Allen M. Sumner (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 508Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull DestroyerRaritySuper Rare
NavyEagle UnionBuild Time
AcquisitionEvent: Ashen Simulacrum Rerun
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressHazuki Ogino
Allen M. SumnerDescription
HP407 Reload84
Firepower26 Torpedo70
Evasion59 Anti-air43
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW55 Luck80
HP1894 Reload162
Firepower72 Torpedo187
Evasion223 Anti-air165
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW135 Luck84
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All-Out Assault I | All weapons' efficiency +2%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | All weapons' efficiency +3%
Tier 3Improve All-Out Assault I | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Destroyer Gun
3Anti-Air Gun
Default Equipments
1Twin 127mm MK12 Dual Gun
Fleet Tech
T9 Destroyer: Allen M. Sumner-class Tech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Shooting Gun-StarDecreases the Burn duration inflicted on this ship by 3s and increases DMG dealt to Light Armor enemies by 5.0% (15.0%) . Every 20s: 70.0% chance to fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level) and increase your fleet's AA by 10.0% (20.0%) for 8s.Default Unlocked
Bang for Your BuckWhen there is at least 1 more Eagle Union ship in the same fleet as this ship or when this ship has sunk 2 or more enemies: increases this ship's TRP and AA by 5.0% (15.0%) until the end of the battle. When this ship equips Eagle Union gear: in battle, this ship additionally equips a special Lv.1 (Lv.10) AA gun (Special AA gun DMG is based on the skill's level).Default Unlocked
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All-Out Assault II: Allen M. Sumner-class every 10 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description艾伦·萨姆纳级驱逐舰—艾伦·萨姆纳,舷号DD-692アレン・M・サムナー級駆逐艦「アレン・M・サムナー」(DD-692)Allen M. Sumner-class destroyer – Allen M. Sumner, Hull Number DD-692.
Biography艾伦·萨姆纳级是弗莱彻级的改进型哦。虽然数量上比不过它们,不过无论是火力还是防空都更胜一筹!说我们是活跃在那时的白鹰最强驱逐舰也不为过呢~フレッチャー級の後継型、アレン・M・サムナー級のネームシップよ。アレン・M・サムナー級はフレッチャー級より数は少ないけど、火力と対空はあっちより少し強くなってるよ!ま、かの大戦でのユニオン最強駆逐艦といっても過言でないっしょ!I'm Allen M. Sumner, nameship of the class that succeeded the Fletcher class. We may not be as numerous as the Fletchers, but we've got a teensy edge over 'em in firepower and AA! Hell, I think it's no exaggeration to say we were the Eagle Union's strongest destroyers back in the war!
Acquisition白鹰新型驱逐舰,艾伦·萨姆纳就是我哦!叫我艾伦就好,请多指教啦,指挥官~听说你的港区好吃好喝还很轻松,是不是真的?ユニオン駆逐艦、アレン・M・サムナー!アレンでいいよ!はじめまして指揮官ちゃん♪この母港って美味しいもの食べれるし仕事も楽って聞いたけど、本当?I'm Eagle Union destroyer Allen M. Sumner! Just call me Allen! It's a pleasure, Commander! Anyway, I've heard you've got yummy food and cushy work here at this port. That true?
Login一副没睡醒的样子啊…呼!呼!怎么样,清醒一点了吧?指揮官ちゃんまだ起きてないっぽい?ふーふー…お!ちゃんと起きてる?You're still in dreamland, huh? Hm... *blows*... Oh, hey! So you are awake!
Details指挥官,你是喜欢撒娇的那一方呢,还是喜欢被撒娇的那一方呢?只是有点好奇~指揮官ちゃんは甘えてくるほうと、甘えさせてくれるほう、どっちがタイプ?気になるぅ!So Commander, do you like being the one cuddling, or the one being cuddled? Just wonderin'!
Main你的办公桌有些单调啊,来贴点亮晶晶的贴纸什么怎么样?嘿嘿,我推荐这几个款式的哦~提案!この執務室をさ、もうちょっとキラキラさせてみたくない?えへへ、これとこれを壁と机に飾っとくといいよーOkay, hear me out! Why don't we spruce up the office with some stickers? These here would look great on the walls and your desk!
Main 2弗莱彻真是为姐妹们操碎了心啊…我?硬要说的话…我是自由派吧!フレッチャーは姉妹艦たちをめっちゃ気にかけてるわねーあたし?あたしはどちらかというと放…じゃなくて自由主義!Man, it's crazy how much Fletcher cares for her sisters. Who, me? I, uhh, prefer a hands-off approach with my sisters!
Main 3原来指挥官的工作是这样的啊…如果学会了这些,我也能当指挥官?嘻嘻,开玩笑的~怎么样,有没有觉得放松点了?指揮官ちゃんの仕事ってこんな感じなんだ…じゃあさ。あたしも勉強したら指揮官になれたりしない?しないよねーえへへ、どう?少しはリラックスできた?So this is what you do all day... You don't think I could become a commander too if I studied enough? Yeeeah, me neither. Heheh. Feel a little less tense now?
Main 4指挥官,你刚刚打盹了,对吧?嗯嗯,承认错误的人是好孩子哦~指揮官ちゃーん、今あくびしたでしょー?認めたほうがいい子なんだからねーYou just yawned, didn't you, Commander? Just be honest and admit it~
Touch咋啦?想向我撒娇吗?来吧来吧~あたしに甘えたいの?いいよ!ばっちこーい!What's that? You cuddle with me? Go on, try it!
Touch (Special)嘿,我躲,我再躲~あははは、避けたぞー避けちゃうぞーHahaahh! Too slippery for you! Can't catch me!
Touch (Headpat)喵呼~?にゃ?Hmm?
Mission我是个无情的任务提醒器~有任务,有任务,快完成,快完成~ビビ、感情のない任務リマインダーからのお知らせです。未完了の任務あり、早くこなせー、こなせーーBeep boop, this is an automated deadpan mission reminder. Uncompleted missions detected. Do your job. Beep boop.
Mission Complete任务完成!…不对,好像和我没什么关系?任務完了よ!…あれ?あたし何もしてなくない?Mission completed! ...Wait a sec, this thing says I had zero involvement in it!
Mail是新邮件哦!…过会再看?那我先贴个“未读”标记了~メールよ!あとで読むって?んじゃあ未読ってメモしとくねーNew mail's come in! Gonna read it later? Gotcha, I'll put a sticker on it then.
Return to Port噢!欢迎回来呀!沙发没人坐哦。おお!おっかえりー!ソファは空けといてあるよWhoa! Hel-looo! The couch is all yours if you want it.
Commission Complete委托完成了哦!物资分类的标记我已经用贴纸代替好啦~いたくかんりょー!報酬の仕分けはしといてあげたから見といてーCommission completezo! Check it out, I categorized the rewards with some stickers!
Enhancement嗯~嗯!是该活动下筋骨了~んっしょ!ストレッチしたくなるよねーこれー!Sweet! Burst of energy like this make me wanna do stretches!
Flagship好,出发吧~!ぼちぼち行きますかーLet's do this thing!
Victory哎呀,这不是轻轻松松的嘛~回头再贴一颗星星~楽勝じゃん!星をもう一枚貼っとこ☆Easy-breezy! That's another star on my record!
Defeat放松过头了啊,还好只是近失弹…我会反省的啦~やば、気を抜きすぎた…至近弾で助かった…反省してまーす…Oh crap, I really whiffed this one... Thank god for that near miss back there... Umm, I'll do better next time.
Skill开始大闹一场吧!そんじゃ暴れますよっと!Welp, time to go ham!
Low HP局势僵住了啊……っ!まだまだ!Owch! I'm not outta the game yet, though!
Affinity (Upset)好啦好啦,心情不好就来撒撒娇吧~姐姐温暖的怀抱借给你哦~はいはい、落ち込んだら甘えていいよ。ネームシップのあったかーいハグでもどうぞーOkay, okay, calm yourself and I'll indulge you with a nice, heartwarming hug.
Affinity (Stranger)嗯哼,舰装状态非常好!下次出击也要靠你们了呢~嘿嘿~艤装はいいコンディション!次からも頼むよ!えへへ!My rigging's in tip-top condition! Counting on you to keep it that way, Commander! Hehe!
Affinity (Friendly)呼~今天的训练顺利完成!接下来就是休息时间了。…啊,抓住指挥官!这个星星贴纸送给和我一起辛苦的你——就贴额头上好了~戦闘訓練完了!休憩タイムは購買までダ――ッシュ!あ、指揮官ちゃん、この特典スタンプあげるよ!えへへ、今度いいことあるかもねーI've finished all my combat drills, so I'm gonna use my break time to run down to the store! Oh, before I forget, here's a special sticker for you! It's all good if you wanna trade it with someone later.
Affinity (Like)下次的假日你没有安排吧?确定了对吧?好,这天我预定了!到时我在房间准备好游戏机等你哦~次の非番の日って暇?暇だよね?よし、じゃあ時間を空けといて~ゲーム機用意して待ってるからねーSo, you doing anything special on your next day off? No? Perfect! Then mark that date your calendar. I'll bring the vidya and we can game all day!
Affinity (Love)Zzz…唔,指挥官?不小心睡着了欸嘿嘿…所以,把我背回到沙发上啦~拜·托·你·咯~哎呀,我们关系都这么好了,有点亲密接触不是很正常嘛~Zzzz……あれー指揮官ちゃん?ふはーごめん寝落ちした…ソファまでおんぶしてもらっていい?ダメ?なんでーあたしたちの仲じゃんさ~Zzzz……Zzz... Hmm? Commander? *yawn*... Guess I dozed off, whoops. Could you gimme a ride to the couch? ...No? Aww, why not?! We're buds, so what's the big deal? Zzz...
Pledge这究竟是算我攻略了指挥官,还是指挥官攻略了我呢…哎呀,不纠结了,结果是Happy End就行啦!欸嘿嘿~爱你哦,指挥官~これじゃ指揮官があたしを攻略したか、それともあたしが指揮官を攻略したかわかんないや…ま、二人結ばれてハッピーエンドだしいっか!えへへ、指揮官、愛してるよ♡One mystery remains: did I charm you, or did you charm me? Meh, don't really matter... All that's important is now we'll live happily ever after! Hehe~ I love you so much, Commander♡
Present Like
Present Dislike
In battle with Cooper有黑猫!…嘿嘿,开个小玩笑~黒猫だ!えへっ、冗談だって!Hey look, Black Cats! Pfft! Just messing with you~
In battle with Laffey拉菲?嗯,稍微有些不一样啊~うちの子?って別人じゃんIs that you, sis? Never mind, wrong Laffey!
In battle with Marblehead, Astoria, Bremerton噢,不觉得这个新贴纸挺可爱的吗~?おっ、新しいスタンプめっちゃ可愛くない?Oh man, those new stickers you've got? They're so cute!
In battle with Long Island让幽灵小姐的衣袖成为新潮流吧~幽霊さん袖を流行らせちゃうよーIf it ain't the ghost that popularized oversized sleeves!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description欢迎光临,指挥官!——虽然很想热情地招待你啦,不过当下好像发生了点意外…没事没事,我自己可以解决的!らっしゃっせー、指揮官ちゃん!…と言いたい所だけど、ちょっとトラブっちゃって…大丈夫大丈夫、なんとかするから!Welcome, Commander! I would fetch you our menu, but I've had a teensy accident here... Don't worry, I'll fix this somehow!
Acquisition欢迎光临,指挥官!——虽然很想热情地招待你啦,不过当下好像发生了点意外…没事没事,我自己可以解决的!らっしゃっせー、指揮官ちゃん!…と言いたい所だけど、ちょっとトラブっちゃって…大丈夫大丈夫、なんとかするから!Welcome, Commander! I would fetch you our menu, but I've had a teensy accident here... Don't worry, I'll fix this somehow!
Login指挥官,欢迎光临!还有那个…小心地滑哦!らっしゃっせー指揮官ちゃん!…と、足元注意!Welcome, Commander! Uh, watch your step!
Details谢谢您光临本店!对了,还有就是…(小声)能不能帮我垫付一下这几杯柠檬汁的钱呀?ご来店あざしたー。それと……(小声)オレンジジュースのお代、あとであげるからっThanks for popping in! By the way... I'll pay you back for the OJ later.
Main说起来,关于兔女郎这方面,我请教了北卡小姐哦!之前完全看不出来她是这方面的专家啊…バニーガールってノースカロライナさんがめっちゃ詳しいじゃん!まじで全然知らなかった…Turns out North Carolina is like, a bunny girl expert! I never knew that.
Main 2库珀,你还不能喝酒哦!让指挥官帮你点杯果汁吧~クーパーちゃん、お酒は禁止だよ!ほら、指揮官ちゃんにジュースでも奢ってもらって~えへへNo, Cooper! No adult drinks, got it? Ask the commander to order you some juice instead! Hehehe~
Main 3盯——难道指挥官的癖好是兔女郎服装?这可要记下来才行~はえー指揮官ちゃんってバニーガールが好きなの?覚えておかなきゃSooo... You like bunny girls, Commander? Asking for a friend.
Touch好像就这么坐着偷会懒也不错…所以晚点再扶我起来吧~座ったままでサボるのも良さそうな気がする…なので起こすのはまた後にしてねーYou know what, it's comfier to sit and take it easy, so I'm gonna stay put for now.
Touch (Special)对,对店员出手可是不行的!こら、スタッフに変なことするんじゃない!Hey! You can't grope a staff member!
Return to Port指挥官,帮我点一杯柠檬汁,谢啦!…你看,我现在姑且还是店员嘛,所以自己点单不太合适吧?指揮官ちゃん、オレンジジュース!…ってあたしの分だよ!ほら、スタッフが自分の飲み物を自分で注文するっておかしいじゃん?Hey, Commander, order a glass of OJ! ...No, it's for me! Staff can't just order drinks for themselves, y'know? That's weird.
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Login!!哇哇,指挥官?呃,我睡着啦…?哈~啊,总觉得今天很想摸鱼呢…!!指揮官ちゃん?あたし寝てた…?ふはー今日はサボりたい気分かも…Hwuh?! Wait, did I fall asleep? *yawn*... I might just call in sick today. Too lazy.
Details想要被撒娇吗~?那我就不客气啦~欸嘿嘿甘えさせてくれるの?んじゃ遠慮なくとことん甘えまくっちゃお~えっへ?You could go for some cuddling? Don't mind if I do! We're gonna cuddle 'till dawn breaks!
Main想要我帮忙?这么客气干嘛~对秘书舰只要说声“交给你了”就好了呀…好啦,交给我吧~仕事手を伝ってほしいって?何言ってんのー秘書艦には「はい任せた」ってのが普通でしょ?…うん、任された?What do you mean "please help"? I'm your secretary, just tell me "get this done" like a commander would! ...Right, I'm on it.
Mission任务?我也会帮忙的哦?快完成掉吧~任務?あたしも手伝うよ?早くおわらせよー!A new mission? I could help, if you want. I'll get it done in a jiffy!
Mission Complete我是个无情的任务奖励提醒器~快领奖,快领奖,快领奖~ビビ、感情のない任務完了リマインダーからのお知らせです。任務報酬、早く確認して、早くーBeep boop, this is an automated deadpan mission reminder. Mission rewards detected. Go claim them. Beep boop.
Flagship加油上吧~頑張っちゃうねーI'm givin' it one-hundo percent!
Victory是我和指挥官的胜利!啊哈哈~あたしと指揮官のー、ビクトリー!あはは☆This victory's for me and you, Commander! Ahaha!