Vittorio Veneto (JP 🇯🇵: ヴィットリオ・ヴェネト, CN 🇹🇼: 维托里奥·维内托)
Ship IDNo. 500Star Rating★★★☆☆☆
Hull BattleshipRaritySuper Rare
NavySardegna EmpireBuild Time
Enhance Income
Scrap Income
Release Date
Voice actressNoto Mamiko
Vittorio VenetoDescription
HP1410 Reload58
Firepower82 Torpedo0
Evasion8 Anti-air45
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck80
HP6304 Reload112
Firepower214 Torpedo0
Evasion34 Anti-air171
Aviation0 Cost0
ASW0 Luck84
Limit Break
Tier 1Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +5%
Tier 2Secondary Gun base +2 | Main gun efficiency +10%
Tier 3Main gun base +1 | Main gun efficiency +15%
SlotEquipment TypeEfficiency (LB 0/1/2/3)Quantity (LB 0/1/2/3)Preload (LB 0/1/2/3)
Default Equipments
Fleet Tech
T Battleship: Littorio-classTech Points and Bonus
Unlock +
Max LimitBreak
Lv.120 +
The Eternal FlagshipEvery 15s: 45.0% (75.0%) chance to fire a Lv.1 (Lv.10) special barrage (DMG is based on the skill's level). If this barrage fails to activate, instead targets 1 random enemy and increases its DMG taken by 1.0% (10.0%) for 8s.???
Eternal Light of SardegnaAt the start of the battle: increases FP, TRP, and EVA by 5.0% (15.0%) for all Sardegna ships in your Vanguard, and increases FP, AVI, and Accuracy by 4.5% (12.0%) for all Sardegna ships in your Main Fleet. For each additional Sardegna ship in the same fleet (up to 2 at most): decreases the loading time of this ship's first salvo by 40.0%.???
Banner of SplendorAt the start of the battle, if your fleet contains at least one other Sardegna ship, or if this ship has an AP Main Gun equipped: increases this ship's FP by 4.5% (12.0%) . Additionally, for the first 3 battles of a sortie: the fleet this ship is in takes 5.0% (20.0%) less DMG from torpedoes.???
EventWest Taiwanese ServerJapanese ServerEnglish Server
Ship Description维托里奥·维内托级战列舰—维托里奥·维内托ヴィットリオ・ヴェネト級戦艦・ヴィットリオ・ヴェネトVittorio Veneto-class battleship – Vittorio Veneto.
Biography应期望诞生的伟大设计,在那噩梦之夜后接过了旗帜,最后却没法为同伴们拿下胜利……不是什么令人高兴的故事呢。所以呢,指挥官,我可是对你充满了期待的哦。期待されながら生を受け、危機の夜に旗を引き継ぎ、ついには仲間のために勝利を得ることが叶わず……楽しい昔話ではありませんね。というわけで、指揮官さまには期待していますよ。ふふふExpectations of me were high already at my birth, when I inherited the flag following a horrific night. Ultimately, I failed to lead my loyal friends to victory... My past isn't all that bright, is it? But that is why I have high hopes in you, Commander.
Acquisition贵安,指挥官。我是撒丁帝国的总旗舰维托里奥·维内托。虽然这个问题可能有些冒犯,不过,你有信心能够驾驱得了我吗?ごきげんよう指揮官さま。サディア帝国の総旗艦(アンミラーリオ)、ヴィットリオ・ヴェネトと言います。失礼を承知で申し上げますが、貴方には私を上手く使いこなす自信がおありですか?It's a pleasure to meet you, Commander. I am Vittorio Veneto, Eternal Flagship of the Sardegna Empire. Forgive me if I sound discourteous, but are you confident in your ability to command me?
Login在开始工作前,先来一些点心和一杯茶吧お仕事の前に、少し美味しいお茶とお菓子でもどうでしょうMay I offer you some succulent tea and a biscuit before you start your work for the day?
Details作为总旗舰说这个可能比较不合适,但是如果把大家都拉来泡个澡就能展示我们帝国的威光的话,也未尝不是一件坏事吧…?総旗艦としてこんな発言は恐縮ですが……お風呂に入ることで帝国の威光に感銘を受けてもらえるのなら、それもいいかなーっと…This may be unbecoming fo me to say, but nevertheless... It would delight me if you would use one of our baths. It would let you fully appreciate the splendor of our Empire.
Main口径可不是衡量火炮威力的唯一标准。小看这门15寸炮的人必将为此付出代价口径だけでは砲の威力を測れません。この15インチ砲を侮った者は軽率さの代償を支払うことになりましょうThe power of a cannon cannot be gauged by its caliber alone. Any who underestimate my 15-inch battery will pay dearly for their misjudgment.
Main 2加入这个舰队的目的不光是为了和平,也包括将撒丁的威光传播到整个世界呢。指挥官,请多多关照この艦隊に加わったのは世界平和だけでなく、サディアの威光を広げるためでもあります。つまりは指揮官さま、ご協力お願いしますねI joined this fleet for two reasons – to achieve world peace, of course, and to further the Empire's influence. The latter of which I would like your assistance with, Commander.
Main 3“存在舰队”…吗…平心而论,指挥官,如果手握足以歼灭敌人的力量,你还会选择单纯的威慑吗?現存艦隊主義……素直に申しますと、指揮官さま、もし敵を打ち倒せる力を手にしているなら、貴方は果たして消極的な威嚇のみの選択で留まることができますか?Allow me to be curt, Commander. If you had the power to crush your opposition, would you still choose the path of passive deterrence? Would you choose a fleet in being?
Touch作为统率撒丁帝国海军的总旗舰……有时候也会放松一点的哦?天天绷的再紧也有派不上用场的时候サディア帝国海軍を統べる総旗艦(アンミラーリオ)として……まあ時には気楽に過ごしていますよ?張り切りすぎてもどうしようもない時はありますしねEven I – the flagship of the Empire's fleet – enjoy leisure breaks from time to time. There will always come some downtime, no matter how tirelessly one works.
Touch (Special)指挥官,无论出于什么理由,这种行为也是不被允许的哦?指揮官さま、こういう行動はどんな理由があっても許しかねますよLet it be known that this sort of behavior is abjectly inappropriate, no matter your motive for it.
Mission指挥官,不要忘记,我是你的舰船,你随时可以依赖我指揮官さま、忘れないでくださいね。今の私は貴方の部下、頼っていただいて構いませんよAllow me to give you a reminder, Commander. You are in your right to delegate missions to me, your secretary.
Mission Complete“这种程度的任务,轻而易举”。呵呵~指挥官,你是这么想的吗?「これしきの任務など朝飯前」――ふふ、指揮官さまはそう思っているのでしょうHeehee. I think I know what you're thinking, Commander. "These missions are a cakewalk."
Mail我有一个建议——要谨慎选择朋友哦?私から一つアドバイスです。友達を作るのは慎重に、ね?May I offer a bit of advice? Choose your friends carefully.
Return to Port指挥官,我约了皇家的各位一起用餐,你也一起来吧?ロイヤルの方々との食事の予定がありますけど、指揮官さまもご一緒にどうでしょうI have lunch planned later with ladies from the Royal Navy. Are you interested in joining us, Commander?
Commission Complete指挥官,Tortellino准备的怎么样了?用来犒劳军事委托回来的伙伴们这个东西可是要用心做的哦?指揮官さま、用意したトルテッリーニはどうなっています?委託から戻ってきたみんなのためにちゃんと準備しておかなきゃ、ね?Were my tortellini to your tastes? I must make more to give to the returning commission team, you see.
Enhancement英明的抉择呢,指挥官。賢明な判断です。指揮官さまA most wise decision, Commander.
Flagship帝国舰队总旗舰维托里奥·维内托,拔锚!帝国海軍総旗艦(アンミラーリオ)ヴィットリオ・ヴェネト、抜錨!Eternal Flagship Vittorio Veneto, sallying forth!
Victory撒丁帝国的希望、信念与仁慈,它们终将重新洒满这片大海——由我们舰队来完成サディアの希望、信念と慈しみ、きっとこの海に満遍なく注がれるでしょう――我が艦隊によってSardegna's hope, faith, and love shall be felt all across the world's seas, with our fleet as its emissaries.
Defeat只是实力不如对方……是我最能接受的失败类型呢力で押し負かされること……敗北で一番受け入れやすい理由ですねThe enemy overpowering you by sheer force is the most easily acceptable reason for a defeat...
Skill见识下撒丁帝国的力量吧!サディア帝国の力を見よ!Witness the Empire's prowess!
Low HP仅凭这种程度的攻击就想击败我吗?この程度で勝ったつもり?You hope to defeat me? With attacks this lackluster?
Affinity (Upset)看来,有必要重新考虑撒丁帝国的未来了呢……サディア帝国の将来を考え直したほうが良さそうでしょうか…It seems I must reassess the Empire's future...
Affinity (Stranger)能和那位光辉小姐茶会上一起聊着音乐与艺术……呵呵,不得不说,真是奇妙的体验呢あのイラストリアスと一緒にお茶会ができるとは……運命は奇なりと言わざるを得ませんね。ふむふむI never would've thought one day I'd sit down for teatime with Illustrious of all people. Fate is truly a strange thing, I suppose.
Affinity (Friendly)为了将撒丁帝国的威光弘扬光大,需要我们每一个人都要努力——指挥官也要加油哦。呵呵サディア帝国の威光を世に広めるには各々が努力しなければなりません――指揮官さまも頑張らないとね、ふふふStrenuous efforts on everyone's part will be necessary to spread the Empire's splendor across the world. That includes you, of course, Commander. Heehee~
Affinity (Like)不光是我们撒丁帝国的成员,这个舰队所有的人似乎都过的很开心。指挥官到底是怎么做到的……我很感兴趣呢。サディア帝国の仲間たちだけでなく、この艦隊のメンバー全員が楽しそうにしているようですね。指揮官さまは一体どうやって……興味がつきませんねI see not only my Sardegnian friends, but all members of the fleet, beaming with joy. How you managed this feat, I don't know, but it fascinates me to no end.
Affinity (Love)在这里,在你身边,我获得了许多曾经梦寐以求的东西——力量,值得信赖的伙伴,还有安全感。那么,你想从我这里获得什么呢?告诉我,我的指挥官,如果是你的话……貴方のそばで私は数多くのものを得られました――力、信頼できる仲間、そして安心感。指揮官さま、教えてください。貴方は私に何を求めているのでしょうか?私、貴方のためなら――I have gained many things in our time together – power, allies, and peace of mind. Please, Commander, I'm dying to know – what is it you desire from me in return? I can offer anything you seek...
Pledge你在向我许下承诺,指挥官。这份承诺代表着,我们将分享彼此的未来——原本,我不应该立刻答应。但是,真没办法,你那炽烈的爱意,让我也忍不住想要用最真挚的感情回应了呢この約束の意味を知っていますか?私たちはこれからお互いの未来を共に分かち合う――本当はこうも早く答えるつもりはなかったのですが、貴方の情熱に押し負かされてつい本気になっちゃって。ふふふDo you comprehend the significance of this vow? Our futures are henceforth interconnected. I would normally not have accepted your proposal so easily, but your sheer passion won me over. Heehee.
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In battle with !UNKNOWN! (7)没有后顾之忧的出击,真是令人愉快没背中を預けられる仲間がいると気が楽になりますねIt is reassuring to have the backing of such capable allies.
In battle with !UNKNOWN! (6)在撒丁帝国的威光前俯首吧!サディア帝国の威光にひれ伏せよ!Bow to the Empire's splendor!
In battle with Illustrious, Victorious, Formidable, Hood, Queen Elizabeth, King George V皇家的盟友,合作愉快咯。ロイヤルの皆様、良い戦いをMay your battle go fortuitously.
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Ship Description唔,嗯,阳光真刺眼……指挥官,我们开到哪里了……唔,已经中午了吗?那么,稍微吃些东西吧,你也要来一些吗?んっ、ふぅ…日差しが強いですね…指揮官さま、私たち今どこまで…あら、もうお昼の時間になりました?ではちょっと軽食をとりましょう…指揮官さまもいかがですか?Nngh, haah... It's awfully sunny today... How long was I asleep, Commander? Oh, it's already lunchtime? In that case, I'll get started on some food. Would you like something as well?
Acquisition唔,嗯,阳光真刺眼……指挥官,我们开到哪里了……唔,已经中午了吗?那么,稍微吃些东西吧,你也要来一些吗?んっ、ふぅ…日差しが強いですね…指揮官さま、私たち今どこまで…あら、もうお昼の時間になりました?ではちょっと軽食をとりましょう…指揮官さまもいかがですか?Nngh, haah... It's awfully sunny today... How long was I asleep, Commander? Oh, it's already lunchtime? In that case, I'll get started on some food. Would you like something as well?
Login海风,海浪,阳光……真是个惬意的假日呢海風と日差しを浴びながら波の音に耳を傾けて……のんびりとした休日はいいですねBasking in the sunlight, feeling the sea breeze, and listening to the sound of the waves... Ahh, it's wonderful to have a relaxing day off.
Details在舰船上作为舰船看海……感觉是个不错的冷笑话呢,回去说给利托里奥听好了艦船が船に乗って船を眺める……面白い冗談ですね!あとでリットリオにも教えましょう。ふふふA shipgirl gazing out at the sea from atop a ship... It sounds almost like the setup for a joke! I'll have to tell Littorio about it later. Hehehe~
Main像这样放松下来的时候,又一次感受到这片大海的美丽呢…总有一天,我们会靠自己的双手将它夺回来,对吧,指挥官?こうして落ち着いていると、この青い海の美しさを改めて感じ取れますね…いつかきっと、私たちはこの海のすべてを取り戻せるはずです。そうでしょ?指揮官さまOnly when you take the time to recline can you truly take in the beauty of the vast, blue sea. One day, we will have finally reclaimed it in its entirety. Won't we, Commander?
Main 2虽然大海很美丽,不过,如果指挥官想在这里钓鱼的话,我就先不奉陪了…我的罗马角斗场才刚堆了一半呢指揮官さま、釣りをするのですか?よければ私が作っていたコロッセオを手伝っていただけますでしょうか…Are you going fishing, Commander? I see, then if you don't mind, I will take my leave for a while. I'd like to finish building my sand Colosseum.
Main 3对了,指挥官,下午的沙滩排球大会不要忘记来观看。和皇家几位过去曾经错过的宿命对决,也许会在这里延续哦指揮官さま、午後のビーチバレーの試合をぜひ観戦しに来てください。…ロイヤルの方々との宿命の対決!が、もしかすると見れるかもしれませんよPlease do come and spectate our beach volleyball game later in the evening, Commander. If luck is on our side, you may get to see us go up against the Royal Navy's team.
Touch利托里奥说我的摄影技术太差了,所以禁止我给她照相,有这么糟糕吗……指挥官,我给你照一张试试看吧?リットリオ、ヴェネトは写真を撮るのが下手すぎるって言ってカメラを中々持たせてくれません。もう、本当にそこまでひどいのかしら…指揮官さま、一枚撮らせてもらえませんか?Littorio said I am terrible at photography and now she prohibits me from using the camera. Why, I've never heard something so rude before... Commander, would you ask her to let me take a picture?
Touch (Special)指挥官,我醒着哦?指揮官さま?私は起きていますよ?Commander? I'm still awake, for your information.
Return to Port指挥官,你也过来晒一会儿太阳吧,很舒服的指揮官さまも日向ぼっこでもいかがですか?とても気持ちいいですよWould you care to sunbathe with me? It's delightfully pleasant, I assure you.
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Login哎呀,到工作时间了呢…呵呵,稍等会我收拾下~あら、もうお仕事の時間…ふふ、片付けておきますのでちょっと待っていてくださいねOh, I suppose it's time for work. Allow me just a moment to tidy things up.
Main确保宜居性是很重要的呢,指挥官难道不希望出击时每天都能洗上澡吗?…嗯?有点不太对?居住性の確保は大事です。指揮官さまも出撃中に毎日お風呂に入りたくなりませんか?…ちょっと違う?Self-care is important. When you're out on a sortie, don't you wish you could come back to a warm bath every day? ...Not exactly?
Main 2指挥官和利托里奥还是有些相似之处的呢,比如时不时就需要人照顾这点~指揮官さまはリットリオと似ているところがありますね。時々私に世話を焼かせるところです♪You and Littorio are similar in a certain way. Namely, your tendency to rely on me for help~
Main 3值得信赖的伙伴越多,我就越能发挥自己的实力呢。指挥官,请让我多多出击吧。信頼できる仲間たちがこうも多くなると、思う存分自分の力を発揮できますね。指揮官さま、ヴェネトをどんどん出撃させてくださいませI'm able to use my abilities to their fullest thanks to all my reliable friends around me. Please, send me out on more missions, Commander.
Touch指挥官,不要总是那么紧绷,偶尔放空自己,休息一下,才是长寿的秘诀哦,呵呵~指揮官さま、いつまでも張り切ったままよりは、時々頭を空っぽにして気楽に過ごしたほうが長生きできますよ。ふふふ♪You really should take occasional breaks and empty your mind instead of working tirelessly all the time, Commander. You'll lead a fuller life if you do. Heehee~
Touch (Special)虽然这种行为是不被允许的,不过指挥官都这么热情了…許してはいませんけど、こうも押されちゃいましたら…とほほ…I do not condone this, but since you're so insistent... Ohoho.
Mail是指挥官的朋友来信吗?指挥官的话,一定都是些很棒的友人吧~指揮官さまのお友達から?ふふ、いいお友達を持っているのは信じていますよIs this letter from your friend? Ah. Heehee. I'm sure your friends are all lovely people.
Return to Port晚餐我已经订好了哦,指挥官,今天也辛苦了~ディナーの予約をしました。指揮官さま、今日もよろしくお願いしますねI have dinner planned for later this evening. I hope you'll join me at the table, Commander.
Commission Complete指挥官,啊~…哎呀,是不是太咸了点?给委托组的小伙伴补充体力吃正合适呢~指揮官さま、あーんして?…あら、ちょっとしょっぱすぎたかしら…委託に出た子たちにはこっちのほうがいいと思いましたけど…Could you give this a taste? ...Oh dear, I might have used too much salt. I thought the commission team might prefer stronger seasoning.
Flagship就按照指挥官与我的既定作战方案开始吧~さて、指揮官さまと私の作戦通りに行きましょうNow, let us proceed according to the commander's plans.
Victory撒丁帝国的威光,以及我们的信念,已经逐渐洒遍大海——多亏了指挥官呢。サディアの威光、そして私たちの決意を知らしめられたようですね――指揮官様のおかげでNow they know the Empire's splendor, and the firmness of our resolves. And you made it possible, Commander.