Z16 (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 564Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull DestroyerRarityElite
NavyIronbloodBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP335 Reload78
Firepower13 Torpedo87
Evasion55 Anti-air28
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW47 Luck51
HP1541 Reload150
Firepower34 Torpedo224
Evasion186 Anti-air107
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW117 Luck54
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault Ⅰ | Torpedo efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Torpedo efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Destroyer: Type 1934A-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Piercing ShellsIncreases this ship's DMG with AP by 15.0% (25.0%) .???
The Best Mines Ever!The first 4 times this ship fires her torpedoes every battle, this ship deploys Lv.1 (Lv.10) sea mines at her present location (sea mine DMG is based on the skill's level). When sortied with Admiral Hipper, or if there is an enemy Royal Navy CL present: increases this ship's SPD by 3.???
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: 1934A Type once every 10 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description1934A型驱逐舰—Z16 弗里德里希·埃科尔特1934A型駆逐艦--Z16 フリードリヒ・エッコルトType 1934A destroyer – Z16, Friedrich Eckoldt.
Biography铁血驱逐舰弗里德里希·埃科尔特,叫我Z16也行。要不是在那个时候没看清人,我也不会……不管了!反正这次只要分清自己人和敌人就好了!オレサマは鉄血駆逐艦フリードリヒ・エッコルト、Z16と呼んでもいいぞ。あの時もっとよく見ていたら…ええい!今度は敵か味方かちゃんと見分ければいいだけだ!I'm the one-and-only Friedrich Eckoldt, Iron Blood destroyer, but you can just call me Z16. If only I had gotten a better look back then, I wouldn't have... Ah, screw it! This time, I'll make sure I don't get friend and foe mixed up!
Acquisition喂,你就是指挥官对吧!我可是反复确认过的,才不会认错咧!我就是铁血驱逐舰Z16,弗里德里希·埃科尔特!哼哼,我已经手痒难耐了,快点让我出海打一架!おい、指揮官ってのはお前のことだな!何度も確かめたから間違いないぞ!オレサマは鉄血駆逐艦のZ16、またの名をフリードリヒ・エッコルトだ!ふふん、もううずうずしてとまらないんだ!早く海に出させて戦わせるのだ!Hey, you over there, you're the Commander, aren't you? That's right, I've checked my papers a bazillion times already! I'm the one-and-only Iron Blood destroyer Z16, also known as Friedrich Eckoldt! Heh heh, I can't wait to get my hands dirty, so hurry up and sortie me already!
Login喂,可疑人士!在指挥官的房间里鬼鬼祟祟地做什么——啊,原来是指挥官本人么。こら!怪しいやつ!指揮官の部屋でコソコソと何をして――ん?指揮官かStop right there, scoundrel! What are you doing sifting through the Commander's room–– Huh? Oh, it's you, Commander.
Details只要狠狠揍一顿,敌人自然就会老实了!你说是吧指挥官!ボッコボコにすれば、敵も大人しくなるもんだ!指揮官、そうだよな!The best way to get your enemies to chill out is to beat the crap outta them! Isn't that right, Commander?
Main呜哇,密密麻麻的字,看得眼睛好疼……不行了,头好晕……うわ、字がびっしりで目がしょぼしょぼする…ダメだ、めまいもしてきた…Gross, all the letters are so close together that my eyes are getting sore... I give up, I'm getting all cross-eyed...
Main 2看我把你咬成碎片——!嘿嘿,指挥官,谢谢你的糖!还有没有多的?バリバリかみ砕いてやる――!へへへ、指揮官、キャンディありがと!もっともらっていいか?I'll chew you up and grind you to itty-bitty pieces! Hehehe, thanks for the candy, Commander! Got any more for me?
Main 3指挥官,要是你犯困了,我就咬你一下,这样你就能精神起来了!…嗯?不行吗?指揮官が眠くなったらカブってしてやる!そうすれば元気なれるぞ?…ん?ダメ?Commander, if you start getting drowsy, lemme give you a good chomp! That'll get you on your feet real fast! ...Eh? That's a no-go?
Touch嗯?突然摸我干什么?ん?どうした?急に触ってきてHuh? Why are you touching me all of a sudden?
Touch (Special)喂,你在摸哪里?!こら!どこを触ってる!Eyy! Where are you stickin' those hands?!
Mission任务?好像都是些很无聊的事情啊,我不想做!任務?つまんなさそうなことばっかり…やだ!Missions? Ugh, there's only boring stuff here... Get me out!
Mission Complete任务完成了!接下来只要往这里盖章就好了对吧?让我来让我来~任務完了だ!あとはここにハンコを押すだけだな?やるやるー!Mission complete! So now we gotta stamp everything right here? Lemme do it!
Mail邮件?就是这个薄薄的信封?顺手帮你拿也不费劲就是了。这个东西很重要吗?メール?この薄っぺらい封筒のことか?ついでに持ってきてもいいけど、大事なものなのか?Mail? You talking about this flimsy envelope here? I brought it with me, but is it really that important?
Return to Port回来了?出击一定很开心吧!因为能尽情地和敌人打一架啊!难道你只是站在后面看着吗?戻ったか?出撃は楽しかったよなー!思いっきり敵とケンカできたしなー!…まさか後ろに隠れて見てただけじゃないよな?You're back? Heh, I'm sure you had a blast on that sortie. You get to slug it out with all kinds of enemies! ...You didn't just hide in the back, did you?
Commission Complete委托的同伴们好像回来了!一共有几个人来着?太远了看不清……委託組の仲間たちが戻ってきたようだ!えっと、何人だったっけ?遠すぎてよく見えない…Our friends from the commission team have returned! Uhh, how many people were there again? I can't really see from here...
Enhancement期待我的活跃吧!ふふん、オレサマの活躍を楽しみにしてろ!Heh heh, you'd better get ready for what I'm about to do!
Flagship要开打了吗?那我就上了!もう始めていいか?いくぞー!!We brawlin'? Helllll yeahhh!!
Victory哼哼,我才是最能打的那个!ふふん、オレサマこそサイキョウ!Heheh, number one goes to the one-and-only ME!
Defeat别拦着我!那些家伙把我的同伴弄哭了……绝对不能放过!止めるな!あいつら仲間を泣かせやがって…ぜったい許さない!Don't hold me back! Those bastards made my friends cry... and I'm not gonna forgive them!
Skill揍飞你们!ぶっ飛ばしてやる!I'll blow you away!
Low HP擦伤而已,我才不怕!ただのかすり傷だ!ビビるもんか!Barely a scratch! Like hell I'd let that scare me!
Affinity (Upset)喂,告诉我是谁欺负你了?不要怕,我这就去帮你出了这口气!お前をいじめたのはどいつか教えろ!怖がるな!このオレサマがやり返してやるからな!Tell me who's bullying you! Don't be scared! I'm gonna get payback for you!
Affinity (Stranger)太复杂的东西我不懂,不过打倒坏人,保护好人,这个总是没错的!至于谁是好人谁是坏人,这个我一眼就能看出来!難しいことはわかんないけど、悪いやつをやっつけて、良いやつを守って――これだけは間違ってないよな!誰が良いやつか、誰が悪いやつか、オレサマなら一目で見分けられるからな!I'm no good with the complicated stuff, but all I know is, you beat up the bad guys and protect the good guys – can't go wrong with that, right? As for who's good and who's bad, I can tell with just a glance!
Affinity (Friendly)坏人也分坏的程度。有的坏人说两句就能改正,有的坏人得拿拳头“威吓”才行,还有的坏人你越吓他反而越嚣张…这是我总结的规律!悪いやつも色んなのがいて、言い聞かせれば反省するやつもいれば、ゲンコツで「ワカラせ」ないと反省しないやつもいるぞ。それとこっちが本気をだせば逆に調子に乗るやつも…まあ、ざっとこんなところか!There are all sorts of bad guys out there. Some can be reasoned with, others won't repent until you threaten them with a good beatdown. Then, there are the real assholes who force me to get serious... Well, you already know what happens to them!
Affinity (Like)如果哪天指挥官变成了坏人,那我就只能狠下心“教训”你了……为了不变成那样,指挥官要努力做一个大家都喜欢的好人哦!もしいつか、指揮官が悪いやつにでもなったら、オレサマが心を鬼にして指揮官をお仕置きすることになる…そうならないように、頑張ってみんなに好かれるような良い人になるのだぞ!Commander, if you ever turn into a bad guy one day, I'd have to steel my heart and beat the evil out of you... That's why you should work hard to be a good person beloved by everyone, so something like that never has to happen!
Affinity (Love)啊,是指挥官!嘿嘿,感觉一见到指挥官我的心情就会特别好啊~今天要出击吗?交给我吧!当然如果有好吃的硬糖就更好了!あ、指揮官だ!へへへ、なんだか指揮官に会うと調子がよくなる気がするな!今日は出撃する?任せろ!もちろん、うまいキャンディをくれたらもっと調子がよくなるぞ!Oh, Commander! Hehehe, just seeing you is getting me all fired up~! So, we sortieing today? Just leave it to me! Now if you had some sweet candy for me, I'd be even more fired up!
Pledge指挥官,这一定就是那种无论距离多远,只要一方呼唤,另一方就能收到讯息的特别道具吧!……欸,只是普通的戒指么?这样啊……没关系,就算不用那种东西,我也能先一步感知到危险飞奔而来的!指揮官、これが例の「どんなに離れていても、呼びかければもう片方を持つ相手に伝わる」と言われている、特別な指輪だよな!…えっ、ただの指輪なのか?そうか…ふん!大丈夫!別にそんなのを使わなくても、オレサマなら指揮官の危険を嗅ぎつけて駆けつけられるぞ!Commander, this must be one of those special rings that let you talk to the other person wearing it no matter how far the two of you are apart, right? Huh? It's just a normal ring? I see... Hmph! But that doesn't matter! Even without a ring like that, I can sense if you're ever in danger and rush to your aid at any time!
In battle with Sheffield呃,是、是同伴吧……えっと、な、仲間だよな… Uhh, w-we're cool, right...
In battle with Admiral Hipper是,是希佩尔没错吧!ヒ、ヒッパーだな! H-Hipper, it's you, right?
In battle with U-110你是小鲨鱼的话,那我就是大鲨鱼!嘎哦!お前がサメなら、オレサマは巨大サメだ!がお! If YOU'RE a shark, then I'm a huge shark! Raaawr!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description哼哼,指挥官,来得正好!你的运气不错——因为马上就能见识到我打出全垒打的潇洒身姿了!ふふん、指揮官、ちょうどいいところに!お前は運がいい――これからホームランを打つ、かっこいいオレサマが見れるからな!Heh heh! Count your lucky stars, Commander, because you're just in time – to witness the one-and-only Z16 knock this thing right outta the ballpark!
Acquisition哼哼,指挥官,来得正好!你的运气不错——因为马上就能见识到我打出全垒打的潇洒身姿了!ふふん、指揮官、ちょうどいいところに!お前は運がいい――これからホームランを打つ、かっこいいオレサマが見れるからな!Heh heh! Count your lucky stars, Commander, because you're just in time – to witness the one-and-only Z16 knock this thing right outta the ballpark!
Login喂!球场那边的可疑人士,你在做什么——啊,是指挥官。抱歉,第一时间没认出来……こら!ベンチのそこにいる怪しいやつ、何を――あ、指揮官だった。すぐに見分けられなくてごめん…Hey you! That suspicious person sitting on the bench! What are you– Oh, it's you, Commander. Sorry, I couldn't tell right away...
Details博格!投个高难度的球给我……等、等一下,没必要扔那么快吧?!ボーグ!難しいのを投げて…うわっ!?ちょ、ちょっとタンマ!今のはさすがに速すぎでしょ!?Bogue! Give me your best pitch... W-wait, hold on! You don't need to throw it THAT fast!
MainZ24有一双大大的铁手套,她一定很适合当捕手!……你说她参加网球比赛去了?那就没办法了…ニーシェのあのごついクローブ、きっとキャッチャーに向いてるぞ!…テニスの試合に出てる?じゃあダメか…I'm sure Z24 would make a great catcher with those huge metal gauntlets of hers! ...Oh, she went to join the tennis tourney? So much for that...
Main 2喝!怎么样,这一球飞得这么远,一定会是全垒打——出、出界了?!てや!どうだ!あんなに遠くまで飛んだしきっとホームランに間違いな――ア、アウトだった!?Hyah! How's that? With how far that baby's flying, that's a home run for sure! What, it's a foul ball?!
Main 3球场上不集中注意力可不行!指挥官,给你提神用的薄荷糖!接好了!コート上ではしっかり集中しないとダメだぞ!指揮官にミントキャンディをやろう!You've gotta stay focused in the batter's box! Commander, throw me a mint candy!
Touch我没事,再挥一百下球棒也不在话下!大丈夫だ!あと100回でも余裕で振れるぞ!I'm totally fine! I can swing this bat a hundred more times with ease!
Touch (Special)我,我要用球棍打你了!バ、バットで殴るぞ!Y-you're gonna get bonked!
Return to Port疼疼疼……咳咳,只是刚刚被发球机的球砸到了而已,没什么值得担心的!いたた…こほん、バッティングマシンのボールがちょっと当たっただけ!へ、ヘッチャラだよ!Owww... *cough* *cough*... Just got pegged by the pitching machine by accident! It's nothin' to worry about, seriously!
Flagship放马过来吧,我已经准备好了!準備はできているからかかってこい!!I'm ready, so put me in already!!
Victory全~垒~打!分数我就收下了!ホームラン!1点もーらい!Hooooome run! Another point for Z16!
Defeat那,那个球到底是从哪里飞过来的……?さ、さっきのボールはどこから…?Wh-where did that baseball come from?!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Login喂,指挥官!嘿嘿,我没认错,果然是你~让我们开始今天的工作吧!こら、指揮官!えへへ、やっぱり間違ってなかったな!さっさと今日の仕事を始めるぞ!Yo, Commander! Hehe, didn't get the wrong person this time~ Let's get started with the day's work!
Details指挥官用脑思考,我用拳头揍飞敌人!诶嘿嘿,我和指挥官是好搭档呢!指揮官が頭で考えて、オレサマがゲンコツで敵をぶっ飛ばす!えへへ、オレサマと指揮官、いいコンビだ!Commander, you can do the thinkin' with your noggin, and I'll do the thumpin' with my fists! Ehehe, the two of us make a good team!
Main指挥官,这个薄荷糖超好吃的哦!给你一个——嗯?你不把它咬碎吗?指揮官、このミントキャンディめっちゃうまいぞ!一個やる!――ん?噛まないのか?Commander, these mint candies are out of this world! Here, I'll give you one! Huh? You're not supposed to bite on them?
Main 2指挥官!指挥官?再不理我我就要咬你了!……只是想让你注意到我啦,我怎么舍得真的咬你……指揮官、指揮官ってば!いい加減相手してくれないと噛むぞ!…ふん、オレサマを放置したから冗談だ。本当に噛みはしないぞ…Commander... Commander! If you ignore me, I'm gonna bite you! ...Hmph. I was just joking around, but that's what you get when you don't pay attention to me. I don't really bite...
Touch (Special)这,这里可不行!そ、そこはダメだってば!H-hey, I told you to cut that out!
Mission任务?虽然都是些很无聊的事情……就当是为了指挥官吧!任務?つまんないことばかりだけど…まあ、指揮官のためだ!A mission? Freaking boring... Well, whatever, I don't mind doing it for you, Commander!
Mission Complete任务完成了,接下来是一如既往的盖章时间对吧?我来我来!任務が終わったから、またいつものハンコタイムだな?やるやる!After we're done with missions, it's time for the usual stamping, yeah? Lemme do it!
Mail你说那个薄薄的信封的话,我已经放在桌子上了。例の薄っぺらい封筒なら机に置いといたぞーI left the flimsy ol' envelope over there on the desk.
Return to Port唔,你总算回来了。在办公室等着,也除了让人头疼的文件整理工作之外没什么可做的……下次出击的时候一定要带上我!约好了!むぅ、やっと戻ったか。執務室で待ってても、頭が痛くなる書類整理の仕事しかやることがないぞ…今度出撃する時ぜったいオレサマも連れて行くこと!約束だ!Ugh, took you long enough. There's nothing to do here in the office except that stupid headache-causing paperwork... Next time, bring me along to your sortie! You'd better keep your promise!
Flagship看我嘎嘣咬碎你!バリバリ嚙み砕いてやるぜ!I'll tear you to shreds!
Victory指挥官,快看,我是最能打的那个!ほら指揮官、オレサマこそサイキョウだ!Did you see that, Commander? I'm the one-and-only top shark!