Maillé Brézé (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 523Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull DestroyerRarityElite
NavyIris LibreBuild Time
AcquisitionEvent: Skybound Oratorio Rerun
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
HP301 Reload76
Firepower20 Torpedo50
Evasion78 Anti-air29
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW52 Luck35
HP1401 Reload146
Firepower56 Torpedo138
Evasion263 Anti-air109
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW129 Luck37
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
3Anti-Air Gun%/%/%/%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Destroyer: Vauquelin-classTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Templar's Holy AdvanceIncreases this ship's AA and ASW by 1.0% (10.0%) ; If sortied in the same fleet as Richelieu or either 3 or more Iris Libre or Vichya Dominion ships: increases this ship's FP, TRP, and RLD by 1.0% (10.0%) . When this ship is attacked: 15.0% chance to deploy a shield that lasts up to 12s and can block up to 10 shots, and decreases this ship's SPD by 3 (this effect can only activate once every 12s).
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: Vauquelin-class once every 10 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description自由鸢尾沃克兰级驱逐舰—马耶·布雷泽ヴォークラン級駆逐艦・マイレ・ブレゼVauquelin-class destroyer – Maillé Brézé.
Biography我是沃克兰级的驱逐舰,马耶·布雷泽!大战中在护卫、反潜、巡逻、运输等各方面都大展身手了!…虽然最后因为出了问题而……哎~ヴォークラン級駆逐艦、マイレ・ブレゼであーる!かの大戦では護衛、対潜、パトロール、輸送と大活躍したのであーる!…なのに最後はトラブルで沈んじゃったけどね…しゅんI am Maillé Brézé, Vauquelin-class destroyer! I am renowned for my ability to escort, patrol, transport, and to fight off submarines! ...Ultimately, though, it didn't save me from sinking... Aww...
Acquisition我是自由鸢尾护教骑士团的驱逐舰,马耶·布雷泽!那边的一般群众,本人来了后就不用再担心航线问题了!…诶?你就是指挥官吗?!我我我我刚才都说了些什么?!アイリス護教騎士団、駆逐艦のマイレ・ブレゼであーる!そこの一般人、このわたしが来たからにはもう航路の心配をしなくてもいいよ!…え?あ、あなたが指揮官殿!?わわわわたしとんでもないことを言っちゃった!?Destroyer Maillé Brézé, Templar Knight of the Iris Libre, has arrived! Thou there, plebeian, thou may now sleep soundly knowing I'll defend thy lanes! ...What? Y-you're the Lord Commander?! F-f-forgive my grave disrespect just now!
Login马耶·布雷泽驾到!…啊!指挥官,早上好!マイレ・ブレゼのお通りであーる!…あ!指揮官殿、おはよう!Sound the trumpets, for I am here! ...Ah, morning salutations, Lord Commander!
Details指挥官,听好了哦?这次战斗黎塞留大人也会参加,换句话说,此乃正义之战!你应该感到光荣才对!指揮官殿、いい?この戦いはリシュリュー様も参加して…つまり正義の戦いなのであーる!光栄に思うがよいのだ!Do you understand, Lord Commander? The Cardinal herself is with us in this war. Therefore, it's a holy war! You should feel honored to be part of it!
Main为了下次的战斗,可不能疏忽了锻炼!次の戦いに備えて鍛錬をおろそかにしてはならないのであーる!Our next battle is important, and I will not neglect my training in preparation for it!
Main 2沃克兰!不可以挑食!…青、青椒……那个是坏蛋蔬菜,所以可以去掉!ヴォークラン!おかずの好き嫌いはダメだ!…ぴ、ピーマンは…悪い野菜なので抜きにしていいのであーる!Vauquelin! Thou must eat thy veggies! ...G-green peppers, however... Yes, it's a bad vegetable! Thou may pass on that one!
Main 3下场演习黎塞留大人也会来看?!呜哇哇…这、这下要更用心准备才行了…!次の演習はリシュリュー様が見に来てくれる!?わ、わわわ…もっと準備しないと…!The Cardinal herself will be spectating our next exercise?! Oh goodness, oh dear... I must practice more!
Touch马耶·布雷泽,离独当一面的骑士还有一点距离呢!このマイレ・ブレゼ、一人前の騎士まであと少しなのであーる!It won't be long before I'm dubbed a full-fledged Templar Knight!
Touch (Special)迷上马耶·布雷泽威风凛凛的样子了吗?このマイレ・ブレゼの威風堂々たる姿に惚れたか?Are you that enamored by my sheer magnificence?
Touch (Headpat)这个头饰不错吧!この頭飾りはどーだ!Stunning hair ornament, am I right?
Mission还有没完成的任务呢?指挥官,在被黎塞留大人说教之前做完它们吧?未完了の任務だよ?指揮官殿、リシュリュー様に言われる前に片付けちゃおう?What about these unfinished missions? You'd better do them before the Cardinal scoldeth you.
Mission Complete任务完成!指挥官大人,到确认报酬的时间啦!任務完了!報酬確認の時間だ!指揮官殿!Mission complete! It's time to reap the rewards, Lord Commander!
Mail邮件…这里面一定写着重要的内容!メール…これはさぞ重要な内容が書かれているに違いない!New mail... The information inside is sure to be of paramount significance!
Return to Port出击辛苦了!不过,如果是黎塞留大人的话,这点程度完全不在话下就是!出撃ご苦労であーる!ま、リシュリュー様ならこの程度は楽勝だよね!Exemplary work, Lord Commander! Although I guess it would have been a cakewalk for the Cardinal!
Commission Complete委托组回来了!哼哼,要是让自由鸢尾护教骑士团出马,报酬肯定会更多…委託組が戻ってきた!ふふん、アイリスの護教騎士団にかかれば報酬がもっと多いものを…The commission team hath returned! Heheh. The rewards would've been greater if you'd entrusted the job to a Templar Knight like me...
Enhancement又朝能独当一面更前进了一步!一人前まで一歩前進であーる!Another step on my journey to full knighthood!
Flagship大家冲啊——!此乃正义之战皆進めー!これは正義の戦いであーる!Onwards, girls! Holy is the war that we wage!
Victory看到了吗!这就是护教骑士团的力量!見たか!これぞ護教騎士団の力であーる!There you have it! That was a display of a Templar Knight's might!
Defeat即,即使身体屈服了,我的内心也不会…!嗯?弄错了…?か、体が落ちても心は…!ん?違った…?Th-thou may crush my body, but my spirit will live on...! Wait, that doesn't sound right...
Skill尝尝神圣的力量吧!聖なる力を思い知れ!Feel my holy might!
Low HP我是不会输的…!負けるわけには…!I cannot and will not succumb...!
Affinity (Upset)一起成为能独当一面的人吧!我要做能独当一面的护教骑士,指挥官也要做能独当一面的指挥官才行!一緒に一人前になろうね!わたしは護教騎士として、指揮官殿は指揮官として!We both have goals to work towards! I'll strive to be a full Templar Knight, and thou should strive to be a half-decent commander!
Affinity (Stranger)虽然离独当一面还有点距离,不过,只要为了此正义之战,我就算拼上性命也在所不辞!来吧,请尽管下命令!まだまだ一人前じゃないけど、この正義の戦いのために命は惜しくないのであーる!さあ、何でもいいからこのわたしに命令するのだ!I may still be a way's off from full knighthood, but I would still give my life for our holy crusade! Give me orders, and I will execute them, Lord Commander!
Affinity (Friendly)指挥官,如果战斗前觉得不安,只要这样做就好——一起握着手,“自由鸢尾庇佑”…嗯!指揮官殿、戦う前に不安を感じたらこうすれば大丈夫!一緒に手を握って、「アイリスの加護がありますように」…うん!Lord Commander, if you ever feel anxious before a battle, simply put your hands together and pray, like... "Iris, watch over our souls," and you'll be fine!
Affinity (Like)不仅是自由鸢尾的伙伴,还得保护好港区的大家才行…唔,肩上的责任分外沉重呢…黎塞留大人,指挥官,我该如何是好…今はアイリスの仲間たちだけでなく、この母港の皆も守らなければならない…うっ、いつにも増して肩の荷が重く感じてしまう…リシュリュー様、指揮官殿、わたしどうすれば…It's not enough to protect just my Iris comrades. I must fight for all my friends here at port too... Oh, the burden on my shoulders doth grow ever bigger... Cardinal, Lord Commander, how will I carry this weight...?
Affinity (Love)就像指挥官努力保护大家一样,我只要不断加油,肯定也能保护好大家的!黎塞留大人也这么说呢!好,接下来一起更加努力加油吧,指挥官!指揮官殿が頑張って皆を守るのと同じく、わたしも頑張っていけば結果的に皆を守れるよね!リシュリュー様も同じことを言ってた!よぉし、これからもっともっと頑張るよー!If we share the burden of protecting everyone, then we can manage this feat together! The Cardinal told me that! On my sword, I vow to work harder than ever!
Pledge指挥官,这个戒指要交给谁……给,给我的?!不是骗我的吧?ーー(小声)可、可以是可以啦,就是有点担心,这么重要的我真的可以吗……唔唔唔…指揮官殿、この指輪は誰に届ければ……わ、わたしに!?う、嘘じゃないよね!?……い、いいけど、本当にわたしでいいのかってちょっと心配してた…ううぅ…To whom do I deliver this ring, Lord Commander? ...I-it's for me?! You're serious?! I-I accept. I just worried for a bit whether you truly wanted me...
Present Like
Present Dislike
In battle with Vauquelin沃克兰,要上了ー!ヴォークラン、やるぞー!On me, Vauquelin!
In battle with Algérie啊,是阿尔及利亚…!あ、アルジェリー殿だ…!Why, it's you, Algérie!
In battle with Richelieu没,没想到竟然能和黎塞留大人一起战斗…!リ、リシュリュー様と一緒に戦えるなんて…! I-it's an unimaginable honor fighting alongside you, Cardinal!
In battle with Foch福煦,要认真战斗啦ー!フォッシュ殿、真面目に戦ってよー!Wouldst thou try and take this seriously, Foch?!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description站站站站站住!居居居,居然敢入侵本自由鸢尾骑士的领域…咿?!求求你了别吃我…是指挥官?!た、たたた立ち止まれ!ここここのアイリスの騎士であるわたしの領域に立ち入るとは…ひぃ!?お願いします食べないで…指揮官殿!?H-h-halt, intruder! Thou art intruding in the domain of an Iris Libre Templar Knight, a crime punishable by... Eek! I'm begging you, spare my life! ...It's you, Lord Commander?!
Acquisition站站站站站住!居居居,居然敢入侵本自由鸢尾骑士的领域…咿?!求求你了别吃我…是指挥官?!た、たたた立ち止まれ!ここここのアイリスの騎士であるわたしの領域に立ち入るとは…ひぃ!?お願いします食べないで…指揮官殿!?H-h-halt, intruder! Thou art intruding in the domain of an Iris Libre Templar Knight, a crime punishable by... Eek! I'm begging you, spare my life! ...It's you, Lord Commander?!
Login有,有什么事吗指挥官?如你所见,我只是在房间里戒备着而已……な、なにか用か指揮官殿?ごらんの通り自室を警備しているのだけどぉ……Wh-what is it, Lord Commander? As you see, I'm simply guarding my room...
Details那个可疑的影子不是幽灵,而是啾啾吗?怎怎怎怎、怎么可能!区区啾啾怎么可能吓到我嘛!怪しい影、おばけじゃなくて饅頭だったの?そそそそんなわけがない!饅頭ごときにこのわたしがびっくりするわけがないのだ!Those things in the dark were just... Manjuus? N-n-no, impossible! Those little creatures could never frighten me so!
Main幽灵哪里可怕?哪哪哪哪里都很可怕好吧!お化けのどこが怖いかって…ななななんでも怖いよ!Why am I afraid of monsters under the bed...? I-I-I'm not!
Main 2咿?!刚才外面有声音对吧?对吧?!指挥官救救我ー!ひぃ!?今外から音がしたよね!したよね!?指揮官殿助けてー!Eek! I heard a weird noise coming from outside! I'm sure of it! Help meeee, Lord Commander!
Main 3这种时候就特别羡慕塔尔图……!こういうとき、タルテュが羨ましいよぉ……!It's times like these when I envy Tartu so much...!
Touch刚,刚刚的都是我装出来的!い、今のはフリだからね!I-I was merely pretending to be spooked!
Touch (Special)在我睡着前,能一直陪着我吗…?寝るまで一緒にいてくれるの…?Could you stay here until I fall asleep...?
Touch (Headpat)不,不管了!も、もうヤケだー!I can't t-take this anymore!
Mail快,快点看看邮件啦~!ははは早くメールを確認して~!G-g-go check your mail, right now!
Return to Port回来了!你终于回来了!呜啊啊啊啊啊指挥官呜呜呜……戻った!ようやく戻った!うへへえええええ指揮官殿ぉおおおお……You're back! You're finally back! I was sooooo scared, Lord Commandeeeer...!
Victory看、看到了吗!有自由鸢尾的庇护,幽灵鬼怪什么的一~点都不可怕!み、見たか!アイリスの加護があればおばけなんて怖くないもーんだ!S-see?! No monster can scare me as long as I have the Iris' protection!
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description可爱的衣服加上好吃的甜点…嘻嘻,好幸福~!啊既然被指挥官看见就没办法了!这些是我珍藏的甜点!我正在享受假日呢!かわいい衣装に美味しいスイーツ…ふふふ、幸せ~!っと指揮官殿に見られてしまっては仕方ない!これはとっておきのスイーツなのだ!オフを満喫中なのであーる!Enjoying sweet pastries in a lovely dress – heehee, such bliss! ...I care not how unbecoming this is of a knight! I saved these desserts for my holiday! Let me enjoy myself, would you!
Acquisition可爱的衣服加上好吃的甜点…嘻嘻,好幸福~!啊既然被指挥官看见就没办法了!这些是我珍藏的甜点!我正在享受假日呢!かわいい衣装に美味しいスイーツ…ふふふ、幸せ~!っと指揮官殿に見られてしまっては仕方ない!これはとっておきのスイーツなのだ!オフを満喫中なのであーる!Enjoying sweet pastries in a lovely dress – heehee, such bliss! ...I care not how unbecoming this is of a knight! I saved these desserts for my holiday! Let me enjoy myself, would you!
Login指挥官也一起吃个茶点休息吧?这分量1个人吃太多……不,不是说要你帮忙…!想吃的话心怀感激的吃就好了!感谢大方的我吧!指揮官殿も一緒にティータイムにしない?一人で食べるには多すぎた……す、助太刀をた…頼まない!食べたかったらありがたく食べるがいい!寛大なわたしに感謝するのであーる!Won't you join me for teatime, Lord Commander? This is too much to eat alone. I... I am not asking for your help at all! Partake only if you wish! Be grateful for my magnanimity!
Details能被这么多甜点包围着的我超级幸福!而且最重要的是,这些都是黎塞留大人赐予我的!哼哼♪こんなにたくさんのスイーツに囲まれてわたしは幸せなのであーる!そして何より、これらはリシュリュー様から賜ったものなのだ!ふふふーん♪It's blissful to have such many desserts just within arm's reach! More blissful yet is that they art a gift from the Cardinal herself! Heheh♪
Main这是给沃克兰的慰劳点心!是黎塞留大人给我的所以要珍惜着吃!要注意吃相!ヴォークランにお菓子の差し入れであーる!リシュリュー様から頂いたものだから大事に食べるのだ!汚く食べないように!This pastry is for thee, Vauquelin! Savor it thoroughly as it's a gift from the Cardinal! Thou must eat it with dignity!
Main 2黎,黎塞留大人?!谢谢您这次赐给我这些奖赏!不胜荣幸!!リ、リシュリュー様!?この度はこのような身に余る褒賞をありがとうございました!!C-Cardinal?! Thank you dearly for these gifts – such lavish treats are much more than I deserve!
Main 3塔尔图,虽然没有甜甜圈,不过类似的东西有马卡龙哦。タルテュ、ドーナツはないけど、近そうなものだとマカロンならあるよI do not have any donuts, Tartu. However, I do have macarons, the next best thing.
Touch没想到你会碰没有铠甲的部分…!偷袭是小人行为!鎧がない部分に触れるとは…!不意打ちは卑怯なのだ!You would touch my unarmored body?! A cowardly attack, I say!
Touch (Special)再做这种事我就不给你甜点了!そういうことをするならスイーツは渡さないのだ!You will have NO desserts if you're going to be like that!
Return to Port辛苦了!指挥官也可以来吃作为奖励的甜点哦!ご苦労であーる!指揮官殿もご褒美タイムのスイーツを食べてもよいのだ!Outstanding! You are permitted to treat yourself to my desserts!
Victory庆祝胜利的甜点肯定是超级美味!祝勝記念のスイーツは絶対においしいこと間違いないのだ!There is nothing as sweet as a celebratory dessert!