Prince of Wales (JP 🇯🇵: プリンス・オブ・ウェールズ, CN 🇹🇼: 威尔士亲王)
Ship IDNo. 135Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRaritySuper Rare
NavyRoyal NavyBuild Time
AcquisitionEvent: Z Force
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressChinami Hashimoto
Prince of WalesDescription
King George V-class battleship – Prince of Wales, Hull Number 53!
Sun Shining Upon WindsorDescription
I'm not a big fan of beach volleyball, but Hood begged me... I swear, that girl! She just can't get enough of the sun! You've got to cheer for me!
Sakura Elegance Description
I've been wearing Royal attire my whole life, so a change in pace doesn't seem bad. Oh, Commander, good timing. Can you explain to me how to celebrate the New Year here?
The Laureate's Victory LapDescription
Oh, Commander. Worry not. Since I've been given this job, I will see through it until the end. Besides, it's been a while since I've gotten this fired up. Haha!
HP1334 Reload57
Firepower82 Torpedo0
Evasion7 Anti-air43
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck19
HP5897 Reload110
Firepower207 Torpedo0
Evasion34 Anti-air163
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck20
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
2Light Cruiser200%/200%/200%/200%1/1/3/30/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun100%/100%/100%/100%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Quadruple 356mm Main Gun
2Twin 134mm AA Gun
Fleet Tech
T6 Battleship: King George V-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock18 +2
Max LimitBreak36
Lv.12027 +1
Royal AllianceFor each Eagle Union ship in the same fleet as this ship: increases this ship's FP, AA, RLD, and EVA by 2.0% (10.0%) , up to a maximum of 3 stacks. When there are 3 or more Eagle Union ships in the same fleet as this ship: reduces the loading time of this ship's first salvo by 85.0%, increases the FP and AA of Eagle Union ships in your Vanguard Fleet by 5.0% (15.0%) , and increases the AVI and AA of Eagle Union ships in your Main Fleet by 5.0% (15.0%) . Default Unlocked
Royal Alliance+When the battle starts, for each Eagle Union or Royal Navy ship in your fleet other than this ship: increases this ship's FP, AA, RLD, and EVA by 4.5% (12.0%) (can be stacked up to 3 times). If there are 3 or more Eagle Union or Royal Navy ships in your fleet: also decreases the loading time of this ship's first Main Gun volley by 85.0%, increases your Eagle Union and Royal Navy Vanguard ships' FP and AA by 4.5% (12.0%) , and increases your Eagle Union and Royal Navy Main Fleet ships' AVI and AA by 4.5% (12.0%) .???
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Ship Description英王乔治五世级战列舰—威尔士亲王,舷号53キングジョージⅤ級戦艦・プリンスオブウェールズ (HMS Prince of Wales) King George V-class battleship – Prince of Wales, Hull Number 53!
Biography我是英王乔治五世级二号舰威尔士亲王号,曾经护送首相完成了《大西洋宪章》的签订——翻开了武器史的新一页?哼,真敢在我面前说啊ジョージ五世級二番艦プリンス・オブ・ウェールズ。かつて首相に付き添い、かの憲章の調印に参加したーー兵器の歴史に新たなページを刻んだ?ふん、この私を前によく言えたわねI'm the second ship of the King George V-class battleships, the Prince of Wales. I once escorted the Prime Minister to sign the Atlantic Charter. Making my mark in the history books of weaponry? Hmph, how dare you mention that in front of me.
Acquisition指挥官吗?好吧,我威尔士亲王的实力,就让你见识一下吧指揮官か?よし、このプリンス・オブ・ウェールズの力、とくと見るがいいYou're the Commander? Very well. I, Prince of Wales, shall let you witness my true strength.
Login回来了?先喝一杯红茶再开始工作吧帰ったか?紅茶でも一杯飲んで仕事に取り掛かろうWelcome back. Shall we have tea before getting back to work?
Details命运是很容易脱离轨迹的,指挥官運命はよくレールから外れるものだ。指揮官Fate can be easily derailed, Commander.
Main并不是贵的,就一定是好的。不过如何让有限的战斗力发挥出最大的效果,就是你的课题了,指挥官高価なものだけがいいものではない。有限の戦力で、いかに最高の戦果を手にするのかを考えるのが君の責務だExpensive isn't always better, but it's your job to maximize our combat capability, Commander.
Main 2在眼前失去同伴的痛,我不想再品味第二次了仲間を目の前に失う痛み、二度と味わいたくないI don't want to suffer the pain of losing my comrades again...
Main 3要喝茶吗?三明治也准备好了,顺便一提,我是黄瓜派的ティータイムでもどう?サンドイッチを用意したわ。ついでに言うけど、私はきゅうり派よWould you like to have some tea? I have also prepared some sandwiches. By the way, I am a fan of pickles.
Touch来聊聊天吧,指挥官少し雑談をしよう、指揮官Let's have chat, Commander.
Touch (Special)你应该知道这么做的含义吧(微笑)どういう意味なのかわかってるよね…?You know what doing this means right? *Smiles*
Mission指挥官,考验你的时候到了指揮官、試される時が来たようだCommander, it's time to put you to the test.
Mission Complete奖励下达了,干得漂亮報酬が来たようね。よくやったわRewards received! You performed beautifully.
Mail有新的联络来了連絡があるわよYou have a new message, Commander.
Return to Port胜负有时候只不过是运气而已,可不要自大,指挥官勝負も時の運だから、あまり自惚れないでね、指揮官Sometimes victories come down to nothing but luck. Don't get too full of yourself, Commander.
Commission Complete军事委托完成了,去迎接她们是你的义务吧?軍事委託が完了したようだ。彼女たちの出迎えは君の義務だろ?The commissions are complete, it is your duty to welcome them back.
Enhancement为了不重蹈覆辙……二度と繰り返さないために……Let's not repeat failure again...
Flagship成功是勇敢之子……全舰,开火!勇気による成功のため……全艦、撃て!Courage is necessary for success… All ships, fire!
Victory胜利的感觉果然无论何时都令人愉快勝利の感触はやはりいつだって嬉しいものねThe taste of victory is always sweet.
DefeatA horse may stumble though he has four legs,下次再一雪前耻吧四本足の馬も時には転ぶ。次は挽回しようA horse may stumble even though he has four legs. Let's try again next time.
Skill一决胜负吧!私と勝負よ!It's a showdown!
Low HP站起来,我们要自找麻烦去了!立て!ぶつけていくのだ!Get up! We're going to go look for a fight!
Affinity (Upset)请离我远点,你没有资格驱使我……離れて。あなたには私を従える資格がないわKeep your distance. You are not qualified to command me...
Affinity (Stranger)我据说因为原本的名字可能命运多舛而选用了现在的名字,不过从结果来看,好像依然没有逃过命运……元の名前だと不吉と言われたから今の名前にしたけど、結果的には運命から逃れられなかったようね……I heard that my current name was chosen because my original one could bring misfortune, but... judging by how things turned out... it seems I'm unable to escape my fate...
Affinity (Friendly)你永远不知道有多少计划、希望和努力会随着你的逝去而沉入大海,所以,可别随便死了,指挥官あなたの死が、どれだけの計画、努力、そして希望も海に沈めることを意味するか、それを知ってほしい。だから指揮官、簡単には死なないでYou never know how many plans, hopes, and efforts would sink into the sea with you, Commander. So try not to die too easily.
Affinity (Like)堂堂正正地战斗是我的信条,对感情我也希望如此。所以……就是……能……陪我一会儿吗,(有些重要的话想跟你说,)指挥官。正々堂々と戦うのが私の信条、恋愛も同じだ。だから……その……あの……少し付き合ってくれるか?…指揮官Fighting fair and square is my motto. I wish it could be the same when it comes to my own feelings. So... can you stay with me a bit longer? I have something important to tell you, Commander...
Affinity (Love)我做了个梦……是那个时候的梦,是即使现在依然觉得绝望无助的梦,但是睁开眼看到你在我的身边时,有一点,真的只有一点,觉得这样也不坏……夢を見た……あの時の、今思い返しても絶望するほどの無力さに苦しむ夢だった。でも目が覚めて、あなたが隣にいるのを見ると、少しだけ、ほんの少しだけ、それでもいい気がする……I had a dream, a dream of that time which makes me feel hopeless even now... But when I open my eyes and see you by my side, it feels like life... like life isn't so bad after all...
Pledge对我来说仪式并不重要,重要的是你已经是我认可的人……不过,能收到还是很开心,谢谢你……我会永远带在身边的式は重要ではない。大事なのは、あなたが私が認めた人になったこと。……でも、これは嬉しい。ありがとう。……ずっと身につけていくわTo me, the ritual isn't as important as the fact that you're the person that I've accepted... However, receiving something like this still makes me happy. Thank you, Commander... I'll keep this with me forever!
In battle with Prinz Eugen说实话,你的心思我一直揣摩不透呢正直、貴方の考えていることだけはどうしてもわからない気がするわTo be honest, I never know what you're thinking.
In battle with Queen Elizabeth能为您服务是我的荣幸,陛下お仕えできて光栄です。陛下It is my honor to serve you, Your Majesty.
In battle with Hood呵呵,偶尔也像皇家一样优雅的战斗吧ふふ、たまにはロイヤルらしく優雅と行こうかHehe, shall we display the elegance of the Royal Navy?
In battle with Duke of York关于指挥官,或许……我们可以好好谈一下?指揮官についてだが、もしや……一回話し合わないか?If it's about the Commander, perhaps... we can talk about it.
In battle with Vampire请尽管吩咐,吸血鬼“小姐”ヴァンパイアさん、どうぞなんなりと~Little Miss Vampire, what can I do for you?
In battle with Repulse反击,虽然我来说这话可能不大妥当……专心点哦レパルス、私から言わせてみればなんだけど……あなたはもう少し集中したほうがいいわRepulse, though this might sound quaint coming from me, you should try to concentrate a little more.
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Ship Description虽然不太想参加沙滩排球比赛,不过既然被胡德拜托了……那位照耀太阳的淑女!可别忘了为我加油!ビーチバレーはあまり気が乗らないけど、まあせっかくのフッドの頼みだし……えっと、なんだ?あっちの「太陽よりも輝かしいレディ」さん?応援は頼んだわよ!I'm not a big fan of beach volleyball, but Hood begged me... I swear, that girl! She just can't get enough of the sun! You've got to cheer for me!
Acquisition虽然不太想参加沙滩排球比赛,不过既然被胡德拜托了……那位照耀太阳的淑女!可别忘了为我加油!ビーチバレーはあまり気が乗らないけど、まあせっかくのフッドの頼みだし……えっと、なんだ?あっちの「太陽よりも輝かしいレディ」さん?応援は頼んだわよ!Although I don't really want in on the beachball game, but it was a request from Hood....That sun-loving girl. Don't forget to cheer for me!
Login如果想要感受万事万物真正的魅力,首先便要诚挚地爱上它们,指挥官,这点对于女孩子也不例外哟物事の魅力を知るには、まずはそれを愛することーー女のコに対しても、例外ではないわ、指揮官To truly experience the charm of all things, first one must sincerely love them. Commander, the same goes for girls too.
Details无论何时,对美丽的少女视而不见都不是绅士的作为いつだって、美しいレディを無視するのは紳士の所業ではないわよRegardless of the time and situation, to ignore a fair maiden is most ungentlemanly.
Main指挥官,我的泳装如何?哈哈,我来教你这种时候应该怎样赞美吧指揮官、私の水着はどうかしら?うふふ、こういう時の褒め方を教えてあげようか?How's my swimsuit, Commander? Haha, let me teach you how to compliment a girl in this kind of situation.
Main 2指挥官,公务就交给我,你去休息一会吧,沙滩上大家都等着你呢指揮官、公務は私に任せて、少し休憩して。みんなが砂浜で待ってるわCommander, leave all the admin stuff to me. Everyone else is waiting for you on the beach!
Main 3胡德,偶尔也被阳光照耀一下如何?フッド、たまには太陽に当たっても減るもんじゃないわよ?Hood, you should get some sun once in a while too, you know.
Touch输球后的山城看起来很沮丧呢……指挥官,去安慰安慰她吧ビーチバレーで負けたあのヤマシロという子は、少し落ち込んでるわね……指揮官、こういう時はちゃんと慰めてあげたほうがいいわYamashiro looked pretty depressed after she lost the ball game... Commander, why don't you go and comfort her?
Touch (Special)温柔地对待女孩子的方法,需要我教给你吗?女のコの優しい接し方、教えてあげようか?Do you need me to teach you how to properly treat girls?
Mission不畏险阻,跨越艰难,勇往直前,如此必能完成前人未竟之伟业!困難を恐れずに、乗り越え、前に進み続ける。こうすればきっと先人たちの偉業を完遂出来ると信じるわFear not for dangers and obstacles, leap over challenges, and charge towards your goals. This is how unprecedented accomplishments are achieved!
Mission Complete辛苦了,我来给你揉揉肩膀吧,我的按摩手法可是广受好评的~ご苦労。肩をちょっと揉んであげようか?私のマッサージは意外と好評よGood work, Commander! How about a massage? People tell me I've got the best technique.
Mail新的信件?唔……胡德,别盯着我看啦,这次不是写给我的新しいメール?ふむ……フッド、そんなにこっちを見ないでよ、今のは私宛じゃないわよ?New mail? Hood, stop staring at me. They aren't for me!
Return to Port指挥官,夏日的冰激凌虽是无法抗拒的诱惑,但刚从外面回来就吃这么多的话,肠胃会受不了的指揮官、猛暑のアイスは耐え難い誘惑だけど、帰ったばかりでそんなに多く食べたらお腹壊すわよI know it's tempting to eat ice cream during the summer, Commander, but don't eat too much otherwise you'll get a stomachache!
Commission Complete实在疲惫就休息一会儿,我去替你迎接归航的孩子们疲れたら少し休んだほうがいいわ。出迎えは私が代わってあげようI'll welcome the girls home from commission. Take a rest if you're really tired.
Enhancement至少在欧根露出真心的笑容前,我还不能随便地死掉オイゲンが心から笑えるようになるまで、沈むわけにはいかないわI can't die happy until I see Prinz Eugen with a true and honest smile on her face.
Affinity (Love)与你的爱恋是我无垠的财富,即使以整个王国的权势与我交换,我亦会不屑一顾あなたとの恋は私にとって最高の宝よ。王国のすべてをもってしても、引き換えるなんてできるはずがないわLove with you is like priceless treasure. I wouldn't trade even an entire kingdom for it!
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Ship Description穿惯了皇家的那一身,偶尔变化一下风格倒也不错。指挥官,正好,来给我讲解一下,这边的新年该怎么过吧たまにはロイヤルではなく、異郷の風流というのもいいわね。指揮官、ちょうどいい、こちらの「お正月」とはいかに過ごすものなのか説明してもらおうI've been wearing Royal attire my whole life, so a change in pace doesn't seem bad. Oh, Commander, good timing. Can you explain to me how to celebrate the New Year here?
Acquisition穿惯了皇家的那一身,偶尔变化一下风格倒也不错。指挥官,正好,来给我讲解一下,这边的新年该怎么过吧たまにはロイヤルではなく、異郷の風流というのもいいわね。指揮官、ちょうどいい、こちらの「お正月」とはいかに過ごすものなのか説明してもらおうI've been wearing Royal attire my whole life, so a change in pace doesn't seem bad. Oh, Commander, good timing. Can you explain to me how to celebrate the New Year here?
Main指挥官,冷吗?来披上我的外套吧……呵,不用担心,我不怕冷的指揮官、寒い?このコートを羽織っていいわ。……あ、私は大丈夫よ。心配しないでCommander, are you cold? You can borrow my coat if you'd like. Ah, don't worry about me, I'm fine.
Main 2了解其他阵营的习俗确实是件有意思的事,感觉和重樱的各位距离也近了一些ほかの陣営の風習を知るのは面白いわね。重桜の子たちとの距離も近くなっている気がするLearning about the customs of the other nations is quite interesting. I feel like I get along better with the Sakura girls now.
Main 3虽然想说喝杯红茶,不过还是入乡随俗,尝一尝重樱的美食吧少し紅茶が恋しくなっているけど、まあ「郷に入っては郷に従え」ということもあるし、ここは重桜の文化を堪能させてもらおうかしらI miss my black tea a bit, but I suppose "when in Rome, do as the Romans do." I guess I should fully enjoy the culture of the Sakura Empire.
Touch盯着我发呆做什么?…帅气…?呵呵,我姑且作为夸奖接受了吧なぜ私をじっと見つめている?…かっこいい…?ふふ、褒め言葉として受け取っておこうかWhy are you staring at me? I'm... suave? Hehe, I suppose I should take that as a compliment.
Mission Complete新年也在完成任务吗,很努力啊,指挥官正月でも任務に勤しんでいるか。頑張ってるわね。指揮官You're still hammering away at those missions even during the New Year? You sure are hard-working, Commander.
Commission Complete新年出委托却没有人迎接也太可怜了,指挥官,你说对吧?正月に委託に出かけた人にとって、迎えてくれる人がいないことほど気のどくなことはない。指揮官もそう思わない?Since it's the New Year, it would be sad if there was nobody to greet the girls returning from commissions. Don't you think so, Commander?
Affinity (Love)尝试新的习俗,度过安稳的新年…曾几何时都是不敢奢望的事情…指挥官,这都是你的功劳,不愧是我看中的人新しい文化に触れ、平穏な新年を過ごす…かつて夢見ることすらできなかったこと…指揮官、これは全てあなたのおかげだ。ふふ、さすがは私の意中の人ねTo be able to experience a new culture like this, and spend the New Year peacefully... is like a dream come true. Commander, it's all thanks to you. As expected of the one I chose.
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Ship Description指挥官吗。不用担心,既然我接受了这份工作自然会干到最后——而且好久没有这种想和人竞争的感觉了呢。哈哈指揮官か。なに、心配する必要はないわ。仕事を引き受けた以上、最後まできっちりこなす――それに、久しぶりに張り合いたい気分になった。ふふふOh, Commander. Worry not. Since I've been given this job, I will see through it until the end. Besides, it's been a while since I've gotten this fired up. Haha!
Acquisition指挥官吗。不用担心,既然我接受了这份工作自然会干到最后——而且好久没有这种想和人竞争的感觉了呢。哈哈指揮官か。なに、心配する必要はないわ。仕事を引き受けた以上、最後まできっちりこなす――それに、久しぶりに張り合いたい気分になった。ふふふOh, Commander. Worry not. Since I've been given this job, I will see through it until the end. Besides, it's been a while since I've gotten this fired up. Haha!
Login回来了吗?在来的路上没有碰到其他姐妹吧?戻ってきたか。ここまで来る途中に姉妹艦と出会ってないだろうな?Oh, you're back. Did you run into any of my sisters on the way here?
Details命运是很容易脱离轨迹的——在比赛里驶出赛道有时也会很危险呢。指挥官,观战的时候注意一些運命はよくレールから外れるものだが――レースでコースから外れたら大惨事になることもあるわ。指揮官、観戦時には気をつけてWhile destiny tends to fly off the rails pretty often, flying off the course during a match would be a major accident. Commander, be careful while you watch the match.
Main那些孩子们也在开车…方向盘姑且不说,油门是怎么能踩下去的…?饅頭たちが運転している……ハンドルはともかく、アクセルをどうやって踏むんだ…?The Manjuus drive these things... Sure, it's a mystery how they're able to turn the steering wheel, but I'm more curious about how they're able to step on the accelerator...
Main 2不管比赛还是战斗,决定胜败的并不只有性能,选手的技术,指挥官的指挥都可以成为逆转形势的关键——所以赌起胜负来才有意思啊レースも戦いもマシンや艦の性能だけではない。選手の腕、指揮官の采配次第で大逆転もありえる。ふふ、それでこそ熱狂できるってものよWhether in a match or in a battle, a machine's or ship's capability isn't everything. Depending on the driver's skill or the commander's directions, the course of the match or battle can be completely reversed. Hehe, that's exactly what makes betting fun.
Main 3这身打扮的话不大方便吃饭啊…指挥官,我那份三明治你吃了就好この格好のままだと食事を取ることもなかなか難しそうね…ああ指揮官、私の分――サンドイッチだが、代わりに食べてもいいわよThese clothes make eating quite difficult... Oh, I give up. Commander, you can have the rest of my sandwich.
Touch有什么在意的地方吗気になるところでもあるか?Does something about this outfit bother you?
Touch (Special)呵呵,再进一步可不行哦ふふ、それ以上はやらせないわよHeh, I won't let you go any further.
Return to Port为了指挥官的胜利——来一场与此相符的表演吧あなたの勝利――それを飾るのにふさわしいパフォーマンスをしてあげようLet's put on a performance to be remembered – for the sake of your victory.
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Ship Description来晚了呢,指挥官。没想到能有一段独处的时间,忍不住试了下乐器……呵呵,可不能让女士久等哦。总之,要不要先听我演奏一曲再出发?遅かったじゃない、指揮官。たまたま一人の時間ができたから、楽器に手を伸ばしてみたけど……ふふふ、レディを待たせるものではないわ。ともあれ、一曲聞いてから出発するのも悪くはないでしょ?I expected you sooner, Commander. I decided to practice the saxophone while I had some time alone... You shouldn't keep a lady waiting in the future. Heehee. Anyway, I suppose we could listen to a song before we set off, no?
Acquisition来晚了呢,指挥官。没想到能有一段独处的时间,忍不住试了下乐器……呵呵,可不能让女士久等哦。总之,要不要先听我演奏一曲再出发?遅かったじゃない、指揮官。たまたま一人の時間ができたから、楽器に手を伸ばしてみたけど……ふふふ、レディを待たせるものではないわ。ともあれ、一曲聞いてから出発するのも悪くはないでしょ?I expected you sooner, Commander. I decided to practice the saxophone while I had some time alone... You shouldn't keep a lady waiting in the future. Heehee. Anyway, I suppose we could listen to a song before we set off, no?
Login指挥官,终于醒了吗?骑士队演奏的中音旋律,安稳祥和…呵呵,可以说是如梦一般哦?あら指揮官、やっとお目覚めかしら?騎士隊が奏でる穏やかなアルトの調べ…ふふ、夢のよう…と言ってもいいわよ?Oh, Commander, are you finally awake? Listen to the knights' gentle alto tune... Heehee, it's dreamy, isn't it?
Details这黑色礼服,宛如身着镶嵌着闪烁银河的暗夜——以约克的方式来说就是这样吧。指挥官,夸赞礼服也不错,但要适度哦,不然我都要不好意思了この漆黒のドレスは、まるで瞬く銀河を鏤めた闇夜みたい――ヨークらしく言えばそんなところかしら。指揮官、衣装を褒めるのはいいけど、ほどほどにしないとこっちまで恥ずかしくなるわThis black dress is like a dark night dotted with twinkling stars... to put it how York might describe it. Commander, it's okay to compliment people's outfits, but it just gets embarrassing if you go too far.
Main骑士队也并非只会战斗。多才多艺才是皇家骑士的修养——虽然想这么说,但也有例外的孩子呢。呵呵。騎士隊といえど別に戦うだけじゃない。多芸こそがロイヤルナイトの嗜み――と言いたいところだが、そうでない子もいるわ。ふふふWe may be knights, but that doesn't mean we're all about fighting. Versatility is the true mark of a Royal Knight... is what I'd like to say, but that isn't true for some of us. Heheh.
Main 2正装出席的音乐会很不错,但是和亲密伙伴们的即兴表演也很有趣。你也试试什么吗?正装でのコンサートもステキだけど、気の許せる仲間とのセッションも楽しいものよ。あなたも何か、始めてみない?Concerts in formal clothes are great and all, but jam sessions with friends you can relax with are such fun. You should give it a try, Commander.
Main 3欧根?你想给指挥官灌多少?除了自己,还打算让指挥官也喝醉然后缠着同伴们吗?呵呵~オイゲン?指揮官に何杯飲ませるつもり?まさかあなた一人だけじゃなく、指揮官まで酔わせて仲間に絡ませたいの?ふふふEugen? How much do you intend to make the Commander drink? You don't mean to get the Commander drunk enough to help you pester your friends, do you? Hahaha!
Touch演奏时基本是禁止触碰乐者的…但这温柔舒适的触摸让人无法拒绝呢。演奏中のタッチは基本厳禁なのだけれど…優しく触れられたときの心地よさは否定できないわNormally, touching the performers is strictly against the rules... But I can't deny the comfort of your gentle touch.
Touch (Special)指挥官?如果衣服穿皱了,能帮我调整好吗?总不会让我穿着崩了形的衣服继续演奏吧?指揮官?もし着崩れたらちゃんと直してくれる?まさか着崩れたまま、それを放置してまで演奏させるつもりかしら?Commander? If I have a wardrobe malfunction, you'll help me, won't you? I certainly hope you wouldn't let me perform like that.
Return to Port辛苦了,指挥官。对了,要不要听我吹奏一曲?为你献上专属的独奏音乐会,来治愈你的疲劳吧。お疲れのようね、指揮官。そうだ、少し私の演奏を聴いていかない?あなただけのためのソロコンサートで疲れを癒やしてあげようYou look tired, Commander. Say, you should come and listen to my playing for a while. Let me soothe your ears with a solo concert just for one.
Flagship胜利之际的礼炮,真令人期待。勝利した暁の祝砲が楽しみだI look forward to the 21-gun salute celebrating our victory.
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Login舰队的管理工作还是挺繁杂的呢。有什么要我做的尽管来找我商量吧艦隊の管理は複雑で大変だ。私にできることなら何でも相談してくれManaging the fleet is complicated and difficult. If there's anything I can help out with, let me know.
Details要给你准备些点心吗?虽然没到乔治五世那样的水平,不过还是勉强能拿得出手的。軽食でも用意してあげようか?ジョージのように人に自慢できるほどの腕はないが、がっかりさせるようなものにはならないさShould I prepare a snack for you? I'm not skilled enough to be able to boast to others like George does, but my cooking won't disappoint, either.
Main 2反击、吸血鬼、胡德、还有欧根、俾斯麦…在你身边还真是永远没有无聊的机会呢レパルス、ヴァンパイア、フッド、そしてオイゲン、ビスマルク……あなたの側にいると退屈する機会なんて来なさそうだわRepulse, Vampire, and Hood, and Eugen and Bismarck... It seems there'll be no risk of boredom while I'm by your side.
Main 3我已经习惯满足陛下了,所以你偶尔也提出些难办点的需求也没关系哦?我会完成它们,然后让你又一次迷恋上我的——呵呵,怎么样?陛下のお世話には慣れているから、貴方も時々は無茶な要望を出してくれていいのよ?それに上手く応えてみせ、惚れ直させる――ふふ、どうかしら?I'm used to taking care of Her Highness' needs, so it's perfectly fine for you to make absurd requests from time to time. On top of that, I'll flawlessly complete your request and make you fall in love with me all over again... Hehe, how does that sound?
Touch差不多到茶会的时间了吧?そろそろお茶会の時間か?Is it already time for the tea party?
Touch (Special)你知道这举动的意义吧?呵呵呵どういう意味なのかわかってるよね?ふふふYou know exactly what this means, right? Hehe.
Return to Port为胜利干杯。多亏有你,大家才能得到这样和平的喘息,不要忘了这点。勝利に乾杯。あなたのおかげで、みんながまた一日平和に過ごせていることを忘れないでA toast to our victory. Never forget that you are the reason that everyone can enjoy this peace for yet another day.
Commission Complete军事委托完成了。一起去迎接她们吧。軍事委託が完了した。ともに彼女たちを出迎えに行こうCommissions have been completed. Let's go greet the girls together.
Flagship为了陛下、以及指挥官的荣耀!陛下に、そして指揮官に栄光を!For the glory of Her Majesty and the Commander!
DefeatA light heart lives long,不要太失落了。ゆとりある心は長生きの秘訣さ。あまり落ち込まないでA light heart lives long. Don't be too hard on yourself.
Affinity (Love)需要算计的恋情是最卑微的。我会向你呈现最真实的我,并且接受最真实的你——别担心,被幸福的热泪湿润的我的眼睛里,不会看到你的一点点小小失误的。这就是所谓的恋人啊。計算された恋は卑しいものだ。私はありのままの自分をあなたに捧げ、ありのままのあなたを受け入れる――なに、幸せの涙で潤った私の目は、あなたの小さなミスなんかいくらでも見逃してあげられる。それが恋人というものよLove based on pretense is a vile thing. I give myself to you as I am, and I accept you for who you are. No matter how many mistakes you make, I can overlook them all, because my eyes are cloudy with tears of happiness. That's what lovers do, after all.