Richelieu (JP 🇯🇵: リシュリュー, CN 🇹🇼: 黎塞留)
Ship IDNo. 453Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRaritySuper Rare
NavyIris LibreBuild Time05:50:00
AcquisitionEvent: Skybound Oratorio
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
ENJune 11, 2020
KRMay 21, 2020
CNMay 21, 2020
JPMay 21, 2020
Voice actressMarina Inoue
Richelieu Description
Richelieu-class battleship – Richelieu.
Fleuron of the WavesDescription
This swimsuit... Yes, the one Émile picked out for me, seems a bit skimpy... I didn't think she'd be the type to trick me into wearing something like this, but... Commander, where are you looking?
Evergreen ProphecyDescription
HP1399 Reload61
Firepower86 Torpedo0
Evasion9 Anti-air55
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck19
HP6257 Reload117
Firepower221 Torpedo0
Evasion42 Anti-air206
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck20
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun preload +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
2Light Cruiser200%/200%/200%/200%1/1/3/30/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun100%/100%/100%/100%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Quadruple 380mm Main Gun (Mle 1935)
Fleet Tech
T7 Battleship: Richelieu-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock40 +1
Max LimitBreak80
Lv.12060 +2
The Iris's FlagbearerWhen sortied as the Flagship: increases FP, TRP, Accuracy, and RLD by 5.0% (15.0%) for your Iris Libre and Vichya Dominion ships, and also increases DMG dealt by your Iris Libre ships by 1.5% (6.0%) and decreases DMG taken by your Vichya Dominion ships by 1.5% (6.0%) .Default Unlocked
The Iris's Holy FlameWhen this ship fires its Main Guns: 45.0% (75.0%) chance to fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level.) This barrage has a 70.0% chance to inflict a special Burn to enemies, dealing 119 DMG per tick and decreasing their FP, TRP, and AVI by 5.0% for 30s.Default Unlocked
The Iris's VindicationWhile this ship has an HE Main Gun equipped: increases its Main Gun DMG by 4.5% (12.0%) . This ship's first Salvo of each battle will always be a Critical Hit if aimed manually.Default Unlocked
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description自由鸢尾黎塞留级战列舰—黎塞留リシュリュー級戦艦リシュリューRichelieu-class battleship – Richelieu.
Biography我是黎塞留级战列舰首舰,黎塞留,自由鸢尾的舰队领导者。我曾经历过命运多舛的一生,见证过祖国的兴衰离合…不过我相信,这次一定能够…真正地守住重要之物。我相信,自由、和平,都将从这支舰队开始——リシュリュー級戦艦のネームシップ、リシュリューです。カンレキでは数奇な運命を経て、祖国の盛衰を見届けてきました。…今度こそ、大切なものを守り抜きたいと願っています。この艦隊とともに、自由と平和を求めて――I am Richelieu, the lead ship of the Richelieu class. During my history as a ship, I lived through good times and bad times, and I also witnessed the rise and fall of my homeland... This time, I hope to protect all that is dear to me up until the end. Together with this fleet, I strive for liberty and peace...
Acquisition我是自由鸢尾的舰队领导者、枢机主教黎塞留。如果你也是为了信仰与自由而战的话,我会将胜利带给你的,指挥官。自由アイリス教国、枢機卿のリシュリューです。自由と信仰のために戦うなら、私が貴方に勝利をもたらしましょう。指揮官I am Richelieu, Cardinal of Iris Libre. If you too will fight for freedom and faith, then I shall bring you victory, Commander.
LoginBonjour, 指挥官。在我祈祷的期间,先喝杯茶稍等片刻吧Bonjour、指揮官。こちらが朝祷を行っている間、少しお茶を飲みながらくつろいでいてくださいBonjour, Commander. Please relax and drink this tea while I carry out my morning prayers.
Details相信我,跟随我,你会得到你想要的。祈祷,并且寻找吧,这样道路便会为你而展开。私を信じなさい。私について来なさい。祈りなさい。探しなさい。さすれば道が開かれん――Place your faith in me. Follow my lead. Offer up your prayers. Seek the Lord. Only then will the path of God be opened...
Main「FVRENTIBVS EMINET AVSTRIS」…我坚信,只要有坚定的信仰和不懈的努力,无论任何苦难都无法将我们打倒——篤き信仰と弛まぬ努力、それさえあればいかなる困難をも乗り越えられると信じましょうI believe that any obstacle can be overcome with fervent faith and untiring efforts.
Main 2港区里那些孩子们…是叫「指挥喵」吗…?呵呵,真是惹人怜爱的小家伙呢。あの丸っこい子たち…確か「オフニャ」ってアルジェリーが言っていました。Those round little creatures... If I recall correctly, Algérie told me they're called "Meowfficers."
Main 3皇家?如果她们下次允许我在茶会时带上我的红酒,我相信我会和她们相处得更加融洽ロイヤル、ですか?ええ、今度のお茶会に私のワインを持参しますので、関係の進展に期待しましょうHave I met the Royal Navy yet? Yes. I hope to deepen our bond, so I'm bringing some wine to the next tea party.
Main 4请充分发挥鸢尾同伴们的力量,指挥官。为了和平而战正是她们的使命之一アイリス護教騎士団――大切な仲間たちの力を活用してください。平和のために戦うことも彼女たちの使命の一つですPlease make use of my precious allies, the Iris Templar Knights, at your discretion. After all, one of their missions is to fight for peace.
Main 5白鹰的伙伴们和鸢尾的同胞多少有点…嗯,让·巴尔的话,大概会和她们更合得来吧ユニオンの子たち、アイリスの子たちとは結構…ジャン・バールなら上手く付き合える気がしますThe relationship between those from the Eagle Union and those from the Iris Libre is a bit... Well, I get the feeling that Jean Bart would get along with them just fine, though.
Touch静静聆听我向神明的祷告吧,指挥官私たちの祈りに傾聴してください。指揮官Please listen to our prayers closely, Commander.
Touch (Special)…唯有勇气值得一点赞赏呢ほかはともかく、勇気だけは褒められるべきでしょうIf nothing else, your audacity is commendable.
Touch (Headpat)愿你也能得到上天的祝福あなたにも天の祝福があらんことをMay Heaven confer upon you its blessings.
Mission任务,也是一种试炼。怀着正确的心态完成即可。任務も試練の一種と言えましょう。正しい心構えで挑めば心配ありませんMissions may be called a kind of trial. If you take them on with the proper attitude, there is no need to worry.
Mission Complete奖励,是上天给与勤劳者的馈赠。心怀感激地接受便是。働く者への、天からの恵みがこの報酬です。ありがたく受け入れましょうThe reward for those who work hard is Heaven's grace. Let us accept it gratefully.
Mail信件,是来自他人的祝福。手紙は余人からの祝福ですLetters are blessings from other people.
Return to Port作战结束,舰队平安回港,辛苦了,指挥官。作戦終了。艦隊無事母港に帰投しました。指揮官、ご苦労さまですMission complete. The fleet has safely returned to the port. Good work, Commander.
Commission Complete委托的顺利完成,是舰队运转良好的证明,做的不错,指挥官。委託が無事完了できたこと、すなわち艦隊運営が順調なことを表します。指揮官、よくできましたI'd like to report that the commissions have been safely completed, and that fleet operations are running smoothly. You've done a good job, Commander.
Enhancement为了引导人民,力量也是必要的——谢谢你,指挥官。導くための力も時には必要でしょう。感謝しますAt times, might is needed to guide others on the right path. I give you my thanks.
Flagship以自由与荣耀之名,全舰就位,aux armes,marchons! 自由と栄光のために、全艦、戦闘配置。aux armes、marchons――!All ships, prepare for combat! For liberty and glory! Aux armes, marchons!
Victory愿战场上飘荡的亡灵们,也能得到永恒的安宁与救赎,amen…戦場に漂う魂に永遠の安寧と救いがあらんこと…エーメン…May the wandering souls drifting about the battlefield find eternal peace and salvation... Amen...
Defeat这也是…神明所赐予的试炼吗…これも…天からの試練ですか…Is this... also a trial from Heaven...?
Skill接受神罚吧!天の裁きを受けよ!Accept your divine judgment!
Low HP希望…还没有破灭!希望は……まだ…っ!There is... still hope...!
Affinity (Upset)不思进取者,终将步向破灭。好好记住这点吧。進むことを拒む者は破滅の終焉を辿る――それを覚えていてThose who refuse to stop marching shall face the path of ruin... Make sure you keep that in mind.
Affinity (Stranger)有人说我带来战祸而厌恶我,有人则因为枢机主教的身份而敬畏我,甚至有人将我视为顽固的信教者而憎恨我……你呢,你又将如何看待我,指挥官?こうして貴方と言葉を交わす私は――戦いをもたらした災禍、畏怖すべき枢機卿、そして妄執に取り憑かれた頑固者として嫌悪されています。問いましょう。貴方から見た私は、どのような存在ですか?The one you are talking to was once despisingly called many things: the calamity that brought on war, the fearsome Cardinal, and the maniac possessed by religious fervor. I ask of you: when you look at me, what do you see in me?
Affinity (Friendly)你来了,指挥官,请坐吧,想喝点什么?…不用太过拘谨,即便是我,在工作与教务之外,也有像这样与常人无二的生活。即使是最虔诚的教徒,也不能光靠信仰生存,她们同样需要食物与美酒指揮官、そこにおかけなさい。飲み物は何がいいですか?…案ずることはりません。私とて職務と教務以外では人並みの生活を過ごしています。ヒトは信心のみでは生きてはいけないですし、パンと飲み物を必要とすることもありましょう。ふふCommander, please have a seat. What would you like to drink? ...There's no need to be on guard. Even someone like me lives an ordinary life when not on duty or performing religious rites. A person cannot live on faith alone. Sometimes, you just need a drink or two. Hehe.
Affinity (Like)你又来了,指挥官,我开始有些后悔对你太过友善了——开玩笑的,有一个可以信任又互相了解的人可以交流是一件奢侈的事。我很幸运,当然,你也是,不是吗,指挥官また来ましたね、指揮官。貴方への接し方はいささか穏やかすぎたのではないかと――もちろん冗談です。気軽に話せる相手がひとり増えたのは私にとってありがたいこと――貴方もそう思ってくれるよう願っていますYou've come by again. Haven't you been getting too friendly with me? ...Just kidding. I'm truly grateful to have another person that I can chat casually with. I hope that you feel the same way, too.
Affinity (Love)人与人之间的距离感是一个很有意思的东西。上级和下级,舰队的领导者和阵营的指挥者,舰船和……呵呵,现在还是先让大家保持一下对我们关系的误解吧。好吗?ヒトの距離感とは面白いものです。上官と部下、艦隊の指導者と陣営のトップ、艦船と…ふふふ、今はまだ皆に勘違いさせたままにしておきましょう。ね?The feeling of distance between people is an interesting thing indeed. A superior officer and their subordinate. The leader of a fleet and the highest post of the organization. A warship and... Hehe. For the time being, let's let the others continue misunderstanding our relationship, okay?
Pledge作为自由鸢尾的领导者,我无法向你许下诺言。但作为战舰黎塞留,我愿立誓成为永远守护你、支援你的存在。以神圣的鸢尾之名——アイリスを導く者として、貴方だけに誓いを立てることはできませんが、リシュリューは貴方を生涯守り、貴方を支える存在になることを誓いましょう。はい、神聖なるアイリスの名にかけて――As the one who guides Iris Libre, I cannot make an oath solely to you. However, I vow to protect and support you for as long as I live. This, I vow, on the holy name of Iris...
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Main Title
In battle with Le Triomphant, Forbin, Le Téméraire, L'Opiniâtre, Émile Bertin, Jeanne d'Arc, Béarn, Surcouf我们无所畏惧,因神与我们同在天の加護がある限り、恐れることはない!As long as we have Heaven's divine protection, we have nothing to fear!
In battle with Saratoga没想到还能有机会再度同行呢...また共に戦えるのですねIt seems that we fight together once again.
In battle with Jean Bart尽情发挥吧,我会全力支援你的。思うがままに戦いましょう。背中は私が守りますPlease fight to your heart's content. I have your back.
In battle with Le Mars, Tartu, Vauquelin, Le Malin, La Galissonnière, Algérie, Dunkerque, Jean Bart同胞啊,在共同的信念下集结吧!義心の元に集え!同胞たちよ!Brethren! Assemble under the banner of righteousness!
In battle with La Galissonnière, Aylwin向无信仰的敌人降下天罚吧!不信の敵に裁きをBring down judgment upon the nonbelievers.
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description指挥官,这一身…嗯,是埃米尔为我挑选的,说实话,我对这方面一窍不通…不过既然是埃米尔,想必不会有太糟糕的选择…—指挥官?你为什么盯着我发呆?この水着――ええ、エミールが選んでくれた水着を初めて着ましたが、正直少し疎いもので……エミールのことですから、いたずらに変な水着に着替えさせられたとは思いませんが、指揮官…今の目は?This swimsuit... Yes, the one Émile picked out for me, seems a bit skimpy... I didn't think she'd be the type to trick me into wearing something like this, but... Commander, where are you looking?
Acquisition指挥官,这一身…嗯,是埃米尔为我挑选的,说实话,我对这方面一窍不通…不过既然是埃米尔,想必不会有太糟糕的选择…—指挥官?你为什么盯着我发呆?この水着――ええ、エミールが選んでくれた水着を初めて着ましたが、正直少し疎いもので……エミールのことですから、いたずらに変な水着に着替えさせられたとは思いませんが、指揮官…今の目は?This swimsuit... Yes, the one Émile picked out for me, seems a bit skimpy... I didn't think she'd be the type to trick me into wearing something like this, but... Commander, where are you looking?
Login一个风景优美的地方,指挥官,你很会挑选心が安らぐいい景色…指揮官、いいセンスですScenery that calms the heart... Commander, you've got good taste.
Details鸢尾的教义里并没有规定人不需休息。今天大家就尽情放松,把这样的日子当成来自神的祝福就好アイリスの教えは、何も羽を伸ばすことまでは禁じません。今日は皆で思いっきり楽しみましょう。これも天からの恵みだと思ってよいのですIris' teachings do not go as far as to forbid its followers from spreading their wings. Let us enjoy today with everyone to our heart's content. Consider this as yet another of Heaven's many blessings.
Main我去海里稍微游一会儿。…?呵呵,确实和我平常的印象不太一致呢。指挥官,你要一起来吗?少し海に行ってきます。……ふふ、確かに、いつもとは少しイメージが違いますね。指揮官も一緒にどうでしょうCommander, I'll be heading to the beach for a bit. ... Hehe. Indeed, this is a bit different from how I am usually. Would you like to come along with me?
Main 2炎热的盛夏与冰凉的甜食…不得不说是绝配呢,下次请敦刻尔克再多做一些好了…蒸し暑い天気には冷菓(れいか)が効きますね…次はダンケルクにもうちょっと多めに用意してもらいましょうか… Frozen treats are most effective against hot and humid weather like this... Shall we ask Dunkerque to prepare some more next time?
Main 3我偶尔也会思考,与让·巴尔共同度过一段时间对于我们的关系或许是有必要的呢…哈啊…ジャン・バールは……やっぱり普段からもう少し一緒にいてあげたほうが良さそうですね。……はぁ…… Jean Bart... Perhaps it's better to spend some more time with her... Sigh...
Touch你要带我去哪里,指挥官?これは…どこに連れて行くのですか?My... Where are you taking me, Commander?
Touch (Special)穿着泳装就变得毫无防备了——还是不要有这么天真的想法比较好哦,指挥官水着姿だと無防備になる――そう安直に思わないほうが身のためでしょうIf you know what's good for you, I wouldn't assume that a girl is defenseless just because she's in a swimsuit.
Return to Port我并不希望我的休息是以你的额外劳动换来的,指挥官,有任何需要帮忙的地方请尽管提出来私の不在が貴方の負担になるのは望ましくありません。力になれることがありましたらいつでも言ってくださいI don't wish for my absence to become a burden on you, Commander. If there's anything I can help with, please let me know.
Commission Complete这里的视野很好,指挥官,你看,恰好能看到海平线上返回的委托组良い見晴らしです。ちょうどここから帰還してくる委託組が見えるでしょうWe have a really good view from up here. I can even see a commission group starting to return out there.
Affinity (Love)微热的海风,海浪声,我们走过沙滩上的脚印……Agréable。对我来说也是一番难得的体验呢…指挥官,我会把与你共度的这段时光永远留在心里的こうして海の音に耳を傾けながら、浜辺を一緒に歩くこと……Agréable。ふふふ。これは中々得難い体験ですね。指揮官、この思い出――貴方との思い出を、大切に――Walking together on the beach like this while basking our ears in the sounds of the sea... Agréable. Hehehe, this is quite a rare experience. Commander ... Thanks for being with me. I'll cherish this moment.
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description指挥官,新年好。结束一年的辛劳,暂且安享这安宁的时光吧。愿指挥官,与港区的诸位都能得到上天的祝福。指揮官、あけましておめでとうございます。一年の務めを果たして迎える、魂が安らぐ平和な時間を享受してください。あなたと皆に、天のご加護があらんことをCommander, I wish you a Happy New Year. May you avail yourself of the period of repose that follows the culmination of the year's duties. I pray that you and everyone else may receive the blessing of the Heavens.
Acquisition指挥官,新年好。结束一年的辛劳,暂且安享这安宁的时光吧。愿指挥官,与港区的诸位都能得到上天的祝福。指揮官、あけましておめでとうございます。一年の務めを果たして迎える、魂が安らぐ平和な時間を享受してください。あなたと皆に、天のご加護があらんことをCommander, I wish you a Happy New Year. May you avail yourself of the period of repose that follows the culmination of the year's duties. I pray that you and everyone else may receive the blessing of the Heavens.
Login又迎来了一轮崭新的朝阳,今天也请多指教了,指挥官。新しい朝日を迎えましたね。今日もよろしくお願いしますIt looks like you went out to take a glimpse of the morning sun. I look forward to being in your company today, Commander.
Details相信我,跟随我,你会得到你想要的。祈祷,并且寻找吧,光明的大道,手中的幸福,崭新的一天,都将呈现在你眼前。信じなさい。償いなさい。そして祈りなさい。探しなさい。光指す道を、幸福を手にする新しい一日をBelieve, atone, and pray. Seek a new day... that you may grasp hold of your happiness, and the road to the light.
Main 3“抽签”展示的或许正是命运,即便如此,人类的顽强,还是能够打破既定宿命的吧。「おみくじ」が示すものは運命かもしれません。それでも、定めにすら打ち勝つのがヒトの子の強さでしょうWhat these fortunes tell may be your fate. Even so, is it not mankind's strength to overcome fate?
Main 4嘘,别太大声,这孩子正要靠近让·巴尔呢。しーっ。あまり声を出さないで、この子はジャン・バールに懐きそうですわShh. Lower your voice. I'm trying to get this one to warm up to Jean Bart.
Main 5贝亚恩,时间差不多了?…嗯,和大家约好了一会去重樱的神社参观,指挥官也要一起来吗?ベアルン、もう時間ですか?…この後、皆とお社を見学しに行く約束をしています。指揮官もいかがですか?Béarn, is it already time? ...Yes, I made a promise earlier to visit the shrine with everyone else. How would you like to come with us?
Touch指挥官也要坐过来吗?请稍等…乖孩子…好了,请坐。隣ですか?よいっしょ…いい子いい子…はい、どうぞYou'd like to sit by my side? Up we go... Good kitty... Alright, here you go, Commander.
Touch (Special)这是…新年的打招呼方式吗?年始めの挨拶…ですか?Is this a greeting... for the New Year?
Mail重樱的贺年卡是这种感觉的吗…挺有意思的,呵呵…重桜の年賀状はこんな感じですね…面白そうです。ふふふSo this is what the Sakura Empire's New Year's greeting cards look like... How interesting. Hehehe.
Return to Port不要着急,先安排出击的各位休息吧,我会在这里等你的。落ち着いて振り返りをしましょう。私はここで待っていますPlease calm down and ponder what we should do. I'll be waiting right over here.
Commission Complete委托组平安回来了。所谓的“开门大吉”就是这样吧。委託組が無事帰還したようです。「開運」とはこういうことでしょうIt seems the commissions team made it back safely. This counts as good fortune, doesn't it?
Affinity (Love)一同静心祷告吧,只要聆听彼此的祈祷之语,必能知晓我们所向同心。让我们二人并肩,向光之彼方前行——落ち着いて一緒に祈りましょう。私が貴方の祈りを聞いて、貴方が私の祈りを聞いていれば、向かう先が一緒だと分かるはず。光へと歩みましょう。私と貴方、二人で――Settle down. Let us pray together. If I listen to your prayers and you listen to mine, you will come to understand that we are heading toward the same goal. Let us walk toward the light. You and I, together...
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LoginBonjour,指挥官。在我结束祈祷之前,请先喝杯茶稍等片刻吧Bonjour、指揮官。こちらが朝祷を済ませているうちに、少しお茶を飲んでくつろいでくださいBonjour, Commander. Please relax and enjoy this tea while I finish my morning prayers.
Details最近有时会和让·巴尔一起,即使没有交谈,两个人各自忙着手中的工作,也会有一种交心的感觉。非常令人开心ジャン・バールとは時々会っています。特に話さず、ただ二人がそれぞれの手元の事に集中していただけですが、心が通っていた気がします。嬉しいことですI meet with Jean Bart every once in a while. We don't talk much, and simply focus on whatever we're doing at the moment. Even so, I feel like we understand each other very well. It's something to be happy about.
Main「FVRENTIBVS EMINET AVSTRIS」…信仰和努力都是谁都能说的空话,而真正要让其成立,往往需要付出无数的苦痛,与牺牲信仰の実践は容易いものではありません。輝かしき修業も、時には苦痛も、犠牲も伴いましょうThe practice of faith is not an easy path to walk. Discipline is required for enlightenment, and the path is sometimes accompanied by suffering and even self-sacrifice.
Main 2指挥官,我有一个严肃的问题要与你探讨——如何才能让那些「指挥喵」像喜欢你一样喜欢我?指揮官、一つ質問です。この「オフニャ」たちが貴方に懐くように私にもなついてもらう方法はありますでしょうか Commander, I have a question. Is there a way to get these "Meowfficers" to like me as much as they like being cuddled by you?
Main 4维希的战士们,说到底也是与鸢尾同源的同胞,请不要忘记这点ヴィシアの戦士たちもアイリスの同胞です。くれぐれもお忘れなく Please, do not forget. The warriors from Vichya are also Iris Libre's brethren.
Touch现在是祷告时间,指挥官,请再稍等片刻礼拝の時間ですから、少し待っていてくださいねIt's time for worship. Please wait here patiently.
Touch (Special)是不是稍微再斟酌一下接触的方式比较好呢触れ合いをするなら別のアプローチのほうがよろしいでしょうIf you would like to touch me, I would prefer it if you took a different approach.
Return to Port欢迎回来,多亏了指挥官,大家都平安无事,感谢你おかえりなさい。おかげさまで皆無事です。感謝しますWelcome back. Thanks to you, everyone's safe and sound. I'm truly grateful.
Affinity (Love)我和你之间谁是追求的一方并不重要。能够感受到我们之间的羁绊这一点本身,就足够让人愉悦了。感谢你能一直陪伴在我身边私と貴方、どちらが求める側であるかは重要ではありません。こうして結ばれている絆を実感できるだけでも嬉しいです。いつも付き合っていただいてありがとうございますWhether you or I care more for the other is inconsequential. I feel more than happy enough just feeling our close bond together like this. Thank you for always being by my side.