Arkhangelsk (JP 🇯🇵: , CN 🇹🇼: )
Ship IDNo. 536Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRarityElite
NavyNorthern ParliamentBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressKubota Miyu
HP1199 Reload55
Firepower79 Torpedo0
Evasion5 Anti-air42
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck72
HP5362 Reload105
Firepower207 Torpedo0
Evasion26 Anti-air160
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck76
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Battleship: Revenge-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
Noble StrikeEvery 15s: fires a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage and increases the ACC of your Main Fleet by 1.0% (10.0%) for 8s (barrage DMG is based on the skill's level).???
Revenge Served ColdFor each Northern Parliament or Royal Navy ship in the same fleet as this ship: increases this ship's FP by 1.0% (5.0%) (can be stacked up to 3 times); if there are 3 or more: also increases this ship's AA by 5.0% (15.0%) and decreases her Burn DMG taken by 1.0% (10.0%) .???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship DescriptionR级战列舰—阿尔汉格尔斯克R級戦艦-アルハンゲリスクR-class battleship – Arkhangelsk
Biography我是北方联合的战列舰·阿尔汉格尔斯克。曾经从属于皇家,活跃于和撒丁的对峙以及船团的护卫。因为一些原因没有能在相应的时刻彰显足够的战力和存在感…不过放心吧,在这里我会取得和主力舰相应的战果的!北方連合所属、戦艦のアルハンゲリスクよ。カンレキを言うと、最初はロイヤル所属で、サディアとの対峙や船団護衛などで活躍していたの。訳あって戦力として評価されなかった時期もあったけど、ここでは主力艦らしく戦果を勝ち取ってみせるわ!I'm Arkhangelsk, Northern Parliament battleship. I began life in the Royal Navy, taking part in convoy escorts and engagements with the Sardegna Empire. I did also have a period of, let's say, diminished strategic usefulness. But that is in the past – I stand here now to deliver you the victories befitting a capital ship!
Acquisition战列舰·阿尔汉格尔斯克,向你报到。哼哼,正大光明地向我搭话正符合我的喜好。很好,你未来可期呢。戦艦アルハンゲリスクが参上よ。ふふ、堂々と声かけてくるとは私好みじゃない。あなた、なかなか見込みがあるわねI am battleship Arkhangelsk. Hehe, being plainspoken with me is exactly what I like. I see quite a bit of potential within you.
Login准备,坐好!开始干活吧!干脆利落地把工作都处理掉!よーい、着席!仕事開始!テキパキこなしていくわよ!To your desk! Chop-chop! Let's get through today's tasks quickly!
Details你负责舰队全体的指挥,我负责一线战场的指挥,我们互相扶持帮助就能赢得胜利。当然,偶尔让我决定决定这个港区的航向也不是不行哦?艦隊全体の指揮はあなた、現場指揮は私、お互いが助け合ってこそ勝てるというものよ。まあ、たまには私に母港の針路を決めさせてもらうのでも構わないけど?You can lead the fleet as a whole, but in the field, I'll take command. By covering for each other, victory will be certain. Having said that... I wouldn't mind being the one to make decisions around the port every now and then~
Main厌战还是这么活跃么,不错。骑士队也算继续发扬光大了啊。ウォースパイト殿、相変わらず活躍しているようでなにより。騎士隊の面目躍如ってことねIt's delightful to see you're still excelling, Lady Warspite. You live up to your name as a royal knight.
Main 2确实这个港区内还有其他几位北方联合的战列舰,不过我有不输给她们的自信…不仅仅是自信哦!この母港には北方連合の戦艦が他にもいるけど、誰にも負けない自信が……自信だけじゃないわよ!While I'm far from the only Northern Parliament battleship at this port, I strive to be the best. Those aren't empty words – I mean it!
Main 3工作做完了吗?下个工作的准备呢?…不错,就这样向着前方,还有前方的前方前进吧!仕事は片付いた?次の仕事の準備は?…いい心構えよ。そのまま次、さらにその次にも進んでいきなさい!Have you finished your work? Ready to start on the next task? ...That's the spirit. Once that's done, we're onto the next, and then the next after that!
Touch过分拘泥于礼仪就和无礼没有差别了。所以无需拘泥,无论何时都可以随意向我搭话。マナーも度を超えると無礼と変わらないから、私にはいつでも気軽に声をかけなさいBeing excessively polite is no different from simply being rude. Speak to me as you would any other.
Touch (Special)干,干什么?!な、何を!?Wh-what are you doing–?!
Mission收到新任务!指挥官,赶紧确认下。任務の通達を確認!指揮官も目を通して!Attention: we've received new missions! Give them a look, Commander!
Mission Complete已确认任务完成!СПАСИБО(谢谢)!在我动手前就帮我收拾好了呢。任務の完了を確認!СПАСИБО!私がやる前に片付けてくれたのねAttention: the mission has been completed! Spasíbo! I'm pleased you did them before I had to.
Mail已确认来信!似乎是寄给你的。快看一下内容吧。手紙を確認!あなた宛のようね。確認してらっしゃいAttention: a letter has arrived! It's for you. Do give it a read.
Return to Port你回来了啊。来,我们需要总结作战,确认战果,还要确认各舰状态…不过,在这之前,先来一杯热红茶吧。戻ってきたのね。さあ、戦闘の振り返りと戦果の確認、そして各艦のコンディションの確認……と、その前に紅茶を一杯、熱々のうちにいただこうじゃないSo you've returned. Now you must reflect on your battle, review your results, and inspect your ships for damage... But first, have some tea while it's still warm.
Commission Complete确认委托组已回港!这时候该出场的就不是红茶,而是可以温暖身体的伏特加了呢。委託組の帰還を確認!それじゃあ、紅茶ではなく体を温めるヴォッカの出番ねAttention: the commission team has returned! Now, to pour something that warms the body – not tea, but vodka.
Enhancement这次总算能好好做一回现代化改造了…吗?今度はちゃんとした近代化改修…かしら?How about a complete modernization and retrofit next time, hmm?
Flagship统领战场的人…是我!戦場を統べるのはこの私よ!The battlefield knows only one sovereign - me!
Victory是我赢了。哼哼,结果从一开始就毋庸置疑。私の勝ちよ。ふふん、最初から疑いようがなかったわVictory is mine. Heh, not that I ever had any doubts about the outcome.
Defeat各舰撤退!…还没有结束!各艦撤退!…まだ終わりじゃないわ!All ships, withdraw! ...You haven't seen the last of us!
Skill这便是革命性的剑法!革命的な剣捌きってね!Brace for some revolutionary swordsmanship!
Low HP整备不良?怎么会…!整備不良?そんな…!My maintenance is lacking? Impossible...!
Affinity (Upset)你还不够资格当指挥官,回炉重造吧!指揮官失格よ!鍛え直してきなさい!You're a disgrace to your position! Apply yourself!
Affinity (Stranger)我很感激你能对我如此绅士得体。不过现在在你面前的我不单是个女性,更是个军人。振作点,像个指挥官一样跟我说话!礼を尽くそうとしてくれるのはありがたいけど、今あなたの前にいる私は単なるレディではなく軍人なのだから、あなたもあなたで指揮官らしく振る舞いなさい!While I appreciate your courtesy, do remember that I'm not some noble lady, I'm a soldier. Likewise, you're my Commander, so try to act like it!
Affinity (Friendly)唔…感觉有些累了…嗯?是指挥官啊,你最近工作也挺繁重的吧。不要太勉强自己哦?んん…なんだか疲れたわ…あら、指揮官、あなたも最近は激務になっているようじゃない。無理するんじゃないわよ?Ugh... I'm dog-tired... Ah, Commander. Haven't you been working yourself into the ground too? Just don't go completely overboard, okay?
Affinity (Like)(小声)呵呵呵,集中力不错。不愧是我看中的指挥官,不这么利落能干的话,可不能轻易把未来托付给他……啊,刚,刚才的话你听见了?(小声)ふふふ、中々の集中力ね。さすがは私が見込んだ指揮官、しゃきっとしてなきゃ私の未来を託すわけには……あ、今の聞こえてた?(Hehehe, what impeccable concentration. I knew you had potential. If you weren't so reliable, I wouldn't be ready to entrust my future to...) Oh, you heard that?
Affinity (Love)既然被听见了那就没办法了!指挥官,我打算将未来托付于你。为此,首先你要学会命令我,而不是总被我提醒!知道了吗?聞かれたからには仕方ない!指揮官、私は私の未来をあなたに託すつもりでいるわ。そのためにも、まずは私に指摘されるのではなく、私に命令することに慣れておきなさい!わかった?Well, the cat is out of the bag! Commander, I'm going to leave my future in your capable hands. To that end, you must learn how to issue me orders without my input! Understood?
Pledge哼哼,手段不错嘛。这种时候我不应该作为军人,而是应当作为女性回应这个申请…不对,回应指挥官的好意。嗯,我很乐意♪好好对我的未来负起责任来吧!ふふーん、いい心がけね。こういうときは軍人ではなく、レディらしく…じゃなくて、指揮官の厚意に応えてあげるわ。はい、喜んで♪私の未来、しっかり抱えておきなさい!Hoho. This is what I wanted to see. An occasion this special calls for more ladylike behavior... Or rather, that I return your affection. Of course I gladly accept! I trust you with my future – take good care of it!
Present Like
Present Dislike
In battle with Giulio Cesare想超越厌战的话,就先从我开始吧!ウォースパイトを超えるというのなら、まずは私から!If you want to surpass Warspite, you must first beat me!
In battle with !UNKNOWN! (7)准备启用协同战术!連携戦術でいくわ!Teamwork, everyone! Teamwork!
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Ship Description怪盗阿尔汉格尔斯克,优雅地接收你的宝物了!如果真想要抓住我的话……就别光看着,跟着我来吧♪怪盗アルハンゲリスク、あなたのお宝を優雅に頂いていくわ!私を捕まえたいというのなら……ほら、じっと見てないでついてらっしゃい!Your choice treasure now belongs to master thief Arkhangelsk! Think you can arrest me? Then stop gawking and come get me!
Acquisition怪盗阿尔汉格尔斯克,优雅地接收你的宝物了!如果真想要抓住我的话……就别光看着,跟着我来吧♪怪盗アルハンゲリスク、あなたのお宝を優雅に頂いていくわ!私を捕まえたいというのなら……ほら、じっと見てないでついてらっしゃい!Your choice treasure now belongs to master thief Arkhangelsk! Think you can arrest me? Then stop gawking and come get me!
Login指挥官,马上就要回去了!快点跟上我吧!指揮官、まもなく帰還するわよ!早く私についてらっしゃい!We're taking off in just a moment, Commander! Get over here, quick!
Details看我如何华丽的拿走宝物吧!哼哼,可别小瞧皇家的优雅和北方联合的技巧哦。華麗にお宝をちょうだいするわ!ふふん、ロイヤルの優雅さと北方連合の手際の良さを侮るんじゃないわよI'll be taking this treasure, if you don't mind! Heheh! Royal Navy grace with Northern Parliament dexterity is not a combination to be trifled with.
Main休息日就应该有休息日的样子,好好放松享受才是正道。让指挥官陪我也是为了这个目的呢。非番日は非番日らしく、きっちり楽しむのが正道よ。指揮官に付き合ってもらうのもそのためねThe right way to spend a vacation is to maximize your moment-to-moment fun. That's the reason I've brought you along, Commander.
Main 2下个目标是…哎呀,只要拿着这个跟基辅汇合就能完成任务了呢。小菜一碟~この次の目標は…あら、これを持ってキエフと合流すると任務完了ね。楽勝だわOur next objective is to... Ah, we have to bring this over to Kiev to finish our mission. Nice and easy.
Main 3虽然我看起来是军人,不过从避开安保设施的方法到隐秘行动心得都不在话下。……“一般来说会训练到这个地步吗?”这,这个嘛,就要看情况了?こう見えても軍人だもの、セキュリティの避け方から隠密行動までの心得はあるわ。普通はそこまで訓練を積まないって?ま、まあ…人によるんじゃない?Despite my appearance, the fact is that I am a soldier with knowledge of everything from avoiding security to moving stealthily. Shipgirls usually aren't proficient in those? I mean... Doesn't it vary from person to person?
Touch我听到了哦!有什么事?聞こえているわよ!用件は?You're coming in loud and clear! What do you need?
Touch (Special)呀?!ひゃぅ!?Eek!
Return to Port好怀念工作后的红茶啊。指挥官,之后的预定里有能空出来给茶会的时间吗?仕事上がりの紅茶が恋しいわね。指揮官、この後お茶会の時間は空いているかしら?I'd kill for some tea after work. Say, would you have the time for a tea party, Commander?
Commission Complete已确认委托组回港!指挥官,快去迎接吧!委託組の帰還を確認!指揮官、早く出迎えに行ってらっしゃい!Attention: the commission team has returned! You'd best go out and greet them, Commander!
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Ship Description我是住在北方之塔的宫廷魔女——阿尔汉格尔斯克。就是你想要跟我学习可以打败魔王的魔法?很好,这份决心……不愧是被称为“勇者”的家伙,我也会拿出与之相匹配的诚意,严厉地教导你的。北の塔に住むロイヤルキャスター、アルハンゲリスクよ。魔王を倒せる魔法を学びたいの?その決心いいわね……流石「勇者」と呼ばれるだけはある。では私もそれに見合うだけの誠意をもって厳しく教えてやるわI am Arkhangelsk, the royal sorceress who resides in the tower to the north. So, you wish to study magic to defeat the Demon King? Very admirable... You're deserving of the title of "Hero." I will be equally sincere and impart my teachings to you sternly.
Acquisition我是住在北方之塔的宫廷魔女——阿尔汉格尔斯克。就是你想要跟我学习可以打败魔王的魔法?很好,这份决心……不愧是被称为“勇者”的家伙,我也会拿出与之相匹配的诚意,严厉地教导你的。北の塔に住むロイヤルキャスター、アルハンゲリスクよ。魔王を倒せる魔法を学びたいの?その決心いいわね……流石「勇者」と呼ばれるだけはある。では私もそれに見合うだけの誠意をもって厳しく教えてやるわI am Arkhangelsk, the royal sorceress who resides in the tower to the north. So, you wish to study magic to defeat the Demon King? Very admirable... You're deserving of the title of "Hero." I will be equally sincere and impart my teachings to you sternly.
Login准备开始新一轮的学习吧!对于魔法的探索一刻都不能松懈!さあ、今日の修練を始めるわよ!魔法への探求は一刻たりとも気を緩めてはならないわ!Alright, time to start today's training! The pursuit of magic does not allow even a moment of idleness!
Details钻研魔法的乐趣就在于用创新的手法将历史的积累重新加以融合……你做得很好,也许很快就能成长为能与我共同探求魔法根源的存在了呢。魔法の研鑽の楽しいところは、歴史の積み重ねを新しい手法を用いて組み直すことにある――やるわね。近いうちに共に魔法の根源を探求できるほどの存在になれるかもねThe fun of studying magic lies in taking the knowledge of previous generations and using it in new, innovative ways. You've done this well. Soon, perhaps you'll mature into someone who can pursue the very roots of magic with me.
Main想要更好地研究魔法的奥秘,首先就要打好基础。总之,先把这个房间的书全都背熟吧!魔法の秘奥をより深く探求するためには基礎が必要よ。まずはここの蔵書全てを頭に叩き込みなさいっ!You must learn the foundation of magic before you can pursue its greater mysteries. Start off by studying every last book in my library!
Main 2看到这团浮空的东西了么?这是我最近意外研究出来的「展示魔法」,虽然没有任何实用性……不过,追求创新有时候就是会做无用功呢。この浮いているもの?ふふ、これは最近たまたまできた「プレゼンの魔法」よ。実用性はないけど…まあ、新しいものを追い求める道筋に無駄はつきものねThe thing floating above me? Heehee, it's just a decorative spell I stumbled upon. It has no practical use... but then again, vanities are inevitable on the road to new things.
Main 3今天的计划是找到你魔力消耗的极限!总之先使用造水魔法,再使其结冰,加固成冰弹后连续发射1000次左右吧……嗯?怎么还没开始就已经没干劲了?今日の予定はあなたの魔力の限界を見つけること!水を生み出して、それを凍らせて氷弾にして1000連射……あら?始める前にもうやる気がなくなったの?Today, we are going to test the limits of your mana! You're going to create water, freeze it, and fire off ice shards a thousand times in a row... What's that? Out of motivation before we've even started?
Main 4研究结束后想去喝酒?当然可以……不过,请别学波尔塔瓦她们那样只点伏特加哦!研究が終わったら酒場に行きたいの?もちろんいいけど…ポルタヴァたちじゃあるまいし、ヴォッカだけを注文するのはやめてよね!Go to the tavern after the studying is done? Sure thing. But no vodka! I'm not like Poltava or her sisters!
Touch又想学习新的魔法了?新しい魔法を勉強したくなった?Oh, do you want to study a new spell?
Touch (Special)等、等等……你要在这里……?!我可是你的导师!ま、待って…あなたまさかここで…!?私、今はあなたの先生役よ?!W-wait... Are you serious about this?! I'm playing your TEACHER right now!
Mission魔法协会已经下达了新的任务,正好可以验收你的学习成果。魔導ギルドから新しい任務が通達されたわ。修練の成果を試すのにちょうどいいわねYou've received a new mission from the Mages' Guild. This is the perfect time to prove the fruits of your training.
Mission Complete任务报酬确认签收。嗯,近期的学习颇有成效。任務報酬の受け取り確認よし。うん。順調に進歩しているわねI see you've collected your mission rewards. Good. You're on the right path.
Mail收到了指名要给勇者大人的信件……你赶快确认一下内容吧。勇者様宛のメールを受け取ったわ。……中身を早く確認してI picked up this letter addressed to the hero. You should really read it.
Return to Port辛苦了,你对魔力的控制远超我的预期。之后要重新评估你的状态了……别紧张,先来杯红茶放松一下吧。お疲れ様。あなた、魔力の制御は想像以上ね。どうやら評価を改めなきゃ……緊張しないの。まずは紅茶でも飲んで落ち着いてWelcome back. You control your mana better than I expected. I'll have to revise my estimates... Don't be anxious. Settle down and have a cup of tea.
Commission Complete确认委托组已回港!“瞬间移动到港口的魔法”?那种东西是不存在的哦?委託組の帰還を確認!「港まで瞬間移動できる魔法」?そんなのないわよ?The commission team has returned! ..."A spell that can warp you to the harbor"? No such thing exists.
Defeat果然……魔女的角色不太适合我,而是更适合复仇吧?毕竟不怎么需要耗费体力呢。やっぱり魔法使い役は私じゃなく、リヴェンジのほうが合ってるんじゃない?体力を使わないって意味でAre you really sure Revenge wouldn't play the sorceress better than me? It doesn't take much stamina, you know.
Affinity (Love)要带着我一起去讨伐魔王?不是商讨,而是命令?……竟然用这种口吻对你的导师说话,呵呵呵,不愧是我的弟子呢。不过,从今以后的主动权,未必还会一直在你手里哦?魔王討伐パーティーに入れたい?しかも相談ではなく命令で?…先生にこんな頼み方で頼むなんて、ふふふ、さすがは私の「弟子」ね。このアルハンゲリスクをパーティーに入れたからには、主導権をずっと握れるなんて思わないことよ?Join your party to kill the Demon King? And that's not a request, it's an order? What a bold way to ask your teacher for help. Heehee, that's why you're my disciple. I will join, just don't expect to always be the party leader.
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Login已确认指挥官到达!来吧,今天从什么开始做起?指揮官の到着を確認!さあ、今日は何から始める?Attention: the Commander is back! Now then, what's our first task of the day?
Details有能担当现场指挥的你,和针对舰队全体方向提议的我,这个港区的未来充满了光明呢,呵呵呵。現場指揮も担当するあなたと、艦隊全体の進路について進言する私。ふふふ、この母港の未来は明るいわ。With you commanding even in the field, and me offering advice on the fleet's course – yes, the port has a bright future ahead of it. Hehehe~
Main贝拉罗斯,在茶会上这种喝法有点…还有罗西亚,那个的用法不对!抱歉指挥官,现在我忙得抽不开身!ベラルーシア、そんな飲み方はお茶会では…あとロシア、それは使い方をちょっと間違えてるわ!指揮官ごめん、今手が離せなくてっ!That's hardly a drink suited for a tea party, Belorussiya... And Rossiya! That's not the right way to use that! Sorry, Commander, my hands are a bit tied for the moment!
Main 2怎么使用我的力量,就由指挥官来决定吧。相信是你的话肯定不会出错的。私の力をどう使うかはあなたが決めなさい。きっとそれが正解だと思うわHow my abilities are put to use is for you to determine. I have no doubt you'll make the right call.
Touch有事要商量?交给我吧!相談?私に頼りなさい!Need advice? I can offer mine only if you'll rely on me!
Touch (Special)这,这种就……そ、そういうのはねぇ……I'm not sure what to say about this...
Mission已确认任务通知。指挥官也过下目比较好哦。任務の通達、確認したわ。指揮官ももう一回目を通したほうがよさそうねAttention: new missions have come in. I suggest taking a gander at them.
Mission Complete任务结束!这下不就能空出来约会的时间了嘛~任務完了!デートできる時間が作れそうねMission complete! That's created some time for us to go on a date.
Return to Port战果确认完毕,作战回顾完毕…指挥官的事情也都处理好了吗?没错♪我泡的红茶果然好喝吧~戦果の確認よし、振り返りよし…指揮官のほうは大丈夫?そう♪……んー、紅茶が美味しい。私でも美味しく淹れられたわResults look good, same with the after-action report... And you, Commander? Good to hear! ...Mmm, this tea came out excellent, even by my high standards.
Affinity (Love)希望我不以军人的做派,而是以更加淑女的方式跟你交流的话,要提前跟我说哦?没能习惯这种态度的突然变化,可是会带来不少麻烦的。…所以,接下来去约会如何?…呵呵呵,趁你还没习惯的时候,先让我掌握点主导权吧~軍人ではなくレディとして付き合ってほしいときは予め伝えて頂戴?急に優しくしたりするのは慣れないと難しいの。で、このあとデートでもいかが?…ふふふ、慣れないうちは主導権を握らせてもらうわよWould you please tell me ahead of time when you want me to switch from soldier to lady mode? It's hard to dote on you at the drop of a hat – I'm not used to that. As an aside, would you like to go on a date? ...Hehehe. Expect me to make the first move for as long as I'm not used to doting on you.