Friedrich Carl (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 640Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull Heavy CruiserRaritySuper Rare
NavyIronbloodBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP1024 Reload67
Firepower55 Torpedo47
Evasion11 Anti-air45
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck50
HP4369 Reload129
Firepower151 Torpedo131
Evasion65 Anti-air172
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck52
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5% | Gains special secondary gun
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Heavy Cruiser: P-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Inverted HarmonyWhen the battle starts: deploys a shield (lasts 5.0 (10.0) s) that can negate up to 5 enemy torpedoes, increases this ship's Evasion Rate by 1.5% (5.0%) , and gives this ship the Harmony buff. When the battle starts, if there are 3 ships afloat in your Vanguard and this ship is in the frontmost position, when this ship fires her Main Guns: performs Tuning. If Tuning succeeds, the rearmost ship in your Vanguard gains the Harmony buff; if Tuning fails: the center ship in your Vanguard recovers 1.5% of her max HP. Initially Tuning has a 25.0% chance to succeed, and when it fails, the probability that it will succeed next time increases by 25.0%. When Tuning succeeds, it will not be performed again for the rest of the battle.???
Victory's ConsonanceIncreases this ship's FP and EVA by 1.0% (10.0%) . When this ship fires her Main Guns: all allies with the Harmony buff fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level and the FP stat of the ship firing the barrage).???
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: P-Class once every 8 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship DescriptionP级装甲舰—腓特烈·卡尔P級装甲艦-フリードリヒ・カールP-class armored ship – Friedrich Carl.
Biography我是来自铁血的腓特烈·卡尔,至于其它的事么……呵呵,我的指挥官,还是不用在意那些比较好哦~我们还有让世界充满爱的伟大任务必须去实行呢~鉄血のフリードリヒ・カールよ。それ以外のことは……あらら、そんなことをいちいち気にしないほうがいいわよ?ボク?世界を「愛」で満たすという、偉大な任務が待っているわ~I am Friedrich Carl of Iron Blood, that's all you need to know... My goodness, little one, don't be so hung up on the details. A great mission of filling the world with love awaits us!
Acquisition我是来自铁血的“爱”之化身,——“P级装甲舰”,腓特烈·卡尔哦。呵呵,就让我们一同在这乐声中探究爱的真谛,向世间播撒真正的幸福吧,我的指挥官~鉄血からの「愛」の化身、P級装甲艦のフリードリヒ・カールよ。ふふ、さあボク、一緒に愛の真実を探究し、本当の幸せを世界に広めていきましょうI am Friedrich Carl, P-class armored cruiser and the embodiment of love. Come, little one – let us get to the core truth of love and bring happiness to the whole world.
Login准备好了吗~我的指挥官?问我准备什么……当然是准备聆听我为您谱写的“爱”之声哦?準備はできたかしら、ボク?何って……ふふふ、私が作った「愛」の声に耳を傾けることよ~?Are you ready, little one? "Ready for what"? Heehee... To lean in close and hear my words of love.
Details是爱让我与您相遇,也是这份爱注定了我们永世无法分离哦?呵呵……「愛」が私とボクを出会わせて、「愛」が私とボクを永遠に離れられない運命に繋ぎ止めてくれてるわ?ふふふ♥It was love that brought us together, and it is love that binds us to this fate of being together forever and ever. Heehee♥
Main我的指挥官,昨天休息的还好吗?看起来休息的很棒呢,那就和我一起外出,向其他同伴们传播爱吧~昨日はよく休めた?ふふ、ぐっすり寝れたようね~。じゃあ私と一緒におでかけして、仲間たちに「愛」を伝道しましょうね~?Did you sleep well last night? Heehee, looks like you did. Then let's go out and spread the good word of love to all we know!
Main 2爱与音乐,都是多么美妙啊,不管是自爱、友爱、仁爱、宠爱,好想把它们都寄托于音乐,洒向全世界~ああ~「愛」と音楽はなんて素晴らしいのかしら。自愛、友愛、仁愛、寵愛を音楽に乗せて世界中に広めたいわ~Ahh, love and music are such wonderful things. I want to make songs about loving yourself, loving your friends, loving strangers, and loving your passions and play them to the world!
Main 3源自您内心的这份光彩夺目的爱,让我为之触动,情不自禁就想和您谱写一曲别样的爱之歌呢……~ひどく心打たれた、その胸の奥から伝わる輝かしい「愛」…思わず私とボクの情愛の新曲を作りたいわ~That radiant love radiating out from your heart... It touches me so much, I'm compelled to write a love song for you.
Touch是想要聆听充满爱的音乐了吗,我的指挥官~?「愛」に満ち溢れた音楽を聞きたいのかしら?ボクWould you like to hear music bursting with love, little one?
Touch (Special)我知道了,我会用爱填满您哦~❤分かったわ~。「愛」で満たしてあげる、ボク♥I understand. I shall fill you up with love, little one♥
Touch (Headpat)呵呵~我的指挥官,应该由我来对您做这种事比较好吧?ふふふ、もうボクったら、こういうのは私がしてあげるべきじゃない?Heehee, oh, you silly little thing – shouldn't it be ME doing this to you?
Mission还有任务没有完成哦?传播爱的脚步可不能停歇~まだ任務が終わってないわよ?「愛」の伝道で歩みを止めてはならないわ~There's still work to do on these missions. You can't put our preaching of love on the backburner!
Mission Complete任务奖励已经送达了吧?呵呵,这就因爱而获得的回报呢~任務報酬が届いたの?ふふふ、「愛」によって報われたということかしら?Mission rewards are here? Heehee, sounds like our efforts have been repaid by love.
Mail有新的信件呢~不来看看吗?这里面说不定有我为您而作的曲谱哦?新しい手紙があるわ~。確認しないの?もしかしてボクのための新曲も入っているかもよ?There's a new letter for you. Aren't you going to read it? There could be a new sheet music in there for you, little one!
Return to Port欢迎回来~我的指挥官,看到您为了传播爱如此勤奋的样子,真是让我高兴到浑身发抖呢~いらっしゃ~い、ボク。ふふ、「愛」を広めるのに勤しんでいる姿を見て、私、嬉しくて震えちゃいそう~Welcome back, little one. Heehee, seeing you work so hard to teach people about love is making me tremble with happiness!
Commission Complete委托组吗?想必是踏着充满爱的航路归来吧~委託組?「愛」に満ちた航路から戻ってきたのね~The commission team? They must be back from their voyage full of love.
Enhancement连爱也一同……更加浓烈~「愛」とともに…より鮮烈に~My love grows stronger, and so do I.
Flagship接下来是爱的惩罚时间哦——!「愛」の懲罰の時間よ~!The time hath come for tough love!
Victory离充满爱的世界又近了一步~「愛」が溢れる世界にまた一歩近づいたわ~We are one step closer to realizing a world brimming with love!
Defeat哎呀……看来该稍微冷静一下了……あらあら……少し頭を冷やしたほうがいいかしら~Oh dear... Perhaps I got a little too carried away.
Skill要上咯~いっくわよ~Heeere it comes!
Low HP我可是会生气哦!怒っちゃうわ!Now you're making me mad!
Affinity (Upset)哎呀~我的指挥官居然是个不听话的坏孩子……不过这样的事,也在所难免呢。あらら、言うことを聞かない悪い子だったとはね、ボク?……こうなるのもしょうがないわね~Goodness me. All this time, you've been a naughty child who just won't listen... I suppose some kids are born to be unruly.
Affinity (Stranger)呵呵~我的指挥官,您现在的表情看起来十分想要撒娇哦?没关系哦,就这样来我的怀里吧,无论何时我的爱都会包容您~ふふふ、今の顔、すごーく甘えたぁいって風に見えたわ、ボク?大丈夫よ、そのまま私の胸に飛び込んできて?いつでも私の「愛」が受け入れてあげるわ~Heehee. That face you're making just screams "pleeease coddle me." Well, ask and I shall give – come into my arms. I'm always ready to give you my love.
Affinity (Friendly)和您在一起的时候,就连我也偶尔会变得渴望获得爱了呢~您会愿意帮我吗?一緒にいると、私もたまに「愛」を求めちゃうわね~。ふふふ、ねえボク?助けてくれるかしら?Sometimes, when I'm with you, my heart starts aching for love. Heehee, well, little one? Will you help me out?
Affinity (Like)您的爱意已经传达给我了呢~在爱着我的同时也要记得爱自己哦?不过忘记了也无所谓~毕竟还有我深爱着您~愛は私にしっかり伝わったわぁ~ボク。でも私を愛することと同時に自分を愛することにも気をつけてちょうだい?まあ、忘れちゃっても平気よ?その時は私が愛してあげるから♥I feel your love deep inside of me, little one... But, please remember that loving me means to love yourself, okay? Then again, it's okay if you forget. When you do, I'll give you my love again♥
Affinity (Love)指挥官~人家身上汹涌澎湃的爱已经无法控制了,现在就想和指挥官一起创造更多更多的爱哦~ほぉらボク?私の身体に溢れる「愛」がもう抑えられそうにないわ~。ふふ、もっともっと「愛」を作っていこうね~Can you feel it, little one? All the love inside of me is on the brim of bursting forth. Heehee, we're going to make so much love together!
Pledge我的指挥官,终于到了我们互相见证爱意的这天啊~那么,就请您为我戴上这爱的证明吧?呵呵……从现在开始,就让我教给您更加深邃和美妙的爱吧~亲·爱·的~ようやくお互いの愛を見届ける日が来たわ~。さあ、この私に「愛」の証明を付けてみて?ふふ……これからはもっと深~く、すばらしい「愛」を教えてあげるわ~。あなた♥Finally, the day has come for us to acknowledge each other's love. Now, take your proof of love and put it on me. Heehee... Tonight, I'm going to show you a deeper, more wonderful kind of love... darling♥
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In battle with Prinz Heinrich, Prinz Adalbert简直就像小孩子呢……まったく、お子ちゃまみたいね…… Goodness, you can be such a child...
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description哎呀~我的指挥官,要趁着这个难得的休息时间,一起玩一会儿游戏吗?如果能赢了我的话……说不定会得到“爱”的奖励哦?はいはーいボク?せっかく暇だし、一緒にゲームでもしない?私に勝てたら…「愛」のご褒美、貰えるかもよ♥Alright, little one! Now that we have some time off, why don't we play a game? If you win, I might just give you... the reward of love♥
Acquisition哎呀~我的指挥官,要趁着这个难得的休息时间,一起玩一会儿游戏吗?如果能赢了我的话……说不定会得到“爱”的奖励哦?はいはーいボク?せっかく暇だし、一緒にゲームでもしない?私に勝てたら…「愛」のご褒美、貰えるかもよ♥Alright, little one! Now that we have some time off, why don't we play a game? If you win, I might just give you... the reward of love♥
Login我的指挥官,来得正好~游戏卡带我已经插好了哦,要一起玩吗~?愛しいボク、ちょうどいいところに来たわね~。ふふ、ゲームのセッティングは終わってるわ。一緒にやらない?Great timing, dear little one! Heehee, I just got done setting up the game. Do you wanna play?
Main哎呀,我的指挥官真的很想赢呢,就那么想要“爱”的奖励吗~?あら、本当に勝ちたいのね。そんなに「愛」のご褒美がほしいの?My, my, you REALLY want to win. Are you that thirsty for my love reward?
Main 2像这样两个人一起玩游戏开心吗,我的指挥官?嗯?您说可以这样玩一整天?我也一样哦~こうして私と一緒にゲームをプレイできて嬉しい?あら?一日中遊べる?私も同じよ♥Does playing this game with me make you happy? ...Oh? You could play this all day? Me too♥
Main 3没想到我和您游戏方面的兴趣都如此相似呢~看来这就是所谓“爱的互相吸引”吧~私とゲームの好みまで似てるもんね~、ボク?これが惹かれ合う「愛」ってやつかしら~It's lovely how our tastes in video games are so similar. This must be what they mean by "lovebirds of a feather flock together."
Touch不要以为用小花招就能取胜哦~小細工で勝てるなんて思わないことね~You better not be thinking you'll win through cheap tricks!
Touch (Special)呵呵~接下来是体会爱的游戏时间哦~ふふ~、ここからは愛の体験ゲームの時間~♥Heehee. Now it's time for a hands-on round of the game of love♥
Touch (Headpat)呵呵~我的指挥官真是一如既往地淘气呢。ふふ~相変わらずやんちゃなボクねHeehee. Mischievous as ever, aren't you?
Mission任务还没有完成哦?先去完成任务,然后再来继续这充满爱的游戏吧~任務がまだ終わってないわよ?先に終わらせてから「愛」にあふれるゲームを続けましょうね~You haven't finished these missions yet. Do that first, then we can continue our love-filled game.
Return to Port回港之后马上迫不及待就跑过来了?呵呵~我的指挥官是想要我抱着您继续一起玩对吧?母港に戻った途端すぐ来るなんて、本当にかわいらしいわね、ボク。ふふふ、私に抱きつかれながらゲームの続き、したいの?My, straight back to me as soon as you're back at the port. You're such a sweet little thing. Heehee, should we continue our game while I hold you tight?
Affinity (Love)呵呵~我的指挥官真是淘气又贪心呢,既想要我陪您玩游戏,又想要我全部的爱吗?可以哦……毕竟这世上一切的愉悦与爱,都当属于我最爱的指挥官哦~?ふふ、やんちゃでワガママなボクね~。ゲームを一緒にやることだけじゃ飽き足らず、私のすべての愛が欲しいなんて♪もちろんいいわ~。世界のすべての愉悦と「愛」は好きにしていいのよ~、愛しいボクHeehee, you're a greedy but lovable little rascal. Seems playing a game with me just isn't enough – you want ALL of my love! Well, you'll get it! All the pleasure and love in the world belongs you to, my dear little one.
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Login您来了啊~我所爱的指挥官,这个世界正在向着您与我期待的、充满爱的方向前行呢~来たわね、愛しのボク~。この世界は今、私たちが期待してる「愛」に満ち溢れた未来へと進んでいるわ~There you are, my dear little one! The world is now on course toward the love-filled future that we dream of.
Main如今指挥官的身上,已经能感受到不逊于我的爱了呢~不过这样也还不够哦,您还需要和我,继续创造更多的爱~うふ、今のボクからは私にも負けない「愛」を感じるわ~。でもまだ足りないの。2人で一緒にもっともっと愛を育んでいきましょ♥Heehee, your love is just as strong as mine at this point. Yet it's still not enough. Together, we're going to cultivate an even bigger, stronger love♥
Main 2与您一起度过的每一分钟,都能让我涌现出无数关于“爱”的灵感哦?我的指挥官,您想听听看吗~?ボクと一緒に過ごす一秒毎に、「愛」のインスピレーションが浮かんでくるわ~。聞きたい?Every second I spend with you gives me new inspiration about love. Do you want to hear a snippet?
Touch您想试试看和我一同谱写炽热的、爱的乐章吗~?熱い「愛」の楽章を一緒に作りたいのかしら?Do you want to create a passionate musical number?
Touch (Special)呵呵~指挥官您所需要的爱还真是深不见底呢~❤ふふ、求められる「愛」って本当に底が知れないわね~?ボク?Heehee, your appetite for love really is bottomless, little one.
Touch (Headpat)呵呵~像这样调换一下,好像也很有趣呢。ふふ、される側になるのも楽しいわね~Heehee, it's quite fun being on the receiving end of this.
Return to Port欢迎回来,我最爱的指挥官。无论您离开多久,最后都会回到我身边呢~おかえりなさぁい、愛しのボク♥どんなに離れても戻ってきてくれるわね~Welcome back, dear little one♥ No matter how far you go, I know you'll always come back.
Affinity (Love)明明已经和指挥官是这样的关系了,我对指挥官的爱意却一直有增无减呢~不过您不需要做什么来回应哦,只需要全身心放松下来,沉浸在我对您的这份爱之中就好了~もうこんな関係なのに、ボクへの愛は天井知らずね~。ううん、何もしなくていいわよ?私からの愛をのんびり、じっくり、たっぷりと味わってくれたらいいの♥Even though we're already a couple, my love for you just keeps growing. No-no, you don't need to do anything. You can just relax and slowly bask in all the love I have for you, little one♥