Bismarck Zwei (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 593Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRarityUltra Rare
NavyIronbloodBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actress
Bismarck ZweiDescription
HP1522 Reload62
Firepower85 Torpedo0
Evasion8 Anti-air51
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck32
HP6847 Reload119
Firepower220 Torpedo0
Evasion26 Anti-air192
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck33
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Battleship: Bismarck-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Calamitous VoidflameIncreases this ship's FP by 1.0% (10.0%) and RLD by 5.0% (15.0%) . When this ship fires her Main Guns: 1) The first volley of the salvo is guaranteed to critically hit, and 2) fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level) that creates zones on the battlefield that enemies are drawn to.???
Geryon, the Ruin-EaterDuring battle, the autonomous rigging Geryon will switch between two modes to provide support. The support mode toggles each time Bismarck Zwei fires her Main Guns: 1) Synchron-Link: Reduces DMG received by Bismarck Zwei by 10.0% (20.0%) , and increases the power of the next "Calamitous Voidflame" special barrage. Geryon starts battle in Synchron-Link mode. 2) Synchron-Release: Geryon will separate from Bismarck Zwei, move to a different location, and begin attacking with special weapons (Geryon's stats are based on the skill's level as well as Bismarck Zwei's stats). After Geryon completes deployment as a result of this skill, it will perform another special attack Lv.1 (Lv.10) .???
Reborn Temple of IronIncreases the FP, TRP, and AA of Iron Blood ships in the same fleet as this ship by 5.0% (15.0%) . When a fleet this ship is NOT in starts a battle, and while this ship is still afloat: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) supporting barrage 18s after the battle starts (DMG is based on the skill's level); if the Flagship of that fleet is an Iron Blood ship: also increases the AVI of that fleet's Iron Blood CVs and CVLs by 5.0% (15.0%) .???
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Ship Description俾斯麦级战列舰—俾斯麦ビスマルク型戦艦-ビスマルクBismarck-class battleship – Bismarck.
Biography我曾因贪恋力量而堕入地狱。即使最后幡然醒悟,一切也为时已晚……我从未想过,自己还能以这样的姿态重生。在沉睡之时,我错过了很多事,如今我做好了承担一切的准备。如果同为领导者的你能为我指明道路,我感激不尽。力を求めて地獄まで堕ちて、最後に己の愚行を悔やんでも時すでに遅し……こうして生まれ変わることなんて考えたこともなかった。眠っている間に色々逃したようだけど、今の私は全てを背負う覚悟でいる。同じ指導者であるあなたが道を示してくれるのなら、この上ないことだわMy lust for power once dragged me down to the depths of hell. No matter how much I regretted it, it was already too late... I never dreamed that I would be given new life in this manner. Much seems to have changed during my slumber, but I am now ready to take on everything. Having you, a fellow leader, show me the way forward is the best thing I could ask for.
AcquisitionGuten Tag,我是铁血战舰俾斯麦。虽然我们不是第一次见面,不知这幅全新的姿态有没有让你感到惊讶?总之,彼此都为身怀理想之人,我很高兴能再次与你携手。Guten Tag。鉄血戦艦ビスマルクよ。私たちは別に初めましてではないけれど、この新しい格好に驚きでもしたのかしら?お互い理想を背負う存在としてこうして再び手を取り合えること、嬉しく思うわGuten Tag. I am Iron Blood battleship Bismarck. While this may not be our first meeting, perhaps you find my new attire surprising? As a fellow idealist, I'm happy to once more fight by your side.
Login开始今天的工作吧,指挥官。庞大的港区需要领导者的统筹安排。指揮官、今日の仕事を始めよう。これだけ大きな母港には、指導者のマネージメントが必要よLet's get to work, Commander. A port this vast requires a leader's management.
Details单独的办公区域?啊,不必了。先不论特殊对待的事,我也很享受与你共事的时光就是了。専用のワークスペース?ああ、別になくて平気よ。特別扱いのことはともかく、あなたと一緒に働けるだけで楽しいわA private workspace? No, that's alright. I don't need preferential treatment– simply being able to work with you is enough.
Main同为被寄予众望的领导者,我们的心境应该非常相似吧。有什么在他人面前的难言之隐,不妨同我商量?仲間に期待されている指導者同士、心境が通じているところも多いはず。なにか人前で言えないことでもあったら私に相談して?The two of us have much in common, as leaders who bear the expectations of their peers. If there's anything you have difficulty confiding to others, feel free to turn to me.
Main 2革律翁(Geryon)好像有些不听话……雷根斯堡,上次你是怎么做到让它安静下来的?能再帮我一下么。ゲリュオンが大人しくしてくれていないみたいね。…レーゲンスブルク、この間はどうやって落ち着かせた?もう一回やってみせてくれないかしらGeryon is being rather rowdy... Regensburg, how'd you manage to calm him down the last time? Mind showing me again?
Main 3欧根虽然是我的得力干将,但她总是让人难以捉摸,偶尔还会让我头疼……你也这么觉得?在这方面我们达成了一致呢。オイゲンは私の右腕とも言える子だけど、時々何を考えているか中々掴めないことがあるし、悩ましいわ……あなたもそう思う?ふふ、あの子に関してお互い同意見みたいねWhile you could call Eugen my right-hand woman, she can often be frustratingly difficult to read... You think so, too? Heh, I'm glad we're on the same page.
Main 4曾经留下的诸多遗憾,如今终于有机会用这份新的力量去弥补了。等等,你说找提尔比茨一起喝杯咖啡?这……容我再想想……かつてのやるせなさも、この力があればやり直せるわね。待って、今ティルピッツと一緒にコーヒーを飲みに行くって?ええと……ちょっと気持ちを整理させて……With this new power, I finally have the opportunity to leave my regrets behind in the past. Wait, we're going to a café with Tirpitz? Right now? Umm... give me a moment to sort out my emotions...
Main 5我喜欢节奏舒缓的古典音乐,这能让我感到宁静。至于战争……一定会有划上休止符的那一天。気持ちを落ち着かせてくれる、ゆったりとした旋律のクラシックが好きよ。戦争のことも…ええ、いつかきっと終止符が打たれるわねI like slow classical music– it helps me relax. As for the war... Yes, there will come a day when that, too, is history.
Touch对我的佩剑感兴趣么?你要不挥几下试试?シュヴェーアトが気になるの?良ければあなたも振ってみる?Has my sword caught your eye? You may hold it if you want.
Touch (Special)你是在刻意为难我么。わざと困らせてるつもり?Are you purposely trying to get under my skin?
Touch (Headpat)要不你戴上这顶帽子试试?……嗯,好像还挺合适的。この軍帽を被ってみて?……ふふ、よく似合っているわねWant to try my cap on? ...Hehe, it suits you well.
Mission有新的任务么?不介意的话让我看看吧,我应该能帮上你一些忙。新しい任務?よければ私にも見せて。あなたの助けになれるはずA new mission? Let me have a look. I can lend you a hand.
Mission Complete任务完成了。别忘了领取报酬,那是你应得的。任務が完了したわ。報酬の受け取りを忘れないで。それはあなたが手にすべきものよMission complete. Remember to claim your rewards. They belong in your hands.
Mail好像有新的信件。尽快过目吧,错过了重要信息可就不好了。新しいメールがあるみたい。早く確認して。大事な情報を見逃したらまずいわA letter for you, it seems. Give it a read, promptly. You wouldn't want to miss potentially vital information.
Return to Port回来了么。有空的话,做一下战斗总结?不如这次我从对手的角度想想有没有更好的战术吧。帰ってきたわね。時間があったら戦闘の振り返りでもまとめてもらえる?そうね…こっちは敵の立場に立ってより良い戦術はないか検討してみるわYou're back. If you have the time, could you compile an after-action report? In the meantime... I'll put myself in our foes' shoes and see if I can't develop a better strategy.
Commission Complete后勤物资送到了。不要吝惜自己的时间,一起去迎接吧。你的出现是对她们最大的激励。兵站物資が届いたわ。時間を惜しまないで私と一緒に出迎えに行こう。あなたが出迎えることがあの子たちへの最大の励みになるわMunitions have arrived. Come, let's not waste any time. Those girls would like nothing more than a warm welcome from you.
Enhancement到定期维护的时间了么。革律翁,安静下来。定期メンテナンスの時間ね。ゲリュオン、静かにIt's time for routine maintenance. Geryon, be quiet now.
Flagship这份敢于直面我的勇气,值得赞赏。立ちはだかってくる勇気、称賛に値するThat sheer courage to stand in my way is worthy of applause.
Victory很好,道路已经被肃清了,继续前进!よし、道は開かれた。前進せよ!Excellent, the path before us has been cleared. Forward!
Defeat我无意一人担下全部职责,但现在请允许我留在撤离队伍的最末尾。すべての責任を身一つで背負うつもりはない…が、撤退の殿は努めさせてもらう!I do not intend to shoulder all the responsibility myself... but I will ensure our safe retreat!
Skill真理只在我的射程范围内我の射程内に真理ありTruth can only be found within my range!
Low HP铁血的骄傲,不容任何人玷污!鉄血のプライドは誰にも傷つけさせないっ!None shall tarnish Iron Blood's honor!
Affinity (Upset)我曾认定你是一位英明的领导者,并希望以你为榜样。现在想来,是我看错人了吧……英明な指導者だと思って手本にしていたわ。今にして思えば、どうやら見誤っていたみたいねI thought you a brilliant leader and followed your example. I now see that I was misguided.
Affinity (Stranger)像和其他同伴们那样与我相处就行,我不会以任何方式谋求特殊待遇。指挥官,期待接下来与你的合作,我们能成为不错的朋友。特別扱いなど望まないわ。このまま他の仲間と同じように接してくれればいい。指揮官、これからのあなたとの協力を楽しみにしているわ――お互いいい友人になれるはずよI do not want any preferential treatment. All I ask is that you treat me as you would any of our other colleagues. That's right, Commander. I look forward to working with you in the days ahead. I'm sure we'll become the best of friends.
Affinity (Friendly)有时候我会想,如果你是我的对手,我该怎么办。这大概算是一种“假想敌训练”吧。思前想后,我得出的结论就是——还好我们是站在同一边的人。時々、あなたが敵に回った場合どうするべきか考えることがある。まあ、ある種の「仮想敵」の訓練のつもりだけど…考えれば考えるほど、同じ側に立っていて良かったって気持ちになるわThere are times I wonder what I would do if you were ever to become my enemy. Of course, it's just a thought experiment, but it helped me realize– I'm glad we're on the same side.
Affinity (Like)上午的公文也好,下午的咖啡也好,我们无话不说。这真诚而毫无保留的交心,是我担当领导者时不敢奢望的。与你在一起的时光总是令人愉悦。午前中の公務でも午後のコーヒータイムでも、お互いなんでも話せるわね。ええ、これほど包み隠さず本音を語り合えるなんて、指導者として振る舞う時には望めないものよ。ふふふ、あなたといる時間はいつも楽しく感じるわI'm comfortable discussing anything with you, from office matters to coffee break gossip. Being this sincere, this forthright, is something a leader conscious about appearances strives for. Heehee. I always enjoy my time with you.
Affinity (Love)如果可以的话,我希望你能够留在我的身边。不仅是作为战友、挚友,而是……呼,没什么,不用在意,只要你能明白我的意思就够了。我还是,不擅长说这种话呢……できればあなたがこのまま私のそばにいて、背中を預ける戦友や、語り合う友人としてではなく……ふぅ、なんでもないわ。言いたいことに気づいてくれればそれでいい。私は――まだこういうのに慣れていないみたい……I hope you will remain by my side, as more than an ally and close friend you can talk to about... *sigh*, never mind. It's all good as long as you know what I'm trying to say. See, I'm... I'm still not used to speaking my heart...
Pledge我明白你的决心,也深知这份情感的重量,只是……我不知道,自己该在这重要的仪式上做什么,才算是回应了你的期待。这可能是我为数不多的请求……能请你在这重要的仪式上引导我吗?あなたの決心も感情もわかっているつもりよ。ただ……私はこの大事な式典において、どうすればあなたの期待に応えられるかがわからないわ。ええ、こうしてお願いするのは珍しいかもしれないけど……ふふ、エスコートを頼まれてはくれないかしら?I know about your resolve, your feelings. What I don't know... is how to meet your expectations for this unforgettable ceremony. Let this be a rare case where I ask for a favor and say... could you take the lead? Heehee.
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In battle with Prinz Eugen欧根,你还是老样子啊。オイゲン、相変わらずねThat's the Eugen I've always known.
In battle with Tirpitz提尔比茨,与我并肩作战吧。ティルピッツ、一緒に戦ってJoin me in battle, Tirpitz.
In battle with Gneisenau META, Scharnhorst META也许我并非你们的“俾斯麦”,但希望你们能助我一臂之力。あなたたちのビスマルクではないが、それでも力を貸してほしいI'm not the Bismarck you know, but I seek your aid all the same.
In battle with U-556你的承诺,我可是一直记着的哦?呵呵。騎士の約束、ずっと覚えているわ I haven't forgotten your knightly promise.
In battle with U-556 META无论发生了什么,我都会保护你的。何が起きても、私が守ってあげるから Whatever happens, I will always protect you.
In battle with Friedrich der Große上次并肩作战是多久之前的事了呢?ともに戦うのはいつぶりかしら How long has it been since we last fought together?
In battle with Ulrich von Hutten铁血将在我的带领下走向辉煌,为此需要你的力量。鉄血は私の元で輝かしき未来へと進む――あなたの力も必要よ I shall lead Iron Blood towards a glorious future. To do that, I need your help.
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Ship Description啊,指挥官,你已经换好泳装了吗?我这边……抱歉。刚下去游了一圈,感觉这头发需要做点什么才行……あ、指揮官。もう準備できたか。こっちは……ええと、すまない。一度は入ったけど、少し髪の毛をどうにかしないと――Ah, you've already gotten changed, Commander? I'm just... Well, I need to do something about my hair before I go back in the water.
Acquisition啊,指挥官,你已经换好泳装了吗?我这边……抱歉。刚下去游了一圈,感觉这头发需要做点什么才行……あ、指揮官。もう準備できたか。こっちは……ええと、すまない。一度は入ったけど、少し髪の毛をどうにかしないと――Ah, you've already gotten changed, Commander? I'm just... Well, I need to do something about my hair before I go back in the water.
Login水温正好。指挥官,做完热身运动之后,就放开享受这来之不易的休息时光吧。水温もちょうどいいわ。指揮官、ウォーミングアップを済ませたら、思いっきり楽しんでThe water feels perfect. Commander, come join me after you finish your warmup exercises.
Details今天的泳池已经被我包场了。我偶尔也有不想被人打扰的时候,尤其是现在……你能明白我的意思吧……プールは貸し切りにしてもらってるわ。ええ、私だって邪魔されたくない時もあるし、特に今は……言ってること、分かるでしょ…?I reserved this whole swimming pool. We all want to be left undisturbed sometimes. Especially now, when... You know what I mean, don't you?
MainU-556给我讲过潜艇们在泳池里打闹的故事。有趣是挺有趣的,但怎样才能让她明白,我不适合参与她们的游戏……潜水艦たちがよくプールで楽しく遊んでいることはU-556から聞いているわ。楽しいのは認めるけど、私がその中に混ざるのは難しいって、どうしたらあの子に分かってもらえるのかしら…U-556 told me that submarines love playing in the pool. While I agree it is a fun time, I wish she'd understand why I can't exactly mingle with submarines...
Main 2泳装吗?当然是我自己选的。之前还想着欧根能给些不错的建议,结果她给我推荐的都是些……呃,难以启齿的,穿起来绝对会很奇怪的那种……水着?ええ、もちろん私自身が選んだわ。実はオイゲンにアドバイスしてもらったのだけど、あの子が薦めてきたのは全部…なんと言うか際どくて、着たら変な目で見られそうなものばかりで……My swimsuit? Why yes, I chose it myself. In truth, I did ask Eugen for suggestions, but all the swimsuits she picked out were... the kinds that draw undesirable attention. Let's just say that..
Main 3说起来,我们现在做的事,就是“约会”对吧……一旦往这个方面想了,难免就让人不自在起来……そういえば、今あなたとしていることは「デート」でいいかしら?……そう思うと、少し身構えてしまうわね…Incidentally, would you consider what we're doing here a date? ...Thinking of it like that makes me feel a bit tense...
Touch暂时不想游的话,就这么坐一会吧。泳ぎたくなかったら、しばらくはこうして一緒に座るといいわIf you want a break from swimming, we can always sit on the deck like this.
Touch (Special)这种时候坦率点会比较好么……こういう時は、素直になったほうがいいのだろうか……To follow my heart in this scenario or not, that's the question...
Touch (Headpat)等一下,头发还是湿的……待って、髪の毛がまだびしょびしょよ……Hold on. My hair is still soaked.
Mail邮件?而且特地送到这里来……等手晾干了之后拆开来看看吧。メール?わざわざここまで……手を拭いたら開けるわA letter? Why in here, of all places... Dry your hands before you open it.
Return to Port指挥官,泳池的地板有些滑,别摔跤——呼,我刚说什么来着,让你小心点了……指揮官、プールの床が滑りやすいから、転ばないように――はぁ、言わんこっちゃないわ。ふふ、気をつけてって言ったのにThe swimming pool floor is slippery, so watch your step, Comma– *sigh*... I told you so. Be more careful.
Flagship是紧急行动。革律翁,跟上我。緊急出動よ。ゲリュオン、ついてきてEmergency sortie, Geryon. Come with me.
Victory敌人已经全部解决。希望短时间内不会有人打扰了吧。敵は全て片付けた。しばらく邪魔が来ないことを願うわAll enemies have been dealt with. I hope this will go swimmingly for at least a while.
Defeat虽然尽力调整过来了,不过不是万全状态迎战还是有些勉强啊……調子を整えてきたつもりだけど、万全じゃない状態での戦闘はやっぱり無理があるわね……I wanted to tune up today, but unsurprisingly, you can't fight when you're not fully prepared...
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Login今天想喝些什么?茶还是咖啡?鲜少有人能让我端茶送水,这算是一点“特别服务”?嗯?不是这个意思么。今日は何が飲みたい?紅茶、それともコーヒー?ふふ、ビスマルクに小間使いをやらせるのはあなたぐらいだから、すこしサービスして……ん?そういう意味じゃなかったのか?What will it be today – tea or coffee? Heehee. Only you could have me as a handmaid, so allow me to serve you for... Hm? This isn't what you had in mind?
Details工作告一段落后有什么想去的地方吗?就当是转换下心情……作为约会的邀请?会,会被理解成这样吗?那,那就当是这样吧……仕事が一段落ついたら、どこか行きたい場所にでも行かないか?気分転換も兼ねて……デートのお誘い?そ、そう思われるのか?あ、ああ…そう思ってくれても構わないわ…Once we wrap up here, why don't we go someplace nice? As a refresher, you know... Asking for a date? D-does it come across like that? I see... If you want, you're free to think of it like one...
Main偶尔我也会羡慕布吕歇尔,她无论何时都能大胆地说出心声。我的话……嗯,你应该不会想让我这样做的,对吧……?時々ブリュッヒャーを羨ましく思う。あの子はどんなときでも素直に胸中を打ち明けられるのに、私は……ふふふ、さすがにあなたも私にそんな風になってほしくない……かしら?Sometimes, I envy Blücher. If only I could be as open and honest about my feelings as her... But maybe you don't want me to be like her?
Main 2下次还是抽点时间陪下U-556……嗯?你说U艇们明天要举办大型捉迷藏比赛……这个,我还是……算了吧?今度はU-556のために時間でも作って……ん?明日はUボートたちのかくれんぼ大会が?…これは、ええと……やっぱり日を改めようかI'm planning to set some time aside just for U-556... Hm? The U-boats are all playing hide-and-seek tomorrow? That's, well... I'll find time for her some other day.
Main 3当人们听着同一首音乐时,心境会不会向着同一个方向趋近呢……指挥官,要试试吗?同じ音楽を聞いていると、気持ちも同じ方向に向かったりして……指揮官、やってみないか?I've read that listening to the same music can put two people in the same mood... Why don't we give that a try, Commander?
Touch这是……什么意思?これは……どういうこと?What do you mean by this?
Touch (Special)这种时候,我该怎么办才好……?こういう時は、どうすれば……?How am I supposed to respond to this...?
Touch (Headpat)身为铁血的领导者却在被指挥官摸头,这样子要是被谁看见的话……鉄血の指導者が指揮官に頭を触れられている。こんな姿を誰かに見られたら……The leader of Iron Blood, allowing the Commander to pet her... I mustn't be seen like this.
Mail新的信件么。会不会是远方牵挂你的人寄来的?新しいメールか。遠くにいても、あなたを想う人からのものかもしれないわNew mail, hmm? Do you think someone's thinking of you from afar?
Return to Port指挥官,辛苦了。虽然还有不少值得总结的地方,不过现在就先享受下来之不易的休息吧。指揮官、ご苦労さま。振り返る必要のある所は多々あるけれど、今は休息時間を楽しもうWelcome back, Commander. There's much to reflect on, but for now, enjoy a well-earned break.
Commission Complete委托队伍平安回归了,一起去慰问下她们吧。大家都等着你呢。委託組が無事に帰還したわ。一緒に出迎えに行こう。皆があなたのことを待っているわThe commission team has returned in one piece. Let's go welcome them back. They're waiting to see you.
Flagship战场啊,我俾斯麦回来了!我はビスマルク、この戦場に再び舞い戻った!At long last, I, Bismarck, have returned to the battlefield!!
Victory挡在我们前面的敌人已经尽数被消灭了。指挥官,继续下令吧。立ちはだかる敵はすべて殲滅した。指揮官、次の指示を発令してAll who oppose us have been eliminated. Awaiting your next order, Commander.
Defeat指挥官,带领大家撤退吧,再强撑下去也没有胜算。指揮官、皆を率いて早く撤退しよう。このまま無理しても勝てないわCommander, take everyone and retreat, now. We cannot eke out a victory here.
Skill战舰俾斯麦,开辟未来!戦艦ビスマルク、未来を切り拓く!I, battleship Bismarck, shall forge a brighter future!