Bellona (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 551Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Light CruiserRarityElite
NavyRoyal NavyBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP654 Reload66
Firepower27 Torpedo30
Evasion28 Anti-air79
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW34 Luck56
HP2774 Reload127
Firepower75 Torpedo83
Evasion111 Anti-air287
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW86 Luck59
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault Ⅰ | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | AA gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Light Cruiser: Dido-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Throwing Down the GauntletIncreases this ship's AA and EVA by 10.0% (20.0%) . When the battle starts, if there are 3 or more Royal Navy ships in your fleet: increases this ship's AA Gun Efficiency by 5.0% (15.0%) and increases your Royal Navy DDs' AA by 5.0% (15.0%) .???
Air Raid AssistanceWhile this ship is afloat: increases the DMG of all Carriers in your fleet by 5.0% (15.0%) . Does not stack with the same skill.???
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Dido Class once every 10 times the Main Guns are fired.???
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Ship Description司战女神级轻巡洋舰—司战女神ベローナ級軽巡洋艦-ベローナBellona-class light cruiser – Bellona.
Biography我是黛朵级改进型·司战女神级的司战女神。作为皇家骑士的一员,我参与过极地舰队的护航,也参与了对提尔比茨的突袭。尽管也有过一些不愉快的小插曲,但是请尽管将任务交给我吧。改ダイドー型、ベローナ級のベローナです。ロイヤルナイトの一員として、輸送艦隊の護衛やティルピッツへの襲撃に参加していました。かの大戦後にはちょっとしたハプニングもありましたが、任務のことはなんでもお任せくださいI am Bellona, a member of the improved Dido-class, the Bellona-class. As a member of the Royal Knights, I participated as an escort during transport missions as well as participating in the raid on Tirpitz. After that war, various things happened... Anyway, please feel free to entrust me with any mission you see fit.
Acquisition我是皇家所属,改黛朵级轻巡洋舰·司战女神。阁下就是指挥官吧?按照规矩,既然我已经报上了名号,接下来就到阁下您了。ロイヤル所属、改ダイドー型軽巡洋艦のベローナです。閣下が指揮官とお見受けしました。しきたりに従ってこちらから名乗らせてもらいましたが、次は閣下のお名前を頂戴したくI am Bellona, improved Dido-class light cruiser of the Royal Navy. If I am not mistaken, you are the Lord-Commander? I have stated my name and title as per our code. I hope you will do so as well, my liege.
Login阁下,恭迎您的到来。工作是当下最大的敌人,做好与之一战的准备了吗?閣下、お待ちしていました。目下の相手、お仕事に挑む準備は出来ていますか?My liege, I've been waiting for you. Have you prepared to face your toughest enemy today – your work?
Details阁下,要来与我决斗一回吗?当然只是友谊赛程度的交流……还有别的事情吗?没关系,我不会强求阁下的。就是有点可惜……閣下、一回私と手合わせしませんか?もちろん真剣勝負ではなく、親睦を深めるための……別の予定が入っているからまた今度、ですか?分かりました。閣下の気が向いた時にいつでもお声がけくださいMy liege, would you like to have a bout with me? Of course, not a serious match, but just something to deepen our bonds... Next time, since you've got other work to focus on, you say? Understood. Whenever you're ready, please let me know.
Main相较于杂乱无章的混战,我还是喜欢光明正大的一对一决斗。毕竟把注意力放在全局上时,花费的精力可不不是一般地多呢。ごたごたとした乱戦より、単純な一騎打ちのほうを好みます。一人を相手にするのと、大局を睨むのとでは注意に費やす力が段違いですからねI much prefer fighting one-on-one compared to the disorder of a melee. There's a huge difference between focusing on one enemy versus taking stock of the big picture, after all.
Main 2嗯?手套上有磨损的痕迹?多半是不知不觉中蹭到了什么地方吧。我这就去更换一双——ん?手袋に擦り切れの跡、か?これはうっかりしていましたね。すぐ替えのものを用意してきましょうかHm? There are marks of wear on these gloves? How careless of me. I shall prepare a new set right away.
Main 3指挥官阁下,为何愁眉不展?如果需要有人推你一把的话,就让我来吧。閣下、その浮かない顔は…何かありましたか?背中を押してほしいと仰ってくだされば、その役を喜んで引き受けましょうMy liege, your expression... Did something bad happen? If you need someone to give you a push, I'd love to be of assistance.
Touch这场决斗,我接受了!……唔,只是单纯工作委托吗?この決闘、受けて立ちましょう。…あっ、ただの仕事の依頼でしたか//Well then, I shall accept this duel... Oh, um, you were just giving me some work to do?
Touch (Special)我可以视之为对我的挑衅吗?私への挑発と見なしますが?Shall I take this as a provocation?
Touch (Headpat)这是您表达慰问的方式吗?我记住了。部下へのねぎらいですね?覚えておきますIs this how you show your gratitude toward your subordinates? Duly noted.
Mission如果把做任务当成与看不见的敌人决斗,效率就会提升不少呢。見えない敵との決闘だと見立てれば、任務の能率も上がるでしょうIf you think of your missions as a duel with an invisible enemy, your efficiency will go up.
Mission Complete任务完成的奖励到了,收下这份属于“胜者”的馈赠吧。任務完了の報酬です。「勝者」への贈り物として受け取りましょうThese are the rewards for your completed missions. Please accept them as the spoils of the victor.
Mail邮件?是决斗的邀请函吗?我这就准备……嗯?不是的?メール?決闘への申し込みですか?今準備して…ん?違いました?Mail? Is it a challenge to a duel? Please prepare... Huh? That's not the case?
Return to Port出击辛苦了,阁下。您的衣领和袖口上沾了不少污垢……要不要考虑换一件衣服?閣下、出撃お疲れ様です。…と、襟と袖口が汚れているが…一度着替えてはいかがかな?My liege, good work out there... Um, your cuff and collar are all ragged... How about changing out first?
Commission Complete委托的同伴们返航了。汗水换来的报酬,永远是最珍贵的。委託組の仲間たちが帰還しました。苦労して得た報酬は、いつだって一番大切なものになりましょうThe commission team has returned. To be rewarded for one's toils is precious indeed.
Enhancement每当自身强大一分,手中的胜券就又稳了一份。強くなった分、勝算も高くなりましょうThe stronger I get, the greater my odds of victory.
Flagship看来,一对一的决斗只能留到下次了。一対一はお預けですねA one-on-one battle shall have to wait for another day.
Victory谨将这次的胜利也献给您,阁下。当然,这不会是最后一次。此度の勝利も謹んで閣下へ献上します。無論、これが最後ではないことも申し上げておきましょうI present this victory to you with pleasure, my liege. Of course, it shan't be my last victory either.
Defeat看淡失败本身吧,但绝对不要忘了我们因何而败。失敗を引きずりすぎず、負けた理由を忘れるべからず…While we may look past our failures, we must not ignore what led to them...
Skill一决胜负吧!いざ、勝負を!Come, we'll settle this with a duel!
Low HP抛除杂念,冷静应战!雑念を払って、冷静に対処しましょう!Purge all distractions. I'll fight with a level head!
Affinity (Upset)唯有自重之人才有挥剑决斗的资格。阁下,您暂时还不配。矜持を持って初めて剣を振るう決闘の場に立てましょう。閣下にはまだ努力が必要ですねOnly those with pride have the privilege to wield a sword in a duel. My liege, you still have much work to do to earn it.
Affinity (Stranger)虽然被冠以司掌战争的女神之名,但是我并不喜欢战争。最值得我挥剑的,还是只有那纯粹而只有胜负的决斗。戦を司る女神の名と名づけられましたが、戦争は別に好きではありません。私にとってもっとも剣を振るう甲斐があるのは、決闘という純粋な勝負の世界だけでしょうThough I was christened after a goddess of war, I'm not particularly fond of it. The only value I find in wielding a sword is in the pure enjoyment of the world of duels.
Affinity (Friendly)当我挥剑之时,眼中只有对手。对我而言,在那个瞬间,除了拼尽全力赢下对手,任何身外之物皆为浮云。一度剣をかざせば、我が目に映るのは敵だけになりましょう。その瞬間に限っては、全力を尽くして敵に勝つこと以外何もありませんOnce I grasp my blade, the only thing in my sight is my enemy. In that moment, the sole thought in my head is to devote my all to defeating them.
Affinity (Like)单以武力决斗论输赢,对武技造诣不高的人来说确实不太公平…指挥官,你认为自己有什么擅长的领域?啊,一方面是好奇,另一方面是——我也想尝试看看,不用剑的略微不同的新鲜“决斗”呢。太刀筋で勝敗を決するのは、経験者以外にとっては不公平でしょう。つまり閣下、そちらの得意分野はなんですか?個人的に気になるのもあるが、たまには剣を使わぬのも試してみたいものですIt's unfair to judge victory or defeat based solely on swordsmanship unless those involved are experienced. What I'm saying is, what is your area of expertise, my liege? Of course I'm curious, but I was also wanting to try something that doesn't involve a sword.
Affinity (Love)如果在意我的话,不如来一场酣畅淋漓的决斗吧?没有比这更能拉近二人关系的方式了。时间、地点和方式你来挑,我一定准时赴会。身为富有骑士精神的阁下,想必不会刁难我的吧?私のことが気になるようでしたら、いっそ思いっきりの手合わせをしてみませんか?それこそ今以上に距離を縮めるのに最適でしょう。ふふっ、時間通りにと約束しますから、時間と場所、そして進行のほうはお任せしてよろしいでしょうか。閣下なら、意地悪はしないと信じていますよ?If you're interested in learning more about me, how about we spar for a bit to our hearts' content? There's nothing that brings closer than that. Hehe, I'll show up on time, but I'll leave the time and place to you. I'm sure you wouldn't play dirty with me, my liege. Would you?
Pledge周遭的事物无法逃离时间带来的磨损,终将黯淡无色。但对您的这份情感历久而弥新,随着时间的推移更加熠熠生辉。这是我第一次,比“决斗”更加用心地对待一个人,你可不要让我失望。時が経つにつれ擦り減っていき、いずれ色あせてしまうのが人の常。…しかし、閣下への思いはくすむどころか、ビンテージのように芳醇さが増していくばかりです。剣を振るう以上に想いをもって接した初めての人間として、どうかがっかりさせないでくださいねIt is the destiny of man to wither away with the passage of time. ...However, even if my passions wither with the passing of time, I find that my emotions only mellow and become more robust, as if a fine vintage. You are the first person I've desired something more than swinging swords with, so... Please, don't let me down.
In battle with Hermes唔…还有这样的“决斗”?ふむ…こういう「決闘」もあるのですね Hmm... This is a way to duel as well.
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Ship Description阁下......不,现在这个样子应该叫主人才对吧?皇家女仆司战女神向您问好。怎么,感到很意外吗?缘由之后会向您解释的,请放心吧。閣下…いや、今はご主人様と呼ぶべきでしょう。ロイヤルメイド、ベローナが挨拶に参りました。あら、心外そうな顔を…後ほどご説明いたしますので、今はご安心をMy liege... No, excuse me, I should be calling you Master, right? Bellona of the Royal Maids, reporting in. My, you seem quite lost for words... I'll explain the situation to you later, so don't worry about it.
Acquisition阁下......不,现在这个样子应该叫主人才对吧?皇家女仆司战女神向您问好。怎么,感到很意外吗?缘由之后会向您解释的,请放心吧。閣下…いや、今はご主人様と呼ぶべきでしょう。ロイヤルメイド、ベローナが挨拶に参りました。あら、心外そうな顔を…後ほどご説明いたしますので、今はご安心をMy liege... No, excuse me, I should be calling you Master, right? Bellona of the Royal Maids, reporting in. My, you seem quite lost for words... I'll explain the situation to you later, so don't worry about it.
Login贵安,主人,请问您有什么吩咐吗?我的剑随时......咳咳,我随时为您效劳。ごきげん麗しゅう、ご主人様。どうぞ何なりとお申し付けください。いつでも我が剣を…コホン、いつでも私にお命じくださいませGood day to you, dear Master. Please give me your orders, whatever they may be. I am always ready to use my blade... Ahem, I am at your beck and call.
Details我比较好奇黛朵她们平时的工作,便决定尝试一下。现在看来,虽然女仆的工作难度并不高,但繁琐程度不亚于一场大混战呢。ダイドーたちの普段の仕事ぶりが気になっていました。メイドの庶務程度なんのそのと思っていましたが、乱戦にも勝るとも劣らないものなのですねI have always been curious about the kinds of work that Dido and the others always do. I had always thought that the work the maids did was not very difficult, but actually, it's quite comparable to fighting in a melee.
Main如果把灰尘想象成“决斗”的对手……这种神出鬼没、不愿堂堂正正面对我的对手,还是希望能少一点呢。ホコリを「決闘」の相手だと思えば…立ち向かってこない神出鬼没な相手は正直、少なければと願うばかりですWhen I think of the dust as my enemy in a duel... it's like fighting a phantom enemy that refuses to fight you face-to-face. I can only hope that there aren't that many.
Main 2嗯…这些有磕痕的家具,像窗户这种拆卸很麻烦的就做些应急处理…其他的,还是考虑换掉比较好吧。うーん…こういう外すのに手間がかかる窓は緊急に対処することにして…家具はやはり取り換えたほうがよいでしょうHmm... These windows with bump marks are hard to remove, so they should be dealt with as an emergency... As for the furniture, let's just replace them.
Main 3大扫除过后,窗明几净的场景真的令人心情愉悦。这种清扫完所有污垢的舒适感,不下于在决斗中战胜一名劲敌呢。大掃除で綺麗になった部屋を見ると、達成感が湧きますね。ホコリ一つなくしたことの心地よさは決闘で強敵に勝った心地にも匹敵するでしょうLooking at a room after a deep cleaning makes you feel a sense of accomplishment. The feeling of not even seeing a speck of dust feels as good as beating a very strong enemy in a duel.
Touch是需要我帮您清理不用的东西吗?不要になったものを片付けましょうか?Let us clean up any unnecessary trash there might be.
Touch (Special)可不要小瞧了皇家女仆的战斗力哦?ロイヤルメイドの戦力を侮ってはいけませんよ?You shouldn't underestimate the power of the Royal Maids.
Touch (Headpat)这是您对我鼓励吗?放心,我会好好学习女仆的工作的。励ましてくださったのですか?ご安心ください。メイドの仕事もきっちり学ばせていただいておりますのでWere you encouraging me? Please do not fret. My studies regarding the duties of a maid have been going quite swimmingly.
Return to Port欢迎回来,主人,在下一次战斗到来前请好好休息吧。这件脏了的衣服就让我来保管吧。お帰りなさいませ、ご主人様。次の戦いが始まるまでどうぞごゆっくりお休みください。汚れた服は私がお預かりしますWelcome back, dear Master. Please take a nice rest until our next battle begins. Allow me to take your soiled clothes from you.
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Login你来了啊,嗯,虽然我不提倡多对一的决斗,但面对“工作”这种劲敌也没什么好说的,还是让我们一起上吧。おかえりなさいませ。多勢に無勢の状況は好ましくありませんが、山ほどの「仕事」相手にとやかく言うことも無粋でしょう。一緒に頑張りましょうWelcome back. While I do not enjoy being outnumbered, it would be quite boorish of me to mouth off when there is a mountain of work to take care of. Let us do our best together.
Main虽然说不必过分地在意仪容,不过——这样整理下,是不是更好看一些了?站在阁下身边的我也能沾更多的光了。身だしなみにそこまで気を遣わなくても結構ですが、それでも――少し整えるだけでかっこよくなりましょう。ふふ、閣下の傍に立つ私もいい気分になれます。You don't have to put in so much effort into maintaining your appearance to look nice, but... putting in some effort to straighten things out makes you look much cooler. Alright, I feel great standing here by your side. Hehe.
Touch出远门的话,还请允许我在阁下身边护卫周全。嗯?难道这不是理所应当的么?遠くへ出かけるなら、どうか閣下の護衛として同行の許可を。ん?当たり前のことだと思いますが?If you are planning on going far away, please allow me to escort you, my liege. Hm? No need to ask for permission, you say?
Touch (Special)阁下您邀约的方式,还真是有些别致呢。デートの誘いにしては変わっていますねQuite a strange way of asking someone on a date, if you ask me.
Return to Port出击辛苦了,阁下。为了您在接下来的工作也能保持光彩体面,我已经事先准备好了替换用的外衣。这就换上吧?閣下、出撃お疲れ様です。書類仕事に挑む体面を保てるよう、着替えの上着をお持ちしました。どうぞMy liege, good work out there. Here you go. I brought you a change of clothes so you can continue to maintain your appearance while you work on your documents.
Victory这不会是最后一次胜利。我向您承诺过的吧?呵呵~此度の勝利は最後ではない。前にも申し上げましたよね?ふふっEven this victory shan't be my last. I've already told you, haven't I? Hehe.