Z35 (JP 🇯🇵: Z35, CN 🇹🇼: Z35)
Ship IDNo. 345Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull DestroyerRarityElite
NavyIronbloodBuild Time00:35:00
AcquisitionEvent: Divergent Chessboard, Light Construction
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressAyaka Oohashi
1936B-class destroyer - Z35
Projekt KirschblüteDescription
Commander, and all my fellow friends of the fleet, Happy New Year's! This time, your favorite idol Z35 will be presenting a brand new Sakura-themed collaboration, "Projekt Kirschblüte!" Everyone, thank you for your continued support!
HP340 Reload74
Firepower15 Torpedo84
Evasion59 Anti-air34
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW50 Luck35
HP1564 Reload143
Firepower41 Torpedo218
Evasion199 Anti-air129
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW124 Luck37
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault Ⅰ | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1 | Torpedo preload +1 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault | All weapons' efficiency +5%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Destroyer Gun135%/135%/145%/150%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun115%/120%/120%/125%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Single 127mm Main Gun
2Quadruple 533mm Torpedo
Fleet Tech
T7 Destroyer: Type 1336BTech Points and Bonus
Unlock16 +1
Max LimitBreak32
Lv.12024 +1
Firepower OverloadEvery 20s: 40.0% (70.0%) chance to increase this ship's FP by 30.0% (50.0%) and RLD by 100.0% (200.0%) for 10s. Once the effect ends: decreases this ship's RLD by 100% for 3s.Default Unlocked
All Out Assault ⅡActivates All Out Assault Ⅱ: 1936B Type once every 10 times the Main Guns are fired.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description1936B型驱逐舰—Z351936B型駆逐艦・Z351936B-class destroyer - Z35
Biography1936B型的旗舰就是我啦,虽说本型实质上只有3个人就是了~我一直在波罗的海服役,执行过不少炮击和布雷任务哦,不过最后不小心和36误入了自家的水雷群…对,就是我身下这个…咦?为什么它会在这?1936B型、人呼んでZ35型のネームシップとはこの私よ。まあ同型艦は私も含めて3隻しかいないけどね。…バルト海に配属されて、砲撃任務と機雷敷設任務を行って――最後はゼクちゃんと一緒に味方の機雷原に触雷して…そうそう、下にあるこれのことよ!…って、なんでここにいるの……?The lead ship of the 1936B-class is none other than me, though there were only three of us to begin with... I carried out many artillery and minelaying operations in the Baltic Sea, but in the end, accidentally ran into our own mines along with Z36. Yes, the same as this one down here... Eh? Why is it here?!
Acquisition指挥官,舰队的各位,你们好~我是人称能歌善舞小35的Z35,从今往后请多多指教啦!指揮官と艦隊のみんな、はじめまして~私は歌って踊れる、人呼んで「フュンちゃん」のZ35だよ~!よろしく♪Commander, my fellow fleetmembers, hello~! I am the singing and dancing Z35! Pleased to meet you!
LoginHallihallo~指挥官,昨晚有梦到我吗?Hallihallo(ハリハロー)~!指揮官、フュンちゃんのこと、夢で見たのかな~?Hallihallo~ Commander, did you dream of me last night?
Details咦,指挥官你怎么在我房间?……欸?!原来是我走错了吗!あれ、指揮官なんで私の部屋に……?ええ!?私のほうが部屋を間違えちゃった!?Huh? Commander, why are you in my room? ...Eh?! I'm the one who got the room wrong?
Main指挥官,你看你看,小兔子~是不是很可爱?指揮官、はーい……ウサちゃん!えへへ、可愛いよね~Commander, look look, a bunny! Isn't it so cute?
Main 2之前去看了列克星敦姐妹的Konzert,她们不愧是职业的呢この間レキシントン姉妹のKonzert(コンザート)を見に行ったけど、さすがプロは凄いよね~Just before, I went to see the Lexington sisters' Konzert. You can definitely tell that they are professionals.
Main 3指挥官喜欢什么样的演出呢,告诉我之后我会去学哦~指揮官はどんなライブが好き?教えてくれたらあとでベンキョーしとくね♪Commander, what kind of performance do you like? Tell me so I can go learn it~
Touch指挥官,怎么啦?欸,这个文件弄错了?…呀,真的!诶嘿,对不起~指揮官、なに?え、このファイルが間違ってる?…あ、本当だ!Commander, what's the matter? Eh, I made a mistake on this document? ...Ah, it's true! Oops, sorry~
Touch (Special)指挥官,虽然我的表情没有变化,实际上好感度已经下降了哦指揮官~私、笑顔は崩してないけど、実はもう好感度下がっちゃってるかもね~Commander, I might be playing it cool, but you've already lost my affection points.
Mission新的任务,新的挑战~新しいミッション♪新しいチャレンジ~♪Another new mission, another new challenge~
Mission Complete不愧是指挥官,任务奖励很丰厚呢~さっすが指揮官!報酬が山盛りだよ~As expected of you, Commander! What bountiful rewards~
Mail指挥官,有你的信哦~はい指揮官、メール!Commander, there's mail for you~
Return to Port指挥官,累了吗?来看我的表演恢复一下吧!指揮官、疲れた?よぉし、フュンちゃんのパフォーマンスを見て元気になってー!Commander, are you tired? You should come watch my performance to help you recover!
Commission Complete现在插播一条重要新闻……委托完成了哦,指挥官~臨時ニュースをお伝えしまーす……委託が完了したよ?指揮官?We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a special message... Commissions have returned, Commander~
Enhancement指挥官果然很有眼光呢!指揮官はやっぱりセンスあるよね!Commander, you sure are a person of great insight!
Flagship大家加油,我们是最棒的~みんな頑張ってー!私たちはサイコーよ!Let's give it our all! We're the best~!
VictoryGroßartig!大家干得漂亮!Großartig(グロースアルティヒ)!やったぁ!Großartig! Everyone did a great job!
Defeat大家不要灰心,还有机会!諦めないで!まだチャンスがあるよ!Don't lose hope, everyone! We'll have another chance!
Skill不会如你们所愿的哦~思い通りにはさせないよ~♪I won't let you have your way~
Low HP各位,再加把劲!みんな、もう少し頑張って!Everyone, let's make another push!
Affinity (Upset)你不是我期望的指挥官呢……私が期待してた指揮官とは違うね……You're not the commander I was hoping for...
Affinity (Stranger)在铁血,说到帅气自然是Z1,说到性感自然是欧根,不过说到偶像气质,当然是我能歌善舞小35啦~鉄血では、カッコイイといえばレーベちゃん、セクシーといえばオイゲンさん、でもアイドルっぽさといえばこの歌って踊れるフュンちゃんで決まりね♪When it comes to the Iron Blood, the cool one would have to be Z1. The sexy would definitely be Eugen. As for who is the most idol-like, that would be none other than me, the dancing and singing Ms. 35!
Affinity (Friendly)指挥官就像舰队的偶像一样,光是存在就能给大家带来希望,我也想变成这样的偶像呢!指揮官は艦隊のアイドルのように、いるだけでみんなに希望をもたらしてくれる!私もそんなアイドルになりたいな♪Commander is a bit like the idol of the fleet. Just by being there, you bring hope to everyone. I want to become the same kind of idol!
Affinity (Like)说起来,指挥官,你知道produzent吗?就是偶像的经纪人哦。如果指挥官有时间的话,想要你来当我的P呢~指揮官、Produzent(プロドゥツェント)って知ってる?ええと、こっちで言えばアイドルのプロデューサーってことよ!指揮官さえ良ければ、フュンちゃんのPになってほしいなNow that I think about it... Commander, do you know what a produzent is? It's like the agent for an idol. Commander, if you have time to spare, I'd like you to become my P~
Affinity (Love)在指挥官身边我才能发挥出自己的最大才能,无论是战斗,还是表演,都是最强状态的Z35哦,所以对我来说,非指挥官不可呢~指揮官のそばのフュンちゃんは、自分の才能を最大限に発揮できる、戦闘でもライブでも最強のフュンちゃんよ!というわけで、私、指揮官じゃないとダメだからね♪Commander, I am only able to perform my best when I am with you. Whether it's in combat or on stage, I am always at my best. That's why I can say... I can't be without you~
Pledge那么约好了哦,指挥官,我成为偶像时,你要来做我的P哦?然后直到我成为不逊色任何人的巨星……不,即使在那之后,也要永远做我的P哦~じゃあ約束ね、フュンちゃんが本物のアイドルになったら、指揮官がPになってくれるって。そして、フュンちゃんが誰よりも輝くスターになるまで…ううん、そのあとも――ずっとずーっと、フュンちゃんのPでいてほしいな♪It's a promise, Commander. When I become an idol, you'll become my P, okay? Until I become the top superstar... No, even after that, always be my P~
Like Present
Dislike Present
Main Title
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description指挥官,舰队的各位,新年快乐~这次小35给大家带来的,是与重樱的新年所结合的新企划《projekt Kirschblüte 》!大家请多多关注哦!「指揮官、艦隊の皆、あけましておめでとう~!歌って踊れるフュンちゃん、重桜風の新年企画、名付けて『projekt Kirschblüte 』をお届けしまーす!ぜひ応援してくださいね!」Commander, and all my fellow friends of the fleet, Happy New Year's! This time, your favorite idol Z35 will be presenting a brand new Sakura-themed collaboration, "Projekt Kirschblüte!" Everyone, thank you for your continued support!
Acquisition指挥官,舰队的各位,新年快乐~这次小35给大家带来的,是与重樱的新年所结合的新企划《projekt Kirschblüte 》!大家请多多关注哦!「指揮官、艦隊の皆、あけましておめでとう~!歌って踊れるフュンちゃん、重桜風の新年企画、名付けて『projekt Kirschblüte 』をお届けしまーす!ぜひ応援してくださいね!」Commander, and all my fellow friends of the fleet, Happy New Year's! This time, your favorite idol Z35 will be presenting a brand new Sakura-themed collaboration, "Projekt Kirschblüte!" Everyone, thank you for your continued support!
Login新年抽奖活动的奖品里面居然有水雷抱枕?唔,唯独这个不是很想要呢……新年の大抽選会、その賞品になんと――き、機雷クッション?これだけはフュンちゃん、あまり欲しくないな……One of the prizes for this New Year's raffle is a sea mine raffle? Ehh... I don't really want that...
Details欸嘿,无论穿着怎样的衣服,都完~全不影响小35百分百发挥自己的能歌善舞哦~えっへん、どんな衣装でも、歌って踊れるフュンちゃんのパフォーマンスは100%発揮できるよ!Eheh~ No matter what outfit you put me in, the singing and dancing idol will always function at 100 percent!
Main本来我想邀请Z36一起的,但是她总是说些奇怪的话……ゼクちゃんも誘ったのに、なぜかどうしても一緒には来たがらなくて……I invited Z36 to come with me, but why does she never take me up on it...?
Main 2要是能在新年祭典上举办一场Konzert就好了呢!お正月パーティーでKonzert!を開けたらいいよね!うん!What better way to kick off the New Year's celebration than with a Konzert! That's right!
Main 3如果把体验重樱新年活动的各个片段录下来的做成节目的话……噢噢!这也许是个不错的想法!重桜のお正月、撮影してパラエティ番組を作れたら……へへへ、いいアイデアかも!If I was to capture the various sights and sounds of the Sakura New Year's celebration and turn it into a show... Ehehe, might just be a great idea!
Touch关于这次我的新年企划,指挥官有没有什么意见?このお正月企画について、指揮官はなにかアドバイスないかな?Commander, do you have any advice for this New Year project?
Touch (Special)虽然我还保持着笑容,但是心中对指挥官的评价已经悄悄下降了哦?指揮官~私、笑顔は崩してないけど、実はもう指揮官の評価を下げちゃってるかもね~Commander, I won't drop my smile, but my respect for you has dropped significantly~
Return to Port指挥官,你有见到我的羽毛毽子吗?刚刚我练习的时候不小心用力过猛,打到了这里附近,结果怎么都找不到了呢……指揮官、羽つきのあの黒い玉見なかった?ちょっと練習の時に力入れすぎちゃって……ここらへんに落ちたはずなのに、どうして見つからないのかな……Commander, did you see a black hanetsuki shuttlecock around here somewhere? I was practicing with it a bit too much... I guess it's not here after all...?
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description“欢迎光临,小Z35最亲爱的主人♡小Z35在这里一直一直等了您很久哦?”——欸嘿嘿,刚才这段都拍下来了吗?亲爱的主人♪「いらっしゃいませ、愛しいフュンちゃんのご主人さま♡ふふ、フュンちゃんはご主人さまのことをここでずっと、ずっと待ってたんだよ?」――えへへ、今のはちゃんと撮れた?愛しいご主人さま♪"Welcome, my beloved Master♡ Heehee, I've been waiting here for you for sooo long!" Heheh, did you get good pics this time? My beloved Master♪
Acquisition“欢迎光临,小Z35最亲爱的主人♡小Z35在这里一直一直等了您很久哦?”——欸嘿嘿,刚才这段都拍下来了吗?亲爱的主人♪「いらっしゃいませ、愛しいフュンちゃんのご主人さま♡ふふ、フュンちゃんはご主人さまのことをここでずっと、ずっと待ってたんだよ?」――えへへ、今のはちゃんと撮れた?愛しいご主人さま♪"Welcome, my beloved Master♡ Heehee, I've been waiting here for you for sooo long!" Heheh, did you get good pics this time? My beloved Master♪
Login待在店里的时候,不用“指挥官”,而是用“主人”来称呼您怎么样?和这里的主题好像不太合?嗯——虽然确实是这样……?模擬店にいる間は「指揮官」じゃなくて「ご主人さま」って呼んでいいかな?コンセプトがちょっと違う?んーそれはそうだけど…?When you're in this restaurant, is it cool if I call you Master instead of Commander? Oh, you think it's not that kind of restaurant? Okay, but still...
Details感谢指挥官协助小Z35拍摄的回忆相册!欸嘿嘿,真的成为了我和指挥官之间愉快的回忆了呢……指挥官也是不是一样,产生愉快的回忆了呢……?フュンちゃんの思い出アルバム撮影の協力ありがとー!えへ、指揮官との楽しい思い出ができたなー。指揮官もいい思い出、ちゃんと作れたかな…?Thanks for helping me snap pics for my scrapbook! Heh, we had so much fun together. Did you get good memories out of it, too, Commander...?
Main拍完了小Z35的相册之后就是小Z36的……啊!在按下快门的瞬间,小Z36的脑海中突然浮现出了不存在的记忆……!嘿嘿,开玩笑的啦♪フュンちゃんのアルバムが終わったら次はゼクちゃんの……はっ。撮影した瞬間、ゼクちゃんの脳内に存在しない記憶が浮かんできたり…!なんて冗談♪Once my album is done, Z36's comes next... Ah! Imagine if, as soon as you took a picture of her, new memories appeared out of thin air in her mind...! Pssh, just kidding♪
Main 2小Z36,圣地亚哥和小关岛,还有C型的大家……到了晚上会有偶像们的Konzert(演唱会)哦!嘻嘻,在那之前就和小Z35待在一起等吧♪ゼクちゃん、サンディエゴにグアムちゃん、Cクラスのみんな…夜になったらアイドルたちのKonzert(コンザート)があるよ!ふふ、それまではフュンちゃんと一緒にいてほしいな♪Tonight, there's gonna be an idol Konzert with me, Z36, San Diego, Guam, and all the C Class girls! Heheh, you're staying with me until then♪
Main 3“作为女仆的我,真的能和主人结为连理吗……呜呜……”——好啦指挥官,这里作为主人的台词应该是什么呢~?「メイドであるわたしが、ご主人さまと結ばれることはあるのでしょうか…くすん…」――さて指揮官、ここでご主人さまの言うべきセリフは?"Sniffle... Can I, a maid, ever truly be with my Master...?" Okay, Commander. What should a Master say next?
Touch哇哇哇!?小Z35不是真的女仆啦!不擅长打扫的!はわわ!?フュンちゃんは本物のメイドじゃないよ!掃除とか苦手だってばー!Whoa, whoa! I'm not a real maid! I don't DO cleaning!
Touch (Special)现在对指挥官的好感度是……那种事应该还……先、先让我做好心理准备……///今の指揮官への好感度をそういう思い出には…ま、まだ心の準備をさせてっ///Wait, is my affinity level high enough for... A-at least give me time to mentally prepare! *blush*
Mission Complete“指挥官,放学后能不能在家里教我写作业呢……”——作为回报,小Z35会帮你领取报酬哦♪「指揮官、放課後はその、うちで宿題を教えてもらえないかな…」――代わりにフュンちゃんが報酬を受け取ってあげるよ♪"Say, Commander, can you help me with my homework back at my place after school...?" In return, I'll grab your rewards for you♪
Return to Port今天不是在舞台上,而是在店里为指挥官做特别表演的小Z35哦♪具体做什么呢~……嘻嘻,指挥官先点些什么吧?今日はステージではなく、模擬店で指揮官への特別パフォーマンスをするフュンちゃんでーす♪具体的には…ふふ、まずは注文を聞かせて?Instead of performing onstage, I'm performing just for you in the pop-up shop, Commander♪ As for what I'll do... Heehee, why don't you give me your order first?
Commission Complete来自小Z35的提醒服务!叮咚叮咚♪委托组的伙伴们回来了哦?フュンちゃんからのリマインドサービス!ピロリーン♪委託組のみんなが戻ってきたよーIt's time for your favorite maid's reminder service! Ding-diiing♪ The commission team's back!
Flagship为了和指挥官的回忆!欸嘿☆指揮官との思い出のために!えへ☆For my memories with the Commander! Heheh☆
Victory又和主人共同创造了一份美好的回忆呢♪ご主人さまとまた一つ、素敵な思い出が作れたね♪We just made another awesome memory together, Master♪