Sovetskaya Belorussiya (JP 🇯🇵: ソビエツカヤ・ベラルーシア, CN 🇹🇼: 苏维埃贝拉罗斯)
Ship IDNo. 440Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRaritySuper Rare
NavyNorthern ParliamentBuild Time06:23:00
AcquisitionEvent: Khorovod of Dawn's Rime
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressSeto Asami
Sovetskaya BelorussiyaDescription
Sovestsky Soyuz-class battleship - Sovetskaya Belorussiya.
Relaxation StratagemDescription
To pass the time by proactively reading, or by passively enjoying the company of others... Ah, good morning, Comrade, I've been expecting you. Hahaha!
HP1372 Reload57
Firepower82 Torpedo0
Evasion8 Anti-air40
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck46
HP6135 Reload110
Firepower214 Torpedo0
Evasion34 Anti-air152
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck48
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
2Light Cruiser200%/200%/200%/200%1/1/3/30/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun110%/110%/110%/110%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Triple 406mm Main Gun (B-37 MK1)
3Twin 100mm DP AA Gun (B-34 MZ-14)
Fleet Tech
T8 Battleship: Sovetsky SoyuzTech Points and Bonus
Unlock44 +2
Max LimitBreak88
Lv.12066 +1
Curtain of RimeWhen this ship fires a Salvo: 45.0% (75.0%) chance to fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (Barrage DMG is based on this skill's level). If this barrage fails to activate, increases this ship's AA by 50.0% until the next Salvo is fired.Default Unlocked
Ingenious TacticianIn battle, when this ship's HP is greater than 60.0%: increases FP by 10.0% (20.0%) and reduces Burn duration by 3s. Twice per battle, when this ship's HP falls below 50.0% as a result of taking DMG: restores 9.0% of its max HP over 8s. From the third battle of each sortie that this ship participates in: reduces the DMG your vanguard fleet takes by 8.0%.Default Unlocked
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description苏维埃同盟级战列舰—苏维埃贝拉罗斯ソビエツキー・ソユーズ級戦艦――ソビエツカヤ・ベラルーシアSovestsky Soyuz-class battleship - Sovetskaya Belorussiya.
Biography在大战中,23型战列舰的设计并没有最终实现,自然我也没有出场的机会。哼,我也不打算以那种残次的躯体上战场就是了。现在。在你这里,我能够随心所欲地发挥实力,这就够了不是么?かの大戦では23設計の戦艦は机上の空論に終わり、そして私たちもついぞ戦いに参加できなかったが…最も、あんな欠陥品の装備で戦に出るなど願い下げだがな。今は同志指揮官のもとで十分な実力を発揮できればそれでいいMy sisters and I were devised as part of Project 23, but we never saw the light of day, much less fought in the war... But on the other hand, it would've been ludicrous to sail into battle equipped with second-rate armaments. Now though, I would be content with just getting to perform at full capacity under your command, Comrade.
Acquisition指挥官同志,你确定要将我招至麾下吗?哼哼,很好!那就让我们联手扫清阻挡在舰队前的一切障碍吧——只不过,要以我的方式来才行!同志指揮官、私を招き入れるとは本気か?ならば良し!共に立ちはだかる全ての障害を取り除こう――私のやり方でなっ!Comrade, are you sure you're ready to have me under your command? Very well! Let us join hands and lay waste to our enemies — using my methods, of course!
Login看吧,我就说你会在这个时候回来,罗西亚她还不信呢。どうだ見たか、同志指揮官はやはりこのタイミングでやってきた!ロシアのやつは信じてなかったがAha! I knew you'd be back right at this hour, Comrade! Rossiya doubted my intuition.
Details若要在苏维埃同盟级中选出最出众的,那必然是我,也只能是我。ソビエツキー・ソユーズ級の中で抜きん出ている戦艦――私であり、私だけだ!If excellency is what you seek from the Sovetsky Soyuz class, I am your best and only true option!
Main比起一口气击溃对手,把对手一步步引入圈套要有意思多了,不是吗?少しずつ敵を罠に嵌めたほうが、一気に叩き潰すより面白い――違うか?It's much more entertaining to lure your foes into a trap one at a time than to crush them all at once. Am I right?
Main 2风平浪静…啊,就没什么能让人兴奋起来的消息吗?辺りが落ち着いてるな…なあ、何か胸を弾ませるような情報はないか?Seems it's all quiet on the western front... Don't you have any palpitating news?
Main 3用最小的代价击败最多的敌人,才能带来最棒的愉悦感,不是吗?最も少ない対価で最も多くの敵を潰す――これこそが一番愉快なことだ。お前もそう思わないか?There is no greater pleasure than decimating your enemy with minimal losses. Wouldn't you agree?
Touch让我猜猜…你并非有求于我,只是单纯地想看看我的反应,对吧?当ててやろう。お前は私に用があるのではなく、むしろ私の反応を見て楽しもうとしていた――そうだろ?Let me guess, you are simply poking me for your own amusement, and not because you need something done. Am I wrong?
Touch (Special)你选择了一种最差劲的方式证明自己的勇敢啊,指挥官同志。一番見苦しいやり方で自分の勇気を証明したな?同志指揮官You chose the most depraved of ways to prove you have guts, Comrade.
Touch (Headpat)这点小把戏对我可没用。小手先のマネは私には効かないぞYour little hand gestures have no effect on me.
Mission指挥官同志,怎么能让舰队的前进卡在一个小小的任务上呢?同志指揮官、艦隊運営を小さな任務ごときでつまづかせるでないぞComrade, sure we should not allow the glorious advance of our fleet to be delayed by such trifling missions.
Mission Complete好了,没有这些任务的阻碍,我们总算能继续自己的计划了。よし、上層部の任務さえ片付けば、私たちのやりたいことがやれるなFantastic. With HQ's missions complete, we can finally continue with our own plan.
Mail邮件?是有意思点的内容就好了。手紙か?面白そうな話なら歓迎するがなA letter? I welcome correspondence, assuming it is an enthralling read.
Return to Port对待敌人多少还是太仁慈了呢,指挥官同志。敵に情けをかけすぎたようだな。同志指揮官Do not be so lenient with the enemy next time, Comrade.
Commission Complete不如我们来打个赌吧,指挥官同志,就赌委托队带回来的物资有多少……怎么样?同志指揮官、賭けでもしないか?委託から戻ってきた仲間たちが予定より多く資源を持ってきたかどうか――ってのはどうだ?Interested in a bet, Comrade? Do you think the commission team has returned with bountiful rewards, or few at all?
Enhancement这下能用更强的火力让敌人更加无路可退了,哈哈。より強い火力で敵を追い詰められるぞ!ははは!We will curb the enemy with our superior firepower! Hahaha!
Flagship摧毁敌人,从躯壳到意志,彻底——討滅せん!力と意志、徹底的になっ!Crush the enemy! Break their spirits, then their bones!
Victory没什么好惊讶的,我不过是让自取灭亡的家伙如其所愿罢了。驚くことはない。自滅願望のある連中の背中を押してやっただけだThis comes as no surprise. All I did was nudge those fools toward the annihilation they so desired.
Defeat百密终有一疏…吗…千慮の一失ってことか…Everyone makes mistakes, I suppose...
Skill放弃无谓的挣扎吧!無駄な足掻きをするな!Cease your pointless struggling!
Low HP战况尚在把握之中!盤面はまだ我が支配下にあり!The battle is still under our control!
Affinity (Upset)罢了,我对你的事情一概不关心,别碍着我就好。まあいい。お前のことなど知らん。私のジャマだけはするなよI don't care. You are absolutely nothing to me. Just stay out of my way.
Affinity (Stranger)指挥官同志,要不要来打个赌?就赌你需要我的协助才能顺利完成工作,如何?同志指揮官、賭けでもしないか?私の協力があって初めてお前は今の仕事を完遂できるーーってのはどうだ?How about a bet, Comrade? Do you think your job will only be accomplished thanks to my help, or regardless of it?
Affinity (Friendly)哦?看来你是不顾赌局的输赢,也要求助于我了吗?哈哈,反正也是一时兴起的赌局,就不计较输赢了!说吧,指挥官同志,需要我帮忙做什么?おっと、賭けに負けてもいいから私に協力を求めてきたのだな?まあいい、ノリでやった賭けごときに、勝ち負けなんかを気にすまい。同志指揮官、私に手伝ってほしいことはなんだ?Oh, so you don't mind losing a bet if it means you get my help? I see. Well, regardless, it doesn't matter who wins a bet made on the spur of the moment. Now, what do you need assistance with, Comrade?
Affinity (Like)若是对指挥舰队、对出击作战感到厌倦了,就把一切都交给我吧,保证你能每日听着捷报入眠。不过,指挥官同志应该不会有这样的一天吧,哈哈。艦隊運営と作戦に嫌気が差したら私に任せな。毎日果報を聞いてぐっすり寝られるぞ?まあ、責任感の強い私たちの指揮官に限って、そんなことはまず起きないだろうがなIf you ever tire of managing the fleet and planning battles, I will take over for you. You can rest easy, knowing I will bring you good reports on the daily. Although, knowing your devotion to your job, I doubt you'd ever delegate it to get some rest.
Affinity (Love)像这般坚定的直球攻势,反倒给人一种清爽无比的感觉呢,指挥官同志。若是能与这样的你并肩站在巅峰俯瞰整个世界,好像也不赖的样子,呵呵~直球の告白か。うむ、むしろこうしてくれたおかげでスッキリとした気持ちになれたぞ。お前と頂きに立って世界を俯瞰するのはきっといい気分さ。あはははYou don't mince your words, do you? I will say I do prefer a forthright confession of love over beating around the bush. Standing at the top of the world, gazing at the horizon, with you by my side – I like the sound of that. Ahahaha!
Pledge嚯?以这枚戒指和一纸契约就想把我永远绑在你的身边吗?我就姑且信你一回吧,相信你的话,能与我最终共同站上巅峰,可不要让我失望了哦,指挥官同志!ほぉ、この指輪で私とお前を結びつけたいというのか?なに、信じてやろう。お前なら私と二人で頂きを勝ち取れるのだ――同志指揮官、私をがっかりさせるなよ?You hope this ring will forever connect me with you, do you? Then I believe it will, because I believe in you. Only you are capable of standing at the top of the world together with me. Do not let me down, Comrade.
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In battle with Sovetskaya Rossiya掉了的螺丝就交给我吧!ネジは拾ってやるよ!Dropped some screws? I'll gather them up for you!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description主动地读书消磨时间也好,被动地等待客人到访也罢…早安,指挥官同志,我就知道你会来,哈哈哈~能動的に読書して時間を潰してもよし、それとも受動的ではあるが相手をもてなすもよし…………おはよう同志指揮官、来ることは分かっていたぞ。ははははTo pass the time by proactively reading, or by passively enjoying the company of others... Ah, good morning, Comrade, I've been expecting you. Hahaha!
Acquisition主动地读书消磨时间也好,被动地等待客人到访也罢…早安,指挥官同志,我就知道你会来,哈哈哈~能動的に読書して時間を潰してもよし、それとも受動的ではあるが相手をもてなすもよし…………おはよう同志指揮官、来ることは分かっていたぞ。ははははTo pass the time by proactively reading, or by passively enjoying the company of others... Ah, good morning, Comrade, I've been expecting you. Hahaha!
Login静下心来,打发时间的方法多得是,选一个觉得合理的就是了。まあ落ち着け。時間の潰し方ならいくらでもある、それを合理的に選べばいいのだTake it easy. There are many ways to kill time. Just pick one which feels sound.
Details指挥官喜欢看什么书?只是有点好奇,顺便看看下次给苏维埃罗西亚她们也推荐下。What's your favorite book, Comrade? I'm asking out of curiosity, and to have something to recommend to Soyuz and Rossiya.
Main人还是多点兴趣才能过得更开心啊。就算是我,也会有那么一两个少女兴趣的哦。ヒトは多趣味のほうが生きてて楽しいのだ。私だって1つや2つ少女趣味を嗜んでいるぞAnyone's life can be enriched by having many diverse interests. Even I enjoy the odd girly hobby or two.
Main 2那几位驱逐舰们也在读些深奥的书籍啊,指挥官同志,可别光顾着感慨了哦?駆逐艦の子も何人かは難しい本を読んだりしているな。だが同志指揮官、お前が感心している場合じゃないぞ?Oh please, don't toot your own horn, Comrade. I know several destroyers who read advanced literature too.
Main 3唔,是不是该起来动一动了…一直这么坐着也有点难受呢。さて、少し運動をするか。座りっぱなしはキツいからなI need to get up and move around a bit. My joints start aching if I sit down for too long.
Touch (Special)这身毫无防备的打扮让你心飘起来了?哈哈哈こっちが無防備な格好をしているせいで勘違いしたか?はははWhat, did my revealing outfit cause you a lapse of judgment?
Return to Port大家都平安回来了,嗯,这下你在大家心中的评价又上升了呢。みんなが無事戻ってきたのだな。よし、これでお前の株が更に上がったぞI see you've all returned in one piece. Your reputation has further improved as a result.
Flagship只是场赌胜负的价值都没有必胜之局罢了!上了!賭けをするまでもない!行くぞ!There's no point in betting on a sure outcome! Onwards!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Login你来啦,指挥官。今天也在预料之内的时间回来了呢。来たか同志指揮官よ。今日も私の意表を突くことはできなかったなYou've come, Comrade. As punctual as always.
Main将军 。…这就不行了吗?搞得好像我在欺负人一样了不是嘛?チェックメイトだ。…おいおいもう降参か?これじゃあ私がお前をいじめているみたいじゃないか?That's checkmate. Hey hey, throwing in the towel already? What, you're making it seem like I'm bullying you or something~
Main 2港区一片和平啊…很好,紧张肃杀的气氛留在战场上就够了。母港は平和だな…大いに結構。殺伐としているのは戦場だけでいいからなThe port sure is peaceful... just as it should be. Violence should have no place outside the battlefield.
Touch (Special)喂,可不是让你在这里兴奋起来啊?おいおい、胸を弾ませるのはそういう意味ではないぞ?Hey, hey... I didn't call you here to make you all hot and bothered.
Mission Complete好了,任务都完成以后,就该继续追求你给自己定的目标了さて、任務をこなしたし、次は同志指揮官、お前が自分に課した目標をこなす番だAll right. After we finish these missions, you should go back to pursuing your own ambitions.
Mail邮件?快确认下吧—可不能错过了有趣的内容。手紙か?確認しておこう――面白い話を見逃したくないからなLetters, huh? Let's take a look... Wouldn't want to miss out on anything juicy.
Return to Port让那些敌人再折腾会倒是无妨,不过脑子里可别真忘了这回事,指挥官同志。倒さなかった連中を泳がしておくのもいいが、頭の片隅に留めておくのだぞThere is no harm in prolonging the suffering of our foes, but do not forget the reason why we are here, Comrade.
Commission Complete委托组带回来的物资?已经不用打赌了吧。反正我们都知道肯定不少,不是吗~委託組が持ち帰ってきた資源か?賭けにはもう使えないな。お前も私も、それが大量であることが分かったはずだWhat, you wanna bet on whether or not our commission fleet is bringing back a big haul? Nah, no need for that. We pretty much know the outcome already.