Hatsuzuki (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 607Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull DestroyerRaritySuper Rare
NavySakura EmpireBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP409 Reload80
Firepower16 Torpedo74
Evasion67 Anti-air36
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW52 Luck43
HP1902 Reload154
Firepower44 Torpedo196
Evasion224 Anti-air137
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW129 Luck45
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Main gun base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | AA gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Destroyer: Akizuki-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
As Evening Weaves, the Moon SundersWhen the battle starts, for each Sakura Empire ship in your fleet: increases this ship's FP and RLD by 1.0% (5.0%) (can be stacked up to 3 times). Increases this ship's Crit Rate by 1.0% (10.0%) and Evasion Rate by 5.0% and, every 15s: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level).???
As Leaves Fall, Geese Take FlightIncreases this ship's EVA by 4.0% (10.0%) and decreases her DMG taken from cruisers by 5.0% (15.0%) . While this ship is afloat: decreases all your other ships' DMG taken by 1.0% (5.0%) . Once per battle, when this ship's HP falls below 35.0% as a result of DMG taken: this ship recovers 4.0% (10.0%) of her max HP.???
All Out Assault - Hatsuzuki IIActivates All Out Assault II: Hatsuzuki once every 16 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description秋月级驱逐舰—初月秋月型駆逐艦-初月Akizuki-class destroyer – Hatsuzuki.
Biography我是秋月型的驱逐舰初月。在那场大战中,我帮助伙伴边巧妙地完成了战斗,直到“粉身碎骨”为止哦。如果是为了帮指挥官,初月可以再次……不,不用也可以吗?哇…秋月型の駆逐艦の初月よ。かの大戦では「切り刻まれる」まで仲間を助けながらうまく戦ったわ。指揮官を助けるためなら初月、別にもう一回くらい頑張っても……し、しなくてもいいの?わぁ…I'm Hatsuzuki, Akizuki-class destroyer. During the war, I helped my allies and fought hard until I got ripped to shreds. I might just work my butt off again to help you, if need be... Th-there'll be no need for that? Oh...
Acquisition诶嘿嘿,指挥官在这儿呀~那初月也可以待在这里吧♪指挥官,初月离你这么近,一定很开心吧?要是初月再靠近一点,你可就无法逃脱了哦?えへへ、指揮官はここにいたんだ~。じゃあ初月もここでいいかな♪指揮官、初月がこんなに近くにいてあげて嬉しいよね?あとちょっと近づいたらもう逃げられなくなっちゃうよぉ?Heehee, so this is where you were, Commander~ Hope you don't mind that I'm here now, too♪ Isn't it wonderful to have me so close to you? Also, you won't be able to run if I come any closer~
Login虽然这是指挥官的座位,但如果初月说想坐,是可以坐的吧?嗯!只可以让初月坐哦♪この席は指揮官のものだけど、初月も座りたいって言えば座れるよね?うん!座れるのは初月だけにしてね♪I know this is your chair, but you'll let me sit on it if I ask, won't you? Great! Then, let's say only I can sit here♪
Details你在看哪里?诶嘿嘿,没注意到初月在身后吗?指挥官明明已经习惯战场了,却意外地有迟钝的一面呢♪どーこ見てるの?えへへ、初月が後ろにいたのに気づかなかった?指揮官ったら戦いに慣れてるのに意外とドンカンなんだ♪Where are you looking, hmm? Heehee~ You didn't realize I was behind you? Oh, Commander, for a tactical genius, you sure can be inattentive♪
Main说起来,指挥官是不是忘了什么?你问我是什么…试着回忆一下吧?有可能被你忘掉了的那个“什么”♪そういえば指揮官、何か忘れてない?何って言われてもね~。頑張って思い出してみてね?その忘れたかもしれない「なにか」を♪Say, Commander, aren't you forgetting something? Oh, I think you know what~ Try really, and you'll remember what you might've forgotten♪
Main 2指挥官有烦恼吗?有烦恼的话,可以求助初月的哦?因为初月就是为了帮助指挥官才在这里的呢~指揮官は困ってるの?困ってるなら初月に助けを求めたらいいよ?だって初月は指揮官を助けるためにここにいるんだから~Are you in a pickle, Commander? Because if you are, you can ask me for help. Helping you is the whole reason I'm here~
Main 3瑞鹤小姐太粗枝大叶了啦。如果像初月那样对指挥官展开攻势的话,早就和指挥官渐入佳境了……诶嘿嘿,对初月来说是帮大忙就是了♪瑞鶴さんってサバサバし過ぎだよ。初月みたいに指揮官にアタックしていたら、もうとっくに指揮官といい雰囲気に…えへへ、初月的には助かるけどね♪Honestly, Zuikaku is too laid-back. If she'd take my approach and go straight for you, you two would have a thing going by now... Heehee, it's better for me this way, though♪
Touch啊,指挥官!……没什么啦♪あ、指揮官!……なんでもないよ♪Oh! Commander! ...No, it's nothing♪
Touch (Special)唔。摸了就摸了呗,我希望你能老实承认呢……むぅ。触ったら触ったって素直に認めてほしいなぁ……Hmph. If you're gonna touch me, at least be honest about it...
Touch (Headpat)这是为了能和指挥官相连,在一开始就被赐予的红线!可以多摸摸哦♪指揮官と結ばれるようにって授けてもらった赤い糸なの!もっと触っていいよ♪I got this red string that will tie you and me together! Also, you can keep patting me♪
Mission想要我帮忙做任务?想要的吧?因为初月可是秘书舰呢。任務を手伝ってほしい?ほしいよね?だって初月が秘書艦だもんWant me to help with your missions? I bet you do. I'm your secretary, after all.
Mission Complete任务完成了……不在意报酬吗?任務完了よ。……報酬のことが気にならないの?Mission complete... Don't you care about the rewards?
Mail来信了…在指挥官之前先确认是秘书舰的责任来着?诶嘿嘿。お手紙ね…指揮官より前に確認しておくのが秘書艦の責務だっけ?えへへA letter... Is it really your secretary's job to read your letters before you do? Heehee.
Return to Port最先来迎接指挥官的是初月♪诶嘿嘿,不要因为我是秘书舰就觉得理所当然哦~指揮官を最初に出迎えたのは初月よ♪えへへ、秘書艦だから当然って言わないの~I'm first to welcome you back♪ Heehee~ No, that's not a given just because I'm your secretary~
Commission Complete委托的伙伴们回来了。初月也一起去迎接她们♪委託の子たちが戻ってきたわ。初月も一緒に出迎えに行ってあげる♪The commission team is back. I'll come along and welcome them back with you♪
Enhancement不管怎么说,初月正被指挥官依赖着,对吧♪なんだかんだ初月って指揮官に頼りにされているんだよね♪Something tells me that you're reliant on me♪
Flagship为了初月沉没吧♪初月のために沈みなさいな♪Go on, sink for me♪
VictoryMVP!我可以独占指挥官给的奖赏吧?MVP!指揮官からのご褒美を独り占めできるよね?MVP! Nobody says I can't hoard all the rewards from the Commander, right?
Defeat输了……姆負けちゃったの……むぅWe lost... Hmph.
Skill没问题,让初月来吧♪大丈夫、初月が引き受けるから♪Don't worry, I'm on the case♪
Low HP初月…可抗打了...!初月…打たれ強いんだから…!I can take a lot of punishment, you know...!
Affinity (Upset)诶,指挥官不理初月了吗...为什么…指挥官?嗯,初月不太明白,是不是道歉比较好...?えっ。は、初月をかまってくれないの…?どうして…指揮官?ええと、初月、よくわからないけど謝ったほうがいいの…?Huh? You're... not gonna pay attention to me? Why not, Commander? I don't understand... Uhh, should I say sorry, or something?
Affinity (Stranger)(初月去了很远的地方。请不要来找我。指挥官,和港区的大家一起多保重——初月)(初月は遠い場所へ行きました。探さないでください。指揮官、母港のみんなとお元気で――初月より)(A note. It reads: I've gone somewhere far away. Please don't come looking for me. I hope you and everyone else have a good life. Yours truly, Hatsuzuki.)
Affinity (Friendly)难道你真的以为初月会离开吗?啊,嗯...对不起哦?我只是想捉弄下指挥官,并没有真的想让指挥官困扰...呜呜...もしかして初月がいなくなると本気で思ってた?あ、ええと…ごめんね?ちょっといたずらしてみただけで、本気で指揮官を困らせたりするつもりじゃなかったから…うぅ…Did you think I was serious about going away? Oh. Well, uh... Sorry? I thought it'd be a funny prank – I didn't mean to actually make you worry... Ugh...
Affinity (Like)“初月就在这里。哪儿也不会去。所以指挥官尽管放心吧”——边摸摸头边这样说肯定能让指挥官安心吧…...嗯,初月对指挥官而言很重要,指挥官一定会理解我的心意的「初月はここにいるよ。どこにも行かないわ。だから指揮官は安心して大丈夫」――ナデナデしながら言っとけばきっと安心してくれるはず……うん。初月は指揮官にとって大事な子なんだからきっと分かってくれるよI'm right here, and I'm not going anywhere. You don't have anything to worry about, Commander... I hope saying that while patting your head will make you calm down... Good. I know how important I am to you, so this should do the trick.
Affinity (Love)嗯嗯...啊!本来是想让指挥官放心而想为指挥官多做些事的,为什么回过神来又是指挥官在为初月忙前忙后的?现在可是初月加油表白的回合!……你,你打算摸我的头到什么时候啦...///んふふふ…あ!初月は指揮官を安心させるために色々してあげたかったのに、どうしていつの間にか指揮官からされる側になっちゃったの?今は初月が指揮官にアピールする番なのっ!……い、いつまでナデナデする気よ…///Hehehe... Wait! I'M supposed to be comforting YOU, not the other way around! When did this happen? It's supposed to be MY turn to court you right now! ...Y-you can stop patting my head any time, you know... *blushes*
Pledge果然,指挥官是需要初月的对吧♪我说啊,指挥官和初月的关系将来会怎么变化呢?是甜蜜蜜的,还是纠缠不清的?不管是哪一种都好幸福,好让人期待!呵呵♡やっぱり初月は指揮官にとって必要だもんね♪ねえねえ、指揮官と初月のカンケイはこれからどうなっちゃうの?甘々?それともドロドロ?どっちも幸せでとっっても楽しみ!ふふふふ♡I knew it – you need me in your life♪ Now tell me, what's our life together gonna be like, going forward? Sugary sweet, or down and dirty? Either way sounds like pure bliss to me and I can't wait! Hehehehe♡
In battle with Isuzu鬼什么的才,才不存在啦!お、おばけなんていないもん! Sp-spooky monsters don't exist, okay?!
In battle with Chiyoda千岁小姐不要紧吗……千歳さんは大丈夫かな……I hope Chitose is doing okay.
In battle with Zuikaku, Taihou不要离初月太远哦!初月からあまり離れないでよねっ! Don't stray too far from me!
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Ship Description比个V字♪…初月的泳装照,拍得好吗?被拍得这么可爱,别说不舍得删,怕是每天不看都不行吧?诶嘿嘿♪ピース♪…初月の水着姿、うまく撮れた?こんなに可愛く撮れたらもう削除できないだろうし、毎日見ないと落ち着かないでしょ?えへへ♪Peace~♪ Do I look good in the pic? Don't I look so adorable you'll never wanna delete the photo, and have to stare at it every day to feel at ease? Heehee♪
Acquisition比个V字♪…初月的泳装照,拍得好吗?被拍得这么可爱,别说不舍得删,怕是每天不看都不行吧?诶嘿嘿♪ピース♪…初月の水着姿、うまく撮れた?こんなに可愛く撮れたらもう削除できないだろうし、毎日見ないと落ち着かないでしょ?えへへ♪Peace~♪ Do I look good in the pic? Don't I look so adorable you'll never wanna delete the photo, and have to stare at it every day to feel at ease? Heehee♪
Login再来一张怎么样?啊呀,我不是说了么~不是初月想被拍,而是指挥官想拍初月才对~もう一枚どぉ?あら、言うわね~。初月が撮って欲しいんじゃなくて、指揮官が初月を撮りたいんだ~?Why don't you snap another? Oh, oh my~ You'll do it because you wanna, and not because I told you to?
Main(把这张照片设为指挥官的屏保♪~好啦指挥官,就一辈子看着初月可爱的装扮吧♡)(指揮官の待受に設定設定っと♪ほぉら指揮官、一生初月の可愛い姿を見ていなさいよね♡)(Aaand set on home screen♪ Now the Commander will see my adorable swimsuit forever and ever♡)
Main 2唔……盯着别的同伴看了?倒不是说不可以,但现在希望你只看着初月哦。むぅ。他の子に目移りしちゃうの?別にダメって言わないけど今は初月だけ見ていてほしいなHmph. Why are you looking at other girls? I'm not saying you can't, I just want you to look at ME right now.
Main 3若月也真是的,既然想玩就换上泳装一起进泳池不就好了……算了,都这时候了,就算她过来,指挥官也已经是初月的了,才不会让给她♪若月ったら遊びたければ水着に着替えて一緒にプールに入ればいいのに…まぁ、今更やってきてももう指揮官は初月のものだからあげないけど♪Silly Wakatsuki, if you wanna have fun, just change into a swimsuit and jump into the pool... Although, it's too late to nab the Commander now – I have exclusive dibs♪
Touch哈哈哈哈!真是的,指挥官怎么也来恶作剧了?あははは!もぉ、指揮官もいたずらしちゃうの?Ahahah! Are you teasing me back now?
Touch (Special)就算你说不用在意……抱歉哦?毕竟没什么分量……気にしないって言われても…ごめんね?大きくなくて…I know I can't do anything about it... Still, I'm sorry they're not bigger...
Touch (Headpat)嘻嘻♪ふふふふ♪Heeheehee♪
Return to Port欢迎回来,然后……哗啦哗啦~!诶嘿嘿,指挥官浑身湿透吧!おかえり、からの……パシャパシャ~!えへへ、指揮官もずぶ濡れになっちゃえ!Welcome back with aaa... big splash! Heehee~ Get wet from head to toe!
Commission Complete委托组好像回来了。指挥官一个人能应付得过来吗?委託組が戻ってきたっぽいよ。指揮官は一人でも大丈夫?Looks like the commission team's back. Are you really gonna go alone?
Victory好耶好耶♪多多夸夸初月吧♪ぴーすぴーす♪初月をもっともっと褒めてよね♪Peace, peace♪ Tell me how perfect I am♪
Affinity (Love)这次让初月来拍指挥官的可爱泳装打扮吧♪没问题,我不会给其他伙伴看的!…嗯嗯,再做出更害羞的表情试试~今度は初月が指揮官のかわいい水着姿を撮ってあげる♪大丈夫、ほかの子には見せないから!…うんうん、もっと恥ずかしがる顔見せて~Now I'm gonna snap pics of YOU in your cute swimsuit♪ Don't worry, I won't show them to anyone else! ...That's it, give me a big, big blush~
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Login虽然这是指挥官的座位,但如果初月想坐的话,只要这样就——动不了了?被初月紧紧贴着,当然动不了了呀~诶嘿嘿♪ここは指揮官のものだけど、初月も座ろうと思えばこうして――動けない?そりゃ初月に密着されたら動けないよね~。えへへ♪I know what we can do if we both wanna sit in your chair – this. You can't move? Well, yeah, not with me right in your lap~ Heehee♪
Details猜猜我是谁呀?诶嘿嘿,答对了,是初月♪指挥官对初月的恶作剧一如既往地……初月的背后有人?我,我才不会相信呢!だーれだ?えへへ、初月で合ってるよ♪指揮官は相変わらず初月のドッキリには……初月の後ろに誰かいる?そ、そんなの信じないわよっ!Whooo's there? Heehee, the answer is me♪ You've fallen for another one of my tricks... There's someone behind me? Y-yeah, right, like I'll believe that!
Main指挥官,又忘记了~要和初月约会?诶,这,这是什么时候约的…是刚刚想到的?真是的!///指揮官、まーた忘れちゃってる~…初月とデート?えっ。そ、そんなのいつ約束して…今思付いたの?もう!///You've forgotten again, Commander! ..."A date with me"? Wait, I don't remember anything about that... Did you just make that up? You dummy! *blushes*
Main 2初月好像已经离不开指挥官了♪指挥官也是这样的对吧?哈哈,这么迷恋初月可怎么是好呀~?初月はもう指揮官がいないとダメみたい♪指揮官もきっと同じだよね?あはは、そんなに初月にハマってどうするの~?I can't function when you're not around♪ Same with you, right? Ahaha! You're totally dependent on me~
Main 3如果其他的伙伴也像初月那样向指挥官表白的话…指挥官还会这么喜欢初月吗?诶,诶嘿嘿,想来也是。指挥官可是最喜欢初月了呢。ほかの子も初月みたいに指揮官にアピールしてても…初月のことをこのまま大好きでいてくれる?え、えへへへ…当然だよね。指揮官は初月がダイスキなんだから♡Even if other girls start coming on to you... will you stay true to me? Hehehe... I mean, of course you would. You're madly in love with me, after all♡
Touch♪~明明没什么事为什么还要跟指挥官搭话?诶嘿嘿~♪~別に用がないのにどうして指揮官に声をかけなきゃならないの?えへへHmm-hm♪ Are you wondering why I talk you up even if I don't need anything? Heehee~
Touch (Special)咦?!突,突然怎么了……?///ほぇ?!きゅ、急にどうしたの……?///H-huh?! Wh-what's gotten into you all of a sudden...? *blushes*
Mission想要我帮忙做任务?好呀♪现在只有初月能帮上指挥官呢~任務を手伝ってほしいの?はぁい♪今は初月だけが指揮官を手伝えるね~Need help with your missions? Okey-dokey♪ Since I'm the only one who can do it right now~
Mission Complete任务报酬送到了哦~太好了♪任務報酬が届いたよ~。よかったね♪Mission rewards have arrived. Isn't that nice~♪
Return to Port我不仅是秘书舰,还是和你结下了羁绊的存在对吧?也就是说初月既是你的女朋友,又是你的伴侣,还是你的妻子哦……所以肯定会第一个来见指挥官的♪秘書艦だけじゃなくて絆で結ばれた存在でもあるでしょ?つまり初月はカノジョでパートナーでお……オクサマなんだから、一番先に指揮官に会いに来るの♪We're more than just secretary and Commander – we share a fate. Which is to say, I'm your girlfriend, your partner... e-even your wife! So of course I'm first out to welcome you back♪
Flagship等着成为指挥官的功勋吧!指揮官の戦果にしてあげる!I'll add this to the Commander's list of achievements!
Victory除了指挥官的奖赏,连指挥官也要一起独占…我,我知道了啦…指揮官のご褒美だけでなく、指揮官も独り占めできたりして…わ、分かってるってば…Maybe I could hoard not just the Commander's rewards, but the Commander as well... F-fine, if you say so...
Affinity (Love)哼哼,就这样乖乖地不要动哦~就算你让我从大腿上走开,可我现在正好好地帮指挥官工作呢?不乐意的话,作为交换指挥官可以把头放在初月的大腿上哦。诶嘿嘿♡ふふん、このままじっと動かないでね~。太ももからどいてって言われても、初月は立派に指揮官の仕事を手伝っているわよ?嫌なら代わりに指揮官も初月の太ももに頭を乗せればいいんじゃない?えへへ♡Heheh, now hold still~ ...So what if I'm sitting on your lap? I'm still helping you with your job. If you really want me to get off, why don't you rest your head on my lap instead? Heehee♡