York (JP 🇯🇵: ヨーク, CN 🇹🇼: 约克)
Ship IDNo. 125Star Rating★★☆☆☆
Hull Heavy CruiserRarityElite
NavyRoyal NavyBuild Time01:45:00
AcquisitionHonor medal exchange, Explore Stage8-1, Heavy/Special Construction
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressNozomi Yamane
York-class heavy cruiser - York, Hull Number 90!
Truth SeekerDescription
The school has recently been consumed by a series of Mysteries... there must be some Mastermind lurking behind the scenes. Yes, another Tribulation awaits me! I shall part the veil and reveal all Truths!
York (Retrofit)Description
This is no mere Upgrade, this is an Awakening! I will alter the course of fate itself!
Summoner from the Azure DepthsDescription
O Unfathomable King of the slumbering depths, hear the call of my Force and step into this world through the Azur Gate! ...Huh, Commander? Why did you show up?
HP629 Reload65
Firepower42 Torpedo36
Evasion9 Anti-air45
Aviation0 Cost3
ASW0 Luck15
HP3253 Reload153
Firepower196 Torpedo168
Evasion23 Anti-air211
Aviation0 Cost11
ASW0 Luck15
HP3493 Reload168
Firepower256 Torpedo168
Evasion43 Anti-air226
Aviation0 Cost11
ASW0 Luck15
HP3676 Reload176
Firepower226 Torpedo193
Evasion72 Anti-air243
Aviation0 Cost11
ASW0 Luck15
HP3916 Reload191
Firepower286 Torpedo193
Evasion92 Anti-air258
Aviation0 Cost11
ASW0 Luck15
Limit Break
Tier 1Unlock All Out Assault Ⅰ/Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Torpedo base +1/Torpedo preload +1/Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Improve All Out Assault/Torpedo efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
1Heavy Cruiser125%/130%/140%/140%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
3Anti-Air Gun100%/100%/100%/100%1/1/1/10/0/0/0
Default Equipments
1Twin 203mm Main Gun
3Twin 40mm Pom Pom Gun
Fleet Tech
T5 Heavy Cruiser: York-ClassTech Points and Bonus
Unlock8 +1
Max LimitBreak16
Lv.12012 +1
Armageddon CannonWhen this ship fires its Main or Auxiliary Guns: 20.0% chance to increase this ship's FP by 20%(40%) for 8s.Default Unlocked
Darkness FieldDecreases this ship's DMG taken from Burning and from Bombing Ships by 20%(40%) and decreases its DMG taken from HE ammo by 5%(15%). Also increases this ship's Auxiliary Gun Crit Rate by 40%(70%) and makes it ignore enemy armor type (DMG modifier is based on the skill's level.)Default Unlocked
All Out Assault ⅠActivates All Out Assault Ⅰ: York Class once every 9 times the Main Guns are fired.Limit Break I (III)
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Ship Description约克级重巡洋舰—约克,舷号90ヨーク級重巡洋艦・ヨーク(HMS York)York-class heavy cruiser - York, Hull Number 90!
Biography约克级重巡洋舰首舰?哼,这只不过是代号而已…… 总有一天我会跨过索达湾这个噩梦,成为掌控命运的人!ヨーク級重巡洋艦のネームシップ?ふん、これはあくまでコードネームにすぎん…… いつかスダ湾襲撃という悪夢<†ナイトメア†>を乗り越え、運命を手にする真なる存在<†ザ・マイスター†>になりますわ!The nameship of the York-class heavy cruisers? That is merely an alias... One day I will conquer the Nightmare of Suda Bay, and become the Master of fate itself.
Acquisition能找到我的存在,你也是力量的持有者吗。约克级重型魔导巡航炮舰的约克号,一同抗争宿命吧この私を見つけ出すとは…あなたも力<†フォース†>の持ち主ですね?ヨーク級魔導重巡洋砲艦ヨークです。これも運命です。共に戦いましょうIf you were able to find me then you are also a user of the Force, no? I'm York, the the magic-wielding York-class heavy cruiser. Let us fight against Fortune together.
Login修行回来了?走吧,命运在召唤我们修行からお戻りですか?参りましょう、運命が私たちを呼んでいますBack from your training? Come, Fate is calling for us.
Details尽情欣赏我力量的具现吧,哪怕只是冰山一角私の力<†フォース†>を感じなさい。たとえ氷山の一角でもねFeel free to admire the manifestation of my Force, though this is just the tip of the iceberg
Main这是我特制的新饮料,来,一滴不剩地喝下吧ヨーク特製ドリンクですよ。さあ、一滴残らず飲み干してThis a special drink I've made, come, drink it and leave not even a drop!
Main 2力量固然是必要的,但不可沉溺于它力<†フォース†>は必要なもの。でも、それ<†フォース†>に溺れてはいけませんThe Force may be essential, but one mustn't drown in its power.
Main 3如果战斗就是我的宿命,那么让它来的更猛烈些吧戦うことこそ私の宿命…それなら、もっと激しくなればいい!If battles are my destined Fortune then may they be even more fierce.
Touch力量的流动,感受到了吗力<†フォース†>の流れを感じましたか?The flow of the Force, can you feel it?
Touch (Special)对高贵的灵魂来说躯壳毫无意义……呀!崇高な魂にとっては、体の接触など何の意味もありません…キャッ!Bodily contact holds no significance at all to such a noble soul… Aahh!
Mission试炼在呼唤我们試練が私たちを呼んでいますThe Tribulation calls to us.
Mission Complete试炼的意义不只是变强,还有相应的报酬,可不要忘了試練は力の向上だけではなく、相応の報酬もありますこと。それを忘れないでTribulations are not solely a quest for strength, but also the rewards along with it. Don't forget.
Mail这是……来自不可知之王的通讯これは……不可知の王<†アンノウン†>からのメッセージ…!This... may be a communication from the Unknown.
Return to Port战斗之后的休息是必要的,来一杯饮料放松一下吧戦闘<†エンカウント†>のあとに振り返り<†トレス†>も必要です。ヨーク特製ドリンクでも飲んで落ち着いてくださいIt is necessary to rest after a battle. Come, have a drink and relax.
Commission Complete命运的订单又完成了一份,我们离目标更近了一步運命<†フェイト†>からの試練<†オーダー†>をまた一つこなしました。目標<†エリュシオン†>への道筋はまた一歩…The wheels of Fate spineths once more and we move yet closer to Elysium.
Enhancement我能感觉到,力量在源源不断地涌入身体!力<†フォース†>がこの体に集まってくるのを感じていますわ!I can feel it, the Force courses through my body!
Flagship臣服于力量面前吧私の力<†フォース†>にひれ伏しなさい!Submit to the power of the Force!
Victory被黑暗吞噬吧暗黒に呑み込まれるがいいわ!Be engulfed by darkness!
Defeat咕……这是索达湾的梦魇!これは…サンゴ海の悪夢…Guh.... This is the Nightmare of Suda Bay!
Skill魔炮·Armageddon!<†魔砲・アルマゲドン†>!Magic Gun - Armageddon!
Low HP这是命运的挑战……!これが運命による試練よ……!This is a trial of fate…!
Affinity (Upset)力量的吸引消失了……你原来只是赝品吗……力<†フォース†>の引力が消えたか……所詮君も贋作者<†フェイカー†>にすぎないのですか……The attraction of my Force has diminished… Could that be because ultimately you were nothing more than a Faker…?
Affinity (Stranger)我能感到力量在指引着我们相见,要尝尝我饮料的新配方吗?力<†フォース†>で私達が惹かれあっていると感じました。新しいドリンクを試してみてくれますか?I can feel the Force guiding our paths. Care to try out this new potion for me?
Affinity (Friendly)……力量之间的吸引越来越大了,握住我的手,让它们好好交流吧……力線<†フレンドシップ†>の吸引力が一層強くなりましたね!さあ私の手を握ってよく交流しましょう!… The attraction of our Friendship grows ever greater! Come, hold my hand, and let us commune!
Affinity (Like)这个感觉……没错,只要你在我身边,我就能爆发无穷的力量,这就是我内心接纳了你之后诞生的新力量吗……この感じ……そう、君がそばにいてくれると無限の力を感じる…これが心で君を受け入れてから誕生した新たなる力<†ラブ†>……This feeling.....Unmistakably, as long as you're by my side, I can unleash unlimited amounts of power. Is this the power born of our connected hearts, Love?
Affinity (Love)暴走已经抑制不住了,抱紧我,让我们的力量合二为一,将我们的敌人……呀!心<†ハート†>の爆発を抑えきれません…!さあ私をぐっと抱きしめて、二人の力を一つに合わせて敵を……ひゃうっ!I cannot control the explosions in my heart…! Come, hold me tight and we shall join forces and defeat our foes… Eek!
Pledge契约之时终于降临了,指挥官啊,牵起我的手,让我们去修正这个世界吧!契約の時がついに来ました!指揮官よ、我が手を取り、世界を修正してまいりましょう!The time of the Promise descends upon us. O, Commander, take my hand and let us mend this world!
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Main Title
In battle with Exeter妹妹啊,携手抗争命运吧妹たちよ、手を取って運命に抗おうSisters! Join hands and fight!
In battle with Wichita你就是‘将军’吗……そうか、あなたは将軍(†ジェネラル†)なのか……You're a... Commander?
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Ship Description学园里发生的一系列神秘事件(mystery),背后一定有着幕后黑手(Mastermind)的操纵。这是给予我的试炼(Tribulation)!很好,就让我来解开背后所有的真相(Truth)吧!学園で起きた数々の不思議<†ミステリー†>、それを操る黒幕<†マスターマインド†>……これが私への試練<†トリビュレーション†>というのなら、全ての真実<†トゥルース†>を見つけるまで!The school has recently been consumed by a series of Mysteries... there must be some Mastermind lurking behind the scenes. Yes, another Tribulation awaits me! I shall part the veil and reveal all Truths!
Acquisition学园里发生的一系列神秘事件(mystery),背后一定有着幕后黑手(Mastermind)的操纵。这是给予我的试炼(Tribulation)!很好,就让我来解开背后所有的真相(Truth)吧!学園で起きた数々の不思議<†ミステリー†>、それを操る黒幕<†マスターマインド†>……これが私への試練<†トリビュレーション†>というのなら、全ての真実<†トゥルース†>を見つけるまで!The school has recently been consumed by a series of Mysteries... there must be some Mastermind lurking behind the scenes. Yes, another Tribulation awaits me! I shall part the veil and reveal all Truths!
Login那么,一起开始今天的调查(Research)吧!幕后黑手(Mastermind)终究会露出马脚的!指揮官、今日の調査<†リサーチ†>を始めましょう!学園にある、数々の事件の端倪<†エビデンス†>を!Now then, let us begin today's Investigation! The Mastermind will fall into our trap sooner or later!
Details空教室突然出现的人影,是沉默的黄色妖精(fairy wisp);图书馆遁入魔道(alchemy)的女仆;那个在流传于所有运动社团的传说,并不是分身,而是真正的王者(Ace)……幕后黑手(Mastermind)并没有出现,是我调查的方向出错了吗?空き教室に突如現れる沈黙の妖精<†フェアリーウィスプ†>;魔導<†アルケミー†>に魅入られた図書室のメイドさん;あらゆる運動部に颯爽と駆けつける、幻影ならぬ真の助っ人<†エース†>……黒幕への手がかり、なさそうですね…私の調べ方が間違ってるのでしょうか…?The figure that suddenly showed up inside empty classrooms turned out to just be Eldridge. The mysterious stack of books in the library was nothing more than a Misdirection left by the Occult Club. And, the legends of the Ace who cloned herself to lead every sports club to victory; well, she was actually that incredible... But the Mastermind still hasn't appeared. Has my Investigation been misguided?
Main眼罩?这是为了封印一部分的力量(Force)所必需的呢。このアイマスクは、私の大いなる力<†フォース†>の暴走を抑える特別な道具です!Eyepatch? Nay. This is a tool that is necessary to seal off a portion of my Force.
Main 2复杂的文字(Word),繁琐的公式(Formla)……难道,在发现真相(Truth)之前,我就要在这里倒下了吗!難解な例文<†テキスト†>、そして数式<†フォーミュラ†>……くっ、真実に辿り着く前に倒れてしまいそうです……Difficult Words, annoying Formulae... Curses, will I be defeated by these things before I am able to reveal the Truth?!
Main 3埃克塞特每天都沉浸在与试炼(Test)的抗争中。也好,真正的试炼(Tribulation)由我来承担就够了。エクセターは日々、試験<†テスト†>に抗うことに一生懸命努力していると聞きました。ちょうどいい、真なる試練<†トリビュレーション†>はこの私が超えてみせます!Exeter struggles with her Tests on a daily basis, but that is for the best. The true Tribulations are mine alone to bear.
Touch在所有的真相(Truth)被挖掘,幕后黑手(The boss)现出原形之前,我还不能够放弃!全ての謎が解かれない限り、諦めるわけにはいきません!Until all Truths are revealed and the Mastermind's identity is brought to light, I cannot relent!
Touch (Special)呀!刚刚的,难道是……没错,是幕后黑手(Mastermind)借用你的躯壳,向我发出的警告(Warning)!きゃっ!?い、いまのは……黒幕<†マスターマインド†>が指揮官の体を通して知らせてくれた、警告<†ワーニング†>ですか!?Eeek! Just now, could it be... There's no doubt about it. The Mastermind took over your body to issue me a Warning!
Return to Port不进入到结界(Zone)的更深处的话,就没法探知更多的真相(Truth)。正好,指挥官,与你一起,我就能进入到平时无法通行的禁忌(forbidden)领域了!結界<†ゾーン†>のより深くまで進まなければ、真実<†トゥルース†>を得ることができません。指揮官、あなたと一緒なら、この奥の禁忌<†フォービドゥン†>の領域まで辿れるでしょう!Without delving further into the Zone, we will not be able to uncover the Truth. Luckily, with you here, I will be able to enter realms normally inaccessible to me!
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Ship Description这是升级(Upgrade)——不,这是觉醒(Awake)!宿命(Fortune)什么的,就让现在的我来改变吧!これは昇格<†アップグレード†>だけではなく、覚醒<†アウェイクニング†>!運命などこの私が変えてみせますわ!This is no mere Upgrade, this is an Awakening! I will alter the course of fate itself!
Acquisition这是升级(Upgrade)——不,这是觉醒(Awake)!宿命(Fortune)什么的,就让现在的我来改变吧!これは昇格<†アップグレード†>だけではなく、覚醒<†アウェイクニング†>!運命などこの私が変えてみせますわ!This is no mere Upgrade, this is an Awakening! I will alter the course of fate itself!
Login没想到能在这个时候遇到你……这也是我的Fortune吧!まさかこの刻にあなたと会えるなんて……これも私の運命に違いありませんわ!For us to meet in this place, at this hour... There is no mistaking it; this is fate!
Details如果这份力量(Force)有它存在的意义的话,那就一定是让我继续战斗下去,直到跨越我的宿命(Fortune)为止。力<†フォース†>に意義があるというのなら、それはきっと戦い続けるためにあるに違いありませんわ――そう、私がこの運命を乗り越えるまで!If the Force means something, it means having the will to always fight! And I will fight until I've overcome my destiny!
Main啊啊,我能清楚地感觉到这份强大的力量(Force)在涌动着!大いなる力<†フォース†>が流れているのを感じられます!I can feel the Force's power coursing through my body!
Main 2不愧是我,这个完美的配方(Formulation)实在是……指挥官,正好,来试试吧!この完璧なる配合<†フォーミュレーション†>、さすがは私……あ、指揮官、ちょうどいいです!この新作特製ドリンクをお試しください!I am a genius! I've perfected the Formula... Oh, Commander, good timing! I'd like you to taste this special concoction of mine!
Main 3梦魇(Nightmare)什么的……这次就跨越过去给你看!珊瑚海の悪夢<†ナイトメア†>など……今度こそ乗り越えてみせます!Once I feared the Nightmare of Suda Bay... but now, I shall prove that I can overcome it!
Touch抓紧我的手——你感受到这份进化后的力量(Force)了吗?さあ、私の手をしっかりつかんで――進化した力<†フォース†>を感じましたか?Now, grasp my hand firmly! ... Could you feel my enhanced Force?
Touch (Special)等等,这样子你会被这份力量(Force)所反噬……呀!ま、待って!このままじゃあ力<†フォース†>に飲み込まれて……ひゃう!?W-wait! Continue, and my Force will swallow you whole– Eek!
Return to Port我能够清楚听到,命运(Fate)在召唤着我……这也是因为这份新的力量吗?宿命<†フェイト†>の呼ぶ声が今、はっきりと聞こえます……これも新しい力が成せる技だというのですか…!?I can hear the voice of Fate distinctly calling for me... Is this a new skill I've acquired...?!
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