Gascogne (JP 🇯🇵: ガスコーニュ(μ兵装), CN 🇹🇼: 加斯科涅(μ兵装))
Ship IDNo. 418Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRaritySuper Rare
NavyVichya DominionBuild Time
AcquisitionEvent: Passionate Polaris
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
KROctober 31, 2019
CNOctober 31, 2019
JPOctober 31, 2019
Voice actressMikako Komatsu
Gascogne μDescription
Gascogne module change process complete. New directive: sing for the world. Master's order is my will.
HP1332 Reload62
Firepower82 Torpedo0
Evasion10 Anti-air44
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck0
HP5785 Reload119
Firepower214 Torpedo0
Evasion37 Anti-air167
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck0
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun base +1 | Every Main Gun reload gives 2 independently fired Salvoes | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
2Light Cruiser200%/200%/200%/200%1/1/3/30/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun70%/70%/70%/70%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Quadruple 380mm Main Gun (Mle 1935)
Fleet Tech
T Battleship: ##undefined##Tech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Cœur BattantEach Main Gun reload gives this ship 2 Salvoes that can be fired independently. This ship's Main Gun ammo type is changed to Lv.1 (Lv.10) μ shells (shell DMG is based on the skill's level,) switching between μ Red and μ Blue when it fires a Salvo. Additionally, decreases the reload time of this ship's first Salvo by 5.0% (25.0%) .Default Unlocked
Polaris ProtocolAt the start of the battle, if there are an odd number of μ ships in your fleet: increases this ship's DMG by 4.5% (12.0%) . If their number is even: decreases the DMG this ship takes by 5.0% (15.0%) . For 10s after this ship fires a Salvo: increases the FP, TRP, and AVI of your μ ships by 1.5% (6.0%) (can be stacked 2 times.)Default Unlocked
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description加斯科涅,再着装完毕。指令修改:将歌声带给所有人——如您所愿,主人ガスコーニュ、モジュール変更完了。指示変更:全ての人に歌を――主(メートル)の仰せのままにGascogne module change process complete. New directive: sing for the world. Master's order is my will.
Biography提示,本形态为加斯科涅的特别方案。为了更好地适应在战斗的同时进行歌唱活动,而进行了特殊的参数调整以及舰装改良,因此各种参数不具有参考价值。如果想要了解加斯科涅,请参考标准形态的档案资料ガスコーニュの特殊兵装具現状態であり、戦局に対応しながら歌唱行動の遂行を可能とする、マイナーチェンジ、艤装の改修が行われたと認む。現状態の性能情報は兵装の影響による数値の誤差の存在を認む。ガスコーニュについての基本情報は基準具現状態の参照を推奨するGascogne has received an alternate functionality mode and undergone minor rigging upgrades to allow for singing in combat. Numerous incorrect parametric values caused by current mode have been detected. Referring to Gascogne's default form for basic information is advised.
Acquisition加斯科涅,再着装完毕。指令修改:将歌声带给所有人——如您所愿,主人ガスコーニュ、モジュール変更完了。指示変更:全ての人に歌を――主(メートル)の仰せのままにGascogne module change process complete. New directive: sing for the world. Master's order is my will.
Login唱功,舞技,魅力——主人,请设定加斯科涅今日的课程安排ボーカル、ダンス、ビジュアル――主、本日のガスコーニュのスケジュールの設定を求むTo do: vocals, dancing, band aesthetics. Requesting establishment of Gascogne's schedule for today, Master.
Details提问,主人喜欢什么样的歌曲?質問。主の「好み」の曲の情報入力を求むInformation request: what is Master's favorite song?
Main数据库中,存在歌声拯救世界的记录,逻辑判定为加斯科涅的最终目标記録情報における「歌で世界を救った」なる情報について、論理的検証を行い、ガスコーニュの行動目標に該当すると判断Concept in database detailed as "saving the world by singing" was analyzed and logically equated to Gascogne's ultimate goal.
Main 2在歌唱中融入“感情”的行为,加斯科涅无法理解其中意图。蕴含“感情”的歌声,才能真正打动人心。主人,请对加斯科涅的歌声进行评价「カンジョウを込めた歌こそ、ヒトの心を動かす」…意義の理解をしかねる。ガスコーニュの歌唱行動にご評価を"Emotion-packed singing can truly touch people's hearts"... Unable to infer meaning of said statement. Requesting assessment of Gascogne's singing ability.
Main 3加斯科涅,由于存在感情模块,实际属性和宣传材料中的“冷淡系”有所偏差ガスコーニュ、「カンジョウ」モジュールの存在により、宣伝材料におけるガスコーニュの属性要件「無表情」に齟齬ありと認むDetecting factual conflict between promotional materials' claim of Gascogne being "inexpressive" and existence of installed emotion module.
Touch加斯科涅正在进行今日的课程ガスコーニュ、レッスンを遂行中Gascogne is currently practicing.
Touch (Special)警告,偶像不需要进行过度的身体接触。故意的接触被视为“骚扰”的可能性较高警告――「アイドル」に不用意な身体的接触は不要。作為的な接触は「セクハラ」と判断される可能性が高いと認むWarning: unsolicited physical contact with idols is unnecessary. Likelihood of others interpreting said contact as sexual harassment is high.
Mission摄影、演出、电台,请决定加斯科涅今日的活动撮影、出演、ラジオ、ガスコーニュの「オシゴト」の決定をRequesting approval for Gascogne's undertaking of photoshoot, performance, or radio show.
Mission Complete报告,通过偶像活动,加斯科涅的偶像能力得到了提升報告、アイドルカツドウで、当該業務の遂行能力の上昇を認むReport: working as an idol has improved Gascogne's capabilities.
Mail主人,是新的试镜邀请,请决定加斯科涅是否前往主、コンペティションの招待について、参加有無の判断を求むRequesting Master's response to received invitation of competition.
Return to Port报告,加斯科涅刚刚完成了一项课程,请主人检查報告。ガスコーニュ、レッスンなる学習行動を完了。結果の確認を求むReport: Gascogne has completed a lesson. Requesting reviewal of results.
Commission Complete提案,让加斯科涅去港口为返回的委托组表演节目ガスコーニュ、委託組送迎用務における歌唱行動を提案Gascogne proposes greeting commission team with a singing performance.
Enhancement提示,本强化方案对偶像活动没有帮助アイドルカツドウへの有益な影響がないと認むAction has no observable beneficial effect on idol abilities.
Flagship作战方案——代号歌姬,启动作戦プロトコル:アイドル、起動Activating idol version protocol.
Victory最新作战方案,确认执行有效。加斯科涅,将继续在战场上歌唱戦闘プロトコル、効果ありと認む。ガスコーニュ、引き続き歌唱行動を遂行するAssessing version protocol as effective. Gascogne will continue engaging in singing.
Defeat主人,请中止本方案的实行,加斯科涅请求标准形态的切换主、作戦プロトコルの即時中止・ガスコーニュの標準戦闘モードへの移行を求むGascogne requesting immediate termination of current protocol and enabling of default combat mode.
Skill都来听加斯科涅的歌吧!「ガスコーニュの歌、聞いてください!」Please listen to my song!
Low HP战斗方案,切换完成戦闘プロトコル、変更完了Combat protocol engaged.
Affinity (Upset)条件触发:逻辑判断主人缺乏培养加斯科涅的能力。自主培育计划启动,请主人不要打扰加斯科涅主、ガスコーニュのアイドルスキルの育成に有益ではないと判断。自己学習モジュール作動中、ガスコーニュへの不干渉を求むMaster evaluated as unbeneficial to the improvement of Gascogne's idol talents. Activating autonomous learning module. Please step away from Gascogne.
Affinity (Stranger)报告,加斯科涅已经将有关偶像的资料完整学习了一遍,对偶像的职能产生了新的理解。偶像,能够用歌声中止战争,很强大ガスコーニュ、各種資料におけるアイドルの関連情報の収集、アイドルの機能・定義の学習行動を完了。アイドル、歌で戦争を止める、戦略的に有意義な存在と認むGascogne has finished compiling idol data sets and has developed a new definition of an idol's capabilities. Assessment: an idol stops wars by singing. This holds strategic significance.
Affinity (Friendly)主人,提问,站在舞台上时,加斯科涅明显感觉到“情感”产生了巨大的起伏,这是为什么?ステージでの歌唱行動における「カンジョウ」の活性化を確認。主、現象の発生原因について調査を求むEmotional activity was detected during musical performance on stage. Requesting investigation into origin of this phenomenon.
Affinity (Like)偶像活动,确定有战略上的意义。申请完成今日的作战任务后,继续进行偶像活动。アイドルカツドウ、戦略的に有意義と判断。本日の作戦任務終了後、引き続きアイドルカツドウの遂行の許可を求むIdol career evaluated as holding strategic significance. Requesting permission to proceed with idol work after today's operations have been completed.
Affinity (Love)加斯科涅,已对“偶像”的定义有了完全的理解。现判断需要在进行“感情”功能的开放,以及对自身各种机能进行调整。主人,“请多多关照”ガスコーニュ、「アイドル」の定義を理解し、「カンジョウ」の開放を含む、自身の行動機能の調整を要すると判断。主、「ガスコーニュを、よろしくね」Gascogne understands the meaning of being an idol and requests system alteration to uninhibit emotions. "I am counting on you, Master."
Pledge偶像的意义,是通往明天的希望,是永不褪色的笑容,是青春,是热情——加斯科涅现在明白了,在战斗之外,也有许多有意义的事情。谢谢,我最亲爱的主人「アイドル」とは、明日への希望、色褪せない笑顔、青春と、情熱――戦闘以外にも、こんなに楽しいことが……主、ありがとうございます――Being an idol means to have hope for tomorrow, an unfading smile, vigor, and passion. Now I see how much fun can be had beyond the battlefield... Thank you so much, Master.
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Main Title
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Login唱功,舞技,魅力——主人,今天加斯科涅应该做些什么呢?ボーカル、ダンス、ビジュアル――主、ガスコーニュは今日、何をすればいい…?To do: vocals, dancing, and band aesthetics. Master, what I should I focus on today...?
Details提问,主人喜欢加斯科涅的演出吗?質問。主、ガスコーニュのステージ、ど、どう?Information request: Master, how do you like my singing?
Main数据库中,存在歌声拯救世界的记录,主人,加斯科涅未来也能做到吗?記録に「歌で世界を救った」なる情報の存在を確認。主、ガスコーニュにもそれが可能なの…?Concept in memory detailed as "saving the world by singing" detected. Is such a thing possible, even for me, Master?
Main 2蕴含“感情”的歌声,能够有效打动主人的心意……主人,愿意听加斯科涅唱歌吗?「カンジョウ」を込めた歌唱行動、主の心を動かすのにも有効的だと認む……主、ガスコーニュの歌、聴いて…くれるの?Emotion-packed singing was assessed to be effective at touching Master's heart... Master, won't you... listen to my song?
Main 3加斯科涅,在宣传中的属性为:冷淡系……应该是不对的。加斯科涅,也想和大家一起,用闪亮的笑容去歌唱ガスコーニュ、宣伝素材での「無表情」について…正確ではないと思う。ガスコーニュ、みんなと同じく、輝いた笑顔で歌いたいPromotional materials' claim of me being "inexpressive" are... likely not accurate. I am like everyone else; I want to sing with a bright smile.
Touch加斯科涅正在进行今日的课程——主人,有什么事吗?ガスコーニュ、レッスンを遂行中――主、なにか用…?I'm practicing at the moment... Do you need something, Master?
Touch (Special)彗星她们说,偶像不应该随便让人碰…主人,这是“骚扰”…?コメットたち、「アイドル」は易々と触れさせるべきではないと…主、これが「セクハラ」なの……?Comet told me that people shouldn't readily get to touch idols... Master, does this qualify as sexual harassment?
Mission摄影、演出、电台,加斯科涅,今天应该做什么呢?撮影、出演、ラジオ、ガスコーニュは今日、何をすればいいの…?Between a photoshoot, performance, or radio show, which should I focus on today, Master?
Mission Complete报告,通过偶像活动,加斯科涅的偶像能力得到了提升…嗯!報告、オファー遂行能力の上昇を確認。…うん!Report: working as an idol has improved my capabilities. Nice!
Mail主人,是新的试镜邀请,请决定加斯科涅是否前往主、コンペティション、ガスコーニュの参加についてご判断を…Master, I'd like your opinion on my participation in this contest...
Return to Port主人,加斯科涅刚刚完成了一项课程,可以和主人聊天吗?主、ガスコーニュ今レッスンをこなしたけど……少しおしゃべりしても、いい?Master, I just finished a lesson, and... was wondering if we could enjoy a little chat?
Commission Complete加斯科涅,能去给返回的委托组唱歌吗…?ガスコーニュ、委託組の子のために、港に行って歌を歌ってもいい…?Would you mind if I headed to the harbor and sang a song for the commission team?
Affinity (Love)加斯科涅,已对“偶像”的定义有了完全的理解。为了在舞台上闪耀,为了把包含感情的“歌声”传达给大家,加斯科涅会最大限度的利用自己的性能。主人,“谢谢你”「アイドル」とはなんなのか、今ははっきりと分かっている。ガスコーニュが輝けるよう、そして「カンジョウ」を込めた歌を、みんなに届けるために、機能を最大限に活用して判断した。主、「ありがとう」――I completely understand what it means to be an idol now. It's about using my abilities to their fullest to sing brilliant, emotionally touching songs to the world. "Thank you," Master.