Prinz Adalbert (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 527Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Heavy CruiserRaritySuper Rare
NavyIronbloodBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
Prinz AdalbertDescription
P-class Heavy Cruiser - Prinz Adalbert
HP1033 Reload67
Firepower56 Torpedo47
Evasion11 Anti-air40
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck50
HP4405 Reload129
Firepower152 Torpedo131
Evasion65 Anti-air152
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck52
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5% | Equips special secondary gun
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Heavy Cruiser: PTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Knockout ShotIncreases this ship's ACC by 1.0% (10.0%) . When this ship fires her Main Guns: 40.0% (70%) chance to fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level; 10s cooldown between barrage activations).???
Taking One for the TeamOnce every 20s, while this ship's HP is above 60.0%: spawns a shield around this ship (lasts 8s, can negate 1.0% (4.0%) of this ship's max HP in DMG); if there are other ships afloat in your Vanguard, and this ship is in the frontmost position of your Vanguard: doubles the amount of DMG this shield can negate, and this ship tanks 50.0% of the DMG your other Vanguard ships take for 8s. While this ship's HP is below 60.0%: the above effect will not activate; instead, this ship's TRP increases by 5.0% (15.0%) .???
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: P-Class once every 8 times the Main Guns are fired.???
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Ship DescriptionP级装甲舰—阿达尔伯特亲王P級装甲艦・プリンツ・アーダルベルトP-class armored ship – Prinz Adalbert
Biography我是“P级装甲舰”的“阿达尔伯特亲王”号哦!听海因里希说,我们P级装甲舰超级厉害的!所以,有什么看起来很厉害的敌人,就尽情召唤我吧!P級装甲艦、プリンツ・アーダルベルトだよー。ハインリヒから聞いたけど、P級装甲艦はみんなすごいんだって。だから、怖い敵が現れた時は遠慮なく呼んでね~Heya, I'm P-class armored cruiser Prinz Adalbert. All P-class ships are a force to be reckoned with, at least according to Heinrich. So yeah, if you need some nasties taken care of, just gimme a call~
Acquisition顺利到达港区了!接下来去哪里逛一逛好呢……嗯?你是……指挥官?啊,你好,然后,拜拜~母港に無事到着っとー。次はどこかで、ぶらぶらしたいよね~どこがいいかな…ん?あなたは指揮官?あ、どうも、よろ、んじゃバイバイ~Made it safely to port! Time to have a look around. Question is, where to start... Hm? Are you the Commander? All right. 'ello, nice to meet you, and all that jazz. See you around~
Login喂——!指挥官,一起充填好满满的干劲吧!おーい。指揮官、一緒にやる気チャージしようーCome on. Time to get motivated, Commander.
Details那个,指挥官,你一直在发呆欸。是在烦恼什么事吗?要不要我也来帮你一起想想?おーい、指揮官、ずっとボーっとしてるよ?悩み事?一緒に考えてあげようか?Why're you always staring off in the distance, Commander? Got something on your mind? Maybe I can help you with it.
Main这个沙漏真有趣啊~我转、我再转……唔,好像有点无聊了…指挥官的桌面上还有没有别的有趣的东西呢……この砂時計、面白ーい。どれどれ、逆さまにして、また逆さまに…うーん、なんかつまんなくなってきた…指揮官の机に他に面白いものないか探してみようっとーThis hourglass is real neat. Let's reset it and watch the sand go again. And again... Welp, that got old fast. Now 'scuse me while I go rummage through your desk for other cool gadgets.
Main 2桌上的文件好多啊……只要把它们丢到碎纸机里,就不用处理了呢~不可以吗?嗯,我知道了。机に書類がいっぱい溜まってる…あっ、シュレッダーに入れたら仕事せずに済むかな?…だめ?はぁーい。分かったSheesh, that's a crazy amount of paperwork on your desk. Wait, can't we just feed 'em to the shredder and be done with it? ...No? Fine, I won't do it then.
Main 3一直处理同样的工作,指挥官不会觉得腻吗?换我的话,大概坚持半个小时就不行了吧。ずっと同じ仕事してて指揮官は飽きないの?あたしなら30分が限界かもDon't you ever feel fed up, doing the same task for hours at a time? I'd give up after like, thirty minutes.
Main 4海因里希好像叫她自己的铁鱼“小铁”来着……唔,我要不要也给我的起个名字?ハインリヒは自分の艤装を「アイゼンくん」と呼んでるっぽいけど、うーん…アーダルベルトも艤装に名前付けようかな…You know how Heinrich nicknamed her rigging "Eisen"? I'm thinking about naming mine too.
Touch指挥官,来陪我练练搏击吧?指揮官、あたしの稽古にでも付き合って?Mind helping out with my training, Commander?
Touch (Special)指挥官,对女孩子做这样的事情可不好哦?指揮官、女の子にこんなことしたらだめだよ?You can't go 'round doing this to girls, Commander.
Touch (Headpat)嗯?为什么突然摸我的头。是我做了什么好事吗?ん?急に頭ぽんぽんされちゃったけど、あたし、なんかいいことしたっけ…?Huh? I don't recall doing anything to earn a headpat, but okay.
Mission任务的清单好像越来越长了?……要不还是丢到碎纸机里吧!任務のリスト、長くなってる…やっぱりここはシュレッダーに登場させちゃおっかThe mission list grows ever longer... I say we just put it through the paper shredder, honestly.
Mission Complete喂——!指挥官,任务奖励已经在港口堆成小山了哦!ほーい。指揮官、報酬は埠頭で山積みになってるよーHey, Commander, the mission rewards are piling up at the pier.
Mail喂——!指挥官,我看你的信箱里堆满了邮件哦?要不要帮你清理一下?おーい。指揮官、メールボックスがいっぱいだよ?片づけてあげようか?Yo, your mailbox is full. Want me to empty it for you?
Return to Port指挥官,为什么不干脆把指挥室放在外面呢?那里有温暖的阳光和新鲜的空气~指揮官、いっそのこと、屋外に執務スペース作ったらどう?暖かいお日様とおいしい空気が待ってるよ~Ever thought about setting up an outdoors office space, Commander? The warm sunshine and fresh air's waiting for you outside!
Commission Complete委托完成了吗?听说东西有很多,让我来帮你搬吧!委託完了した?ものがいっぱいって聞いたから、手伝いに来たよーHello? A commission's done. The girls brought back a ton of stuff, so I helped them out with it.
Enhancement呼!喝!感觉手臂更有力气了!ふん!やぁっ!筋力向上したって感じ?Woo! Yeah! Feeling stronger already!
Flagship嗯,热身好了!出击!ほーい、ウォーミングアップ済ませて出撃っと!Ho-kay! Warm-ups done, now let's do this thing!
VictoryK.O.!~敌人都已经被我打趴下了~K.O.!敵はみんな倒しといたよーK.O.! The enemies are all down for the count!
Defeat大家都在撤退?那我也跟着后退吧!みんな撤退するの?じゃあたしも…Retreating already? Guess I'll do the same...
Skill阿达尔伯特,冲锋!アーダルベルト、los! Adalbert, coming at ya!
Low HP第二回合才刚刚开始!第二ラウンドはこっからよーMy comeback is-a coming in round two!
Affinity (Upset)指挥官好无聊……我去找别的同伴玩了!指揮官、タイクツ…ほかの子と遊んでくるねーYou're such a lame-ass... I'm gonna go hang with someone else.
Affinity (Stranger)先去仓库那边看看好了~可以玩的伙伴和可以帮忙的伙伴,总有一个吧~まずは倉庫に行って確認してみようっとー…遊ぶ仲間か助ける仲間、いるよね~Let's start by checking out the depot. There's bound to be peeps there who need a hand or just wanna hang out.
Affinity (Friendly)喂——!指挥官,你要的资料拿过来了~比预想中的要晚?嗯……路上陪马格德堡跑了两圈,和海因里希一起逗了逗小铁,然后还有……所以就晚了点呢~ほーい。指揮官、頼まれた資料持ってきたよー…思ったより遅い?うんとね…マクデブルクに付き合って軽くランニングして、ハインリヒと一緒にアイゼンくんと遊んで、あとは…それで遅くなっちゃったかも…Heya, Commander, I got those documents you asked for... Took longer than you expected? Yeah, uhh... I ran into Magdeburg and went jogging with her, then Heinrich and I played with Eisen, and after that... Yeah, I kinda lost track of time...
Affinity (Like)只要看到别人心情好的样子,自己的心情也会跟着好起来哦!所以我很喜欢和大家一起玩,或者帮助大家呢~我听大家说,指挥官也经常帮助大家,一定也是同样的原因吧?喜ぶ人を見ると自分も嬉しくなるもんね~だから人と遊ぶのも人助けするのも好きなんだ~。指揮官もそうだと聞いたけど、きっとあたしと理由は同じだよね?Seeing other people happy makes me happy too~ That's why I love both helping people and hanging out with 'em equally. Other girls have said we're the same in that regard, you and I. You just love seeing people happy too, right?
Affinity (Love)喂——!指挥官,今天也一起看看,有没有同伴需要帮助吧!只要我们两个都在,就没有解决不了的困难,而且一起玩也很开心呢!ほーい。指揮官、今日も困ってる仲間がいないか、一緒に探してみよう?指揮官と二人なら、解決できないことはないし、一緒に遊ぶのも楽しいよねーSooo, how 'bout say we look around for people in need of a helping hand? There ain't no problem we can't solve together. And if nobody needs help, we can just hang out instead.
Pledge这个的意思是,我们是关系非常非常好的朋友对吧!……比这还要更近一步?唔……那是不是还要再加两个“非常”才够?不管怎样,今后我也会一直在你身边的!我们约好了哦~これって、とってもとっても仲良しってことだよね?…それよりも?うーん…じゃ「とっても」をさらに二つ追加する?とにかく、これからもずっと一緒にいてあげるよー約束だからね~Does this mean we're like, super duper besties? ...Even more than that? Huh... Super duper ultra mega besties then? Let's go with that, and promise each other we'll always be together~
In battle with Prinz Heinrich海因里希,一起冲呀!ハインリヒ、突っ走るよSmash through 'em, Heinrich!
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Ship DescriptionZzzz…哎?我刚刚是睡着了吗?本来只是想打烊后休息一会来着,没想到已经这么晚了……说起来,指挥官为什么这么晚还在店里?Zzzz…あれ?あたし、寝ちゃってた?閉店したら少し休憩しようと思っただけなのに、もうこんな時間…そういえば、指揮官はどうしてまだここにー?Zzz... Huh? Did I doze off? I just meant to rest my eyes for a sec after closing up, but look how long I slept... Hang on, why are you still here, Commander?
AcquisitionZzzz…哎?我刚刚是睡着了吗?本来只是想打烊后休息一会来着,没想到已经这么晚了……说起来,指挥官为什么这么晚还在店里?Zzzz…あれ?あたし、寝ちゃってた?閉店したら少し休憩しようと思っただけなのに、もうこんな時間…そういえば、指揮官はどうしてまだここにー?Zzz... Huh? Did I doze off? I just meant to rest my eyes for a sec after closing up, but look how long I slept... Hang on, why are you still here, Commander?
Login指挥官,欢迎光临~用这幅样子说“欢迎”总觉得很不可思议呢~指揮官、いらっしゃいませ~なんだかこの格好で「いらっしゃいませ」言うの、不思議ね~Welcome, Commander! It's kind of odd saying "welcome" when I'm lying down, but hey.
Details说起来,我为什么会躺在吧台上来着?……啊,好像是打烊之后有些累就……呼……好像还有点……困……そういえば、あたしはどうしてカウンターで横になってるんだっけ…確か、疲れちゃってて閉店したその後そのまま…ふぁー…まだ眠い…かも…How'd I end up here, lying down on the counter...? Think I closed up shop then got all sleepy... *yawn*... Truth be told... I'm still pretty sleepy.
Main点单、送餐、打扫……只要几样工作轮着做,就不会无聊了呢。注文取って、料理運んで、掃除して…ローテ組んでやっていけば飽きることはないねーTaking orders, moving dishes, and cleaning tables, that's this job in a nutshell. Never gets boring as long as you do 'em in rotation!
Main 2“大人的饮料”啊……那个喝了之后,头会晕晕的,我不喜欢……あの「大人の飲み物」を飲むとね、ふらふらしちゃうから好きじゃないの…Honestly, not a fan of the liquor menu. All the drinks on there make my head spin...
Main 3今天看同伴调制饮料的时候,一不小心看入迷了……结果被俾斯麦店长提醒了才反应过来呢。今日、仲間がドリンク作ってるところをうっかり見入ってしまったの…ビスマルクに注意されるまで気付かなかったぐらいにねEarlier today, I was caught gawking at my coworkers while they were mixing drinks. I was so distracted that Bismarck herself called me out for it.
Touch我不是洋娃娃啦~マリオネットじゃないよ~I'm no marionette, ya hear!
Touch (Special)指挥官,可不能在营业的时候这么做哦?指揮官、営業時間にこんなことしちゃだめだよ?This stuff won't fly during open hours, ya hear?
Mission还有任务没完成吗?指挥官果然还是需要我的帮助呢~まだ任務が残ってるよ?指揮官はやっぱあたしの助けが必要だね~We've still got missions to do! See? You do need my help~
Mission Complete任务完成了吗?要不要喝点什么犒劳下自己?任務終わった?ご褒美になんか飲む?Finished a mission, huh? I say you've earned yourself a drink.
Mail总感觉指挥官在哪里,信件就会送到哪里呢~指揮官がいるところにメールが来るよね~Mail always finds its way to you wherever you go, huh?
Return to Port虽然已经打烊了,不过,如果需要什么帮助的话,和我说一声就好了~もう閉店したけど、何か要望あるなら遠慮なくアーダルベルトに言ってね~We're meant to be closed for the day, but I'm all ears if you've got any requests~
Commission Complete委托队的同伴们回来了吗?我等下准备点喝的吧。委託組の仲間たちが帰ってきた?あとで飲み物を用意しないとーThose girls you sent out are back? I'll whip up some drinks for them later.
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Login喂——!指挥官,干劲装填好了吗?没有的话就让我帮你装填吧~はぁーい。指揮官、やる気チャージ終わった?まだなら手伝ってあげようか?Howdy. Finished charging your batteries? I can help if you still need more energy.
Details……啊,哦,唔……嗯?我没什么烦恼的哦。指挥官呢,有什么想和我商量的吗?………あー、ほーい、うーん……ん?あたしに悩みとかないよ。指揮官こそ、何か相談事でもある?Yeah, hey... Hmm... Huh? Me? I'm as carefree as can be. What about you? Something you wanna get off your chest?
Main桌上有趣的物件好多啊。嘿嘿,在办公室里永远不会腻呢~机に面白いものがいっぱい~へへへ、執務室にいると飽きがこないね~Man, your desk is just loaded with neat stuff. Hehehe, ain't never a dull moment in your office~
Main 2我是勤快的碎纸机,指挥官讨厌的文件咔嚓咔嚓…唔,还没有积累到那么多吗?アーダルベルトは勤勉なシュレッダー、指揮官が嫌いそうな書類をビリビリと…んーまだそんなに溜まってないのー?I'm like a human shredder, tearing paperwork you don't wanna do into ribbons... Hmm. You sure you can still manage with this amount?
Main 3枯燥而重复的工作,只要有人陪着自己一起做,就不那么无聊了呢~単純作業でも、付き合ってくれる人がいるとつまんなくならないね~It's not so bad doing the same task all day when you've got someone to vibe with~
Main 4海因里希又被彼得抓去读书了呢。我也在睡觉前看看书好了~ハインリヒ、ペーターに捕まって本を押し付けられたようねー。あたしもちょっと寝る前に読んでみようかーHeard Strasser sat Heinrich down and made her read a book for once. Maybe I should find something to read before bedtime.
Touch (Special)指挥官对女孩子的这里,这么感兴趣的吗?指揮官って興味深々?女の子のここについてYou've really got a, uh, keen interest in women's bodies.
Return to Port指挥官,我帮你把窗户打开了哦~一起来呼吸点新鲜空气——指揮官、窓開けとくねー。新鮮な空気を一緒にスーハースーハーしようね~I'm gonna open the window and get some fresh air in here. C'mon! Breathe in, breathe out!
Affinity (Love)指挥官,今天玩什么好呀?啊,还有工作吗……那我来帮你吧!首先,就从努力让指挥官露出笑容开始吧~指揮官、今日は何をして遊ぶ?あー仕事もあるか…じゃああたしお仕事手伝うよー。まずは指揮官を笑顔にすることから頑張るね~You down to hang out with me today? Ah, right, you've got work... Tell you what, I'll help you with it. First order of business: putting a smile on your face~