Sovetskaya Rossiya (JP 🇯🇵: ソビエツカヤ・ロシア, CN 🇹🇼: 苏维埃罗西亚)
Ship IDNo. 441Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRaritySuper Rare
NavyNorthern ParliamentBuild Time06:23:00
AcquisitionEvent: Northern Overture
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
ENFebruary 27, 2020
KRFebruary 27, 2020
CNFebruary 27, 2020
JPFebruary 27, 2020
Voice actressManami Numakura
Sovetskaya Rossiya Description
Sovetsky Soyuz-class battleship – Sovetskaya Rossiya.
The Lackadaisical LookoutDescription
"Situation normal in all sectors of the facility..." Oh, it is you. I was just giving Minsk the daily report. Do you have something?
HP1382 Reload51
Firepower82 Torpedo0
Evasion8 Anti-air46
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck46
HP6180 Reload98
Firepower213 Torpedo0
Evasion34 Anti-air174
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck48
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
2Light Cruiser200%/200%/200%/200%1/1/3/30/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun100%/100%/100%/100%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Triple 406mm Main Gun (B-37 MK1)
3Twin 100mm DP AA Gun (B-34 MZ-14)
Fleet Tech
T8 Battleship: Sovetsky Soyuz-classTech Points and Bonus
Unlock44 +2
Max LimitBreak88
Lv.12066 +1
Lod ObstrelWhen this ship fires a Salvo: 45.0% (75.0%) chance to fire a special barrage. Barrage DMG is based on the skill's level.Default Unlocked
Warcry of UnityFor each Northern Parliament and/or Dragon Empery ship in the same fleet as this ship: increases this ship's FP and Accuracy by 1.0% (5.0%) (can be stacked up to 4 times.) This skill only works for the first 2 battles of each sortie this ship takes part in.Default Unlocked
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description苏维埃同盟级战列舰—苏维埃罗西亚ソビエツキー・ソユーズ級戦艦――ソビエツカヤ・ロシアSovetsky Soyuz-class battleship – Sovetskaya Rossiya.
Biography我乃23型战列舰·苏维埃罗西亚。在大战中本是作为战略性的存在而发起建造计划,却因诸多原因而最终未能付诸最终实现。不过,这个舰队,似乎能让我证明自己真正的价值,取得决定性的成果呢,我很期待23型戦艦の「ソビエツカヤ・ロシア」だ。かの大戦で戦略的な存在になる計画だったが、諸原因によって結局実現されなかった。この艦隊では我が真価を証明し、決定的な戦果をもたらそうI am Sovetskaya Rossiya, of Project 23. I was part of a strategic plan during the war, but for several reasons never came to be. I see though that I can prove my value here in this fleet with a series of decisive victories.
Acquisition吾之名为「苏维埃罗西亚」,北方联合的杀手锏,最大最强的战舰之一。为了铲除挡在你和革命之前的一切障碍,我将全力出击我が名は「ソビエツカヤ・ロシア」、北方連合の切り札にして最大最強の戦艦が一人だ。貴様と革命の障害を取り除くために突き進もうI am called "Sovetskaya Rossiya," and as the mightiest of all the Northern Parliament's battleships, I am her ultimate weapon. I will press onward to eliminate all obstacles that stand between you and the Revolution.
Login指挥官同志,今天到得有点晚了。不要忘记了勤劳奋斗的精神同志指揮官、執務室への到着が遅いぞ。勤労精神を忘れてはならんComrade Commander, you are late. You must not forget your proletarian values.
Details是指挥官同志吗…抱歉,房间东西有些杂乱。不过,这些都是为了达成目的不得不付出的牺牲同志指揮官か。…足の踏み場がないとは失礼だな。これは我が役目のための必要的な犠牲だIs that you, Comrade Commander...? I'm afraid the office is a bit messy. But we must make sacrifices to achieve our goals.
Main提交的报告有缺失?唔,是很初级的疏忽啊…我这就补上。…这事就不用跟别人说了提出する文書が足りない?むっ初歩的なミスだな…すぐ再作成に取り掛かる。このことは他言無用で頼むA report I submitted went missing? Pardon my negligence. I'll make it up, so... please don't tell the others about this matter.
Main 2希望你能以纵览全局的视角进行指挥,要知道,你的肩上担负的,绝不仅仅是任何一个特定的个体大局的な視座での指揮を頼む。貴様の双肩に担っているのは特定の個体ではないI hope that you can command from a global perspective. After all, the responsibility on your shoulders is much greater than just that of an individual.
Main 3刚才在整备舰装的时候,突然发现多了几个螺丝…唔,能不能乐观地当作“资源不知不觉的增加了”…?果然不能吗……艤装を整備したらネジが増えた…むっ、「資源がなぜか増えた」という、肯定的な結論にはならないか?ならないのか……When I was inspecting my rigging, I noticed a few more screws than last time... Hm, an unexpected "increase in resource allocation?" That's a good thing, right?
Main 4你的战术指导太保守了!只要尚未被击沉,就能继续战斗——修复战损、反省疏失,强化舰身,改进方案——不断持续这样的循环才是最合理的作战方式貴様の戦術指導は保守的すぎる。沈まぬ限り戦い続ける――損傷を修理・見直し・補強・改善――それを遂行し続けることこそ合理的な戦い方だYour tactics are too conservative! As long as it has not been sunk, it can repaired, learned from, strengthened, and optimized... Continuing this cycle is the best way of fighting.
Touch想要加深交流吗?好,那就从把握手变成每天的习惯开始吧親交を深めたいのか。よろしい、まずは握手を日常的な慣習にしようではないかYou want to deepen our camaraderie? Very good, let us start by making a firm handshake part of our regular routine.
Touch (Special)这可不能说是绅士的行为啊これは紳士的とは言えんなThis is not polite behavior.
Mission任务来了。事务性的工作就交给我吧,你就专心进行作为指挥官的指挥与判断就行任務だ。事務的な仕事は私が引き受けよう。貴様は指揮官として決断に専念するがいいWe have a mission. I will handle the clerical work. You must be clear to focus on your duties as a commander.
Mission Complete唔,奖励列表有缺漏…?总体来说应该没问题才对…むっ、報酬リストに抜け漏れがあるだと…?全体には問題ないはずだが…Hm? Something missing from the reward manifest...? It should be generally correct...
Mail信件来了。指挥官同志,在下一封送来之前,尽快阅读确认吧手紙だ。同志指揮官、次の子が配達に来る前に、確認は早めに頼むMail. Comrade Commander, you must read it quickly before the next one comes bringing another letter.
Return to Port辛苦了。究竟这次收获的是光荣的胜利,还是失败的转进呢,就让我好好听听吧ご苦労。光栄的な勝利か、それとも敗北での転進か、聞くまでもなかったなRest. And tell me now of what glorious victory you have won, or how you turn defeat to our advantage.
Commission Complete军事委托吗。在舰队运营上,确实能起到强化后勤的作用啊軍事委託か。艦隊運営上、兵站的な役目を果たしてくれているなMilitary commissions? They are part of the logistical aspect of proper fleet management.
Enhancement是一次理想的强化,下次也拜托你了理想的な強化だ。次も頼むぞAn excellent strengthening. The next one should be so good.
Flagship炮击开始!一口气压制对方!砲撃開始!押しつぶせ!Commence bombardment! We will bury them!
Victory确认击沉。你们是无法阻挡北方联合,无法阻挡正义的解放的!撃破確認。貴様らでは北方連合を――正義の解放を止められんKill confirmed. You cannot stop the Northern Parliament... You cannot stop our righteous liberation!
Defeat真是屈辱…!品质不良的问题竟然在这时候爆发了…!くっ、屈辱的だ…品質不良のトラブルがここで出たか…!Gah, how humiliating... to think a material defect would surface at a time like this...!
Skill把你们统统轰飞!吹っ飛べ!Blow them away!
Low HP还不是致命的损伤…!致命的なダメージではない…!It's not fatal damage...!
Affinity (Upset)这般消极的态度可不行。让我来进行强制矫正吧そんな消極的な態度を取られては困る。強制的に矯正してやろうThis negative attitude is unacceptable. You must be forcibly reeducated.
Affinity (Stranger)希望你的舰队能如同磐石一般…唔,这只是比喻,换句话说,希望这个舰队也能团结一致,就像我们北方联合那样貴様の艦隊が盤石であるよう…うむ、比喩的な表現だ――つまり、一致団結できるように願っている。我が北方連合のようになYour fleet must be an iron curtain... Hm, it's a metaphorical expression... My meaning is that I hope to see this fleet stand united, just like our Northern Parliament.
Affinity (Friendly)指挥官同志,怎么了?不仅想与北方联合的一员,更想与作为个人的我加深感情?哼,主观的选择倒也不让人讨厌就是同志指揮官、どうした?北方連合の一員としてではなく、個人としての私と親睦を深めたいのか?ふん、主観的な選択は嫌いではないComrade Commander, what is this? You wish to deepen your relationship with me as an individual, not a representative of the Northern Parliament? Well, such subjective decisions are acceptable.
Affinity (Like)呣,厨艺不错啊…指挥官同志,感谢你准备的美食。不过,莫非你对我发起的攻势不光是传统的社交礼仪,甚至还包含更加原始的欲求成分么!むっ、これは中々いい腕前だな……同志指揮官、ごちそうを振る舞ってくれるのはありがたいが、もしや貴様は社交儀礼だけでなく、げ、原始的な欲求においても攻勢をかけていないか?Mm, this food is well made... Comrade Commander, thank you for serving me this meal, but I have to wonder, is this more than simple social etiquette? C- could you have some ulterior motive for this charm offensive?
Affinity (Love)干得漂亮…!不过,赌上北方联合的骄傲,我是不会就这样屈服于指挥官同志的攻势的…!来吧,指挥官同志,以全身全心,接下我全力以赴的恋爱攻势吧!くっ、見事だ…!だがな、北方連合の誇りにかけて、このまま同志指揮官の攻勢には負けん…!さあ、同志指揮官、今度は我が恋の攻勢をその身でしっかり受け取るがいい!Gah, well done...! I have no choice but to place the pride of the Northern Parliament on the line and face defeat at the hands of Comrade Commander's charm offensive! Now then, Comrade Commander, you face the full power of my love offensive!
Pledge只要一息尚存,我就会贯彻自己的使命。不仅是作为这支舰队的一员,更是作为与你建立了羁绊的存在——这不仅是理性的思考,也是我主观意识引导出的必然结论生を受けた以上己の役目を果たす。この艦隊の一員としても、貴様と絆を結んだ者としても――論理的な思考だけではなく、私の主観的な認識から帰結される当然の結論だSo long as I draw breath, I labor to carry out my mission. Not only as a member of this fleet, but also in service of the bonds you have forged... This is not a product of rational thinking alone, but also a decision born of my subjective opinion.
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Main Title
In battle with Neptune, Monarch, Ibuki, Izumo, Roon, Saint Louis, Seattle, Georgia, Kitakaze, Azuma, Friedrich der Große, Gascogne思考存在意义毫无用处,在此展示力量即可!存在意義を考えるなど無粋。この力を振るうまでだ!This is no time to ponder the meaning of life. Just show us your strength!
In battle with Kirov基洛夫,支援我!キーロフ、援護を!Kirov, aid me!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description“设施各区域未发现异常”——哦,是你啊。我刚在和明斯克进行日常联络。有什么事?「演習施設各区域、異常なし」――ああ、貴様か。今ミンスクに連絡しているところだ。何か用か?"Situation normal in all sectors of the facility..." Oh, it is you. I was just giving Minsk the daily report. Do you have something?
Acquisition“设施各区域未发现异常”——哦,是你啊。我刚在和明斯克进行日常联络。有什么事?「演習施設各区域、異常なし」――ああ、貴様か。今ミンスクに連絡しているところだ。何か用か?"Situation normal in all sectors of the facility..." Oh, it is you. I was just giving Minsk the daily report. Do you have something?
Login设施检查,警备巡逻,以及基于各种规程的作业监视,全都顺利进行中施設点検、警備巡回、規則に則った各種作業の監視、全て順調だFacility inspection, watch patrol, and observations conducted in accordance with regulations. Everything running smoothly.
Details高效的清除方法…啊,我说的是垃圾,不用露出这么担心的表情効率的に処分する方法……ああ、今のはゴミ出しの話だ。そう心配そうな顔をするでないWhat is the most efficient way to dispose of... Ooh? I mean the refuse. Spare me that look of concern.
Main比甘古特可靠?…能得到赞同是挺令人高兴的,不过,比较对象似乎算不上太合适啊…ガングートたちと比べると頼りになる?…貴様に評価されるのは嬉しいが、比較相手が適切とは言えんなYou find me more reliable than Gangut...? I am glad you see my value, but I find that a very low bar to clear.
Main 2这是为了大义所必要的牺牲,小家伙们也在全力干活,不用麻烦你来动手大義のための犠牲だ。この子たちにも働いてもらっている。貴様の手は煩わせんThis is all in service of a greater cause. The girls have fully committed their labor. You need not trouble yourself.
Main 3文件分类规则吗…顾着想找到需要的资料,不知不觉就又搞得一团乱了…むっ、資料の管理規定か…目当ての書類を探すのに夢中でいるうちに、散らかしてしまうとは…Document classification protocols...? I was trying to find the required materials, but seem to have created a bit of a mess in the process...
Touch来,伸出手。——只是握手而已,不会给你拷上手铐的,放心吧さあ、手を出せ。――ただの握手だ、手錠をかける気はないぞNow, your hand... For today's handshake. I am not going to clap you in irons. Relax.
Touch (Special)哼,就这么想戴上手铐吗?ふん、手錠をかけてほしいのか?Hmph. Do you want to be handcuffed?
Flagship不许动!束手就擒吧!動くな!おとなしくしろ!Freeze! Comply!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Details港区在物质方面还比较充沛啊,既然如此,我的任务就是丰富你的精神生活了吧,指挥官同志この母港はなにげに物資に恵まれているな。ならば私の役目はこうだ。貴様の生活を精神的にも豊かにしてやるぞ This port has such abundance. That leaves me one core duty. I must bring emotional enrichment to your life.
Main只要专心应付战斗就好…吗。确实是合理的选择,不过…我的事务能力,是不是被过低评价了…?戦闘周りには専念してもらう、か。合理的な選択だ。……私の事務能力、いささか過小評価されていないか?I need only focus my attentions on battle? That is a reasonable decision... But does it mean my clerical skills did not pass muster?
Touch指挥官同志,来握个手。嗯,今天也一起努力吧!同志指揮官、握手だ。うむ、今日も励行しようではないか Comrade Commander, today's handshake. Mmm. Let us properly follow proper protocols today.
Touch (Special)用鸢尾的话来说,这可算不上étiquette的做法啊ロイヤル的に言わせれば、エチケットがなっていない、ということか? Is this what the Iris would call a "breach of etiquette?"
Return to Port指挥官同志,这个给你吃。没什么,就当作是个人给予你的支援补给就好同志指揮官、これを食べてくれ。なに、個人的な支援補給だと考えてくれて構わない Comrade Commander, please eat this. Think nothing of it. Call it a personal supplement.