Howe (JP 🇯🇵: ハウ, CN 🇹🇼: 豪)
Ship IDNo. 461Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRaritySuper Rare
NavyRoyal NavyBuild Time04:50:00
AcquisitionEvent : Noctis Borealis
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressMao Ichimichi
King George V-class battleship – Howe (HMS Howe.)
Noble RougeDescription
Sorry to keep you waiting, but now I'm ready to– Commander? What's the matter? It'll get dark soon if you keep standing around like that.
HP1334 Reload58
Firepower81 Torpedo0
Evasion7 Anti-air48
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck83
HP5897 Reload112
Firepower205 Torpedo0
Evasion34 Anti-air183
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck87
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
2Light Cruiser200%/200%/200%/200%1/1/3/30/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun100%/100%/100%/100%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Quadruple 356mm Main Gun
2Twin 134mm AA Gun
Fleet Tech
T6 Battleship: King George V-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock18 +2
Max LimitBreak36
Lv.12027 +1
Synchronized StrikeEvery 35 (15) s after the start of the battle: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage at a randomly chosen enemy (DMG is based on the skill's level) and increases Accuracy and RLD by 10.0% (20.0%) for 8s for all your BBs, BCs, and BBVs.Default Unlocked
Covenant of the Immortal KnightsAt the start of the battle: increases this ship's FP and RLD by 4.5% (12.0%) . When sortied together with any of the following: any King George V-class BB, Monarch, or any 3 (or more) Royal Navy ships: increases this ship's FP and AA by 4.5% (12.0%) .Default Unlocked
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Ship Description英王乔治五世级战列舰—豪キングジョージⅤ世級戦艦·ハウ(HMS Howe)King George V-class battleship – Howe (HMS Howe.)
Biography在去太平洋之前,我大部分时候都与乔治五世共同行动哦,还与她一起迎接过两位撒丁帝国的重要盟友呢。其他的…除了护航之外似乎也没有什么特别的事情了…?かの作戦における太平洋の戦い…の前に、私はずっとジョージとともに行動していたわ。サディアの味方を出迎えたこと以外は…特にこれといった戦果はあったり、なかったり…?Prior to my being sent to the Pacific, I always worked side by side with George. But aside from the one time we escorted our Sardegnian friends, I suppose I don't have too many notable feats to my name.
Acquisition很高兴见到你,指挥官。我是英王乔治五世级的最后一员,豪。希望今后我们能愉快相处。会えて嬉しいわ、指揮官。キングジョージV級のハウよ。これから仲良くやりましょう?It's a pleasure meeting you, Commander. I'm Howe of the King George V-class. I hope we can build a healthy relationship.
Login终于来了啊,好,让我们一起攻克今天的难题吧。よく来てくれたわ。さあ、今日のお仕事も一緒にやりましょう?How nice to see you. Now, let's get to work on today's tasks.
Details为同伴可以赴汤蹈火,对敌人则无须留情,这是我的准则哦。仲間のために危険を恐れず、敵には手加減せず――私らしく、ね?ふふふTo your friends, show no cowardice; to your foes, show no mercy – that is my creed. Hehehe~
Main威尔士和约克公爵都是很有意思的人,虽然有时候多少让人有点跟不上她们的节奏…ウェールズとヨークは素晴らしい方よ。時々お二人のペースについていけなくなったりするけど…Wales and York are lovely ladies. At times, however, I struggle to keep up with their thought processes.
Main 2乔治五世姐姐对我很好哦,还会经常给我小点心吃…不过,要是她能不要每次把我当小孩子就更好了。ジョージはいつも良くしてくれているわ。クッキーでよく釣ろうとしてきたり…私のことをいつまでも子供扱いしてるわね、うんGeorge has always been good to me. She often treats me to a cookie or two... But I wish she'd stop treating me like I'm still a child.
Main 3港区的伙伴们个性都很强烈,要和她们都搞好关系好像还没那么容易呢…唔…总之先来办个点心会好了?個性豊かな仲間たちと仲良くすることを難しく感じたら……クッキーを分け与えて一緒に食べることから始めましょう?If you have a hard time making friends with an eccentric person, my advice is this: bake some cookies, and offer to share with them.
Touch我还不累,不需要按摩哦?マッサージはいいわ。まだ疲れていないからDo save the massage for later. I'm not tired yet.
Touch (Special)…?这是要做什么?…?何をするつもり?Umm... What are you doing?
Touch (Headpat)……?……?Hm...?
Mission有任务?我能帮上什么忙吗?任務?私にも手伝えることとかない?Oh, missions? Are there any I can help with?
Mission Complete任务完成了。清点奖励这种小事就交给我吧。任務完了よ。あ、報酬の確認は私にやらせて?A mission's done. I can take care of claiming the rewards, no problem.
Mail这好像是你的邮件?あなたへのメールだそうよWe've received what looks to be mail addressed to you.
Return to Port出击辛苦了。还有精神的话,就马上开始总结报告吧?出撃ご苦労様。まだ元気なら、今からでもレポートをまとめてみない?Nicely done out there. If you've got the energy to spare, perhaps you could write an after-battle report?
Commission Complete委托队需要护航吗?我可是专业的哦。委託組の帰還に護衛は要るかしら?こう見えてもプロよ。私Do you need someone to escort the commission team home? I'm quite the experienced escort, I'll have you know.
Enhancement呼…这份恩情,我会在战场上回报你的,指挥官。ふぅ…お礼は戦場でお返しするわよ。指揮官Phew... I'll return your gesture with valour on the battlefield, Commander.
Flagship对待敌人我可不会心慈手软!ふふ、手加減なしよ!Heheh, there'll be no mercy for you!
Victory呵呵,今天状态不错。ふふ、今日はいい感じねHeheh, I'm in top shape today!
Defeat下次…不会再输了。次は…負けないわNext time... victory will be ours.
Skill无须犹豫!迷わないわ!My aim shall not waver!
Low HP还能…再支持一会!あと…少し!I can't... falter now!
Affinity (Upset)以为善意必定能得到善意的回应…我还是太天真了么情けは人のためならず――そう思ってたけど全く甘ちゃんだったわね。私A kind deed to others is a kind deed to yourself – or so I was naive enough to believe...
Affinity (Stranger)「Utcumque placuerit deo」——如果神存在的话,他期望中世界是怎样的呢?至少他应该不想看到无尽的纷争和战乱吧。「神の御心が行われますように」――神がいるとしたらどんな世界がお望みかな?戦いが終わらない世界はきっと違うはずよ"Shape the world into God's vision" – if there is a God, what is his ideal world? It can't be one of perpetual war, that's for sure.
Affinity (Friendly)指挥官心情不好?还是累了?这种时候,来点小饼干就好了。心情和精神都可以很快恢复的哦。指揮官は疲れた?それとも気分よくないの?……ふふ、こういうときには気分転換のクッキーよ。これを食べたらすぐ普段どおりに戻るからAre you tired, Commander? Under the weather, perhaps? Heh, well, a nice cookie can fix that. Just eat one of these and you'll be right back to normal.
Affinity (Like)指挥官,下次一起来参加点心会吧?有你在的话,气氛一定会轻松许多的。就我个人而言,也希望能和指挥官有多些共处的时间就是了。指揮官、今度みんなとクッキーを食べるときはぜひ一緒に来てね?指揮官がいればみんな盛り上がるし、私も指揮官の時間をどっさり取れて得、ね♪Come visit the dorm next time we're having cookies, Commander. We'd all love to have you, and I especially want to spend some quality time with you.
Affinity (Love)拐弯抹角毕竟不是我的风格呢…嗯。指挥官,我很喜欢你,无论作为舰队的领导者还是作为常伴身旁之人。你觉得…我怎么样呢?回りくどくするのは私らしくないわ。指揮官、好きよ。艦隊を率いる存在としても、そばにいる大切な人としても。指揮官はハウのこと……どう思ってる?Bah, being indirect is just not like me. I adore you, Commander. Both as the leader of the fleet, and as my beloved special someone. I wish to know... do you adore me as well?
Pledge啊,这就是指挥官的答复么?谢谢你,我…愿意。嗯…不求同生共死,只要你每天都能出现在我的身边就够了。…呵呵,好像说了些不太像我风格的漂亮话呢。指揮官がぶつけてくれた思い――ありがとう。私、喜んでお相手するわ。生と死や、幸福と不幸を分かち合えないとしても、いつもお互い側にいられればそれだけで十分よ。……今のはちょっと私らしくなかったわ。ふふふThank you for your sincerity, Commander. I will gladly be yours. I won't ask of you to share all your joys and sorrows with me, as I'm more than happy with just being by your side. Ah, that didn't sound like what I would say, did it? Well, hehehe~
Like Present
Dislike Present
Main Title
In battle with Littorio这次,让我看看你们的力量吧!お力、拝見するわAllow me to witness your true might.
In battle with King George V, Prince of Wales, Duke of York让对面知道乔五级的厉害!私たちの力を見せるわLet us show the world what we're made of.
In battle with Eagle要吃点小饼干吗?クッキー、美味しいよ?食べないの?Cookies are great, don't you know? Do you really not want one?
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Ship Description打扮比想象中的还要更花时间呢…我准备好了,可以出发咯,指挥官。…指挥官?再发呆下去,天都要黑了哦?少し時間がかかっちゃったわ。もう大丈夫よ、いつでも――指揮官?どうしたの?このままだと暗くなっちゃうわよ?Sorry to keep you waiting, but now I'm ready to– Commander? What's the matter? It'll get dark soon if you keep standing around like that.
Acquisition打扮比想象中的还要更花时间呢…我准备好了,可以出发咯,指挥官。…指挥官?再发呆下去,天都要黑了哦?少し時間がかかっちゃったわ。もう大丈夫よ、いつでも――指揮官?どうしたの?このままだと暗くなっちゃうわよ?Sorry to keep you waiting, but now I'm ready to– Commander? What's the matter? It'll get dark soon if you keep standing around like that.
Login你来啦,指挥官。今天的行程是这样的,首先……嗯?啊,我先把行程规划好了,不合适吗?指揮官、来てくれたのね。今日の予定はまず……あら、先に予定を作ってて悪かったの?Glad you could make it, love. Now, as for our plan today... Oh, should I not have made a plan ahead of time?
Details这就是传说中的“有美味点心的小店”吗?马上买点试试吧?指挥官,我已经等不及了~ここが噂の「クッキーが美味しいお店」?すぐ注文しましょう?指揮官、私ちょっと待ちきれないわ!Is this the place with the famously delicious cookies? Could we order some right away? I must taste them for myself!
Main威尔士给我传授了很多“约会注意事项”呢,听起来都挺有道理的,不过…总觉得应该是针对女孩子…给指挥官的注意事项才对…?ウェールズから「デートの注意事項」を教わったわ。いい勉強になったけど…あれは女の子を相手にするもの――つまり指揮官が学ぶべきだったのでは…?Wales taught me the dos and don'ts of dating. Though enlightening, her advice seemed purposed for winning an ordinary girl's hand... So perhaps it's better intended for you, Commander?
Main 2指挥官饿了吗?这里有之前乔治五世姐姐给我准备的小饼干,分你吃一点吧お腹が減った?ジョージがくれたクッキーがあるわ。食べてPeckish, are you? Then you can have this cookie George gave me.
Main 3这一身其实还挺方便活动的,就算多走一会也不会觉得太累呢この格好は動きやすいわ。もうちょっと長く歩いても大丈夫よThis dress is quite comfortable, actually. It's no trouble for me to walk a little longer.
Touch累了的话,找个地方坐下来休息会吧?疲れたらここで座ろ?Have a seat if you need to rest, love.
Touch (Special)这衣服不会掉的哦?…?服に、何か……?Hm? Is there something on my dress?
Return to Port出击辛苦了,让我们继续后面的行程吧?出撃ご苦労様。次の予定に進みましょう?Well done on that sortie. Let's proceed with our plan, shall we?
Defeat讨厌的噩运…不運を呪っちゃうよね…I hope misfortune befalls you.
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Ship Description“主人,快救救我吧”……唔唔,没法顺利进入角色啊…指挥官,这一幕要用什么感觉来演比较好?「ご主人さまー助けてくださーい」……うう、うまく役に入れないみたい…指揮官、このシチュエーションだとどんな感じで演じればいいの?"Please, Master, save meee." ...Ugh, I can't get into the role. What sort of tone should I be aiming for, love?
Acquisition“主人,快救救我吧”……唔唔,没法顺利进入角色啊…指挥官,这一幕要用什么感觉来演比较好?「ご主人さまー助けてくださーい」……うう、うまく役に入れないみたい…指揮官、このシチュエーションだとどんな感じで演じればいいの?"Please, Master, save meee." ...Ugh, I can't get into the role. What sort of tone should I be aiming for, love?
Login“主人,请帮我解开这个绳子吧”……嗯……「ご主人さまー、この縄をほどいてくださーい」……んー……"Masteeer, please untie meeee"... Hmm...
Details那什么…谁来救救我呀?乔治?或者…指挥官?ええと、助けてくれるのはどなたかしら?ジョージ?もしかして…指揮官?Oh, who will come to my rescue? George? Or perhaps... you, love?
Main唔…一不小心就被饼干吸引住了…うう…クッキーのサンプルについ気を取られちゃうわ…Goodness... These cookie props are so enticing they're distracting me...
Main 2今天我也是女仆队的一员!——这样说的话,贝尔法斯特会怎么想呢?今日は私もメイド隊の一員に!なんて言ったら、ベルファストはどう思うかしら?How do you think Belfast would respond if I walked up to her and said, "I'm joining the Royal Maids starting today"?
Main 3背背台词还行,一到实际演出就…明明威尔士就能演得很自然,为什么呢…セリフを覚えるまではいいけど、演技は…ウェールズなら全然違和感ないのに、どうして…Memorising my lines is simple enough. Reciting them is another matter, though... How does Wales do it so effortlessly?
Touch指挥官,等下就给你做你想吃的点心哦。指揮官の食べたいお菓子、あとで作ってあげるわI'll bake you your favourite pastry later, love.
Touch (Special)…主人?…ご主人さま?...Master?
Return to Port出击辛苦了。不过如你所见,现在我什么都做不了…出撃ご苦労ね。ご覧の通り、今は何もしてあげられないけど…Splendid work. I would offer you a treat, but as you can see, my hands are tied...
Flagship优雅地上吧!優雅に参るわ!Swift and graceful, I advance!
Affinity (Love)女仆队的“服务”究竟是什么…稍微让人有点好奇呢!呵呵呵,指挥官,等我练习熟练以后稍微陪我演练下试试吧?メイド隊の「ご奉仕」って何かしら…ちょっとだけ興味があるわ!ふふふ、指揮官、練習が終わったらちょっと付き合ってもらえる?I'm curious what the Royal Maids mean when they say they "service" you... Heheh. Would you mind enlightening me after this rehearsal, love?
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Ship Description指挥官,久等了。我很期待今天的晚宴哦,虽然准备了符合晚宴风格的衣服,不过…哈啊,希望不会被乔治五世和约克她们笑话…指挥官觉得呢?指揮官、お待たせ。今日のパーティーをずっと楽しみにしていたわ。コンセプトに合わせたのはいいとして、これでジョージやヨークたちに笑われなければいいけど…指揮官はどう思うの?Thanks for your patience, love. I've looked forward to this evening's party for a long, long time. Hopefully George, York, and company won't laugh at me after how much effort I've put into this ensemble... What do you think of it, Commander?
Acquisition指挥官,久等了。我很期待今天的晚宴哦,虽然准备了符合晚宴风格的衣服,不过…哈啊,希望不会被乔治五世和约克她们笑话…指挥官觉得呢?指揮官、お待たせ。今日のパーティーをずっと楽しみにしていたわ。コンセプトに合わせたのはいいとして、これでジョージやヨークたちに笑われなければいいけど…指揮官はどう思うの?Thanks for your patience, love. I've looked forward to this evening's party for a long, long time. Hopefully George, York, and company won't laugh at me after how much effort I've put into this ensemble... What do you think of it, Commander?
Login指挥官,我在这哦。距离晚宴开始还有点时间。正好,趁现在尝尝新的曲奇…不行吗?指揮官、こっちよ。まだディナーまで時間があるわ。そうだ、いいタイミングだし、新作のクッキーを……ダメ?I'm right here, Commander. Seeing as we still have time, why don't you try this new flavour of cookie I made? ...Now's not the time?
Details这身打扮,会不会显得太隆重了?因为我很重视今天呢。嗯?为什么?…嗯…为什么呢?この格好、気合入れすぎに見える?それだけ今日という日が大事だからよ。何が大事って…ん……何かしら?What, you think my dress is ludicrously posh? It should be, considering what an important day this is... What about it is so important, you ask? Hm... That is an excellent question.
Main有点担心君主呢。…不,不是担心她能否融入氛围,而是担心菜合不合她的口味…モナークのことがちょっと心配だわ。…ううん、雰囲気に馴染めるかってことじゃなくて、料理が口に合うかどうか…Monarch has me a tad bit concerned... Ah, no, she fits in just fine, I just wonder if she likes the food on offer.
Main 2异国的打扮很有意思呢,有机会的话也想多试试看♪異国の装いは興味深いわ。機会があれば色々試したいわね♪All these foreign dresses have me mesmerised. I'd love to try some on for myself someday.
Main 3我不希望今天自己过于显眼,毕竟今天的主角可是你呢。あまりにも目立ちすぎるのは望ましくないわ。今日の主役はあくまであなた、ね?I don't want to stand out TOO much – you're the star of the show tonight, after all.
Touch穿着这身可走不快,因此护送就拜托你了。この格好だと早く歩けないから、エスコートをお願いねI can't walk all that fast in this outfit, so be a sweetheart and escort me.
Touch (Special)从礼仪方面来说……マナーが…Please, mind your manners...
Return to Port出击辛苦了。可以先休息一会,有什么想要的都可以告诉我。出撃ご苦労様。しばらくはゆっくりしてていいわよ。注文があったらなんでも聞かせて?Welcome back, love. Go on and take a minute to rest. Let me know if you'd like to order anything.
Commission Complete委托组回来了。呵呵,宴会的香槟我们等一会儿再开吧。委託組が戻ってきたわ。ふふ、シャンパンはしばらくお預けねThe commission team is back. Heehee, I suppose we have to wait with the champagne for a bit.
Flagship不要小看皇家骑士的力量!ロイヤルナイトの力を侮らないことよ!A Royal Knight is not to be trifled with!
Victory优雅的胜利…呼,这下乔治也能放心了吧…優雅に勝たせてもらったわ。ふぅ…これでジョージを安心させられるかしら…That is what I call an elegant victory. Phew... This will hopefully put George at ease.
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Login欢迎回来。今天能从早到晚都和我一起吧?いらっしゃい。今日は夜までお付き合いいただけるの?Welcome back. Can I keep you company until the night arrives, love?
Main姐妹们性格都挺强硬的,要指挥官多操心了,如果遇到什么烦恼请随时找我谈谈哦?姉妹艦はみんな強引なところがあるわ。指揮官は気をつけてね、何があれば私に頼っていいのよMy sisters can be rather headstrong at times. If they give you any trouble, you can turn to me, love.
Main 3点心会上大家都吃得很开心固然是不错,不过…为什么我准备的表演环节都没有什么反响呢…みんな、クッキーを食べてる時は幸せそうだったけど、私の余興には……何も反応してくれなかったわ……It seems my cookies were adored, but my performance failed to garner any reactions...
Touch累了吗?我给你按摩按摩吧?マッサージ?私が気持ちよくしてあげるわYou'd like a massage? It would be my pleasure.
Touch (Special)也不是不能理解你的心情呢,呵呵。気持ちはわかるわ。ふふふI can see why you'd do that. Hehehe~
Return to Port出击辛苦了。先休息下,一起吃点小饼干,再开始总结报告吧?出撃ご苦労様ね。休んでクッキーを食べて、その後レポートを取りまとめるわよSplendid work, love. Have a cookie and get some rest, then we'll start on the after-battle report.
Affinity (Love)呵呵呵,下次约会去哪呢…说起来,上次发现了一家看起来不错的点心店呢。我们俩一起去吧~ふふふ、デートの予定を立てましょう。そういえばこの前、クッキーが美味しいお店の噂を聞いたの……一緒に行こ?Hehehe, let's plan for our next date, love. Speaking of which, I've heard of a place with famously delicious cookies. How does that sound?