Owari (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 606Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRaritySuper Rare
NavySakura EmpireBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP1405 Reload53
Firepower80 Torpedo53
Evasion8 Anti-air70
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck41
HP6297 Reload102
Firepower209 Torpedo145
Evasion39 Anti-air258
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck43
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Battleship: Kii-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Power o' FriendshipWhen the battle starts, and every 20s: gives a random other ship in your fleet the Best Buds trait. While a ship with the Best Buds trait is afloat, Owari's FP, ACC, and RLD are increased by 10.0% (20.0%) . When a ship with the Best Buds trait sinks, or when the trait expires: Owari fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) torpedo barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level). The Best Buds trait grants additional buffs based on the recipient's position: 1) Main Fleet: increases that ship's AA by 5.0% (15.0%) and decreases her DMG taken by 4.0% (10.0%) ; 2) Vanguard: increases that ship's FP and TRP by 5.0% (15.0%) .???
Don't Mess With My Best Buds!When this ship fires her Main Guns: 45.0% (75.0%) chance to fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level). When this special barrage fires: increases your Kii-class BBs' DMG dealt by 4.0% (10.0%) for 10s. If your Flagship meets any one of the following criteria, this barrage's activation chance increases by 25.0%: 1) She is a Sakura Empire ship; 2) She is a BB, BC, or BBV; 3) She has received the Best Buds trait at least once during the battle.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description纪伊级战列舰—尾张紀伊型戦艦-尾張Kii-class battleship – Owari.
Biography我是纪伊型战列舰的二号舰尾张!原本是有建造计划的,但因为某些原因取消了,不过我不在乎这些!指挥官,我会在你领导下努力的,请多关照♪紀伊型戦艦、二番艦の尾張だよ!建造計画があったんだけど、ショハンのジジョウ?ってやつでダメになっちゃって、でもあたしはそんなこと気にしない!指揮官、あんたの下で頑張っちゃうから、まじよろしくね♪I'm Owari, Kii-class battleship number two! I was originally supposed to get built out, but that never happened for whatever random-ass reasons. Doesn't bother me one bit though. All that matters is, I'm gonna give it my all with you in charge~♪
Acquisition我是尾张,你是这个舰队的老大…不对,是指挥官对吧!哈哈哈哈,从现在开始请多关照了!あたし尾張、あんたはこの艦隊のおやか…じゃなかった。指揮官だよね!あははは、こっからよろしくね!I'm Owari, and you must be the boss o' this here fleet... Nah, you're obviously the Commander! Ahahahah! Nice meetin' you!
Login喔,指挥官,来得正好。今天到货了特别新鲜的蔬菜,要一起尝尝看吗?お、指揮官、いいとこに。なかなかパない野菜が入ったんだけどさ、一緒に味見してかない?Ah, Commander. Good timing. I just got some crazy fresh veggies. You wanna give 'em a taste?
Details既然其他的伙伴负责出谋划策,那我就负责莽吧?因为我搞不懂那些复杂的事…哈哈哈♪当个笨蛋反而更快乐哦?ほかの仲間は頭脳担当だから、あたしは腕力担当ってことになるかな?難しいことはよくわかんない…はは♪バカになったほうが色々楽しいよ?I let others do the thinking – me, I'm just the brawn, pretty much. Complicated stuff kinda goes over my head... Haha~♪ Bein' dumb has its benefits, y'know!
Main啊?真的失败了…?哇~真是太土了…等等,指挥官!?你从什么时候开始来的…别,别看我啦~!!え?まじ失敗した…?うわぁ~めちゃくちゃダッサ…ってえ?指揮官!?いつからそこに…み、見るなっての~!!What? I messed up? Maaan, that's soooo lame... Huh? Commander?! How long 'ave you been there? S-stop lookin'!
Main 2作战?我不太懂,但这是指挥官辛苦做的对吧?好,那我去请教一下骏河!作戦?あたし良くわかんないけど指揮官が大事に立てたものだよね?よし、じゃあちょっと駿河に教えてもらってくる!An operation? I'm not very book smart, but I'm guessin' you put a lot of thought into it? Alright, I'll get Suruga in here to explain it to me!
Main 3答应了下次要来吃我做的菜对吧!?好好期待吧!あたしの手料理を食べにきてくれるって約束してたよね!?まじ楽しみにしてて!You said you'd come 'n eat my home cooking, remember? You can bet yer behind it's gonna be good!
Main 4嗯~卡壳了~!我真的做不来解密游戏啊~…纪伊~帮帮我~うわ~、詰んだぁ~!あたしにパズルなんて無理だよぉ~…紀伊ぃ~助けてぇ~Ughhh, I give up! I don't have any clue how to solve this puzzle! Kii! Come help!
Touch怎么?想和我手挽着手吗?没问题♪なに?あたしと腕を組みたいの?いいよ♪Yeah? You wanna hold hands with me? Sure thing~♪
Touch (Special)我摸起来很好玩吗?这样啊——♪あたしなんて触って楽しい?そっかー♪So you get a kick outta touchin' me, huh? Good to know~♪
Touch (Headpat)嗯,怎么了?指挥官就算摸头也摸不出什么东西的哦?不过我感觉很舒服就是啦!ん、どしたん?あたしの頭なんか撫でても何も出ないよ?まぁでもそれ、とっても気持ちいいね!Hm? Whatcha doin'? You ain't gonna get three wishes for rubbing my head. Though, it does feel real nice!
Mission诶?任务还没做完吗?怎么了吗?嗯~,如果很忙的话,要我帮忙吗?え?まだ任務、終わってないの?どうかした?ん~、忙しいんなら、手伝おっか?Huh? You've still got unfinished missions? What's up with that? Hmm... If you've got your hands full, I could help.
Mission Complete咦?这边的任务已经做完了…难道指挥官没有注意到吗…不会吧?あれ?こっちの任務が終わってるね…ってもしかして気づいてなかったとか…ないよね?What's this? This mission's done and dusted... Unless I'm imagining it? Surely not.
Mail指挥官,有你的邮件。最好早点查看下?指揮官、あんた宛てのメールが届いてるって。早く確認した方がよくね?Commander, there's a letter for you. Better check it sooner than later.
Return to Port啊,指挥官,怎么了?看起来好像很累的样子…战场那么辛苦吗?那要不去喝两杯茶?あ、指揮官、どしたん?お疲れみたいだけど…そんなにパない戦場だった?なら癒やしを求めて茶店でもいく?Oh, 'sup, Commander? You sure look beat... Was the battle that much of a drag? How 'bout we go kick it at the teahouse to unwind?
Commission Complete啊,知道了知道了,外出委托的伙伴们回来了是吧。好~,我会告诉指挥官的~あ、はいはい。委託に出てた子らが戻ってきたのね。お~け~、指揮官に伝えとく~Oh, right, the commish team just got back. Aight, better tell the Commander~
Enhancement哇,好厉害…这超厉害的对吧!?うっわ、すっごいなぁ…これってめちゃくちゃエグくない!?Woah, hot dayum... Is this stuff dope as hell or what?!
Flagship尽管来吧!哈哈哈♪かかってきな!あはは♪Show me whatcha got! Ahahah♪
Victory不要小看我们的羁绊!あたしらの絆、甘く見んなっての!Don't ya dare diss the bonds between us!
Defeat唔~,真烦人~う~、まじウザいんだけどぉ~Maaan. This is seeeeriously lame~
Skill这可是现在最流行的哦~これが今流行りのやつよ~I'll show you hip and trendy~
Low HP如果这个程度就说泄气话,那可要给纪伊型脸上抹黑了…この程度で弱音吐いてちゃ、紀伊型の名が廃るって…I'm not 'boutta whine over a little damage and disgrace the Kii class...
Affinity (Upset)现在的你让我有点心情复杂呢…怎么说呢,别让我太失望吧。今のあんたってば、ちょっと微妙ぉ…あんま失望させて欲しくないってゆーかーYou're, like, kind of a crappy person. I just don't like being let down so much, y'know?
Affinity (Stranger)太复杂的要求还是不提比较好,会给纪伊她们添麻烦的。有问题来找我就行!我不会觉得麻烦啦。無理言ってあんまし紀伊たちに迷惑かけないでよね。トラブルがあったら、最初からあたしんとこに持ってくればいいの!別に迷惑だなんて思わないからTry not to ask too much from Kii 'n Suruga, aight? If you've got a problem, bring it to me first of all! I don't mind one bit.
Affinity (Friendly)如果我不是现在这个身份的话,你觉得我会在做什么呢?我想开店什么的应该蛮有趣的。比如卖些当季水果…你如果也有兴趣的话要一起吗?我可以帮忙哦。今みたいなことやってなかったら、どんなことしてたと思う?あたしはお店とか面白いと思うんだよね。季節の果物を扱って…あんたも興味があるならどう?手伝ってあげてもいいよIf I wasn't doing what I'm doing now, whaddya think I'd be doing? Me, I'd wanna run a shop dealin' in seasonal fruits and stuff... You feel me? We could totally set one up together.
Affinity (Like)什么事都不可能一开始就做好。无论战斗,还是恋爱。比如恋爱就是长期相处自然而然地…你问我在说什么?真,真是的!明明是指挥官怎么这么迟钝呢!?どんなことでも、最初からうまくいく事なんてないよね。戦いだってそうだし恋愛だって長く隣にいることで自然と…何の話だって?も、もうっ、指揮官のくせに察し悪くない!?Ain't nothin' in the world people get right on their first try. War is like that, and love too – it becomes natural once you've practiced it... Whaddya mean, "What do you mean"? C'mon, Commander, put two and two together!
Affinity (Love)呜呜,怎么办…太在意指挥官都无法集中工作了……进也不是退也不是……既然这样就只能做好心理准备正面告白了!指挥官,最喜……唔//// 还、还是准备一下好了!うぅ、どうしよう…指揮官が気になって仕事が手につかないじゃない…つ、詰んだ……こうなったら、もう覚悟して正面から突っ込むかんね!指揮官、だいす……んくっ///や、やっぱりちょっち準備させて!Oh, man... I can't get you outta my head, and I can't focus 'cause of it... I give up... Whenever this kinda stuff happens, ya just gotta do or die and go straight for the goal! Commander, I l-love... *blushes* Wait, lemme get ready first!
Pledge真是的!该说是无论何时何地我都很在意,还是该说指挥官这个存在本身就太具有破坏力了…总之,我是彻底迷上你了!到这种情况…已经束手无策了…对吧?もうっ!いつでもどこでも気になるっていうか、指揮官の存在自体がパないっていうか…とにかくめっちゃハマっちゃってるってこと!こんなのもう…どうしようもない…よね?God! I just can't stop thinkin' about you, whatever I do, like you're literally stuck in my head... What I'm getting at is: I'm crazy for you! Might as well stop fighting it and... accept it, y'know?
In battle with Kii纪伊,工作结束后要不要去玩?紀伊、上がったら遊びに行かない?Hey, Kii, you wanna hang out after this is done??
In battle with Suruga呜呜,我没骏河那么聪明啦…うぅ、駿河とは頭の出来が違うからさ…Man, your smarts are on, like, a whole other level...
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Ship Description像是吊床或是水床之类的,有种一直摇荡在波浪之间的感觉,既能恢复疲劳又能让心情焕然一新,真的超棒♪指挥官你也试试看吧?ハンモックとかウォーターベッドとか、なんとなくいつも波に揺られているようで、疲れもとれるし気分もリフレッシュできるからめっちゃ最高♪指揮官も一度乗ってみない?I love hammocks and water beds 'cause they make you feel like you're floating on waves. It's the most relaxing thing ever~♪ You oughta hop on and try for yourself, Commander~
Acquisition像是吊床或是水床之类的,有种一直摇荡在波浪之间的感觉,既能恢复疲劳又能让心情焕然一新,真的超棒♪指挥官你也试试看吧?ハンモックとかウォーターベッドとか、なんとなくいつも波に揺られているようで、疲れもとれるし気分もリフレッシュできるからめっちゃ最高♪指揮官も一度乗ってみない?I love hammocks and water beds 'cause they make you feel like you're floating on waves. It's the most relaxing thing ever~♪ You oughta hop on and try for yourself, Commander~
Login哈哈,指挥官吓到了吗?我觉得我做的床还不错…要不要试试看?ふふっ、指揮官びっくりした?なかなかいいテイストのベッドができたと思うんだけど…ちょっと体験どう?Hehe, did I surprise ya, Commander? I think I threw together a pretty stylish bed... Wanna see for yerself?
Details邀请纪伊她们一起出去玩也不错,不过先休息一会儿再去吧?你想要什么,这些孩子们都会准备好的♪紀伊たちを誘って遊びに行くのもいいけど、もう少しだけここで休んでいかない?欲しいものはこの子らが揃えてくれるからさ♪I don't mind kickin' it with Kii and Suruga, but y'know, we could also keep relaxin' over here. If there's anything you want, these li'l guys will bring it right over~♪
Main虽然烧烤也行,但是我觉得,还是吃水果或者冰淇淋之类的甜点比较适合这种情景BBQもいいけど、やっぱりフルーツやアイスみたいなスイーツの方がこんなシーンには合うよA barbecue's not a terrible idea, but if you ask me, it's fruit 'n ice cream weather right about now.
Main 2很向往水上小屋的美好假期呢~♪啊,但是如果彻底变得懒散,不想动的话…那可糟糕了呢?水上コテージで極上のバカンスとか憧れるよね~♪あーでも、完全にだるだるになって、動きたくなくなったら…やばくね?A vacation on a floating bungalow sounds pretty dreamy~♪ Oh, but wait, what if that turns me into a total couch potato? That'd suck.
Main 3就在短暂的午休里陪我一会儿…应该不会怎么样的吧,指挥官?ほんのちょっとのお昼寝の時間くらい、付き合ってくれても罰は当たらないと思うんだけど…ね、指揮官?I don't think anyone's gonna kill ya if you enjoy a little naptime with me... You down, Commander?
Touch呵呵,触感还不错吧?ふふ、なかなかいい感触でしょ?Heheh, you like how that feels, don't ya?
Touch (Special)接下来想做什么呢?你的打算是什么呢~♡そこからどーする?あんたはどうしたいのかな~♡What are ya plannin' to do next? I wanna see where this goes~♡
Return to Port来,指挥官,辛苦了。要毛巾吗?还是要饮料?或者是…我?は~い、指揮官、おつかれさま。タオルがいい?飲み物がいい?それともあ・た・し?Heya, Commander! Good goin' out there. Want a towel? A drink? Or maybe... a piece~ of~ me~?
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Login指挥官,今天可以一起度过对吧?这一天我已经期待好久了,所以指挥官也做好觉悟好好期待吧?♪指揮官、今日は一緒に居られるんだよね?まじ楽しみにしてたんだから、どんなことされるか覚悟しといてね♪Hey, Commander, we'll hang out today, won't we? I've really been lookin' forward to this, so expect fun times ahead♪
Details虽然我也没多聪明,但至少不会输给指挥官吧?……因为你看,俗话说恋爱令人盲目嘛。比如我没什么变化,只有指挥官变傻了什么的——哈哈哈♪あたし頭そんなに良くないけど、まあ指揮官には負けてないよね?……ほら、恋するやつはモウモクになるって言うし?あたしは変わってなくて、指揮官だけバカになってたりして――はは♪I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I can at least keep up with you! ...'Cause, you know, love blinds people 'n all that? But love won't change me, it'll only turn one of us into a dummy. Haha♪
Main在指挥官面前,真的会变得超糟糕大脑一团混乱…这就叫所谓的“迷恋”是吧?指揮官を前にすると、まじエグくてパない感じになるって言うか…これって「バカホレ」って感じ?When I look at you, I get all weak and squishy and stuff... Is this what bein' obsessed is like?
Main 2每次遇到困难都来找指挥官商量,好像不太好呢。应该自己解决问题才是。哈哈哈♪困ったことがあるたびに指揮官に相談しちゃうのって、あんまよくないよね。ちゃんと自分で解決しないと♪Askin' you for help every time I'm in a tough spot, that's not cool. I've gotta solve some problems on my own♪
Main 3港区的蔬菜真的超好吃~其实之前不小心用它做了下料理!…哈哈,当然菜都是我自己去收的。母港の野菜ってめっちゃ美味いよね~、実はこの間の手料理に使ってたんだ!…って収穫はもちろんあたしがやったんだけど?We've got some crazy tasty veggies here at the port! Heck, I used some in my last recipe! Even harvested 'em myself, of course.
Touch (Special)嗯…我看看周围有没有人…呼,太危险了。就算是我,要是这种情况被人看到也受不了呢…えええと、周りに人は…ふー、あっぶな。さすがのあたしもこんなところを人に見られたらしんどいな…Uhhhh, there're people around, so... Phew, that was close. Like, even I feel awkward bein' watched by a ton of people...
Mission不是吧!?指挥官你还没做完任务!?是生病了吗?还是说这是某种天灾地变的预兆!?まじ!?指揮官が任務を残してる!?病気にでもなったの!?それとも天変地異の前触れ!?Hol' up! You've got unfinished missions?! You get sick or somethin', Commander? Or is the whole freakin' sky about to fall?!
Mission Complete啊,这边的任务也做完了…哇,指挥官你真的超厉害。あ、こっちの任務も終わってる…ほえー、さっすが指揮官、パないねOh hey, this mission here's all done too. Damn, Commander, you sure know how to bust yer butt.
Flagship好好期待我帅气的一面吧!あたしのカッコいい姿、まじ楽しみにしといて!Watch this! I'm totally gonna style on 'em!
Victory怎么样?这下知道我有多能干了吧?どう?あたしがめっちゃしごできなの、分かったでしょ?Howzat? See, now you understand how badass I can be, don't ya?
Affinity (Love)站在指挥官旁边的时候,总觉得静不下心来…该说是变得不太像我自己好呢…好害怕!为什么我会变成这样…你知道为什么吗?哦,这就叫“相思病”…那是什么?指揮官の隣に立つとなんか落ち着かなくて…いつもの自分じゃないっていうか…怖っ!どうしてこんなんなっちゃったんだろう…あんたは分かる?へー「コイワズライ」っていうんだ…どういう意味?Dunno why, but I feel on edge when I stand next to you... like I'm not myself, somehow... Creeps me out. Wonder why I'm like this... Any ideas, Commander? ...Lovesickness, huh. What's that even mean?