Prinz Heinrich (JP 🇯🇵: プリンツ・ハインリヒ, CN 🇹🇼: 海因里希亲王)
Ship IDNo. 483Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Heavy CruiserRaritySuper Rare
NavyIronbloodBuild Time02:05:00
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressHiyori Nitta
Prinz HeinrichDescription
P-class Heavy Cruiser - Prinz Heinrich
Fireworks and TapestriesDescription
Phew... Changing into these clothes took quite a long time~ So, how does it look? A fine mixing of different cultures, wouldn't you agree? Ahaha, Happy New Year, Commander!
HP1022 Reload67
Firepower58 Torpedo45
Evasion11 Anti-air41
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck50
HP4359 Reload129
Firepower157 Torpedo126
Evasion65 Anti-air154
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck52
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5% | Equips special secondary gun
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Heavy Cruiser: PTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Sic 'em, Eisen!If there is at least 1 other Iron Blood ship in the same fleet: increases this ship's RLD and EVA by 5.0% (15.0%) . When this ship fires its Main Guns: 20.0% (50.0%) chance to increase this ship's Main Gun DMG by 25.0% for 3s (7s cooldown between activations).???
Heinrich's Hunch PunchEvery 20s after the battle starts: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level) and deploys one of the following 2 types of shields, both lasting for 5 (10) s, chosen at random: 1) blocks 2 torpedoes, 2) blocks 10 shells.???
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: P-Class once every 8 times the Main Guns are fired.???
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Ship DescriptionP级装甲舰—海因里希亲王P級装甲艦・プリンツ・ハインリヒP-class armored ship – Prinz Heinrich.
Biography自我介绍吗?唔,我的名字“海因里希亲王”和型号“P级装甲舰”,除此之外好像也没什么好说的了呢,嗯~~小铁呢?你有什么想和指挥官说的吗~?自己紹介?いいよ!名前は…「プリンツ・ハインリヒ」、艦形は「P級装甲艦」、ほかに言うことは、んんんん……アイゼンくん!アイゼンくんは指揮官くんに言う事とかない?An introduction? You got it! My name's Prinz Heinrich, I'm a P-class armored ship. What else is there... Hmmmm... Eisen! Hey, Eisen, any ideas what to tell the Commander?
AcquisitionHallo,指挥官!P级装甲舰一号,海因里希亲王,就是我啦!这是我的小伙伴“小铁(Eisen)”,你也来向指挥官打个招呼吧!——啊,不可以咬指挥官的衣服啦!ハロー、指揮官くん!P級装甲艦、プリンツ・ハインリヒよ!この子は艤装のアイゼンくん……ってアイゼンくん!ちゃんと指揮官に挨拶して――って服を噛んじゃダメ!!Hello there, Commander~! I'm the P-class armored ship, Prinz Heinrich. My little friend here is called Eisen... Hey, Eisen! Introduce yourself to the commander normally... Wait, how many times have I told you not to chew on others' clothes?!
Login欢~迎~回~来~!一起打起精神,迎接新的一天吧!嘿嘿~おかえり~!一緒に張り切って行こうー!はははは!Welcome back! Let's get fired up and do this thing! Hahahah!
Details唔~要怎样才能让大家都不害怕这孩子呢…贴一些可爱的贴纸上去试试?アイゼンくんのこと、怖がられないようにするにはどうすればいいだろ…んー可愛いステッカーでも貼ってみる?What's a good way to make Eisen look less threatening... Hmm, maybe some cute stickers would do the trick?
Main直觉告诉我,指挥官要找的文件在这里!…唔,没猜中吗?指揮官くんが探している書類はここだとカンが教えてくれた!…あれ?違った?My gut tells me the papers you're looking for are right here! ...Aww, I was wrong?
Main 2港区里的其他阵营中还是有不少和我一样没有舰历的同伴的嘛~原本还以为只有铁血才有呢~カンレキがない子、他の陣営にもたくさんいるね!鉄血の子だけだと思ってた…There's plenty girls in other factions who don't have a history, huh! I thought it was just an Iron Blood thing.
Main 3彼得总是会提醒我做各种事情,虽然有时会觉得有点啰嗦,但要是没有她在的话,真不知会怎么样呢,啊哈哈~ペーターのやつ、よく私にあれこれ注意してくるけど、ペーターがいなかったら私はどうしてただろうねー…わからない!ははははSure, Peter gives me a lot of flak, but honestly, I dunno how I'd manage to get anything done! Hahahah!
Touch嗯~~啊~工作这么久指挥官也累了吧?一起去哪里走走放松下嘛~んんん~はあああ…指揮官くん、ずっと仕事してて疲れちゃってない?ちょっと廊下でもぶらっとしようよ~Mmmhh! Aahhh... Don't you ever get restless, working as much as you do, Commander? Get up and we'll take a jog down the hall!
Touch (Special)Stooooop!到此为止了哦!ストォォォップ!はい、ここまで!Stop RIGHT there! This is where I draw the line!
Touch (Headpat)哦哦~おお~Woo!
Mission有新的任务?交给我吧!看我把敌人一扫而空~新しい任務?任せて!敵なんかぶっ飛ばしちゃうぞ~!A new mission? Say no more! I'll kerpow all the enemies to kingdom come!
Mission Complete又要签字又要盖章的,完成一个任务好麻烦啊…唔,奖励在这里…任務一つこなすのにサインとかハンコとか…もうやだつまんない……報酬ならここよ…So much paperwork and signing-off just for finishing one mission... My soul's boutta leave my body... Anyway, here's the rewards...
Mail啊,不可以把邮件吃掉哦,不然指挥官会很困扰的!アイゼンくん、メールをかじっちゃダメよ!ほら指揮官くんが困るじゃない!Bad Eisen! Stop munching on the mail! The Commander will get in trouble!
Return to Port比起在港区待着,还是出海更有意思啊~下次出击也带上我嘛~母港に引きこもるより出撃するほうが面白いじゃん?ねね、次は私も出撃に連れてって?Sortieing sounds a heck of a lot more fun than rusting away in port, don'tcha think? Take me out on the next one, come on!
Commission Complete委托组回来了~下次也让我出去嘛,好嘛好嘛~委託組が戻ってきた~次は私にも委託に行かせて?はいはーいThe commission team's back! Put me on the next one, please? Come on, coach!
Enhancement变!强!啦!強くなっちゃった!I feel the powah!
Flagship一起上吧!Los! Los! 全員かかれー!Los! Los! Let 'em have it, girls! Los! Los!
Victory胜利和MVP全部拿下!哈哈~♪勝利!そしてMVP!はははは!♪Sweet victory! Not to mention MVP! Hahahah!
Defeat欸——?居然输了?!え、本当?負けちゃった??Wait, we lost? How the heck?!
Skill直觉告诉我就是现在!今やらなきゃって気がするMy intuition tells me to just do it!
Low HP感觉还能撑一会~もうちょっと頑張れそう…!I'm not done for just yet!
Affinity (Upset)虽然不知道指挥官是遇到了什么事才会变成现在这样…不过,如果一定要有人拉一把才能振作的话,就让我来吧!什么也不要说,抓紧我的手!指揮官くんがどうしてこうなったかは知らないけど…誰も助けないならこの私がやる!はい、何も言わなくていいからこの手を取って!I don't know what made you this way, but if nobody else is gonna fix you, then I will! Just shut up and grab hold of my hand!
Affinity (Stranger)正因为过去一无所有,所以才更有一往无前的勇气!嘿嘿,是不是说得很不错呀,小铁,指挥官?過去のシガラミがないからこそ未来を突き進めるよ!おっ、私めっちゃいいこと言ってる!はははは!ねえアイゼンくん?指揮官くん?A past free of regrets paves the way for the future! Wow, that makes me sound super sophisticated! Hahahah! Am I right, Eisen? Right, Commander?
Affinity (Friendly)听港区里的舰船同伴们讲她们的故事,确实挺有意思的呢~若是我也有这么多的“经历”的话,现在会变成什么模样呢?光是想象都觉得挺有趣的啊~母港の仲間からカンレキの話を聞くのは楽しいねー。まあ、私だってこういう「過去」があったら…あったら、どうなってただろう?想像するだけで楽しくなってきた!I just love listening to people talk about their history. Wish I had one... If I did, what'd it be like? I'm having fun just imagining it!
Affinity (Like)指挥官!能和我讲讲你的故事吗?英勇指挥的经历也好,工作时的糗事也行,无论什么样的故事我都想听!嘿嘿~好嘛,说说嘛~指揮官くんのこと、もっと教えてくれない?艦隊を指揮する話でもいいし、お仕事でやらかしたことでもなんでも聞きたい!ほらほらさあさあ、早く早く~Tell me more about yourself, Commander! Tell me what it's like to lead a fleet, or some funny mistake you've made! Come on, tell me, I wanna know!
Affinity (Love)指挥官,今天也来约会吧!时间…?玩到什么时候算什么时候!地点…?边走边想!哎呀,凡事开始了才会有结果嘛~走吧走吧!指揮官くん、今日もデートしない?時間は…そのうち?場所はその辺とか歩いたり?始めないと何もわかんないよ?早く行こうよー!You down to go on another date today? When? Sometime later, I guess? Where? We'll cross that bridge when we get to it! No point in planning everything in advance! C'mon, with me!
Pledge唔,除了戒指之外,感觉好像还缺了点什么……啊,对了!是这个吧~……(啾)嘿嘿~之后也多多指教啦,指挥官!んー、確か指輪のほかになにかがあったような……あ、そうだ!これ!……(チュッ)ははは、これからもよろしくね!指揮官くん!Hmm, I think you're supposed to follow the ring up with something else... Oh, now I remember what! *kiss*... Hahahah! I'm so glad to be with you, Commander!
In battle with Leipzig, Nürnberg啊,不可以吓到鱼鱼哦!アイゼンくん!ビックリさせちゃダメ!Bad Eisen! Stop trying to scare people!
In battle with Deutschland, Admiral Graf Spee装甲舰冲锋!装甲艦突進!Team Armored Ships, comin' at ya!
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Ship Description哈啊~换上这身衣服还是花了不少时间呢~这种“文化差异”的感觉,是不是其实还不错?嘻嘻,指挥官,新年快乐!ふぅ…これ着るのめっちゃ時間かかった~どう?このいつもとはちょっと違う「イブンカ」って感じ!ははは、指揮官くん、あけましておめでとう~!Phew... Changing into these clothes took quite a long time~ So, how does it look? A fine mixing of different cultures, wouldn't you agree? Ahaha, Happy New Year, Commander!
Acquisition哈啊~换上这身衣服还是花了不少时间呢~这种“文化差异”的感觉,是不是其实还不错?嘻嘻,指挥官,新年快乐!ふぅ…これ着るのめっちゃ時間かかった~どう?このいつもとはちょっと違う「イブンカ」って感じ!ははは、指揮官くん、あけましておめでとう~!Phew... Changing into these clothes took quite a long time~ So, how does it look? A fine mixing of different cultures, wouldn't you agree? Ahaha, Happy New Year, Commander!
Login重樱的小伙伴们说,新年会有许多好玩的东西呢!指挥官,一起去寻找新年的乐趣吧!重桜の子たちはお正月に面白い行事がいっぱいだと聞いた!これは一緒に楽しまなきゃね!指揮官くん!I've heard the Sakura Empire has loads of fun New Year customs! We've got to check 'em out together, Commander!
Details小铁?难得的节日,就让它自己去外面玩了~放心啦,那孩子其实很乖的~アイゼンくんは……せっかくのお正月だし、たまには好きに遊ばせないとね。あの子はああ見えてしっかりしているよ?Where Eisen's gone? It's New Year's after all, so I let him out to play. He's a good boy! He won't harm anyone.
Main从彼得那里拿到了压岁钱!据说这是重樱和东煌新年的习俗呢~指挥官,也给我压岁钱嘛!ペーターからお年玉もらった!これ、重桜と東煌の風習だって!指揮官くんもお年玉ちょうだ~いStrasser gave me an envelope with cash inside! She said it's a Sakura Empire and Dragon Empery tradition! Commander, you gimme one too~
Main 2节日就是要热闹点才好嘛~斯佩你也别那么拘谨,一起来闹腾吧~せっかくのお正月だし張り切って楽しもー!シュペーもみんなと一緒にワイワイやろうね!Let's crank it up to eleven for New Year's! Even Spee's out there having fun with the gang!
Main 3新年就不要工作啦,我跟Z1她们约好了打雪仗!指挥官也一起嘛~走吧走吧!お仕事はあとにして、着替えて雪合戦にでも行かない?レーベくんたちと約束したからさCan't we leave all the office work for later and get dressed for a snowball fight? I promised Lebe I'd come!
Touch要出去外面逛逛吗~?嘿嘿嘿,我可不怕冷哦!外に出て散歩でもどう?ははは、寒さは大丈夫よ、気を使わなくてもいいってYou in the mood for an outdoor stroll? Hahahah, I'll be just fine in the cold, don't worry.
Touch (Special)啊!不准跑!我要用毛笔在你脸上画鬼脸!あ、逃げるな!こんなことしておいて…顔に落書きでもさせなさい!Hey! Hold it right there! I'm gonna doodle on your face as payback for that!
Return to Port“TAMAYA”~重樱的小伙伴说,看烟花的时候要喊这个呢,虽然不知道为什么,但还是挺有趣的~…欸,不是这个季节喊的吗?花火を見る時は、「たーまやー」って叫ぶって聞いた!んーよくわからないけど楽しそー!…あれ?季節が違うって?Apparently, you're meant to yell "tamaya" when they launch the fireworks! Dunno why that is, but sounds fun! ...What? That's only in the summer?
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Ship Description(吹哨)那边的!注意安全!指挥官也是的,下水前要做好准备体操哦!随便糊弄的话我可是会生气的哦!(ピーッ)そこ、安全に気をつけーぃ!指揮官くんもプールに入る前は準備体操をちゃんとやりなさい!適当にごまかしたら怒るからね!*ptwee*! Remember: safety first! Commander, you've got to do your stretches before going in the pool! Be thorough, or I'll get mad at you!
Acquisition(吹哨)那边的!注意安全!指挥官也是的,下水前要做好准备体操哦!随便糊弄的话我可是会生气的哦!(ピーッ)そこ、安全に気をつけーぃ!指揮官くんもプールに入る前は準備体操をちゃんとやりなさい!適当にごまかしたら怒るからね!*ptwee*! Remember: safety first! Commander, you've got to do your stretches before going in the pool! Be thorough, or I'll get mad at you!
Login指挥官早啊!今天是来游泳,还是来看女孩子的?哈哈哈指揮官くんおはよう!今日は泳ぎに来たの?女の子の様子を見に来たの?ははははMorning, Commander! You here today for a swim, or to check girls out? Hahaha!
Details如果指挥官真的溺水了,我会去救你的,但是也不要放弃自救!看好了,我这就手把手地教教你~指揮官くん、溺れたら助けるけど、だからといって自分で助かろうとする努力をしないでいいわけじゃないからね!ほら、手取り足取り教えてあげる!Commander, I will save you if start drowning, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to save yourself first! Listen, I'll teach you all you'll need to know!
Main兔子到底是会游泳呢,还是不会游泳呢…啊我在纠结这个干什么!うさぎは泳げる?泳げない?どっち?…って私はなにに悩んでるの!?Can rabbits swim, or can they not? I wonder if... Wait, why am I letting this question distract me?
Main 2小铁,停!那是泳装的带子不能咬……呜哇哇指挥官不要看!!アイゼンくん、ストップ!それ水着の紐だから噛んじゃ…わわわ指揮官くん見ないでっ!Eisen, stop it! That's my swimsuit lace, you can't pull on... Oh gosh! Don't look, Commander!
Main 3贝亚恩,谢谢你帮忙巡视啦!我也要加油了呢!ベアルンくん、見回りありがとう!さて、私も頑張らないとね!Thanks for keeping an eye on everyone, Béarn! You're doing good work!
Touch想一起游泳吗?好啊好啊~一緒に泳ぎたいの?ははは、いいよ~You want me to swim with you? Hahaha~ Sure thing!
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Ship Description我是在暗处指挥港区学园的秘密老大,所以指挥官要听我的哦!相应地我会罩着指挥官!哈哈哈♪母港学園を裏で仕切ってる裏番長ってやつだから、指揮官くんは私の言うことを聞くように!その代わりに指揮官くんを守ってあげる!ははは♪Listen up, Commander! I'm the one in charge of this school's seedy underbelly here at this port, so you'd better do what I tell you to! In return, I'll offer you my protection! Ahaha~♪
Acquisition我是在暗处指挥港区学园的秘密老大,所以指挥官要听我的哦!相应地我会罩着指挥官!哈哈哈♪母港学園を裏で仕切ってる裏番長ってやつだから、指揮官くんは私の言うことを聞くように!その代わりに指揮官くんを守ってあげる!ははは♪Listen up, Commander! I'm the one in charge of this school's seedy underbelly here at this port, so you'd better do what I tell you to! In return, I'll offer you my protection! Ahaha~♪
Login早上好!…指挥官,你的问候没什么气势哦?要用中气发声!用中气!おはよう!…もう指揮官くん、挨拶に気合が入ってないよ?腹から声出せー!出せー!Morning! ...Come on, Commander, say it like you mean it! Lemme hear you put some diaphragm into it!
Details布景的用品破破烂烂的,但这并不都是我做的哦?应该说是小铁胡闹的后果…セットの備品がボロボロだけど、私が全部やったわけじゃないからね?アイゼンくんが暴れたからこうなったっていうか…The stage set's taken a real beating, but that's not entirely my fault. You could kinda say Eisen threw a fit, and... yeah.
Main“天上天下唯我独尊”――也就是说我是最强的!毕竟是秘密老大嘛!「天上天下唯我独尊」――つまり私が最強って意味だよ!裏番長だからね!The banners say, "Undefeatable – The world is mine." Basically, I'm as tough as they come, 'cause I rule this school!
Main 2啊呀呀!?彼得…不对,风纪委员来了?拜托别再让我补习了…あわわわ!?ペーター…じゃなくて風紀委員が来た?補習するのはもう勘弁して…Aw, crap! It's Strasser... No, wait, it's the Morals Committee! Please, no more catch-up lessons!
Main 3坏孩子就由我来胖揍一顿!嗯?咦?这么说来我是不是也是坏孩子…飞龙!这是怎么回事??悪いコは私がボッコボコにしちゃおうっと!ん?あれ?そういえば私も悪いコじゃなかったっけ…飛龍!どういうこと??If I find any juvies, I'll whoop their butts! Hey, wait a sec... Aren't we juvies, too? Hiryuu! Explain this to me!
Touch嗯?帮我买了小卖部的面包吗?谢谢~ん?購買のパンを買ってきてくれたの?ありがとう~Hm? You got me bread from the canteen? Thanks~
Touch (Special)指挥官!?呣,要找茬是吧~指揮官くん!?むぅ、ケンカ売りやがったなーCommander?! Hrmh, you picked the wrong girl to mess with!
Mail是给指挥官的信件呢。是情书吗?还是战书呢?指揮官くんへのお手紙だよ。ラブレターかな?それとも果たし状かな?There's a letter for you. Do you think it's a love letter, or a challenge to a brawl?
Return to Port学园的状况如何?指挥官,要是有人得意忘形想破坏秩序要告诉我哦?呵呵~学園の様子はどうだった?指揮官くん、荒らす調子に乗ったヤツとかいたら教えてね?ふふーんHow's the school doing? If you see anyone trying to pick a fight, tell me, Commander. Heh!
Victory这下知道港区学园的老大是谁了吧?母港学園で誰がトップか、もうわかった?Now do you get who owns this place?
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Ship Description那么就由海因里希献唱一曲——!充满爵士风和成熟风情的miss·海因里希,心动了吗?啊哈哈!はーい、それじゃハインリヒが一曲歌うよー!ジャズィーで大人な雰囲気のミス・ハインリヒ、ちょっとはドキッとした?あはは!Alrighty, I'm gonna sing a song for you now! Surprised by how jazzy and womanly I can be, are you? Ahahah!
Acquisition那么就由海因里希献唱一曲——!充满爵士风和成熟风情的miss·海因里希,心动了吗?啊哈哈!はーい、それじゃハインリヒが一曲歌うよー!ジャズィーで大人な雰囲気のミス・ハインリヒ、ちょっとはドキッとした?あはは!Alrighty, I'm gonna sing a song for you now! Surprised by how jazzy and womanly I can be, are you? Ahahah!
Login欢迎呀指挥官,派对已经开始了哦?快点找到座位坐下吧!来,小铁也是!いらっしゃい指揮官くん、パーティーはもう始まってるよ?早く席を見つけて座って座って!ほら、アイゼンくんも!Welcome, Commander. The party's already started. Quick, grab a chair and sit down! You too, Eisen!
Details当偶像的伙伴们平时就在大家面前唱歌对吧?好厉害——!指挥官,那我也能当偶像吗?和我想的不太一样?到底行不行嘛——!アイドルをやってる子たちは普段から人前で歌うんでしょ?すごいよねー!じゃあ私もアイドルやれるかな?指揮官くん!ちょっと違う?どうなのさー!The idol girls sing before a crowd all the time, which takes serious guts! Do you think I've got what it takes to be an idol, Commander? Not quite? Why the heck not?!
Main我可没听说要在这么多人面前唱歌!彼得,救救我—!こんなにたくさんの前で歌うなんて聞いてないよ!ペーター、助けてー!No one told me I'd sing for THIS big a crowd! Strasser, bail me out!
Main 2诶!?俾斯麦和提尔比茨也在看着吗?哇哇怎么办,好紧张!指挥官,有什么能平静下来的方法吗??えぇっ!?ビスマルクもティルピッツも見てるの?わわわどうしよう、緊張してきた!指揮官くん、なんか落ち着く方法とかないっ??What?! Bismarck and Tirpitz are in the crowd?! Oh shoot, this is nerve-racking! Commander, do you know any quick ways to calm down?!
Main 3乌尔里希去哪里了??明明都拜托她伴奏了!嗯?指挥官?你说曲风不一样…?ウルリッヒはどこ行ったの??あいつに伴奏をやってって頼んだのにー!ん?指揮官くん?ジャンル違い…?Where'd Ulrich go? She's supposed to provide accompaniment! ...Hm? What'd you say? Our genres don't mesh?
Touch是我穿礼裙的样子让你看呆了吗?呵呵,光顾着看我的话,其他伙伴可是要吃醋的哦~?私のドレス姿に見惚れちゃったの?ふふん、私ばっかり見つめたら他の子が嫉妬しちゃうよ~?Has my dress got you bewitched? Heheh~ You'll make the other girls jealous if you keep ogling me~
Touch (Special)呀!是喝醉了吗?小铁,叫下警卫来——!わっ!酔っぱらっちゃってるのかな?アイゼンくん、警備の人を呼んできてー!Whoa! You're dead drunk, aren'tcha? Eisen, fetch the bouncer!
Return to Port指挥官,回来的时机刚好,我正打算唱一曲呢!来都来了,听了再走吧♪指揮官くん、いいタイミングだったよ。今から一曲歌おうと思ってたところだったからね!せっかく来たんだし、聞いていってよ♪Great timing, Commander. I was just about to start singing! Since you're already here, stick around and listen♪
Commission Complete委托组回来了?小铁,和指挥官一起去迎接吧!委託組が戻ってきたの?アイゼンくん、指揮官くんと一緒に出迎えに行ってあげて!The commission team's back? Eisen, go with the Commander and give 'em a warm welcome!
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Login欢~迎~回~来~!今天也一起加油吧!指挥官!おかえり~今日も頑張ろうね、指揮官くん!Welcome back! Let's get this show on the road, Commander!
Details哇哇,不要乱动啦小铁!这个贴不上去了!指挥官,帮帮忙!ああちょっと、アイゼンくんじっとしてて!これじゃ上手く貼れないじゃない~指揮官くん、ちょっと手伝って!Whoa, whoa, you need to hold still, Eisen! Otherwise I'll mess up the sticker placement! Hey, Commander, gimme a hand here~!
Main指挥官在找的文件~~是这个吧?嘿嘿,就说可以放心交给我嘛~指揮官くんが探している書類は~これでしょ?ははは、私に任せてよかったでしょ?What have we here? The paperwork you're looking for? Hahahah, see? I told you you could count on my intuition!
Main 2噢噢~大家聊得很开心啊!在说什么呢?…“如果如期建造了的话…”——嗯~~我的话只要能来指挥官这里其实就无所谓了呢~おっ、話が盛り上がってるの?どれどれ~「もし建造されていたら…」――私は指揮官くんのところにさえ来れればそれでいいよ~Whoa, it's like a party in here! What're you all chatting about? "What if I'd actually been built"? Hey, as long as I could still come see you, I'm fine with any kind of past~
Main 3放马过来吧精神领袖!让我看看你作为装甲舰的决心!…啊,我们是在说游戏的事哦?どんとこいスピリチュアルリーダー!装甲艦の意地を見せるがいい!…あ、ゲームの話だよ?Come at me then, Miss Spiritual Leader! Let's see if you're hot stuff or not! ...Oh, it's a video game rivalry thing.
Touch啊,又在打哈欠了。指挥官,要不要还是出去散散步放松下?お、あくびしてるー。指揮官くん、気分転換しに散歩でも行かない?I see you yawning there, Commander. What do you say to taking a refreshing little stroll outside?
Touch (Special)哇!?真是的,就知道是指挥官你啦きゃぅ!?もう、指揮官くんだって分かってるよ!Whuah?! Geesh, Commander, I know who you are, okay?
Mission Complete指挥官有点坏呢,居然让我干这种不擅长的文书工作…干完了一起去拿报酬?那就再坚持干一会好了指揮官くんはちょっとイジワルじゃない?私に苦手な事務仕事させるし~。あとで一緒に報酬をもらいに行ってくれるの?じゃあ我慢する…You're a meanie, making me do this office work which I'm no good at! ...We'll go claim the rewards together in just a bit? Fine, I'll hang in there for now...
Return to Port下次让我出击,或者陪我玩,选一个吧!指挥官!次は出撃させてくれるのか、遊んでくれるのか、さあ指揮官くん、選んで!All right, so, you either have to send me on a sortie, or hang out with me! Time to choose, Commander!
Commission Complete我把委托的伙伴们都送回去啦!哈哈,你说过我可以去接大家的嘛委託組を寮舎に送っといたよ!ほら、出迎えしてきていいって言ってたでしょ?I sent the commission team off to the dorm! You said I could I do that, remember?