Nevada (JP 🇯🇵: ネバダ, CN 🇹🇼: 内华达)
Ship IDNo. 52Star Rating★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRarityCommon
NavyEagle UnionBuild Time
AcquisitionHonor medal exchange, Explore Stage2-2, Heavy Ship Construction
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressYumi Uchiyama
Nevada-class battleship – Nevada, Hull Number BB-36!
Nevada (Retrofit)Description
Heh, with this, I won't be outperformed by those fancy greenhorn battleships. Young'un, from now on, just leave everything to Nevada here!
HP1153 Reload49
Firepower72 Torpedo0
Evasion4 Anti-air38
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck75
HP5185 Reload94
Firepower190 Torpedo0
Evasion25 Anti-air143
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck79
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
2Destroyer Gun200%/200%/200%/200%1/1/3/30/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun100%/100%/100%/100%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Triple 356mm Main Gun
Fleet Tech
T3 Battleship: Nevada-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock8 +2
Max LimitBreak16
Lv.12012 +1
Vice DefenseWhen this ship is attacked: 3.5% (8.0%) chance to decrease the DMG of the incoming attack by 50.0%.
Focused AssaultWhen this ship fires its Main Guns: 15.0% (30.0%) chance to deal double DMG with its Main Guns.
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description内华达级战列舰—内华达,舷号BB-36ネバダ級戦艦・ネバダ(BB-36)Nevada-class battleship – Nevada, Hull Number BB-36!
Biography哟!我就是内华达级大姐内华达号战列舰,在大西洋舰队、太平洋舰队都服过役。接过总统,换过肾,扛过两次原子弹,还刷过全战场!よっ!あたしはネバダ級一番艦のネバダだ。大西洋艦隊と太平洋艦隊の両方に参加した。近代化改修を受け大統領の護衛もこなし、戦後は2回もの核爆弾実験を生き残り、終生、戦場を駆け巡ったぞ!Yo! I'm the big sister of the Nevada-class battleships, Nevada! I served in both the Atlantic and Pacific fleets. The President was once on board me, I've changed kidneys, carried two atomic bombs, and even cleared out an entire battlefield!
Acquisition嘿,少年,你就是我的指挥官吗?我是内华达,以后就跟你混了少年、あんたがあたしの指揮官かい?あたしはネバダ、これから世話になるぞAre you the commander, young man? I'm Nevada. I'll be working with you from here on out.
Login打起精神来!ほら、しっかりしな!Hey, get your spirits up!
Details这种时候,我就会莫名的喜欢你这点小心思…こういう時に,あんたの気配りは羨ましいぞAt times like these, I tend to like your mindfulness...
Main赌?虽然我不太感兴趣,不过你要是想,我奉陪!賭け事かい?あんまり興味ないけど付き合ってやってもいいぞ!Gambling? I'm not usually interested, but I'll give it a shot with you if you're up for it!
Main 2指挥官,趁年轻,要做赶紧做,别怂指揮官よ、若いうちは恐れずにどんどん進むほうがいいぞ!Commander, go do what you want while you're still young!
Main 3“班特里湾中队”?我只是缺少一个机会而已……「バントリー・ベイ中隊」?あたしは出陣のチャンスがなかったね…Bantry Bay Squadron? I just missed my chance, you see...
Touch没看出来你还挺粘人的嘛あんた、意外と人にべったりだなWho knew you were a people person?
Touch (Special)原来指挥官对“重点防护”的地方这么有兴趣……あたしの「重点防御」、そんなに気になるかい?Are you that interested in my 'priority defenses'?
Mission作为军人,完成任务可是天职哦軍人として、任務を果たす事は当たり前さAs soldiers, completing missions is our divine duty.
Mission Complete任务奖励已经送来了ミッションボーナス、届いたぞMission rewards have been delivered!
MailYo~指挥官!你的信!よっ!指揮官、あんた宛だぞ!Yo~ Commander! A message!
Return to Port累了的话我肩膀借你啊,别害羞了,来来来疲れたならあたしの肩にでももたれかかってな。まあ恥ずかしがらないで、いいからこっち来なIf you're tired, you can always rest on my shoulders. Don't be embarrassed. Come on!
Commission Complete指挥官,姐妹们顺利完成了委托了,可要好好夸夸她们指揮官、委託が無事完了したぞ。あの娘たちのことちゃんと褒めておやりCommander, the commissions have returned without issue. Make sure to comlement them for their efforts!
Enhancement嗯,不错的感觉!うん、いい感じ!Mmm, not a bad feeling!
Flagship看起来挺热闹的嘛,那就由我来让对面变得更加热闹一些吧!騒がしいなあ!あたしがもっと盛り上げてやるよ!How lively! Allow me to join in the fun!
Victory哈,火力低下,防御不精,也想做我的对手?ハッ、そんな火力と装甲であたしの相手にでもなったつもりかい?Ha, you think you can beat me with such weak firepower and defences?
Defeat嘁,下次看我怎么收拾你们!ちっ、次は見ておけ!Tsk, wait and see how I take you on next time!
Skill你们还差得远呢あんたたち、まだまだだね!You are still way off!
Affinity (Upset)对你稍微有点失望……ちょっとがっかりだね…I'm a bit disappointed in you...
Affinity (Stranger)我对自己的运气挺有自信,要赌赌看吗?あたしは運に自信があるんだ。試してみるかい?I'm quite confident in my own luck. Want to gamble a bit?
Affinity (Friendly)指挥官,前阵子俄克拉荷马告诉了我个好地方,要不要去购物?哎呀,别愣着了,走走走指揮官、オクラホマのやつがこの間いい店教えてくれてね、ちょっと見に行くかい?…ほら、突っ立てないで早く行きなCommander, Oklahoma told me about a nice shop around here. Wanna have a look? ... Hey, stop standing there like a pole! Let's go
Affinity (Like)喜欢一个人就要让所有人知道啊,有什么好隐瞒的,不干不脆的可不像个男子汉呢好きなら好きでちゃっちゃと言えってんだい。隠してどうする…まったく指揮官らしくない!If you like someone, just say it up front. What use is there to hide it? ...It's just not like you at all, Commander!
Affinity (Love)重点防护理念?那只是保护重要部位而已……怎么,你想检查一下有多重要?是你的话……重点防御コンセプト?あれは大事な所は手厚く防御しようってことだ。……なに?どれだけ大事か知りたい?……ま、まあ、あんたなら…The idea behind priority defenses? That is to protect our most important areas... What, you want to know how important they are? W-well, if it's you...
Pledge你啊……不要在这种时候反而变得豪迈起来啊,这么重要的事情就不能再好好想想时间和地点吗!……噗,好啦,我又没说我不收あんたさ……こういう時に大雑把になってどうする?こんな大事なこと、時間と場所を考えないのかい?……プッ。はいはい、いらないなんて言ってないから、しゃんとしなOh you... what are you doing, getting so bold at a time like this? Have you never considered the time and place for such an important thing? Hmph. yeah yeah. I'm not saying no, so bring it.
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description哟,少年。四处寒暄走累了没?来,过来坐会。吃些好的休息下吧。よっ、少年。各所の挨拶に回って疲れてないかい?ほら、こっちに来な。いいものでも食べながらちょっと休みなよHowdy, young'un! Aren't you tired from goin' around greetin' fancy people? Come over here and relax with me and some good food.
Acquisition哟,少年。四处寒暄走累了没?来,过来坐会。吃些好的休息下吧。よっ、少年。各所の挨拶に回って疲れてないかい?ほら、こっちに来な。いいものでも食べながらちょっと休みなよHowdy, young'un! Aren't you tired from goin' around greetin' fancy people? Come over here and relax with me and some good food.
Login来了吗?那么今天也利落地收拾掉工作吧。もう来たのかい?それじゃあ、今日もちゃっちゃと仕事を片付けていこうかHere already, young'un? I reckon we oughta get to work, then.
Details被做衣服的姐妹问说礼服有什么需求,下意识回答了要注意“重点防护”,结果就变这样了……不过这身挺方便行动的,我挺中意就是了。仕立ててくれる子にドレスの要望を聞かれて、とっさに「重点防御」って答えたらこんな感じになったな…まぁ、動きやすいからあたしは気に入ってるがY'know, that seamstress asked me what I wanted, and I told her I wanted my dress to focus on defense. Look how that turned out... But hey, I kinda like it. It's easy to move in.
Main看着俄克拉荷马和伙伴们愉快交谈的样子,总觉得很感慨呢。オクラホマが仲間たちとワイワイ話しているのを見ていると、何だかしみじみするなThere's somethin' that gets me real emotional about seein' Oklahoma chat it up with friends.
Main 2知道你工作很忙,不过不增加些体力可不行呢?今天你一直都忙于问候,还没好好吃东西吧?来,吃了这个吧。仕事でいつも忙しいのはわかるけど、もっと体力付けないとだめだぞ?今日だって、挨拶回りばかりでろくに食べてないだろ?ほら、これ食べなI know you're real busy with work, but how about you work on that stamina? You haven't eaten one bite since you've been runnin' around talkin' to people. Here, eat up!
Main 3要赌一把吗?我这身也没什么能拿来赌的…对了!输的人再喝一杯!怎样?賭け事か?このなりじゃ、賭けるものは何も…そうだ!負けたほうがもう一杯付き合う!でどうだい?You wanna make a wager? I don't have much to bet in this getup... Oh, I know! Whoever loses has to stay for another drink! How's that, young'un?
Touch要转换下心情吗?嗯,那去呼吸下新鲜空气吧。这里交给我就好。気分転換か?ああ、新鮮な空気を吸ってきな。ここはあたしに任せるがいいさNeed a break? Hey, go get you some fresh air. I'll hold down the fort.
Touch (Special)感觉往奇怪的方向成长了呢…変な方向に育っている気がするな…Kinda feel like I'm developin' in weird ways...
Mission来新任务了。正好就算是饭后消食了。新しいミッションだ。食後の運動にはちょうどいいなWe've got new missions! Just in time to burn off that meal.
Mission Complete是任务报酬。俄克拉荷马那家伙,联络得正是时候呢。ミッションボーナスだな。オクラホマのやつ、いいタイミングで連絡してきたなThere's our mission bonus. Oklahoma called just in time.
Mail是给你的邮件。上面写了什么?あんたへのメールだ。何が書いてあるんだ?You've got mail, young'un. What's it say?
Return to Port看你很累的样子呢…哈哈哈,我就出把力,给少年你膝枕治愈下如何?不用客气的!疲れが溜まってるみたいだな…ははは、ここは一肌脱いで少年に膝枕してあげてもいいぞ?遠慮するな、大丈夫よ!You look beat. Hahaha, how's about I help out and let you lie your pretty little head in my lap? C'mon, don't be shy, now!
Flagship那就大干一场吧!いっちょかましてくるか!Let's give 'em a good whoopin'!
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Ship Description哼哼,这下性能上不会输给新锐的那些小丫头们了。指挥官,接下来凡事都交给我内华达吧!ふふん、これで性能もあの新造艦のひよっこたちに負けないな。少年、これからはどんなことでも、このネバダに任せな!Heh, with this, I won't be outperformed by those fancy greenhorn battleships. Young'un, from now on, just leave everything to Nevada here!
Acquisition哼哼,这下性能上不会输给新锐的那些小丫头们了。指挥官,接下来凡事都交给我内华达吧!ふふん、これで性能もあの新造艦のひよっこたちに負けないな。少年、これからはどんなことでも、このネバダに任せな!Heh, with this, I won't be outperformed by those fancy greenhorn battleships. Young'un, from now on, just leave everything to Nevada here!
Login内华达,随时待命!ネバダ、いつでも命令を待っている!Nevada, always ready for your orders!
Details指挥官,一起去骑马吗?不会也没关系,抱紧我的腰就好了少年、馬にでも乗ってみたいのかい?なぁに、乗れなくてもあたしの腰に抱きついていれば大丈夫よ!Commander, want to go horseback riding together? It doesn't matter if you don't know how, just hang on to my waist!
Main最近俄克拉荷马那丫头也成长了许多,很快她也能独当一面了吧オクラホマのやつ、最近結構成長したな。もう少ししたら一人前になるだろうなThat Oklahoma, she's ain't so wet behind the ears anymore. Soon she's gonna be all independent.
Main 2战斗虽然不能完全解决问题,但是至少可以解决大部分制造问题的人戦闘ではトラブルをかたづけられない時もある。だが、トラブルを起こした奴はかたづけることができるぞ!Though fighting can't eliminate every problem in the world, it certainly can eliminate most of those who would cause problems.
Main 3指挥官,你的背后有我在,所以你就尽情地向前冲吧少年、あんたの背中にはあたしがいる。だから、思いっきりまっすぐ前へ走ってみなCommander, I've got your back, so you can keep charging forward!
Touch偶尔小赌一把还是挺有意思的,我的话如你所见,指挥官,你想好赌注了吗?たまにはギャンブルをやるのも面白いな。こっちのカケモノはこの通りだ。少年の方はどうだ?So, you fancy a dance with the devil? As you can see, I'm ready to up the ante. Young'un, what are you going to wager?
Touch (Special)指挥官,我能不能换个赌注……うーん、ちょっとカケモノを変えても……いいかい?Commander, can I... change my wager?
Return to Port指挥官,想不想体验一下被公主抱的感觉?少年、お姫様抱っこでも体験してみないか?Young'un, want to experience a bridal carry for yourself?
Flagship有我在,输不了!あたしがいる限り、負けはしない!As long I am here, there's no way we can lose!
Victory火力低下,防守不精,反应迟钝,动作松散,再回去练练吧火力低下、防御分散、反応も遅いし動きも鈍い!もう一度出直しな!Your offenses are weak, your defenses are feeble! Your reactions are slow, and your movements are sluggish! Come back when you've trained more!