Fleuret (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 645Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull DestroyerRarityElite
NavyVichya DominionBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP271 Reload74
Firepower18 Torpedo79
Evasion74 Anti-air33
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW47 Luck47
HP1260 Reload143
Firepower50 Torpedo207
Evasion251 Anti-air126
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW117 Luck49
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Torpedo efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Destroyer: Le Hardi-classTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Ace of Roses!Increases this ship's Main Gun and torpedo efficiency by 10.0% (20.0%) . 3s after the battle starts, and every 20s after that: targets a random enemy; for 10s, increases DMG dealt against enemies with that enemy's Armor Type by 15.0% (30.0%) . When sortied with another Le Hardi-class ship: the above effect is also granted to a random Le Hardi-class ship in your fleet.???
The Most Elegant Curtain Call!Increases this ship's EVA by 10.0% (20.0%) . If there is a BB or BC in your Main Fleet: decreases this ship's and that BB's or BC's DMG taken by 1.0% (10.0%) .???
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Le Hardi Class once every 10 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description大胆级驱逐舰—花剑ル・アルディ級駆逐艦-フルーレLe Hardi-class destroyer – Fleuret.
Biography我是隶属于维希教廷的大胆级驱逐舰——花剑,可不要因为名字就小看了我哦~不管是作为骑士的本职工作,还是作为指挥官的贴·身·护·卫,都不在话下呢~ヴィシア聖座の花、ル・アルディ級駆逐艦のフルーレよ。かわいい名前だからって侮らないでね?護教騎士でも指揮官のお守り役でも、あたしにかかればなんてことないんだから!I'm Fleuret, Le Hardi-class destroyer and the Vichya Dominion's flower. Don't dismiss me just 'cause I've got a cute name, 'kay? I can handle anything you throw at me, from being a Templar Knight to serving as your bodyguard!
Acquisition我是隶属于维希教廷的骑士,大胆级驱逐舰——花剑。呼呼呼~看来你就是指挥官了呢,以后我们可要好·好·相·处哦~ヴィシア聖座の護教騎士、ル・アルディ級駆逐艦のフルーレよ。ふふふ、あなたが指揮官みたいね。これからはフルーレのことをよ・ろ・し・くってね♪I'm Fleuret, Le Hardi-class destroyer and Templar Knight of the Vichya Dominion. And you must be the Commander, heehee. We're gonna get along juuust fine, you and I!
Login指挥官~你来了啊,要一起玩点什么吗?嗯……猜牌怎么样?你选一张,我来猜~あ、我らが聖座の指揮官の登場だ!えへへ、一緒に遊ばない?ええと…カード当てでもどぉ?フルーレが言い当てるから一枚選んで~Ah, here comes the Commander of our Dominion! Heehee, do you wanna play a game? How about... card guessing? You pick a card, and I'll sus out which one it is.
Details我可是每天都很期待和指挥官一起玩点什么的呢~毕竟不管是在指挥官面前变什么魔术,指挥官的反应都很有趣哦?指揮官と遊ぶのを毎日楽しみにしてるの!だって指揮官はどんな「秘蹟」を見せてもおもしろーい反応をしてくれるから!あはは♪I always look forward to doing magic with you. You have such funny reactions to every trick I show you! Ahahah!
Main指挥官~你最近看花剑的眼神很不妙哦,非常不妙哦,难道已经被花剑彻底迷倒了?呵呵呵,开玩笑的——哎呀,难道指挥官被我说中,心虚了?指揮官の最近あたしを見る時の目、なんだかイケないね~?アイリス的に超イケないね~?ふふっ、もしかして惚れちゃった?なんて…わ!図星だったの?あたし本当にテレパシーできちゃった?You've been giving me suspicious looks as of late, Commander. VERY suspicious looks by Orthodoxy morals. Heh, do you have a crush on me? Yeah, right... Huh? I was right? I think I've actually developed telepathy!
Main 2桌上的文件都去哪里了?看它们太碍事就都丢掉了——骗你的啦,我都帮你整理好放在另一边了哦~机の書類はどこに行ったって?邪魔だから捨てたよー……なんて嘘♪片付けてこっちに置いといたよーWhere'd I leave the documents that were on your desk? I disposed of 'em all. Hah, just kidding! I processed them and put them right here.
Main 3指挥官~这次不用魔术,而是单纯来玩抽牌比大小的游戏,怎么样?输了的人要被另一方骑着走哦~指揮官、今度は「秘蹟」じゃなく、普通にカードの大小比べでもどう?負けたほうがお馬さんになるって感じで!How about instead of performing magic, we play "greater than less than" with cards next time? And whoever loses has to be the winner's mount!
Touch哎呀?是想看点不一样的吗?ふふーん、さてはいつもと違う「秘蹟」が見たいわけ?Heh! You wanna see a new kind of magic, do you?
Touch (Special)呀~那里不可以,怎么能乱碰淑女的——哇~指挥官的表情超有趣的~きゃああ!そこはだめぇー!レディに勝手に触ったら――あははは!指揮官の反応っておもしろーい!Eeek! Stooop! Touching a lady like this is criminal! ...Ahahaha! You should've seen the look on your face!
Touch (Headpat)呵呵~我很可爱吧?想再多摸摸也可以哦~ふふ、あたしは可愛いでしょ?もっとなでなでしてもいいからね?Heehee, aren't I cute? Feel free to keep patting!
Mission指挥官~还有任务要完成吧?真是拿你没办法呢~我也来帮忙吧~指揮官って、まだやらないといけない聖務があるでしょ?しょうがないねー、あたしにも手伝わせて!Still got holy tasks you need to do, huh? C'est la vie. Let me help you out!
Mission Complete哎呀~任务这下就顺利完成了。呼呼呼,指挥官果然需要我的帮助呢~ふっふー♪これにて任務しゅーりょー!ふふん、やっぱりあたしの助けが必要でしょ?Heheh! Mission complete! See? I knew you needed my help!
Mail有你的邮件哦——嗯?感觉有诈……?在你眼里我到底是什么形象啊!指揮官宛のお手紙が――はい?仕掛けがあるかもって…?フルーレを何だと思ってるのさー!Commander, there's a letter for– What? You're worried it's boobytrapped? Come on, who do you take me for?!
Return to Port欢~迎~回~来~我学着其他同伴的做法为指挥官泡了茶哦?绝对没加奇怪的东西,所以请放心大胆地喝吧~お・か・え・りぃー!ほかの子を真似てお茶を淹れといたわよ?変なものは少しもこれぼっちも混ぜてないから、安心して思いっきりぐびぐびいっちゃって♪Welcome back! I took a leaf out of someone else's book and made you tea. Don't worry, I didn't add anything to it – enjoy your perfectly normal tea!
Commission Complete委托完成了哦?快点去迎接她们吧!委託が終わったよ?みんなを早く出迎えに行って!A commission's been completed. Head out and talk to the girls!
Enhancement这下就能玩个痛快啦~これで思いっきり遊べるね!This'll let me pull great tricks!
Flagship嘻嘻,必须给那些杂鱼一些颜色看看呢!ふふ、雑兵には痛い目を見せてあげないとね♪Heheh, you small fries are in for a bad time!
Victory轻轻松松~还不如练习感应魔术难呢~楽勝楽勝~テレパシーの手品を練習するよりもカンタンだもん♪Nice and simple! This is easier than practicing my telepathy trick!
Defeat唔……看来是我还不够快呢……むぅ……速さが足りなかったみたいね……Hrmh... Clearly, I wasn't fast enough.
Skill真碍事!邪魔よ!You're annoying!
Low HP唔……真的有点痛啊……うぅ……本当に痛いってば…Oww... That really hurts!
Affinity (Upset)唔唔~现在的指挥官未免也太逊了吧~?虽然这样的指挥官我也喜欢就是咯,嘻嘻~むむ、今の指揮官ってダメダメじゃない。まあダメダメ指揮官でも好きだけどね~えへへHrmh. You're hopeless the way you are now. Then again, hopeless people still have their charm. Heehee.
Affinity (Stranger)杂鱼~杂鱼~杂鱼指挥官——这样说完就可以了吧?唔……指挥官的要求有时候真让人费解……ざぁこ、ざぁこ、雑魚指揮官――これでいい?ふぅ……時々本当に変なリクエストしてくるね……Loooser, loooser! You're a loser! ...There, happy now? You really make weird requests sometimes.
Affinity (Friendly)“意外地是个好孩子?”……这是什么说法啦!我本来就是认真可靠的那一类哦?骑士的本职工作可是一直完成得很出色呢!「意外といい子」って?……どういう意味よ!あたしそもそもどっちかというと真面目な方だし!護教騎士の仕事はちゃんとこなしてるもん!I'm "surprisingly well-behaved"? What's that supposed to mean?! I've always been more principled than mischievous! I take my job as a Templar Knight seriously!
Affinity (Like)除了一般的纸牌魔术以外,我还能做到的就是——给!是玫瑰哦~?嘻嘻,这朵玫瑰所代表的含义,指挥官肯定是知道的吧~?カードの「秘蹟」以外にできるのは~はい!バラをあげる♪ふふん、この一輪に含まれる意味を指揮官ならきっと分かってくれるよね~?I can do more than just write cards. Tadah! Have a rose! Heheh, surely you of all people know the meaning a single flower can hold.
Affinity (Love)相处了这么长时间之后,是不是越来越离不开我了呀?是不是想一直和我在一起呀~?如果指挥官再不主动的话,我可不保证接下来会对你做什么哦♡~ここまで来るとますますあたしから離れられないでしょ?ずっとあたしと一緒にいたいでしょ?これ以上指揮官が手を出さないならどうなっても知らないよ~♡You've gotten to the point where you can't imagine life without me, haven't you? You've got to make a move on me already, or there will be consequences!
Pledge啊,啊哈哈……没想到指挥官竟然真的主动出手了……呜,现在这么严肃认真地看着我、期待着我的誓言回应……这也太狡猾了……总、总之我愿意哦!あ、あははは……ほ、本当に手を出すなんて……うぅ、そんなに真面目に見つめてきてあたしの答えを待機されたら……もうずるいよ!と、とにかく喜んで!Ahahaha... I-I didn't think you'd actually do it. Come on, don't stare daggers through me as a way to get an answer... That's playing dirty! L-look, my answer is: yes, happily!
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In battle with Épée多少打起精神来啦~!少しぐらいしっかりしてよ! Keep it together for at least a minute!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description欢迎光临~指挥官,我是这场游戏的主持人——花剑,准备好和我一起踏入这场博弈中了吗?嘻嘻~いらっしゃーい!指揮官、ゲームマスターのフルーレよ~。一緒に駆け引きをする準備はできてる?ふふ♪Welcome, welcome! I'm Fleuret, your game master. Are you ready to make a wager? Heehee!
Acquisition欢迎光临~指挥官,我是这场游戏的主持人——花剑,准备好和我一起踏入这场博弈中了吗?嘻嘻~いらっしゃーい!指揮官、ゲームマスターのフルーレよ~。一緒に駆け引きをする準備はできてる?ふふ♪Welcome, welcome! I'm Fleuret, your game master. Are you ready to make a wager? Heehee!
Login指挥官~我刚洗好牌等着你呢,你说这套牌看起来很怪?花剑完全不懂你在说什么哦~指揮官、もうシャッフルを終わらせて待ってたよ?むっ、カードが怪しいって?どういう意味かぜんぜんわからないけどぉ?You took an awfully long time shuffling the deck, Commander. Huh? You suspect my cards are marked? Why, I'd never do anything like that!
Details指挥官~我现在可是在讲解游戏规则呢,为什么你看上去心不在焉呢~?难道是被花剑的打扮迷住,无法自拔了?嘻嘻~我的开玩笑啦,指挥官真是可爱~もう指揮官ったら、せっかくゲームのルールを説明してたのになんで上の空なの?もしかしてあたしの格好に見入っちゃってた?ふふ、なんてね♪指揮官は本当に可愛いね~Really, Commander? I explained all the rules of the game and you're still spacing out. Is it my outfit? Is it distracting you? Heh, just kidding. You're a sweet little bean, Commander.
Main指挥官~要盯着看这么久吗?再怎么盯着看牌也不会改变的哦~?嗯,应该不会吧~谁知道呢?指揮官~まだかかるの?いくら見つめてもカードは変わらないよ?んー多分変わらないかな?さあ♪Commandeeer, you ready yet? Staring at the cards won't transform them into new ones. Well, probably not. Maybe they will!
Main 2呼呼呼~指挥官的眼神在飘来飘去,也没办法呢,谁让指挥官的筹码都要被花剑夺走了~这下指挥官要怎么办呢~ふふ、目がキョロキョロしてる~。まあしょうがないか、指揮官のチップは全部あたしのものになっちゃったし?これからどうするの?Look at you, eyes darting around! I don't blame you, though. You did lose your every last chip to me. How will you pull yourself outta this one?
Main 3玩累了的话,要不要也来这里躺躺?当然,抱枕是不可能给你的哦,但你可以枕在花剑腿上——疲れたらここに来て横になってみる?クッションはあげないけど、代わりにあたしのふとももに頭を置いてもいいよ?If you're feeling tired, come here and lie down. You won't get my cushions, but you're free to rest your head on my thighs.
Touch指挥官~您只能碰我手里的牌哦~指揮官、触れるのはあたしが持ってるカードだけだよ?Commander, you're only meant to touch the cards in my hand.
Touch (Special)呀~这里有摄像头哦——嘻嘻嘻,骗你的啦~きゃああ!この部屋にはカメラがあるのにー!なんて、嘘だよ~♪Eeek! I'll have you know there are hidden cameras in here! Not really, but I bet you bought it!
Touch (Headpat)嘻嘻~这是在讨好我,想要我降低一下难度吗~?ふふん、さては媚を売って難易度を下げさせるつもり?Heheh, you trying to butter me up to make this easier for you?
Mail有信息来了吗?可以允许指挥官偷偷看手机,我不算你作弊哦~メッセージ?スマホを見てもいいよ。普段はイカサマ扱いだけど、特別に見逃してあげるYou got a message? Fine, you can check your phone. Normally, that would be cheating, but I'll tolerate it in this case.
Return to Port欢迎回来,指挥官~准备好了的话,就从我手里抽走一张牌吧?别紧张,这次是魔术而不是游戏哦~おかえり指揮官!準備ができたら一枚引いてね!大丈夫、今回はゲームじゃなく「秘蹟」だからね!Welcome back, Commander! Once you're ready, take a card! Relax, we're not playing a game – this is magic!
Commission Complete哎呀,委托组好像回来了。虽然游戏没有中途离场的规矩,但我破例允许你去哦~わわ、委託組が戻ってきたみたい。途中退出していいってルールはないけど、特別に許してあげる!Whoa, the commission team is back. There's no rule saying you can leave in the middle of our game, but I'll allow it this time!
Affinity (Love)和指挥官进行的这场游戏很有趣哦~原本我还想利用纸牌魔术作弊,没想到根本不用作弊就可以赢指挥官呢~嘻嘻嘻,之后该让指挥官答应我这个赢家什么请求才好呢?あはは、本当に楽しいね~。カードの「秘蹟」を使おうって思ったけど、別に使わなくても指揮官に勝てちゃうし~。えへへ、指揮官にどんな願いを叶えてもらおうかなー♪Ahaha! This is great! I thought about using card magic, but I didn't need even it to easily beat you! Heehee, now, as the winner, what should I ask from you?
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Login指挥官~我今天特别想你哦~?嘻嘻嘻,看你的表情……好像很喜欢听我说这种话呢?真是好哄~指揮官~今日はとっても恋い焦がれちゃってた気がするんだ♪えへへ……こう言われるとドキッとくるの?わかりやすいんだから~Commander! I'm feeling reeeally needy today. Heehee... Does hearing that excite you? You really are a simple person.
Main什么时候会学新的魔术?就是最近哦~我这段时间在研究一种可以让指挥官身体的一部分“消失”进入其它空间的魔术呢,尽请期待吧~いつ新しい「秘蹟」が見れるって?そんなに待たせるつもりはないよ~。最近は指揮官の体の一部を違う空間に「消す」やつを研究してるから、楽しみにしといて~When you'll get to see a new trick? Soon, I can tell you that much! I've been researching ways to make a part of your body "disappear" into something else. Look forward to it!
Main 2指挥官~我听说把头埋在喜欢的人怀里就可以让人感到放松,所以快让我埋一埋~或者反过来也行~?指揮官、好きな人の胸に頭を埋めるとリラックスできるって聞いたんだ!だからあたしにもやらせて~あ、逆でもいいよ?I've heard that resting your head on your partner's chest helps you relax! I wanna see if it's true or not! Oh, you could do it to me, too, if you want.
Touch嗯~?是想和我聊聊天吗~?ん?今度はあたしとおしゃべりしたいわけ?Hm? You saying you wanna chat with me?
Touch (Special)指挥官的手法真是~越来越熟练了呢~指揮官の手付きってさあ~。だんだんこなれてきた感じがするんだよね~You've really figured out how to use those hands!
Return to Port欢迎回来~我为你泡了茶哦~嗯?居然一口气全喝光了……嘻嘻嘻,你就不怕我这次加了什么东西进去吗~?おかえりー。お茶を淹れといたよ~。わ!一気にぐびっと……えへへ、何かを入れられてるって怖かったりしないの?Welcome back. I made you tea! Whoa! You drank it all in one go. Heehee, not very scared that I spiked it with something, are you?
Affinity (Love)比以前变得爱捉弄人了?嘻嘻嘻,指挥官难道是生气了吗~?你可是我的誓约对象哦,在你面前暴露更多的缺点不是理所应当的事嘛——好吧,其实是我的问题,我跟你道歉啦……!もっといたずらっ子っぽくなった?ふふん、もしかして困ってる?だって指揮官はあたしに誓いを立てた相手だから、迷惑はもっとかけるべきってものじゃないの?…なんて。はい、あたしが悪かったって!謝るから!You think I've gotten more mischievous? Heheh, is that a problem? You know, we swore an oath together, which means I should be annoying you more, if anything... Yeah, right. Fine, I'm sorry! I apologize!