Oite (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 507Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull DestroyerRarityRare
NavySakura EmpireBuild Time
AcquisitionMonthly Login Reward
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP252 Reload74
Firepower11 Torpedo77
Evasion72 Anti-air24
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW48 Luck42
HP1171 Reload143
Firepower29 Torpedo202
Evasion242 Anti-air92
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW119 Luck44
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault I | Torpedo efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Torpedo efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Destroyer Gun
3Anti-Air Gun
Default Equipments
1Single 120mm Main Gun
Fleet Tech
T Destroyer: Kamikaze-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Dutiful SupportWhile this ship is afloat: reduces the torpedo DMG taken by the Vanguard fleet by 5.0% (10.0%) and the airstrike DMG taken by the Main fleet by 5.0% (10.0%) ; During battle: increases this ship's TRP by 5.0% (10.0%) , and then by an additional 5.0% (10.0%) if Agano is in the same fleet.???
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Kamikaze Class once every 10 times the Main Guns are fired.???
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Ship Description神风级驱逐舰六番舰—追风神風型駆逐艦六番艦・追風Kamikaze-class destroyer number six – Oite.
Biography我曾经担任过第六水雷战队中第29驱逐队的旗舰,执行过大大小小的护卫和运输任务。有类似的任务的话,你可以交给我。嗯,我说完了。第六水雷戦隊、第二十九駆逐隊の旗艦を務め、護衛や輸送任務を散々やってきたわい。こういう類の仕事なら任せるがいい。以上I served as flagship of Destroyer Division 29 within Destroyer Squadron 6. I performed various escort and transport missions. Leave any tasks of this nature to me. End of report.
Acquisition我是神风级驱逐舰,追风,今天开始加入港区。分内之事我会做好,分外之事我会看情况帮忙。嗯,我说完了。本日より着任した神風型駆逐艦の追風(おいて)である。やるべきことはやり、それ以外のことは様子を見て決める。以上だI am Kamikaze-class destroyer Oite, assuming my post starting today. I will perform my duties, and anything beyond that I will decide on a case-by-case basis. End of report.
Login还好你按时来了,不然我还得去叫你…没什么,开始今天的工作吧。呼びに行く手間を省いてくれたか。……なんでもない、早く仕事せいYou came of your own accord. How fortunate... Never you mind. Get to work.
Details一直在这待着…指挥官,你好像很闲?ずっとここにい座りっぱなし…指揮官は暇人かい?All you do is loaf around in here... Are you a commander, or a deadbeat?
Main到底怎样才能阻止阿贺野突袭我的耳朵…阿賀野に耳を急に触られんようにするにはどうすればいいのだ…How, I wonder, would one go about making Agano stop touching my ears...
Main 2对不起,指挥官,文件密密麻麻的文字看太久了,感觉头有点晕,我能休息一下吗…むむむ…小さい字がごちゃごちゃで気分が悪くなった……すまん指揮官、ちょっと休ませてくれ…Urgh... Reading so much fine print text has given me a headache. Commander, requesting permission to rest...
Main 3待在指挥室里也挺好的,至少听不到螺旋桨的嗡嗡声了。執務室にいていいことはプロペラの音を聞かずに済むことだなI like the quiet of the office, free from the jarring hum of propeller aircraft.
Touch!?这里很痒的,快住手!ひゃぅ!こちょこちょするのはやめんか!?Whuah! Would you STOP tickling me?
Touch (Special)呀啊啊!?!你你你你你你干什么!!うひぃぃ!?ななななにしてるんじゃあああああ!!!Whuah?! Wh-wh-wha-what has gotten into you, fool?!
Touch (Headpat)呀?!耳、耳朵很痒的啦!うひぃ!?みみみ耳を触るんじゃなぁい!!What the–?! K-k-keep your hands off my ears!
Mission怎么会被这些简单的任务给难住…实在不行让我看看。これしきの任務で手こずるとは…どうしても無理ならわっちに見せるが良いTo think a trivial task would have you up-ended like this... If you so insist it's impossible, then I will set an example.
Mission Complete任务已经完成了,记得去领奖励。任務完了だ。報酬を受け取りに早く行かんかMission complete. Will you get a move on already and process the rewards?
Mail你的邮件到了,可别说我没提醒过你。文が届いておる。報せなかったとは言わせんぞCorrespondence has arrived. Don't come nagging later, saying I didn't inform you.
Return to Port这段时间没有人擅自闯入过指挥室。嗯,报告完毕了。無断で執務室に立ち入った輩などおらんかった。以上だNo unauthorized persons entered the office in your absence. End of report.
Commission Complete委托组回来了。我可以去帮忙搬运物资,不过验收还是得你自己来。委託組が戻ってきたぞ。わっちは物資の運搬まで手伝う、検収は自分でやれぃThe commission team has returned. I will see to the transport of the goods, and you to its inspection.
Enhancement…总之谢谢了。…感謝するYou have my gratitude.
Flagship也没什么特别要提的,一起上吧。話すことなどない!かかれぃ!Enough talk! Have at you!
Victory我说过的,分内之事我会做好。やるべきことはやると言ったはずだAll I did was perform my duty, as I said I would.
Defeat需要再磨练一下…鍛え直しじゃな…We must start anew at boot camp...
Skill我会解决的…!片付けるっ!Let us finish this!
Low HP尽在关键的时候添乱…!大事な時に……!When push comes to shove, retaliate...!
Affinity (Upset)算了,也不期待你能有什么变化了…这样就好。変わるなんて期待しておらん。…このまま朽ち果てるがいいI expect no betterment from you. Go on, let your name be irreversibly tarnished.
Affinity (Stranger)找我?说吧,有什么任务?わっちに用か?早う要件を説明せいWhat do you need from me? Make it quick.
Affinity (Friendly)外出要护卫?好。…等等,为什么在自家的港区里走动还需要护卫?外出のお供?りょうかぃ…待て、うぬの母港で視察するのになぜお供する艦船が要るのだ?……「でーと」?どういう意味だ?You need an attendant for your outing? Understoo– Wait, why would you need an attendant for a tour of your own port? ...You want to "hang out" with me? What does that mean?
Affinity (Like)护卫任务挺顺利的,倒不如说港区里还能遇到敌人就见鬼了…对了,还有…那个,和你聊天,还蛮开心的。就、我说完了…!ぼぼぼ母港に敵などおらんはずなのに、お供を要求するとは全くわけのわからんやつ……で、「でーと」もだ!お、お喋りできて楽しかったがな!以上だ!I cannot wrap my head around your need for an attendant when there are no hostiles at the port... Nor do I grasp this "hang out" business! Although I did enjoy our friendly exchange! E-e-end of report!
Affinity (Love)其实我早就知道,所谓的“护卫任务”不过是想拉近彼此关系的借口。我不管,反、反正我的心已经被你骗走了,你要对我负责。嗯,负责…!「でーと」とかお供とか、わっちを手篭めにするためだろ!?いや、わわ悪く言うつもりはなかったのだ!もうわからん!わっちを騙した責任を取れぃ!と、トルのだぞ!All your talk of attendants and "hanging out" was just an attempt to seduce me, was it not? N-no, I mean nothing bad by it! Oh, forget it! You toyed with my heart, and now you must o-own up to it!
Pledge我不懂誓约的仪式,不知道这时候该做什么…既、既然是你提出来的,那就都交给你了…也、也包括我在内。嗯,我、我说完了…式のことは何をすべきかわからん!うぬが提案したのだから全部うぬに任せた!…わ、わっちのことも含めてだ!い、以上だ……I don't know what to do at this ceremony! You insisted on it, so it's your responsibility to g-guide me through it! E-end of report...
Present Like
Present Dislike
In battle with Agano我掩护你。援護する!I have you covered!
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Ship Description指挥官也来海边玩了吗?什么,注意安全?哼,区区打西瓜,对我来说就是小菜一…哦哦哦!?指揮官?うぬも海辺に遊びに来ていたのか?なに、安全注意?ふん、このたわけが、たかがスイカ割り程度この追風、できぬわけが……ぬおおお!?Commander, have you also come to play on the beach? You're telling me to be careful? Hmph, what misfortune could possibly befall me from a game of watermelon splitting... Gwaah?!
Acquisition指挥官也来海边玩了吗?什么,注意安全?哼,区区打西瓜,对我来说就是小菜一…哦哦哦!?指揮官?うぬも海辺に遊びに来ていたのか?なに、安全注意?ふん、このたわけが、たかがスイカ割り程度この追風、できぬわけが……ぬおおお!?Commander, have you also come to play on the beach? You're telling me to be careful? Hmph, what misfortune could possibly befall me from a game of watermelon splitting... Gwaah?!
Login不管了!既然如此,就特训到能把这西瓜漂亮地打烂为止!ええい、ままよ!こいつをうまく叩き割れるまで特訓だ!Oh, to hell with it! I will practice until I can effortlessly split this watermlon!
Details好好看着吧指挥官,这就是我全心全意的一击——又失败了?!よく見ておけ指揮官、一意専心とはこういうことだ――また失敗した?!Watch closely, Commander. You are about to witness what unyielding focus looks like... What?! I missed again?!
Main可以打下去了吗?指挥官你在哪?赶快给我信号…!もう始めてていいか?指揮官?どこだ?は、早く合図をせんか…!Are we ready to start yet? ...Commander? Where are you? G-give me the signal, I'm waiting!
Main 2松风做的炒面!那个超棒的啊,指挥官你不想尝尝吗?松風のやきそばか!あれは垂涎ものだぞ?指揮官も食べてみたいとは思わないか?Matsukaze made fried noodles! Oh, how mouthwateringly good they are! You ought to taste them for yourself, Commander.
Main 3感谢相助,旗风!下一把就要把这家伙一刀两断!助太刀に感謝するぞ旗風!よし、次はこやつを真っ二つにしてやるぞ!I'm much obliged for the help, Hatakaze! Now watch – I will cleave this watermelon in twain!
Touch怎、怎么了?な、なんだ?Wh-what is it?
Touch (Special)啊哇哇哇哇!?到、到底在干嘛啊!あわわわわわわ!?な、なにをしとるんじゃ!?What in the name of–?! What is the matter with you?!
Touch (Headpat)!?突然干什么啊!!?急になにをする?!Whuah! What are you doing?!
Return to Port把眼睛蒙上真的会进步得更快吗?神风?なんと、これは目隠しをしたほうが早く上達するというのか?神風?Truly, Kamikaze? You're certain I will become proficient faster if I wear a blindfold?
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Ship Description指挥官,春节快乐。据说这是参考了东煌传统装扮的服饰…是不是有种书墨小生的感觉?新春万福、指揮官。これはお祝いのために東煌の伝統衣装を元に、新調した服だが…僮(わらべ)に見えるか?Happy New Year to you, Commander. To celebrate the season, I had these garments tailor-made for me, using traditional Dragon Empery clothes as a basis. I don't look... childish, do I?
Acquisition指挥官,春节快乐。据说这是参考了东煌传统装扮的服饰…是不是有种书墨小生的感觉?新春万福、指揮官。これはお祝いのために東煌の伝統衣装を元に、新調した服だが…僮(わらべ)に見えるか?Happy New Year to you, Commander. To celebrate the season, I had these garments tailor-made for me, using traditional Dragon Empery clothes as a basis. I don't look... childish, do I?
Login春节的祝福语…恭喜发财,红包拿来——不对,我是前辈,不应该要红包来着…呃,指挥官,你是什么时候回来的?お祝いの言葉を述べて…うむ、金運万来、お年玉頂戴――違う違う、わっちのほうが年長者だからお年玉をあげる側であろう…指揮官、いつ戻ってきたのだ?A New Year's poem... "Many riches will grace you soon – I want my new year's gift by noon"... No, this is backwards! I'm at the age where I'm the one who should give the young'uns gifts... Oh, Commander? When did you get back?
Details看似用墨水随意点缀的图画,却真切地让人感受到了梅花的神韵……真是一幅颇有意境的水墨画啊墨で適当に散りばめた絵は、本物の梅の気品をよく再現しておる…中々趣のある墨絵だThe essence of the plum tree is best captured with erratic brush strokes... This is quite the elegant ink painting.
Main“永和九年,岁在癸丑…”后面是什么来着?这个好难念啊…「永和九年、歳(とし)は癸丑(きちう)に在り」…ぐぬぬ、目が回って続きが読めん…"In the ninth year of Yonghe, and the year of the Water Ox..." Bah! The rest of the text is unintelligible to me...
Main 2七步作诗…真的有人能做到七步之内就能完成一首诗吗?七歩の詩?…どれ、そんなことができる者など本当におるのか?Writing a poem in seven steps? Is there a person on this earth capable of such a feat?
Main 3神风,送给后辈的红包里…除了压岁钱之外,装些什么比较好?神風、若輩者へのお年玉は…お金以外に何か入れた方がいいかい?Kamikaze, what should one offer the young'uns as a new year's gift, other than money?
Touch呀!…你,你明明知道这里是我的弱点!ひゃぅ!ううう、うぬ知っててわざと…!Eep! Y-y-you're doing this on purpose, aren't you?!
Touch (Special)咿!笨笨笨笨蛋!你在做什么啦!うひぃ!?たたたわけ!なにをしとるんじゃ!?Eek?! Y-y-you reprobate! What's the matter with you?!
Touch (Headpat)都,都说了耳朵很怕痒了!——呀!うひぃぃ!?みみみ耳をさわるんじゃなぁいってあれほど!!Whuaah?! I've told you countless times! St-st-stop touching my ears!
Return to Port春联啊…指挥官,你有什么好的想法吗?我来试试写写看。対聯か…うぬ、何かいい案があれば申せばよい。わっちが筆を執るぞShould you think of any good ideas for verses, tell me. I will write them down.