Chang Chun (JP 🇯🇵: 長春, CN 🇹🇼: 长春)
Ship IDNo. 255Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull DestroyerRarityElite
NavyDragon EmpireBuild Time
AcquisitionEvent: Lunar New Year
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressKaori Mizuhashi
Chang Chun Description
An Shan-class destroyer No. 3 - Chang Chun (103)
The Joy of Spring Description
Ta-da! My pajamas are finally finished! Now to snuggle up until I'm all warm! Eh~ Ehhh? But sis, I don't want to get out! Ack, did Tai Yuan purposely make this tail big and thick to make it easier for you?
HP367 Reload73
Firepower24 Torpedo42
Evasion61 Anti-air32
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW49 Luck61
HP1707 Reload140
Firepower66 Torpedo117
Evasion206 Anti-air121
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW122 Luck64
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | All weapons' efficiency +5%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Destroyer Gun140%/145%/150%/155%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun95%/95%/100%/105%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Single 130mm Main Gun
2Triple 533mm Torpedo
Fleet Tech
T4 Destroyer: An Shan-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock10 +1
Max LimitBreak22
Lv.12016 +1
Mutual AssistanceIncreases the FP, RLD, and Accuracy of all Northern Parliament and Dragon Empery ships in your Vanguard by 4.5% (12.0%) .
White Tiger's PranceProvides 1 Missile Strike charge. Decreases the duration this ship Burns by 3s and decreases her Burn DMG taken by 5.0% (15.0%) . Every 15s: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage that increases Torpedo DMG taken by 8.0% for 6s to enemies hit.???
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: An Shan Class once every 10 times the Main Guns are fired.???
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Ship Description鞍山级驱逐舰3号舰—长春,舷号103鞍山級駆逐艦・長春An Shan-class destroyer No. 3 - Chang Chun (103)
Biography东煌鞍山级驱逐舰三号舰“长春”号,东煌第一代“四大金刚”之一。作为东煌海军的柱石,在人员训练与经验积累方面发挥了巨大的作用。诶,抚顺姐又惹祸了?鞍山姐大概又要费心了呢東煌アンシャン級駆逐艦、「四天王」の三女『長春』だよ。東煌海軍の大黒柱として、船員育成やノウハウ蓄積に大いに役に立った。うん?撫順姉さんまたトラブルを…?鞍山姉さんは大変ね……I am Chang Chun, the third ship of the Dragon Empery's An Shan-class destroyers, and one of the "Four Unbreakables." As one of the pillars of the Empery's navy, I played a pivotal role in the training of personnel. Eh? Fu Shun is getting into trouble again? An Shan is going to be worried...
Acquisition驱逐舰“长春”来了~并不是怕冷哦~只是这样暖暖地很舒服呢駆逐艦長春(チョウシュン)着任したよ~寒いのは別に苦手じゃないよ、厚着してるのは暖かくて気持ちいいからだもんDestroyer Chang Chun has arrived~ No, I'm not afraid of the cold~ I just like being warm and cozy~
Login指挥官早~诶嘿嘿~好像已经不是早上了呢指揮官おはよーえへへ~もう朝じゃないけどねGood morning, Commander~ Ehehe, looks like it's not even morning anymore though~
Details抚顺偷偷买的东西,可没有藏在我这里撫順ちゃんが買ったものはここにないよI definitely am not hiding the stuff that Fu Shun secretly bought.
Main我们可是正牌的千金大小姐呢こう見えても私たちは結構な名家の出身だよThe four of us are authentic noblewomen, you know~
Main 2夏天的时候太原会给我缝制透气款的,所以没问题呢夏は太原が通気性の高いのを用意してくれるから大丈夫だよDuring the summer, Tai Yuan will make a breezier version for me, so there's no problem.
Main 3抚顺姐姐,听说如果孤身前往日落后的学院,会遇到可怕的妖怪哦撫順姉さん、夜の学園は一人だと恐ろしい「お化け」に出会っちゃうよFu Shun, I heard that terrifying monsters appear in the academy after the sun goes down.
Touch指挥官也喜欢这身衣服的话,我就让太原再做一套吧指揮官もこの服を気に入ったなら、太原にもう一着作らせようか?Commander, if you like this outfit, I'll ask Tai Yuan to make a set for you as well.
Touch (Special)指挥官,是这样的人吗?指揮官はこんな人なの?Commander, is this the type of person that you are?
Mission任务……也是很重要的呢任務……大事ね~Missions... are also very important.
Mission Complete接下来……咦,仓库好像在燃烧,我的点心……次は…あれ、なんか倉庫が燃えてる…?ああ!私の点心(てんしん)が!!Next up is... Ehh? What's that burning smell coming from the warehouse? Ah, my snack...
Mail是新的信件?好像很适合垫桌角呢新しいメール?ふんふん、ちょうどこの机の足に支えるものがなくて……New mail, huh? Seems like the perfect thickness to stick under this wobbly table.
Return to Port我来帮大家按摩吧,疲惫飞飞~みんなにマッサージしてくるね。いたいのいたいのとんでけーI'll help give everyone a massage! Pain, pain, fly away~
Commission Complete委托完成啦!好像有给我带点心呢委託が完了したよ!私の点心(てんしん)もあるようねCommisson complete! Looks like someone has snacks for me!
Enhancement导弹……什么时候才会有呢ミサイルは……いつになったら実装するだろうWhen do I get missiles?
Flagship为什么……一定要互相争斗呢なんで戦うの……Why must we... fight each other?
Victory今天也是风平浪静的一天呢今日も何事もない日ねーClear skies and calm waters today as well~
Defeat哇,好像失败了呢む、失敗したっぽいWow, I think I goofed up~
Skill庚金临野,七宿横阳庚金貴命(こうきんきめい)の白虎、我が宿星を見定めて♪Let the seven heavenly mansions align for the coming of the white tiger!
Low HP事态好像变得有趣了~面白くなるよーNow things are getting interesting~
Affinity (Upset)指挥官……那样是不行的呢指揮官……そんなんじゃダメだよCommander... that's unacceptable...
Affinity (Stranger)我听说用“鲁珀特之泪”可以抵御“日落后的妖怪”,就告诉了抚顺姐。学院的玻璃?那件事我不是很清楚呢「学園のお化け」?私、「オランダの涙」ってものがお化けに効くと聞いて、撫順姉さんに教えただけだよ?窓が割れた?よくわからないけど……I heard that Prince Rupert's drops can be used to ward off the evil monsters that come out at night, so I told Fu Shun. The windows at the academy are gone? I-I have no idea what you're talking about~
Affinity (Friendly)诶,指挥官也在这里呀。秘密基地?诶嘿嘿,我不太清楚呢~说回来,指挥官看到我的点心了吗?不,那东西可不能吃うん、指揮官もここを見つけたんだ。秘密基地?えへへ、よくわからないけど~そういえば指揮官、私の点心(てんしん)を見なかった?…え?あれは食べれないよ?Hey Commander, how'd you get in here? Secret base? Ehehe~ I have no idea what you're talking about~ Oh, by the way, have you seen my snacks? W-wait, you can't eat that!
Affinity (Like)指挥官,学院后面的海滩很适合游泳哦。诶~我才没有在谋划什么,只是昨天晚上偶然用望远镜看到指挥官买的游泳圈而已,诶嘿嘿~指揮官、水遊びなら学園裏の海辺はオススメだよ。うん?何も企んでいないよ。たまたまー指揮官が浮き輪を買ったのを望遠鏡越しに見つけちゃって。えへへ~Commander, the beach behind the academy is perfect for swimming. Uh, I wasn't making plans or anything! I was just playing around with my binoculars when I saw the swim ring that Commander had bought, ehehe~
Affinity (Love)想让我把布偶装脱下来?诶嘿嘿~如果指挥官能答应我一个要求的话,可以哦暑苦しいから、きぐるみを脱いでほしいって?えへへ~指揮官が一つ約束したらいいよ♪You want me to take off my cosplay? Ehehe~ I suppose I can, but you'll have to do what I say!
Pledge如果你永远都不离开我,我就答应你哦~嘛,会相信谎言偶尔也是优点呢私から永遠に離れないと約束してくれるならこれをもらってあげるよ~まあ、たまにはウソでも信じるのが私の長所だからねIf you never leave my side, I can consider your request~ Just kidding! Your gullibility is a good thing though~
In battle with An Shan明白了,我会全力警戒敌方!はい、姉さんの言う通り警戒するよUnderstood, I'll intercept the enemy with everything I have!
In battle with Tai Yuan不要莽撞,害怕了就躲到姐姐身后慌てないで姉さんの後ろに隠れててねDon't just flail around, if you get scared, just hide behind your big sis!
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Ship Description铛铛!居家玩偶服终于完成了,我要在里面一直蜷缩到暑伏!等、等等,抚顺姐,我不想出门——原来太原特意把尾巴缝制得又粗又大是为了方便你拽吗!!ジャジャーン!春季仕様のきぐるみついに完成!もうここからは出ないよ!…ま、待て!撫順(ブジュン)姉さん!私外に出たくない――太原(タイゲン)ちゃんがシッポをここまで大きくしたのは引っ張りやすいためか!?Ta-da! My pajamas are finally finished! Now to snuggle up until I'm all warm! Eh~ Ehhh? But sis, I don't want to get out! Ack, did Tai Yuan purposely make this tail big and thick to make it easier for you?
Acquisition铛铛!居家玩偶服终于完成了,我要在里面一直蜷缩到暑伏!等、等等,抚顺姐,我不想出门——原来太原特意把尾巴缝制得又粗又大是为了方便你拽吗!!ジャジャーン!春季仕様のきぐるみついに完成!もうここからは出ないよ!…ま、待て!撫順(ブジュン)姉さん!私外に出たくない――太原(タイゲン)ちゃんがシッポをここまで大きくしたのは引っ張りやすいためか!?Ta-da! My pajamas are finally finished! Now to snuggle up until I'm all warm! Eh~ Ehhh? But sis, I don't want to get out! Ack, did Tai Yuan purposely make this tail big and thick to make it easier for you?
Login一日之计在于晨,一年之计在于春,一生之计在于勤。指挥官,请加油~我?我会默默在梦里祝佑你的一日の計は朝にあり、一年の計は春にあり、一生の計は勤勉にあり~というわけで指揮官頑張ってね~私?夢で応援してあげるから~A day's plan starts in the morning, a year's plan starts in the spring, and a life's plan with diligence. Commander, make sure to work hard, okay? I'll be cheering you on quietly from my dreams~
Details抚顺姐姐似乎是打算用爆竹炸开海底火山,把整片海洋变成温泉……幸好结果只是海水稍微变温暖了一些~撫順姉さん、爆竹で海底火山を燃やそうとしていたけど…いやあ、まさかの温泉が出ちゃって……Fu Shun said she's planning to blast apart an underwater volcano to turn the entire ocean into a hot spring... Thankfully, I don't think the water is getting any warmer~
Main指挥官,鞍山姐姐和抚顺姐姐晚上要包饺子,你想吃什么馅儿的?指揮官、鞍山姉さんと撫順姉さんは餃子を作るらしいよ?餡はどんなのがいい?Commander, An Shan and Fu Shun are making dumplings tonight. What kind of filling would you like?
Main 2指挥官,我来为你揉揉肩膀~ 指揮官、肩を揉んであげるよCommander, let me massage your shoulders~
Main 3抚顺姐姐,这些爆竹还不够吗?都差不多可以用来煮海了吧?撫順姉さん、爆竹はこれでも足りないの?海をどうする気…!?Fu Shun, do you still not have enough firecrackers? How would I know if this is enough to boil the entire sea?
Touch太原最近很喜欢靠在我的玩偶服上看书,指挥官也想试试吗?太原は最近きぐるみに肩を寄せて読書するのが好きらしいよ?指揮官もやってみる?Tai Yuan has recently taken a liking to resting against me while reading. Commander, would you like to try it as well?
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Ship Description指挥官,快捂上耳朵!我,我没有在开玩笑啦!那个……很厉害的那个东西,它就要爆炸了!指揮官、早く耳をぎゅーって塞いで!じょ、冗談じゃないよ~。あの…あのすごいやつがもうすぐで爆発するよ~!Commander, hurry up and plug your ears! Th-this isn't a joke! Um... Seriously, that big ol' doozy over there is about to blow!
Acquisition指挥官,快捂上耳朵!我,我没有在开玩笑啦!那个……很厉害的那个东西,它就要爆炸了!指揮官、早く耳をぎゅーって塞いで!じょ、冗談じゃないよ~。あの…あのすごいやつがもうすぐで爆発するよ~!Commander, hurry up and plug your ears! Th-this isn't a joke! Um... Seriously, that big ol' doozy over there is about to blow!
Login指挥官,新年快乐哦!下一句我是不是该说“红包拿来”呢?呼呼~指揮官、あけおめだよ~。次は…「お年玉ちょうだい」を言うべきかな?えへへ~Commander, Happy New Year~! My next line is... got any red envelopes for me? Ehehe~
Details今天的长春不是老虎而是兔子哦。这双毛茸茸大耳朵还能在必要时刻拉下来捂住耳朵~当然,太用力的话是会扯掉的……今日の長春はトラさんじゃなくてうさぎさんだよ~。大きくてモフモフの耳はいざって時にカポッと耳にかぶせるんだ~。強く引っ張りすぎるとやっぱり取れちゃうけどねToday, I'm a bunny, not a tiger. When the time is right, I can pull these big floofy ears over to cover my own ears~ But of course, they'll pop right off if you tug too hard.
Main以往抚顺姐姐对爆竹可是爱不释手,这一次放鞭炮的人群中却没有了她的身影。哼哼,指挥官想知道为什么吗?いつも爆竹にしか目がない撫順姉さんなのに、今年は一緒に爆竹を鳴らしてるのを見なかったね。ふふん、それはどうしてなのかは~、指揮官知りたい?Fu Shun's always loved setting off firecrackers, but she wasn't there with that crowd this year. Heehee, do you want to know why, Commander?
Main 2新的一年里,指挥官也要多照顾下鞍山姐姐哦。对了对了,需要我给你“助攻”吗?嘻嘻~指揮官、新しい一年も鞍山姉さんのフォローをよろしくね。ところで、長春が指揮官の「フォロー」をしてあげようか?えへへPlease continue to look after An Shan this year as well. Oh, right, should I give you a little "assistance" in that regard? Heehee~
Main 3神速的打雪仗邀请?唔,我还是算了。要是把外套弄湿了可就麻烦了……ストレミテルヌイから雪合戦のお誘い?うーん、私はいいかな~。コートを濡らしたら大変だもん…Stremitelny's challenging me to a snowball fight? Hmm... I think I'll pass. Getting soaked in this outfit would be a huge pain in the butt...
Touch毛茸茸的,手感很好吧?这身衣服也是太原做的,有一个心灵手巧的妹妹真好~もふもふしていい触り心地でしょー?これも太原が作ってくれたんだ。器用な妹がいて本当によかった~Feels great when you floof these ears, right? Tai Yuan was the one who made these. I'm glad I have such a resourceful little sister~
Touch (Special)呀!好冷!指挥官,你欺负人!ひゃう!冷たい!指揮官、いじわる~!Eep! Cold! Stop bullying people, Commander!
Mission欸?春节还有任务吗?这样啊……就像我也被鞍山姐姐下达了“今年春节不许一直待在房间”的任务呢。ん?春節なのにまた任務?そう…私も鞍山姉さんから「今年の春節は部屋に引きこもってないで出歩いて」って任務を下されたんだよね~Hmm? You still have work during Lunar New Year? ...In that case, I'll give you the same mission that An Shan gave me: "Don't stay in your room through the entire holiday!"
Mission Complete任务完成了?我说,要不……我们一起回房间里休息一会?任務が終わった?じゃあ…部屋に戻って一緒に休もう?All done with the mission? Then... wanna head back inside and chill?
Mail是新的信件?好像还附带了一张新年的贺卡,指挥官快看看吧。新しいメール?年賀はがきもついてるっぽいから、指揮官、早く確認してね~Did we get new mail? Looks like a New Year's postcard came in too. Let's check it out, Commander!
Return to Port唔,抚顺姐姐制作的超级爆竹已经见底了……指挥官,你手上有没有一些有趣的爆竹或者烟花?んー撫順姉さんが作ったスーパーバクチクもあと少ししか残ってないね~。指揮官、楽しい爆竹とか花火とか持ってない?Hmm, we don't have very many of Fu Shun's super firecrackers left... Commander, got any interesting fireworks on you?
Commission Complete委托队回来了?要不拿一些包子去犒劳她们吧!对了,悄悄告诉你——我知道怎么区分辣和不辣的包子哦?委託チームが戻ってきた?差し入れにバオズでも持っていこうか?そうそう、指揮官にこっそり教えてあげるけど、実は長春は辛いバオズと辛くないバオズの見分け方を知ってるよ~Has the commission team returned? Want me to bring some baozi over to them? Oh right, I'll let you in to a little secret – I know how to tell between the regular kind and the super-spicy kind~
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Ship Description改造完成了哦~接下来就该试验下新玩具,不对,新武器的威力了!啊,指挥官快让让,可别不小心变成导弹们的目标了。改造が完了したよ~次は新しいおもちゃ…じゃなくて、武器の火力を試す番だね!あっ指揮官どいてどいて、うっかりミサイルの目標になっちゃ危ないからAll done with my retrofit~ Now, time to test out my new toys... Err, I mean, time to test the firepower of my new armaments! Oh, watch your head, Commander! Wouldn't want one of the missiles to lock onto you.
Acquisition改造完成了哦~接下来就该试验下新玩具,不对,新武器的威力了!啊,指挥官快让让,可别不小心变成导弹们的目标了。改造が完了したよ~次は新しいおもちゃ…じゃなくて、武器の火力を試す番だね!あっ指揮官どいてどいて、うっかりミサイルの目標になっちゃ危ないからAll done with my retrofit~ Now, time to test out my new toys... Err, I mean, time to test the firepower of my new armaments! Oh, watch your head, Commander! Wouldn't want one of the missiles to lock onto you.
Login指挥官,不管是不是早上,都该打起精神来了哦。指揮官、一日の計は朝にありと言うけど、朝じゃなくてもしっかりするべきだよCommander, y'know what they say about a day's plans starting in the morning, but that adage is probably true even if it isn't morning.
Details用打游戏来比喻的话,我们现在可是可是获得了非常高级的装备呢。指挥官可以再多依赖我们一些哦~ゲームで例えるなら……「激レア装備をゲットぉ!」って感じだよね~。なので指揮官、もうちょっと頼りにしてくれてもいいからねIf we were to put this into video game terms... It's like I just got epic SSR gear! That's why you can count on me even more, Commander!
Main抚顺姐姐,要是鞍山姐姐知道你在自制微型导弹的话,她可是会生气的哦。撫順姉さん、「まいくろみさいる」とか作ってるの、鞍山姉さんが知ったらきっとすごく怒るよFu Shun, if An Shan finds out that you're making micromissiles, she's gonna be so pissed.
Main 2唔,没有兜帽,总觉得脑袋凉飕飕的…うーん、フードがないと、頭の後ろがすーすーしちゃうねHmm... It does feel rather breezy behind my head without my hood...
Main 3导弹与舰炮的对决?这种跨时代的比较不会有结果的啦~ミサイル・バーサス・艦砲?時代が別々のものを比べてもしょうがないよーMissiles versus naval guns? Eh, there's no point comparing things from two different eras~
Touch除了装备不一样了,衣服也换了一套哦。装備だけじゃなく、服も一新!ってね~My gear's not the only thing different about me! I've got a new look too! Heh~
Touch (Special)指挥官,果然是这样的人啊…指揮官はさあ…やっぱりそういう人なんだ…Y'know, Commander... I always knew this was the kind of person you are...
Return to Port指挥官辛苦了哦。之前的那个“疲惫飞飞”,要不要再来一次?指揮官お疲れ様だよー。この前の「いたいのいたいのとんでけー」、もう一回する?Good job out there, Commander. Need me to do that "pain, pain, fly away" thing again?
Enhancement导弹…威力有没有变得更强了呢ミサイル…威力が上がったのかなMissiles, huh... I wonder if I'm stronger now.