Queen Elizabeth META (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. M019Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRaritySuper Rare
NavyMETABuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
Queen Elizabeth METADescription
HP1298 Reload56
Firepower81 Torpedo0
Evasion4 Anti-air41
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck25
HP4193 Reload107
Firepower211 Torpedo0
Evasion27 Anti-air113
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck26
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock Cinders of Hope - Queen Elizabeth | Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve Cinders of Hope - Queen Elizabeth | Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Battleship: Queen Elizabeth-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Ruler of Light and DarknessIncreases this ship's FP, AA, and EVA by 5.0% (15.0%) . When this ship fires her Main Guns: 50.0% (100.0%) chance to fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level). Enemies hit by this barrage are more likely to be targeted by the auto-aimed fire of your Royal Navy and/or META BBs and BCs.???
Paradoxical CharismaWhen the battle starts: increases this ship's RLD and ACC by 3.5% (8.0%) for each META ship in your fleet (can be stacked up to 3 times). Decreases all your other META ships' DMG taken by 10.0%. Once per battle, when this ship's HP falls below 50.0% as a result of DMG taken: increases this ship's Secondary Gun efficiency by 20.0% (50.0%) until the battle ends.???
Answerer of PrayersWhen this ship fires her Main Guns: this ship takes DMG equal to 3.0% of her max HP and fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level). 3s after this barrage was fired, up until 3s after this ship's next Main Gun volley: targets a random META ship in your fleet and increases that ship's DMG dealt by 3.5% (8.0%) ; if this ship is your Flagship, any ship in your fleet becomes eligible for this buff.???
Cinders of Hope - Queen Elizabeth[Operation Siren] When fighting humanoid Siren fleets or Boss fleets: increases this ship's Crit DMG dealt by 8.0%.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description伊丽莎白女王号战列舰 (若已获得相应的META角色,奖励将会转化为对应的角色结晶,可在「META研究室」-「能量激活」中使用)クイーン・エリザベス級戦艦・クイーン・エリザベス(1隻しか所持できません。2隻目を入手した場合、限界突破素材に変換されます)So you are the Commander? Very well. From this point forth, you will use your courage and intellect for our purposes! ...We don't have all day, now. You are our servant, so this won't go anywhere until you swear your fealty.
Biography超无畏舰伊丽莎白女王号,随时欢迎任何人加入本王的麾下。皇家也好,别的什么人也好,任何跟随本王的人,都将得到本王的庇护。好了,我的仆从,趁本王心情好,你还有什么要问的吗?超弩級戦艦クイーン・エリザベスよ。誰であれ私の配下に加わるならいつでも歓迎するわ。ロイヤルだろうと、別の陣営だろうと、私に付いてくる者は守ってやるわ!さあ、下僕!私の機嫌が変わらないうちに聞きたいことがあるなら聞きなさい!We are the super-dreadnaught, Queen Elizabeth. We welcome any who wish to become our subject. Member of the Royal Navy or otherwise, we protect all those who follow us! Come, Servant; if you have any questions, ask now before our mood changes!
Acquisition你应该就是指挥官了吧?嗯,不错,你的胆识与智谋以后都为本王所用了!……还愣着干什么?既然已经成为我的仆从了,接下来要做的难道不是向我宣誓效忠吗?あんたが指揮官なのね?まあいいわ、これからあんたの胆力と頭脳はすべて私のために使いなさい!……何をとぼけているの?あんたはもう私の下僕なんだから、まずは忠誠を誓わないと始まらないでしょ?So you are the Commander? Very well. From this point forth, you will use your courage and intellect for our purposes! ...We don't have all day, now. You are our servant, so this won't go anywhere until you swear your fealty.
Login仆从,为什么来得这么晚?你不知道本王一直在等你吗?下僕、どうしてそんなに遅かったの?この私を待たせている、という意識がないわけ?What took you so long, servant? Are you not aware that you are making us wait?
Details怎么了?对本王佩服得五体投地说不出话来了?哼……喂!仆从,如果你在想什么失礼的事情,本王可不会放过你!どうしたの?平伏するあまり言葉の一つも出なくなった?ふん……下僕、失礼なことを考えてたら絶対に許さないわよ?!What's the matter? Are you in such awe that you cannot utter so much as a word? Hmph... Servant, if you're thinking of anything rude, you will pay dearly!
Main不必向着缥缈的天空祈祷,向本王祈祷就好了。本王会祝福你,庇佑你的。祈るなら何もない空じゃなく、私に対して祈りなさい!この私があんたのことを祝福し、守ってやるわっ!If you wish to pray, pray to your queen instead of the empty sky! We will bless and protect you!
Main 2威严可不是靠身材大小决定的,本王自会让所有质疑者心服口服……当然了,我可没允许谁说本王娇小!カリスマは体の大きさで決まるものじゃないってことを証明してやるわ……ちんちくりんだなんて誰にも言わせないわよ!We will prove that charisma is more than just one's physical size... Nobody shall impugn our stature ever again!
Main 3一切都和谐美好的港区——仆从,这就是你的愿景么?没什么,本王觉得很欣慰。すべてが穏やかで美しい母港——下僕、これがあんたの願いなの?…なんでもないわ、ちょっと嬉しかっただけよA port full of harmony and beauty... Is this your desire, servant? ...Don't worry. We were just a little happy for you.
Touch胆敢随意触碰本王的身体,你还真是无所畏惧呢。断りもなくこの私の体に触れるなんて、とんだ怖いもの知らずねっ!You are a fearless one, laying hands on our body without express permission!
Touch (Special)下流!无耻!你,你这不知天高地厚的仆从,本王要宰了你!ヘンタイ!恥知らず!あ、あんたみたいな身の程知らずな下僕なんか断罪してやるわ!Pervert! Shameless lecher! Servants who don't know their place ought to be beheaded!
Touch (Headpat)仆从,你刚刚是不是做了非常失礼的举动?下僕、今すごく無礼なことをしてなかった?Servant, do you not find your actions extremely rude?
Mission任务?认认真真地完成吧,别丢了本王的面子。任務?真面目にこなしなさい。私に恥をかかせたら許さないわよMissions? See them done, and done well. We will not tolerate you shaming our name.
Mission Complete任务奖励?本王不感兴趣,都由仆从你保管就好。任務報酬?そんなものに興味はないわ。下僕が持てばいいわMission rewards? We have no interest in such trifles. You take them, servant.
Mail给你的信件?本王当然有权过问,只不过本王同样尊重你的隐私罢了。あんた宛のメール?内容を聞いたっていいじゃない!あくまであんたのプライバシーも大事にしてやってるだけよっMail for you, hmm? What's so wrong with us asking what it says?! Of course, we do mean to respect your privacy.
Return to Port回来了?很好,本王现在命令你休息。直到本王说了停为止才能继续工作,记住了吗?戻った?ふん、まずは体を休めなさい。私がいいと言うまで仕事はするんじゃないわよっ!わかった?Finally returned? Good. We order you to rest. You may not continue working until your queen says you may! Understood?
Commission Complete仆从,去慰问完成委托的臣子们。下僕、委託をこなしてきた子たちを労ってきなさいServant, tend to the girls who just returned from their commission.
Enhancement你还挺关心本王的嘛,不错。私のことをちゃんと気に掛けているようね。悪くないわIt is good to see that you pay adequate attention to us.
Flagship这么大的阵仗,是特地来欢迎本王的吗?真是有趣。大層なお出迎えね、私を歓迎するつもり?What a grand welcome. Do they mean to roll out the red carpet for us?
Victory哼,就这种程度的敌人还想阻挡本王?ふん、この程度の敵で私を止めるつもり?Hmph. Did you think such foes stood a chance at stopping us?
Defeat所有人撤退!本王可没允许你们擅自牺牲!総員撤退よ!私の許可なく自己犠牲なんて許さないわ!All forces, retreat! We will not permit any unapproved sacrifices!
Skill这是本王的恩赐!褒美をつかわしてやるわ!Consider this a gift from your queen!
Low HP开什么玩笑,本王岂能咽下这口气——!冗談じゃないわ!こんなの認めないんだから!This isn't funny! Your queen does not approve of this!
Affinity (Upset)算了,就当是本王看走眼了。以后你也不是本王的仆从了,好自为之吧。まあいいわ。私の見る目がなかったってことね。もうあんたに下僕なんてやらせないから、好きにしなさいIt's fine. Consider this our own mistake for not being more selective. Go and do what you want; you may no longer be our servant.
Affinity (Stranger)空有华丽的辞藻并不能证明本王履行了自己的职责,本王自然是明白的。若是仆从你对本王有所质疑,本王自会让你心服口服。聞こえのいい言葉で媚びたところで私が女王の責務を果たしたことにはならないわ。下僕が疑念を抱えているなら、そこをちゃんと詳らかにするつもりよPretty yet empty words will not be proof enough that we have done our job as queen. Servant, if you have any doubts about us, we will ascertain and rectify them.
Affinity (Friendly)还在纠结效忠之事吗?有能之士不愿轻易承认依附于人下,本王是明白的。你只需做好自己的事,在本王需要你时为本王出力便好。忠誠を誓うことにまだ悩んでいるの?ふん、有能な者が人に従いたくないのはわかっているつもりよ。ちゃんと自分の仕事をこなしなさい。ただ、私に助けが必要なときだけ力を貸すがいいわAre you still struggling to swear your fealty? Hah, your queen understands that the most talented folk fashion themselves leaders rather than followers. Do your job as you wish, but we expect your aid when it is needed.
Affinity (Like)嗯?对本王的出现很意外吗?本王还不能关心一下自己的仆从了?倒是你,本王完全没有感觉到你的关心!也,也不是说完全没有就是……ん?私がここに来るのは意外?女王である私が、下僕の心配しちゃいけないわけ?あんたこそなんで私のことを心配しないのよ!……ま、まったくしていないとは言わないけど…Hm? Are you surprised that we would come here? Is it wrong for a queen to worry about her servants? Actually, why aren't you worried about us?! ...N-Not to say that's all there is to it...
Affinity (Love)仆从,本王非常满意你的表现。唯一不足的就是你有时候对解决问题过于专注了。我的意思是,你应该更多地把目光放在其它地方!比如……放在本王身上,什么的……あんたの活躍は申し分ないけど、時々トラブル一つ一つの解決に集中しすぎよ!つまりその…もっと他のことに気を配りなさい!たとえば……私のこと……とか…Your work isn't bad, but you focus too much on working out minor trifles! In other words... Umm, focus yourself on other things! For example, erm... Your queen...
Pledge难道还要本王教你接下来该做什么吗?牵起本王的手,许下绝不背弃的誓言!……好了,你已经是本王的人了,本王绝不容许你再一个人承担任何困难。如果你擅自离开了本王,就别怪本王记恨你一辈子!これからどうするか、女王の私が教えてやらないとわからないの!?手を取って、決して裏切らないと宣誓しなさい!……ふん、これであんたは私のものだから、もう一人ですべてを背負おうなんて許さないわ!勝手に私から逃げたらずっとずっと恨んでやるわよ!Must we still tell you what needs to be done?! Take our hand and swear that you will never betray us! ...Hmph, you belong to your queen now, so you are no longer permitted to shoulder every burden on your own! If you try to escape us, you'll be the subject of our ire forevermore!
In battle with Amazon, Acasta, Ardent, Beagle, Bulldog, Comet, Crescent, Cygnet, Foxhound, Fortune, Grenville, Glowworm, Hardy, Hunter, Javelin, Juno, Vampire, Jupiter, Jersey, Matchless, Musketeer, Echo, Eskimo, Icarus, Jervis, Janus, Hero, Leander, Achilles, Ajax, Dido, Southampton, Sheffield, Manchester, Gloucester, Edinburgh, Belfast, Arethusa, Galatea, Aurora, Fiji, Jamaica, Little Bel, Newcastle, Curacoa, Curlew, Sirius, Swiftsure, Black Prince, Sheffield, Glasgow, Hermione, Dido µ, Penelope, Charybdis, Bellona, Enterprise, Scylla, London, Shropshire, Kent, Suffolk, Norfolk, Dorsetshire, York, Exeter, Sussex, Little Cheshire, Renown, Repulse, Hood, Renown, Queen Elizabeth, Warspite, Nelson, Rodney, King George V, Prince of Wales, Duke of York, Howe, Valiant, Revenge, Vanguard, Royal Oak, Hermes, Argus, Unicorn, Centaur, Chaser, Perseus, Albion, Theseus, Eagle, Ark Royal, Illustrious, Victorious, Formidable, Glorious, Implacable, Little Illustrious, Illustrious µ, Indomitable, Erebus, Terror, Abercrombie, Ark Royal META, Repulse META, Renown META, Hunter META, Hunter META, Sheffield META皇家舰队,随我出击!王家艦隊、この私に続きなさい!Royal Fleet, follow our lead!