Trieste (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 542Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Heavy CruiserRarityElite
NavySardegna EmpireBuild TimeN/A
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP630 Reload61
Firepower44 Torpedo35
Evasion10 Anti-air36
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck48
HP2670 Reload117
Firepower122 Torpedo97
Evasion71 Anti-air136
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck50
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault Ⅰ | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Torpedo efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Torpedo efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
1Twin 203mm Main Gun (M1924)
3Twin 37mm AA Gun (M1932)
Fleet Tech
T Heavy Cruiser: Trento-classTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Tough LoveDecreases this ship's DMG taken from AP ammo by 10.0% (20.0%) . When the battle starts, if this ship is the frontmost ship of your Vanguard: restores 1.0% (5.0%) HP to this ship; if NOT in the frontmost position: decreases DMG taken by 4.0% (10.0%) for this ship and the frontmost ship of your Vanguard.
Flares10s after the battle begins and 20.0% (40.0%) chance every 20s after that: throws a flare that decreases the Evasion Rate of all enemies in its range by 25.0%. Flare lasts 10s. Prioritizes throwing flare at the enemy closest to this ship.
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault II: Trento-class once every 6 times the Main Guns are fired. If this ship has Sardegna Empire gear equipped: decreases the shot requirement to 4 and improves this barrage.???
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Ship Description特伦托级重巡洋舰—的里雅斯特トレント級重巡洋艦・トリエステTrento-class heavy cruiser – Trieste.
Biography我是特伦托级二号舰,的里雅斯特号。在大战中活跃于陆间海,最后连航母都……没什么。指挥官刚才什么都没听见,懂了吗?トレント級2番艦のトリエステよ。かの大戦では地中海で責務を果たし、最後は空母に……なんでもないわ。指揮官は今何も聞かなかった、いいわね?I'm Trieste, second ship of the Trento class. I saw action in the Mediterranean and was to become a carrier, but... Never mind. Forget what I just said.
Acquisition我是特伦托级重巡洋舰二号舰,的里雅斯特。我来帮你分担工作吧。…指挥官,别盯着看了,快回去工作。トレント級重巡洋艦2番艦、トリエステ。仕事を手伝いにやってきたつもりよ。…指揮官、じっと見てないで仕事に早く戻りなさいI am Trieste, Trento-class heavy cruiser number two. My job is to help you with your work. Now, would you stop gawking and get back to it?
Login按时来了啊,幸好你没迟到。明天也要好好注意时间哦。時間通り。遅刻にならずによかったわ。明日もしっかり注意してRight on time. It's good to know you're punctual. Try to be here the same time tomorrow.
Details不工作来这里做什么?快回到你的位置上去吧,工作还没结束呢。仕事をやらずにここに何をしに来たつもり?ほら、席に戻りなさい。まだ仕事が終わってないわWhy are you here and not in your office, working? Shoo with you. You're still on duty.
Main补给物资的安排就交给我吧。比起温温吞吞的指挥官,我来做会更有成效。補給物資を手配するなら任せて。生ぬるい指揮官より私がやったほうがいい結果が出るわI'll schedule the resupply shipment. Better I do it than trust an underachiever to produce good results.
Main 2这里还是错的。别让我说这么多次自己修改好。我要多给你布置作业了まだここが間違っているわね。ほら、何回も言わせないで自分で直して。宿題を増やすわよYou made an error in this paragraph. Fix it yourself – it's tiring enough just pointing out mistakes. Don't make me dump more assignments on you.
Main 3…在披萨上放菠萝…?我不会认同的…这种暴行,绝对不会认同的…!…ピザにパイナップル…?!認めない…こんな暴挙、絶対に認めないわ…!People put pineapple on pizza?! That's disgusting! That's a war crime against Sardegnian cuisine!
Touch想放松吗?嗯,要不来做些伸展运动?リラックスしたい?そうね、軽くストレッチでもしようか?Need a break, do you? Fair enough. I suggest doing some stretches.
Touch (Special)……?!……っ!?...Huh?!
Mission再加把劲。不处理完这些可不行哦?如果做得好的话,我就亲手做好吃的给你。あとちょっとくらい頑張りなさい。こなさないといけないでしょ?うまくできたら手料理を振る舞ってあげるわKeep your nose to the grindstone. These missions won't finish themselves. Do a good job and I'll treat you to a home-cooked meal.
Mission Complete做得不错。就像我说的那样,事先做好笔记就好了吧?うまくこなせたわね。ほら、私の言う通り、メモを取っていてよかったでしょ?You've done well. Here you are, as promised. It's a good thing I wrote that down.
Mail趁还没忘记快去确认邮件吧忘れないうちにメールを確認してちょうだいBest to read your mail now before you forget about it.
Return to Port报告书的检查我来替你做,指挥官去和大家回顾反思战斗吧。好了,打起精神来!報告書のチェックは私が代わってやるから、指揮官はみんなとの戦闘の振り返りに行ってきなさい。ほら、しゃんとしなさいI'll check through the after-action report. In the meantime, reflect on your battle with the girls. Go on, get to it.
Commission Complete委托组回来了。呼…平安无事真是太好了委託組の帰還ね。ふぅ…無事でよかったわThe commission team has come back. Phew... I'm glad they're okay.
Enhancement嗯,乖孩子まあ、いい子ねA smart move on your part.
Flagship不努力的孩子要去走廊罚站哦…!頑張らなかった子は廊下に立たせるわよ…!Everyone do your part, or else I'm giving you detention!
Victory多亏指挥官才能取得胜利呢。知道我为什么要严厉管教你了吧?指揮官のおかげで勝ったけど、厳しくしつけた理由を分かってくれた?Now do you get why I'm so strict, Commander? It's because discipline begets victory.
Defeat这都是因为我还不够严厉…!私がもっと厳しく言わなかったから…っ!This is all on me for being too damn lenient!
Skill好好看清周围吧!周りをしっかり見なさい!Keep an eye on your surroundings!
Low HP令人头疼的状况呢…!悩ましい状況ね…!Well, this is a conundrum...
Affinity (Upset)这下满意了吗?呼…接下来轮到我了。我会好好管教你的,做好觉悟吧。これで満足?ふぅ…次は私の番よ。しっかりしつけてやるから覚悟しなさいAre you happy now? Sigh... I'm going to fix you. You WILL learn some damn discipline.
Affinity (Stranger)还不能休息呢,指挥官。…说的不是工作,而是我布置的作业还没完成。不好好做的话,明天就要跟不上我的步伐了哦,好好完成吧。休憩はまだよ、指揮官。…仕事ではなく、私からの宿題が残っているわ。ちゃんとやらないと明日私のペースについてこれなくなるからきちんとやりなさいNo time to rest, Commander. You've done your job, but not the assignment I gave you. Start on it now, or you'll fall behind.
Affinity (Friendly)工作做完了?这样。吃完饭后就去洗澡吧。对于消除一天的疲劳来说,这是最有效的方法。仕事は終わった?そう。ご飯を食べたらお風呂にでも入ってきなさい。一日の疲れを落とすにはそれが一番よDone with your job? Okay. Have a nice dinner, then treat yourself to a bath. You'll feel as good as new after a hard day's work, trust me.
Affinity (Like)作战辛苦你了。稍微休个假会不会比较好…我负责联络,指挥官就想想计划吧…想让我也一起休假?作戦が大変だったようね。少し休暇を取ったほうがいいかしら…連絡は私がするから指揮官は予定でも立てておきなさい。…私も一緒に休暇を?That sortie sure took its toll on you. You should probably take some time to rest. Rework today's timetable as needed and I'll relay the changes to the others... Huh? You want me to rest with you?
Affinity (Love)明明我没觉得累,为什么在陪指挥官一起休假…那就好好监督下指挥官有没有老老实实休假吧……啊,这,这就来,等等我!別に私は疲れていないのに、どうして指揮官に付き合っているのかしら…まあここは指揮官がちゃんと休めているかしっかり監督して……あっ、い、今行くからちょっと待ってて!I don't need to rest, though. Why do you want me to stick around? I suppose I could monitor to ensure you are getting enough rest... Okay, hang on, I'll be there in a moment!
Pledge来了来了,还以为你要说什么呢…诶?邀请我是为了把这个戒指给我?没有弄错吧?给给给我戒指?指挥官原来一直是这样看待我的吗?好,好开心!不过……はいはい、何を言い出すかと思えば……へ?私を誘ったのはこの指輪を渡すため?なにかの間違いではないわね??わわわ私に指輪を?指揮官は今まで私をそんな感じで見ていたの?う、嬉しいわ!でも……I figured you were dying to tell me something... Huh? Did you arrange all this to propose to me? You're sure this isn't some mistake? S-s-so this ring is for ME?! Have you had these feelings for me all along? That... makes me so happy! I just...
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In battle with Trento撒娇也要有个度哦甘やかすのはほどほどにして Show some restraint with the teasing.
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Ship Description嗯?事情已经忙完了吗?虽然感觉应该不至于,不过…指挥官,你不会因为太想吃便当先溜了吧…抱歉误会你了。好了,一起走吧,特伦托在等着我们了。あら、もう授業が終わったの?まさかとは思うけど、指揮官は弁当食べたさにサボったんじゃ……疑って悪かったわ。ほら、行きましょ?トレントが待っているわOh my, are you done with your errands already? Surely, you didn't skip work just to eat lunch with... Ah, sorry for doubting you. Alright, let's go. Trento is waiting for us.
Acquisition嗯?事情已经忙完了吗?虽然感觉应该不至于,不过…指挥官,你不会因为太想吃便当先溜了吧…抱歉误会你了。好了,一起走吧,特伦托在等着我们了。あら、もう授業が終わったの?まさかとは思うけど、指揮官は弁当食べたさにサボったんじゃ……疑って悪かったわ。ほら、行きましょ?トレントが待っているわOh my, are you done with your errands already? Surely, you didn't skip work just to eat lunch with... Ah, sorry for doubting you. Alright, let's go. Trento is waiting for us.
Details在学校穿制服是理所应当的…不过,指挥官觉得这样子好吗?我总是有种微妙的,心神不宁的感觉…学園で制服を着るのは当然だけど…指揮官はこれでいいのかしら?妙にソワソワしているけど…It's perfectly normal to wear uniforms at school... Can you handle it though, Commander? You look worked up for some reason.
Main这副打扮,不好把握跟指挥官的距离呢。是前辈呢,还是…指挥官想要我怎么称呼你?この格好、指揮官との距離感がうまくつかめないわ。先輩なのか何なのか…指揮官は呼び方、どうすればいいと思う?I don't know how to approach you when I wear this uniform. Do I treat you as an upperclassman? Should I address you differently, or like normal?
Main 2今天的便当是——打开的时候请好好期待吧。放心,里面都是指挥官和特伦托喜欢的。今日の弁当は――箱を開けるまでの楽しみよ。大丈夫、ちゃんと指揮官とトレントが好きなものだからWhat's for lunch today? You'll have to see for yourself. I'll tell you this: it's a dish both you and Trento like.
Main 3“青春”……指挥官想怎么度过呢?想创造很多回忆——肯定是这样的吧?アオハル…指揮官はどう過ごしたい?思い出をたくさん作りたい、とかでしょ?How do you hope to spend the prime of your life, Commander? Making great memories to look back on, and the like?
Touch你就这么期待么?真拿你这孩子没办法…そんなに楽しみだったの?もうしょうがない子ね…You're THAT eager to have lunch with me? What am I to do with you...
Touch (Special)之前说的不好把握距离感,看来是真的呢……距離感がつかみにくいって、本当なのね……Yup, I really don't know how to approach you...
Mission再加把劲吧。我会和特伦托一起等着你。あとちょっと頑張りなさい。トレントと一緒に待ってるわDon't neglect your missions. You're keeping me and Trento waiting.
Return to Port总之按现在的花样,可以做到半年内都不会重复…接下来……啊,欢迎回来指挥官。刚才我们在说的是便当配菜哦。とりあえず今のバリエーションは被らずに半年分作り続けられるわね…次は……あっ。おかえり指揮官。今のは弁当のおかずの話ねThis selection of dishes should work for half a year without feeling too samey. Tomorrow I think I'll... Oh, welcome back, Commander. I was just thinking out loud about our boxed lunches.
Commission Complete委托组好像回来了呢,从这能看见么。委託組が戻ってきたようね。ここから見えるかしらI think the commission team is back. Down there – isn't that them?
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Login早上的准备做好了吗?没问题就好。千万别给大家添麻烦。朝の支度は大丈夫?問題ないならいいけど。くれぐれもみんなに迷惑かけないでちょうだいFinished your morning preparations? I sure hope so. Please don't make the others shoulder your burdens.
Details给你做膝枕可以,不过我不会像特伦托那样宠你的。…不是我而是指挥官给我做膝枕吗?那,偶尔也……还是我来吧!来吧,指挥官!(拍大腿)膝枕するのはいいけど、トレントのように甘やかしはしないわ。…わ、私ではなく指揮官が?ええ、たまには……やっぱり私がするわ!ほら、指揮官!(ぽんぽん)I'm fine with giving you a lap pillow, but I won't pamper you like Trento does... Y-you meant I'D rest on YOUR lap? Well, I suppose I... No, never mind! Come on, here you go!
Main食材的库存…不会吧…库存不足?指挥官,这等严重事态必须马上解决!食材の在庫が…うそ…食材の在庫が不足している?指揮官、この由々しき事態を今すぐ解決しなさい!How's our food supply looking... Wait, what? We're nearly out of food?! Commander, remedy this at once before we have a famine on our hands!
Main 2这里…没做错呢。不错,这才是能放心交付工作的指挥官。ここが間違って…いないわね。よかったじゃない。それでこそ安心して任せられる指揮官よThis paragraph is... error-free, it seems. Nicely done. It's things like this which prove that you're capable of running this place.
Main 3明天演习参观的慰劳便当,想要什么配菜?在工作做完前想好吧明日の演習参観、差し入れの弁当のおかずは何がいい?仕事から上がるまでに考えておきなさいSince you'll be spectating tomorrow's exercise, is there something you'd like for a boxed lunch? Let me know before the end of today.
Touch要来帮我吗?没事,不需要指挥官费心。手伝ってくれるの?大丈夫、指揮官の手を借りるまでもないわDo I need a hand? Not at all, I'm plenty capable of handling this.
Touch (Special)哎呀,这个……♡あら、まあ……♡Oh my. Go on...♡
Mission先仔细想好完成任务的优先顺序再行动。要是顺利完成的话…嗯,那就和你约好去约会吧。ほら、どの任務から先にこなすかしっかり考えてから行動に出なさい。うまくできた…そ、そうねデートの約束をしてあげるわPick a mission to do first, then set out to complete it. Do a good job and I'll... Hmm, well, I'll set aside a day for a date with you.
Mission Complete呼……做的不错呢。约会的约定怎么样了?我可不是开玩笑的哦?ふぅ……ちゃんとできたわね。デートの約束はどう?冗談で言ってたつもりじゃないけど?Well, well... You did it. So, how about that date? I did say I would, didn't I?
Return to Port大家都在等着呢。与其在我这待着,不如去陪陪大家…知道了知道了,之后会好好陪你的。みんなが待っているわ。私と一緒にいるよりみんなのところに行きなさい。…はいはい、あとでしっかり付き合ってあげるわよThe girls are waiting for you. This isn't the time to chit-chat with me – go talk to them. Yes, of course, I'll spend some quality time with you later.
Victory这不是靠着我平时的照顾…而是你自己努力获得的胜利。恭喜。私の日頃の世話…じゃなく、あなた自身の努力による勝利よ。おめでとうI want to claim some credit for this victory... but no, this one's all thanks to you, Commander. Well done.
Affinity (Love)嘴边还沾着东西。真是的,连吃东西都做不好,果然还是孩子呢。来,水也要好好喝……不像约会吗?这,这样啊…///口元に何かついているわよ。もう食べるのもうまくできないなんて、やっぱり子供なのかしら。ほら、水もちゃんと飲んで……デートっぽくないと?そ、そうね…///You've got food on your face. I thought you could at least eat properly, but I suppose you're a child, hmm? Remember to drink your water, too... Clean it with a kiss? I-I suppose I could...