だーかーら!爺はそのやり方を教えろってのよ!"By the way, there are plenty of ways to raise your attributes~ For example, these stats..." Old man, would you just cut to the chase and tell me how?!
Main 4等,等等,长良姐!我会好好收拾的,所以别扔掉我的漫画...对了,由良拜托了!就一会儿,让我藏在你那边吧!ま、まって長良姉ぇ!ちゃ、ちゃんとあてが片付けるからマンガを捨てないでぇ…そうだ!由良おねがい!ちょっとだけでいいから、そっちの部屋に隠させて!W-wait, Nagara! I-I'll clean it up, I promise, just don't throw away my manga... I know! Yura, let me hide them in your room for a little while!
Touch...?怎么了?找我有事?…?どうした?あてに何か用?...Mm? What? Do you need me?
Touch (Special)你要对我做什么啦——!あてに何するのだー!What are you doing to me?!
Touch (Headpat)唔唔,别随便摸我的头!ぬぬ、あての頭を気安くなでるな!Nngh, do not stroke my hair so casually!
Mission任务还没完成吗?所以说凡人就是不行啊…让我来的话,一眨眼就搞定了!任務がまーだ終わっていないの?これだから凡人は…あてにかかればあっという間に片付けられるぞYou STILL haven't finished your missions? Ugh, you average people... I'd have them done in the blink of an eye.
Mission Complete咦?任务已经做完了!为什么老爷子你不告诉我啦——!あれ?もう任務が終わってるよ!爺はなんで教えてくれなかったのだー!Huh? The Commander's missions are finished already?! Old man, why didn't you tell me?!
Mail如果有未读邮件,图标上就会提示你,类似这样的便利功能如何……“你太依赖别人了。让老爷子我来提醒那小鬼吧”未読メールがあると、アイコンが知らせてくれるとか、そういう便利機能とかは……「人に頼りすぎじゃぞ。ほれ、わしが小僧に知らせてやるのじゃ」If only there was some convenient feature that lets you know with an icon that you had unread mail... "You rely too much on humans. Here, I will notify the whippersnapper."
Return to Port噢~工作告一段落了对吧!那今天就到此为止!去约长良姐逛逛街……一仕事終わったな!なら今日はもうおしまい!長良姉を誘って買いものにでも……Ooh~ You've finished your work! Then the workday is over! Maybe I'll go shopping with Nagara, or...
Commission Complete去委托的家伙们回来了,你注意到了吗?呵呵,能跟上我的第六感,你还挺能干的。委託に出てた奴らが戻ってきたの、気がついてる?ふふ、あての超感覚についてこられるとは、なかなかやるなDid you notice the commission girls are back? Heheh, you're not bad if you can keep up with my super senses.
Enhancement哦!力量...力量涌上来了!“能力值”正在不断上升!おぉ!力が…力がみなぎってくる!「ぱらめーたー」がどんどん上がっていくぞ!Ooh! My power... My power is surging! My stats are going through the roof!
Flagship对付你们,我动动小指就足够了お前たちなんて、あての小指だけで十分だぞI could defeat you all with one pinky finger.
Victory真以为能扛住龙的一击吗?“真是个愚蠢的家伙”ドラゴンの一撃に耐えられるとでも思った?「全く愚かなやつじゃの」Did you think you could withstand a dragon's might? "I've never seen a more foolish foe!"
Defeat这可不是失败!是战略性撤退!!これは敗北ではない!戦略的撤退だ!!This is not defeat! It's strategic withdrawal!
Skill这是我隐藏的力量,看招吧!あての秘めし力、くらえー!!Behold, my latent power!
Low HP唔,没关系的!只要用上开挂能力就应该能应付过去…!くっ、大丈夫だ!チート能力を使えばなんとかなるはず…!Kh, I'm fine! If I use my cheat skills, I can make it out of this...!
Affinity (Upset)你说的话都是空口骗人的,我才不信你……お前の言ってることは口先だけの嘘ばっかだ。信じないぞ……Everything you say is a cheap lie. I don't trust you...
Affinity (Stranger)我只告诉指挥官哦:其实只要我闭上一只眼睛,然后像这样一使劲,就能发出激光了!——老爷子是这么告诉我的。因为破坏力太强,所以我从来没用过呢。指揮官だけに教えてやろう。実はあて、片眼をつぶって、こうぎゅー!ってやるとビームが撃てるって爺が言ってたぞ。あまりにも破壊力が強すぎるから、一度も使ったことがないのだI'll share this with you alone, Commander. If I close one eye and push like this, I can shoot laser beams! Or so this old geezer says. I've never tried, because it's far too destructive.
Affinity (Friendly)嗯嗯,你终于认识到我的力量了吧。没错!只要用我的力量,就能让商店新玩具的价格翻三倍!…嗯?你说这有什么用?そっかそっか。お前もやっと、あての力が分かるようになったか。そう!あての力を使えば購買部の新しいおもちゃの値段を3倍にできるのだ!…ん?何に使うって?I see, I see. So you finally understand my strength. That's right! I can use this ability to triple the price of toys in the port stores! ...Hm? What is that good for?
Affinity (Like)你真是不懂行……如果能把价格翻三倍,那我把便宜买进的东西再倒手卖给店家,就赚翻天了!羡慕吗?……你,你不羡慕吗?!分かっていないなぁ…値段を3倍にできれば、安く買っておいたものを売ればうはうはだぞ!羨ましいか?……う、羨ましくないのか?!You just don't understand. If I can triple prices, then I can resell what I purchase for massive profits! Jealous? ...Y-you're not jealous?!
Affinity (Love)呜呜,好感度的“数值”上升太多了。这样下去日常行动都会受影响…爷爷是这么跟我说的!指挥官,你要怎么补偿我啦!うぅ、好感度の「ぱらめーたー」が上がりすぎだ。これじゃ日々の行動にも支障が…って爺が教えてくれたぞ!指揮官、どうしてくれる!Hmm, my "affinity" stat has gone up too high. My old man says this is going to interfere with my daily work! Commander, what do you plan to do about this?!
Pledge呜呜,我已经无法离开指挥官…你总是守护着我,不管什么都会认真听我说…这样太坏了!这究竟是什么?是指挥官的陷阱吗!?是吗!?うぅ、もう指揮官の側から離れられない…あての事をいつも見ててくれるし、何を言ってもちゃんと聞いてくれるし…そんなのずるいだろ!なんだこれ?指揮官の罠か!?そうなのか!?Oh, I can't leave your side anymore, Commander... You always look after me, and you listen to the things I say... That's just unfair! What is this, your trap?! Is that it?!
In battle with Naka好,那珂,我们一起冲!よーし、那珂、一緒に突入だ!Alriiight! Naka, it's time to charge in!
In battle with Isuzu五十铃姐,我可以跟在你后面吗?五十鈴姉、後ろついてってもいい? Isuzu, can I follow behind you?
In battle with Abukuma阿武隈,你再东张西望就会撞到的哦!あんまりよそ見してるとぶつかっちゃうよ、阿武隈!Keep your eyes forward, or you'll run into me, Abukuma!
In battle with Shoukaku航空支援就拜托了!羽鸟!航空支援を頼んだぞ!カデクル! Requesting air support, Kadekuru!
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Ship Description嗯哼♡指挥官,怎么样?是不是被我的魅力迷得神魂颠倒了~?呵呵,你呆住了哦?是不是想夸我都想不到该怎么夸了?“别光看着,小鬼快夸她啊!”むっふん♡指揮官、どうだ?あての魅力にメロメロか~?ふふふ、固まったぞ?さてはどう褒めるか言葉も浮かばないのか?「見ていないで早く褒めるのじゃ!」Mmfhuhu~♡ What's the matter, Commander? Enraptured by my charms? Heehee, you're frozen in place! You can't begin to think of how to compliment me, can you? "Enough staring, out with the compliments!"
Acquisition嗯哼♡指挥官,怎么样?是不是被我的魅力迷得神魂颠倒了~?呵呵,你呆住了哦?是不是想夸我都想不到该怎么夸了?“别光看着,小鬼快夸她啊!”むっふん♡指揮官、どうだ?あての魅力にメロメロか~?ふふふ、固まったぞ?さてはどう褒めるか言葉も浮かばないのか?「見ていないで早く褒めるのじゃ!」Mmfhuhu~♡ What's the matter, Commander? Enraptured by my charms? Heehee, you're frozen in place! You can't begin to think of how to compliment me, can you? "Enough staring, out with the compliments!"
Login嘻嘻~♪今天的我和平时不一样哦?那么,是哪里不一样呢…指挥官你肯定知道的对吧♪んっふふ~ん♪今日のあてはいつもと違うぞ?さて、どこが違うか…指揮官なら当然分かるな♪Mmfhuhu~♪ I'm a little different from the usual today, right? I'm sure you can figure out how, Commander♪
Details主城建完了,这样下去沙堡比赛我肯定稳赢了…嘻嘻嘻,接下来就只要笑看别的小组——“那边有个大浪快过来了!小心!”もう本丸まで作り終わってしまったぞ。このままでは砂の城作り大会はあての勝利確定だが…ふふふ、あとはほかの組を笑いに――「あちらから大きめな波が迫ってくるぞ!気をつけぃ!」I've made everything up to the castle keep. At this rate, the sand castle competition is all but won... Heheh, now, time to go laugh at the others— "A giant wave is approaching! Watch ooout!"
Main嘻嘻…我感觉到了,感觉到了哦——指挥官炽热的视线!那像炎热夏日般注视着我的视线——んふふ…気になる、気になるぞー。指揮官の熱い視線が!あてに注がれる真夏の視線がぁーMhmhm... Very, very interesting! I see your passionate gaze upon me, Commander! That gaze is the essence of summer!
Main 2我的魅力连鱼儿们都一击必杀呢。好,趁现在捕获大量的鱼吧!あての魅力に魚たちも簡単にノックダウンするな。よし、今なら大量にゲットできるぞ!Even the fish are knocked cold by my charms. Now's your chance for a big catch!
Main 3这样的我也具有和五十铃姐匹敌的风情了吧?老爷子你看,指挥官都无法反驳呢?これであても、五十鈴姉に負けない色気を得られたんじゃない?ほぉら爺、指揮官だって何も言い返さないぞ?I'd say my sensuality matches even Isuzu's now, no? See, old man? Even the Commander is speechless!
Touch唔唔,你在那里吗!我的特殊能力感知到你靠近了!怎么样厉害吧!ぬぬ、そこか!あての特殊能力が、お前の接近を探知したぞ!どうだすごいだろう!Mmmm... There! My special ability allowed me to sense your approach! Incredible, no?!
Touch (Special)唔,我的皮肤可不是你能随便触摸的!む、あての肌は、そんなに遠慮なくペタペタ触っていい代物じゃないんだぞ!Grr! My skin is too fine for you to be touching it so freely!
Return to Port呼~辛苦了!喝杯果汁休息一下…老爷子!我有从手中生出果汁的能力吗?“炸鸡的话说不定做得出来,但果汁不行。还是让小鬼买给你喝吧”ふぅ~お疲れなのだ!ジュースでも飲んで休もぉ…爺!あてにジュースを手から出せる能力とかないのか?「からあげならできるやもしれんが、ジュースはないのじゃ。小僧に買ってもらうほうが良いのう」Phew~ I am beat! Time for some juice and rest... Hey, old man! Do I have the power to create juice out of thin air? "You might be able to make fried chicken, but no juice, kiddo. Have that whippersnapper buy you some."
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Login指,指挥官!你怎么来的这么晚!我都等得快要坐不住了!今天我们一整天都能待在一起对吧?我可是安排了满满的日程!し、指揮官!遅いぞ待ったぞ待ちくたびれたぞ!今日はずっと一緒にいられるんだよな?色々予定が詰まってるんだからな!C-Commander! You're late, I've been waiting forever, I was so bored! You're spending all day with me, got it? Our schedule is packed with plans!
Details由良其实和我一样,有个方便的帮手呢。指挥官,找个你喜欢的孩子当帮手怎么样!…我?哼,指挥官的帮手对我来说太屈才了哦?由良もあてと似たように便利な助っ人がついているぞ。指揮官も誰か気に入った子を助っ人に誘ったらどうだ!…あて?ふん、あては指揮官の助っ人に収まる存在じゃないぞ?Yura has a useful helper, just like me. Commander, why don't you call your favorite girl and have her do the same?! ...Me? Hmph, I'm too important to be YOUR helper, Commander.
Main我可是会用魔法的哦。什么魔法?那就是无论指挥官在哪里都能找到你的搜索魔法——嘻嘻,厉害吧?あては魔法が使えるんだ。どんな魔法かって?それは指揮官がどこにいても分かるサーチ魔法――ふふん、すごいでしょ?I can use magic, you know. What kind? It's search magic that tells me wherever you are! Heheh, incredible, no?
Main 2嗯…我发现想和指挥官单独相处的时候,也逃脱不了老爷子的视线,这可怎么办呢……“行行好,别涂黑老爷子我的眼睛…(泪)”う~む、指揮官と二人っきりでいたい時にも爺の目があるのはなんとかならないかなぁ……「後生だから目隠しはやめてほしいんじゃが…(涙」Hrmmm... How can I do away with my old man's prying eyes when I want to be alone with the Commander? "For goodness' sake, stop trying to blind me..."
Main 3如何才能更吸引指挥官的注意呢…榛名,给我点提示吧!除了暴力和料理之外的方法!どうやったらもっと指揮官の気を引けるか…榛名、なんかヒントちょうだい!拳とご飯以外の方法で頼む!How can I draw the Commander's eye... Haruna, a hint, please?! Something that doesn't involve fists or food would be nice!!
Touch有事想拜托我?哼哼,说吧♪あてに頼み事か?ふふん、言っていいぞ♪A request, for me? Heheh, go on♪
Mission咦?还有任务没有完成吗?怎么了指挥官!?难道你感冒了吗!?あれ?まだ任務が残ってるぞ?どうした指揮官!?もしかして風邪でも引いたか!?Huh? You still have work left, you know. What's wrong, Commander?! Are you sick, or something?!
Mission Complete任务已经做完了!?比老爷子还早告诉我…不愧是指挥官!もう任務が終わったの!?爺よりも早く教えてくれるとは…さすが指揮官だ!You finished your work already?! The fact that you told me before my old man could... Impressive, Commander!
Return to Port唔,买了和指挥官一起吃的点心,钱包就空掉了…老爷子,你之前说的赚钱方法真的管用吗!…哇!?指挥官?むぅ、指揮官と食べるおやつを買ったら財布が空っぽ…爺、前に言ってた稼ぎ方は本当に使えるのだろうな!?…わっ!指揮官?Mm. I spent all my money on treats to eat with the Commander... Old man, is that get-rich-quick scheme you told me about real?! ...Whoa! Commander?
Flagship哼哼,才不会让你说我“开挂”什么的!ふふん、イカサマなんて言わせないぞ!Heheh, don't even think about calling me an imposter!
Victory“小鬼指挥得不错”——才不是呢!是我的超凡魅力带来了胜利!「小僧の指揮がよかったのぅ」ちーがーう!あてのカリスマが勝利を呼んだのだ!"That whippersnapper's leadership was spectacular." WRONG! It was my charisma that carried the day!
Affinity (Love)好感度的“数值”无论过了多久都还在上升…通常应该有个上限才对吧!?…啊!难道指挥官和我一样也能开挂吗…?!いつまで経っても好感度の「ぱらめーたー」の上昇が止まらないぞ…普通上限とかって設定されてるものだろ!?…はっ!指揮官もあてと同じチートが使えるのか…?!No matter what, my "affinity" stat just won't stop rising. Don't these normally have some kind of cap?! ...Ah! Could it be that you have cheat abilities like me, Commander?!