Poltava (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 628Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRarityElite
NavyNorthern ParliamentBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP1082 Reload55
Firepower62 Torpedo0
Evasion5 Anti-air32
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck60
HP4758 Reload105
Firepower161 Torpedo0
Evasion30 Anti-air122
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck63
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Battleship: Gangut-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Oathbound ChainsWhen the battle starts: increases this ship's FP by 5.0% (15.0%) . When this ship's Main Guns hit an enemy: 40.0% (70%) chance to, for 8s, decrease that enemy's SPD by 15.0% and increase your Gangut-class BBs' and your Northern Parliament Vanguard ships' DMG dealt by 4.5% (12.0%) .???
Protecting LinksDuring battle, while this ship is afloat: increases your Northern Parliament ships' EVA by 1.0% (10.0%) and decreases all your other Northern Parliament ships' Burn DMG taken by 5.0% (15.0%) . When this ship takes DMG: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage and, for 10s, decreases your Northern Parliament ships' DMG taken by 10.0% (barrage DMG is based on the skill's level; 20s cooldown between activations).???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description甘古特级战列舰—波尔塔瓦ガングート級戦艦-ポルタヴァGangut-class battleship – Poltava.
Biography我是北方联合甘古特级战列舰的成员,波尔塔瓦。虽然不像甘古特大姐那么有名,但我对自己的能力有绝对的自信。不论是工作上还是生活上,任何问题都可以尽情地依赖我哦。北方連合、ガングート級戦艦のポルタヴァよ。ガングートほど有名じゃないにしろ、能力には自信があるわ。お仕事も普段のプライベートも、どんなときでも頼りにしなさい♪I'm Poltava, Gangut-class battleship of the Northern Parliament. While Gangut herself may be more famous, my abilities will not disappoint you. Got a work issue, a personal issue, or any issue at all? Just come to me!
Acquisition呵呵,您就是指挥官同志么?北方联合所属的波尔塔瓦,从今日起将协助您的工作。作为港区的门面,我会在礼仪与姿态上严格要求您的,请做好心理准备哟~んっ、あなたが同志指揮官ね?北方連合所属、戦艦ポルタヴァ、今日からあなたの仕事に協力するわ。母港の顔役として作法も立ち振舞いも厳しく見てやるから、覚悟しておきなさい♪Mmh. You're Comrade Commander, aren't you? I'm Poltava, Northern Parliament battleship, and I'll be aiding in your work starting today. Since you're the face of this port, I will hold you to a high standard of conduct and etiquette. Hope you're ready♪
Login您看上去睡眼惺忪呢,指挥官同志。如此懈怠的话,我可是会很苦恼的哟,呵呵——なんだか眠そうね、同志指揮官。そんな怠そうにされたら…困るわよ。ふふふ♪Someone still looks sleepy. You need to shape up... or I'll be displeased. Heehee♪
Details我可是擅长解决各种疑难问题的哦?从不请自来的账单到缺乏礼仪的巨熊……呵呵,这也算是教育的一环吧?トラブルを「解消」するのは得意中の得意よ。知らない間に送られてきた請求からマナーを知らないクマまで……ふふ、これもしつけの一環かしら?Making problems disappear is what I do best. From requests that came out of the blue, to brutes who have no manners... Think of it as a part of learning, heehee.
Main礼仪,不是故作优雅端庄,而是一种关注细节的姿态。正所谓细节决定成败,还请牢记哟~礼儀というのは淑やかにやってみせるということではなく、細かい所まで気をつける心構えのことよ。そう、細かい所に気を配れるかどうかで決まるわ。覚えといてManners aren't things you do to appear cultured, they're a mindset of paying attention even to the littlest things. Yes, it's about whether you have an eye for details or not. Remember that.
Main 2为了让同伴们能认真对待问题,适当提高考核标准是应该的,指挥官同志,您觉得呢?真面目にやってもらうためには、時には厳しく接することもやむを得ない…と、同志指揮官はどう思うかしら?Sometimes you need to be strict to get a person to take something in earnest. What are your thoughts on that, Comrade Commander?
Main 3都到这个时间了啊……呵呵,要不要一起去吃夜宵?不过,想喝含酒精的饮料的话……得适度哦。もうこんな時間…ふふふ、一緒に夜食でもどうかしら?アルコール入りの飲み物は…控えめにねHow time flies... Why don't we have dinner together? Heehee. Oh, and do try not to drink too much.
Touch对我的装备感兴趣么?呵呵,别看外形粗犷,内部可是满载工业的精致之美哦~艤装に興味でもあるのかしら?ふふん、荒削りに見えても、中は工業的で精緻にできているわよCurious about my rigging, are you? Heehee, it may look rough on the outside, but it's sophisticated and industrial on the inside.
Touch (Special)呵呵呵……我可以把这个当成正式邀请,对么?ふふふ……これは正式な「お誘い」と理解してもよろしくて?Heehee... Should I interpret this as a formal invitation?
Touch (Headpat)——如此主动,不错♪――なかなか積極的ね。いいわ♪My, how assertive. I like it♪
Mission有未完成的任务积压了……这可不好,要是再松懈的话,我就要略施惩戒了哟?未完了の任務が積み上がっているようね…いけないわ。このままダラけ続けるというなら少し、しつけをしてあげようかしらThese incomplete missions are piling up... I won't stand for this. I suggest you stop slacking before I have to discipline you.
Mission Complete任务全部完成了?很好,您的专注和耐心真是令我十分心动呢~任務が全て完了した?よろしい。その根性と集中力、なかなかときめかせてくるわね♪You've completed every last mission? How excellent. Your pluck and focus bring a throbbing to my heart♪
Mail时间宝贵,筛选邮件这种事就交给我,您继续工作,不要懈怠。時間は大事よ。手紙の選別は任せて、あなたは引き続きやるべき仕事に集中してTime is valuable. I'll sort your letters and you just stay focused on your work.
Return to Port辛苦了,指挥官同志。来,坐在我身边休息一下吧……这是决定,不是询问哦。ご苦労さま、同志指揮官。さあ、私の隣にいらっしゃい……これはお願いではなく決定してることよYou've returned, Comrade Commander. Come, sit down next to me... I'm not asking you, I'm telling you to.
Commission Complete执行委托任务的小队返回了哟~作为指挥官,您理应前去迎接才是,打起精神准备出门吧~委託任務に出た子たちが戻ってきたわ。ここで出迎えに行くのが指揮官のすべきことだから、しっかり準備しなさいThose girls who went out on a commission are back. It's your job to welcome them back, so start getting your things in order.
Enhancement锁链变得更坚固了呢,不错~цепь(ツェーピ)がより固く…いいわね♪My chains are even stronger now. How lovely♪
Flagship根据我的指令,有序歼敌!指示に従って順次叩くわ!Follow orders and neutralize them in order!
Victory时间宝贵,该去打下一场了。時間は大切よ。次の戦いに行くわEvery second matters. On to the next fight.
Defeat即便战斗失败,也要注意撤退时的秩序哟?否则——呵呵~戦いに負けたとしても、規律に気をつけて撤退してほしいわ。でないと――ふふふ♪Even in defeat, you should have order in mind as you retreat. Because if you don't... Heehee♪
Skill臣服于锁链之下吧!我がцепь(ツェーピ)にひれ伏しなさいっ!Yield to my chains!
Low HP战况正在恶化……必须抓紧时间了!状況が悪くなってるわ…急がないと!Things are getting dire... I need to be quick!
Affinity (Upset)呵呵呵呵……看来有必要使用强硬手段,为指挥官同志矫正一下不良品行了呢。ふふふふ…どうやら強硬手段に出て、同志指揮官をしつける必要がありそうねHeehee... It seems I must take firmer measures to discipline you.
Affinity (Stranger)丢掉一个钉子,就会输掉整场战争——这个,可不单纯是什么有趣的寓言故事哦,指挥官同志。釘一つ捨てただけで戦争に負ける――これは単なる楽しいおとぎ話じゃないわよ。同志指揮官A single nail was misplaced, and thus a war was lost. What I'm telling you is not merely a fun story, Comrade Commander.
Affinity (Friendly)……嗯?如您所见,这就是一条“锁链”而已。不过,我完全没有非得要锁住什么的爱好,请放心哟。……ふーん?見ての通りこれはただの「鎖」よ。まあ、なにかを鎖で縛り付ける趣味なんてないから、安心して?...Yes? There is no more than meets the eye to these chains. And don't worry, I don't have a kink for wrapping things up in them.
Affinity (Like)因为担心货物倾倒,所以才需结实捆住。因为担心家具移位,所以才要牢牢固定……不明白?呵呵……没关系,只需将您置于“颠簸之中”,您自然会明白了哟~積荷が崩れるのが心配だからきつく縛り付けるし、家具や調度品も落ちるのが心配だからしっかり固定する必要がある……分からない?ふふ、大丈夫よ。一度荒波に揉まれてみたら分かる話よI tie my bagage down tightly because I don't want it collapsing. Same with my furniture and ornaments so they don't fall. I want them to be stable... You don't get it? That's fine, heehee. You'll know what I mean when trouble befalls you.
Affinity (Love)呵呵……您已经知道了吧,敏锐的指挥官同志。感情,也是一种“锁链”啊。一同经历了“颠簸”之后,这条锁链已经将我们牢牢地绑定在一起了呢~ふふふ、頭の回る同志指揮官はもう気づいたかしら。цепь(ツェーピ)は鎖にあらずとも、共に荒波に揉まれてきた同志指揮官をしっかり巻き付け、私と繋ぎ止めている――これは私の「愛情」ということよHeehee, you've figured it out, my smart comrade. Love is a kind of chain. A chain that wraps around us both. A chain that links and keeps us together when the world wants to separate us.
Pledge这是……永恒相守的证明呢。既然将它交予我手,您肯定已经做好让“锁链”将我们彼此永远相连的准备了吧?呵呵……既然如此,就让我们患难与共吧,亲爱的——これは…永遠に一緒にいようという証明ね。私に預けたということはつまり、私とцепь(ツェーピ)でずっと繋がる覚悟ができていて?ふふふ♪…これからは共に乗り越えて行こうね。あ・な・た♡Oh my... This is a statement, saying you want to be together forever. And if you're giving it to me, you must be ready to forever be connected. Heehee. Whatever comes next, we'll get through it together... sweetheart♡
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In battle with Gangut结束后,找个地方聚一聚吧。終わったらどこかで打ち上げでもしない?After this is over, wanna go for a drink?
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Ship Description“呵呵……准备好谒见这方世界的统治者了么,客人。记住该有的礼仪与姿态,因为波尔塔瓦女王的时间 ,可是很宝贵的呢……”「ふふふ…あら、この世界の統治者に謁見する準備はもうできていて?なら…お行儀よくするのをしっかり覚えておくことね。ポルタヴァ女王の時間はとーーっても貴重なんだから…」Heehee... Oh, are you ready for your audience with me? Remember the important thing – minding your manners. Queen Poltava's time is very, very precious indeed.
Acquisition“呵呵……准备好谒见这方世界的统治者了么,客人。记住该有的礼仪与姿态,因为波尔塔瓦女王的时间 ,可是很宝贵的呢……”「ふふふ…あら、この世界の統治者に謁見する準備はもうできていて?なら…お行儀よくするのをしっかり覚えておくことね。ポルタヴァ女王の時間はとーーっても貴重なんだから…」Heehee... Oh, are you ready for your audience with me? Remember the important thing – minding your manners. Queen Poltava's time is very, very precious indeed.
Login啊,您来得正巧,指挥官同志。我刚刚才拿到演出的台本,不如我们一起来研究一下?ふふふ、ちょうどいいわ、同志指揮官。このあとの台本を手に入れたところよ。一緒に読んでみる?Heehee. Great timing, Comrade Commander. I got my hands on the script for the next scene. Want to go through it with me?
Main“您不把我当成朋友,甚至不愿意叫我一声女王”……这还真是有气势的台本呢。「友として扱わぬどころか、女王と呼ぶことすら拒むなんて」……なかなか味のあるセリフね"You don't treat me as a friend and you refuse to call me 'Queen'"... What an impactful line.
Main 2想达成交易,就干脆给予一个无法拒绝的理由……哼哼,我扮演的女王,算是个说一不二的傲慢家伙呢。取引を断られたくなければ、断れない理由を見せつけること――ふふふ、私の役は随分と傲慢なやつねIf you want to strike a deal, come up with a reason I can't refuse. Heehee, my character is quite the arrogant one.
Main 3所以,我“头号敌人”的扮演者,是苏维埃同盟?呵呵,对于一个“黑道女王”而言,的确是足够重量级呢。それで?私のライバル役は…ソビエツキー・ソユーズ?ふふふ、マフィアの女王が相手なんて、随分と大役を任されたのねSo, who is playing my rival? ...Sovetsky Soyuz? Heehee. Her, against a mafia queen... They gave her quite the important role.
Touch呵呵,您也要来一杯么?虽说是演出道具,但也都是实打实的真货哦。ふふふ、同志指揮官も一杯どう?グラスは小道具だけど中身は本物よ?Heehee. A drink, Comrade Commander? The glass may be a prop, but the liquor is the real deal.
Touch (Special)呵呵……接下来,我要加点额外剧情了哦——ふふふ……これからはアドリブを入れてあげようかしら♥Heehee... I might have to add an improv scene♥
Return to Port准备演出道具辛苦了,指挥官同志。那么,女王的按摩服务,要体验下么?小道具の準備ご苦労さま、同志指揮官。それで…ポルタヴァ女王に体中を揉みほぐされてみるのはいかがかしら?Thanks for setting up all the props, Comrade Commander. Now... how about a nice full-body massage from Queen Poltava?
Flagship你们,正与橘子同框呢——今、オレンジが映っているわ――Oh my, the oranges are in the frame with you.
Victory呵呵,波尔塔瓦女王的又一场史诗大捷。ふふふ、ポルタヴァ女王の歴史的大勝利がまた一つHeehee. Another huge and historic victory for Queen Poltava.
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Login哎呀,亲爱的。虽然懒散一些也没问题,但你知道现在是工作时间吧?在让其他人为难之前,多少注意一下哦♪あら、あなた。怠けるのはいいけれど、今は仕事中という状況を分かっていて?ほかの子を困らせる前に気をつけてほしいわ♪Well, hello, sweetheart. I love to relax as much as you, but you're supposed to be working right now. Please be mindful, lest you get on other girls' nerves♪
Details哎呀,亲爱的也想照顾一下皮罗什基吗?呵呵,还不行呢。你有你自己的工作要做呢——嗯,就请你负责甘古特级们的酒水账单吧♪あら、あなたもピロシキの面倒を見てみたい?ふふふ、ダメよ。あなたにはあなたの仕事があるもの――ええ、ガングートたちの飲み会の精算をよろしく頼むわ♪Oh, do you want to play with Pirozhki, too? Heehee, sorry, but no. You have your work to deal with – namely, figuring out the cost of the Ganguts' drinking party♪
Main亲爱的,现在四下无人,在我面前不用那么维持仪态也没关系哟?周りに誰もいないし、そこまで気を使わなくてもいいわよ?あなた♡No need to be on your best behavior, sweetheart. There's nobody around♡
Main 2……挑战?亲爱的,不会真觉得我像塞瓦斯托波尔一样吧?……呵呵,反悔也来不及了哦,见识下北方联合的海量吧——酒のお誘い?まさかあなた、私がセヴァストポリちゃんと同じとでも思ってないわよね?…ふふふ、後悔しても遅いわ。北方連合の酒豪っぷりを見せてあげる――Go drinking? Sweetheart, please, do you think I'm the same as Sevastopol? ...Heehee, too late to pull out now. You're going to learn just how much we Parliamentarians can guzzle.
Touch与亲爱的相连的锁链,不在这里哦……看,是在这里♡あなたと繋ぐцепь(ツェーピ)はここじゃなくて…ほら、こ・こ・よ♡This isn't the chain that binds you... THIS is♡
Touch (Special)呵呵……这是战书呢,亲爱的。ふふふ……私を煽り立てようとしているわね。あなた♡Heehee... I know you're trying to provoke me into something, sweetheart♡
Return to Port辛苦了,亲爱的。就这样坐在我旁边,把头靠过来……乖孩子♡呵呵,真懂事呢。ご苦労さま、あなた。そのまま隣に腰を下ろして頭をあずけて……いい子いい子♡ふふふ、よく分かってるじゃないWay to go, sweetheart. Go on, sit down and let me take care of you. Who's my little soldier? Heehee, yes, you are.
Commission Complete哎呀,是不是执行委托任务的小队已经回来了呢。不仅与我,还与大家都有联系呢,呵呵。あら、委託に出た子たちがもう帰ってきたのかしら。私だけでなく、みんなとも繋がっているわね。ふふふAh, the girls who went on a commission are back already. You're linked not just with me, but with them as well. Heehee.
Victory这次的速度让你大吃一惊了吧,亲爱的~敵を倒す早さにびっくりしたかしら?あなた♡Aren't you amazed by how quickly I neutralized them, sweetheart?