Clemenceau (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 604Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRaritySuper Rare
NavyVichya DominionBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP1353 Reload62
Firepower86 Torpedo0
Evasion9 Anti-air57
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck10
HP6051 Reload119
Firepower222 Torpedo0
Evasion42 Anti-air214
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck10
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun preload +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Battleship: Richelieu-classTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Will of the TribunalIncreases this ship's ACC by 4.5% (12.0%) . When the battle starts, for each Vichya Dominion ship in your fleet: increases this ship's FP and AA by 1.0% (5.0%) ; when the battle starts, if there is a Vichya Dominion ship in your Vanguard: increases this ship's RLD by 1.0% (10.0%) .???
Guiding Flames of IntrigueWhen this ship fires her Main Guns: 45.0% (75.0%) chance to fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level). Enemies hit by this barrage have their FP, TRP, and AVI decreased by 5.0% for 5s. When the battle starts, if there are 5 Iris Libre and/or Vichya Dominion ships in your fleet, or if this ship has Iris Orthodoxy gear equipped: increases this barrage's activation chance by 25.0%.???
Holy See's JudgmentIncreases this ship's Main Gun Crit Rate by 4.5% (12.0%) and Main Gun Crit DMG by 5.0% (15.0%) . This ship's first Salvo always deals Critical DMG if aimed manually.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description黎塞留级战列舰—克莱蒙梭リシュリュー型戦艦-クレマンソーRichelieu-class battleship – Clemenceau.
Biography黎塞留级未完成的第三艘,克莱蒙梭。相比大名鼎鼎的黎塞留与让·巴尔,我曾在襁褓中被无奈遗弃。我没有名声,亦无过往,这也是我最大的优点——这样,就不会有人在意站在幕后的我了。リシュリュー級、それも完成しなかった三隻目のクレマンソーよ。名を馳せたリシュリューやジャン・バールと違って、かの大戦での私は残念ながら建造途中で見捨てられたけど……誉れや過去がないのは私の最大の強みでもあるわ――そう。誰も舞台裏で暗躍する私の存在に気づかないもの。ふふふI am the third of the Richelieu class, the never-completed Clemenceau. Unlike Richelieu and Jean Bart, who made a name for themselves, I was abandoned during that great war. However, my lack of history or honors is also my greatest asset – that's right, nobody ever notices the shadow lurking behind the curtains. Heehee~
Acquisition维希教廷战列舰克莱蒙梭,很高兴能与指挥官你共事。相对事迹早已无人不晓的你而言,我算是陌生的一方吧。在正式合作之前,你有什么想问我的么?これはこれは指揮官、ヴィシア所属戦艦クレマンソー、共に戦えて恐悦至極よ。偉業を知らぬ者がいないあなたと比べて、私(わたくし)など無名に等しいわ。……さて、本筋の話に入る前に、私に何か聞きたいことはありますか?If it isn't the Commander! I, Vichya Dominion battleship Clemenceau, am honored to fight by your side. I'm essentially a nobody compared to you and your world-renowned deeds. Now... Before we get to business, do you have any questions for me?
Login欢迎回来,日理万机的指挥官。 有没有什么需要我协助的?おかえりなさい、多忙なる我らが指揮官さま。ふふふ、クレマンソーに何か手伝えることは?Welcome back, our ever-so-sought-after Commander. Heehee, is there anything I might be able to help you with?
Details当我想陪那些可爱的小指挥喵们玩时,它们便会自己过来。而当我想做别的事了,它们也会识趣地散开。嗯……大概这是我能让黎塞留和让·巴尔羡慕的地方?かわいいかわいいオフニャたち、戯れたい時になぜか自然と集まってくれるし、私の気が変わると散ってくれるわね。ふふふ……リシュリューとジャン・バールに羨ましがられるところといえば、多分こんなところかしら?Whenever I want to play with the cute little Meowfficers, they naturally gather around. And as soon as I need to do something else, they will also leave on their own. Heehee... I suppose this is one aspect of me that makes Richelieu and Jean Bart green with envy~
Main指挥官既是舞台上的领导者,也是幕后的参谋家。你更喜欢哪一个身份?又或者,其实你只想做一个观众?指揮官は舞台上の指導者であり、舞台裏の参謀役でもあるわね。どっちを演じるのが好きかしら?それとも…実は我らが指揮官はただの一観客になりたかったり?ふふふCommander, you are both the director on the stage, as well as the staff working behind the scenes. Which role do you enjoy playing more? Or... does our Commander actually wish to be just another spectator? Heehee~
Main 2在皇家享受茶会,再到北方联合饮下热情的伏特加——即使是刻板印象,对拉近距离而言却极其有效。不过伏特加确实有点……ロイヤルで優雅に茶会を楽しむのも、北方連合でヴォッカを飲んだくれるのも、相手との距離を縮めるのに効果的よ。まあ、ヴォッカはその…無理をする必要があるけれど……Enjoying one of the Royal Navy's elegant tea parties or downing vodka with the Northern Parliament are both effective methods of bridging the distance between parties. Though, vodka... can be a bit of a struggle...
Main 3单纯是单纯者的蓝天,精明者亦有精明者的城府。我从不轻易地对他人下定论,毕竟朋友也有很多种相处的方式,不是么?悩みのない者には悩まないことの身軽さがあるし、謀を巡らす者には謀で得られる瞬間が訪れるわ。他人を見極めた気でいるのは無粋よ。どんな者にも、それぞれへの付き合い方がある…そうじゃなくて?Those who do not scheme enjoy the levity that comes with having nothing to worry about, whereas those who do enjoy the fruit borne by their plans. Having that said, it is not my place to judge. Regardless of who we are, we all have our ways of getting along with one another... Wouldn't you agree?
Touch指挥官,你现在正一副“我有话想说”的表情哦?あら指揮官、何か聞きたそうな顔をしているようだけど?Oh my, Commander. You look like you want to ask something~
Touch (Special)嗯?指挥官,你就这么想亲自将把柄递到我的手上么?あら?指揮官はそんなに弱みを私に握らせたいのかしら?Hmm? Commander, do you really want me to exploit your weakness so badly?
Mission还有任务尚未完成。我想,你应该已经把它们列入计划事项中了吧?まだ終わっていない任務があるわ。私が思うに、それらはすでに指揮官の予定に載っている…そうでしょう?There's still work left to finish. I'd assume it has already made its way onto your itinerary, yes?
Mission Complete任务已经完成了。有条不紊地解决计划中的事项,这便是工作状态的你么。任務が完了したわ。テキパキと予定をこなしていく――まさにお仕事モードの指揮官ねMission complete. Yet another item on the itinerary dispatched efficiently... So this is the Commander in work mode.
Mail有新的来信。不是紧急事项,忙完手头的东西再查看也不迟。新しい手紙があるわ。緊急のものじゃないから、手元の仕事を終えてから確認してもいいわよA new letter has arrived. It's not urgent, so you can take a look after you've finished what you're working on right now.
Return to Port要总结一下刚刚的作战么?你若有空的话,我们不妨再推演一遍别的可能性?さっきの作戦の振り返りでもどう?時間さえよければ、別の可能性とかを検証してみない?Shall we review our previous operational strategy? If time permits, why not try to ascertain an alternate possibility?
Commission Complete把这些慰问品给归港的委托队送去吧。嗯?你好奇是什么时候准备的?这不重要,不是么?呵呵~差し入れは委託組の子たちに持って行って。…ん?いつ準備したかって?そんなの、別に気にするようなほどのことかしら?ふふふ♪Take these gifts over to the girls in the commission fleet, won't you? ...Hm? When did I prepare them? Why, is that something you absolutely have to know? Heehee~♪
Enhancement也别忘了提升下自己哦,指挥官?指揮官、己を磨くのも忘れないでね?Commander, don't forget to keep improving yourself as well, alright?
Flagship一出好戏,即将开场——素晴らしき演劇の始まりよ――The curtains rise on a splendid play.
Victory胜利的砝码又多了一枚,局势已然向我们倾斜。これで重りがまた一つ……勝利の天秤はこちらに傾いているわWith this one additional weight... the scales of victory tip ever in our favor.
Defeat啊哈哈,输了啊……说起来,其实我是个有点记仇的人呢。あらまあ、負けちゃったわね…ところで、私は結構根に持つタイプで…ふふふOh my, it seems that I've been bested... But just so you know, I'm the type to hold on to grudges... Heehee~
Skill等待,并心怀希望吧。待て、しかして希望せよAttendre et espérer.
Low HP哎呀呀,大意了呢。あらまあ、油断したようねOh my, I seem to have let my guard down.
Affinity (Upset)所以你在大家面前的好形象都是你刻意捏造的人设?哎,这反而有点无趣了啊……なるほど?あの良き指揮官は作られた顔に過ぎない、と?……ふーん、逆にちょっとつまらないわねI see now. So, the upstanding Commander is just a made-up facade? Hmm... Au contraire, I actually find that quite dull.
Affinity (Stranger)你是令人众星捧月的指挥官,却又没有被神话为让人顶礼膜拜的大理石雕像。是因为你和大家走得很近么?嗯……值得思考呢。褒め讃えられる存在であっても、崇められる偶像にあらず、か。部下たちと共に歩いているせい?ふーん……興味深いわねA person who is worthy of praise and adulation, yet is not revered as an idol... Is it because you walk alongside your troops? Hmm... how thought-provoking.
Affinity (Friendly)对我仍然有所戒备啊。我猜,是让·巴尔提醒你的?……哈哈,我就知道是她。话说,你和她是怎么搞好关系的?要对付她那样的人可不简单。相変わらず警戒心が強いわね。もしかしてジャン・バールが何かを吹き込んだのかしら?……ふふふ、だと思ったわ。それにしても指揮官はどうやってあの子と仲良くなったの?組しやすい相手じゃないはずよ?I see you're on your guard, just as always. Perhaps Jean Bart told you a little thing or two? ...Heehee, just as I thought. Speaking of which, Commander, how did the two of you get on such good terms? I expected her to be quite difficult to get along with, no?
Affinity (Like)不介意把你的兴趣爱好告诉我吧?这样,我才能“投其所好”,不是么?你要是觉得没法坦率地说出口的话,那我就只好和同伴打听了。よければ指揮官の嗜好と趣味を教えてくれない?だって、教えてくれたらあなたの好みに合わせて「色々」してあげられるでしょう?ふふふ、話すのが憚られるなら他の仲間に聞くまでよIf you don't mind, Commander, could you tell me about some of your likes and hobbies? That way, I would be able to cater to you in all sorts of ways~ Heehee. Even if you don't feel like telling me, I could always ask some of our friends.
Affinity (Love)这港区有如一座修罗场,如此多的同伴都对指挥官虎视眈眈,不下点功夫可没法得到青睐呢,哈哈。至于我的话……你觉得我的胜算又有几成呢?こんなにも多くの仲間が指揮官を狙っているという意味では、母港はまさしく戦場なのね。多少は工夫しないと、指揮官の注目を勝ち取れないようで…ふふふ。指揮官はこのクレマンソーの勝算をいかほどに見ているのかしら?This port is truly a battlefield in its own right, seeing as how many of your companions are vying for you. By the looks of things, I won't be able to win over your attention without some ingenuity... Heehee. Commander, I do wonder, what do you think the odds of me winning are?
Pledge我可是一位不折不扣的坏女人。像是精心排好约会的日程,刻意制造出只有两个人在的时间,装作无心却在意着你今天见了谁……这样那样的事情,我都有可能做得出来哦?……所以,做好心理准备了么?私は悪い女よ。だからあなたにはあんなことやこんなことも平気でできるわ…例えばデートの予定を組んだり、二人だけの時間や場所を作ったり、あなたが誰と会ったかヤキモチを焼いたり――ふふふ、覚悟はできていて?I'm an evil woman. Which is why I can do things like this without a second thought... For example, orchestrating a date, creating a time and place just for the two of us, or getting jealous over who you've been with– Heehee, can you handle someone like me?
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In battle with Richelieu谢谢你的祈祷,黎塞留。现在,一起齐心消灭眼前的敌人吧。祈ってくれてありがとう。目の前の敵に集中しようじゃない I appreciate the prayer. Now, let us focus on the enemies in front of us.
In battle with Jean Bart让·巴尔,总板着脸可不好哦。いつまでもそんな顔じゃダメよ?ジャン・バール Jean Bart, how long are you going to keep wearing your grumpy face?
In battle with Marco Polo切勿莽撞行事哦,马可波罗阁下?マルコ・ポーロ、向こう見ずなのは厳禁 Marco Polo, let's try not to get too ahead of ourselves~
In battle with Marseillaise马赛曲,消灭鸢尾的敌人!戦闘天使マルセイエーズ、アイリスの敵に滅びを Fighting angel Marseillaise, pass judgment upon the Holy Iris's enemies!
In battle with La Galissonnière, Joffre, Le Terrible用审判庭的方式取得胜利吧!審判廷のやり方で勝利を手に入れなさい Seize victory, the Tribunal's way.
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Ship Description天气正好,风速尚可,是个适合打高尔夫的日子……指挥官,我邀请你过来可不只是看风景的哦?做好今天任性一整天的准备吧。天気は晴れ、風速もよし、ゴルフにちょうどいい日ね。……指揮官?誘ったのは風景を眺めさせるためじゃないわよ?今日一日このクレマンソーに付き合う覚悟をしておいてThe skies are blue and the wind is calm, a perfect day for golfing... Commander? I didn't bring you here just to watch the scenery, you know? Brace yourself, because you're in for a long day with me.
Acquisition天气正好,风速尚可,是个适合打高尔夫的日子……指挥官,我邀请你过来可不只是看风景的哦?做好今天任性一整天的准备吧。天気は晴れ、風速もよし、ゴルフにちょうどいい日ね。……指揮官?誘ったのは風景を眺めさせるためじゃないわよ?今日一日このクレマンソーに付き合う覚悟をしておいてThe skies are blue and the wind is calm, a perfect day for golfing... Commander? I didn't bring you here just to watch the scenery, you know? Brace yourself, because you're in for a long day with me.
Login那就先从这里开始吧?看看今天指挥官的手感如何。まずはここから始めましょう。今日の指揮官の調子がどんなものか、見せてもらおうじゃないLet's start from here. Why don't you show me what kind of condition you're in today?
Details如果觉得抡球杆抡累了,不妨坐在车上兜兜风,欣赏一下风景?当然,司机的工作就交给指挥官你了。スイングに疲れたら、カートで風景を見ながら風にでも当たってみない?ふふふ、運転はもちろん、あなたよIf you're getting tired of swinging the golf club, why don't we take the cart around and enjoy the scenery? Heehee, and of course, you'll be the one driving.
Main嗯?我在测风速哦。或者说……我在感受这和煦的风?ん?今風速を測っているの。あるいは……柔らかい風に当たっているとでも言ったところかしら?Hmm? I'm measuring the wind speed. Or, would you rather me say... that I'm enjoying the warm, gentle breeze?
Main 2不必在意那么多,尽情挥出自己想打的一杆就好。既然不是比赛,随意点,尽可能放轻松吧。あれこれ考えないで、打ちたい一本を打てばいいわ。試合じゃないから、適当に、リラックスしてDon't worry too much, and play however you see fit. This isn't a competition, so relax a bit.
Main 3黎塞留和让·巴尔,一位犹豫半天,生怕一挥杆那球就不见了;另一位完全不在乎打到哪,每一杆都抡圆了手臂——真有趣啊。ボールがどこに飛んでしまうかを心配して戸惑うリシュリュー、そしてそんなことを微塵も気に留めず全力でフルスイングするジャン・バール――楽しそうねRichelieu holds back too much, worrying about where the ball might fly off to. Jean Bart swings too hard, without worrying about anything at all. Looks like fun, doesn't it?
Touch (Special)哎呀,指挥官,你的手好像不怎么安分呢。あら、指揮官の手は落ち着きないようねOh my, Commander. Your hands don't seem to be able to calm down.
Commission Complete委托物资送到了吗?正好,看看里面有没有什么能派上用场的。委託物資が届いた?ええ、使えそうなものがないか確認しようじゃないYou've received the commission rewards? Excellent, let's see if there's anything we can put to use.
Flagship难得的闲情逸致,不得不中断了啊。せっかくのレジャーを中断しないといけないとはねLooks like our precious leisure time will be cut short.
Victory呼——麻烦解决。怎么能被这些闲杂人等打扰了我们的休闲时光。ふぅ。問題解決ね。関係ない輩にあなたとの余暇を邪魔させないわPhew, problem solved. I won't let any uninvolved parties get in the way of our leisure time.
Affinity (Love)在你的身边时,总有一种能让人放空思绪的安心感……你也一样?呵呵,说不定这只是我用来哄你开心的话哦?你啊,可不能被其他坏女人的甜言蜜语给骗了。指揮官のそばにいると、頭を空っぽにしていい安心感を感じるわ。…あら、あなたも?今のは単にあなたを喜ばせるための建前かもしれなかったのに?ふふふ、ねえ指揮官?ほかの悪い子の甘い言葉に…騙されないでちょうだいねCommander, when I'm with you, I feel a sense of safety that makes all the thoughts in my head go poof. ...Oh, you too? What if I told you, I was just telling you what you wanted to hear? Heehee. Hey, Commander... Don't let yourself get fooled by the sweet flattery of other bad girls~
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Login准时回来了啊。其实,我有点想看看你迟到的样子……只是出于好奇哦?呵呵~あら、時間通りね。正直に言えば、我らが指揮官さまが遅刻する時の姿に興味があったのだけれど…単なる好奇心よ。ふふふOh, right on time. To be honest, I wanted to see what you're like when you're late and scrambling to get here... Just for curiosity's sake, of course. Heehee~
Main“狡猾的克莱蒙梭,在众人的眼皮底下神不知鬼不觉地把指挥官借走了……”都已经有这么离谱的传闻了么?哈哈,还是走漏了风声啊。「ずる賢いクレマンソー、衆人環視の中いつの間にか指揮官をどこかに連れ去った」と――あら、こんなでたらめな噂まで出回っているとはね。ふふふ、隠し通すのはやはり無理があるようで♪"Clemenceau, that wicked woman. She somehow managed to snatch the Commander away from right under our noses..." Oh my, I didn't realize there were such outrageous rumors going around already. Heehee, it would appear that I'm not able to fly under the radar anymore.
Main 2嗯~为什么突然发呆了呢?你是在想其他同伴的事,还是在想“其他女孩子”的事?ふふふ、どうして急にぼーっとし始めたの?ほかの仲間のこと…それとも「ほかの子」のことでも考えていたのかしら?Heehee, I wonder why you're spacing out all of a sudden~? Are you thinking about your other allies... or about some other girl~?
Main 3黎塞留,上次你推荐的猫咖我去了哦,体验确实很棒。啊,当然是和指挥官一起去的,毕竟多个人多个伴嘛。リシュリュー、この間あなたが薦めてくれたネコカフェはよかったわ。ええ、もちろん指揮官と一緒に…旅は道連れって言うじゃない?ふふふRichelieu, I thoroughly enjoyed the cat café you recommended to me the other day. Why yes, of course the Commander was with me. You know what they say about good company, don't you? Heehee~
Touch以我们之间的关系,用不着这么拘谨吧?还是你怕我又捉弄你?呵呵~私と指揮官の関係だもの、そう硬くならなくてもいいんじゃない?それとも…私に何かされるのが怖い?ふふふThe relationship between the two of us doesn't need to be so stiff and formal, you know? Unless... you're afraid that I'm going to do something to you? Heehee~
Touch (Special)别忘了,“罪行”积累得越多,要“偿还”的也就越多哦,指挥官。どうか忘れることなかれ。「罪」を犯せば犯すほど、しなければならない「償い」も増えることを……♪Don't forget this– the more "sins" you commit, the more you will have to "repent"~♪
Mail最近有传闻说,个别孩子在给指挥官送信的时候,会偷偷夹带私货……呵呵,没什么。最近指揮官に手紙を届けてくれる子だけど、こっそり自分のものまで忍び込ませてるみたいで――ええ、なんでもないわRumor has it that when some of the girls are coming by to deliver your mail, they're also sneaking in some personal effects– Haha, forget I said anything~
Return to Port再推演一下刚刚作战的其它可能情况吧。这次是你当坏人,还是我来?さっきの作戦でありえた他の可能性をもう少し検証するとしましょうか。敵役をやってくれる?それともこのまま私が?Let's try exploring other possibilities from the last operation a bit more thoroughly. Will you play the role of the enemy, or shall I do it?
Defeat能同时赢过我和指挥官的敌人……有点意思。你不会放任不管的吧?クレマンソーと指揮官を同時に出し抜いた敵……面白いわね。こんなのを放っておくあなたじゃないでしょ?An enemy capable of outwitting both Clemenceau and the Commander at the same time? How interesting... Surely you're not going to let this one slide, are you?
Affinity (Love)嘘——放轻松,抓紧我的手,跟我来。要去哪里?自然是去能脱离众人的视线,能自由放松的地方了。不用担心,你既起了好奇心,又义无反顾地跟着我走,不正是你信任我的最好表现么?しーっ。――ただ私の手を取ってついて来なさい。どこかって?もちろん周りの視線から逃れて、思うがままに羽を伸ばせる場所よ。不安を感じることはないわ。あなたは行き先に疑問を持っても、足を止めていない――つまり私を信じてくれている証拠よね?Shhh–– Just take my hand, and come with me. Where to? Naturally, a place free from the prying eyes of others, where we can be our true selves. Look– even though you have your doubts about me, you're still coming along. In other words, that's proof that you trust me, right?