Bristol (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 533Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull DestroyerRaritySuper Rare
NavyEagle UnionBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP407 Reload84
Firepower26 Torpedo71
Evasion59 Anti-air43
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW55 Luck78
HP1894 Reload162
Firepower72 Torpedo188
Evasion223 Anti-air165
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW135 Luck82
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault Ⅰ | All weapons' efficiency +2%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | All weapons' efficiency +3%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
3Anti-Air Gun%/%/%/%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Destroyer: Allen M. Sumner-class Tech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Lights On!Every 20s: this ship points her lantern forward, illuminating enemies. Illuminated enemies suffer 1.0% (10.0%) reduced Evasion Rate for 10s.???
Let's Go, Data 857!Every 20s: summons Data 857. When summoned, Data 857: 1) fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level); 2) for 10s, increases this ship's ACC and Crit Rate by 5.0% (15.0%) . During battle, increases the DMG your Allen M. Sumner-class ships deal to enemies that have been Illuminated at least twice by 1.0% (10.0%) . After the first time this skill is activated, increases the DMG your Allen M. Sumner-class ships deal by 1.0% (10.0%) until the end of that battle.???
All-Out Assault IIActivates All Out Assault II: Bristol once every 10 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description艾伦·萨姆纳级驱逐舰—布里斯托尔,舷号DD-857アレン・M・サムナー級駆逐艦「ブリストル」(DD-857)Allen M. Sumner-class destroyer – Bristol, Hull Number DD-857.
Biography唔……过去的经历吗?感觉没什么有意思的东西好说的呢。要不,我给你讲讲海怪的故事吧!据说在某个地方,生活着一种长颈圆头,身长几十米的怪物,每当有船从上面经过时,它就会“嗖!”的一下,把船吞进它的口中…んーブリストルの過去?んー特に面白いことはないね…それより物語を一つ教えよう!とある場所にながーい首をもった数十メートルもある伝説の怪獣が住んでてね、フネが頭上を通るとしゅぱっとそのフネを飲み込んじゃって……My history? Eh, it's honestly pretty unremarkable... Anyway, lemme tell you a story! Deep under the sea, there once lived a legendary monster that was as long as several school buses. When a ship sailed over it, the monster would open its jaws and swallow it whole...
Acquisition白鹰驱逐舰,布里斯托尔,向指挥官报道!听说你的港区里有很多的秘密?就让我来把它们都调查清楚吧!ユニオン所属、駆逐艦のブリストルだ!よろしくね指揮官!母港にはたくさんの秘密があるよね!ぐへへ、頑張って全部解き明かしてみせるよ!The name is Bristol, Eagle Union destroyer! Well met, Commander! This port must be home to many mysteries... I will make it my duty to solve each and every one! Heheheh!
Login装备已经检查完毕,随时可以出发探险!指挥官,今天也让我们全力以赴地进行调查吧!兵装チェック完了!いつでも冒険に出られるよ!指揮官、今日も全力で調査に励もう!Weapons check complete – I'm ready to go on an adventure! Get your mystery-solving gear on, Commander!
Details指挥官对这孩子很感兴趣?嘻嘻,这是英格拉罕帮我开发的调查小助手,DATA-857哦!指揮官はこの子に興味ある?へへへ、これはイングラハムが作ってくれたお手伝い調査ロボ、その名も「データくん857」だ!Curious about my little helper? Hehehe. Well, Ingraham built it to assist me in exploration. Its name is Data 857!
MainDATA-857,给指挥官露几手吧!比如…就你最擅长的那个,“记录回放”,把今天的调查报告展示一遍吧!データくん857、指揮官に君のすごさを見せてあげよう!じゃあ…一番得意の「りぷれい」からだ!今日の調査結果はこちら!Show the Commander what an awesome robot you are, Data 857! Let's start with your best feature – replay mode! List the results of our last investigation!
Main 2嗯……指挥官的这个桌子不能变形么?书柜后面也没有隐藏的门…和之前听说的完全不一样啊…執務室の指揮官の机、変形できない…本棚にも変な仕掛けがないし…聞いたのと違う…I was told your desk can transform and your bookshelf has a secret mechanism... I'm disappointed neither of those are true.
Main 3天气预报……太好了,明天会是晴天!要是雨天就不太好出门调查了呢…天気予報によると……よかった!明日が晴れだって!雨が降ったら調査できないよね!The forecast saaays... Awesome! It'll be sunny tomorrow! Can't go mystery-solving in the rain, you know!
Touch怎么样,我的工作服看起来是不是很帅气?このユニフォーム、かっこいいでしょ?My uniform looks pretty, doesn't it?
Touch (Special)指挥官…难道是被附身了!为了大家的安全只能对指挥官开炮了!指揮官はなにかに取り憑かれている?み、みんなの安全のために指揮官を倒すしかない!Are you possessed by an evil entity?! Then I have no choice... I've got to subdue you for everyone's safety!
Touch (Headpat)再多夸夸我的调查成果也是可以的哦!もっと調査結果を褒めてくれてもいいんだよ♪Sure, praise me for my investigator skills all you want~
Mission有新的任务哦指挥官!是不是调查任务呀?指揮官、新しい任務だよ!調査任務かな?New missions are in, Commander! Maybe one of them involves investigating something!
Mission Complete任务完成了!稍等,我这就准备一份调查报告~任務完了!調査報告書、今仕上げちゃうね!Mission complete! I'll write up a report of my findings right away!
Mail新邮件!?会不会是异常事件调查的委托书?新しいメール?異常事件への調査委託書…だったり?New mail? Could it be... a request to look into a paranormal case?
Return to Port现在正是调查港区谜团之一,指挥室的最好机会——啊指挥官欢迎回来!我,我可什么都没做哦!母港の謎の一つ、指揮官を調査するのに絶好のチャンス――あっ、おかえり!な、何もしていないよ!まだ!Now's the perfect opportunity to look into the Commander, one of the port's many myster– Oh! Welcome back! Err, I'm not up to anything at all! Not yet, at least!
Commission Complete委托完成了!DATA-857,帮指挥官仔细检查下货物上有没有沾上什么吧!特,特别是海带!委託完了したようだね!データくん857、報酬になにか変なものがついていないかチェックだ!こ、昆布には要注意だよ!A commission's been completed! Data 857, go see if the girls brought back any strange goodies. And watch out for k-kelp!
Enhancement装备强化完成!这下就可以前往更深入的地方调查了!武装強化完了!これでもっと深ーい場所を調査できるね!Firepower upgrade complete! New depths to explore are now within my reach!
Flagship布里斯托尔探险队,出发!ブリストル探索隊、しゅっぱーつ!Bristol Investigation Team, setting off!
Victory大胜利!这下就可以安心继续调查了!クリティカル!ぐへへ、これで安心して調査を続けられるよね!Crushing victory! Heheh! Now we can keep investigating in peace!
Defeat结果为大失败?!啊…已经,没有什么好留恋的了…ファンブル!?ぐ、ぐはっ…もはや思い残すことはない……Fiddlesticks! Agghh... No regrets...
Skill可不要小看了调查员的战斗力!探索者だからって侮るなよ~Your biggest mistake was underestimating this investigator!
Low HP呜哇哇哇!光源可不能被熄灭!わわわ!?光を消されてはだめ!Zoinks! Don't put out my light!
Affinity (Upset)诅咒你下次探险的时候全身沾满海带……むぅ、指揮官が冒険に失敗したら、昆布まみれになる呪いをかけたからな!Hmph... Our adventure went so badly all because you went and got the kelp curse put on you!
Affinity (Stranger)我听说东煌是一个充满了神话和传说的国度……如果可以的话,一定要找个东煌的小伙伴问问清楚!神話と伝説に満ち溢れる東煌か……うん、機会があったら、東煌の仲間にあれこれ聞いてみたい!The Dragon Empery's a land teeming with folklore and myths... Next time I see my Empery friends, I wanna hear all about them!
Affinity (Friendly)指挥官,如果暂时没有什么需要我做的,我可以在港区里随便逛逛吗?…耶!DATA-857,我们出发!他に手伝うことがなければ、母港で適当に散歩しててもいい?…やった!データくん857、出発するよ!If that'll be all, do you mind if I go for a stroll around port? ...Awesome! Come along, Data 857!
Affinity (Like)说起来指挥官怕黑吗?怕黑的话,晚上我可以带着提灯和你一起行动的!身为专业调查员,这点黑可唬不住我!指揮官は真っ暗な場所とか怖い?怖かったらブリストルがこのランプをもって一緒に行動するから大丈夫!プロとしてこれくらいの暗さどうってことないよ!Are you scared of the dark, Commander? Then just stick close to me, and my lantern will shoo the dark away! You've nothing to fear – I've trained for this!
Affinity (Love)这个世界的奥秘可真多啊,光凭我一个人和DATA-857可调查不完呢……不过还好有指挥官在呢!我们两个人一起调查的话,就能揭晓更多世界的秘密了!世界は謎に満ち溢れてて、ブリストルとデータくん857だけでは調べきれない…幸いなことに指揮官もいる!二人でも全部は調べられないけど、一人よりは多く調べられるもんね!There are more mysteries in the world than Data 857 and I can ever hope to solve... It's a good thing I have you, Commander! We might never solve EVERY mystery, but together, we can solve a lot more!
Pledge嘿嘿,以后指挥官就是我最好的调查伙伴了!不管是陆地、天空还是海洋,让我们把所有的秘密都调查个遍吧!ぐへへ、指揮官はブリストルの相棒だよ!海も空も、この大地も、調べられるものは全部調べ尽くそう!Hehehe! Now we're mystery-solving partners! We'll go wherever there are clues to be found, be they at sea, in the skies, or on land!
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In battle with Ingraham新装备的调试就拜托了!ぐへへ、新装備のテストは頼むよ―!Hehehe! Run a trial on this new gear, pretty please!
In battle with Cooper一起去新的调查点冒险吧!新しい調査ポイントで冒険しよう!The next point of interest is where our adventure starts!
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Ship Description指挥官,春节快乐!东煌有很多神奇的传说呢!我们一起来好好调查一番吧!传说的背后,一定隐藏着更多奇妙的奥秘!春節おめでとう、指揮官!東煌に伝わる数々の伝説、今日こそ調べてみよう!その伝説の裏にある秘密も、きっとまた不思議なものばかりのはず!Happy Lunar New Year, Commander! The time's finally come to look into the age-old legends from the Dragon Empery! The truth behind these legends is bound to be as fascinating as the legends themselves!
Acquisition指挥官,春节快乐!东煌有很多神奇的传说呢!我们一起来好好调查一番吧!传说的背后,一定隐藏着更多奇妙的奥秘!春節おめでとう、指揮官!東煌に伝わる数々の伝説、今日こそ調べてみよう!その伝説の裏にある秘密も、きっとまた不思議なものばかりのはず!Happy Lunar New Year, Commander! The time's finally come to look into the age-old legends from the Dragon Empery! The truth behind these legends is bound to be as fascinating as the legends themselves!
Login今天的调查任务是…收集东煌的传说故事!不过在那之前,先好好享受一下这个热闹的节日才是~今日の調査任務は…東煌の伝説と逸話のヒアリング!と、その前にまずは祭日を楽しまないとねInvestigator task for today: gather anecdotes about Dragon Empery legends and folklore! But that's for after I've enjoyed the festivities.
Details那个…太原!很抱歉又来打扰你了,不过我还想再借几本书!谢谢你了!太原、ごめんなさい。また邪魔しちゃった!本だけどまた何冊か貸してもらえないかな?うん、ありがとう!Sorry for dropping in unannounced, Tai Yuan. I was just wondering, could I borrow some books from you again? Cool, thanks a bunch!
Main指挥官,既然传说是以前的人们想象出来的夸张的故事……那他们参考的蓝本又是什么呢?伝説は大昔の人たちが誇張して作った物語だったとしたら…じゃあ、その誇張される前のモチーフはなんだったんだろ?Assuming a legend is a story embellished by people from many generations ago, then what is the kernel of truth that inspired it all?
Main 2DATA-857交给英格拉罕整修了哦!偶尔也要给小助手放个假呢~データくん857?イングラハムが修理中だって。たまにはお休みをあげないとねWhere's Data 857? Ingraham's doing maintenance on it. The little bot deserves a break too once in a while.
Main 3如果传说是真的……那,这个叫做“鲲”的东西,应该就是有史以来最大的海怪了吧!伝説が本当なら…この「鯤(こん)」ってやつ、歴史上最も大きい海の怪獣になるよね!If the legends are true, then that makes this fish – the Kun – the biggest aquatic monster to ever exist!
Touch是艾伦姐姐帮我挑选的衣服哦!怎么样,好不好看?この衣装はアレンが選んでくれたよ!えへへ、いい感じかな?Allen picked these clothes out for me! Hehehe~ How do I look in them?
Touch (Special)呜哇哇!指挥官,你吓死我了!わわわ!?指揮官、びっくりさせないでよ!Whoa! Hey! Don't startle me like that!
Return to Port库珀!能再帮我拿一点泡泡水吗?谢谢了!指挥官,我们一起来吹泡泡吧!クーパー、シャボン玉液をもうちょっとちょうだい!…助かる!えへへ、指揮官、一緒にシャボン玉吹こうよ!Cooper, I could use more soap liquid! ...Thanks! Come blow bubbles with me! Hehehe~
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Login调查完毕,今天的指挥室也没有什么变化!…噢,指挥官你来啦!調査完了!今日も執務室は異常なし、と……おかえり、指揮官!Investigation complete! Nothing seems out of order in the office. Welcome back, Commander!
Main我其实有点不擅长应付海带啦……不论是食用的还是野生的都不行!昆布はちょっと苦手というか……食べるのももちろん、そうじゃなくても絶対無理だ!Kelp is really gross to me... Never mind eating it, I can't even touch the stuff!
Main 2我和DATA-857都做好调查准备了!我们什么时候出发?…欸,还要等一会吗?真拿你没办法…那我再去检查一遍装备!データくん857にブリストル、いつでも出発可能だ!…ん?もうちょっとかかる?…しょうがない、装備のチェックをもう一回してくる!Data 857 and I are ready to go, just give us the word! ...It's not time just yet? Fine... I'll check my gear again in the meanwhile!
Touch欸,领带歪了吗?谢谢指挥官!ネクタイがズレてる?ありがとう、指揮官!My tie's all crooked? Thanks for telling me!
Touch (Special)指挥官,果然对这里很在意么…こ、ここが指揮官にとって気になる場所なの……S-so that's your favorite part of me, huh...
Touch (Headpat)感觉充满电了一样!指挥官的手真是不可思议呢~やる気がフルチャージみたいな感じ!指揮官の手って、すごいね~Feels like you just charged me up with energy! Your touch is like magic, Commander~
Return to Port指挥官,出击辛苦了!有没有发现什么值得我们再调查一番的地方呀?指揮官、出撃お疲れ様!ブリストルたちにとって調べ甲斐がありそうな場所とかあった?Nice going out there, Commander! Did you come across any places warranting an investigation?
Defeat啊,头发上沾满了海带…已经,没有什么好留恋的了…あ、頭に昆布が……ぐはっ…もはや思い残すことはない……There's... kelp on my head... Agghh... No regrets...