Hornet (JP 🇯🇵: ホーネット, CN 🇹🇼: 大黄蜂)
Ship IDNo. 78Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Aircraft CarrierRarityElite
NavyEagle UnionBuild Time04:20:00
AcquisitionHonor medal exchange, Explore Stage5-3, Special Ship Construction
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressNozomi Yamamoto
Yorktown-class aircraft carrier ー Hornet, Hull Number CV-8!
Bubbly Anniversary! Description
Congratulations! You did it, Commander! Now let's pop the champagne and celebrate! It's party time!
Freshly-Baked Bonding!Description
Mmmmm... Nothing beats pizza straight outta the oven! Here, Commander, wanna give it a try? We're gonna have to recommend this to Enty next time!
HP979 Reload45
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion13 Anti-air58
Aviation76 Cost0
ASW0 Luck15
HP4303 Reload85
Firepower0 Torpedo0
Evasion54 Anti-air216
Aviation201 Cost0
ASW0 Luck15
Limit Break
Tier 1All fighters +1 | Aircraft efficiency +3%
Tier 2Hangar capacity +1 | All Dive Bombers +1 | Aircraft efficiency +5%
Tier 3All aircraft +1 | Aircraft efficiency +7%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
2Dive Bomber110%/113%/118%/125%1/1/2/30/0/0/0
3Torpedo Bomber110%/113%/118%/125%1/1/1/20/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1F4F Wildcat
2SBD Dauntless
3TBD Devastator
Fleet Tech
T6 Aircraft Carrier: Yorktown-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock11 +2
Max LimitBreak22
Lv.12016 +1
Doolittle AirstrikeWhen this ship launches an Airstrike: 30.0% (60%) chance to launch an additional B-25 airstrike.Default Unlocked
Assault CarrierWhen this ship launches an Airstrike: 15.0% (25.0%) chance for the Airstrike to deal double DMG.Default Unlocked
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description约克城级航空母舰—大黄蜂,舷号CV-8ヨークタウン級航空母艦・ホーネット(CV-8)Yorktown-class aircraft carrier ー Hornet, Hull Number CV-8!
Biography我是约克城级的小妹,大黄蜂! 嗯?对,北安普顿是我的好朋友!虽然不知道她怎么想的…… 虽然比不上姐姐们,不过我也是很厉害的!私はヨークタウン型の末っ子、ホーネットだよ! うん?そう、ノーザンプトンとはトモダチだよ!けどあの娘何を考えているのか分からないや。 姉たちほどではないけど、私だって強いんだから!I am the Yorktown class' youngest, Hornet! Hmm? Yep, Northampton is my friend! But I don't get what she's thinking. I'm not like my sisters, but I'm strong as well!
AcquisitionHello~我叫做大黄蜂哟~请不用客气的、友好的称呼我为大黄蜂大人吧~?有两个厉害的姐姐压力是真的大……不过我也挺拉风的!ハロー!私、ホーネット!あっ、遠慮はいらないから、私のことをホーネット様って呼んでいいよ~すごい姉が二人もいると大変だよね……でも私だってすっごいんだから!Yo! I'm Hornet! Ah.... I don't want to impose, but don't call me Big Wasp and we'll be fine~ My sisters are both legendary, but just wait and see what I can do!
Login指挥官,天气很不错啊,出去走走吗?指揮官、天気いいね、どっか出かけよっか?Nice weather, Commander. Wanna go somewhere?
Details噫,指挥官啊,你总盯着我看,是喜欢我么?ふぅん?指揮官、いつも私をジロジロ見てるけど、もしかして惚れたかにゃ?Hmm? Commander, you always look at me. Is there something you want to say to me?
Main指挥官再发呆,我就要用木棒把你敲醒了喔!~指揮官、またぼーっとしてると大棒で叩くわよ~!Commander, if you space out again I'm gonna hit you with a wooden stick~!
Main 2问我姐姐们的事么?欸嘿,你看上哪一个了啊?姉たちのことを聞きたい?ふっふん、さぁて誰に惚れたのかにゃぁ?Wanna hear about my older sisters? Hmmhmm, now which of them are you smitten by?
Main 3北安普顿?那家伙除了死板了点倒是没什么不好ノーザンプトン?まあ少し固い以外別にどこも悪くないわよ~Northampton? Well, she's a bit rigid, but she's not a bad girl~
Touch我对自己可是很有自信的私、自分に自信があるから!I am confident in my own self!
Touch (Special)就算是我,也会有不好意思的时候……私だって、恥ずかしがったりするわよぉ……Even I can get embarassed...
Mission风和日丽,是个出任务的好日子啊,指挥官!いい天気~ミッション日和よ、指揮官!Nice weather~ It's a fine day for missions, Commander!
Mission Complete哈哈,任务奖励送到了呢!ははは、ミッションボーナスが届いたわよ!Hahaha, the mission rewards are here!
Mail嘿嘿,看我的妙技·杜立特邮递!妙技・ドーリットル式配達便!Secret technique - Doolittle Style Mail Delivery!
Return to Port指挥官,刚才战场上很帅气嘛~指揮官、先はかっこよかったよ~!Commander, you were awesome back there~!
Commission Complete指挥官,我想睡会儿~欸,委托?啊,对哦我都忘了!欸嘿嘿,一起去迎接她们吧指揮官、ちょっと眠い~え、委託?あっ、そうだ!えへへ、あの娘たちを迎えに行きましょ?Commander, I'm a little sleepy~ Eh, comissions? Ah, that's right! Ehehe, let's go welcome them back, shall we?
EnhancementYeah!我感觉我现在超有精神的!Yeah!今はすごくアゲアゲ気分!Yeah! Now I'm feeling really great!
Flagship放心吧,我下手很快的!安心して、私手を出すのが早いんだから!Relax. I have fast hands!
Victory啊哈哈哈,真痛快!あははは、すっきりぃ!Ahahaha! That felt good!
Defeat会有全新的我吗?新しい私と出会っちゃうかな?Will I meet a new me?
Skill赶紧搞定吧!ちゃっちゃとやっちゃえ!Let's finish this in a jiffy!
Low HP在这儿倒下可不行!ここで倒れるわけにはいかないっしょ!I can't fall here!
Affinity (Upset)北安普顿,你在哪里~(大黄蜂并没有注意到你)ノーザンプトン~どこ~(ホーネットはあなたに気づいていないようだ)Northampton, where are you~? (Hornet doesn't seem to notice you)
Affinity (Stranger)吃好,睡好,玩好,这就是我的目标~よく食ってよく寝てよく遊ぶ!これが私の目標よ~Eat well, sleep well, play well! Those are my goals~
Affinity (Friendly)金发双马尾却不傲娇?那还真是抱歉,我大黄蜂可从来不知道别扭两个字怎么写!金髪ツインテールなのにツンデレじゃないって?そりゃごめんね、だってホーネット、スネることを知らないんだもん!I'm a twintailed blonde but not a tsundere? Well sorry about that! That's because I, Hornet, am not a stereotypocal woman!
Affinity (Like)我说指挥官,你真的没有因为姐姐们才对我另眼相看吗?这样啊……啊不是啦,我相信你指揮官さ、本当は姉たちがいるから私のことを評価しているんじゃないの?そう…?ああ違う、私信じてるからね!Hey, Commander, are you really not treating me differently because of my sisters? Is that so...? No, I mean, I believe you!
Affinity (Love)我啊,不像姐姐们那么麻烦,我就是你看到的大黄蜂,喜欢就是喜欢!所以说,我喜欢你,指挥官,你呢?私はね、姉たちのように面倒くさくないから。あなたの目の前のホーネットは、好きなことをちゃんと好きって言うの。だからはっきり言うね。指揮官のこと、大好き!指揮官は、どう?You see, I'm not as bothersome as my older sisters. The Hornet you see before you will say that she likes something if she likes it. That's why I'll say this directly: I like you, Commander! How about you?
Pledge这就是指挥官你的答复吗?……嘿嘿,那个,就是……我先出去跑两圈!これが指揮官の答え?……えっと、その、じゃあ……うぅぅ…ちょっと外で走ってくる!Is this your answer, Commander? ... Hehe, umm, well... I'm gonna go outside and run a couple of laps first!
In battle with Northampton闷葫芦,上啦ぼくねんじん、行くわよ!C'mon, slowpoke, let's go!
In battle with Yorktown, Enterprise这次我不会被拉下了!今度は置いていかれたりしないから!I'm not getting left in the dust this time!
In battle with Enterprise企业姐,看看我的厉害!エンプラ姉、私の力を見せてあげる!Enty, I'm gonna show you what I'm made of!
In battle with Essex我可不会记小本子メモとか持ってないよ!No, I didn't bring my notepad!
In battle with Shoukaku我姐姐和你妹妹……额,挺绕的!うちの姉とそっちの妹……げぇ、ややこしい!Between my big sis and your little sis... Ah, to hell with it!
In battle with !UNKNOWN! (8)几才来着?管他的~What's the name again? Never mind.
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Ship DescriptionCongratulations!指挥官,辛苦啦!作为祝贺先来开几瓶香槟,好好享受一下party吧!Congratulations!指揮官、いつもお疲れ!さあて、景気づけにシャンパンを開けて、思いっきりパーティーを楽しんでこー!Congratulations! You did it, Commander! Now let's pop the champagne and celebrate! It's party time!
AcquisitionCongratulations!指挥官,辛苦啦!作为祝贺先来开几瓶香槟,好好享受一下party吧!Congratulations!指揮官、いつもお疲れ!さあて、景気づけにシャンパンを開けて、思いっきりパーティーを楽しんでこー!Congratulations! You did it, Commander! Now let's pop the champagne and celebrate! It's party time!
Login咻~♪指挥官,今天感觉很有型嘛~?ヒュー♪指揮官、今日は結構イケてるじゃない?Heyyy♪ Commander, I'm looking pretty hot tonight, huh?
Details“派对就应该放开了吃才对嘛~——吃多了怎么办?没关系,之后多运动就好了”怎么样?像不像企业姐?哈哈パーティーはどんどん食べるべきだよね~食べ過ぎたら…「問題ない、あとで運動すればいいのだ」どう?エンプラ姉っぽい?It's a party, you gotta eat a lot! What if you eat too much? "No problem, just work out and sweat it off later!" How's my Enty impression?
Main这是企业姐的,这是约克城姐的,北安普顿的,还有……嗯,指挥官的!一瓶香槟正好!不愧是我!これはエンプラ姉の、これはヨークタウン姉の、これはノーザンプトンの、これは……うん、指揮官の!ボトル一本でピッタリ!さすが私!This one's Enty's, this one's Yorktown's, this one's Northampton's, this one's... oh, it's yours, Commander! Exactly one bottle. Pretty nice, huh?
Main 2正经的派对我当然也要穿正经一点嘛。重樱的说法是怎么说的来着?“猴子上披块桌布”?まあ、パーティーなら私もこういう格好にするよ?重桜的に何と言えばいいんだっけ?「もんきーにくろす」?So I have to dress up like this for the party? Aren't you worried I'm gonna be a fish out of water in there?
Main 3“今天的派对的主角是大黄蜂大人!”之类的话,我才不会说呢,毕竟大家的礼服都很漂亮啊。啊,不过我也没输哦!今日のパーティーの主役はこのホーネット様!なんて言えないや。みんな綺麗なドレス着てるしね。あっ、負けたなんて言ってないよ?I'm not expecting anyone to call me the belle of the ball tonight. Not while everyone else is dressed up all pretty-like. What? You think I give up too easily?
Touch是不是重新迷上穿着礼服的大黄蜂大人了呀?哈哈哈パーティードレスのホーネット様に惚れ直したのかにゃ?はははIs this dress gonna make you fall in love with me all over again? Ahahaha!
Touch (Special)果然和姐姐们的感觉不一样吧……?お姉ちゃんたちのとはやっぱ違う…かな?Turns out I'm pretty different from my sisters, huh...?
Flagship来场华丽的战斗吧!派手にいくわよ~!Check me out!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description呼~呼~…新鲜出炉的披萨果然是最棒的!指挥官也来吃一个看看嘛?可以的话下次也给企业姐推荐一下好了!ふーふー…焼き立てピザ、やっぱり最高!ほら、指揮官もこれ食べてみない?今度エンプラ姉にもオススメしよう!Mmmmm... Nothing beats pizza straight outta the oven! Here, Commander, wanna give it a try? We're gonna have to recommend this to Enty next time!
Acquisition呼~呼~…新鲜出炉的披萨果然是最棒的!指挥官也来吃一个看看嘛?可以的话下次也给企业姐推荐一下好了!ふーふー…焼き立てピザ、やっぱり最高!ほら、指揮官もこれ食べてみない?今度エンプラ姉にもオススメしよう!Mmmmm... Nothing beats pizza straight outta the oven! Here, Commander, wanna give it a try? We're gonna have to recommend this to Enty next time!
Login纠结点哪个好的话,不如全部点一圈吧!开玩笑的♪注文に悩んだら全部いっちゃえ!なんちゃって♪If you can't decide what to order, get a bit of everything! Just kiddin'~♪
Details起司真好吃呀~话说指挥官,撒丁风味的披萨和白鹰风味的披萨,你更喜欢哪种?…我?我当然是全都喜欢啦,哈哈哈ん~♥チーズが美味しい~そういえば指揮官はサディア風のとユニオン風のピザ、どっちが好き?……私?私はどっちも好きよ、はははCheese sure is good stuff~ By the way, Commander, do you like Sardegna-style pizza or Eagle Union-style pizza better? ...Me? It's all good to me, hahaha!
Main想喝点什么?可乐?还是乌龙茶?还是都可以?飲み物はどうする?コーラ?それともウーロン茶?どっちがいい?Want something to drink? Cola? Or maybe some oolong tea? What'll it be?
Main 2啊,哈曼,不可以浪费粮食啦!我、我来帮你清掉一些!…指挥官也来帮忙!こらハムマン、残しちゃダメでしょ!わ、私だって手伝うから!……指揮官もちょっと手伝って!Hey, Hammann, don't just waste food like that! I, I'll help you out! ...Commander, I'm gonna need another stomach over here!
Main 3瑞鹤那家伙,全点的炸鸡块啊~欸?配青辣椒酱?…啊!这个可以有…!瑞鶴のやつ、ナゲットばかり注文して~え?グリーンチリソースでって?…あ!いけるわね…!That Zuikaku, only ordering boneless wings... Eh? Bring the green chili sauce? ...Ah! Not a bad idea...!
Touch来,我喂你!“啊~”开玩笑的,哈哈哈♪ほーら、あーんして?なんて、ははは♪Hey, say "ahh"~ Just kidding, ahaha~♪
Touch (Special)等下…哇哇!?ちょっ…わわ!?W-wait... Whah?!
Return to Port给,冰可乐!从佐治亚那要了一杯♪没事~她应该不会在意这一两杯的事!はい、コーラ!ジョージアのやつから一杯拝借♪まああの子なら一杯ぐらい気にしないって!Here, have some cola! I helped myself to a few bottles from Georgia's stash~ She's got plenty, she won't even notice they're gone!
Commission Complete我帮委托组的伙伴们也点了东西哦。待会就给她们送过去,指挥官也来帮忙!委託の子たちの分も持ち帰りで注文したわよ。あとで寮に配るから、指揮官も手伝って!I also ordered some for the girls who'll be coming back from their commission. I'll swing by the dorms later, so you help out as well, Commander!
Flagship小看大黄蜂你们就要遭殃了哦!このホーネットを侮ったら大間違いよ!You're gonna regret looking down on Hornet big time!
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Ship Description大家加油!!还有1分就能逆转了!!!……呼…咕嘟咕嘟…!指挥官,谢谢你给我的饮料!以及观战辛苦了!みんなファイトォ!!あと1点で逆転だよ!!!……ふぅ…(ごくごく)…ぷはー!指揮官、ドリンクサンキュー!それともう一つ、観戦お疲れ!Let's keep it up, everyone! One more point, and we can make a comeback!!! ...Hah... *gulp gulp*... Whew~! Thanks a billion for the drink, Commander! And thanks for watching over us as well!
Acquisition大家加油!!还有1分就能逆转了!!!……呼…咕嘟咕嘟…!指挥官,谢谢你给我的饮料!以及观战辛苦了!みんなファイトォ!!あと1点で逆転だよ!!!……ふぅ…(ごくごく)…ぷはー!指揮官、ドリンクサンキュー!それともう一つ、観戦お疲れ!Let's keep it up, everyone! One more point, and we can make a comeback!!! ...Hah... *gulp gulp*... Whew~! Thanks a billion for the drink, Commander! And thanks for watching over us as well!
Login要本大黄蜂大人给你加油吗?哈哈,不需要我加油指挥官也会努力的对吧!このホーネット様が応援してあげよっか?あはは、指揮官なら私の応援なくても頑張れるでしょ!Shall I come cheer for you myself? Ahaha, don't worry, I know you can do just fine even without my support!
Details从刚才开始就盯着我看~莫非再次喜欢上现在的大黄蜂了?回答只有yes 和 对 二者其一哦!さっきからジロジロ見て~。もしかして今のでホーネットに惚れ直したかにゃ?はいかイエス、どちらかでよろしく!You've been ogling me all day~ Have ya fallen in love with me all over again? Look, I'm gonna make this simple for you. You got two choices, Yes or Yes?
MainFight~Come on~白·鹰~☆企业姐和埃塞克斯都要加油—!别输了~!!ファイト~!カモーン!ホワイト・イーグル~☆エンプラ姉もエセックスも頑張ってー!負けるんじゃないわよ~!!Come on~! Let's go! White eagle Enty~☆ and Essex too! Do your best! Make sure you go get'em~!!!
Main 2不需要勉强出场比赛的哦?指挥官今天与其说是选手不如说是教练呢……这么说也不对。嗯……应该说像是舰船们的监护人?無理して競技に出なくてもいいわよ?指揮官は今日は選手というより監督………うーん、なんかちょっと違うな。ええと、どちらかというと艦船たちの保護者?You don't have to force yourself to compete, you know? You're more like a coach than a player today... Well, that's not quite it. Maybe something more like the shipgirls' guardian?
Main 3喂那边!不许帮手乱入!真是的,巴尔的摩那家伙在做什么呢…指挥官,我去叫下裁判,应援就先拜托你啦!こーらそこ!助っ人乱入は禁止でしょ!…もうボルチモアのやつ何やってんの……指揮官、審判を呼んでくるから応援頼んだわよ!Hey you! Helpers aren't allowed to interfere in the game! ...Jeez, what in the world does Baltimore think she's doing... Commander, I'm going to call the ref over, so take over the cheerleading for me!
Mission只有指挥官完成了任务,才能举办这样的活动呢!加油!指揮官がミッションをこなしてこそ、こういう行事が開かれるってものよ!頑張って!Commander, it's thanks to you completing all those missions that we're allowed to hold these kinds of events! Keep at it!
Mission Complete任务报酬来了!指挥官,辛苦了!ミッションボーナス、到着確認!指揮官、お疲れ!The mission bonus has arrived~! Commander, great work!
Return to Port为指挥官的凯旋鼓掌!刚才真的很帅气哦♪指揮官の凱旋に拍手!さっきのは本当にかっこよかったよ♪Have a round of applause for your gracious return! You were really, really cool out there~♪
Commission Complete先去迎接委托的孩子们,回来再继续下一场比赛的应援是吧。交给我吧!先に委託の子たちを出迎えてきてから次の試合の応援ね。任せて!I'll go greet the commission team before heading over to the next match to cheer. Leave it to me!
Victory可不能一直都交给企业姐呢!いつまでもエンプラ姉に任せるわけにはいかないってね!I can't keep relying on Enty to get things done!
Defeat大黄蜂大人一定会扳回一城的!ホーネット様は負けたままではいられないんだからっ!Just watch, I won't stay down for long!