Nachi (JP 🇯🇵: 那智, CN 🇹🇼: 那智)
Ship IDNo. 197Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Heavy CruiserRarityRare
NavySakura EmpireBuild Time
AcquisitionExplore Stage8-3
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressEri Suzuki
Second ship of the Myoukou-class heavy cruisers, Nachi.
HP918 Reload60
Firepower36 Torpedo28
Evasion14 Anti-air36
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck58
HP3796 Reload115
Firepower100 Torpedo77
Evasion77 Anti-air137
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck61
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Torpedo efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Torpedo efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Heavy Cruiser125%/130%/130%/130%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun100%/100%/100%/100%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1203mm Mounted Gun
2Triple 610mm Torpedo
Fleet Tech
T6 Heavy Cruiser: Myoukou-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock9 +1
Max LimitBreak18
Lv.12013 +1
Draw FireEvery 20s: 10.0% (40.0%) chance for this ship to absorb 50.0% of the DMG your Vanguard takes for 8s. Does not stack with the same skill.
Tactical Command: CruisersIncreases the FP, TRP, and RLD of all Cruisers in your fleet by 1.0% (10.0%) . Does not stack with the same skill.???
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Myoukou Class once every 6 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description妙高级重巡洋舰二番舰—那智妙高型重巡洋艦二番艦・那智Second ship of the Myoukou-class heavy cruisers, Nachi.
Biography哼,妙高级重巡洋舰二号舰那智,不过我可不是妹妹哦~在太平洋战争时期活跃于南北各处,多次荣任旗舰。作为“(二十年代)最优秀的(条约)重巡洋舰(之一)”,这就是我的实力哦!优雅,而又高贵!妙高型重巡二番艦の那智よ。二番艦と言っても妹じゃないの。あの大戦では南方から北方に転戦し、長い間旗艦を務めたわ。最優の重巡ーーそれがアタシの実力よ?I am Nachi, second ship of the Myoukou-class heavy cruisers. Though I said second ship, I am no "little sister". I fought my way all around the Pacific, and served as flagship multiple times. I am greatest heavy cruiser - bear witness to my elegance and power!
Acquisition我是那智~~!重樱首级条约重巡洋舰,设计上可是无可指摘地尽善尽美哦,以后请多多指教了哟~アタシは那智。重桜最初の条約型重巡にして、非の打ち所がない完全無欠な設計なの。これからよろしく頼むわI'm Nachi, the first post-treaty heavy cruiser from the Sakura Empire. My design is the very definition of perfection! I'll be in your care from here on out!
Login我并、并没有在训练哦,只是在慵懒地嗤笑着挥洒汗水的她们而已べ、別に訓練してるわけじゃないわよ?ここでのんびりしながら、そこで汗を流してる子たちを笑ってやってるだけよ!I-I'm not training.. I'm just... being lazy and laughing at the other girls as they work up a sweat.
Details怎么,想成为我的裙下之臣吗?なに?アタシのパシリになりたい?What is it? Do you want to be my lackey?
Main第五舰队的姐妹们?很怀念呢——不,偶尔、只是偶尔会这样想哦!第5艦隊の皆?懐かしいよね…って違う!そう思うのはたまたま、たまたまよ!My sisters in the Fifth Fleet? I miss them a bit... err, just once in a blue moon!
Main 2夜晚靶场的幽灵?指、指挥官是小孩子吗,还信这种怪谈!夜の訓練場にユウレイがいるって?さ、さぁね!そんな怪談話を信じるなんて、指揮官はお子様かしら?Ghosts on the training ground? W-what are you, a kid? Who'd believe something like that?
Main 3盐湖城?我会让她明白运气是不会久驻在一艘船上的!ソルトレイクシティ?運が良かっただけよ!そんなのいつまでも続かないっていつか思い知らせてやるわ!Salt Lake City? I'm going to show her that Lady Luck doesn't bless the same person forever!
Touch指挥官寂寞了?嘻嘻,恰巧我也有些无聊呢指揮官、寂しい?ふふん、こっちもちょうど暇を持て余してるんだけど~♪Commander, are you feeling lonely? I just happen to have more spare time than I know what to do with~
Touch (Special)笨、笨蛋,被我迷住了吗?至少先打个招呼啊…!?ば、馬鹿!アタシに魅了されたわけ!?せめてせめて断ってからにしなさいよ!I-idiot... you're that fascinated with me? At least tell me in advance...
Mission这么简单的任务,只有笨蛋才完不成吧!こんな簡単な任務、完了できないのは馬鹿だけよ!Only an idiot would be unable to complete such an easy mission.
Mission Complete嘻嘻,果然我的帮助是完成任务不可或缺的!ふふん、やっぱりアタシの手助けが必要ってわけね!Heheh, looks like you couldn't have done this mission without me!
Mail想要信吗?求我的话就给你哦メールがほしい?ねだってくれたら考えてあげるYou want your mail? Only if you beg me nicely~
Return to Port辛苦了,不过,再努力十倍也赶不上我哦お疲れ~でも、10倍努力してもアタシには勝てないわGood work. However, you won't be able to catch up to me with even ten times the effort!
Commission Complete嗯嗯,勤奋也是很重要的,当然,我是例外!うんうん♪勤勉なのも大事よ?もちろんアタシは例外だけど!Mmhmm. It's important to work hard! Well, unless you're me!
Enhancement完美无暇的我更加完美无瑕了!アタシの完璧さにいっそう磨きがかかったようね!I'm even more flawless than before!
Flagship哼,又是一群不长眼睛的笨蛋!フン!目が節穴の馬鹿どもめ!Hmph. Another bunch of blind idiots.
Victory嘻嘻,这是理所当然的ふふ~ん♪当たり前よ?こういうのHehe, this is only normal, of course.
Defeat可恶——到底是哪里出了差错?ちぃーーどこで間違えたってんのよ!Damn it... just what went wrong?
Skill跪服在我的炮口前吧!アタシの主砲の前に跪きなさい!Kneel before my cannons!
Affinity (Upset)我没在和你说话!あんたには話していないの!I wasn't talking to you!
Affinity (Stranger)指挥官,不好好打理仪表的人是不会受欢迎的哦指揮官、身だしなみに気を使わない人間は周りから好かれないのよCommander, you're going to be unpopular forever if you don't pay attention to your appearance.
Affinity (Friendly)努力?不,天资聪颖如我并不需要努力哦。只要还在呼吸,我就会变得更强哦努力?全然?アタシのような天才には努力なんて必要ないわ。だってこうして呼吸するだけで強くなっているものHard work? Not at all. A genius like me doesn't need to work hard. I get stronger just by breathing.
Affinity (Like)诶诶…是指挥官?怎么深夜里来了训练区?担心我?不不,我只是百无聊赖所以来这里散散步而已!射击声?那、那是……ええ!指揮官!?なんで深夜の訓練エリアに!?え?アタシのことが心配?あ、アタシはただ暇だから散歩して……射撃音?あ、あれは……Huh? Commander? What are you doing at the training area so late? You were worried about me? I-I was just taking a walk because I was bored. You heard cannon fire? Th-that was...
Affinity (Love)我很不坦率,总是讨厌被别人看到自己拼命的身姿……但指挥官例外——我想如果是指挥官的话,无论是什么样的我,一定都能……アタシ、素直じゃないから、努力する姿を見られるのは何よりも嫌なの。…だけど指揮官は別よ。指揮官なら、どんなアタシでもきっと……I can't be honest with myself... because I can't stand the thought of people seeing me work hard... except for you, Commander. No matter who I become, surely you would...
Pledge虽然我爱自吹自擂,别扭又不坦率……但——我以那智之名发誓,一定会让指挥官成为世界上最幸福的那个人!アタシは、素直じゃないけど…だけどーーあんたのことは絶対世界で一番の幸せ者にしてみせる!はい!この那智の名に賭けて!I know I have a hard time being honest with myself, but... I'll try my best to make you the happiest person in the world! I swear my name on it!
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Ship Description怎么样?这可是经过改造后更加完美的那智!这下指挥官就算再怎么不坦率,也会老老实实的认同我的实力了吧?为了适应新舰装最近都熬到很晚?……才,才没那回事!どう?改造完了して、さらに完璧になったこの那智の姿は!これならいくら素直じゃない指揮官でもアタシの実力を認めてくれるかしら?艤装の慣熟のために最近ずっと遅くまで……そ、その話はなしよっ!Howzit? Now that my retrofit's all done, don't I look even more perfect than before? Maybe now, our ever-so-reserved Commander here will be super impressed by my new abilities~ Wh-what do you mean I've been staying up too late training with my rigging? W-we're not gonna talk about that!
Acquisition怎么样?这可是经过改造后更加完美的那智!这下指挥官就算再怎么不坦率,也会老老实实的认同我的实力了吧?为了适应新舰装最近都熬到很晚?……才,才没那回事!どう?改造完了して、さらに完璧になったこの那智の姿は!これならいくら素直じゃない指揮官でもアタシの実力を認めてくれるかしら?艤装の慣熟のために最近ずっと遅くまで……そ、その話はなしよっ!Howzit? Now that my retrofit's all done, don't I look even more perfect than before? Maybe now, our ever-so-reserved Commander here will be super impressed by my new abilities~ Wh-what do you mean I've been staying up too late training with my rigging? W-we're not gonna talk about that!
Login今天的计划已经由完美的那智帮你安排好了,好啦,一起加油吧!あんたの本日の予定はこの完璧な那智が組んであげたわ!さあ、一緒に頑張るわよ!The perfect Nachi put together your daily schedule for you! Now, let's get some work done!
Details慰劳品?我没说要你买啊?……啊~看来是替我跑腿多了,都成习惯了呢。那……我就不客气了!差し入れ?別にこれをあなたに買ってきてほしいって言ったんじゃ…ははぁーん、さてはアタシの使いっ走りをしすぎてパシリ根性がついちゃったのね。じゃあ…遠慮なくもらうわ!A gift? It's not like I asked you to go and buy this for... Hahaaah, I guess you're so used to running around and getting things for me that you couldn't help yourself! Well... Sure, I'll take it!
Main之前又和早起的羽黑撞上了……嗯?你说我换个地方训练会比较好?嗯……那就从重樱宿舍换到指挥官的——这怎么想都不可能吧!この間の朝、また羽黒と鉢合わせちゃって…ん?自主練する場所を変えたほうがいいって?そうね…重桜寮ではなく指揮官の――ってそんなの無理に決まってるじゃない!Lately, I've been running into Haguro early in the mornings... Hm? You say I should train somewhere else? Good idea... Instead of the Sakura Empire dorm, I should come to your—no, I obviously can NOT do that!
Main 2觉得有些不安?这样啊……试试集中精神做些手工活或者专注在工作上,来消除这种感觉?比如折折纸鹤什么的?不安を感じる?そうね…なにか手芸なり作業なり、集中して気を紛らわせられることをしたらいいんじゃない?例えば折り紙を折ってみるとかYou're feeling anxious? Hmm... Why not try working or crafting something to take your mind off of it? Like, say, origami?
Main 3啊呀,还真是明目张胆地偷懒呢……哼哼~那我也——我才不会偷懒呢!喂,指挥官!工作还没做完哦!あら、派手にサボっているわね…ふふん、じゃあこのアタシも――サボるわけないでしょ!こら指揮官!まだ仕事が終わってないわよ?Whoa, you're just openly slacking off... Heheh, then I'll just... NOT join you, obviously! C'mon, Commander! There's work to be done!
Touch指挥官,你寂寞了?哼哼~刚好我也有点寂……才不是,我只是太闲了而已。指揮官、寂しい?ふふん、こっちも寂し…じゃなくて、暇で暇でしょうがないわっ!Feeling lonely, Commander? Heheh, same here... Uh, I mean, I'm just so darn bored!
Touch (Special)嗯?怎么了……呀!?刚,刚刚那个是什么意思?!ん?どうした……ひゃぅ!?ちょ、ちょっと今のはそういうつもりなの?!Hm? What's up... Hyah?! H-hey, did you just do that on purpose?!
Mission这么简单的任务,不就一瞬间的事——我就不必多说了,指挥官也是这样吧?こんな簡単な任務、一瞬で片付けられるわ――アタシはもちろん、指揮官だってできるでしょ?These missions are so simple, they could be done instantly. I know I could, but surely even you can, Commander!
Mission Complete都不用我出手!哼哼♪アタシが手伝うまでもないわ!ふふん♪You didn't even need my help! Heheh♪
Return to Port辛苦了~啊呀,战果颇丰呢……看、看来指挥官比以前更努力了15倍左右?我知道你要赶上我了啦//お疲れ~。あら、いい戦果ね………ま、まあ指揮官も前より15倍ぐらいは頑張るようになったし?アタシに追いついて来たのも分かるけど?///Thanks for your hard work~ Oh, you brought back tons of spoils... O-of course, you are working, like, fifteen times harder than before. I know you're catching up to me... *blushes*
Commission Complete委托组挺努力的呢。呵呵,赶快确认下报酬吧。委託組が結構頑張ったみたいね。ふふん、早く報酬を確認しなさいThe commission team is really working hard. Heheh, hurry and go check out those rewards.
Victory跪地道歉的话就原谅你们咯♪别看我这样,我可是很宽容大度的哦?ひれ伏して謝るなら許してあげる♪こう見えてもアタシ、結構寛大な方よ?Get on your knees and beg, and maybe I'll forgive you♪ See how tolerant I am?
Defeat究竟哪里出了问题……撤退吧,指挥官!どこが間違っていたかわからないけど…逃げるわよ!指揮官!I don't know what went wrong, but... Let's run away, Commander!