King George V (JP 🇯🇵: キング・ジョージ5世, CN 🇹🇼: 英王乔治五世)
Ship IDNo. 134Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRaritySuper Rare
NavyRoyal NavyBuild Time
AcquisitionEvent: Scherzo of Iron and Blood
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressAyako Kawasumi
King George V Description
King George V-class battleship – King George V.
Rose's Regalia Description
Sorry to keep you waiting, Commander... I don't get to wear a dress very often, so it took me a bit longer. Let's get going, then. Remember, you'll be the lead tonight. Haha~
HP1334 Reload57
Firepower82 Torpedo0
Evasion7 Anti-air49
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck77
HP5901 Reload110
Firepower207 Torpedo0
Evasion34 Anti-air186
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck81
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
2Light Cruiser200%/200%/200%/200%1/1/3/30/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun100%/100%/100%/100%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Quadruple 356mm Main Gun
2Twin 134mm AA Gun
Fleet Tech
T6 Battleship: King George V-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock18 +2
Max LimitBreak36
Lv.12027 +1
Armament OptimizationEvery 24s: 40.0% (70.0%) chance to fire a special barrage. While equipping the Quadruple 356 mm Main Gun: decreases this ship's first Salvo load time by 55.0% (75.0%) , increases its Main Gun Crit Rate by 10.0% (20.0%) , decreases its Spread Range by 2, and improves the barrage.
The Glory of the Never-Setting SunIncreases this ship's DMG against Sakura Empire, Iron Blood, Sardegna Empire, and Siren ships by 4.0% (10.0%) . When your fleet contains 3 or more Royal Navy ships (excluding this ship): increases this ship's FP, RLD, EVA, and AA by 4.0% (20.0%) .
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description英王乔治五世级战列舰—英王乔治五世,舷号41キングジョージⅤ級戦艦・キング・ジョージ5世(HMS King George V)King George V-class battleship – King George V.
Biography英王乔治五世级命名舰,正是我,担任过本土舰队旗舰,也参与过不少作战,还和俾斯麦交过手,不过那次打得不够尽兴,要是在这边还能再交手就好了……至于其他的,你想知道我的什么呢?キングジョージ5世級のネームシップとは私のことだ。本土艦隊の旗艦を務め、数々の作戦に参加し、かのビスマルクとの対決もやり遂げた。だが、あの時は十分戦えなかったゆえ、願わくばもう一度彼女と手合わせできればよいが……ほかになにか知りたいことがあれば申すが良いThe nameship of the King George V-class battleships is none other than me. I served as flagship for my country, leading the fleet into numerous battles including the fateful encounter with Bismarck. After getting a brief taste of that thrill, I have been craving to cross swords with her once again... But I digress - is there anything else you'd like to know about me?
Acquisition新的战场吗,呵呵,让我好等啊……那么,你就是我的指挥官吗?英王乔治五世,为你效劳ここが新たな戦場か。ふふ、待たせてくれる……ということは、あなたが我が指揮官か。我が名はキングジョージ5世だ、上手く使いこなすが良いSo this is my new battlefield. Ahh, how I've long awaited this... By the way, are you my commander? You are in the presence of King George V – do use me well.
Login指挥官,吃过了吗?指揮官、ディナーは済んだか?Commander, did you already partake of supper?
Details你问我在皇家的地位?嗯……如果一定要类比的话,大概是骑士长吧?呵呵ロイヤルにおける私の地位が気がかりか?ふむ……そうだな、例えるなら「騎士長」というのが一番相応しかろう。はははMy standing within the Royal Family? Hmm... If I had to draw a comparison, I'd say "Knight Commander" would be the most fitting... Hahaha...
Main指挥官,这里的一切要有你在才能运转起来,可不要懈怠啊指揮官、あなたがいてこその艦隊だ。気を抜くなよCommander, this fleet only functions because of you. Don't get sloppy on us.
Main 2约克和威尔士?呵呵,虽然她们不会抱着我的手臂喊我姐姐大人有点遗憾,不过有个性是好事ウェールズたちか。本当は腕に抱きつかれ、「姉さま」「姉さま」と呼んでほしいものだが――そんな我があっても良かろうWales and Yorkie? It's a bit of a shame that they don't act more like cute little sisters, but I am glad that they have strong personalities.
Main 3对我来说,世上没有比伊丽莎白女王陛下更值得侍奉的君主了,你能明白吗,指挥官私にとって、陛下ほど仕え甲斐のある方は存在しない。指揮官、分かってくれるか?In my eyes, there is no leader in this world more worthy of my loyalty than Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth. Does that make sense to you, Commander?
Main 4皇家的食物都是黑暗料理?哼,这只是以偏概全而已!ロイヤル料理はゲテモノだらけだと?ふん、木を見て森を見ずとは感心しないなThe Royals' cuisine is all bland? Hogwash. That's just an unfortunate stereotype.
Touch为什么这里有山一样多的零食?不吃饱怎么有精力做事呢,对吧このスナックの山?腹いっぱい食わねば万全に働けまいWhy do I have a mountain of snacks before me? Isn't it obvious? One cannot move on an empty stomach.
Touch (Special)哦?没想到指挥官原来是这么大胆的人啊ほぉ?指揮官がこうも豪胆だとは思わなかったなOhh? I wasn't aware that you possessed such audacity, Commander.
Mission任务啊,要是有些挑战性就再好不过了任務か。もう少し挑み甲斐があるといいものをNew missions, eh? It would be ideal if we got something a bit more challenging.
Mission Complete完成任务后的饭果然是最美味的,对吧,指挥官任務をこなした後のディナーが一番美味い。そうだろう?指揮官Supper tastes best after the day's missions are all complete. Wouldn't you agree, Commander?
Mail信件……呵,是战书呢,还是情书呢?手紙……さて、挑戦状か、それともラブレターか?A letter, huh? Now then, is this a challenge, or a love letter?
Return to Port在战场上纵横愉快吗,指挥官?指揮官、戦は楽しめたか?Commander, did you thoroughly enjoy the battle?
Commission Complete港口那边有些动静?哦,是委托组回来了啊埠頭に動きあり……?おや、委託組が戻ってきてくれたようだなThere's some commotion by the port...? Oh, it seems to just be the commission team returning.
Enhancement嗯……突然有想大吃一顿的冲动呢うむ……一度どか食いがしたい気分だなHmm... I suddenly feel like having a lavish feast.
Flagship在这里也留下我们的威名吧!我らが威名をここにも轟かせよう!Let us go forth and plant our banners!
Victory不要大意,胜利和各位的安全,我都要油断はせん。勝利も諸君らの身の無事もうまく総取りしてくれようMake no mistakes. I shall ensure both victory and the safety of all my comrades.
Defeat无需气馁,真正的胜负可不是一场战斗能左右的落ち込むな。己が勝敗は一戦で決するものではないDo not be demoralized. Neither victory nor defeat are decided by a single battle.
Skill日不落的辉光永不散去!沈まぬ太陽の威光は、色褪せはせん!The glory of the sun that never sets shall not fade!
Low HP有点意思!ふん、面白い…!Hmph, how interesting!
Affinity (Upset)指挥官,我喜欢有个性或者会做饭的人,而你,不行我がある、もしくは料理を支度してくれる子を好むが。指揮官、あなたはどちらでもないようだなI favor those of character, and those who can cook. Commander, you are neither.
Affinity (Stranger)说起来,指挥官,你会做饭吗?别看我这样,为了满足自己的胃,我在厨艺上可是下了许多功夫的そういえば指揮官、料理はできるか?ふん、こう見えても私は己が胃袋を満足させるがために努力したのだぞBy the way, Commander, are you a good cook? Hmm? Despite my appearances, I've spent many hours honing my skills to sate my own appetite.
Affinity (Friendly)呵呵,指挥官,怎么样,我的厨艺令你满意吗?尽管吃吧,看到你这么满足,我也很高兴ふふ、指揮官、どうだ?我が料理の腕に感服したか?さあ、好きなだけ食べるがいい。あなたの食いっぷりを見ると、私も嬉しいのだぞHow's that, commander? Are you impressed by my cooking abilities? Here, have as much you desire. Seeing you enjoy my food pleases me.
Affinity (Like)指挥官,你也开始学习厨艺了吗?呵呵,那真是太好了,能吃到你为我做的饭是我的荣幸,我很期待指揮官、あなたも料理の勉強を始めたのか?ふん、それは重畳――私のために作ってくれた料理を食べるのは楽しみだぞCommander, so you're learning how to cook? Hmm, colour me impressed. I look forward to trying the dish that you're making for me.
Affinity (Love)美食和战斗是我的两大乐趣,我可以孤军奋战,但美食一个人享用实在是太寂寞了,能遇到跟我一起分享的你,实在是太好了食事と戦闘は我が楽しみの両輪――まあ、戦いは一人でもできるが、ディナーを一人で楽しむのは寂しくて難儀なものだな。共に楽しんでくれるあなたと出会えたのは、本当に嬉しいことだMy greatest hobbies in life are food and fighting. While I am more than capable of fighting alone, dining by myself is quite difficult and lonesome. To be able to find someone who can share both of these things with me is truly a joyous thing.
Pledge“想要抓住一个人的心,就要先抓住他的胃”,你已经完全获得了我的心呢,指挥官,从今往后,也希望你能一直为我做饭「心を掴む前に、胃袋を掴むべし」とは言ったものだが、これは胃袋を越えて、一気に私の心まで掴んだな。指揮官、これからもずっと料理を作ってくれないか?They say that "the quickest way to one's heart is through their stomach," but you've managed to win over both at once. Commander, shall we share all our meals together from now on?
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Main Title
In battle with Prince of Wales威尔士,可别再突然离开我了!ウェールズ、急にいなくなるなよ!Wales, you'd better not suddenly leave me again!
In battle with Duke of York约克,跟姐姐一起把战场撕碎吧共に敵陣を引き裂いてくれよう!York, let us shatter our enemies together.
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description久等了,指挥官……我很少穿礼服,所以稍微花了一些时间。那么,让我们出发吧。不过,今夜你才是主角呢,呵呵指揮官、待たせたな。ドレスを着るのはめったにないゆえ、いささか手間がかかったが……うむ、出発するとしよう。今夜の主役はあなただ。あはははSorry to keep you waiting, Commander... I don't get to wear a dress very often, so it took me a bit longer. Let's get going, then. Remember, you'll be the lead tonight. Haha~
Acquisition久等了,指挥官……我很少穿礼服,所以稍微花了一些时间。那么,让我们出发吧。不过,今夜你才是主角呢,呵呵指揮官、待たせたな。ドレスを着るのはめったにないゆえ、いささか手間がかかったが……うむ、出発するとしよう。今夜の主役はあなただ。あはははSorry to keep you waiting, Commander... I don't get to wear a dress very often, so it took me a bit longer. Let's get going, then. Remember, you'll be the lead tonight. Haha~
Login牵起我的手,指挥官,我还不太适应穿着这样的礼服行走指揮官、手をとってくれたまえ。なにせドレス姿で歩くのは不慣れだからなTake my hand, Commander. I'm still not used to walking around in this dress.
Details唔…?衣服好像有些太紧了,指挥官,能不能帮我松一下背后的拉链?んっ…いささかキツいな、このドレス……指揮官、背中のファスナーを少し緩めてくれないか?Hmm...? These clothes seem a bit too tight. Commander, mind helping me loosen up the zipper in the back?
Main……唔,穿上正装后,就要保持形象,不能随意品尝美食,真是麻烦正装を着たからには気品を保たねばならん。……美味しい料理をたらふく食べられないとは、面倒なことをしてくれたものだなUgh... I'm expected to act more proper when I'm wearing formal attire. Can't even go around trying all the different delicacies, what a drag...
Main 2往日的辛劳正是为了换得这样一个欢腾的夜晚,指挥官,尽情享受吧こんなに素晴らしい夜は普段の努力の賜物だぞ。指揮官、思いっきり楽しんでくれたまえWe are able to enjoy a jubilant night like this because of all the hard work we've put in. Commander, let's make the most of it.
Main 3哦?约克和威尔士又在那边斗嘴吗……呵呵,指挥官,失陪,难得的庆典,我们姐妹也该团聚一下なに?ウェールズとヨークがまた口喧嘩を始めたのか……指揮官、少し失礼するぞ。なに、せっかくの宴会だ、妹たちとも団らんせばなHmm... Yorkie and Wales are going at it again. Commander, excuse me. It's rare that the three of us get to have a sisterly reunion.
Touch陛下那边……有贝尔法斯特和胡德在,应当没有问题,指挥官,让我们尽情享受宴会吧陛下は……ベルファストとフッドがいるなら問題なし、か。指揮官、私たちは私たちで宴会を楽しもうIt seems... that Belfast and Hood are already attending to Her Majesty. Looks like we'll be free to enjoy ourselves, Commander.
Mission宴会中发布任务……真是不解风情宴会のさなかで任務など……わかっていないなIssuing tasks during our banquet...? Those folks sure know how to ruin the mood.
Mission Complete这些奖励,就用来装点宴会吧この報酬は宴会の予算の足しにしてくれようLet's use these rewards to decorate the venue.
Mail舞会的邀请?呵呵,指挥官,让我也一起去吧?ダンスパーティーのお誘いか?ははは、指揮官、私たちも行かないか?An invitation to the ball? Hehe, want to go together, Commander?
Return to Port指挥官,再不快点前往宴会的话,佳肴都要凉了指揮官、早く会場に向かうが良い。せっかくの料理が冷めてしまうぞCommander, if we don't hurry, all the food is going to get cold.
Commission Complete指挥官,这个委托结束后先停一下吧,每个人都有享受宴会的资格指揮官、委託が完了したらしばしあの子達を休憩させよう。宴会を楽しみたいのは、誰もが同じであるゆえになCommander, let's call it a day after this commission is finished. Everyone has a right to enjoy the banquet.
Victory在今天挡在我的面前,是你们的不幸——私の前に立ちはだかったのは、あなたたちの不幸だBad luck, friends. You chose the wrong day to get in my way.
Affinity (Love)无论我怎样绽放光芒,一切荣光依然归于你,这并不是因为你是我的指挥官,而是因为你是你。所以,挺起胸膛吧,我的爱人,你值得拥有我,你值得拥有眼前的一切私のカリスマ、私の栄光、全てあなた――指揮官としてではなく、愛するあなたに委ねてくれよう。さあ、胸を張って己に誇るが良い、あなたは私、そして目の前の全てを手にする資格があるのだ