Gascogne (JP 🇯🇵: ガスコーニュ, CN 🇹🇼: 加斯科涅)
Ship IDNo. P012Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRarityPriority
NavyVichya DominionBuild TimeN/A
AcquisitionResearch and Development
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
ENDecember 19, 2019
KRApril 18, 2019
CNApril 18, 2019
JPApril 18, 2019
Voice actressMikako Komatsu
Gascogne Description
Battleship – Gascogne.
Tropical Environs Acclimation Service EquipmentDescription
Gascogne uniform change complete. Directive assigned: have fun on the beach with Master. Requesting detailed instructions for how to "have fun on the beach."
HP1334 Reload62
Firepower83 Torpedo0
Evasion10 Anti-air45
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck0
HP5793 Reload119
Firepower301 Torpedo0
Evasion36 Anti-air171
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck0
Limit Break
Level 5HP +325 | AA +11 | Main Gun efficiency +5% | Unlock playback for: Main screen 1, Flagship fight, Mission reminder
Level 10Main gun efficiency +5% | Limit Break to 4 Stars | Unlock playback for: Main screen 2, Victory, DefeatLearn Siren Killer Ⅰ | Main Gun efficiency +5%
Level 15HP +651 | AA +22 | Anti-Air Gun efficiency +10% | Unlock playback for: Main screen 3, Normal touch, Mission complete
Level 20Secondary Gun base +2/Main gun efficiency +10% | Limit Break to 5 Stars | Unlock playback for: Skills, Mail reminder, Commission completeLearn Siren Killer Ⅱ | Secondary Gun base +2 | Main Gun efficiency +10%
Level 25HP +976 | AA +33 | Main Gun efficiency +5% | Unlock playback for: Main screen 4, Low HP
Level 30Main gun efficiency +15% | Limit Break to 6 StarsLearn Siren Killer Ⅲ | Main Gun efficiency +15%
Level 35Upgrades "Emotion Inhibition Module" to "Emotion Inhibition Module+"
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Battleship Gun140%/150%/160%/180%2/2/2/20/0/0/0
2Light Cruiser Gun200%/200%/200%/200%1/1/3/30/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun70%/70%/80%/80%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T7 Battleship: Richelieu-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock44 +1
Max LimitBreak88
Lv.12066 +2
Emotion Inhibition ModuleUp to twice per battle, when this ship's HP falls below 50.0%: for 8s, increases this ship's EVA by 15.0% (30.0%) and restores a total of 8.0% of its max HP.Default Unlocked
Precision Salvo ProtocolEach Main Gun reload gives this ship 2 Salvoes that can be fired independently. This ship's DMG bonus with manually aimed Salvoes becomes 25.0% (40.0%) . Every 20s: 50.0% (100%) chance to fire a special barrage (barrage DMG is based on the skill's level.)Default Unlocked
Siren Killer ⅢIncreases this ship's DMG to Sirens by 15.0%.???
Emotion Inhibition Module+At the start of battle, if this ship's HP is greater than 50.0%: increases this ship's AA by 4.5% (12.0%) and improves this ship's Precision Salvo Protocol barrage. Additionally, when this ship's HP falls below 50.0%: for 8s, increases this ship's EVA by 15.0% (30.0%) and restores a total of 8.0% of its max HP (this effect can only be triggered twice per battle). Strengthen Level 35
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description战列舰—加斯科涅戦艦・ガスコーニュBattleship – Gascogne.
Biography加斯科涅,黎塞留级战列舰四号舰,因战争爆发而被迫取消建造…不过这次,加斯科涅将为主人而战,歼灭任何挡在主人面前的敌人ガスコーニュ、リシュリュー級戦艦四番艦、戦火により建造頓挫。…今は、主のために戦闘行動を行い、敵を殲滅するGascogne, Richelieu-class battleship number 4, construction canceled due to wartime conditions. Purpose: engage in battle and destroy Master's enemies.
Acquisition加斯科涅,唤醒完成。确认指令:将自由与胜利带给主人——您就是主人吗?加斯科涅,为您服务ガスコーニュ、起動完了。指示確認:主(maître=メートル)に自由と勝利を――ガスコーニュ、これより奉仕行動を開始するGascogne activation process complete. Directive assigned: secure liberty and victory for Master. Gascogne commencing active service.
Login身份确认——欢迎回来,主人照合完了――お帰りなさい、主Identification complete. Welcome back, Master.
Details装备检查…状态良好,加斯科涅,随时待命兵装検査…状態良好。ガスコーニュ、命令の遂行が可能Analyzing armaments... Condition: satisfactory. Gascogne is able to execute orders.
Main“勾起嘴角”…无法对该行为分析出战术上的意义「口角を上げる」…その行動の意義を判断しかねる"Raise the corners of your lips"... Unable to determine significance of said action.
Main 2判定——主人的状态属于“偷懒”。对工作会产生影响検証完了――主の状態は「サボり」という状態に該当と判断。執務への支障を認むAnalysis complete. Master identified to be in a state of "slacking off." State evaluated as an impediment to productivity.
Main 3“自由行动”…无法对该命令分析出战术上的意义「適当にして」…戦術的な意義は分析不可能と判断"Do whatever you want"... Analysis of strategic significance of order deemed impossible.
Main 4关于现在舰队的成员,与加斯科涅记录中的信息,以及表情判断记录中的“笑容”的出现频度存在误差所属艦隊の構成員、ガスコーニュの記憶情報と、表情認識記録における「笑顔」の発生頻度に相違点を認むDiscrepancy detected in the frequency of "smiles" recorded between members of the fleet, Gascogne's recollection, and expression identification database.
Touch请下令,主人主、ご命令をAwaiting Master's orders.
Touch (Special)警告,非正常高温,请求检查——体温の異常を感知。主、特別検査を――Body temperature abnormality detected. Requesting thorough physical examination.
Mission提示,任务未完成——注意、未完了の任務を確認Attention: confirmation required for incomplete missions.
Mission Complete提示,任务奖励已下达——注意、任務報酬の到着を確認Attention: confirmation required for mission rewards.
Mail提示,新邮件——注意、新着メールを確認Attention: confirmation required for new mail.
Return to Port雅马邑白兰地,请用アルマニャック、どうぞA glass of armagnac has been prepared.
Commission Complete提示,委托组已返回——注意、委託チームの帰還を確認Attention: confirmation required for commission team's return.
Enhancement能力提升…完成能力上昇…確認Ability enhancements... Confirmed.
Flagship目标发现——歼灭开始目標視認――殲滅を開始するTargets identified. Commencing destruction.
Victory报告,目标歼灭,战斗任务完成報告。対象の殲滅を確認、戦闘任務完了Report: destruction of targets confirmed. Combat mission complete.
Defeat失败是不被允许的。……请提高加斯科涅的性能,或者进行销毁失敗は許されない。……ガスコーニュの機能向上、もしくは廃棄処分を申請するFailure is intolerable. Proposal: improve Gascogne's capabilities, or terminate system.
Skill就绪,火力全开!兵装起動、火力全開Armaments activated. Engaging at maximum output.
Low HP作战执行能力下降,需要增援作戦遂行能力低下、増援を求むCombat execution systems failing, requesting support.
Affinity (Upset)加斯科涅是舰船、兵器,除此以外不存在任何定义ガスコーニュは兵器、艦船、それ以外の定義を認めないGascogne is a weapon and a warship. No other definitions are applicable.
Affinity (Stranger)其他同僚经常会让加斯科涅加入她们于作战任务无益的活动,请主人判断是否需要参加 所属艦隊の構成員によるガスコーニュへの、戦術的な意義を有しない行動への参加要請が多数。主のご判断を求むNumerous requests for Gascogne's participation in activities without strategic significance received from members of the fleet. Requesting Master's assessment.
Affinity (Friendly)与她人接触过程中,加斯科涅产生了未知的反应,“感情”和“冲动”。请指示对应的行动所属艦隊との構成員の共同行動中に、「カンジョウ」「ショウドウ」の事象が発生。次なる対応の指示を求むPhenomena known as "emotions" and "impulses" occur when interacting with members of the fleet. Requesting instructions for achieving satisfactory interaction.
Affinity (Like)与主人、与其他同僚接触过程中产生的反应,是“安心”与“喜悦”,这样的“感情”,对主人来说…确实存在战术上的意义接触における「カンジョウ」を分析し、「アンシン」「ヨロコビ」と判断。主の希望上…戦術的な意義はあると認む"Emotions" generated from physical contact were analyzed and interpreted as "comfort" and "happiness." Concluding that this holds strategic significance if this is Master's intention.
Affinity (Love)加斯科涅在舰队生活中学到了许多“情感”,有了许多原本没有的“烦恼”,但也理解了“乐趣”。如果主人希望,加斯科涅现在可以开放自己“感情”对应的功能。主人,“谢谢你”「カンジョウ」の蓄積作業の過程において、「ナヤミ」「タノシミ」なる事象を確認・分析に成功。主のご希望なら、「カンジョウ」の開放及び行動機能の更新が可能。主、「ありがとう」Phenomena known as "worries" and "hopes" were observed and successfully classified during routine "emotion" cache analysis. System can be updated with permissions to access and act upon "emotions" if Master so wishes. Thank you, Master.
Pledge现在的加斯科涅已经能够理解了,“爱”,那是不求回报的付出,又是期望回报的渴望,是热情,是心跳,是光——谢谢您,主人,这枚戒指会是加斯科涅最珍贵的宝物今なら理解できる、「愛」という感情――それは心のときめき、見返りを求めない相手への貢献、渇望、情熱、そして「光」……この指輪こそ、ガスコーニュにとって一番大切な宝物。主、愛していますI now understand the emotion known as love. It is the throbbing of one's heart; the gratitude, longing, warmth, and light one feels for a person who does not seek recompense. This ring is the greatest gift I could ask for. I love you, Master.
Like Presentあぁ...
Dislike Present現段階の状態補強に有用と見た目
Main Title
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description加斯科涅,准备完成。确认指令:陪伴主人在沙滩玩耍——…主人请求对指示“在沙滩玩耍”的详细说明ガスコーニュ、装備変更完了。指示確認:主(メートル)と砂浜で遊びを――メートル、「砂浜で遊び」について詳細の指示を求むGascogne uniform change complete. Directive assigned: have fun on the beach with Master. Requesting detailed instructions for how to "have fun on the beach."
Acquisition加斯科涅,准备完成。确认指令:陪伴主人在沙滩玩耍——…主人请求对指示“在沙滩玩耍”的详细说明ガスコーニュ、装備変更完了。指示確認:主(メートル)と砂浜で遊びを――メートル、「砂浜で遊び」について詳細の指示を求むGascogne uniform change complete. Directive assigned: have fun on the beach with Master. Requesting detailed instructions for how to "have fun on the beach."
Login欢迎回来,主人。关于“自由行动”,加斯科涅正在进行数据累积以进行定性定义 おかえりなさい、主。ガスコーニュ、「自由行動」のルーチン定義に関するログ蓄積作業を遂行中Welcome back, Master. Gascogne is currently executing routine database definition update of the phrase "doing whatever."
Details主人要对加斯科涅进行检查吗?ガスコーニュの検査、どうぞPermission to inspect Gascogne granted.
Main风速、气温,气象数据符合记录平均值,对航行没有影响風速・気温、気象データは記録通りの平均値を確認、航行への影響は無しと判断Analyzed and compared wind speeds, temperature, and weather readings with mean values of previously recorded data. Assessment: navigation at sea is unaffected.
Main 2发现非敌性生物,主人,请指示下一步行动非敵性生物と接触を確認。メートル、対応のご指示をContact with unharmful lifeform detected. Requesting instructions for satisfactory interaction.
Main 3一起游泳吗?请稍等,加斯科涅需要准备游泳圈…——“游泳不需要游泳圈”的指令和记录中出现不一致——「一緒に泳ぐ」――指示確認、浮き輪を要すると認む。……泳ぎに浮き輪は「不要」の判断について記録情報の照合における不一致が発生――"Let's go for a swim" – Instructions received. Need for swim ring detected. ...Assertion that swim ring is "unnecessary" to swim contradicts existing information in database.
Touch主人的眼神…无法判断战术意义主の視線、戦術的な意義ありと分析しかねるUnable to determine strategic purpose of Master's gaze.
Touch (Special)主人。加斯科涅,自检中发现非正常高温主、ガスコーニュ、自己検査中に体温の異常を感知Master, Gascogne has detected body temperature abnormality during self-diagnosis operation.
Return to Port加斯科涅准备了饮料和食物,主人,请问是否需要进行营养补充ガスコーニュ、水分及び栄養補給用の物資を確保。主、摂食の要否についてご指示をGascogne has procured water and energizing edibles. Requesting confirmation of Master's need of aforementioned items.
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Login身份确认——欢迎回来,主人照合完了――お帰りなさい、主Identification complete. Welcome back, Master!
Details装备检查…状态良好,加斯科涅,随时待命兵装検査…状態良好。主、ガスコーニュになんなりとご命令をAnalyzing armaments... Condition: satisfactory. Please inform me if you have any orders, Master.
Main“勾起嘴角”…了解。是这样吗…?不大明白…「口角を上げる」…命令受諾した。こ、こう…?よくわからない…"Raise the corners of your lips"... Executing order. L-like this...? I may be doing it wrong...
Main 2判定——主人的状态属于“偷懒”……不大好呢…検証完了――主の状態は「サボり」であると。「サボり」、よくないAnalysis complete. Master is in a state of "slacking off." Slacking off is not good.
Main 3“自由行动”…主人,加斯科涅应该做什么…?「適当にして」…主、ガスコーニュは一体何をすれば…?"Do whatever you want"... Master, how am I meant to do "whatever"...?
Main 4关于现在舰队的成员,与加斯科涅记录中的信息,以及表情判断记录中的“笑容”的出现频度存在误差。为什么大家都在笑?所属艦隊の構成員、ガスコーニュのリュウコツの情報との相違を認む。なぜ、みんな笑顔をしている?Discrepancy detected between the information in my core and the members of the fleet. Why does everyone smile?
Touch主人,请把一切都交给加斯科涅主、なんでもガスコーニュにおまかせをI'm waiting for any order you may have, Master.
Touch (Special)警告,非正常高温。主人,加斯科涅到底是怎么了……?体温に異常を感知。主、ガスコーニュはど、どうなってるの…?Body temperature abnormality detected. Master, what's happening to me...?
Mission提示,任务未完成——主人?注意、未完了の任務を確認。主…?Attention: confirmation required for incomplete missions. Master...?
Mission Complete提示,任务奖励已下达——注意、任務報酬の到着を確認。あぁ…!Attention: confirmation required for mission rewards. Wow...!
Mail提示,新邮件——咳咳!注意、新着メールを確認。こ、コホン!Attention: confirmation required for new mail. A-ahem!
Return to Port雅马邑白兰地,请慢慢享用アルマニャック。どうぞごゆっくりHere is a glass of armagnac, if you'd like.
Commission Complete提示,委托组已返回——注意、委託チームの帰還を確認。ふぅ……Attention: confirmation required for commission team's return. Whew...
Enhancement能力提升完成。……嗯!能力上昇を確認。…よし!Ability enhancements confirmed... Nice!
Affinity (Love)加斯科涅在舰队生活中学到了许多“情感”,有了许多原本没有的“烦恼”,但也理解了“乐趣”。您对加斯科涅的期望,加斯科涅现在明白了,发自内心地感谢您,主人この艦隊で学んだ多くの「感情」、「悩み」、そして「楽しみ」……主がガスコーニュに望むこと、今ようやく理解した。主、本当に、ありがとう……I've studied many emotions, worries, and hopes during my time in this fleet... Now I finally understand what you expect of me, Master. Thank you so, so much, Master...
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Acquisition加斯科涅,准备完成。确认指令:陪伴主人在沙滩玩耍——…主人,在沙滩玩耍,应该做点什么…?ガスコーニュ、衣装変更完了。指示確認:主(メートル)と砂浜で遊びを――メートル、「砂浜で遊び」…ガスコーニュは一体何をすれば……?Gascogne uniform change complete. Directive assigned: have fun on the beach with Master. Master, what things do you do to "have fun on the beach"...?
Login欢迎回来,主人。嗯?加斯科涅正在尝试进行“自由行动”…おかえりなさい、主。ええと、ガスコーニュ、「自由行動」、やってみている…Welcome back, Master. I'm attempting to do "whatever I want"...
Details主人要对加斯科涅进行检查吗…?现在?メートル、ガスコーニュの検査を……?い、今…?Permission to inspect me...? R-right now...?
Main盛夏的海风…这就是“舒服”的感觉吗…?夏の風…主、これが「気持ちいい」感情なの……?The summer winds... Master, is this what "relaxation" feels like...?
Main 2这是…刚刚发现的新伙伴,来跟指挥官打个招呼吧——…开玩笑的この子は……主、挨拶しているらしいよ?…今のは「冗談」で合ってるの?This crab seems to be saying "hello, I'm a crab!" ...Does what I said work as a "joke"?
Main 3一起游泳吗?请稍等,加斯科涅准备一下游泳圈…——游泳不需要游泳圈的吗…?「一緒に泳ぐ」…ガスコーニュ、浮き輪を持ってくる…浮き輪は「いらないもの」なの?"Let's go for a swim" – I'll go get a swimg ring... Master, are you sure I "don't need one"?
Touch主人的眼神…似乎不太对劲主の視線、ちょっと、変……Your gaze makes me feel odd, Master...
Touch (Special)对不起,主人…加斯科涅似乎有些、异常…主、ごめんなさい…ガスコーニュ、変に熱い感じがする…よね……?I'm sorry, Master... My body feels strangely warm...
Return to Port加斯科涅姑且准备了一点饮料和食物,应该这样就好吧……?主人,要来点吗?…ガスコーニュ、お飲み物とお食事を準備したけど……主、どう?I have prepared us some water and food... Would you like some, Master?