Sakawa (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 324Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Light CruiserRaritySuper Rare
NavySakura EmpireBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP576 Reload66
Firepower31 Torpedo71
Evasion32 Anti-air63
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW24 Luck74
HP2479 Reload127
Firepower86 Torpedo189
Evasion129 Anti-air235
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW62 Luck78
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Torpedo efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Torpedo efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Light Cruiser: Agano-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Keeping You On Your Toes♪Increases this ship's TRP by 10.0% (20.0%) . Once per battle, when this ship takes DMG totaling more than 5.0% of her max HP from one hit: deploys a shield around this ship that can negate up to 1.0% (10.0%) of this ship's max HP in DMG; if this shield is destroyed: increases this ship's EVA and DMG dealt by 5.0% (15.0%) until the battle ends.???
Adaptive BladeworkDecreases this ship's torpedo DMG taken by 10.0% (20.0%) . When the battle starts, and every 20s: 1) Once per battle, if this ship's HP is below 25.0%: restores 1.0% (10.0%) of this ship's max HP; 2) If this ship's HP is above 25.0%: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level) and increases this ship's Crit Rate by 5.0% (15.0%) for 15s; 3) If this ship has sunk 3 or more enemy ships in the battle: decreases this ship's DMG taken by 10.0% (20.0%) for 15s.???
All Out Assault IIActivates All Out Assault II: Sakawa once every 8 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description阿贺野级轻巡洋舰4号舰—酒匂阿賀野型軽巡洋艦4番艦—酒匂Agano-class light cruiser number four – Sakawa.
Biography我是阿贺野型轻巡洋舰酒匂!在曾经的那场战争中由于种种原因,也说不好自己有没有派上用场……谢谢你和港区的伙伴们像这样给予了我战斗的机会!嗯!阿賀野型軽巡洋艦の酒匂です!かの大戦では色々あって役に立てたような立てなかったような気がしますけど……こうして戦う機会を与えてくれたこと、あなたにも仲間たちにも感謝です!はい!I'm the Agano-class light cruiser, Sakawa! I wasn't able to do a whole lot during that war, but... I'm so grateful to you and all my friends here at the port for giving me another chance to fight! Mhm!
Acquisition我是阿贺野型轻巡洋舰酒匂哦♪你是指挥官?原来如此~难怪能代姐那么喜欢你~我也喜欢哦!阿賀野型軽巡洋艦、酒匂ですよ♪あなたが指揮官?…なるほど~、能代姉さんがあなたのことを好き好きになるわけですねぇ~。私も好き!I'm Sakawa, Agano-class light cruiser♪ And you're the Commander? I see~ I get why Noshiro is so into you. I am, too!
Login早上好!啊,这里应该礼貌地说“贵安”比较好吧?おはようございまーす!…あ、ここはおしとやかに「ごきげんよー」のほうがよかったりしたのではなくて?Gooood morning! ...Oh, am I supposed to be all graceful and say "well met" or something?
Details呀,你又来见我啦!诶嘿嘿,想来你肯定也很在意酒匂对吧~我说不定很在意你,也说不定不在意你哦?まあ、また会いに来ましたね!えへへ、そりゃ酒匂のことが気になってしょうがないですよね~?私もあなたのことが色々気になったりならなかったりしていますよ?Look who's here to see me again! Heehee, I know you would, since you really like me. Likewise, there's a lot about you I like – and dislike.
Main啊,你刚才偷瞄了酒匂了对吧。也是啊,酒匂很可爱呢~一直看也不会腻对吧~嘻嘻♪あ、今酒匂のことを見てましたでしょう?酒匂はカワイイですもんね~?ずっと見ていても飽きないもんね~?ふふふ♪Oh my, were you just sneaking a peek at me? I don't blame you, since I'm just soooo cute~ You'll never get tired of staring at me, right? Heehee♪
Main 2什么都可以交给我哦。不仅仅是战斗,辅佐你工作我也是能很轻松做到的哦。何でも任せてくださいね。戦闘だけでなく、あなたのサポートも私、余裕でできるもんI can handle anything you throw at me. I'll breeze through anything, whether it's a sortie or a bunch of paperwork.
Main 3虽然不能偷吃,不过既然好好地完成工作了,还是能得到奖励的对吧?呵呵,给我个点心吧♪ギンバイしたいところですがそれはダメなので、お仕事をちゃんとできたご褒美をいただけますよね?ふふふ、お菓子を一個ちょーだい♪Not to be a glutton, but, since I've been working hard, can't you spare me an itty bitty treat? Haha, how about something sweet?
Touch刚才往酒匂这边看了对吧?对吧对吧~?今酒匂のことを見てましたでしょう?でしょでしょ~?You were staring at me just now, weren't you? I bet you were~
Touch (Special)是不小心的……对吧?不用道歉的啦!事故…ですよね?ごめんなさいとか言わなくていいから!An accident, huh... I never said you had to apologize!
Touch (Headpat)是在拍拍我的头吗?あたまぽんぽんですか?We patting people's heads now?
Mission任务好多啊……就算有我辅佐也总是做不完呢~任務が多いですよね…私がサポートしてもなかなか終わらないですもんね~You sure have a lot of work to get through... Even if I lend you a hand, it'll probably still take a while, huh~
Mission Complete任务完成!检查下有没有什么疏漏……啊啊发现了!我去确认下!任務完了ですよ!抜け漏れは…ああ、ありました!ちょっと確認してきます!That's it for the paperwork! Let's see if you left anything out... Ah, found a spot! Gimme a sec to look everything through!
Mail来邮件了。我可以看看吗?メールですね。私が読んでもいいですか?Your mail's here. Mind if I read it?
Return to Port欢迎回来!赢了吗?肯定赢了对吧?不然我来迎接你不就变成不识趣的行为了么♪おかえりなさーい!勝ちました?まあ勝ったに決まっていますよね?そうじゃなかったら出迎えてるのは空気を読めてないことになるもの♪Welcome back! You won, right? I mean, obviously, you did. Otherwise it'd be tactless of me to greet you like this~♪
Commission Complete别偷瞄酒匂了~接下来该去迎接委托组了对吧?酒匂のことを見ていないで次は一緒に委託組の出迎え、でしょ?You can stop staring at me already~ After all, we have to go welcome the commission fleet back, don't we?
Enhancement能力提升了,在战场上好好确认下比较好吧?能力上昇ね。戦場でちゃんと確認したほうがいいのではなくて?Now that's a power boost. Best way to test it would be with a real battle, no?
Flagship随机应变,灵活机动地应战吧!臨機応変に円滑に対応、ですよ!Improvisation, expertise, and execution – that's what it's all about!
Victory赢了!你要表扬酒匂对吧?想怎么做?呵呵~勝ったぁ!さぁ、酒匂のことを褒めるんでしょ?どうします?ふふふVictoryyy! Now's a good time to congratulate me, no? I'd say it is. Heehee.
Defeat输掉了……真是的,怎么会这样嘛!負けてしまいました…もう、どうしてですか!They actually beat us? How's that even possible?!
Skill我会拼尽全力的!精一杯頑張りますよぉ!I'll show you what I'm made of!
Low HP不会在这种地方气馁的!こんなところで挫けませんよ!I won't have the wind taken out of my sails here!
Affinity (Upset)都说了别来管我了吧?我讨厌不听我说话的人哦?私のことを放っておいてって言ったでしょ?話を聞かない人は嫌いよ?Didn't I tell you to leave me alone already? I don't like people who don't listen to what I say.
Affinity (Stranger)呀,今天也见面了呢!说起来,自从来这个港区后,感觉每天都能见到你呢~因为是指挥官所以也是理所当然的对吧!诶嘿嘿♪まあ、今日も会いましたね!そういえば、なんだかこの母港にやってきてから、あなたとは毎日会っているような?指揮官ですから当然ね!えへへ♪Wow, we meet again! By the way, doesn't it feel like we've been bumping into each other every day since I arrived at the port? Well, you're the Commander, so I suppose there's nothing strange about that. Ehehe~♪
Affinity (Friendly)♪~又来见我了吗?诶嘿嘿,要是被能代姐知道然后吃醋了我可不管哦?请坐请坐,我去把茶和点心拿过来——是我最喜欢的重樱点心哦!♪~また会いに来たんですか?えへへ、能代姉さんに知られてヤキモチ焼かれても知りませんよ?…どうぞどうぞ、今お茶とお茶請け――私の大好きな重桜菓子を持ってきますね!Oh my~♪ Did you come to see me again? Ehehe, Noshiro's gonna be so jealous if she finds out. Well, sit down already. I'll go bring out the tea and snacks – these are some of my favorites from the Sakura Islands!
Affinity (Like)指挥官每天来见我的理由,我当然再清楚不过了哦?并不是我误会,只是我说出口的话就没意思了。这时候应该……由你来大声说出“喜欢酒匂”吧?あなたが私に毎日会いに来る理由はもちろん知っていますよ?勘違いなんかじゃないし、私がそれを言っちゃったらつまらないもん。そこはねぇ……あなたが「酒匂のことが好き好き」って、大声で言うべきではなくて?Of course I know why you come to see me every day~ But isn't it a bit boring if I steal your thunder? At times like these... you're supposed to proclaim your passionate love for me at the top of your lungs, right~?
Affinity (Love)真,真的说了啊……被这样当面说还是会害羞的啦。还是说,你至今为止都是在逗我玩的?我可是一直都很认真对待的哦?ほ、本当に言うんだ…そりゃこういうのを面と向かって言われたら恥ずかしくなりますよ。それともあなた、私のことを今までずっとからかっていたんですか?私はそのぉ、ずっと本気なのに…?W-wow, you really went and did it... Hearing it up-close like that is actually a bit embarrassing. Or, were you just teasing me? Did you know, I've been serious about you this whooole time?
Pledge诶嘿嘿,刚才要戴上戒指的时候,你瞄了一眼酒匂的脸对吧?…不,不对吗?姆,真是的,人家好不容易做了最喜欢你了的表情想让你看看呢……えへへ、今指輪をつけようとした時、酒匂の顔を見たでしょ?…ち、違うんですか?むぅ、せっかく最高の表情を見せてあげようと思ったのにな…Ehehe, did you steal another glance at me just before you put the ring on my finger? ...Y-you didn't? Geez, and here I am trying to show you what a maiden in love looks like...
In battle with Agano, Noshiro请多看看我!私をもっと見ていてくださいね! Keep your eyes on me!
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Ship Description欢迎光临!诶嘿嘿,因为很想见我所以来了对吧?那我也要好好款待你才行呢♪いらっしゃいませ!えへへ、私に会いたくて会いたくてやってきたんでしょ?じゃあこっちもしっかりおもてなししないといけないね♪Welcome! Heehee, you came because you were just so keen to see me, am I right? Then I've got to make you feel real welcome♪
Acquisition欢迎光临!诶嘿嘿,因为很想见我所以来了对吧?那我也要好好款待你才行呢♪いらっしゃいませ!えへへ、私に会いたくて会いたくてやってきたんでしょ?じゃあこっちもしっかりおもてなししないといけないね♪Welcome! Heehee, you came because you were just so keen to see me, am I right? Then I've got to make you feel real welcome♪
Login美味松软的团子~♪你一个,我一个,剩下的我们对半分ー♪诶嘿嘿,早上好!おいしくふわふわお団子~♪あなたも一個、わたしも一個、残りは二人で半分っこー♪えへへ、おはようございまぁす!Come get your delicious and fluffy dango~ One for you, one for me, and we can share the last one~♪ Ehehe, goood morning~!
Details有这么多重樱点心,好幸福~你也来和酒匂一起变幸福吧?来,请享用这个♪重桜菓子がいっぱいで幸せ~。あなたも酒匂と一緒に、幸せになりませんか?はい、これをどうぞ♪Happiness is a mouthful of sweets from the Sakura Islands~ Don't you also want to share a bit of this happiness with Sakawa? Here you go then~♪
Main团子好好吃~只要吃了这个,活个三天不是问题!至于三天之后……会吃腻的所以换成八桥吧♪お団子がおいしい~。これだけでも三日は生きていけるもん!三日後は…飽きちゃいますから八ツ橋でお願いします♪Dangos are sooo good~ I could eat them for three days straight! But after that... I'd probably get sick of them and want some yatsuhashi instead~♪
Main 2点的单是……啊!我又不小心吃掉了!我真是的…!ご注文の品物は…あ!またつい食べちゃってました!私ったらもう…!The stuff you ordered? ...Oh! I think I ate it by accident! Oh, silly me!
Main 3难得的女仆店活动,我要把菜单都记下才行~嘻嘻,之后要做一大堆出来—せっかくの模擬店ですもの、メニューを全部覚えとかないと~。ふふふ、あとでいっぱい作りますよーSince we're trying to make our pop-up café the best it can be, I have to memorize the entire menu~ Heehee, I'll be making a whole lot of goodies later~
Touch好的,请问要点些什么呢?はい、ご注文はいかがですか?Alright, what would you like to order?
Touch (Special)嗯,嗯…因为酒匂很可爱呢…?ま、まあ…酒匂は可愛いですからね…?Well, um... I suppose you just couldn't help it because of how cute I am, right...?
Touch (Headpat)现在心情很好对吧~今は気分上々ですね~I feel like I'm on top of the world~
Return to Port久等了~热乎乎的茶端来了!啊,忘了拿茶杯了!嗯,该怎么办好呢…?おまたせ~アツアツのお茶を持ってきました!…あ、湯呑を忘れちゃった!ええと、どうしましょう…?Sorry to keep you waiting~ I've brought you your piping-hot tea! ...Oh my, I seem to have forgotten the teacups! Oh, um, what should I do...?
Commission Complete给委托组的慰劳品一定是重樱点心对吧!委託組への差し入れは重桜菓子で決まりだね!We're giving Sakura confections to the commission team as a thank-you reward, right?
Affinity (Love)你、你说嘴巴……突然亲的话就算是我也会害羞的?再过一会儿我们换个地方——嘴唇边有东西?是这么回事啊!那,那亲亲呢…???く、口にって…いきなりキスとかは流石に私でも恥ずかしいですよ…?もうちょっと場所を変えて――口元に何かついているですか…?そっちですかー!?じゃ、じゃあキスの話は…???M-my lips...? Even I'll get embarrassed if you suddenly try to kiss me, you know...? But, maybe we can go somewhere else later and–– Huh? There's something stuck to the corner of my lips?! Wh-what about the kiss...???
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Ship Description哇,都追到这里来了,指挥官一定是对酒匂想见得不得了吧♪ 诶嘿嘿,要来一根冰棒吗?わぁ、ここまで追ってくるなんて、指揮官は酒匂に会いたくて会いたくてしょうがなかったんですね♪えへへ、アイスキャンディ、よかったら一本どぉ?Wow, look how far you pursued me. You must have really, reeeally wanted to see me, huh, Commander~? Heheh, want a popsicle?
Acquisition哇,都追到这里来了,指挥官一定是对酒匂想见得不得了吧♪ 诶嘿嘿,要来一根冰棒吗?わぁ、ここまで追ってくるなんて、指揮官は酒匂に会いたくて会いたくてしょうがなかったんですね♪えへへ、アイスキャンディ、よかったら一本どぉ?Wow, look how far you pursued me. You must have really, reeeally wanted to see me, huh, Commander~? Heheh, want a popsicle?
Login森林里~清凉的夏日~一根给你,一根给我,剩下的和小熊平分~♪ 诶嘿嘿,欢迎回来♪森の~涼しい夏の日は~あなたに一本、わたしも一本、残りはくまさんと半分こ~♪えへへ、おっかえりー♪A cool summer's day in the forest~ One for me, one for you, and halfsies for the bears~ Ehehe, welcome back!♪
Details又来见酒匂了呢!不去找能代姐,而是来找我玩吗?诶嘿嘿,说得让你有罪恶感了?没关系的哦~陪酒匂玩了之后,再一起去找能代姐吧♪まあ、また会いに来ましたね!能代姉さんではなく酒匂と遊んで本当に大丈夫ですか?えへへ、もしかして罪悪感を覚えています?大丈夫ですよ~。酒匂と遊んでもちゃんと能代姉さんへのフォローを一緒にしてあげますから♪Aww, you came to see me again! Are you sure you want to spend time with me, and not Noshiro? Heheh, do you feel guilty? It's okay~ We can always make it up to Noshiro after we have fun together♪
Main啊哇哇,指挥官这不是湿透了么?!我知道了!你去和能代姐去打水枪了吧?啊哈哈♪因为能代姐就算这种时候也会不手软呢~あわわ、指揮官、ビショビショですよ?!分かった!能代姉さんと水鉄砲してたんですよね?あはは♪能代姉さんはこういう時でも手を抜けないもんね~Whoa! Commander, you're soaked. Oh, I know; were you and Noshiro shooting water guns? Ahaha!♪ She never holds back when it comes to play.
Main 2即使不是去海边,游泳或者玩水的时候穿泳装比较好哦。嗯?指挥官不游泳吗?海辺だけじゃなく、川を泳ぐときも水着のほうがいいですよ。ん?指揮官は泳がないんですか?Swimsuits aren't just for the beach. They work great for swimming in rivers, too. Hm? You aren't going to swim, Commander?
Main 3接下来是和大家一起参加烟花大会对吧?那么,酒匂先把肚子里的位置空好♪この後は確か皆で花火大会をやるんですよね?では酒匂、小腹を空かせておきます♪There's going to be a big fireworks show later, right? I'll save room for the feast later♪
Touch要来一根冰棒吗?一本いかがですか?Would you like one?
Touch (Special)因,因为是泳装吗……?み、水着姿だから……?I-is this because I'm in a swimsuit...?
Return to Port在激烈的战斗之后来点凉爽的冰棒吧♪ 哼哼,难道是在期待间接接吻?熱い戦いのあとに冷たーいアイスキャンディをどうぞ♪ふふーん、もしかして間接キス、期待しちゃいました?Have a nice, cool popsicle after that heated battle! Heheh, was someone looking forward to an indirect kiss?
Commission Complete啊,你刚才看酒匂了对吧♪ 正好酒匂想告诉指挥官,委托队好像回来了♪あ、今酒匂のことを見てたでしょ♪酒匂は~そろそろ委託組が帰ってきたんじゃないかなって、指揮官に知らせようとしたとこ♪Ooh, you were just looking at me, weren't you? I was juuust about to let you know that the commission team's probably back by now♪
Victory酒匂很强吧? 哈哈哈,就算穿着泳装战斗也不在话下!酒匂は強いでしょ?あはは、水着姿でもちゃんと戦えるもん!I'm strong, aren't I? Ahaha, a swimsuit won't get in the way of my fighting!
Affinity (Love)二人独处的时候,就能更容易说出“我好喜欢你”对吧?诶嘿嘿,是吧~指挥官刚刚就想这么说对吧。那我就把机会让给指挥官,要大声到让酒匂也听得见地说出来哦♪二人っきりのほうが、「あなたのことが好き好き」って言いやすくなりません?えへへ、そりゃそうなりますよね~。指揮官はさっきからそう言おうとしてたんでしょ?先手は譲ってあげますから、ちゃんと酒匂が聞こえるように大きい声で言ってね♪Isn't it easier to tell someone how much you love, love, love them when you're alone together? Ehehe, of course it is~ You've been trying to say it for a while now, right, Commander? I'll let you go first. Say it loud enough for me to hear, now♪
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Ship Description啦~啦啦♪呀,指挥官,又来见酒匂了吗?就算多么想看超级喜欢的酒匂练习,每天都过来也会被人怀疑的哦?诶嘿嘿♪らーららー♪まあ指揮官、まーた酒匂に会いに来たのですか?いくら好き好きな酒匂の練習風景が見たくても、毎日足繁く通うと怪しまれると思いますよ?えへへ♪Laaa la-laaa♪ Oh, Commander. Here to see me again? I know you're madly in love and want to watch me practice, but people will think you're weird if you keep coming and going constantly. Heehee♪
Acquisition啦~啦啦♪呀,指挥官,又来见酒匂了吗?就算多么想看超级喜欢的酒匂练习,每天都过来也会被人怀疑的哦?诶嘿嘿♪らーららー♪まあ指揮官、まーた酒匂に会いに来たのですか?いくら好き好きな酒匂の練習風景が見たくても、毎日足繁く通うと怪しまれると思いますよ?えへへ♪Laaa la-laaa♪ Oh, Commander. Here to see me again? I know you're madly in love and want to watch me practice, but people will think you're weird if you keep coming and going constantly. Heehee♪
Login酒匂现在在练习什么呢?诶嘿嘿,指挥官,猜猜看♪酒匂は今、何を練習しているか、ですか?えへへ、指揮官、当ててみて♪What am I practicing right now? Heheh, just guess, Commander♪
Details在这么大的音乐厅里唱歌或演奏时,应该挺紧张的吧?酒匂因为有指挥官在一起,所以一点都不紧张呢~こんなに大きなホールで歌ったり演奏したりするって、すごく緊張しませんか?酒匂は指揮官と一緒だから、全然緊張しないもん~Doesn't it make people really nervous to sing and perform in these huge venues? I'm not, though, since I'm with you~
Main阿贺野姐的礼服打扮看起来好成熟哦~酒匂也是吗?嗯,酒匂的应该还好吧~阿賀野姉さんのドレス姿ってすごく大人っぽいですよね~。酒匂も?まあ、酒匂はそれほどでもないかな~Agano's dress is so mature, isn't it? ...Mine, too? Well, I doubt it's like hers~
Main 2悄悄和你说,其实酒匂是在练习弹钢琴,而不是唱歌哦。诶嘿嘿,被我骗到了吗?ここだけの話、実は酒匂、歌ではなくピアノの練習をしていたんです。えへへ、騙されちゃいましたか?Just between you and me, I've been practicing my piano instead of singing. Heheh, did I trick you?
Main 3啊,刚才看了酒匂对吧♪难道你带了慰劳品来吗?太好了!あ、今酒匂のことを見てたでしょ♪もしかして…差し入れがあるんですか?やったぁ!Ah! You were just staring at me!♪ Could it be... You brought me treats? Woohoo!
Touch指挥官也很懂音乐吗?指揮官も音楽に詳しかったりします?Do you know a lot about music, Commander?
Touch (Special)是因为…今天的酒匂看起来有点成熟?今日の酒匂はちょっと大人っぽい…から?Are you doing that because I look a little more... mature today?
Return to Port派对准备、战术会议、实战演习…指挥官明明那么忙,还一直来看酒匂练习,真的好吗—?♪パーティーの準備に作戦会議に演習…指揮官は忙しいのに、酒匂の練習をずっと見届けていて本当にいいんですかねー?♪Party prep, strategy meetings, exercises... You're so busy, Commander. Should you reeeally spend so much time watching me practice?♪
Victory酒匂精彩地表演完之后是…向观众鞠躬致谢对吧?酒匂の素晴らしい演奏が終わったら…聴衆に向かってお辞儀?かな?After I finish my jaw-dropping performance... should I bow for the crowd, you think?
Affinity (Love)因为喜欢酒匂所以才每天都来看我对吧?诶嘿嘿,现在只有我和指挥官,无论用多大的声音宣告你喜欢我都可以哦……哇!?好、好厉害…啊呜/////酒匂のことが好きだから毎日見に来るんでしょ?えへへ、今は酒匂と指揮官しかいませんから、どんなに大声で好きって言っても大丈夫ですよ。……わっ!?す、すごいですね…あぅ/////You come to watch every day 'cause you love me so much, right? Heheh, we're all alone right now, so you can say it as loud as you want. ...Whoa?! I-impressive... *blushes*
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Login贵安♪看指挥官比平时更精神真是太好了~ご機嫌よう、あなた♪今日はいつもより元気そうで何よりですGood day, my dearest~♪ You look more energetic than usual today~
Details呀,今天也来见我了呢!只是偶然路过而已?诶嘿嘿,又在说笑了~明明知道我在这里等着你~まあ、今日も私に会いに来ましたね!たまたま通っただけ…?えへへ、またまたご冗談を~。私がここで待っているのを知ってたくせに~Wow, you came to see me again today! Oh, it was just a coincidence? Heehee, what a prankster you are~ You totally knew I'd be waiting right here for you~
Main诶嘿嘿,有点害羞呢……明明还在工作……你说我刚才开始手就停下来了?啊,确实如此呢!えへへ、ちょっと照れるな…まだお仕事中なのになぁ…さっきから手が止まっているって?あっ、そうでした!Ehehe, you're going to make me blush if you do that while we're still at work... Huh? I haven't been working for quite some time now? I, I totally knew that!
Main 2要不要我做些轻巧的小东西给你?别看我这样,除了吃之外我也很擅长做料理哦♪軽いものでも作ってきましょうか?食べてるだけに見えるかもですが、料理を作るのも大の得意なんですよ♪Want me to whip up a light snack for you? Hey, just because I like eating doesn't mean I don't know how to cook~♪
Main 3能代姐明明那么喜欢你,却不怎么说出口呢……酒匂真是搞不懂,嘻嘻~能代姉さんはあなたのことが好き好きなのに、あまり好きって言わないですよね…酒匂にはよくわからないです。ふふNoshiro is totally head-over-heels in love with you, but she just won't admit it... I don't get her at all. Heehee.
Touch (Special)请多意识到酒匂的魅力……吧?酒匂のこと、もっと意識していってください…ね?Please pay more attention to me... Okay?
Touch (Headpat)好啦好啦,诶嘿嘿♡まあまあ、えへへ♡Alright, alright. Heehee~♡
Mission因为想多和我待在一起工作,所以故意留了任务对吧?我懂的哦♪私ともっと一緒にお仕事がしたいから、任務を残しているんでしょ?わかっていますよ♪You let missions pile up just so you can spend more time working with me, didn't you~♪
Mission Complete任务完成!只要冷静地好好花时间做肯定就没问题的对吧~任務完了しました!落ち着いてじっくり時間をかければ大丈夫だもんねAnd that's all of 'em! See, everything's fine when we take things slow and steady~
Return to Port欢迎回来!来总结战斗吧!之后有重樱点心在等着你哦!おかえりなさい!振り返りをしましょう!そのあとは重桜菓子が待っていますから!Welcome back! Let's finish reviewing the mission, and then you'll have some Sakura confections waiting for you!
Commission Complete迎接委托组的话……要不要也叫上能代姐?委託組の出迎えは…能代姉さんも呼んできましょうか?If we're going to go greet the commission team, how about bringing Noshiro along?
Flagship酒匂先上了哦!まずは酒匂から参ります!I'm calling the shots~!
Victory酒匂是第一,酒匂很努力了,酒匂辛苦了,酒匂……怎么啦?还没决定好吗~?酒匂が一位、酒匂はよく頑張った、酒匂お疲れさま、酒匂が……なぁに?まだ決めていないんですか~?You're the best, Sakawa. You're amazing, Sakawa. I'm proud of you, Sakawa– What's wrong? Haven't decided what to say yet~?
Affinity (Love)你不是想说“很喜欢你”吗?诶嘿嘿,现在我替你说了,所以好好想想怎么回复我吧。在你犹豫的时候,我的喜欢会越攒越多哦~本当は「あなたのことが好き好き」って言いたいんでしょ?えへへ、代わりに私が言ってあげるから、お返しをしっかり考えておいてくださいね。あなたが決めかねている間にどんどん好き好きが増えていきますからね~Aren't you dying to tell me how much you love me? Ehehe, I'm going to steal those words right from your lips, so you'd better think carefully about how to return my feelings. The longer you spend agonizing over it, the more my love for you deepens~