Suzutsuki (JP 🇯🇵: 涼月, CN 🇹🇼: 栎)
Ship IDNo. 468Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull DestroyerRaritySuper Rare
NavySakura EmpireBuild Time00:29:00
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressKotori Koiwai
Akizuki-class Destroyer - Suzutsuki
Suzutsuki, Beachside Attendant!Description
Commander, over here! We're about to start without you! Ahaha, what would you like to do, Commander? Beach volleyball? Sandcastle building? We can also go relax in the water if you'd like!
Suzutsuki, Hanetsuki Adept!Description
I, Akizuki-class destroyer, Suzutsuki, shall not allow you to pass through these arches! Hwuh?! I missed the return again...!
HP409 Reload80
Firepower15 Torpedo73
Evasion67 Anti-air38
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW51 Luck72
HP1902 Reload154
Firepower41 Torpedo192
Evasion224 Anti-air145
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW126 Luck76
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Main gun base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | AA gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Destroyer: AkizukiTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Suzutsuki, Breaking Through!Increases this ship's FP and AA by 1.0% (5.0%) for each Sakura Empire ship in the same fleet as this ship; when an enemy aircraft is shot down within your fleet's Anti-Air Gun range: adds 1 stack of this buff. Can stack up to 6 times.???
Suzutsuki, Causing Confusion!3s after the battle starts and every 15s after that: fires a special barrage and has a 15.0% (30.0%) chance to deploy a smokescreen for 5s that increases EVA rate by 20.0% (40.0%) for all your ships in it (barrage DMG is based on the skill's level and the first smokescreen is guaranteed to deploy.) Once per battle, when this ship's HP falls below 20.0%: heals this ship for 5.0% (15.0%) HP.???
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Suzutsuki once every 16 times the Main Guns are fired.???
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Ship Description秋月级驱逐舰三番舰—凉月秋月型駆逐艦三番艦・涼月Akizuki-class destroyer number three – Suzutsuki.
Biography我是秋月级驱逐舰的一员、凉月!曾经和秋月、初月她们一起在第六十一驱逐队待过~护卫过武藏,救援过阿贺野,还算是挺活跃的吧?虽然遭遇过很多次危机,中雷那两次也是…“天”号作战的时候也是…不过最后还是都坚持过来了呢!秋月型駆逐艦の涼月よ!秋月、初月たちと第六十一駆逐隊に所属し、阿賀野の救援任務に参加したんだ!まあまあ活躍できたよ!2回の被雷や坊ノ岬沖海戦でピンチになったけど生き残れたんだよ!I'm Suzutsuki, Akizuki-class destroyer. I was a member of the 61st DesDiv along with Akizuki and Hatsuzuki, and escorted Musashi and participated in Noshiro's rescue mission! Not a shabby record, right? I had a close call at the Battle of Bou-no-Misaki when I got hit by two torpedoes, but I managed to survive until the end!
Acquisition啊哈哈,噗太,以后这里就是我们的新家了哦?…恩哼,秋月级三号舰·凉月,参上!无论是同伴们还是指挥官,都请交给我来守护吧!あはは、聞いてるプー太?これからここに暮らすんだよ?……秋月型3番艦の涼月、いざ参上!仲間たちも指揮官もこのわたしがお守りいたす!なんてね♪Ahaha, Pooky, listen up, we're gonna live here from now on! Uhh... Third ship of the Akizuki-class, Suzutsuki, reporting in! I'll be the one to protect my comrades and you, Commander! Just kidding~♪
Login欢迎回来!…有新的作战任务吗?交给我吧!おかえり!…新しい任務とか、ない?なんでもわたしにおまかせ!Welcome back! ...Got any new jobs? I'm down for anything!
Details被同伴依赖的时候,心中就会涌出一股力量,感觉自己什么都能做得到呢。仲間たちに頼られると、今のわたしはなーんでもできちゃう!ってくらい、すっごい力が湧き上がってくるんだよ!When my friends are counting on me, I can feel power surging within me that makes me feel like I can do anything!
Main“吾乃不倒之凉月,单凭尔等的攻击是无法将吾击败的!”…这样的感觉怎么样?嘿嘿~「倒れずの涼月ここにあり!お主らの攻撃なぞこのワシに傷一つつけられぬわー!」なんてどうかな?ひゅーひゅー"The invincible Suzutsuki is here! Your attacks shall not put a scratch on me!" How'd that sound? Hya hah!
Main 2噗太,你要去指挥官的头上面吗?嘿嘿~那就去吧!但是,不能捣乱哦!あはははプー太はわたしより指揮官の頭の上のほうがいいの?じゃあ行っていいよ~あっ、いたずらしちゃダメだからね!Ahaha! You'd rather sit atop Commander's head instead of mine? Very well, go forth! Oh, but no pranks though!
Main 3唔…指挥官每天都要处理好多事情啊。所以说啊矶风,浦风,“大名”啦“将军”啦什么的了可没那么好当哦,还是当指挥官麾下的一员“心腹”就好了吧~指揮官のお仕事って結構多いね~ほらな磯風、浦風、「大名」「将軍」ってのはけっこう大変だから、なるなら「家来」がいいって!Commander, you sure have a lot of work, don't you~ Look, Isokaze, Urakaze, being a warlord or a general is a lot of hard work. A better job would be to become Commander's retainers!
Touch脸上的墨迹?欸,指挥官你真是不懂呢,这是潮流哦!不觉得很帅吗?我也来给你画一个吧!右頬にあるこれ?指揮官は知らないの?最近の流行りだって!なんなら指揮官にも描いてあげていいよ!This marking on my right cheek? You haven't heard of it, Commander? It's the latest fashion trend! Here, I'll draw one on for you!
Touch (Special)指、指挥官!有些事情是不可以随便做的啦!し、指揮官!もう、勝手にやっちゃいけないことだってあるんだよ!C-Commander! Jeez, there are some things that you shouldn't be doing!
Touch (Headpat)嗯嗯,毛茸茸的摸起来很舒服吧!…啊,我说的是这孩子,不是我的耳朵啦!そうそう、フサフサしてていい触り心地でしょ!…って触らせたいのはプー太でわたしの耳じゃないって!Look, fluffy and super pattable, right? ...Hey, I'm talking about Pooky, not my ears!
Mission指挥官碰到了很难的任务?唔…也给我看看吧?说不定能帮上忙哦!難しそうな任務?…わたしも見ていい?もしかしたら役に立てるかも!A tough mission, huh? Lemme take a look, maybe I can help out!
Mission Complete任务完成了!指挥官,可不要忘了给功臣赏赐哦?任務達成ぃ!指揮官、報奨をお忘れなく!Mission complete! Commander, don't forget about the rewards!
Mail邮件怎么缺了个口?…啊哈哈……那是噗太做的…对不起…あれ?封筒が破けているって?…あははは…もしやプー太が……ごめんなさい…Huh? The envelope got torn? ...Ahaha... Sorry 'bout that, must've been Pooky...
Return to Port“甲队由我直接指挥,乙丙队按预定计划行动,然后——”啊,指挥官?什么时候回来的…甲の備えはこのわたしが直接指揮いたす。乙と丙の備えは予定通りに動いて、そして――あっ、指揮官、いつから戻ってたの?Team A is directly under my command. Teams B and C will follow the plan, and then... Oh, Commander, when'd you get back?
Commission Complete一起去慰问委托回来的同伴们吧!啊对了,慰问品就让我来拿着吧!嘿~咻~委託組を出迎えに行こう!差し入れはこの涼月が持つよ!The commission fleet has returned! Lemme take home the extras!
Enhancement这样就有更多的力量守护大家了!みんなを守る力、もっとちょうだい!Give me more power, so that I may protect everyone!
Flagship愿诸位武运昌隆!一鼓作气上啦!では諸君ご武運を――いっけー!May the odds ever be in your favor! Go forth!
Victory“敌将,已讨伐!”…开玩笑的,嘿嘿~敵将討ち取ったりー…なんて、あはは♪The enemy general’s head is mine~! Just kidding, ahaha~♪
Defeat唔…无论如何,大家都要一起平安回去…!くっ…なんとしてもみんなで一緒に帰らないと…!Guh... No matter what, we all have to make it back safely...!
Skill大家由我来守护!涼月、お守りいたす!Suzutsuki, defending her friends!
Low HP接下来才是紧要关头!正念場はここからよ!The real fight's only getting started!
Affinity (Upset)指挥官,我要讨厌你了哦?指揮官のこと、嫌いになっちゃいそうだよ…?Commander, you're gonna make me hate you...
Affinity (Stranger)虽然听起来有点像在自卖自夸,不过,凉月还是挺可靠的哦?“凉月,谢谢你,帮大忙了!”经常有小伙伴这么跟凉月说哦~自画自賛に聞こえちゃうかもしれないけど、わたし涼月はみんなに結構頼りにされてるよ!「涼月ありがとう!助かったよ」って、よく言われてるからね~I may come across as a braggart, but that's because I'm pretty reliable! "Oh, Suzutsuki, you saved me! I don't know what I would've done without you!" Yeah, I get that a lot~
Affinity (Friendly)指挥官,有什么事也可以尽管来拜托我哦!…欸?偶尔依赖依赖指挥官也没关系…?指揮官もわたしを頼りにしていいよ!…なんと!「涼月のほうこそ、指揮官を頼りにしていい」だとー…?Commander, you can rely on me as well! ...What?! You think you can one-up me...?!
Affinity (Like)依赖指挥官啊…唔,想象一下的话……指挥官给凉月泡茶,指挥官给凉月做便当,指挥官把睡着的凉月抱回宿舍……这,这怎么好意思!んー指揮官にやってほしいことは…「お茶を入れてもらう」「お弁当を作ってもらう」「寝てしまった涼月を寮まで運んでもらう」……そそそそんなことはー!Hmm... What would I like the commander to do for me? ...Make tea? Pack my lunch? Carry me back to the dorms after I fall asleep? ...Th-th-that's way too embarrassing!
Affinity (Love)指挥官!肩膀借我靠靠~~嘿咻~…还是这样让人感觉最安心~唔,不知不觉已经很自然地依赖着指挥官了呢…要好好负起责任哦,指挥官?嘿嘿,开玩笑的~指揮官、ちょっと体をお借り致す!よいっしょっと…うんうん、こうやって指揮官に寄り添っているのってやっぱり安心するねーあ、これって指揮官を頼りにしてるってことかな。ほらほら、指揮官もちゃんと最後まで面倒見てくれると嬉しいなー、なんて♪あはははCommander, get over here! Hup~ ...Mmhmm, that's much cozier. Now it feels more like I'm relying on you, doesn't it? See, you'll also have to take good care of me from now on~ Just kidding~♪ Ahaha!
Pledge啊哈哈…果然到了这时候还是会紧张的呢…本来还以为能更游刃有余一些的呢…那个…指挥官,接下来的…全都交给你就行了吧?あははは…やっぱりこういう場面は緊張して当然だよね……大丈夫だと思ってたのにな…こ、これは指揮官に全部任せちゃって…いいよね……?Ahahaha... Being in a situation like this is quite nerve-racking, isn't it? ...I thought I had mentally prepared myself... Commander, you c-can handle the rest... right...?
In battle with Agano当心别受伤了哦!怪我しないように気をつけて!Be careful out there!
In battle with Niizuki, Harutsuki, Yoizuki, Hanazuki一起保护好大家吧!仲間たちを、この涼月がお守りいたす!I will be the one to protect my friends!
In battle with Isokaze矶风,拜托你帮忙了!磯風殿、助太刀頼むよー!Isokaze, back me up!
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Ship Description指挥官,这边这边~再晚点的话,大家就不等你,自己先玩起来了哦!嘿嘿,要打沙滩排球吗?还是堆沙堡?和凉月一起悠闲地泡泡海水什么的其实也不错~指揮官、こっちこっちー!みんな遊び始めちゃうよー!あははは、指揮官は何して遊ぶ?ビーチバレー?砂のお城づくり?一緒にわたしと海でのんびりするのでもいいよ!Commander, over here! We're about to start without you! Ahaha, what would you like to do, Commander? Beach volleyball? Sandcastle building? We can also go relax in the water if you'd like!
Acquisition指挥官,这边这边~再晚点的话,大家就不等你,自己先玩起来了哦!嘿嘿,要打沙滩排球吗?还是堆沙堡?和凉月一起悠闲地泡泡海水什么的其实也不错~指揮官、こっちこっちー!みんな遊び始めちゃうよー!あははは、指揮官は何して遊ぶ?ビーチバレー?砂のお城づくり?一緒にわたしと海でのんびりするのでもいいよ!Commander, over here! We're about to start without you! Ahaha, what would you like to do, Commander? Beach volleyball? Sandcastle building? We can also go relax in the water if you'd like!
Login哎呀,指挥官,你已经迟到了哦,大家都已经各自玩起来了呢~没办法,就让我先陪你一会吧~指揮官、タイムアウト!ほら皆もう遊び始めちゃってるじゃない~しょうがないなぁ…このわたし、涼月が相伴いたす!Commander, time out! Look, the others have already started playing without you~ Fine, fine... I shall be the one to accompany you then!
Details嘿嘿,现在的凉月是不是人如其名,给人一种“清凉”的感觉呢~?涼月、名前の通り爽やかで涼しい感じになってる?I'm pretty refreshing and cool, right? Just like my name suggests~
Main堆沙堡需要帮手?来啦来啦~指挥官,先失陪一下!お城づくりに人手がいる?じゃあわたしも参加でー!指揮官、ちょっと待ってて!Do we have enough people to build a sand castle? Great, count me in as well! Wait, Commander, hold on!
Main 2噗太,你也觉得来海边玩很开心吧~啊,不过要小心别掉到海里去了哦?プー太も海にやってきて嬉しいでしょ~あ、海に落ちないように気をつけてPooky likes coming to the sea as well, isn't that right~? Ah, careful not to fall into the water!
Main 3阿贺野…好像没来啊,还想找她一起玩呢~嗯?指挥官为什么松了一口气?是我的错觉么…阿賀野さん、来てないっぽい?一緒に遊ぼうと思ってたのにな…指揮官は今ほっとした?してない?気のせい?Agano's not here? That's too bad, I was looking forward to playing with her... Commander, why do you look so relieved? Hm? It's just my imagination?
Touch呜哦!?…是指挥官啊,还以为是螃蟹呢,吓了我一跳…之前被响找到的螃蟹夹到脚趾还在隐隐作痛呜呜…わわ?!…指揮官か…びっくりした…前に響が持ってきたカニに挟まれたのを思い出したよ…Woah?! ...Oh, it's you, Commander, you surprised me... Hibiki shoved a crab in my face earlier and it gave me a nasty pinch...
Touch (Special)啊,真是的!指挥官,在人这么多的地方做这种事!もう指揮官!人が集中しているときになにするの!Jeez, Commander! What are you doing in front of this many people?!
Return to Port沙滩排球缺人?来啦来啦~唔,等一会,我先跟佐治亚打个西瓜~ビーチバレーで一人足りてない?わかった!先にジョージアとスイカ割りしてから行くよー!Not enough people for a game of beach volleyball? All right! I'll go play some watermelon splitting with Georgia first!
Affinity (Love)呼…在海边玩虽然很开心,不过闹腾了这么久,还是有点疲惫呢…嘿嘿~我躺!指挥官身上果然很舒服呢~嗯…就这样保持一会吧,嘿嘿~Phew... Playing by the beach is super fun, but after all the commotion, I could use some relaxation... Yup, I'm gonna lie down right here! Mm... Yeah, just stay put like that. Hehe~
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Ship Description吾乃,秋月级驱逐凉月是也!我凉月绝不会让你通过港区大门……哇哇!?又接丢了!我、秋月型駆逐艦涼月なり!母港の門はこの涼月が通さぬ……あわわ!?また落としちゃった!I, Akizuki-class destroyer, Suzutsuki, shall not allow you to pass through these arches! Hwuh?! I missed the return again...!
Acquisition吾乃,秋月级驱逐凉月是也!我凉月绝不会让你通过港区大门……哇哇!?又接丢了!我、秋月型駆逐艦涼月なり!母港の門はこの涼月が通さぬ……あわわ!?また落としちゃった!I, Akizuki-class destroyer, Suzutsuki, shall not allow you to pass through these arches! Hwuh?! I missed the return again...!
Login新年快乐,指挥官!あけましておめでとう、指揮官!Happy New Year, Commander!
Details武人以伤疤为勋章…不是说脸上这个涂鸦啦!……呜,我会努力特训再回来报仇的!モノノフは己の傷跡すら誉とする…この落書きのことじゃないから!これは…特訓して絶対リベンジするよ!These markings are the proof of my battle scars as a warrior... they're not just doodles! Ugh... I swear, I'll be back for revenge after I train some more!
Main啊啊啊让·巴尔小姐!这只是个毽子不用那么全力拍下去的啦!あああジャン・バールさん!なにも全力で打たなくてもいいじゃないかー!Aaahhhhh!! Jean Bart, you don't have to shank every shuttlecock out of existence!
Main 2噗太,我从花月那拿了瓜子哦!来来,多吃点,长大了好吓指挥官一跳~哈哈哈哈プー太、「かげつ」からひまわりの種をもらったよ!さあさあ早くお食べ~大きくなって指揮官をビックリさせるのだ~ははははPooky, I got some sunflower seeds from Hanazuki! Here, come and eat your fill~ Grow big and strong and scare the heck out of the commander~ Ahaha!
Main 3难得的新年光是待在家里怎么行!要知道有那~~么多活动都是这段时间才会有的呢!お正月はじっとしてはいられない!なんたって特別な行事がいっぱいあるからね!I can't sit still during the New Year! After all, there are so many things going on that only happen during this time of year!
Touch指挥官,比赛的主持工作就交给你啦!指揮官、試合の進行をお願いするよ!Commander, make sure the matches continue smoothly!
Mail凉月,现在为你读上一封信件!涼月、お手紙を読み上げ致す!Suzutsuki, now reading the contents of your mail out loud!
Commission Complete委托组的伙伴们回来了!真是的,初霜要是也能一起来迎接就好了委託組の子が戻ってきたよ!ったく初霜も一緒に出迎えに来てくれればいいのにThe girls from the commission fleet are back! Darn it, I wish Hatsushimo could come with me!
Flagship准备好了吗,噗太!要去咯!いくよプー太、せーのっ!You ready, Pooky? Let's— go!
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Login欢迎回来!今天的凉月只想撒娇,什么任务都不想做哦!啊哈,当然是开玩笑的啦!…欸,可以吗?おかえり!今日は仕事せずイチャイチャしたい気分!なんて冗談よ~……え!?いいの?!Welcome back! Wanna make out instead of doing work today? Haha, just kidding~ ......Eh, you serious?!
Details谢谢指挥官!帮大忙啦!…怎么样?指挥官有没有觉得被感谢了以后有种什么都做得到的感觉?指揮官ありがとう!助かったよ!…どう?指揮官もわたしに感謝されて今ならなんでもできそうって気がしない?Thanks, Commander! You were a great help! ...What's the matter? Are you the kind of person that gets really hyped up after being complimented?
Main陆奥陆奥,把这把刀像这样…然后旗帜像这样……好啦!战国风全副武装,完成!陸奥様、この刀はこう…旗はこう…よし!センゴクごっこ装備、お見事なり!Lady Mutsu, this is what you do with the sword... and this is how you wave the flag... Got it? Now you have everything you need for our mock Sengoku battles!
Main 2噗太,今天想吃什么?…啊!指挥官老是给噗太投食结果这孩子一下子就跑到你那去了啦!プー太、今日は何を食べたい?…あ!ったくもう指揮官がいつもプー太に餌づけするからすぐそっち行っちゃう~Pooky, what do you want to eat today? ...Ah! Jeez, now Pooky's attached to you now because you keep feeding him, Commander!
Touch (Headpat)指挥官的话,给你多摸摸耳朵也不是不行哦?指揮官なら耳を触ってもいいよーCommander, you can rub my ears if you want~
Mission Complete任务完成了!啊,作为奖励,让我在指挥官身上躺一会嘛~任務達成ぃ!涼月の報奨は、少しの間指揮官をクッション代わりにする権利を要求する!Mission complete! As for my payment, just let me to lie in your lap for a bit!
Return to Port凉月乃不沉舰是也!故而指挥官亦不败…相信无论前往何处都能平安归来的!欢迎回来!涼月は不沈艦である!ゆえに指揮官は不敗…とまでは言わなくてもきっと無事に帰ってくると信じていたよ!おかえりー!Suzutsuki is unsinkable, and therefore, Commander is also undefeatable! ...Anyway, I know you'll come back safely no matter where you go! Welcome home~!
Affinity (Love)指挥官的怀里好舒服啊~我蹭蹭~欸,有,有人来了?!咳咳!有,有什么需要凉月帮忙的吗!……骗我的?啊,真是的!指揮官の腕の中気持ちいいねーほらほらゴロゴロ~だ、誰か来た!?…こここの涼月になにか用!?……今のは嘘なのー!?もう!I love being in your arms, Commander~ Ahh, I could roll around forever~ ...Wh-who's there?! ...D-d-do you need something from Suzutsuki?! ......Forget what you just saw, all right?! Seriously!