Albacore (JP 🇯🇵: アルバコア, CN 🇹🇼: 大青花鱼)
Ship IDNo. 358Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull SubmarineRaritySuper Rare
NavyEagle UnionBuild Time00:24:00
AcquisitionLimited Event: Albacore's Fanbook
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
ENAugust 15, 2019
CNSeptember 14, 2018
KRSeptember 14, 2018
JPSeptember 14, 2018
Voice actressAtsumi Tanezaki
Albacore Description
Gato-class submarine – Albacore, Hull Number SS-218.
Beneath the Black DressDescription
Oopsie! I totally just dropped something by mistake~! I'd better pick it up quick! Hmm? Saw something you shouldn't have, Commander? Hehehe~ That makes you my partner in crime now!
HP310 Reload35
Firepower11 Torpedo101
Evasion9 Anti-air0
Aviation0 Cost2
ASW0 Luck79
HP1603 Reload82
Firepower53 Torpedo478
Evasion22 Anti-air0
Aviation0 Cost8
ASW0 Luck79
HP Reload
Firepower Torpedo
Evasion Anti-air
Aviation Cost8
ASW Luck79
HP1924 Reload95
Firepower61 Torpedo526
Evasion41 Anti-air0
Aviation0 Cost8
ASW0 Luck79
HP Reload
Firepower Torpedo
Evasion Anti-air
Aviation Cost8
ASW Luck79
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock EX Barrage Ⅰ/Torpedo efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1/Improve Hunting range
Tier 3Improve EX Barrage/Torpedo efficiency +10%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Submarine Torpedo115%/120%/120%/130%1/1/2/20/0/0/0
2Submarine Torpedo105%/110%/110%/120%1/1/2/20/0/0/0
3Destroyer Gun90%/90%/90%/90%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Mark 14 Submarine Torpedo
2Mark 14 Submarine Torpedo
Fleet Tech
T6 Submarine: Gato-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock5 +1
Max LimitBreak10
Lv.1208 +2
Surpriiiiiiiise!When this boat resurfaces and when it retreats: fires a Lv.1(Lv.10) torpedo barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level) with a 70.0% chance to ignite enemies, causing Burn DMG. Burn DMG is based on this boat's TRP stat.Default Unlocked
Experienced HunterIncreases this boat's DMG to enemy DDs, CLs, and CVs by 1.0%(10.0%).Default Unlocked
All Out Assault ⅠActivates All Out Assault Ⅰ: Albacore immediately after entering the battle.Limit Break I(III)
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description小鲨鱼级潜艇大青花鱼,舷号SS-218ガトー級潜水艦アルバコア・SS-218Gato-class submarine – Albacore, Hull Number SS-218.
Biography战绩?我想想……哦!说起来,我击沉了大凤!但是,我觉得她那个时候不会沉才对……为什么后来她沉了呢?戦績?ふむふむ……お!そうだ!大鳳を撃沈したんだ!でもあの人そんな簡単には沈まないはずじゃ……なんで沈んだんだっけ?My achievements? Let's see... Oh, right! I sank Taihou! She shouldn't have sunk so easily, though... Actually, why DID she sink?
Acquisition锵锵!我是白鹰的大青花鱼!——突然冒出来把你吓了一跳?那还真是对不起啦~今天起我就是舰队的一员了呢,请多指教~じゃじゃーん!ユニオンのアルバコアだよぉん!――あ、急に出てきて驚かせちゃった?そりゃごめんね~今日からこの艦隊の一員になるんで、よろしくね~Tadaaah! I'm Albacore, from the Eagle Union! Oh, did I jump out and scare you? Sorry 'bout that~! I'll be a member of the fleet from now on, so let's get along!
Login指挥官来了吗?好嘞,今天也要捉……认真的工作呢!指揮官来た?よぉし、今日もいじりたおして……ってお仕事がんばりまぁす!The Commander's back? Sweet, today's gonna be jam-packed with mischie... Err, I mean, time for work!
Details嗯哼?为什么一直盯着我呢?难道指挥官……喜欢小一点的感觉?ははん?さっきからジロジロこっち見てくれちゃって~もしかして指揮官……小さい方がお好みだったり?Hohoh, I must've caught your attention~ Let me guess... you like 'em young, don't you, Commander?
Main指挥官对哪个大姐姐比较感兴趣呢?告诉我嘛,我不会说出去的啦……大概吧。指揮官はどのお姉ちゃんに興味ある?教えてよぉ~ほかの人に言わないから♪……多分!So, who are you into, Commander? Come on, tell me~ It'll be a secret between us... At least for a while!
Main 2我~累~了——指挥官,腿借我躺一下,谢啦~おおお疲れたよおお~指揮官、太もも貸して――うお!サンキュー!I'm SOOOOOO tireeeeed~! Lemme sit on your lap, Commander! ... Sweet! Thanks, friendo!
Main 3衣服?我一直都是这样的啦!指挥官你介意?难不成~你在想什么奇怪的事情·?格好?あたしはずっとこんな格好だよ?気になる?もしかして~変なこと考えてない?This? This is how I've always looked. Do ya like it? Let me guess... you're having naughty thoughts, aren'tcha~?
Touch终于,指挥官要把魔爪伸向潜艇了吗?お!ついに潜水艦にも指揮官の魔の手が!?Oh, my! Not even submarines are safe from the Commander's evil clutches!
Touch (Special)要是我现在大声呼救的话,指挥官……会变成怎样呢?哼哼~今もし、あたしが助けてーって大声で叫んだら~指揮官は……どうなっちゃうかな?フフフ~I wonder what'd happen to you if I were to scream for help right now... Wanna find out? Heheheh~
Mission只要你答应帮我按摩一下肩膀,我就不把指挥官偷懒的事情说出去啦。肩をもんでくれるなら、サボったことを内密にしてやるよ~ Give me a massage and I'll keep quiet about that time you slacked off~
Mission Complete奖励收到了哦!那个那个,有我的份吗?ボーナスゲッツ!あのあの、あたしの分は?Sweet mission rewards! So, when am I getting my share?
Mail邮件——答应我一个要求的话就给你~メール!――お願い一回聞いてくれたらあげちゃうよ~You've got mail! Say "pretty please" and I'll give it to you~
Return to Port欢迎回来!……桌子上的文件堆成了金字塔?大概是风吹的吧~おっかえり~!……書類の山がピラミッドになってる?さあ風の仕業じゃーないかな~?Weeelcome back! ... Why's the paperwork been stacked into a pyramid? Gee, a strong wind must've done it~!
Commission Complete委托完成!走吧,别让她们等太久了呢!委託完了!さあ早く早く!あまりまたせちゃ…ダメなんだからね☆Commission complete! C'mon, let's go! We can't just sit here and keep 'em waiting forever!
Enhancement哦哦,感觉不错!おお、いい感じ!Ooh! That's good!
Flagship下一个是谁呢,嘿嘿~次はだれかな~ヒッヒー♪Who's it gonna be next~? Teehee♪
Victory哈哈,轻松轻松!ははーん、余裕余裕!Hah hah! Easy peasy!
Defeat逃咯!逃げるんだよ~~!Time to get outta heeeere!
Low HP哎哎?我被注意到了吗?ええ?なんかあたし、注目されてない?Huh? Have they spotted me or something?
Affinity (Upset)(扮鬼脸)笨——蛋!バーーーーカ!Jeeeeeeerk!
Affinity (Stranger)要是指挥官让我生气的话,会发生怎样的事情呢?“指挥官糗事大公开”这样的感觉好像蛮不错的呢~もしあたしを怒らせちゃったらどんなことが起こるか?「指揮官のズッコケシチュ大公開!!」ってのが結構いいかも~!You wonder what'd happen if you tick me off? I'd host something like a public exhibit of your greatest blunders!
Affinity (Friendly)说起来,刚刚游完泳,肩膀有点酸呢……要是有人能帮我放松一下肩膀的话,说不定我就能把这几天看到的指挥官的秘密都忘掉了呢~泳ぎすぎて肩がちょっと凝ってるね……そうだ!誰かさんがマッサージでリラックスさせてくれたらもしかするとあたし、その誰かさんのバレちゃいけないことを、うっかり忘れてしまったぁーってなるかも……?My shoulders are so stiff after a long day of swimming... Oh, I have an idea! If a certain someone gives me a massage, I might just forget that really embarrassing thing they did!
Affinity (Like)也不能总是欺负指挥官呢,今天就让我来帮你按摩一下吧——呼呼!耳朵感觉怎么样?轻易就相信我的指挥官太天真了啦!指揮官をイジりっぱなしなのも悪いから、今日はこのあたしからマッサージしてあげる――ふぅ!ねえねえ今耳どんな感じ?簡単に信じちゃう指揮官のほうが悪いのだ~!It's mean to mess with you all the time, so today, you'll get a nice, relaxing massage! ... *Phew*... Hey, you feeling something inside your ears? It's your fault for blindly trusting me like that!
Affinity (Love)那,那个……如果我哪天没有回来的话,指挥官……啊,啊哈哈哈,那种事情怎么可能发生的啦!好了,看招,挠痒痒攻击!あ、あのぉ……もしあたし、戦場から戻らなかったら、指揮官……あっはは!そんなこと起こるわけないよー!はい!くらえ!こちょこちょ攻撃だぁ! H-hey, listen... If some day I don't come back from the battlefield, would you... Ahahaha! Like that's ever happening! C'mere! I'm gonna tickle you senseless!
Pledge戒指我就收下了,没什么事情的话我就走啦……诶,指挥官,你不追上来吗?我真的走了哦!……好吧,这次是我输啦!谁叫我已经没法离开指挥官了呢~指輪はもらっとく。他になければもう行っちゃうぞー……あれ?指揮官は追ってこないの?ほ、本当にどっか行っちゃうぞ?…………はいはい、あたしの負け!だってあたし指揮官からもう離れられないんだもん!Just claiming my ring. If that's all then I'm gonna get going now... What? You're not gonna stop me? I-I'm telling ya, I really will walk outta here! ... Fiiiine, you win! I admit it, I just can't be without you anymore!
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Main Title
In battle with Taihou啊哈哈,别那么记仇嘛~
In battle with Dace猫鲨出击!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description啊,糟了,居然掉到地上了!得赶快捡起来才行呢。……指挥官?你,莫非是看到了?那从现在起,你就是大青花鱼的共犯了!あ、しまったー大事なアイテムをうっかり落としてしまったよぉ~早く拾わないと…あれれ?指揮官もしかして見たの?ヒヒヒ、じゃあ今からアルバコアの共犯者!よろしくね~Oopsie! I totally just dropped something by mistake~! I'd better pick it up quick! Hmm? Saw something you shouldn't have, Commander? Hehehe~ That makes you my partner in crime now!
Acquisition啊,糟了,居然掉到地上了!得赶快捡起来才行呢。……指挥官?你,莫非是看到了?那从现在起,你就是大青花鱼的共犯了!あ、しまったー大事なアイテムをうっかり落としてしまったよぉ~早く拾わないと…あれれ?指揮官もしかして見たの?ヒヒヒ、じゃあ今からアルバコアの共犯者!よろしくね~Oopsie! I totally just dropped something by mistake~! I'd better pick it up quick! Hmm? Saw something you shouldn't have, Commander? Hehehe~ That makes you my partner in crime now!
Login嘭!嘿嘿,吓到你了吗?看来这个自制拉炮的效果还蛮不错的嘛!試しに――ドカン!おお、いまのでビックリした?むひひ、あたしながらいい出来じゃない~How about a... KAPOW! Gave you a real scare, didn't I? Teehee~ Turned out pretty good, if I say so myself~
Details要提醒大家小心拉炮?哼哼,请便~不过,拉炮我都藏在裙子下面了,指挥官是怎么知道的呢~…指挥官,你明白我的意思的吧?嘻嘻~クラッカーのことを皆に注意したいって?ふふふ、どうぞお好きに~でもぉ、ドレスの下のクラッカー、指揮官はどうしてそれを知ってるのかにゃ~…指揮官さぁ、この意味、わかるよね?へへへ~You wanna warn people about my firecrackers? Hehehe~ By all means, go ahead~ But how exactly are you gonna explain knowing that I had 'em hidden under my dress~? You get where I'm going with this, don'tcha? Hehehe~
Main指挥官,你有没有见到大凤呀?我也想给她看看我准备的惊喜呢!指揮官、大鳳見なかった?今日のサプライズを見せてやろうって!Commander, you seen Taihou anywhere? I've got an explosive surprise for her!
Main 2现在的我和平时的我,指挥官更喜欢哪一个?为什么呢?欸,不要害羞啦,说嘛说嘛~この格好と普段の格好、どちらが気になる?なんでそういう事聞くって?へへへ、恥ずかしがらなくていいって♪Which do you like more: this dress, or my ordinary getup? Why do I even ask? Hehehe~ C'mon, don't be shy and answer the question~
Main 3指挥官,这边这边!我们现在可是“共犯”,所以要一起行动才行!指揮官は、こっちこっち!あたしの計画を知った指揮官は共犯者だからね…今日は一日一緒に行動しないと~Over here, Commander! You agreed to be my accomplice right when you caught wind of my plan, so you've gotta follow me around the whole day~
Touch借着跳舞的机会,摸清楚会场里的情况!指挥官的这个想法很不错哦!……嗯?莫非你只是单纯地想邀请我跳舞?ダンスタイムで作戦地の下調べをするってキミ、中々いい発想してるよね~ん?本当にダンス?あたしと?You're gonna dig up location info under the guise of dancing with someone? Hey, pretty good idea! Huh? You just wanna dance? With me?
Touch (Special)要是我在这里拉响礼炮的话,所有人都会在一瞬间看过来的吧?嘻嘻~今もし、あたしがクラッカーを鳴らしたら~指揮官……皆にどぉ見られちゃうのかな?フフフ~I wonder how people would look at you if I set off a firecracker right now... Wanna find out? Heheheh~
Return to Port偷偷地把棘鳍的饮料换成酒的话——咕呜,被指挥官发现了呢。我只是想让她在不知不觉中尝尝“大人的味道”而已嘛~カヴァラの飲み物は、こう――むぅ、指揮官にバレたか…こっちはノンアルでオトナの気分、味わってもらいたかっただけなのにぃ?Time to spice up Cavalla's drink with a little... Darnit, you caught me in the act, Commander... All I wanted to do was give it a more mature but alcohol-free taste!
Affinity (Love)指、指挥官!谢谢你愿意陪我,当我的“共犯”!对了对了指挥官,把耳朵凑过来,我有悄悄话和你说!再近点啦!那个,其实…啾~嘻嘻,你又被我骗了呢~し、指揮官、付き合って、いじられてくれて、本当にありがとうなの!あたし、指揮官に言いたい大切な言葉が……耳、こっち…ほら、もうちょっと…チュッ♡ なんてね!これからもいじり倒してあげる♪L-listen, I'm really grateful that you hang out and let me mess around with you! I've got something important to say... Come here so I can whisper... C'mon, a little closer... *smooch*♡ Hah, got 'em! Expect much more teasing to come~