Foch (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 524Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Heavy CruiserRarityElite
NavyVichya DominionBuild Time
AcquisitionEvent: The Flame-Touched Dagger
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP693 Reload66
Firepower44 Torpedo47
Evasion9 Anti-air48
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck45
HP2954 Reload127
Firepower122 Torpedo131
Evasion57 Anti-air181
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck47
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Torpedo efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Torpedo efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
3Anti-Air Gun%/%/%/%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Heavy Cruiser: Suffren-class Tech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
The Flawless Knife-ThrowerIncreases this ship's FP and AA by 5.0% (15.0%) . If the fleet this ship is in has the Out of Ammo debuff: reduces the DMG debuff effect on this ship by 5.0% (15.0%) .
Circumspect VigilanceIncreases this ship's DMG to CAs and CBs by 10.0% (20.0%) . Every 20s: 40.0% (70%) chance to increase this ship's ACC and RLD by 10.0% (20.0%) for 10s.
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault II: Suffren-class once every 6 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description维希教廷絮弗伦级重巡洋舰—福煦シュフラン級重巡洋艦・フォッシュSuffren-class Heavy Cruiser—Foch
Biography我是福煦,虽说是絮弗伦级的三号舰,但和同级的姐妹舰们还是相差很大的,甚至直接算作“福煦”级都不为过呢!我擅长的事情有很多,就不特地说啦~シュフラン級3番艦のフォッシュだ。同型艦の姉妹艦たちとはだいぶ設計が違ってて、「フォッシュ級」と言われてもいたのだよ。得意なものは……広く深くあるから敢えて言わないでおこうI'm the third ship of the Suffren class, Foch. My design was different enough from those of my sister ships that I've even been called a member of the Foch class. As for what I'm good at... Nothing in particular, because I'm good at just about everything!
Acquisition你好~你就是指挥官吧?我是絮弗伦级的福煦~我在战略方面的知识可是很充足的哦,希望能够帮上忙~请多指教啦。やあこんにちは、君が指揮官くんかな?ぼくはシュフラン級のフォッシュという者だ。経験豊かなるストラテジストとして、君の役に立てるよう願いたいね~ははは、よろしく頼むよHey there~ So you're the Commander? I'm Foch, from the Suffren class. I consider myself quite an experienced strategist, so I hope you'll find me useful~ Ahaha, anyway, it's a pleasure to meet you~
Login指挥官,要处理的文件已经整理好放桌上了,…不要那么消沉啦,我会帮忙的!指揮官くん、今日対応してほしい書類は机に置いてあるよ。…そんな顔しないの、なんならぼくもいるから!Commander, I've placed your work for the day on your desk. ...Don't look at me like that, I'm here for you too!
Details指挥官,能陪我做件事吗?…把这个苹果放在你的头上,然后…欸,别跑嘛!我只是开个玩笑而已啦~指揮官くん、一つ付き合ってくれるかい?この林檎を指揮官くんの頭の上に乗せて、こう…ああ、ただの冗談だから本気でびっくりしないでくれよ?Commander, mind playing along with one of my whims? Stay still while I put this apple on top of your head... Wait, I'm just messing with you~ You don't have to run away♪
Main不能掉以轻心!“这不是和平,而是漫长的休战”…哈哈,是不是有种战略家的感觉?仕事は油断ならない。「平和などはなく、あるのは長き休戦のみ」――ストラテジスト的に言えばこういう感じ…かな?It's important to keep your guard up while doing work. To put it as a strategist would, "This is not peace. It is an armistice for a long while."
Main 2规律的作息是高效工作的保证,不可以经常熬夜哦,指挥官?規則正しい生活は効率化の元、というわけで徹夜をしてはダメだぞ?ね、指揮官くんMaintaining a regular schedule is the key to efficiency, so no pulling all-nighters, okay?
Main 3阿尔及利亚?只要往她手里塞只猫,接下来的对话就很简单了呢~アルジェリーのことか…そうだな、猫でも持たせてあげればお喋りも進むさHow to get along with Algérie...? Well, for starters, she'll open up to you naturally if you have a cat with you.
Touch遇到困难了吗?尽管跟姐姐说,姐姐会想办法帮你的~困っていることでも?ははは、ぼくに教えてくれれば一緒に考えてあげるよIs there something you're concerned about? Aha, well, if you don't mind opening up to me, an extra head can't hurt.
Touch (Special)呜哇?!不、不带这么撒娇的啦!きゃぅ!?……もう、こういう甘え方は聞いてなかったけど?Eek?! ...Jeez, I didn't know you were into this kind of thing.
Touch (Headpat)呣…发型都被你弄乱了!…哈哈,开玩笑的,我没生气啦~髪がボサボサになったじゃないか!…なんて、今のは冗談だよ♪怒ってなどいないさMy hair's ruined now! ...Just kidding, I'm not angry at all~♪
Mission优秀指挥官的良好品德之一——按时完成任务。指挥官,要加把劲才行呢。出来る指揮官の美徳とは――締切通り任務をこなすことさ。そういう意味では指揮官くん、もうちょっと頑張ってほしいAn indicator of a commander's capability is being able to take care of things in a timely manner. You should try a bit harder in that regard.
Mission Complete任务的奖励替你拿回来了。你欠我一个人情哦~任務報酬を回収してきた。指揮官くん、これは一つ借りを作ったことにならないかい?Commander, I've collected the mission rewards for you. I guess you owe me one now~
Mail新邮件来了!要帮你先拆了吗~指挥官?新しいメールね…封は切り取っておいたほうがいいかな?指揮官くん?You've got some mail... Would you like me to cut the seal off for you, Commander?
Return to Port总算回来啦指挥官!可不能因为工作破坏了正常的饭点!实在抽不出空的话,我按时给你提前准备好吃的吧!おっ、戻ってきたか指揮官くん!ささ、お仕事にのめり込み過ぎてご飯の時間を忘れてはならないよ!なんならぼくが用意してあげてもいいさ!Oh Commander, welcome back! Now now, don't focus so hard on your work that you forget to eat! I can even whip something up for you if you'd like!
Commission Complete有新的物资送达了,指挥官要亲自检查吗?新しい物資が届いたようだ。指揮官くんが自分でチェックするかい?We've gotten a new shipment of supplies. Are you going to check on them yourself?
Enhancement还可以再多来一点~別に、もっと強化してもいいんだけど♪Feel free to make me even stronger~♪
Flagship只有拥有征服的决心才能取胜!福煦,出击!征服の決心あっての勝利さ!フォッシュ、参る!Victory can only be attained with the will to conquer! Foch, heading out!
Victory怎么样?这就是“福煦级”的实力哦!尽管依赖我吧~どうかな?これが「フォッシュ級」の力だ!あはは、どんどん頼ってちょうだいよ♪How was that! The true power of the Foch class! Ahaha, feel free to depend on me as much as you'd like~♪
Defeat这种程度的强化果然还是不行呢…この程度の強化だとまだダメね……Even with these enhancements, I'm still not strong enough...
Skill休想逃走,主炮齐射!逃さないよ!主砲、斉射!You're not getting away! Main guns, fire!
Low HP不要怕,福煦在这里!大丈夫だ!ぼくはここにいる!There's nothing to fear! I'm still here!
Affinity (Upset)这样的意志是没法带着大家获得胜利的呢…皆を勝利へと導きたいなら、この程度の心意気ではダメだねIf you're truly planning on leading everyone to victory, you'll need to put more heart into it, instead of being this tepid.
Affinity (Stranger)百发百中的福煦式飞刀!…要是能这样就好了~百発百中のフォッシュ印、lanceur de couteaux(ランスールドコトー)…と、そういうことができればいいのにねぇThe knife-thrower who never misses, Foch! least, I wish I were that skilled.
Affinity (Friendly)在我面前不用那么拘谨的哦!稍微放松一些也是可以的~そう堅苦しくしないでいいよ指揮官くん!リラックスして大人しく世話を焼かれたほうが身のためさ♪Don't tense up like that, Commander, relax! ...And quietly accept your fate... Letting yourself be taken care of is for your own benefit, you know~♪
Affinity (Like)指挥官是不是又通宵加班了?啊,三餐也没有按时吃!这样可不行呀!…好,以后就让姐姐我来监督你吧!指揮官くん、もしやまた徹夜残業してたのかい?それにご飯もちゃんと食べてないみたいだし…これは状況的によろしくないな…しばらくはぼくが面倒を見てあげよう!Commander... did you stay up all night again? It doesn't look like you've been eating properly, either... This is unacceptable... I guess it's time for me to look after you!
Affinity (Love)指挥官,今天要和福煦一起共进晚餐哦!哎呀,我不是说了要监督你的嘛~指挥官不是那种会拒绝的无情之人的,对吧~?指揮官くん、今日のぼくとのディナーの予定は覚えているかい?ほら、世話してあげようと言ったじゃないか。無理強いはしないけど、指揮官くんも断るほど薄情な人じゃない…ははは、そうでしょ?Commander, you did remember our dinner date tonight, right? You know, back when I told you I would look after you? I mean, I won't force you, but... you're not cruel enough to refuse me, right? Ahaha...
Pledge其实,我开始还是稍微有些紧张的……不过一看到指挥官,先前的不安就都被抛到脑后去啦~嗯,我的回答是“我愿意”哦!まあ、緊張はするけど…指揮官くんの顔を見るとそんなのどうでも良くなったな~ははは、ならば私から気持ちを打ち明けてみせよう――「はい、喜んで♪」Well, of course I'm nervous, but... when I look at your face, all of my worries just melt away~ Ahaha, well, I guess I'll reveal my true feelings to you... "Sure, I'd love to♪"
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In battle with Algérie一切按照计划进行哦~首尾よく、計画通りさWe'll be fine, just follow the plan.
In battle with Admiral Graf Spee别那么严肃啦,我们现在可是同伴!今は仲間さ。楽にして大丈夫Ease up, we're on the same side now.
In battle with !ERROR!似ているような…なんだか違う?You look a bit like me... but not quite?
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Ship Description呀,指挥官,是不是等很久了?抱歉抱歉…不过毕竟…淑女挑选衣服总是要花些时间的嘛~好啦,差不多可以出发啦♪やあ、指揮官くんを待たせてしまったのかい?ごめんね、なにせ淑女の服選びには時間がかかるものでね。さあ、そろそろ行こっか♪Yo, Commander, did I keep you waiting? Sorry 'bout that. You know how it goes, sometimes it's really hard for a girl to pick out the right thing to wear. Anyway, let's get going~♪
Acquisition呀,指挥官,是不是等很久了?抱歉抱歉…不过毕竟…淑女挑选衣服总是要花些时间的嘛~好啦,差不多可以出发啦♪やあ、指揮官くんを待たせてしまったのかい?ごめんね、なにせ淑女の服選びには時間がかかるものでね。さあ、そろそろ行こっか♪Yo, Commander, did I keep you waiting? Sorry 'bout that. You know how it goes, sometimes it's really hard for a girl to pick out the right thing to wear. Anyway, let's get going~♪
Login让我来选约会路线?…唔,失策…下意思地想着全程由指挥官指引和护卫了…デートコースはぼくに選ばせてくれるのかい?…これはしくじったな…思いっきり指揮官くんにエスコートしてもらおうって思ってた…You're letting me plan out our date? ...What a mistake on my part... I was hoping you would escort me to your heart's content...
Details就算是我也是会做点打扮的好吧。还是说…指挥官你根本没把我当成淑女?哼。……哈哈哈,别露出这种表情嘛,刚刚是开玩笑的啦♪ぼくだってオシャレぐらいはするのさ。それとも指揮官くんはぼくをレディとして扱っていなかった?むぅ。……ははは、そんな顔しないでよ、今のは冗談さ♪Of course I like to dress up in pretty clothes. Did you never see me as a lady? Hmph. ...Ahaha, don't be down on yourself, I was just toying with you♪
Main为了补偿指挥官的等待,今天一定要玩得开心一点!待たせちゃった代わりに、今日は楽しい時間になると約束しよう!指揮官くん♪In exchange for having made you wait, I promise that today will be a super fun day, Commander~♪
Main 2带你去阿尔及利亚她们推荐给我的店看看吧~放心,是指挥官进去也没问题的店啦!アルジェリーたちに教えてもらった店を案内しよっか。指揮官くんも入りやすいところだI had Algérie tell me what stores to go to, so I'll lead the way! I guarantee that you'll have a good time as well!
Main 3护身用的装备我姑且也带着哦。嘻嘻,抱歉啦指挥官,把你耍帅的机会都抢走啦~護身用のものも持っているよ。ふふふ、指揮官くんごめんね、格好いいところを奪っちゃってI've got one for self-defense. Hehe, sorry about that! Guess you won't have a chance to look cool in front of me.
Touch这附近的景色…怎么样?ここらへんの景色は…どうかな?Hmm... What do you think about the scenery over here?
Touch (Special)等下…你也太心急了吧…?ちょっと…せっかち過ぎじゃないかな…?Aren't... you in too much of a rush...?
Return to Port等你等得有点久了哦,指挥官?嘻嘻,说笑的,出击辛苦啦♪是不是找个地方稍微休息一下比较好?待ってたよ、指揮官くん?なんて、出撃お疲れ様♪どこかでちょっと休憩しておいたほうがいいんじゃないかい?You've kept me waiting for a while, Commander! Just kidding~ good work on your mission♪ Do you want to take a short break somewhere before we head out?
Victory不知道指挥官会给我什么样的奖励呢~?指揮官くんはどんなご褒美をくれるのかな?What are you planning on presenting me with as a reward?
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Ship Description主人,今天的心情如何?你忠诚的管家福煦,随时等待你的指示。——哈哈哈,看起来很有那种感觉吧♪主様、本日のご機嫌はいかがかな?あなたの忠実なる執事フォッシュ、いつでも指示をお待ちしております。――ははは、それっぽく見えるでしょ♪How are you today, Master? Your humble butler Foch patiently awaits your orders... Hahah! I sure look the part, don't I?
Acquisition主人,今天的心情如何?你忠诚的管家福煦,随时等待你的指示。——哈哈哈,看起来很有那种感觉吧♪主様、本日のご機嫌はいかがかな?あなたの忠実なる執事フォッシュ、いつでも指示をお待ちしております。――ははは、それっぽく見えるでしょ♪How are you today, Master? Your humble butler Foch patiently awaits your orders... Hahah! I sure look the part, don't I?
Login那么今天也为了指挥官的事而尽力吧。穿着这身打扮时总感觉很有干劲呢!さて、今日も指揮官くんのために尽力しよう。…この格好をしているとなぜかやる気も出るしね!I'm ready to give my all for you, as always. Dunno why, but this outfit always makes me feel motivated!
Details今天要参加大小姐们的茶会吗?我觉得不用客气,直接去就好了?指挥官?本日のお嬢様方とのお茶会はいかがなさいます?遠慮せず行ったほうがいいと思うよ?指揮官くんMay I interest you in attending today's tea party today with the young ladies? Don't be shy – just go there if you want to, Commander.
Main大概得让敦刻尔克准备点点心才行呢…ダンケルクにお菓子を用意してもらったほうが良さそうだね…I should ask Dunkerque to make a couple of pastries...
Main 2阿尔及利亚小姐,茶要怎么样的呢?——怎么样?感觉很不错吧?アルジェリー様、お茶のほうはいかがなさいますか?――どう?いい感じでしょ?Lady Algérie, could I interest you in some tea? ...How's that? Pretty on-point, right?
Main 3我也想试试看穿女仆装呢…这个下次得问问皇家的孩子们…メイドの格好もしてみたくなったな…これは今度ロイヤルの子に聞いてみよっか…Now I want to try on a maid uniform too... I should float the idea to the Royal Navy.
Touch (Special)哈哈哈,明明还不如平时显眼来着……あはは、普段より目立たないのに…Ahaha... I thought I didn't stand out more than usual...
Return to Port指挥官,请指示。啊,说错了…主人,请尽管向我福煦吩咐些什么吧。指揮官くん、ご指示を。…ああ間違えたっ。…主様、どうぞなんなりとこのフォッシュにお申し付けくださいYour orders, Commander? ...Oops, I mean... Master, please tell me whatever it is you need.
Victory光荣地成为鸢尾和我的指挥官共同的基石吧。呵呵呵 。アイリスと我が指揮官の栄光の礎にでもなりなさい。ふふふYou will be a glorious stepping stone for the Iris and my Commander. Heehee.
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Login指挥官,要处理的文件我搬过来了哦——不要消沉啦,这不是有我帮你嘛~指揮官くん、今日対応してほしい書類は机に置いてあるよ。…そんな顔しないしない~なんたってぼくが手伝ってあげるからね!Commander, the documents for you to take care of today are on your desk. ...No need to look so down, Commander~ I'll help you with anything!
Main来自阿尔及利亚的猫咖邀请?…好~指挥官,工作结束后一起去吧!アルジェリーから猫カフェのお誘い?ははは、仕事が終わったら一緒に行こうよ。指揮官くんAlgérie invited you to a cat café? Haha, then let's go there after we're done with work.
Main 2为了让指挥官不加班,我会尽一切努力的~指揮官くんが残業しないようにできるなら何だって協力するさI'll help you out so you don't need to work extra hours.
Main 3如果和平总有一天会结束的话…不,我们的任务,就是不让它发生,对吧?この平和を乱す輩が現れたら…まあ、指揮官くんとぼくがそいつを止める。それが今のぼくたちの仕事さIf someone wants to disturb the peace that we've built... Well, it's our job to stop them, isn't it?
Touch想对我撒娇的话,就直说吧~甘えたいなら言ってね♪If you want me to pamper you, just say the word~♪
Touch (Special)指挥官,你在想什么呢?嘿嘿~指揮官くん、さてはなにか考えているのかい?Commander? What might you be thinking about?
Mission Complete任务的奖励拿回来了哦。这次就不算你欠我的了~任務報酬を回収してきた。今回は貸し借りなんてなしでいいよ♪I've gone and collected the mission rewards for you. This favor's on the house~♪
Return to Port需要人帮忙整理战斗报告?尽管交给我,指挥官就好好休息吧~有什么事我会再找你的~レポート作成の手伝いが要るのかい?ぼくに任せて指揮官くんは休もう。なにかあればあとで聞くさDo you need some help with the reports? Leave them to me, and go take a break. I'll find you if I need anything from you.
Commission Complete有新的物资送达了,我已经帮指挥官检查过了哦!新しい物資が届いた。チェックなら自分でもう済ませたよOur supplies have arrived. Don't worry, I've already checked up on them myself!
Victory没错,多依赖依赖我就对了~そうそう、もっとぼくを頼ってちょうだいよ♪Yep~ Feel free to keep relying on me~♪
Defeat失败了…指挥官,非常抱歉…しくじったね…指揮官くん、ごめん…What a miscalculation... I'm sorry, Commander...
Affinity (Love)指挥官,接下来要干嘛?嘻嘻,也没什么,就想和你一起吃晚饭而已。理由…也没什么特别的理由就是了?哈哈~指揮官くん、これから予定はある?ははは、別になんでもないさ、ディナーでも共にしようと思ってね。理由は…君と一緒に過ごすのに理由なんて要るのかい?ははは♪Commander, did you have any plans for the evening? Ahaha, it's nothing special. I was just thinking that I'd like to eat dinner with you tonight. The reason is... Well, isn't wanting to spend more time with you reason enough? Haha~♪